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20 June 2021

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  • 2018: Why Is It So Tough To Be A Positive Thinker AND The Stuff That Really Matters by Allison Carmen on Happiness
    20 June 2021

    Allison Carmen shares two short posts covering why it's so tough to be a positive thinker and the stuff that really matters.

    Episode 2018: Why Is It So Tough To Be A Positive Thinker AND The Stuff That Really Matters by Allison Carmen on Happiness

    Allison Carmen holds a B.A. in accounting, a J.D. of Law, and a Master’s of Law in taxation. After working for a large law firm in Manhattan, Allison founded her own law firm and built a successful practice focusing on real estate, corporate, mergers and acquisitions, and taxation. After 15 years of practicing law, Allison transitioned her practice into business consulting, business coaching and life coaching. Today, Allison’s clients range from owners of multi-million dollar companies to artists, actors, writers, and parents. She's also the host of the podcast: 10 Minutes to Less Suffering.

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  • Understanding “Little Miss Achiever”
    20 June 2021

    Because of my dad’s work-related stress, I grew up walking on eggshells at home.

    As a young girl, I learnt that my feelings were unhelpful. In fact, even having feelings sometimes felt dangerous. And so, at a certain moment in my formative years, part of me decided that I needed to transform myself into a high-achieving-low-maintenance-machine to have value in the world.

    This school photo is proof of my true commitment to contorting myself into this stifling ‘Little Miss Achiever’ identity. My hairstyle was no accident. I can vividly recall marching into the local barber and saying “chop it all off – I want it short, like a boy”.

    Little Miss Achiever’s paradigm is pretty straight-forward: my achievements are the only proof that I matter.

    Her golden rule is “never stop proving yourself”. She never feels like she has done enough, and because of this she never feels like she is enough.

    Now that I understand her, I also understand why I felt like I was on a roller-coaster ride for the first decade of my career. When I was collecting gold stars working life was exhilarating, but when there were no gold stars, I plummeted. It felt like the roller-coaster ride was getting faster and faster. I knew that the ride was making me sick, but I had no idea how to slow it down, let alone get off.

    The thing that allowed me to take back control of my life was learning to understand and appreciate Little Miss Achiever.  

    Today, I have a deep sense of appreciation for her. She kept me safe as a child. Her drive fueled my academic performance, earning me a scholarship to university. Because of her, I have had a successful global leadership career and worked for some of the most prestigious brands in the world.

    However, I also know that her paradigm puts me at very real risk of burnout. Whist her paradigm generates tremendous power, it’s a heavily polluting form of propulsion. It’s not sustainable.

    Little Miss Achiever will always be part of me, but today she is rarely in the driver’s seat. Today, I understand that she is way too young to even hold a driver’s license.

    I now understand that I can never achieve my way to worthiness. It has taken me many years to get here and remembering my inherent enough-ness is a moment-by-moment practice.

    ‘Little Miss Achiever’ inspired me to pioneer the practice of self-fidelity. I define self-fidelity as: The practice of being true to your essential nature. Our essential nature transcends all of our ‘parts’. It is not represented by any of the ‘voices in our head’.  Our essential nature is enduring, sustainably powerful and good. It encompasses virtues such as courage, compassion, creativity, connectedness and playfulness.

    I wrote my book Self-Fidelity How Being True to Yourself Uplifts Your Working Life to share the practice of self-fidelity with others.

    Today, every single one of my coaching clients have their own version of Little Miss Achiever – a part of them that measures their worthiness based on their compliance with their unique ‘golden rule’. Whether the rule is ‘always be available’, ‘never show weakness’, ‘put the needs of others first’ or ‘win at all costs’ these rules keep them stuck in unhealthy patterns of pleasing, striving, proving, self-protecting and competing.

    Changing our relationship with our ‘parts’ and de-coupling our sense of self-worth from our adherence to their externally referencing ‘golden rules’ is truly transformative. As we learn to trust in our innate worthiness and reconnect our essential nature, we uplift our working lives. Life is no longer an experience of day-by-day survival. We discover that it is possible to thrive.

    The below passage is an extract from Self-Fidelity.  It is what I wished I could have said to that little girl in the photo:

    “The world you are growing up in is a masterclass on how you should be. But you don’t have to be a good student. You will be very, very tempted to join the hustle and to strive relentlessly to collect gold stars – first in the form of good grades and later in the form of fancy job titles, ‘top-talent’ accolades and big salary packages. However, clambering your way to the top won’t fulfill you. It will never get you anywhere close to feeling like you are enough. Instead, you can learn what it means to be true to yourself in life – and at work.”

    Are you being true to yourself?

    Use my new Reflective Inquiry Tool to find out!

    If you would like regular bite-sizes self-fidelity practices delivered to your inbox every Monday morning, subscribe to my weekly blog Hello Monday Morning here. Subscribe to get a FREE copy of the first two chapters of my book.

    Visit my website for details about how to buy a copy of my book Self-Fidelity How Being True to Yourself Uplifts Your Working Life.


    Cassandra Goodman is a Thrive Global Executive Coach, Facilitator and author who is guided by an aspiration to activate human potential at work.  Cassandra loves supporting leaders to create congruence between who they really are, and how they lead. She has three decades of business experience and has held many different senior leadership roles, including Global Director of Employee Experience at Bupa where she was responsible for activating Bupa’s purpose ‘Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives’ for their 86,000 employees across the world. Cassandra is the founder of The Centre For Self Fidelity and her first book Self-Fidelity was released late last year. Cassandra lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is married and has two young sons and can often be spotted cruising between lively conversations on her bright red pushbike.

  • 355 John Woodrow Cox: Thousands of children killed by guns
    20 June 2021

    About John Woodrow Cox JOHN WOODROW COX is a staff writer at The Washington Post. He was a finalist for the 2018 Pulitzer Prize in feature writing and has won Scripps Howard’s Ernie Pyle Award for Human Interest Storytelling, the Dart Award for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma, and Columbia Journalism School’s Meyer “Mike” Berger Award …

    The post 355 John Woodrow Cox: Thousands of children killed by guns appeared first on Alain Guillot.

  • How to Brighten Your Career as an Aesthetic Nurse?
    20 June 2021

    Nurses contribute to society in a variety of ways, and aesthetic or cosmetic nurses are no exception. These professionals go through extensive aesthetic nurse training and get their degrees and certifications. They would aid clients with non-invasive, in-office procedures, including injectables and skincare treatments if they pursued this professional path. Surgeons and cosmetic doctors frequently […]

    The post How to Brighten Your Career as an Aesthetic Nurse? appeared first on The Inspiring Journal.

  • Soul Searching Amidst the Rocks on Long Island’s East End
    20 June 2021

    At the Eastern tip of Long Island’s South Fork is Montauk Point. That’s where my life partner’s granddaughter, Kathryn, recently celebrated her 24th birthday with her boyfriend, Zach, at Hero Beach Club. The weather forecast was rain. So, when I received Kathryn’s text, explaining that she had decided to follow in my spiritual footsteps, by praying for sunshine at Council Rock, I was inspired to share yet another spiritual practice: rock stacking. And, since Kathryn’s prayers had been answered with good weather, my suggestion to build cairns was well received.

    Hands Joined in Prayer. Council Rock, Montauk Point, Long Island, New York. Photo by Kathryn Rosalie.

    A cairn is a mound of rough stones, built as a memorial, landmark, or guiding path in the wilderness. For many centuries, across many cultures, the practice of building cairns (rock stacks) has carried spiritual meaning. It requires patience, intention, and balancing of stones. This practice derives its power from the ancient wisdom of slowing down. A departure from the cacophony of everyday life, building cairns is a discipline that requires concentrated stillness and solitude.

    One rock may be placed with grateful appreciation of your own blessings. Another rock may be placed with your prayerful wish that others heal. Another rock may be placed with your intention to chip away at the collective trauma that resides in all of us, across generations. Eventually, and without awareness, rock stacking results in submersion of all thought. Somewhere between mindfulness and absent-mindedness, we connect with the Universe. In the stillness, we drop our yearning for social connectivity and discover something much, much deeper — our self.

    Meditation teaches us to concentrate on the sound of our breath and clear our minds of all else. Similarly, by focusing fully on creating balanced rock formations, we free our minds from worldly distractions. In the silence, time disappears. We leave stress behind. We forget our problems. We become oblivious to external events and turn our attention inward. By engaging in such personal development practices, for a brief period of time, we’re able to forget about hate, violence, poverty, political discord and, yes, even the coronavirus. That’s a great, and much-needed, emotional relief!

    Stillness is a great teacher, but it takes practice. As we become more adept at balancing rocks, we learn to balance our mind-body-soul. We become stronger and more resilient. We cope better. We become more fully present and more present-focused. As we learn to empty our minds of meaningless chatter, we become better equipped to focus on life’s bigger questions. As we learn to let go of our need to control, we gain control. As we discover our authentic selves and what is meaningful for us, we find more peace and joy in each moment.

    Can stacking rocks really provide such wisdom? Ironically, as we build cairns to guide others along their paths, we find our own path. I invite you, as I did Kathryn, to spontaneously engage in an afternoon of building cairns. Beyond stirring the energy in those ancient rocks, I think that something will stir deep inside of you, too.

  • Why John Lewis’s “Good Trouble” is Still Relevant Today
    20 June 2021

    “I have said this before, and I will say it again,” Lewis said in June 2019, a year before his death at 80 years old on July 17, 2020. “The vote is precious. It is almost sacred. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democracy.”In honor of the late John Lewis, a civil rights leader, he is quoted as saying: “To those who have said, ‘Be patient and wait,’ we have long said that we cannot be patient. We do not want our freedom gradually, but we want to be free now! We are tired. We are tired of being beaten by policemen. We are tired of seeing our people locked up in jail over and over again.”Director Dawn Porter’s newest documentary, John Lewis: Good Trouble, is a tribute to the civil rights leader and U.S. Representative John Lewis. The documentary points out that America is still in a civil rights struggle and is still fighting for rights for African Americans.However, both history and modern crime statistics show that the threat to Black lives everywhere is nothing new. To this day, Black children and adults alike entering into white neighborhoods can still result in senseless, life-ending situations regardless of their innocence.Frederick Douglass was an American who was born into slavery in February of 1818, and was an author as well as an abolitionist. Douglass played an active role in leading the nonviolent protests that would occur in the 1800s and even wrote a book called A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, in 1845. Echoing forward into the 1960s, well after slavery was abolished in America and much of Frederick Douglass’ dreams of the freedom of Black folks were accomplished, enter people such as Martin Luther King, Jr.King, who also wrote a book, was born in January of 1929 when segregation laws in America were still in place and died at the age of 39 years old. King wrote his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963, which helped create the Civil Rights Act of 1964 legislation in America — protests reigned all over America and the world for the freedom of African Americans.

    “To those who have said, ‘Be patient and wait,’ we have long said that we cannot be patient. We do not want our freedom gradually, but we want to be free now! We are tired. We are tired of being beaten by policemen. We are tired of seeing our people locked up in jail over and over again.” — John Lewis

    The world is no longer an ignorant enough place to accept bias and discrimination about race and culture or any other forms of xenophobic rationalizations. Conscious and progressive, the average person is more than aware of their forward-thinking place in society and their role in moving into the future with an understanding and sense of true community. The global landscape of business and interaction has molded pop-culture in support of people of all races, ethnicities, and national origins.However, with the recent outcry surrounding the death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor we began to recognize flaws in our progress. Our steps forward began to show signs of recurrent historical injustices concerning equal protection under the law and due process. The murders gave us a quick reality check needed to examine how we view the application of laws in our current society. Reminding us of times of constant fights for justice and equal rights.The importance of sensitivity around inequities in our justice system and how people of color have been underserved by a huge margin, has led us to revisit protest as a means of being heard. Though we addressed these issues in the past, their historical ramifications are still very apparent. It seems, the more we bury issues of race and disparity, the more they rear their head in present-day issues as unresolved causing upheaval and disgust. The struggle toward progress persists, leaving people of color in the minority and in need adequate representation and equal protection.

    So, have you been asked this question: what do you think of the Black Lives Matter movement?Everyone seems to be asking this question, too many people, even those who are not Black. Many people have different opinions. Some people think the issue is about a lot of belly-aching and undue protests. But, it is true, the majority of crimes that are committed in the United States are still done by white people — 60% of all crimes in the United States are committed by white people. Men, in general, make up 81% of all violent crimes and up to 63% of property crimes.

    All African Americans in the U.S. make up about 13% of the population, however, African Americans, especially men, make up about 39% of the arrests for violent crime in America.

    Although the statistics for the amount of crime committed by white people, particularly men, in America are true according to research done by the University of Minnesota, there is a disproportionate number of Black men represented in overall crime rates.Additionally, unlike their white counterparts, African Americans have the legacy of slavery in America. Slavery began in 1501 where the first African slaves were sold off the coasts of West Africa from such countries as Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Africans were forced into positions of free labor through a system known as the “slave triangle” by Francis Drake and his colleagues according to historical records about slavery in America.

    Though all lives matter, Black lives require more advocacy due to the long-standing systemic racism that is heavily ingrained in our justice system and society. So, how do we move forward without more revisits to the past?

    With Generation Z, we hope to approach the issues of race, injustice, and equality from an educational standpoint reflective of moving forward without having to relive them on the day-to-day. Instead of having the past as a means of education and reflection, it seems we are being forced to revisit the struggles of our ancestors with modern-day trials reminiscent of the past. It’s unfortunate we face these problems once again as a society and have to take a head-on approach to change. How many times must we be handed the same problem and be forced to push toward a solution? Same problem, same solution. Hopefully, this time we will learn.

    WRITTEN BY Kimberly Stone

    Kimberly took to entrepreneurship at a young age after being encouraged by her family to start something of her own. She has always had a dream of starting a fashion venture and developed POSHGLAM in college. Most of her time is spent exploring new opportunities for the POSHGLAM brand and having fun with her friends. In addition to her work with POSHGLAM, as a Black female entrepreneur, launched Little Black Dress Protest as a way for women to honor George Floyd, and show their solidarity with Black Lives Matter, while protesting safely amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. The protest encourages women to wear a Little Black Dress, sharing images of themselves to promote equality, peace, and justice for black people everywhere, from wherever they may be.

  • 6 Easy-to-Use Tips, and for the Promotion of Mental well-being
    20 June 2021

    Waking up early, meditating, exercising, and supplementing your meals with a variety of healthy treats that can work wonders for a person’s physical health. However, in a rapidly changing, technology-driven age, it’s not just to take care of their health, physical well-being, with a view to the overall well-being.

    Since the mental and physical well-being are dependent on each other, it is necessary to take care of your mental health, in order to increase immunity and to build confidence and overcome all kinds of obstacles at different stages of life. At the same time, this is a healthy state of mind, it acts as a bulwark against substance abuse, mental health, stress factors, and other adverse conditions. It is an essential element of the result of a long and happy life.

    Although the dominant culture in general is fast, up to and including discharge from mental health disorders as well as diseases, such as behavioral problems, and they are just as deadly as physical illness. The majority of the stigma and misconceptions associated with mental disorders, in part, related to false beliefs, as well as information.

    The value of good mental health, that is, a person does not have symptoms of a mental disorder, in order to make a decision about how to take care of their mental health. Everyone enjoy a healthy and positive attitude, no matter what their gender, age, social status, or ethnicity. A person’s mental health to determine how they will feel, respond, and act on each and every day. It is also helpful his or her approach to dealing with stress, and decision-making skills, social interaction, etc.).

    There ways fo your mental health improve:

    Start your Day off with a cup of coffee and Start the day with a cup of coffee is linked to lower rates of depression. One of the other hot drinks that promote mental well-being by green tea.
    Keep a gratitude Journal and When a person is writing their thoughts and blessings to count, helps them to recognize and appreciate them for who they are and what they do have. Research has shown that expressing gratitude to a journal electronically or on paper) improves mental health and is responsible for the cleanliness.
    Even though smartphones to provide real-time communications, and a wide range of instruments, as they often are from the Internet and social media. As a result, they are constantly checking e-mail alerts and warnings. Leave your phone in a day to do something fun, or simply to enjoy a candid conversation with a person.
    Take a step of faith, and The fear of failure, commitment, and getting the short end of the stick, it is common for people to try their hand at something you have always wanted to do or improve on it. focusing on a move in the right direction, it is better for one’s mental health than being stuck in a dead-end situation. Instead of worrying and looking over your shoulder, as a person, to look at situations as and when they come out.
    Go for a walk, take a walk, preferably somewhere in a quiet area such as a park or in the forest, raise with a new energy and a sense of. Research has shown that walking is associated with an increase in energy levels, and of the burning of cortisol, which is to protect against depression, and improve overall well-being.

  • How To Reduce Stress At Work – TamilGlitz
    20 June 2021

    In such hectic routines and the pressure of day-to-day life, coupled with the fact that vacations are near and project deliveries, it is normal for us to have certain moments of accumulation of tension, generating the known stress. In this article, the founder of TamilGlitz helps you learn how to reduce stress at work. 

    TamilGlitz is a Digital Media Tech brand that aims to provide abundant information to its Rural readers, the next generation regional internet users. 

    “Experts treat stress not as an illness but as your body’s response” Says Rahul Bala, one of the founders of TamilGlitz.

    He further adds “It is true that situations that are caused for a long time and generate discomfort and fatigue, make it easier for us to have a greater load of stress, generating even more load for the day to day. Although stress is not an illness, it is important to note that it can become one”.

    How to reduce stress at work?
    1. You need some stress to do your best;
    2. Discover a hobby;
    3. Think about good things;
    4. Breathe deeply;
    5. Rethink the elements that generate stress;
    6. Practice tolerance;
    7. Reflect on your daily progress;
    8. Turn on the parasympathetic nervous system; and
    9. Take Breaks
    You need some stress to do your best

    When we feel very pressured, we usually say that this kills our creativity, however, not having a deadline in any of the desired deliveries influences even more negatively in their daily lives. Ideally, you should identify acceptable delivery dates according to demand.

    Furthermore, even though we are full of activities and projects to develop and thus become more stressed, we hate to feel bored and have nothing to do or think about. We need to be constantly on the move!

    When an athlete has her rest day, she tries to ‘disconnect’ and renew her energy as much as possible, because she knows that this is her moment of rest. Be like an athlete and whenever you can, set aside to rest and renew your energy.

    discover a hobby

    Identifying points where we can discount our stress generated throughout the day makes it lighter. An example is playing a musical instrument or reading a book. When you identify that you are very stressed, do something you enjoy.

    think about good things

    Just thinking about what is going wrong or the wrong attitudes of others will not make your day lighter. At the end of your workday, make a list of all the good things that have happened during your period and focus on those items each day. Put into your routine, creating this list, this helps alleviate anxiety in your work environment.

    Breathe deeply

    Count on your breath! Taking a deep breath oxygenates your brain and thus gives you a feeling of calm and tranquility. Working with your breath is the most powerful method for lowering your stress and calming anxiety when delivering projects.

    Rethinking the elements that generate stress

    Do you know all the elements that create stress in your day? First of all, identify them and even more, identify why these items make you stressed, sometimes it’s just your way of noticing things that are wrong and thus generating a high stress for yourself.

    Identify what you can do differently today about these stressors. But it’s not just worth thinking about them, you need to act differently in the face of situations.

    practice tolerance

    Sometimes in the heat of the moment and influenced by a high level of stress, we end up acting with no tolerance for our neighbors and when we realize this action, we realize that it has already been done and there is no going back.

    In any company that you are going to work in, you will find that being tolerant is a very necessary virtue, because when we are stressed, pressured and need to get out of our comfort zone, we are more susceptible to mistakes.

    Reflect on your daily progress

    Even if no manager recognizes your development, do it for yourself!

    Write down in a diary, for example, the activities you developed during your working day and question what you learned from them. What is the positive and negative side of that situation, after all, there is always a positive and negative side. After you talk to yourself and understand what happened, understand what was done well and can be maintained and what was done that was not so good and can be done in a different way.

    Turn on the parasympathetic nervous system

    The Parasympathetic System, the part of the nervous system where neurons are located in the brainstem and is responsible for stimulating calming actions.

    These actions are:

    • Deceleration of heartbeats;
    • Lowering blood pressure;
    • The decrease in adrenaline; and
    • Blood sugar.

    By activating your parasympathetic system, you will be communicating to your body that it is time to rest. One idea is to practice yoga , for example, or tai chi chuan and meditation.

    take breaks

    Working for hours without stopping, few people can and taking small breaks throughout the day, such as getting up to go to the bathroom or filling the water bottle, will help to create a relaxed moment in your day, making it easier to resume activities without increasing your level of stress at work.

    After these nine tips to reduce stress at work, you need to know the software that will help you in the DU-e process !

  • Women Empowerment
    20 June 2021

    Women’s empowerment is defined by the process by which women gain and control over their lives as much as possible, the circumstances around them and the elements that are part of them.

    That is, they have control over their bodies (they decide how to dress, how to walk, whether to get pregnant, tattoos) and their environment (such as the way they Participate in family center, in societies or in context (labor).

    Therefore, it is important for each of the women to play their role independently, to influence the decision-making process, to have their say, to vote and to take action without veto or concealment. Can

    In addition, they must have the opportunity to access and manage their material and economic resources and be free from verbal, physical, ideological or psychological in all its manifestations. They also have all kinds of information and that justice affects them in the same way as men.

    The term women’s empowerment was first formally adopted at a meeting in Beijing in 1995, called the International Conference on Women. The main goal was to increase women’s visibility and participation in decision-making.

    What is needed to empower women?
    For the process of women’s empowerment, it is important to develop the four aspects that shape it.

    1- to be
    What is meant is the potential of the economic resources that women have, which is translated into material goods. Examples of material goods are: money, goods, technical tools.

    However, it is not limited to this, it includes guarantees of quality of life, access to education services, health services, safety, food, water, shoes, clothing and work safety.

    2- Knowledge and method of knowing
    The aspect of knowledge is the quantitative and standard form of knowledge, abilities, qualifications, abilities and qualifications, which is manifested through verbal and behavioral women. They allow them to enjoy efficiently and effectively the benefits that come to them individually and / or collectively.

    Distinguished by:

    Guiding people through women for their personal and social benefit.
    Techniques to achieve your goals Management in terms of use and handling of techniques.
    Arranging training for other women.
    Ability to promote critical thinking and reflection.
    The method of knowing is in fact the characteristics of applying knowledge in a uniform and optimal way.

    3- Want
    Required internal stimuli, internal strength, psychological desire, women, their self-confidence, beliefs and beliefs about their lifestyle, the confidence they have in themselves. This is to play a voluntary role (conscious will) in deciding their present and future choices.

    Desire has to do with emotional intelligence, recognition of emotional state, the way it affects others and the way women use it with others. It’s about presenting the feminine life that they want to achieve and the mark they want to leave.

    4- Power
    Power itself is the center of empowerment, it is imagined and can be seen when:

    Women have the power to make decisions and they have responsibilities.
    They have the opportunity to participate in any decision-making process.
    They have the power to influence others
    They have the power to control or manage the actions that other people take on their behalf.
    Be independent in your actions and use your resources.
    Break the grip of power given to some minority groups.
    The level of women’s empowerment

    There are two main levels of women’s empowerment.

    1- Individual level
    At this level, initiatives are aimed at promoting the empowerment of women individually. In other words, the point is that every woman can formulate and carry out her life plan and she can achieve well-being and a quality of life.

    The power in this case lies in the fact that women depend on it, in which they can decide individually, create and have more opportunities for their own development.

    2- Collective level
    At this level, the action plan aims to empower women’s social groups, in which women seek to achieve the desired gender equality, which can strengthen social justice.

    At this level, it is important to encourage them to recognize themselves as a collective, to cooperate with each other, to organize themselves based on their struggles and to defend their rights, their rights. Do things that have not been historically respected.

    At this level, women feel more empowered and determined to defend their rights and the rights of other groups in situations of oppression, which will promote change more and more effectively.

    Vision for women’s rights and women’s empowerment

    From a feminist perspective, women’s empowerment involves changes at the individual level and innovations in the social and structural process that reproduce the conditions of women’s subjugation and subjugation.

    These women’s rights groups believe that empowering this population is a strategy that is positive not only for them but also for other oppressed groups. What are the benefits: increasing power, access to the use and management of material resources, gaining influence over other groups, and participating in social change?

    All of this will have a positive effect: collective and individual awareness, the defense of their own rights, the empowerment of capabilities, and ultimately the destruction of the oppressive structure of the majority.

    The vision of women’s empowerment in the field of women’s rights means raising awareness about women’s subordination and self-confidence.

    Also, to develop personal autonomy and actions to explain what their goals and interests are in life and thus modify the relationship established with existing institutions and power structures.

    In this sense, the idea that women’s empowerment does not equate domination with other groups. Rather, it is committed to the healthy coexistence of all human beings without discrimination, to the equal rights of all, and to the attainment of equal resources.

    Its relationship to women’s economic empowerment and gender-based violence

    Various scientific studies have concluded that empowering women from their economic background protects them from gender-based violence.

    Research shows that when women are in an economically dependent relationship and have no options, there is more violence against the intimate partner.

    Statistics show that the more control women have over their financial resources, the less likely they are to be sexually assaulted.

    As stated in the previous lines, economic empowerment protects women from all forms of violence. However, the fact that they manage their resources can act as a powerful factor in the appearance of violence, as they somehow challenge the ruling power (men).

    The United Nations and women’s empowerment

    The United Nations, recognizing that gender equality is a fundamental human right, has proposed it as one of the thousands of goals to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.”

    This means providing health services, decent work, education, and participation in political and economic decisions for women and girls through various mechanisms.

    Women’s empowerment and its importance in global economic development
    The United Nations says that if it is to be expected to build solid economies and achieve the proposed development goals, the opportunity to empower women and participate in all sectors and countries of the world is crucial.

    Considering this argument, the organization considered itself necessary:

    First, promoting gender equality in the business context at the senior management level.
    Second, treat women and men equally in the work context; Respect their rights, promote non-discrimination.
    As a third point; Protect the safety, health and quality of life of all employees, regardless of gender.
    Fourth, encourage the training, formation and education of professional women in your work.
    Fifth, implement organizational development, “supply chain” and marketing activities based on women’s empowerment.
    As a sixth requirement, promote equality through social and societal strategies.
    And last but not least, the assessment of the progress made in favor of gender equality and the implementation of its regression techniques.

    The most important thing about women’s empowerment
    The most important thing about women’s empowerment is that they do not have complete control over the circumstances around them, nor do they have control over the material and / or financial resources they have.

    The most important thing, of course, is to learn how to access them, how to use them, and how to be able to influence them and the ability to influence them, so that companies get involved. Control the dynamics of the process. Women.

    A group of women can manage different resources, however it does not guarantee that they will use them properly and benefit from them individually and collectively, preventing unpleasant situations and affecting their development. she does.

    As is clear, the most important thing is not the power in your hands. The important thing is to learn to participate in the process that leads to it. In other words, the important thing is the relationship that was established and the steps taken to achieve it.

    These movements will bring with them: women with a sense of personal control, critical thinking about their social and political context, and reflective potential in which they find themselves, participation in the social structure and Find other ideas about the organization, identification of importance for social, community and institutional support.

    Thus, with the ability to control their resources, to become a woman of deeds, a dynamic person of conscience, these qualities are their main strength.

    Women’s Empowerment in Mexico
    Mexico is currently developing new policies and laws that help empower women. However, only 47% of Mexican women are still part of the labor force.

    These measures, selected by the country, have allowed women to be directly involved in national productivity.

    The Secretariat for Planning, Evaluation and Regional Development and the Secretariat for Social Development have taken seriously the importance of creating tools within society that empower women in society, regardless of their social status.

    Empowering women in Spain
    For the Spanish government, equality between men and women is the future. The country is one of the most egalitarian, with 65% of administrative posts held by women.

    They are exemplified in many policies that allow for women’s empowerment. Spain is committed to running awareness campaigns and creating equal opportunities in the country.

    Empowering women in Argentina
    Argentina has been one of the countries with the most media influence in terms of women’s rights and women’s empowerment. There have been a number of strikes across the country due to inequality.

    The country is committed to equality in society and to the political and socio-economic stability of women.

    One of the goals of all these policies and measures is to reduce the 27% gap between men’s and women’s salaries.

    Empowering women in Peru
    In Peru, women’s participation in the productive sector is slowly increasing. There are many laws and projects in development that promote women’s empowerment.

    However, the gap is wide in the political arena, where only 30% of parliamentarians are women.

    Women’s Empowerment in Colombia
    The country has developed institutions, plans and legislation that help empower women. Although significant changes have been made, they have been slow and sometimes inadequate.

    Eliminating or eliminating the gender gap in the country is one of the main goals, which in addition to benefiting women, helps the nation by increasing its productivity.

  • Pandemic shows Limitations of Science
    20 June 2021

    The pandemic has shown us the limitations of science (including medical science) and technology.

    The human mechanism, the individual is in charge of his life.

    He comes under the illusion as if science and technology will undo psychological discomfort (pain and uncertainty) he is experiencing as confusion, fear, uncertainty and so on. Thus he sheds his status of being in charge.

    Once he absorbs this discomfort, he regains his status of being in charge. Now he can use science and technology as he wishes.

    Man’s search is for stability, stable relief, stable pleasure and so on where he is not perturbed by losses, accidents, diseases, conflicts (inner and outer). Even when he searches for God, Enlightenment, he is searching for stability.

    If you can come to this question – you are just close to the Truth. You will find it.

    Are you not relieved, stable when not in immediate physical danger or acute physical pain, whatever be the situation?

    See this stability, this relief. It is always with you.

    Awareness may take over.

    The Secret-

    You have to bear the discomfort of what you dislike without ANY explanation to see the Truth. There is no safe way.

    Life has evolved as more and more multi connected process. We are using almost all the goods and services produced by others. You are connected to the world- whether comforting or bizarre.

    When you face anything wrong, negative, irritating-can you feel, bear this discomfort without any explanation as you are also connected in some way with the wrong, negative, irritating situation?

    You have made a dent in transforming your world. Now any action (or no-action) is relaxed, creative. You are on the total ground.


Life Blogs

20 June 2021

Life Blogs Life Blogs
  • Gardening in the Rain
    20 June 2021

    Gardening in the Rain

    It started with a gentle tug
    to trim a succulent from a jug
    stuffed full with hardy hens and chicks
    but tugs turned into pulls and picks
    Until the pockets of my pants
    and both my hands were full of plants.

    By then, I was already soaked,
    for as I pushed and pulled and poked,
    the storm that had been gentle  drops,
    turned into pelts and then to plops.
    Since cool rain was a respite from
    days of heat and glaring sun,

    I loitered some along the way
    to see what new additions lay
    along the path that stretched between
    the lower garden where I’d been
    and the house far up above—
    that toasty place—that cushy glove.

    But then there was that empty pot
    (whose jade plant we’d moved to the lot)
    where there was dirt but plants were not
    and all those cuttings I’d just got
    stuffing my pockets, filling hands.
    Can you see how the plot expands?

    Thus it went that for an hour
    I stood there in the soaking shower
    restoring beauty to the pot 
    where formerly beauty was not.
    Then, dripping in my sopping clothes,
    I used my sleeve to swipe my nose

    and shed my clothes all at the door,
    tracked wet prints across the floor,
    hung up wet clothes and dried my skin,
    then used the towel to wrap me in,
    and meant to dress and have a meal,
    but couldn’t help it, had to steal

    to the window for one look more,
    then opened up the sliding door,
    and, one hand clasping tight the towel,
    I headed out with garden trowel
    to add if needs be one plant more
    to the pot planted before.

    I love gardening in the rain.
    and see no reason to abstain.
    With no sun to scorch my skin,
    no reason to remain within.
    And since I loved where i had been,
    What I did once, I did again.


    (Click on photos to enlarge and read captions to hear the rest of the story.)


    Gardening in the Rain

    It started with a gentle tug
    to trim a succulent from a jug
    stuffed full with hardy hens and chicks
    but tugs turned into pulls and picks
    Until the pockets of my pants
    and both my hands were full of plants.

    By then, I was already soaked,
    for as I pushed and pulled and poked,
    the storm that had been gentle  drops,
    turned into pelts and then to plops.
    Since cool rain was a respite from
    days of heat and glaring sun,

    I loitered some along the way
    to see what new additions lay
    along the path that stretched between
    the lower garden where I’d been
    and the house far up above—
    that toasty place—that cushy glove.

    But then there was that empty pot
    (whose jade plant we’d moved to the lot)
    where there was dirt but plants were not
    and all those cuttings I’d just got
    stuffing my pockets, filling hands.
    Can you see how the plot expands?

    Thus it went that for an hour
    I stood there in the soaking shower
    restoring beauty to the pot 
    where formerly beauty was not.
    Then, dripping in my sopping clothes,
    I used my sleeve to swipe my nose

    and shed my clothes all at the door,
    tracked wet prints across the floor,
    hung up wet clothes and dried my skin,
    then used the towel to wrap me in,
    and meant to dress and have a meal,
    but couldn’t help it, had to steal

    to the window for one look more,
    then opened up the sliding door,
    and, one hand clasping tight the towel,
    I headed out with garden trowel
    to add if needs be one plant more
    to the pot planted before.

    I love gardening in the rain.
    and see no reason to abstain.
    With no sun to scorch my skin,
    no reason to remain within.
    And since I loved where i had been,
    What I did once, I did again.

  • Clarifying Misconceptions about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users May Have
    20 June 2021
    If you had previously used the Microsoft Dynamics CRM program and believed that this CRM was simply another one of such kinds of products, you need to reconsider your viewpoint. In reality, this is one of the largest and successful acclaimed software titles in the market for many different reasons. Do you have any idea […]
  • The Sweet Way the Bidens' First Dog Champ Biden Will Live on
    19 June 2021
    <p>When President <strong>Joe Biden</strong> and his wife <strong>Jill Biden</strong>, PhD, entered the White House, they reinstated a former presidential tradition: first pets. The Bidens had their <a href="" >German Shepherd Champ</a> throughout his time as vice president and they welcomed another dog of the same breed, Major, into their lives in 2018. In January, the two dogs got to call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home. Sadly, just five months into his stint as first dog, Champ died at the age of 13 on Saturday, June 19. The president and first lady released a joint statement, announcing that Champ passed away "peacefully at home" of natural causes. In their heartfelt post, they shared some sentiments any pet owner can relate to. Read on to find out the sweet way Biden has made sure first dog Champ will live on and to hear about his journey to the White House.</p> <p ><strong>RELATED: <a href="" >The CDC Just Banned These Pets Amid Safety Concerns</a>.</strong></p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >The Bidens called Champ their "constant, cherished companion."</div> </h2> </div> <div data-url="" data-content=""></div> <p>In an Instagram <a href="" >posted to the POTUS account</a>, the Bidens announced Champ's passing with a sentimental message:</p> <blockquote><p>Our hearts are heavy today as we let you all know that our beloved German Shepherd, Champ, passed away peacefully at home. He was our constant, cherished companion during the last 13 years and was adored by the entire Biden family. Even as Champ's strength waned in his last months, when we came into a room, he would immediately pull himself up, his tail always wagging, and nuzzle us for an ear scratch or a belly rub. Wherever we were, he wanted to be, and everything was instantly better when he was next to us. He loved nothing more than curling up at our feet in front of a fire at the end of the day, joining us as a comforting presence in meetings, or sunning himself in the White House garden. In his younger days, he was happiest chasing golf balls on the front lawn of the Naval Observatory or racing to catch our grandchildren as they ran around our backyard in Delaware. In our most joyful moments and in our most grief-stricken days, he was there with us, sensitive to our every unspoken feeling and emotion. We love our sweet, good boy and will miss him always.</p></blockquote> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >Champ will live on for many children across the U.S. because of a tradition Biden had as vice president.</div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="Then Vice President Joe Biden gives a young boy a stuffed version of Biden's dog, Champ, while visiting a diner March 26, 2014 in Washington, DC. Biden visited the Florida Avenue Grill to highlight the administration's efforts to raise the national minimum wage to $10.10 an hour." width="1200" height="781" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>Biden was so enamored by his first pup that, during his time as vice president, he would hand out <a href="" >"Champ" plushies </a>to comfort children in need during tough times. (There is a version for sale <a href="" >on the White House website</a>.)</p> <p>Champ was known for his sweet and gentle demeanor by the White House press corps that often covered his comings and goings. He was so beloved that there was even a <a href="" >children's book</a> made in his and Major's honor.</p> <p > <strong>RELATED: <a href="" >For more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter</a>.</strong> </p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >Champ helped usher in the return of dogs to the White House.</div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="Champ in campaign video for Joe Biden" width="1000" height="1199" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>The Bidens got Champ from a breeder in Pennsylvania when he was just a puppy. They reportedly <a href="" >named him Champ in honor of the president's father</a>, who would tell him "Get up champ," when he faced challenges in life, according to <em>The New York Times</em>. Biden made it one of his campaign pledges to put a pet back in the White House. One ad, seen here, promoted <a href="" >Champ & Major for DOTUS</a> (Dogs of the U.S.).</p> <p>In addition to Champ, the Bidens adopted Major from the Delaware Humane Association (DHA) in 2018. First Daughter <strong>Ashley Biden</strong> saw <a href="" >photos of Major and his five littermates</a> on the DHA Facebook page and sent them to her parents, who were <a href="" >looking for a younger companion</a> for Champ as he was getting up there in age, NPR reported. Three years later, Major became the first rescue dog to take up residency in the White House, and Champ was there to show him the ropes.</p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >Champ was there for Major during a rough patch.</div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="The Bidens' dogs Champ and Major are seen on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, on March 31, 2021." width="1200" height="800" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>Champ and Major made themselves at home at the White House after its four-year absence of pets. During an interview with <em>People </em>in February, the president said there's only one rule for the first dogs in the White House—they're <a href="" >not allowed on the furniture</a>, including beds and couches. In another Feb. interview for <em>The Kelly Clarkson Show</em>, the <a href="" >first lady admitted</a> that although dependable <a href="" >Champ followed the rules</a>, she did catch Major on the couch.</p> <p>The couple's grandchildren had a special relationship with the first pups and when they visited all the rules were off the table. "[Major] jumps up on the bed with them," the president told <em>People</em>.</p> <p>Then in March, Champ and Major were dispatched to Biden's Delaware residence after a reported "<a href="" >biting incident</a>" between Major and a member of the White House security detail. After some "remedial" training, both dogs returned to their White House duties within the month.</p> <p ><strong>RELATED: <a href="" >President Biden Just Revealed the Truth About the Incident With His Dog</a>.</strong></p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >The White House wasn't Champ's only government residence.</div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="Then US First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, wife of then US Vice President Joe Biden, and their dog Champ, arrive to help assemble Mother's Day packages that deployed US troops have requested to be sent to their mothers and wives at home as part of a Joining Forces service event with spouses of members of Congress at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, May 10, 2012. " width="1000" height="813" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>The Bidens said that Champ loved sunning himself in the White House garden, but he also enjoyed his eight years at the Vice Presidential estate in D.C. In his younger days, as the Bidens said in their statement, Champ was "happiest chasing golf balls on the front lawn of the Naval Observatory."</p> <p>Former First Lady <strong>Michelle Obama</strong> spent a lot of time with Champ in his early days. She responded to the post on <a href="" >Dr. Biden's Instagram about Champ's passing</a>. "Champ was such a good boy, and we know how much he meant to your family over the years. Barack and I are sending all our love to you, <a tabindex="0" href="" >@POTUS</a>, and the entire Biden family," she wrote in the comments.</p> <p>In May, the Obamas said <a href="" >goodbye to their first dog Bo</a>, who they got when former President <strong>Barack Obama</strong> entered the White House. At the time, Dr. Biden said her heart was with the Obama family. "It's so heartbreaking to <a href="" >say goodbye to a pet</a>," she wrote on Instagram just a month before she'd have to do the same.</p> <p ><strong>RELATED: <a href="" >President Biden Plans to Add This Long-Awaited First Pet</a>.</strong></p>

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  • This Is the State Where the Delta Variant Is Spreading Fastest, Experts Say
    19 June 2021
    <p>Ever since the U.S. reached the milestone of getting at least one dose of the COVID vaccine in the arms of 50 percent of adults, things have taken a turn for the better in the States. After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) loosened its guidelines on wearing masks in May, summer 2021 started to look more normal than anything we've seen in more than a year. But recently, public health experts' tone has started to change from one of celebration to <a href="" >one of warning</a>. And it's all because of the <a href="" >Delta variant</a>, B.1.617.2, the most recent variant of concern. The CDC has reported that "there is evidence that this <a href="" >variant spreads easily</a> from person to person," and it's starting to become increasingly prevalent in the U.S. In one state in particular, numbers are growing at a startling rate. Read on to find out where the Delta variant is spreading fastest.</p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >Missouri currently has the highest percentage of COVID cases from the Delta variant.</div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="doctors wear protective suits at hospital" width="1200" height="800" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>The Delta variant, which was first identified in India and caused a deadly surge there early in 2021, <a href="" >makes up about 10 percent of U.S. COVID cases</a> nationwide. As the Associated Press reported earlier this week, the Delta variant has increased from 2.7 percent of all cases in May to 9.7 percent already in June, CDC Director <strong>Rochelle Walensky</strong>, MD, said during a call with governors on June 14. Shortly thereafter, it was named a variant of concern by the CDC.</p> <p><em>Forbes</em> reports that in two of the 10 <a href="" >regions the CDC monitors</a>—which include Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming—the <a href="" >Delta variant accounts for around 25 percent of cases</a>, a substantial increase from around 7 percent two weeks prior.</p> <p>But in one state, and one area in particular, the numbers are far more dire: Missouri. The CDC data shows it has a <a href="" >higher percentage of cases of the Delta variant</a> than any other at the moment. On June 16, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services issued a statement saying that the state "is experiencing a <a href="" >rise in individuals contracting the Delta variant</a>," which "has become prevalent in communities throughout Missouri."</p> <p>The state also saw one of the <a href="" >biggest increases in new COVID cases</a> over the past two weeks, up 52 percent, behind only bordering Arkansas with 59 percent, according to <em>The New York Times </em>data as of June 19.</p> <p ><strong>RELATED: <a href="" >These 5 States Are Seeing the Worst COVID Surges</a>.</strong></p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >And one area in particularly is seeing the Delta variant take over.</div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="Doctor in protective suit diagnosing COVID patient on bed in hospital" width="1200" height="800" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>Southwestern Missouri has been hit the hardest. "What we've got in the community is a <a href="" >much more infectious variant</a> that we are having to deal with, which shows why we have such an explosion of cases not just in Greene County, but in southwest Missouri," <strong>Kendra Findley</strong>, administrator of community health and epidemiology with Greene County, told the<em> St. Louis Dispatch </em>on June 17.</p> <p><strong>Steve Edwards</strong>, the president and CEO of CoxHealth, a <a href="" >health care system in southwest Missouri</a>, told NPR recently that they've seen a fivefold increase in hospitalizations. "They're younger, and they're sicker, and they're coming in later, and there's less we can do for them if they come in later," he said on June 18. Edwards told NPR that the Greene County Health Department reports that 90 percent of all new cases are the Delta variant. Other hospital executives in the area have reported similar <a href="" >surges in COVID patients</a>.</p> <p>"This Delta variant came from nowhere," Edwards noted. "Five weeks ago, I think we were less than 10 percent; now we're 90 percent. So I anticipate that the greater part of the South, the greater part of the Midwest, and those areas with low vaccination rates are going to see a wave of patients similar to what they saw last fall and last winter."</p> <p><strong>Scott Gottlieb</strong>, MD, former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), similarly predicted recently that areas with lower vaccination rates would see numbers climb as a result of the new variant. The state of Missouri as a whole has low vaccination rates, with less than 37 percent of its population <a href="" >fully vaccinated</a> as of June 17, according to CDC data compiled by Becker's Hospital Review. "In parts of the country where you have less vaccination, particularly in parts of the south, where you have some cities <a href="" >where vaccination rates are low</a>, there's a risk that you could see outbreaks with this new variant," he told CBS's <em>Face the Nation </em>on June 13.</p> <p > <strong>RELATED: <a href="" >For more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter</a>.</strong> </p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >The CDC director and other experts predict the Delta variant will become the dominant strain in the U.S.</div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, MD, talking about Delta variant on "Good Morning America" on June 18" width="1245" height="786" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>Walensky told <em>Good Morning America </em>on June 18 that she expects the <a href="" >Delta variant to become dominant</a> in the U.S. in the coming weeks. "It's more transmissible than the Alpha variant, or the U.K. variant, that we have here," she said. "We saw that quickly become the dominant strain in a period of one or two months, and I anticipate that is going to be what happens with the Delta strain here."</p> <p>Walensky encouraged unvaccinated Americans to get their shot in order to "be protected against this Delta variant." She said: "As worrisome as this Delta strain is with regard to its hyper transmissibility, our vaccines work."</p> <p>Gottlieb similarly told <em>Face the Nation</em> that the Delta variant is "concerning." "It's going to continue to spread," he added. "It appears to be more transmissible."</p> <p>The former FDA commissioner explained that the Delta variant's prevalence is doubling every 14 days. "It's probably going to become the dominant strain here in the United States," he cautioned. "This could spike a new epidemic heading into the fall."</p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >President Biden warned young people in particular to be wary of the Delta variant.</div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="U.S. President Joe Biden speaks about the nation's COVID-19 response and the vaccination program in the State Dining Room of the White House on June 18, 2021. " width="1200" height="800" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>As President <strong>Joe Biden's</strong> deadline to get 70 percent of U.S. adults vaccinated with at least one shot by July 4 grows nearer, he's issuing <a href="" >warnings about the Delta variant</a>, as well. During a White House press conference on June 18, Biden said the Delta variant "will leave unvaccinated people even more vulnerable than they were a month ago." He said the variant is "more easily transmissible, potentially deadlier, and particularly dangerous for young people."</p> <p>Like Walensky, Biden said the best way people can protect themselves against it is to get fully vaccinated. "Please, please if you have one shot, get the second shot as soon as you can," he said. "The data is clear: If you are unvaccinated, you're at risk of getting seriously ill or dying or spreading it."</p> <p>Though Biden said he doesn't predict the spread of the Delta variant will lead to another lockdown, thanks to the <a href="" >efficacy of the vaccines</a>, he fears "some areas will be very hurt."</p> <p ><strong>RELATED: <a href="" >Half of Unvaccinated People in the U.S. Have This in Common, Research Shows</a>.</strong></p>

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  • See Paul Walker's Daughter Stun in a Cut-Out Dress at "Furious 9" Premiere
    19 June 2021
    <p>The premiere of the newest <em>Fast and Furious</em> movie brought big stars to the TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Friday, June 18. But one of the most special guests in attendance was <strong><a href="" >Meadow Walker</a></strong>, the daughter of the franchise's late star <strong>Paul Walker</strong>, who died in 2013 in an automobile crash. He was filming the seventh <em>Fast and Furious </em>movie at the time and in the eight years since his death, his daughter has remained connected to the film series and its stars. Read on to see Meadow, now 22, at the premiere and to find out how she's keeping her father's memory alive.</p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >Meadow Walker wore a Saint Laurent couture gown to the premiere of <em>F9</em>. </div> </h2> </div> <div data-url="" data-content=""></div> <p>Meadow was the picture of chic at the world premiere of <em>F9: The Fast Saga</em> in Hollywood on June 18, sporting a crisp middle part blunt bob haircut and minimal make up. The model <a href="" >teased her look in an Instagram post</a> before the event, captioning it: "let's go."</p> <p>She tagged Tiffany & Co. for her diamond drop earrings and Saint Laurent and its legendary head designer,<strong> Anthony Vaccarello</strong>, for her gown. The black floor length dress featured <a href="" >a white bow and side cut outs</a>, a detail Meadow's stylist proudly displayed on her Instagram.</p> <p>Meadow's outfit wasn't the only show stopper at the premiere. The stars of <em>F9</em>, including <strong>Charlize Theron</strong>, <strong>Jordana Brewster</strong>, and <strong>Vin Diesel</strong>, all brought their style A-game to the red carpet event ahead of the movie's release on June 25.</p> <p > <strong>RELATED: <a href="" >For more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter</a>.</strong> </p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >Meadow devotes herself to her father's foundation. </div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="Meadow Walker attends the Universal Pictures "F9" World Premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 18, 2021 in Hollywood, California. " width="800" height="1020" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>Meadow posts about her father on Instagram often. She recently shared an <a href="" >adorable photo of her kissing her dad</a> and blowing out candles on cupcakes with the caption: "miss you."</p> <p>Another way she keeps her dad's memory alive is via charity work. Meadow is the co-founder and president of the Paul Waker Foundation, which is devoted to empowering future generations. The foundation provides grants and scholarships to students and researchers pursuing marine science careers to help protect the world's oceans and sea life.</p> <p ><strong>RELATED: <a href="" >Paul Walker's Daughter Just Landed Her First Major Modeling Gig</a>.</strong></p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >Meadow is treated by the <em>Fast and Furious </em>cast as family.</div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="Charlize Theron, Tyrese Gibson,Ludacris, Anna Sawai, Vin Diesel, Justin Lin, Jordana Brewster, Shad Moss, and Sung Kang attends the Universal Pictures "F9" World Premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 18, 2021 in Hollywood, California" width="1200" height="759" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>Not only is Vin Diesel her godfather, who <a href="" >refers to himself as her uncle</a>, but other stars of the franchise have also taken Meadow under their wing. Jordana Brewster, who plays Mia Toretto in the movies, posted a photo to her Instagram of her seven-year-old son <strong>Julian Brewster-Form </strong>with Meadow and Paul Walker's longtime friend<strong> Brandon Birtell</strong>, a founding member of the Paul Walker Foundation, at the <em>F9</em> premiere.</p> <p>She <a href="" >captioned the photo</a>: "Family forever" with a heart. In the comments, Meadow responded, "Love you." In the past, Brewster has called Meadow her "<a href="" >soul sister</a>."</p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >Vin Diesel hinted that Meadow might even make a cameo in the <em>Fast and Furious</em> franchise.</div> </h2> </div> <div data-url=""..
  • International Travel? Here are the latest tips for you
    19 June 2021

    International Travel? Here are the latest tips for you. How exciting!! Your first trip is scheduled and you cannot wait to pack and go.

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  • Apply to Live Rent-Free in an Airbnb for 10 Months
    19 June 2021

    One of the many things we’ve learned over the past year is that most office jobs can be done from pretty much anywhere with a solid internet connection (unless you have small children around, but that’s a different story). So after years of office bosses telling employees that working remotely wasn’t an option, that’s…


  • See Geena Davis & Susan Sarandon Recreate Their "Thelma & Louise" Kiss
    19 June 2021
    <p>Thirty years ago, <strong>Geena Davis</strong> and <strong>Susan Sarandon</strong> starred as Thelma and Louise respectively in the <a href="" >groundbreaking movie</a> that shattered stereotypes of women and portrayed the power of female friendship. The actors recently celebrated <em>Thelma and Louise's</em> milestone anniversary at a screening in Los Angeles and they couldn't help but share their love for each other and the film that changed everything for them (and women everywhere). Read on to see Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon's sweet kiss at the celebration and to hear what they had to say about the movie's lasting legacy.</p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon shared a kiss in the iconic <em>Thelma and Louise</em> convertible. </div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis kiss at the "Thelma And Louise" 30th Anniversary drive-in charity screening experience hosted by MGM and Cinespia at The Greek Theatre on June 18, 2021 in Los Angeles, California." width="1200" height="800" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>Davis, 64, and Sarandon, 74, reunited at a <em>Thelma and Louise </em>30th anniversary drive-in screening, hosted by MGM and Cinespia, at The Greek Theatre on June 18 in Los Angeles. For the special occasion, they also wore matching shirts: Sarandon's read, "She's my Thelma & I'm her Louise," and Davis's said, "She's my Louise & I'm her Thelma."</p> <p>They also got together for a photo-op in their characters' legendary turquoise Ford Thunderbird. Sarandon grabbed Davis' face and went in for a kiss, just like her character does in the <a href="" >final scene of the film</a> before the women drive the car off a cliff into the Grand Canyon.</p> <p ><strong>RELATED: <a href="" >The Saddest Movie Deaths of All Time</a>.</strong></p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >The famous kiss was Sarandon's idea.</div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="Susan Sarandon in "Thelma and Louise"" width="1198" height="800" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>The original kiss in <em>Thelma and Louise </em>wasn't scripted. It was a suggestion from Sarandon, and she had one chance to get it right. "We had one take as the sun was going down," <a href="" >Sarandon told <em>Entertainment Tonight</em></a> in a recent interview with Davis.</p> <p>"There had been a lot of other dialogue in the scene, and we just took that out and put that over a chase scene, because by this time, it seemed like we should be finishing each other's sentences rather than going on a long discourse," Sarandon recalled. "I just said to <strong>Ridley [Scott</strong>, the film's director] and Geena, I said, 'I'd really like to kiss you,' so that's what we did. One take. One juicy romantic take and then off we go into <em>Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid</em> area."</p> <p>Davis added the moment was "really magical" for her. "When I turned to look at Susan, the characters are saying goodbye to each other but [it was] the end of this incredible experience," she explained. "It was not acting. It was just reality for me."</p> <p ><strong>RELATED: <a href="" >Susan Sarandon Will Date Any Gender, as Long as They'll Do This</a>.</strong></p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >Sarandon called <em>Thelma and Louise</em> "revolutionary" for its portrayal of women on screen.</div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon attend "Thelma And Louise" 30th Anniversary drive-in charity screening experience hosted by MGM and Cinespia at The Greek Theatre on June 18, 2021 in Los Angeles, California." width="1200" height="811" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>In an interview with <em>The Hollywood Reporter </em>(<em>THR</em>) ahead of the screening, <a href="" >Sarandon said <em>Thelma & Louise</em></a> was "revolutionary" because it featured two women who "weren't enemies and were having fun together on screen." She added: "I think that's been one of the biggest breakthroughs—today there are so many brilliant female actors making films where women aren't adversarial to each other and have the power to determine their own destiny."</p> <p>Sarandon shared a similar sentiment with <em>Entertainment Tonight</em>: "Most films I've been in if there was more than one woman, they were automatically your enemy. If there was an older woman and a younger woman, they hated each other because one was older and one was younger. Very rarely were the two women friends. There weren't very many films [like that]."</p> <div > <h2 > <div ></div> <div >Davis said the movie changed her career and made her fight for women in Hollywood.</div> </h2> </div> <p><img decoding="async" src="" alt="Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon attend "Thelma And Louise" 30th Anniversary drive-in charity screening experience hosted by MGM and Cinespia at The Greek Theatre on June 18, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. " width="1200" height="800" data-recalc-dims="1" /></p> <p>Davis told <em>THR </em>she's always been struck by people's strong reaction to <em>Thelma and Louise</em>. "Thelma and Louise end up driving off a cliff, and still viewers felt exhilarated by their story. It made me realize how few opportunities we give women to come out of a movie feeling inspired and empowered by the female characters," she said. "It changed everything about how I chose roles moving forward."</p> <p>In the <em>Entertainment Tonight </em>interview, Davis said the movie inspired her to take action. In the decades since <em>Thelma and Louise</em>'s release, both Davis and Sarandon have become staunch advocates for gender equality in Hollywood; Davis even founded the <a href="" >Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media</a>, which some of the proceeds of the 30th anniversary <em>Thelma and Louise</em> screening event will go to.</p> <p>"When my daughter started watching little kids shows, I immediately noticed that there were profoundly more male characters than female characters in what kids see," Davis told <em>Entertainment Tonight</em>. "So, I've been working to get more female characters in TV and movies made for kids. That's what we research and work on."</p> <p ><strong>RELATED: <a href="" >25 Most Inspiring Leading Ladies in Movie History</a>.</strong></p>

    The post See Geena Davis & Susan Sarandon Recreate Their "Thelma & Louise" Kiss appeared first on Best Life.

  • The Grumbler’s Guide To Giving Thanks
    19 June 2021
    Reclaiming the Gifts of A Lost Spiritual Discipline by Dustin Crowe “In the Bible thanksgiving plays a prominent and powerful role, but we’ve demoted it to a seasonal add-on.” Lately […]
  • How Being Ambivalent Can Help You Make Better Decisions
    19 June 2021

    Some decisions require a lot of thought—weighing pros and cons, and trying to reach the best possible outcome. But some people are indecisive about pretty much everything, big or small. Whether you’re dealing with an ambivalent person, or you are an ambivalent person yourself, you know that it can be annoying.


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20 June 2021

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  • Sunday Drives (FGK-57)
    19 June 2021

    I remember when Grandma’s dementia was getting worse and it became too challenging to take her out to do things, but she still wanted to go out and do things, we began doing longer car rides. Sometimes it was just around the neighbourhood, and sometimes around Moose Mountain, or just through Kananaskis. Just getting out and watching the scenery go by seemed to really help her feel happier. Since Covid kept us home for such a long time, I started doing the same for my girl who rarely left the house. She fought me at first, especially because she remembered us also doing the same for mom on cold days when she’d been trapped in the house, and didn’t want to have to be driven around “like an old person” (I told her to instead think of it like taking the dog for a car ride which didn’t go over much better). But she always felt better when we got out and went for a drive. It seems these “Sunday Drives” were a thing for mom in the 1950s as well. How lovely that Grandma was able to get her out for these. I’ve mentioned this before, but I realize how much I learned about how to care for people from my parents and their siblings. I watched how they looked after Grandma as she got older and the love and respect they gave her right to the end and it taught me how to look after my own parents the same way. I have watched my cousins do the same as well, and to those of you who have had to experience this my heart extends to yours with deep love. Our family is truly a gift and I feel incredibly blessed to have a strong tribe on both sides of my family.

    RR No.1 DeWinton, Alta

    12th Aug. 1954

    My dear Margie

    I was so pleased to receive such a long newsy letter from you a short time ago. I was certainly very happy to hear that you are getting about a bit more each day. I think you did wonderfully well to pass your exams with an A1. You surely must have your head screwed on properly. I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all you did during the year and pass with an A1 standing too.

    I do hope you’ll be able to drop in to see us some Sunday while you are out for a drive. We would all love to see you and have you to ourselves for at least a wee while.

    I haven’t much in the way of flowers to see this year as they have had a good hailing twice already this summer. I guess there can’t be any nice dahlias this year. Ed is positively sick when he looks at his lovely crops. They have just about been pounded out of existence. I did manage to get twenty pints of peas in the deep freeze. I don’t think there will be any more by the look of the pea batch. It looks pretty sick right now.

    I have had a few visitors this summer. Tuella Kirkland nee Pollock stayed with me a few days. She has two children, a boy eight and a girl ten. Everything hummed around here while there were here. It seemed very quiet after they left.

    The girl friend from Ottawa that was up there years ago was back again this year. She stayed from Monday until Friday. She is going on to Kamloops, Vancouver, Victoria, and then back to Trail. She surely has a trip mapped out for herself this year. She has a month’s holidays so she has quite a bit of time to do it in.

    Clarence has been just fine this summer and is beginning to talk a bit now. He has a pup that he likes a lot and Auntie Margy brought him a kitten last week. He has a big time with the two of them. However, the pup and the kitten don’t get along together any too well.

    We three went around that new road through the Forest Reserve last Sunday. We went with Ed’s sister Esther and her husband (Mr. and Mrs. Herb Jenkins). They have three children so you see we were a real car full. It was the first time I had been over it. We went in through Turner Valley and Long View. It was the first time I had seen the famed “Stampede Ranch”. I was a bit disappointed with it and thought it would be more distinguished looking. It sure didn’t look like much. That is the ranch that the late Guy Weadick built up as a dude ranch.

    I was to see the dentist the other day and what do you know, I got them all patched up in one hour. I usually have to go back several times.

    Well Margie my dear, it is getting late and I seem to be running out of chatter too. I guess I am getting too sleepy to write properly. So until net time I’ll say “cheerio Margie dear” You’ll be hearing from me again.

    Much love

    Aunt Annie

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    19 June 2021
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    19 June 2021
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    19 June 2021
    So what are you to do if your eyes don’t agree with mascara—but you personally love it? Book mark this page.
  • 12 Ways to Forgive Your Parents for Doing Such a Crummy Job of Raising You
    19 June 2021

    Updated 19th June 2021

    "Children begin by loving their parents; after a time, they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them." ~ Oscar Wilde

    Childhood Pain

    Have you been holding onto childhood pain? Do you harbor deep-seeded resentment for the way your parents raised you? Do you blame them for the circumstances of your life today?

    Obviously, not everyone has been blessed with a happy home with patient, loving, attentive parents.

    If you are one of the oh-so-many who harbor pent-up feelings toward mom or dad and those pent-up feelings affect you today, you are not alone. Nor are you condemned to a life plagued by the energy-sapping, happiness-stunting emotions of deep-seeded anger and resentment.

    It's time to let go and move on! And not because your parents necessarily deserve it, they may not! At all. But YOU do! You deserve to be free of such emotional poison. It's time to let it go.

    12 Ways to Let Go and Move on

    Following, are specific steps you can take to unpack the baggage of blame and anger and resentment and, perhaps, begin to establish a new kind of relationship with your parents, or at least be able to let the past be buried in the past so that you can begin moving forward untethered to the pull of yesterday.

    1. Redefine Your Relationship

    Allow people to evolve and change. And remind yourself that parents are people too. Some parents were horrible at parenting but not so bad as friends to their adult children. So be it. Let that be the redefinition of your relationship. Try not to judge the current reality against the context of the past. Instead, try to accept things as they are today.

    2. Be Grateful for the Blueprint of what NOT to do Raising Your Kids

    We don't come with owner's manuals. And yet, we are far more complex than any piece of furniture or computer program we have ever had to put together or install.

    We are also all-too-familiar with the problems that can arise with do-it-yourself projects. Pieces don't fit. Installations fail. It's at those moments we are glad there are trouble-shooting instructions or FAQ pages provided.

    Well, guess what! Your parents' mistakes are now effectively your trouble-shooting guide and FAQ page. "What happens if I scream and shout at my kids?" you might want to know. "Oh yeah, my parents did that to me. I know exactly what happens!"

    3. Forgive Them for Being the Only Thing They Knew how to Be

    Impatient, unkind and punitive parents aren't impatient, unkind and punitive simply because you were unworthy of their patience, kindness or compassion. They were that way because they are impatient, unkind and punitive people. In other words, how you were treated is all about them, not you.

    So, here's the point I'm trying to make: All our parenting is done out of the context of who we are and what we know. Each one of us is limited in giving love by the limits to our capacity to love. Your parents were likewise limited. That understanding can lead to compassion which can lead to forgiveness.

    4. Recognize They are likely Products of Their own Parents' Mistakes and Flaws

    We reap what we sow. And we also "reap" the traits that our parents "sowed" as they raised us. We are products of both parental successes and mistakes.

    And while we can always learn and grow, most people seem to live on automatic pilot. So, most of us are something within a stones throw of our parents' behaviors, attitudes and habits. Likewise, mom and dad are products of their parent's parenting too. Forgive them of that.

    5. Write it Down

    Sometimes we bury our feelings where they fester and decay, and then begin to infect other parts of the psyche as well.

    Sometimes, like the body expelling poisons, the soul also needs to vomit emotional toxins. Doing this on paper helps sort out feelings and make sense of things. There can be a cleansing quality to putting pain to paper too. Be as explicit and detailed as you can. Dump everything onto the page. It may take several days to get it all out. That's okay; take the time.

    When you're done, read it as a solemn recognition of the past. Then light the thing on fire and burn it. Let its ashes float away on the wind or up the vent. As the smoke lifts, feel the emotional baggage float away with it. Feel it rise with the ashes and smoke and disappear and be gone.

    And then be done with it. I would suggest this be a one-time expulsion of pent-up emotional poison. Doing this repeatedly can have the unhappy effect of amplifying, rather than muting, the past's continuing influence as you keep swimming in that polluted pool.

    6. Learn from Parental Strengths and Weaknesses

    Your parents were not just your parents. They, like all of us, are complex beings with a mixed bag of character strengths and flaws. Perhaps you ended up on the receiving end of their flaws. But they are not likely without redeeming qualities as well. See that in them. And commit to learning from both their strengths and weaknesses. And be grateful for the life-lessons learned.

    7. Read the Book, A Child Called It, then be Grateful

    If you've read this autobiographical work by Dave Pelzer, you likely know your parents may not have been all that bad after all. Be thankful they at least had something going for them.

    This idea is something reminiscent of the principle so powerfully reflected in the Persian proverb: "I wept because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet." So too, we weep for having flawed parents until we read books like A Child Called It and see that at least ours had some "feet."

    8. Let the Work You do in Your Own Home be the Salve that Heals the Wounds in Your Heart

    If you grew up without love, smother your children with it. If you grew up with family secrets, don't have any. If you grew up with harsh criticism and ridicule and impatience, then be sure to compliment, love, and exercise patience with your children.

    Let the example of decency and compassion you share with them be the focus of your emotional healing. But be sure not to commit the sin of overcompensation. Your role here is to love, not spoil.

    In a sense, you will be parenting yourself with the love and compassion you wish your parents had shown you as you shower it on your own kids, in some way, making amends for what your parents failed to provide.

    In other words, parent yourself vicariously through parenting your own children. Extend to them what your parents failed to extend to you and allow the love flowing from you to your children to heal the wounds from the lack of love flowing to you as a child.

    9. Take Responsibility for Your Life

    This can be a hard pill to swallow. Still, it's important to stop blaming your parents for current problems. Did they lay the foundation for the problem? Perhaps. But it's yours now. That's the inescapable bottom line of it.

    You make the decision every day to hold on or let go. That's your decision only. Accept that as fact. Own it completely and release your parents from the responsibility you've pinned to their shoulders for too long.

    Don't get me wrong, here. I am not suggesting your past is your fault. I'm saying that your present is the result of choices you have made, as you have allowed your past to influence them.

    This step is admittedly difficult, but it is empowering and liberating once it's fully accepted and internalized.

    I am who I choose to be. I feel what I choose to feel by choosing what thoughts I choose to harbor and how I choose to think about things. I choose to learn ways to change my thinking and interpretations of life or I choose not to. These are all my choices. And they are yours too.

    Final word on this point: Your parents may be responsible for creating the emotional context. You are responsible for keeping that context alive. So stop feeding it and let it wither on the vine.

    10. Talk to Them

    Not out of rage or to guilt or shame them. Just talk. Be dispassionate. Simply ask them what in the world happened and why. Then listen. Let's be clear, though, it may make things worse. But then again, it may lead to some kind of resolution.

    Of course, you know your family dynamics; I don't. So use good judgment as to whether this would be a viable step, but consider it. Depending on circumstances, a neutral location such as a restaurant might be a preferable place for "the talk." But try to listen and question without judgment.

    Remember, you're not there to vent. You're there to learn and understand and seek closure. Venting will put your parents in a defensive posture and will not likely meet your purpose for arranging the talk in the first place.

    11. Stop Putting so Much Stock in How You were Raised

    Instead of constantly peeling away the scabs of life to see how things are healing underneath, decide what you want out of life, what traits are required to obtain what you want, and then act. Work at overcoming emotional obstacles and other personal obstructions without worrying so much about where they came from. Just get on with the work of living well.

    The past is the past. Let it die there, and stop unburying the dead and move on. Trying to drag the corpse of yesterday through life will make each moment of today a bit more difficult to manage. So find purpose and passion in life and move forward, looking back only long enough to learn from it.

    12. Assume Good Intent

    Assume the best motives behind what very well may have been the worst practices. But assume they did the best they knew how (similar to #3).

    We sometimes have the habit of ascribing pure motives to our own flaws and evil intent to others. Instead, try being as magnanimous about their flaws as we hope others will be about our own. When we assume good motives behind misguided practices and weak wills, it is often easier to overlook and forgive their failures.


    Sometimes out of a sense that justice must be served, or anger at the unfairness of how we were raised, we keep the pain and anger center court, at arm's length, always in view. It's time to stop. It's time to grow. It's time to forgive and let go and be free!

    So, what do you think?
    • Have you had success or failure trying to forgive mom or dad? Please share what you've learned.
    • What could be added to this list to help overcome the pull of parental mistakes on your life today?
    • We would LOVE to hear from you in the comments below!
  • 12 Sleep Affirmations To Wake Up More Positive And Peaceful
    19 June 2021

    From Happiness India Project The Happiness Blog - Science And Philosophy of Happiness.

    Daily sleep affirmations are like your best friend whispering into your ears how you are doing your best and what great things you can achieve shortly.

    The post 12 Sleep Affirmations To Wake Up More Positive And Peaceful appeared first on The Happiness Blog.

  • Jump Rope vs. Running: Which Type Of Workout Is Better For You?
    19 June 2021
    We asked the experts.
  • Beginner’s Tutorial On Using Mass User Password Reset Pro Plugin
    19 June 2021

    MASS Users Password Reset is a WordPress plugin that allows you to reset every user’s password. It categorizes users based on their roles and changes their passwords.

    It sends users an email informing them of their new randomly generated login credentials. The pro edition includes several reset password options, as well as customized email formats containing the new password. It also supports different languages.

    Features of Mass User Password Reset
    1. Mass Users Password Reset is a WordPress plugin that lets you reset user passwords in a variety of methods.
    2. You can classify users based on the role or extra customized variables and reset the passwords of only that group.
    3. Individual user passwords reset, and large quantities operations are supported.
    4. WordPress multisite is supported.
    5. Customers will get a mail notification with their new password; also, you can edit the email template by applying preset keywords.
    6. Instead of giving plain text passwords, users can be sent a Reset Password Link, which allows them to reset their passwords.
    7. WP CLI is supported.
    Steps For Downloading And Installation

    The Mass User Password Reset Pro can be installed on your website by using these simple steps:

    1. Download and add the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    2. Activate the plugin in WordPress.
    3. The ‘Mass Users Password Reset’ option will be found under the ‘Users’ panel.

    The length of the randomized passwords is eight characters. Therefore, by changing the code, you may easily change the length of the passcode.

    Whenever the person selects to generate a new password, an email notification containing the newly created random password would be sent to the individual

    How To Use The Plugin?
    1. To use the plugin, go to Users >> Mass Users Password Reset Pro after installing it.
    2. You can reset all users’ passwords by clicking the ‘Reset All User Password’ option.
    3. By clicking on the ‘Filter’ button, you can configure customized user requests. For example, different account description keys will be shown using custom field filters.
    4. You may change the password of a specified community of participants depending on a customizable variable and a value you specify.
    Modifying And Sending Emails

    By putting the user data into the email, you may modify the reset password email template. You may accomplish this by using the identifiers on the right-hand side. Those placeholders are only allowed in the message body.

    The administrator will reset each member’s password and get an email with their new password. By standard, a completely random password is 8 characters long.

    Changing Password And Length

    You may change this by using the filter MUPR password length.

    You may also change individual login credentials from the individual’s tab.

    You may do so by clicking on the reset password link located underneath the individual user’s name. Once successful, a message with the corresponding user’s name will be shown.

    Test Mode

    In test mode, you may now send the reset password link to a single email address. If you keep the test mode on, it will not annoy every customer by emailing the reset email password link and will just send the revised password information to that email.


    The configuration settings allow you to specify the number of participants to display each page. You may also choose what information about the users is shown on the reset page.

    The client can create a strong account. The program will email them a hyperlink to change their login details, and the user should be able to develop a random password by clicking on that link.

    Checking History

    The new password report for Mass User Password Reset provides a detailed track of every other user’s new password previous or changed activity in your system.

    You may also see who has changed the login credentials. This brings work with both Mass User Password Reset & Mass User Password Reset Pro.

    Add history Add On Link
    • WP CLI support
    • Exclude valid reset link users
    • Developer’s friendly (add about hooks and filters)
    • Add details of add on

    If your site is invaded, it is advised that you reset all user passwords. However, if you have a wide audience, this might take quite a long time.

    We hope this article contains all the points and information that was useful in teaching you how to change the password for all individuals in WordPress.


    Mass Users Password Reset is a Plugin for WordPress that allows you to change the passwords of all members at once. It may classify users based on their roles and change the password for that group. It sends consumers an email informing them of their fresh randomized password.

    The pro edition includes several password reset options, as well as personalized email layouts containing the login information credentials. In addition, it offers several languages and is also WooCommerce enabled.

    The post Beginner’s Tutorial On Using Mass User Password Reset Pro Plugin appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

  • Video: Compassionate Heart Meditation
    19 June 2021

    Picture someone you care about, someone you love. Feel the natural well-wishing of love. Surround them with care:

    “May you be held in compassion.
    May your struggles and sorrows be eased.
    May your heart be at peace.”

    Now imagine that this person wishes the same for you.

    For more teachings like this, please subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE.

    This meditation was originally livestreamed by Spirit Rock on 5/24/21.

    The post Video: Compassionate Heart Meditation appeared first on Jack Kornfield.

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