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Wedding blogs

Wedding Blogs

20 June 2021

Wedding Blogs Wedding Blogs
  • 22 Gift Ideas for a Brother Who Seems to Have Everything!
    20 June 2021

    Having a tough time finding a gift for your brother? No worries – we’ve been there, and have plenty of sibling-approved gift ideas to help you out. I happen to be very lucky because I have two fantastic brothers who are a lot of fun to hang with, along with two more fantastic brothers-in-law I […]

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  • Glam Festival Themed Wedding
    19 June 2021
  • Hot 50 Wedding Songs June 2021 – E49
    19 June 2021

    Matt talks about the hot wedding songs in June 2021.  Get some fun facts about artists and the songs too!  Join the discussion on our Facebook group – Wedding Songs Chat. View the complete list of June 2021 Hot 50 Wedding Song Picks. See all Wedding Song Podcast episodes.

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  • Lisa & Michael’s Fun Beachside Engagement Session
    19 June 2021

    A day by the beach is just about everyone’s idea of perfection and for Lisa and Michael, not only do […]

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  • 365 Happiness Project 2021 – Quote 146
    19 June 2021





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  • Curly Wedding Hair and Neutral Tones
    19 June 2021
  • Golden Sunset Engagement at Bogus Basin
    19 June 2021
    Idaho Engagement  The Couple 

    Jamey + Jon

    Many of you already know the origin of this story. You know, the part where we meet at our job, and after my first day, I told the people closest to me about the cute girl in creative that just so happens to be the boss’s step-daughter. We would chat, we would flirt, but with people in my ear often telling me not to, everything told me she was the one. But what many of you don’t know, is everything that led up to it. Now, I won’t go through the whole beginning, but what I will tell you is that if you aren’t a firm believer in the saying ‘everything happens for a reason,’ then, you should be. For me, life has been a series of ups and downs, as I am sure it has been for everyone. I was completely lost and needed a change, but most of all, I needed a fresh, new start. In July of 2018, I packed a backpack and headed to Europe. I wanted to be taken out of my comfort zone, and experience life as I never have before. I didn’t know how long I would be there, but I knew I would know when that time came. After three months of one of the most incredible, life-alterting experiences, I headed home.

    After two and a half weeks of searching for work, I was given a recommendation through a mutual friend, and shortly after was hired where I work today.​ During that time, Jamey was in the process of moving back to Idaho from California where she spent the past six years studying at Chapman University and after graduating, worked as a Graphic Designer for an up-and-coming nutrition company. In September of 2018, she began to call Idaho home, again. It was here that she started to work for the family company, and soon after, purchased her first home. We were both going through big changes in our lives, both focusing on ourselves. Neither of us were looking for anything more, until our paths finally crossed. Here it was on my first day, October 17th, 2018, I met Jamey. A cute blonde, with a sweet, yet fiery personality. Immediately we hit it off, and soon after, we went on our first date. As we work with most of her family, we wanted to let them know right away. And from there, the rest is history. I really can’t truly wait to marry her.

    – Groom, Jon

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  • Lisa & Michael’s Fun Beachside Engagement Session
    19 June 2021

    A day by the beach is just about everyone’s idea of perfection and for Lisa and Michael, not only do […]

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  • Win a Honeymoon Do-Over at Sandals!
    19 June 2021

    Brides and grooms had it especially hard this year, and Sandals wants to help deserving couples like you "do-over" their honeymoon, with a 5-Star Luxury Included® Honeymoon of a lifetime.

    So, every day for 30 days, Sandals will randomly surprise a couple with a 7-day/6-night all-inclusive honeymoon for two adults at any Sandals Caribbean resort of their choice. Plus, four of the lucky winners will be awarded the Grand Prize Love Nest Butler Suite®!

    Enjoy mouthwatering 5-Star Global Gourmet™ cuisine at up to 16 restaurants per resort, unlimited premium liquors at up to 11 bars, and the most luxurious and innovative honeymoon suites anywhere. Visit to enter today.

    Visit or call 1.800.SANDALS for important terms and conditions. Sandals® is a registered trademark. Unique Vacations, Inc. is an affiliate of Unique Travel Corp., the worldwide representative of Sandals Resorts.


  • Woodland Theme Wedding at The Nest
    19 June 2021

Wedding Photography blogs

Wedding Photography Blogs

20 June 2021

Wedding Photography Blogs Wedding Photography Blogs
  • Why folks say to not spend money on a wedding videographer, and why you need to consider it anyhow
    20 June 2021

    Why folks say to not spend money on a wedding videographer, and why you need to consider it anyhow

    If you’re getting married and money is tight, then it is logical to look at areas where you are able to cut costs, save, or attempt to DIY. You may think about ditching the wedding videographer in favour of different elements. Here’s why people may suggest that and why you need to still consider hiring one.

    Photography is amazing and very significant to a wedding. But you’re missing the words of the vows, the jokes of this speech and the movement of the dancefloor. It’s just as important but simply different.

    To be able to look at your wedding in a highlight reel in a couple of moments is quite simply, magical.


    We spoke to Kane at Ozphotovideo Studio, and he said,”I’ve always found it interesting that wedding photography is typically on top of couples’ lists when booking suppliers for their day, while video is seen as more of a luxury add-on — or possibly somewhere to devote any remaining budget.”

    Hiring a videographer is certainly an investment, and should be regarded as equal value to photography. In addition to capturing all the raw moments on the day, videographers main talents lay within the post-production procedure — where they spend countless hours constructing a unique storyline which best represents not only the wedding day, but also the love shared between the couple.

    Kane is a renowned videographer who says his goal is to,”convert your wedding day into a classic movie, that tells a story for generations to come”.

    “They’re expensive”

    Of course, it’s going to cost decent money to hire a talented, professional creative which using expensive gear, and spends hours and hours editing your personally crafted video. But the investment is completely worth it for this one day of your life!

    Kane noted that:”It may seem difficult to comprehend the cost of hiring a wedding videographer, but there are countless hours put in behind the scenes to make such beautiful movies, which couples may not be conscious of. You are not just obtaining a skillset, you’re investing in an experience.”

    “Great videographers will take some opportunity to get to know you, as individuals and as a couple,” says Kane. “They will offer free consultations, phone calls, plan meetings and perhaps arrange a FaceTime call — they’ll delve a little deeper in your relationship to know who you are and the love you share. This ultimately allows them to capture you in the most fair manner possible and convert your wedding day into a timeless film, that tells a story for generations to come.”

    In short: No one ever says they regret hiring a wedding videographer

    If you’re on the fence, then get one. That video will be well worth it. Trust us! Kane makes a great point when he says,”With the recent restrictions on gatherings and travel, couples are having to make the tough decision of culling guests from their day, or postponing their date. Happily, most videographers will supply the complete footage from the wedding day, which can be shared with friends and family who may not have been able to attend.”

    The post Why folks say to not spend money on a wedding videographer, and why you need to consider it anyhow appeared first on Wedding Photographer Sydney | Wedding Photography and Videography.

  • Clea and George Wedding Video @ Vue on Halcyon
    19 June 2021
  • Church Wedding in Hemel Hempstead
    19 June 2021
  • Golden Sun Filled Vineyard Engagement Session: Chris + Mimi
    18 June 2021

    Chris + Mimi met online, both of them retired and ready for new adventures in life. They both shared the same interest in traveling and Harleys! So…. for their first date Chris took Mimi to Houston’s for a 4hr lunch followed by a Harley ride in Buckhead. Now 6 years later they will become husband and wife this fall.

    After enjoying travels to Vietnam and East Asia Chris decided to propose to Mimi underwater when they were diving in Thailand….um perfection! Thanks to a huge underwater etch-a-sketch she said YES. We are so excited for their upcoming wedding here in Dahlonega at the 1888 House.

    Dear Chris + Mimi,
    Spending the evening with y’all was so much fun and the love you share is so beautiful to witness + document. The effortless way you snuggle, hold each other and walk hand in hand brings a stillness and peace to life. We are so looking forward to your gorgeous wedding day!

    The Horns

    The post Golden Sun Filled Vineyard Engagement Session: Chris + Mimi appeared first on Horn Photography and Design Blog.

  • Family Focused Wedding at Rice Creek | Little Falls, Minnesota
    18 June 2021

    We headed to one of my favorite Central Minnesota wedding venues, Rice Creek in the beautiful countryside of Little Falls, to celebrate LaEva and Matthew Rutz. It wasn’t just a celebration of the two of them becoming one, but a celebration for their kids as well. It was apparent how much they value family and love their children, as they included them every step of the way.

    As someone who has photographed over 400 weddings, I witness a lot of things. Quite often I can tell whose kid belongs to whom when the couple directs me (or corrects me;) if I put the kid on “the wrong side”. Of course I respect and honor their choice…it’s my job…but I can’t help but think in my head “well aren’t they both your kids now?”. Yes, I’m human and have opinions. And the heat, stress and lugging 50 pounds of gear can get to me sometimes. But I honestly had no idea all 3 children weren’t created by these two until the extended family photos. I absolutely LOVED that!!

    LaEva and Matt have been together many years, but the time had come to make it official. They chose Rice Creek to host their special day. They both love the outdoors, and of course respect the family ties that run thick at Rice Creek (owned by a pack of LeBlanc’s)!! The decor was kept simple and classic with the primary focus being on their guests and the memories made. Bean Bags, an otter in the creek, tree climbing, and a giant Jenga game were a big hit amongst the children. The outdoor scene at this wedding venue truly is a kids paradise.

    “Even if you already have children and know you will be together all through life- take time to honor and celebrate your relationship in someway.” ~LaEva

  • Whiteroom Wedding- Nathan and Stephanie - St Augustine Florida
    18 June 2021
    Home Is With You

    It just doesn’t get any better, then a perfect day at the tail end of Spring, over looking the beautiful Matanzas inlet and the Bridge of Lions. The Whiteroom of Saint Augustine always delivers a perfect backdrop for brides and grooms and Stephanie and Nathan’s wedding showcased all the Rooftop has to offer.

    I have known Stephanie before she moved out to LAs Vegas where she met Nathan, and I was so please with what a great person he is. These two have so much love for each other, and it radiated from them the whole day. We took our couple through the streets of Saint Augustine for some amazing photos.

    Congratulations Nathan and Stephanie! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day.

  • Emma + Josh
    18 June 2021

    Calke Abbey Wedding Photos

    Well, what can I say. It was so good to be back photographing full wedding days again. I’ve really missed all the emotion in the build-up to the day, and the release when it’s party time in the evening. All be it, a slightly smaller party than Emma and Josh would have wanted, but it made it all that more special to have their closest family and friends together again!


    These guys were so lovely together and amazing to hang out with. Emma said to me on the phone a couple of weeks previous, that she was really worried that all her wedding would be was a reminder of f-ing covid with all the restrictions and masks. Well, Emma, I can tell you this… What your wedding was, is a reminder that even in these troubled times, amazing things happen. Beauty and friendship will always shine through and you guys even made a baby in the meantime. You guys hung in there and triumphed, against all the odds and finally managed to get married. This wedding is going to be a reminder that everything is getting back to normal. We’re all coming out of crisis and reconnecting with each other and you guys were amongst the first to pave the way for us all. You totally rock and your wedding was amazing! THANK YOU.

    Here’s a little preview while we work on the full gallery!


    Turn it up loud, and enjoy, you beautiful people. 😍

    Calke Abbey Wedding Photos


    The post Emma + Josh appeared first on HBA Photography.

  • Power on the Go with the Togo Pioneer 500 Power Station
    18 June 2021

    Hitting the road or heading out to a nearby location? The Togo Pioneer 500 Portable Power station may be the answer to most—if not all—of your power needs. We’re so dependent on power that shooting in the field or anywhere that wall outlets aren’t available (or conveniently located) can pose real challenges for any photographer or videographer.

    [Read: Get Lit with This Photography Lighting Gear]

    Built around a 461Wh battery, the Pioneer 500 Power Station is capable of powering and charging a wide variety of devices on its 9 ports. These include a trio of QC USB 3.0 quick charge ports, two pure sine wave AC outputs (so you don’t have to worry about damaging delicate electronics), a 12-volt car output, two DC outputs and a USB-PD 60W outlet along with a 10W wireless charging pad for your mobile devices. The station can power smaller lights including LED and COB lights under 461Wh. But before you plug in your studio strobes, check the specifications to make sure they’re compatible, will get enough power from the Pioneer 500 and won’t be damaged in the process.

    Togo Pioneer 500 Power Station is built around Built around a 461Wh battery and has 9 power ports.

    But you’ll find plenty of outlets for everything from laptops and monitors to battery chargers and powering cameras, especially those that make use of USB-PD technology including Apple USB-C devices and cameras like the Panasonic Lumix S5 that feature in-camera charging. If you tether on location, the Pioneer 500 should keep your shoot going for many hours.

    Although it’s not waterproof, protective covers prevent damage to the ports and a rugged design means it can withstand the rigors of the outdoors (although we wouldn’t expose it to a downpour).

    [Read: Master Your Photography with the Right Lighting Tools]

    The power station itself can be charged via an AC wall outlet, car charger and solar panels. While the appropriate cables and adapters are included, you’ll have to supply the solar panel (Togo Power has a portable solar panel just for that use). Power management data is supplied via the LCD display with information about remaining usage time, low battery alarm, total output watts, low voltage and temperature warnings and more. To maintain battery health, Togo recommends preventing the station from discharging fully, especially when storing the device for long periods of time. It’s best to fully charge the power station before storage and recharge it at least once every three months so be sure to mark it on your calendar if you’re not going to use it for a while.

    In addition to location shooting, the Pioneer 500 is handy to have on hand if you like to go camping and prefer not to disconnect from power-dependent niceties. And if you experience power-outages in your home or studio, the Pioneer 500 will help ensure you can still take care of business (well, at least move forward with some tasks).

    The Pioneer 500 weights 13.4 pounds and measures a compact 11.4 x 7.9 x 7.8 inches. It’s currently available at for $450.

    Togo Pioneer 330 is built around a 288WH lithium-ion battery and has 8 power ports.

    If your power needs are less intensive and you want a lighter, smaller power source, check out the new Togo Pioneer 330. It’s built around a 288Wh lithium-ion battery and offers all of the same features, although it has 8 instead of 9 power ports. The Togo Pioneer 330 weighs a mere 8.6 pounds and measures approximately 9.0 x 6.6 x 7.0 inches. It’s currently available at and for $289.

    The post Power on the Go with the Togo Pioneer 500 Power Station appeared first on Rangefinder.

  • Orlando Starry Night Session Photographer
    17 June 2021

    We’ve been so excited to feature Amanda and Shun’s recent Starry Night Session with our photographer Steven at one of our favorite Florida State Parks, Kissimmee Prairie Preserve!  Now typically, summer is not our favorite season as photographers.  It’s getting hot outside, which means our couples tend to get tired quickly, or start sweating pretty fast, not to mention our equipment starts melting LOL!  However, for those of us who love photographing the night sky, it’s the most exciting time of the year, and we’ll tell you why in a sec. :)

    We met Amanda and Shun at a bridal show recently, and were the lucky winners of a complimentary engagement session with us!  We scheduled a phone call to get to know each other, and we instantly became friends!  We somehow got on the topic of starry nights and light pollution (not hard when talking to Steve), and they became enamored with our Starry Night Sessions!  They ended up booking one with us by the end of our conversation, and we started planning our session later in the year!

    Now when you plan a Starry Night Session with us, there are many factors that go into a successful session, but the biggest one is planning around a new moon.  It’s critical that the moon is not present in the sky for our photos, so we planned for mid May!  We picked the closest official dark-sky location, Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park!  This Florida State Park was the very first park in Florida to be designated as a Dark-Sky Park by the International Dark-Sky Association! This designation helps preserve the park’s mission of protecting their night from light pollution, thus helping preserve their wildlife and culture!  Even though it’s the closest dark sky park, it’s a hefty two-hour drive from Downtown Orlando, so it’s a commitment of time for sure!  We arrived at the park and once we met in person and got our gear ready, we began exploring the park during the day; very much like our traditional daytime engagement sessions!

    We mean it when we say that this park is just as beautiful during the day as it is at night.  There’s such an endless amount of scenery around which to photograph, and wildlife is constantly making appearances around us while we’re capturing!  We ended up photographing right up to sunset, having a great time getting to know Amanda and Shun, especially swapping stories about how they met and what they’re planning for the big day!  They finished their daytime session with a quick impromptu dance in the grass!

  • How to Strengthen Wedding Photography Client Relationships in 2021
    17 June 2021

    Wedding photography client relationships are at the heart of Angie Bonin and Gina Brocker’s individual wedding photography businesses as well as their shared business, Revealing the Narrative, an online course that walks wedding photographers through creating a sustainable photography business. They build wedding photography client relationships based on a foundation of trust and communication and then document these personal connections on clients’ wedding days. Without access to the intimacy of these relationships, Bonin and Brocker wouldn’t be where they are today.

    [Read: 2021 RF + WPPI Wedding Photography Tips and Trends]

    Over the past year, documenting these wedding photography client relationships has only become more central to their work; our collective isolation allowed everyone the opportunity to reassess what’s truly important. In the wedding industry, some couples made the difficult decision to postpone their weddings until they were able to hold them with family, friends and loved ones. Others decided that their love was the most important part of the wedding, and held elopements or micro-weddings with only those closest to them.  

    How the Pandemic Affected Wedding Photography Client Relationships © Angelina Rose Photography

    “Our collective isolation has allowed all of us the opportunity to reassess what’s important to us,” the partners explain. “In the wedding industry, some couples decided to postpone their weddings until thy could hold them with family, friends and loved ones. Others decided that their love was the most important part of the wedding and held elopements or micro-weddings with only those closest to them.”

    [Read: A Guide to Elopement Photography When Couples Downsize Weddings]

    For Bonin and Brocker, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic hit at a particularly challenging time, just as they were preparing to launch a new facet of their business. They had combined their individual strengths, along with their years of experience in wedding photography, into an online course for current and aspiring wedding photographers to hone their skills or launch a successful business. Rather than being sidelined by the shifting state of the world (and the accompanying changes to the wedding industry), the duo used the opportunity to fine-tune their skills and dig deeper into what has set them apart as wedding photographers.

    [Read: Making the Leap to Full-Time Wedding Photography]

    “This year ended up being a great year to challenge and tighten up our documentary-style photography,” Brocker says. “We got to capture connection and relationships in this small, stripped-down setting after being deprived of that deep connectivity for so long.”

    © Gina Brocker Photography

    “One simple thing I would have never thought about without this pandemic is how much we both use our smiles and our faces to reassure and communicate with our clients on their wedding day,” Bonin adds. “It really made us dive deeper in the wedding prep to allow them to trust us and gain more comfort with us beforehand.” 

    [Read: Yes, Wedding Photographers, It’s Worth Attending Your Clients’ Rehearsal Dinners]

    The solution to the pandemic wasn’t to shift their approach or compromise what they strive for, but to instead show how their services could work perfectly due to the focus on human connection and storytelling.

    Build Comfortable Levels with Wedding Photography Clients

    Bonin and Brocker both found that the wedding photography client relationships they built became more important than ever because it allows them to document a client more authentically when they forget about the camera and feel at ease. Topics like these are included among the modules in their course, Revealing the Narrative, where they walk through how they impart this feeling of trust from the very beginning.

    Brocker explains that from the moment a prospective client visits your website, you want to build a connection with them and allow them to feel comfortable. As you talk with them on the phone, explain your process further so they understand that they can relax, interact and be themselves while you photograph. On the day of the wedding, read the room, ease them into the photography and always put their comfort first and foremost. When you do this, you set the scene for authentic moments to unfold throughout the day because they’re not looking to you for direction; they know they can do their thing, forget about the camera and trust you’ll photograph it beautifully. 

    © Angelina Rose Photography

    Spending time with the couples before the wedding is essential for building a level of trust and comfort that allows them to be themselves in front of the camera. “For me, being unobtrusive hasn’t meant to sit on the side and shoot things with a 70-200mm lens,” Bonin says. “It’s meant to get in there. Be part of the action and embrace that wider lens. Talk to the client and their friends and family, interact with them at the beginning of the day, and they will start to treat you like a guest and just accept you as being there.” 

    © Gina Brocker Photography

    By getting even closer to the action, Bonin and Brocker have been able to capture a whole new level of emotion and connection in their photos. This kind of closeness would be impossible without building that relationship with the couple ahead of time. 

    3 Tips to Creating Close Connections with Wedding Photography Couples

    To get started, here are some easy tips to help build close wedding photography client relationships and a level of trust that will help you get those authentic, moment-driven photos:

    1. Ask about the couple and their relationships with their friends and family beforehand to gain insight and know what types of interactions to look for.
    2. Look for and follow sentimental moments—the best images are usually created as these unfold in real time.
    3. Create a space where couples can interact naturally during a portrait session. Observe how they interact with each other and then create more authentic interactions, rather than going through a series of poses. 
    Choose Tools That Free Up Your Time as a Wedding Photographer © Gina Brocker Photography

    [Read: Navigating the Micro Wedding for Your Photo Business]

    Another secret to Gina and Angie’s success that they teach in their course is how to choose and use the right tools. At first glance, this may not feel like something that has to do with strengthening a wedding photography client relationships and trust, but it is. Bonin and Brocker realized that every minute saved in running the business allows them to spend more time with clients, (or with their families when they’re done working), and the smoother the process is, the more trust their clients gain in them as photographers.

    They use the application Dubsado to manage client workflow, such as tracking leads, canned emails, PDFs, questionnaires, contracts and, of course, a calendar. Dubsado can be synced to cellphones for reminders about meetings, sessions and events, which gives Bonin and Brocker additional peace of mind and allows them to be present when they’re away from their desks. All of these things help them focus on what matters most, while making sure they’re providing a high-quality experience and staying on top of all the details for each client, which in turn helps build more trust and a stronger relationship. 

    Why 2021 is a Good Year for Moment-Driven Wedding Photography © Angelina Rose Photography

    By adapting to the changes in the wedding industry, Bonin and Brocker have been able to grow their skills and develop new insights about the industry they’ve been part of for so long. Luckily, the changes that became necessary this year happened to align with the way they already run their businesses. Small and intimate events lend themselves nicely to hyper personal, moment-driven photography, and with every social experience so carefully monitored and planned, the relationship between photographer and bride or groom was that much more important.

    It also turned out to be very timely to offer a course that helps others strengthen their wedding photography client relationships and business in these ways. If there’s one thing that the Revealing The Narrative team cares about, it’s creating the most personalized experience possible, and they’re determined to help others do it too.

    The post How to Strengthen Wedding Photography Client Relationships in 2021 appeared first on Rangefinder.

Destination Wedding blogs

Destination Wedding Blogs

20 June 2021

Destination Wedding Blogs Destination Wedding Blogs
  • Romántica sesión Love Story en La Pargera, Lajas
    19 June 2021
    La historia de un hermoso Love Story, una hermosa pareja, y una fotógrafa hermosamente torpe.
  • Eloping in Big Bend National Park
    18 June 2021
    From time to time we get Q&As back from a couple and just adore their style of writing and storytelling so much that we like to just leave the story "as is." This is one of those occasions. Grace and Nick so wonderfully explain the saga of their elopement in Big Bend National Park and all the twists and turns along the way. If you are reading this as a couple who is considering eloping or even currently planning your elopement, you may want to take notes!

    Q: Why did you choose to do a destination wedding?
    A: "Due to the pandemic, we knew that it would be challenging to safely bring our family and friends together for a wedding ceremony, so we decided to keep it small and celebrate with family and friends in 2022. We both love the mountains (him: to rock climb her: to hike), so since we couldn’t have the usual wedding, we decided to get married where we love instead."

    Q: How/why did you choose the location/destination? Did you run into any issues specific to this destination and how did you resolve them?
    A: "We chose the Big Bend area because we could easily drive there from Austin, and we loved the idea of getting married somewhere remote in the mountains. During the planning process, our biggest challenge was wrestling down our group to only 10 people, since both Big Bend State Ranch Park and Big Bend National Park limited groups to only 10 due to COVID. We didn’t have a great solution beyond just deciding what was in our heart and, later, COVID travel restrictions also helped us make the decision. Nick’s family lives out in California and the state of California had a ban on nonessential travel. On the day of the ceremony, we woke up to a busted pipe and, therefore, no water in our hotel. So, there was the chaos of trying to find somewhere else to get ready, and then a group of our friends had a flat tire that we had to fix before the ceremony. Luckily, both situations just made everyone laugh, and Nick was able to be the hero by fixing the flat."

    Q: How did your family and friends respond to the decision? If any of them had a negative reaction, how did you resolve it?
    A: "We did have some family members express that they were upset with our decision, but after a few conversations where we clarified our point of view, it helped resolve the situation. We learned that the word 'elope' doesn’t have the same meaning for everyone, some people see elope as only running off to Vegas for a quick wedding, but after some heart-to-heart conversations, folks came on board."

    Q: Did you use any resources when planning your destination wedding that you feel would be helpful to other couples? i.e. books, a wedding planner, referrals?
    A: "Hiring Anna Claire Beasley was the best decision we made. She was an excellent guide for navigating the Big Bend area and was able to help us plan the perfect day for our elopement. On the day of our elopement, each time we had a hiccup, she did a good job of quietly helping guide us to the best decision and next step. Plus, her husband did a great job of officiating the ceremony, and the photos she took turned out better than we could have ever imagined."

    Q: What were the travel logistics like for your guests? Did you run into any issues and how did you resolve them?
    A: "The original plan was that Nick’s parents were going to fly out to Big Bend, but due to California’s travel restrictions, Nick’s parents were unable to travel, so we ended up only having family and friends drive up from various areas of Texas. It really stunk that Nick’s parents were unable to come to the ceremony, but, on the day of the elopement, they did send us a sweet letter for us to read and, later, we facetimed with Nick’s dad."

    Q: How were you able to coordinate with vendors from afar? Did you run into any issues and how did you resolve them?
    A: "Coordinating with vendors from afar wasn’t too hard. The biggest challenge was nailing down the dinner since the restaurants in Terlingua are largely closed on Monday or were very casual about reservations, etc. But we resolved that issue by just letting go of any expectations on dinner and we ended up just ordering take-out from Starlight Theatre Restaurant and eating burgers around the campfire, which was a ton of fun." 

    Q: Overall, do you have any special advice you would like to share with our readers to help prepare them for their day?
    A: "I think letting go of expectations and focusing on what is important will really help you enjoy your experience. There’s a ton of pressure to have a perfect wedding and ceremony, but the important part is that you are marrying someone you love and everything else will fall into place. If things go wrong (which they will), just laugh it off and embrace the whole experience."

    Vendors: Photographer: Anna Claire Beasley Photography; Coordinating: Elope Big Bend; Dress Designer: Jenny Yoo; Accomodations: Basecamp Terlingua; Floral Designer: Lobo Florals; Jewelry: Franzetti Jewelers; Groom's Suit: Bonobos

  • Stop In The Name of Black Love
    18 June 2021

    Denise Lillie O’Neal of Denise Lillie Engagements, in collaboration with Lorri Lewis of The DirectHer Weddings and Brandi Peart of B Posh Events, hosted a Motown-themed photoshoot titled “STOP in the Name of Black Love” on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at Hitsville, USA the birthplace of Motown Records, now Motown Museum. 

    “We are celebrating ‘Black Love’ in this styled shoot, while also highlighting the rich history of Motown and rising stars from Detroit that continue to exude Black creativity and excellence”, says O’Neal. Named for the origin of the American Car Industry, Motor City Detroit is also the birthplace of Motown Records. Established in 1959, it is the first prominent black-owned music record label in America. Motown shaped popular music worldwide with such legendary acts as Diana Ross and the Supremes, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and The Jackson 5. Today, the Motown Museum welcomes Motown fans from around the world to see and experience the space where history was made.

    O’Neal is a world-renowned wedding planner and designer who specializes in South Asian and Fusion weddings. She was named one of the “Best Wedding Planners in America” by Brides Magazine. Additionally, her work has been featured in Grace Ormonde, Pefete, The Knot, and PopSugar for her Wakanda Wedding Styled Shoot. On February 4, 2020, she founded Fusion Nclusion a collective of wedding professionals that specializes in luxury, cultural weddings, which strives to inspire, educate, and celebrate each other while promoting diversity within the wedding industry. 

    Collective Members and Motor City Planners Lorri Lewis is a wedding day Logistical Expert, “The DirectHer” in the metro Detroit area; She’s been a featured contributor in several publications: The Jewish News, Detroit Wedding Day Magazine, Munaluchi Bride, and the Michigan Chronicle. She hosts a weekly wedding planning podcast “Before the Big Day” and just published her first book “The 7 Must Do’s Before I Do: Making Wedding Planning Memorable and Easy.” 

    Brandi Peart is the owner and lead planner of B Posh Events that specializes in producing elevated weddings and events. She has been awarded The WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Award 5 years in a row. She has also been featured in Munaluchi Bride. Her company is one of the most sought out wedding planning establishments in Metro Detroit and has been featured on WDIV Channel 4.

    The intention of this shoot is not only to showcase wedding inspiration but also to represent an authentic sense of community in celebration of Black Love. The wedding party and guest models are made up of local elected officials, business owners, and non-profit community leaders with ties to Metro Detroit. The bride and groom are a real couple who intend to get married later this year.  At the conclusion of the photoshoot, all were invited to help organize the flowers to be used as donations to Living Arts Detroit and Golden Connection Senior Services. Living Arts Detroit is an organization that ignites creativity in the lives of Detroit youth through performing, visual, and media arts. The donation of the flowers will be shared with their talented Teaching Artists and graduating Seniors. Golden Connection Senior Services provides customized fun experiences with older adults utilizing their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Their motivating activities replace loneliness and boredom with joy and purpose.

    Venue: Concept, Design Planner: @deniselillieengagements; The Collective: @fusionnclusion; Wedding Coordinators: @thedirecther  @bposhevents; Photographers: @mytouch_weddings; Videography: @irisfilms; Floral Designer:@bkfloralandevent; Ceremony Venue: @motownmuseum; Wedding Gowns: @ashalexbridal; Bridesmaid Dresses: @leeannesluxurybridal; Hair Stylist:  @evolvestylestudio1; Makeup Artist: @beautybyindiacharde; Mixologist :  @perfect10mixology; Experience Curators: @cliquetogether ; Couture Cookies : @crushswets; Men's Attire : @thesuitdepot; Luxury Timepieces:  @shinola; DJ : @itstoddeverett; Jewelry: @rougecoutureco; Cuisine: @lonestarcatering; Luxury Rentals: @eventsourcerental; Stationery: @vibrantmoments; Wedding Cake & Pies: @terriscakes; Florals Donated To: @yourgoldenconnection @livingartsdetroit; Models: @repyancey @onealamos @tanisha_yvette84  @eural_johnson_3rd @scotty_ii_hotty @19ray06 @_tiffanyyvonne_

  • All-Inclusive Wedding Destinations That are Truly All-Inclusive
    18 June 2021

    It’s 2021, and everyone deserves a chance to tie the knot at an oceanside haven. After decades of progress across Mexico and the Caribbean, there is a selection of all-inclusive destinations that are truly all-inclusive for LGBTQ+ couples. From both Mexico shores to parts of the Dominican Republic, you’ll find luxury resorts that feature unique venues and safe spaces for all newlyweds. Without further ado, let’s discover all-inclusive wedding destinations perfect for your wholesome wedding week:

    Which wedding destinations legally recognize gay marriage?

    Well, there are two sides to this response. Short answer? Mexico! Longer answer? Mexico and the Dominican Republic. While we have seen a continuous shift in beliefs throughout the Caribbean Islands, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica unfortunately don’t legally recognize gay marriage.

    However, this hasn’t stopped resort chains from welcoming LGBTQ+ couples to their sun-soaked shorelines. That’s because our all-inclusive resorts specialize in symbolic ceremonies (for both gay and straight couples). So, you can get married at your local courthouse and host your fabulous destination wedding at the resort of your choice.


    After signing a nationwide initiative to legalize gay marriage in 2016, the nation exemplifies the meaning of “progress”. With every Mexico wedding resort welcoming all LGBTQ+ couples, it’s safe to put this destination at the top of your planning list.

    Fun fact! Quintana Roo was the first Mexico state to uphold gay marriage in 2012. Sound familiar? Quintana Roo is actually home to both Cancun and Riviera Maya; popular destinations filled with all-inclusive Destify Top Resorts. Here are a few of our favorite Mexico properties that guarantee high-end amenities and LGBTQ+ ceremonies:

    Dreams Tulum

    Panama Jack Cancun

    Hyatt Ziva Cancun

    Hard Rock Riviera Maya

    Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos

    Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres

    Dominican Republic

    Let’s hop on a plane and fly out to our next tropical gem: the Dominican Republic. While the country doesn’t legally recognize same-sex marriage, a wide variety of wedding resorts still host LGBTQ+ couples. You might not be able to get married in the eyes of the Dominican government. However, you’ll be able to plan and enjoy a symbolic ceremony to celebrate your love.

    Our recommendation? Select a resort that is situated on private property which will grant access to all wedding venues for LGBTQ+ weddings. Then, tie the knot in the Dominican Republic with affordable and all-inclusive wedding benefits at your service. Thinking of walking the aisle on picture-perfect Punta Cana sands? Here are our top choices to consider:

    Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana

    Dreams Macao Beach

    Majestic Elegance Punta Cana

    Secrets Cap Cana

    Hard Rock Punta Cana

    Royalton Bavaro

    Want to learn more about progressive terminology that’ll make your wedding more gender-inclusive? Follow the link below to read our latest Pride Series blog, Gender Neutral Wedding Terms You Should Know:

    The post All-Inclusive Wedding Destinations That are Truly All-Inclusive appeared first on DESTIFY.

  • Summer Wedding Fashion Tips for Men
    18 June 2021

    Having a summer wedding? You’re probably picturing bright blossoming flowers, breezy floral-printed gowns paired with chic strappy heels, heat-friendly beachy wave hairstyles, and refreshing ice-cold cocktails. But have you started thinking about what your groom and his wedding party will wear? Khaki shorts definitely aren’t an option for an elegant affair! Not to worry – our friends at Be Inspired PR gathered expert input from the team behind Generation Tux to put together your summer wedding fashion checklist for men. Read on to make sure you’re getting everything you need to keep your guys feeling – and looking! – cool.

    First things first: the material matters. “When most people think of wool, they think of warm fabric, but a proper suit or tuxedo made of super 130’s and 140’s Merino Wool is actually lightweight and breathable. The natural fiber is much cooler than a cheaper synthetic fiber like polyester.”

    Second, mix up your look to match your style and lower your temp. “It’s totally okay to ditch the tie and free up your collar for a summer wedding. Your neck will thank you – as will everyone standing closest to you since this can significantly cut down on opportunities to stink up with sweat!”

    Third, make smart choices to avoid sweat while still fitting your dress code. “Skip the vest and go with a nice suit jacket and pants with a classic nice white shirt. It’s the perfect semi-formal look for your summer affair!”

    Finally, take advantage of the ability to embrace variety. “Suits and tuxedos come in a variety of colors and styles, so don’t settle for something you’re not excited about. Build the perfect look for your summer wedding while embracing different fabrics, colors, and fashion trends in what you choose. Consider a handsome taupe suit rather than classic black to keep to cooler colors, or opt for modern prints to bring a vibrancy to your style.”

    Ultimately, the goal should be to make sure the guys in your wedding look great, without feeling the heat too much! If you pay attention to these pro tips, you’ll have the summer wedding of your dreams while avoiding the chances of becoming a sweaty mess!
  • How to Choose Your Destination Wedding Vendors
    18 June 2021
    Curious how to select wedding vendors for your destination wedding? Then, keep reading for a little inspiration and our personal recommendations!
    Resort Vendors or Outside Vendors?
    Typically, your destination wedding resort will provide you with all the vendors you’ll need. From catering and photos, to makeup, music, décor and flowers - they've got you covered! However, this isn’t set in stone! If you have a preferred wedding vendor back at home that you’d like to bring in for the big day, it’s totally doable!

    Vendor Costs & Travel Arrangements 
    If you're working with an onsite vendor, then that is typically included in your wedding package. If you decide to bring an outside vendor to your destination wedding, as long as they're staying at the resort for three nights - you will not have to pay extra to use them!

    On the other hand, you may be asked to pay a travel fee to your outside vendor. Be sure to ask us how you can negotiate travel for these services!
    Types of Vendor to Bring In
    While this may vary, most couples bring in a  hair stylist, make-up artist, photographer, or DJ. If you'd like to bring in another vendor,  simply let your travel coordinator know and they'll work with them to make it happen!

    Planning with Your Vendors
    Not to worry! We will make sure your outside vendors are connected with the onsite wedding coordinator and appropriate staff, so they know exactly what to expect. If you choose an onsite vendor, they will already be connected with the correct personnel and have a good handle on things before you even arrive!
    Have additional questions for us? Then, click below to get in touch with a destination wedding specialist, today!

    P.S. Be sure to pin this post so you can refer to it later!
  • ¿Por que el País Vasco es uno de los mejores lugares para visitar con tus hijos?
    17 June 2021

    Cuando se planean unas vacaciones, el destino europeo más frecuente es España. Dentro del territorio español, los destinos más comunes para esas vacaciones a menudo se concentran en zonas del sur, como la Costa del Sol o Andalucía en general, con sus hermosas playas kilométricas y sus áreas vacacionales ideales para familias.

    Sin embargo, el sur de España no es la única buena opción. El País Vasco, situado al norte, es una joya oculta que está esperando ser descubierta por mucha gente.

    Por este motivo, en Perfect Venue hemos recopilado una lista de razones por las que deberíais visitar esta maravillosa parte de España, así que no perdáis más tiempo y echadles un vistazo a estos motivos que seguro os empujarán a optar por unas vacaciones familiares en el País Vasco.

    1.    Bilbao, una obra de arte por derecho propio Guggenheim Art Museum, Bilbao – photo via Guggenheim Bilbao

    Antes de la apertura del famoso Museo de Arte Guggenheim en Bilbao, esta ciudad estaba generalmente más vinculada a la industria y al comercio, por lo que era prácticamente un destino desconocido.

    En el año 1997, el Museo Guggenheim de Bilbao, diseñado por el arquitecto canadiense Frank O. Gehry, abrió sus puertas y se convirtió en el famoso símbolo de la ciudad a nivel mundial. Además, es un museo completamente apto para familias con numerosas ofertas de servicios.

    No obstante, el Museo Guggenheim no es el único célebre museo que visitar en Bilbao. La ciudad también alberga un Museo de Bellas Artes, que cuenta con arte tanto clásico como contemporáneo.

    Bilbao es por sí mismo una obra de arte, con su asombrosa arquitectura, sus increíbles monumentos y sus impresionantes edificios llenos de historia. ¡Sin duda, esta ciudad tiene mucho que ofrecer!

    2. Donastia San Sebastián Donastia San Sebastián – photo via

    San Sebastián (o Donostia en euskera) es un lugar precioso, perfecto para unas vacaciones en familia y, por ese motivo, es uno de los destinos más populares en el País Vasco.

    Donostia es también reconocida por la gran calidad de su comida, por lo que este territorio está destinado a impresionar a todo el mundo.

    Si también estáis buscando un tiempo para relajaros en la playa, entonces no os preocupéis, porque San Sebastián cuenta con cuantiosas playas doradas. Entre ellas, la famosa Playa de la Concha, que con sus impresionantes vistas se convierte en un lugar idílico para descansar.

    Además, una fantástica opción para la diversión de los niños es el Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo, perfecto para familias, ya que también ofrece excursiones. Pero, lo mejor del itinerario es el paseo en un funicular de madera, ¡una gran aventura!

    3. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe San Juan de Gaztelugatxe – photo via Istock

    Si sois fans de Juego de Tronos, entonces no os podéis perder este emblemático paraje en el que se rodaron varias escenas de la célebre serie de televisión.

    San Juan de Gaztelugatxe se encuentra a 20km de Bilbao. Es una pequeña isleta con un mágico sendero que conduce a la cima del terreno, perfecto para aquellos que quieran explorar nuevos paisajes.

    4. Los pequeños pueblos del País Vasco Laguardia – photo via

    El País Vasco no son solo grandes ciudades, sino que también alberga pequeños pueblos encantadores, cada uno con su propia esencia especial.

    Pasai Donibane y Laguardia son dos pueblos que merece la pena visitarlos, sobre todo sus cascos antiguos.

    5. El famoso puente de Vizcaya Vizcaya Bridge – photo via

    Si visitáis el País Vasco no os podéis perder el Puente de Vizcaya. Gracias a su diseño, este puente fue declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO en 2006.

    Se puede cruzar la ría de Bilbao, que separa dos municipios, caminando por el puente, en coche o atravesándola en góndola.

    Definitivamente es una experiencia única para disfrutar al máximo de unas vacaciones en el País Vasco.

    6. Las magníficas playas Hotel Londres

    Las playas del norte de España son completamente diferentes a las del sur. Tienen unas vistas únicas y a menudo preciosos paisajes y altos acantilados que quitan el aliento.

    Otra gran diferencia entre dichas playas es que las del norte generalmente no están tan llenas de gente, proporcionando así una experiencia más relajante.

    7. El País Vasco como destino familiar Photo via pinterest

    El País Vasco es un destino muy idóneo para familias. Hay numerosos patios de juego y áreas para que las familias se relajen y se diviertan.

    Con frecuencia los parques están rodeados de bares y cafeterías, lo que ofrece a los padres la oportunidad de sentarse y descansar mientras vigilan a sus hijos.

    8. El asequible alojamiento Hotel Londres

    El alojamiento en el País Vasco suele ser más barato que en la Costa del Sol, ya que aún no es una concurrida área turística.

    Hay muchos hoteles y diferentes tipos de alojamientos entre los que elegir, dependiendo de la localización que se elija para pasar las vacaciones.

    9.  La deliciosa comida

    El País Vasco es conocido por ser el hogar de numerosos restaurantes con Estrella Michelin. Allí la mayoría de los establecimientos de restauración utilizan productos locales de gran calidad para crear platos únicos y sabrosos.

    10. El templado tiempo

    Si no os gusta el calor abrasador que caracteriza a la mayor parte de España, el País Vasco es el destino perfecto para vosotros.

    La temperatura media en el País Vasco es bastante más fría que en otras partes de España y, además, llueve frecuentemente, motivo por el cual sus paisajes son tan verdes.


    En Perfect Venue podemos ayudaros a planificar vuestro viaje o evento en el País Vasco o en cualquier otra parte de España, ¡solo tenéis que contactar con nosotros y estaremos encantados de ayudaros!

    Experiencias únicasfamily holidayfamily holiday in Spainholidaypais vascothings to do in the Basque Countryunique experiences

    Сообщение ¿Por que el País Vasco es uno de los mejores lugares para visitar con tus hijos? появились сначала на Perfect Venue Manager.

  • They said si by the sea! Cailin & Erica’s destination beach wedding
    17 June 2021
    A perfect beach day for a wedding!
  • The most romantic waterfalls in the Caribbean
    17 June 2021

    The Caribbean is known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters and breathtaking landscapes – including magical waterfalls. For National Waterfall Day, we rounded up some of our favourite waterfalls across the Caribbean that provide the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding photos or a scenic excursion for your wedding party.

    Diamond Falls, Saint Lucia Diamond Falls, St Lucia via Marco Cochoquette

    Known for its breathtaking volcanic landscapes and the world-famous Pitons, Saint Lucia is a lush island that’s perfect for a romantic honeymoon or destination wedding. Diamond Falls is a hidden gem surrounded by botanical gardens and six acres of lush flora and fauna. You’ll have to hike along a trail to get to the falls, so we recommend taking some pre or post-wedding photos in everyday clothes at this tropical locale.

    Salto de Aguas Blancas, Dominican Republic via Gian Carlo Frias

    When many think of the Dominican Republic, visions of pristine shores and soft white sand come to mind. But did you know that the Dominican Republic is also home to one of the tallest waterfalls in the Caribbean? Salto de Aguas Blancas is located outside of Constanza, a few hours south of Puerto Plata, and is a must-see.

    Emerald Pool Falls, Dominica via Uncommon Caribbean

    For the off-the-beaten-path couple, Dominica offers a Caribbean experience unlike any other. Nicknamed the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”, it’s known for its exotic environment, natural hot springs and tropical rainforests. Emerald Pool Falls is just one of the country’s many waterfalls and tumbles over 40 feet in the heart of Dominica. Boasting an emerald-green pool, it’s perfect for a swim to cool off from the humid days.

    Trafalgar Falls, Dominica

    Another must-see waterfall in Dominica, Trafalgar Falls boasts two spectacular waterfalls, nicknamed Mother and Father. Located just a short 20-minute drive from the capital city of Roseau and a 10-15-minute hike from the main road, these waterfalls make the perfect day trip just a short drive from your hotel or resort.

    YS Falls, Jamaica via

    YS Falls is made up of seven rushing cascades with natural pools. Located in the southern parish of Saint Elizabeth, it’s one of the area’s most popular attractions and is easily accessible from most major resort areas on the island.

    Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica via

    Located in the popular resort area of Ocho Rios, Dunn’s River Falls lives up to its reputation as one of the Caribbean’s most popular waterfalls. The natural attraction is over 180 feet high and 600 feet long, with its rushing cascades forming a natural staircase. The location is easily accessible, making it a great choice for your destination wedding photos.

    Concord Falls, Grenada via Explore Grenada

    With over 40 white sand beaches and 15 breathtaking waterfalls, Grenada is a top destination for beach lovers and adventure seekers alike. Concord Falls is located on the west coast of Grenada and is a part of a series of three waterfalls. Concord Falls is the only waterfall that you don’t need to hike to, making it a prime choice for a photo op. Afterwards, you can take a dip in the refreshing pool at the bottom of the waterfall and soak in the breathtaking views of the surrounding rainforest.

    Save and share this post for future planning!

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  • The Romantic Gay Wedding of Kris & Kenny
    17 June 2021


    Take a look at the wedding video from Kris & Kenny’s romantic gay wedding at The Ruins of Aguadilla


    The Romantic Gay Wedding of Kris & Kenny


    Kris and Kenny’s romantic gay wedding at The Ruins of Aguadilla was simply stunning! This lovely couple chose one of our most popular spots for their Puerto Rico elopement. The Ruins of Aguadilla sit on a beautiful, undeveloped stretch of Caribbean coastline crowned with the ruins of a 19th-century lighthouse that looks like it came straight out of a Disney movie. This unique wedding venue features the beautiful architecture of The Ruins and truly breathtaking Caribbean blue waters.



    We loved Kris & Kenny’s handsome, coordinated wedding day look.




    For Kris & Kenny’s wedding day, we draped The Ruins with white fabric creating a beautiful background for this romantic gay wedding.


    Kris & Kenny added drone photography to their wedding package, resulting in this stunning work of art capturing their wedding day.




    Felicidades to the happy couple!


    If you want to know more about our packages, pricing, and locations for your wedding, please fill out our contact form. We would love to help!


    The post The Romantic Gay Wedding of Kris & Kenny appeared first on Puerto Rico destination wedding and elopement packages.

Luxury Wedding blogs

Luxury Wedding Blogs

20 June 2021

Luxury Wedding Blogs Luxury Wedding Blogs

Indian Wedding blogs

Indian Wedding Blogs

20 June 2021

Indian Wedding Blogs Indian Wedding Blogs
  • How to Reuse Wedding Lehenga In the Best Possible Way?
    19 June 2021
    How can I renew my lehenga choli? What can I do to customize my old lehenga? How can we convert
  • 20 silk saree blouse designs to wear with your favorite Kanjivaram or Banarasi saree!
    19 June 2021
    Silk sarees are a must-have in every desi woman’s wardrobe. It is a go-to fashion choice when it comes to weddings or parties or any other festivity. While the variety of silk sarees is endless, f...
  • 30 Pink Best Bridal Lehengas that Stole Our Hearts this Wedding Season!
    19 June 2021
    When it comes to picking wedding dresses, options are in millions. Different styles, different colors, different cuts, different lengths, and so on, it seems neverending to decide on one dress. Ho...
  • 30+ Bridesmaid Dresses to give all you Indian Bridesmaids out there tons of inspiration for the upcoming Wedding Season!
    19 June 2021
    No wedding is complete without a bunch of friends making every moment fun and of course saving the bride and groom from having cold feet. So, for having such a fun wedding, even a bridesmaid's dre...
  • All About The Perfect Wedding Photography - The Ultimate Guide
    19 June 2021
    Image credit: Weddings happen day in and out, we all have been to many weddings. We get invited to many, and then we do host many, however, one thing that is the same for all the we...
    19 June 2021

    Just one year can turn life on its head. For Jeswin and Lavisha, that year was 2014. They found each other online, and love didn’t quite push its way through at all. It lay dormant through conversations - both fun and mundane - on What’sApp, until something told the duo to meet.

    It was a date! And Jeswin remembers this as the most beautiful day of his life. Quite clearly, he’d found the one person who was going to make life twice as good. Overjoyed that she felt the same way about it, their romance went into overdrive, tumbling over the days and weeks.

    In just three months, they knew they wanted this feeling to last forever.

    They got engaged formally and planned their wedding for a couple of months later. Everything was happening so quickly that it was after their formal engagement that he realised they had never really enjoyed a courtship and he had never proposed!

    His friends and colleagues at work agreed that it was only apt that he go all out for the proposal. This was certainly unfamiliar territory, particularly as he’d never set up elaborate dates ever before.

    A residential youth conference they were both part of came to the rescue. Being in charge of logistics gave him the perfect handle on the schedules and everything he needed for his big plan. He got in touch with Louise Remedios from Reynold Weddings who lent him a bunch of props for the decor.

    Picture Credits - Reynold Weddings

    Picture Credits - Event Basket

    Jeswin chose a gorgeous terrace overseeing the calm waters of the Mandovi and set up the space with dozens of flickering candles, drapes and heart-shaped balloons. Some even collected flowers leftover from an event and fashioned them into a gorgeous backdrop against which Jeswin would ask the love of his life to marry him.

    But how should he do it? His friends at the youth conference suggested a flash mob, but Jeswin side-stepped the suggestion knowing that Lavisha was an excellent dancer and it would be tough to impress her. With a bunch of musicians and singers among the friends’ circle, he opted for a romantic song instead. Some gave him a quick crash course in ballroom dancing. Lavisha’s friend convinced her to pack a cute outfit to wear at the conference without raising suspicions.

    Picture Credits - Weddings by Fergie

    The terrace looked stunning and all that was left was to sweep Lavisha off her feet. Throwing her off-guard, he convinced her to dress up to head out for a short drive. On the way out, he made an excuse and told her they had to make a stop at the terrace to meet a friend. She tagged along completely clueless about the planned proposal.

    The minute she opened the terrace door, her face transformed into the look of a little girl whose dreams had come true. All of their closest friends were together on that rooftop beautifully singing a song that pulled at heart strings. In the centre was a heart-shaped cake and a bunch of roses. Jeswin dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. Since they had previously confirmed their engagement, he already knew the answer!

    They hugged and made their way to the centre for their first dance together as a formally and informally engaged couple. The soft, soothing music and singing by their friends opened their eyes to the romance that revolves around falling in love. Lavisha was just tall enough to rest her head against his heart and utter the words that have rung true since the moment they met: “We are made for each other!”

  • Why you should consider Second Marriage!
    19 June 2021

    There’s a catchphrase, the second time turns out to be lovely than ever. Irrespective of how heartbreaking your first marriage turned out to be, but living with it won’t minimize heartaches. Many examples have proved how every so often you get to meet your soulmate a bit later in life, and we are here to help you by the process.

    Things do not always turn out to be as they await, but having the courage to end something not worth your time, energy, and love gives you the idea of what you are searching for. The aim of getting married a second time might frighten you but, love can solemnly happen twice and bring unforeseen enjoyment to your life.

    Having us by your side will encourage you to survey the acceptable options we have listed and classified. We are one of the matrimony agencies in Delhi, where we have categorized the possible marriage option in our services section. Most second marriages have begun with the assistance of matrimonial agencies, apps, and sometimes mutual friends.

    Being one of the major second marriage brokers, we will illuminate you with our services, which involve authentic families searching for an appropriate bride and groom and the various events at cost-effectual packages. When it comes to second marriages, we act a little more responsible by matchmaking the best for you, unsuspicious us won’t trouble you. Apart from that, we have listed some mind-boggling reasons why you should think about remarriage as an option.

    1. You’ll be more confident than ever:- The time after your marriage ends, offers you lucidity about how individually things could have been. With the trust in what you are looking for when it comes to a second marriage, you’ll be clear and exact about the future and your concerns.

    2. You won’t rush into things to make it right! - After you had an experience you won’t hasten into making enraged decisions. You might think of your first marriage as a failure, but it gives a clear view of your supposition.

    3. Second marriage is more about being a Team:- Marriages are more about being a team to build a great future and bring up your kids with love and fondness. You and your partner will kingpin more on how to let go of the past and start fresh.

    We, the team of RVD Matrimonial Services, are thought of as one of the excellent remarriage agencies with us. You'll search for a perfect match. Our support team assists you to get through any sort of barrier.

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  • Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Tech-Loving Dads
    19 June 2021

    Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, we thought we might assist you with some awesome Father’s Day gift ideas. If your father is one of those who loves his gadgets and gets excited like a baby about new tech, then we’ve got news for you. Techworld has been on a roll this past decade, and now we’re all surrounded by some type of gadget. There’s no denying the fact that they do make our life easier and save us all a lot of time. And gifting your father his favorite new tech-toy could just prove to be a good idea. Come on and let us guide you through the process.

    Here Are Some Father’s Day Gift Ideas For All The Tech Geek Dad Out There- 1. Saregama Carvaan

    Take him back in time with some classic old song collections. Saregama Carvaan is the perfect gift for fathers who love retro jams. The portable music player comes in an old-school radio look with pre-loaded Hindi classics. You can even plug in and listen to your personal collection with a USB drive or Bluetooth function. Music brings people together, so go bond over some legendary songs with your dad.

    Buy here.

    We’ve got some amazing songs for your father-daughter bridal entry.

    2. Health Tracker

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned this past year, it’s how fickle health can be. And gifting your father a smartwatch that keeps a track of his daily activity is the perfect gifting idea. They’re low-maintenance gadgets that only need to be charged once in a while. It will also motivate him to move around more and be health-conscious. It’s a great device to keep him busy and fit. 

    You can order it online.

    Here are some relatable Bollywood dads that we all love.

    3. Fire TV Stick

    Binge-watching has become so common these days with so many great series’ releases on OTT platforms. While the millennials are used to being glued to their phones all day, our parents aren’t. And not everyone has the budget to buy a smart TV. That’s when the Fire TV Stick comes in handy, it’s easy to install and gives you access to all major OTT platforms. So let your dad sit back and enjoy some great movies and series on his TV instead of his phone. 

    Order it online.

    These lovely wedding father-daughter portraits will melt your hearts.

    4. Alexa, Suggest Us Some Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

    Now, wouldn’t that be easier for you than reading this article? Get your dad a smart home device that can control your electricity, TV, and lots more. Not just that it can also keep you updated with the latest news, all you need to do is- ask! It’s that simple. We’re 100% sure your dad will love it. And it’ll save you all that time your dad asks you to come and hand him the remote. 

    Visit Amazon’s online store to buy it.

    Here’s what goes in the father-of-the-bride’s mind on her wedding day.

    5. All-In-One Shaving Kit

    We all know that our parents love to try new things as much as we do. But quite often we see their excitement take a backseat with all the stress about work and kids. And we all love hampers, don’t we? So, cheer him up with a nice all-in-one shaving kit care package. It includes all your shaving essentials. And we bet your dad would be happy to try it.

    Order online.

    Check out these wholesome father-son shots from real weddings.

    6. Air Fryer

    Keeping our fathers’ fitness regime in mind, we can’t just ignore their eating habits. We are all guilty of snacking on some yummy fried treats at home. And when the rain starts pouring we know we need the samosas and pakodas, right away! So, take your father to a healthier alternative where he can have all the pakodas he wants with an air fryer. Air-fryer will let your dad have his favorite homemade snacks guilt-free. And it’s super easy to use. 

    Go on and order it here.

    Well, that’s all kids! Now, go make your dad smile with these thoughtful and cool gifts.

    Don’t miss out on ShaadiWish approved wedding accessories for your wedding shopping.

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  • Brides Who Wore Astounding Anushree Reddy Bridal Lehengas On Their Wedding
    19 June 2021

    Anushree Reddy is a Hyderabad based self-taught designer who creates magnificent outfits  and is a hit amongst brides. Anushree Reddy bridal lehengas are for the new age brides who don’t want to go OTT with their bridal attires. With such striking colors and embroidery, her bridal pieces will totally woo you away. Whether it is your pre-wedding ceremony or your wedding, you will find an outfit for every occasion. Her designer bridal outfits are effortlessly modern and traditional at the same time.

    Store Address: 8-2-686/K/3/1, part, Kimteesadan, Rd Number 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

    Scroll Down Below To Check Out Brides Who Nailed Their Looks In Anushree Reddy Bridal Lehengas – 1. Deep Red Bridal Lehengas

    These brides opted for designer red bridal lehengas with zari work all over it and the simple yet elegant designs are our favorite.

    Where can you buy designer red bridal lehengas from?

    How about this one who chose a deep red lehenga, Priyanka Chopra like lehenga for her reception and looked radiant.

    If you are wondering how much does an Anushree Reddy bridal lehenga cost?

    2. Beige Bridal Lehengas Stealing The Show

    In awe of this bride who paired her beige lehenga with diamond jewelry and we are absolutely loving her attire.

    Seek inspiration from this bride who wore Anushree Reddy lehenga for mehendi.

    Another one whose look literally made our heart skip a beat and it seems just the perfect pick for your sangeet ceremony.

    3. Yellow Bridal Lehengas That We Adore

    We bet you will not be able to take your eyes off this eye-catching bridal lehenga and we are loving the marigold color in it.

    This bride went a bit OTB with her look and paired a floral cape with her yellow lehenga which we are absolutely in love with.

    In case you are looking for more yellow color outfits for your wedding.

    How about contrasting your yellow bridal lehenga with a green dupatta just like she did to grab all the attention.

    4. Anushree Reddy Bridal Lehengas That Top Our List

    Well, we are already huge suckers for pink bridal lehengas and this one with zari work all over it will make heads turn.

    Know from where you can buy gorgeous zardosi bridal lehengas.

    You will be stunned to see how this gorgeous bride paired pastel earrings with her pink lehenga. Isn’t she looking stunning?

    Get your engagement look sorted with this stunning bridal piece. Totally loving the fully embroidered blouse that was the real show stealer.

    Save these different shades of pink bridal lehenga.

    We love brides who ditch the basic colors and experiment with bold colors and she is one of them. Isn’t her blue lehenga making her shine like a star?

    For your intimate wedding, pairing a pink lehenga with diamond jewellery is the best optin and here is proof of it.

    Save these bridal looks with stunning diamond jewellery.

    Well, we aren’t getting over these stunning bridal lehengas anytime soon. Pin your favorite ones as these are surely the new trendsetter. Anushree Reddy designs are truly impeccable. We now hope that you too are head over heels in love with her designs just like us.

    Don’t miss out on ShaadiWish approved bridal wear for your d-day.

    The post Brides Who Wore Astounding Anushree Reddy Bridal Lehengas On Their Wedding appeared first on ShaadiWish.

  • 5 Cheapest Place in Delhi From where you Shop
    19 June 2021

    Delhi is a place where you can never get enough shopping. From the upscale brand to the Retail side of the road, you get a lot of choices to choose from. The actual charm shopping in Delhi is actually in the local market. It’s hard to keep your hands from local products and yes! They are very pocket friendly, so you don’t need to worry about the budget.

    From clothing and accessories to paintings and spices, here are some of the cheapest places to shop in Delhi:

    1. Janpath Market

    Janpath Market is also known as the Tibetan market, located in the Delhi center, Connaught Place. The market has a series of shop lines across the street. It is famous for its clothing ranges and footwear. Exclusive imitation jewelry here and are very sought after. If you receive a bargain, then this is the right place for you to shop.

    • Address – Janpath Rd, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
    • Timings – 10 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Saturday and 11 AM to 8 PM on Sundays.
    • What to buy – Artificial jewellery, Western wear, footwear, antiques, handicrafts, paintings and leather items. 
    • Price range – Commodities start from INR 150 and range up to INR 1500 here.
    2. Chandni Chowk

    Chandni Chowk, one of Delhi’s oldest shopping area, is popular to date. Shopping here is identical to return to the past and experiencing a rich history of Delhi as you walk through narrow streets coated with color shops. Despite the part of the capital of Ever growing the nation, this market has managed to maintain a romantic old-world charm. From books for Lehengas marriage, there are parts each of it allocated for various shopping materials and is one of the cheapest places the most famous for shopping in Delhi. Chandni Chowk shopping center is Nai Sadak, Dariba Kalan, Chawri Bazar, Bhagirathi Palace, Katra Neel, Moti Bazaar and more. And while you are here don’t forget to canyons in some delicious street food.

    • Address – 2573, Nai Sarak, Raghu Ganj, Roshanpura, Old Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110006
    • Timings – Open all the days of the week except Sunday from 10 AM
    • What to buy – Embroidered bags, semi-precious jewelry, silk and cotton clothes, books, Wedding lehengas and electronic products. 
    • Price Range – INR 500 to INR 1500 for small commodities. Lehenga prices start from INR 3000
    3. Dilli Haat

    If you are looking for crafts made by hands, then Dilli Haat is the destination for you. The Haat is a town market where shops are stopped with straw roofs and rustic appeal. It has exquisitely designed artifacts aligned in floors in each position. With the variety, you will be spoiled to lose the option. It is also known as a paradise of a lover of food, as it has excellent food stalls that serve food from all over the nation. You will find some beautiful ceramic items that are worth investing.

    • Address – Dilli Haat, Kidwai Nagar West, Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110023
    • Timings – Open all days of the week from 11 AM to 10 PM 
    • What to buy – artifacts, handicrafts, pottery, paintings, fabrics and furniture.
    • Price Range – the prices start from INR 1000 to INR 2000 for antiques
    4. Sarojini Market

    Sarojini is a market for goods that are rejected, but you certainly cannot know the reason. Items here are available at low-cost prices, and you can bid widely too. The market is known for its first copy clothing and designer accessories. You get home appliances here and also electronic items.

    • Address – Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110023
    • Timings – 10:00AM to 9:00PM Open on all days of the week except Monday
    • What to buy – Apparel, accessories, household items, kitchenware, electronic products
    • Price Range – Starting from INR 200-1500
    5. Palika Bazaar
    • Other shopping centers from Delhi are Palika Bazaar where you get a variety of unique commodities. Buyers are happy with the choice of clothing and footwear available for them. Bazaar Plaza is a cheap but luxurious destination for shopping. Heat won’t bother you because this is an air-conditioned market. If you have the power to bid, you will come out with items at the best price. Plaza is one of the kindest. Located in the center of CP, so it is a convenient choice.
    • Address – Palika Bazar, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
    • Timings – Open from 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM everyday except Monday.
    • What to buy – CD’s, clothes, perfumes, accessories, footwear, and electronic goods
    • Price range – Starting from INR 600 – INR 2000

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Wedding Invitation blogs

Wedding Invitation Blogs

20 June 2021

Wedding Invitation Blogs Wedding Invitation Blogs
  • 8 Fabulous Wedding Colors with glitter accents for Fall & Winter Brides
    19 June 2021

    Although the winter months are often the last that most brides consider for their weddings,  the entire season is filled with a different sense of romance and glamour that other season can’t. If you’re looking for the right winter color scheme that will  make you truly feel the magic on your special day.  These winter wedding colors will help you narrow down the theme and decor for your wedding event.

    1.Burgundy and Rose Gold

    2.Luxury Champange Wedding

    3. Emerald Gold


    4. Navy blue, Gold and Greenery

    5. Sage green and Bronze

    >>SHOP Wedding sign and invitation package 


    The post 8 Fabulous Wedding Colors with glitter accents for Fall & Winter Brides appeared first on Blog.

  • How to Design an Appealing Wedding Invitation?
    19 June 2021

    The wedding season is all about fun and frolic. You meet your loved ones after years and plan to make merry. It’s the perfect time to get into the excitement mode and make the celebration grand. While all this is good, it’s also about the bride and the groom. Moreover, you all have to plan the wedding together and put on a great show. Amidst the chaos, you must not forget to choose a trendy wedding invitation.

    Planning a wedding is no child’s play. You can’t afford to go wrong in choosing décor items, favors, and a caterer. While you can do all this at a later stage, what about the wedding invitation. Nowadays, you can find a variety of exclusive wedding cards online. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Millennials couples are even choosing e-invitations to express their style.

    If you’re in the process of designing a wedding invitation, let us help! Read on to know how you can make your wedding card appealing.

    Choose religious wordings

    Whether you’re designing a Muslim wedding card, Punjabi invites, or Christian invitations, you must express gratitude to the Almighty before starting a new chapter in your life. So, start with putting religious symbols or verses at the top of the card. Choose an Ik Onkar symbol for a Sikh wedding. You can select a verse from the Holy Quran for a Muslim wedding card.

    Create a theme-based card

    Nowadays, a wedding card is the best way to sneak peek into a lavish wedding affair. It can tell you a lot about the wedding theme and arrangements. So, if you’re having a summer wedding, you can choose bright colors, flower arrangements, and sunrise images to set the tone right. If it’s a spring wedding, how about decorating your wedding invitation with leaves. You can find unique wedding invitations online.

    Use easy-to-read fonts

    Let’s admit that not all of your guests are going to be millennials. That’s why you should refrain from using hard-to-read fonts. It can take away the fun of reading about your big day. So, use standard fonts so that all of your guests can read the details and get excited. You never know; you may receive RSVPs sooner than expected. It’s always wonderful to have an extended family blessing you at your wedding. The more, the merrier!

    Pick a wooden box in place on an envelope

    Gone are the days of choosing envelope-based wedding invitations. The latest trend includes scroll invites and cards in wooden boxes. You can send tiny messages, chocolates, or souvenirs with your wedding card. All you have to do is place it inside a wooden box, and you’re all set to earn praise.

    Keep it simple

    With all that said, you should try to design a simple card. Nothing beats a simple design. So, if you’ve already started working on your wedding card, try to keep it simple and elegant. Instead of choosing too many design elements, focus on designing a two-tone wedding card. How about white and gold or blue and silver? These combinations never fail to impress the wedding guests.

    Now that you know how to make your wedding card appealing, you should find some help. The Readiprint Designs team can help you design a perfect wedding invitation. Besides, you can also choose from their wide range of wedding cards. You may find the one you’ve been looking around all this while. Good luck!

  • {Customer’s Review} How to Customize Your Unique Wedding Cards Online
    18 June 2021


    Kristyn is a new but creative blogger. She said that blog has been a dream of hers for a LONG time and finally, she had the courage to go for it. A work hard and faithful blogger. Kristyn also prefer to sharing affordable style with a dash of boho.

    “You don’t have to have the most perfectly curated feed— people love seeing real life” —Kristyn


    It was exciting news that Kristyn upgraded status to fiancé last year. We were happy to help create the save the date cards for Kristyn ‘s dreamy big day! And it was glad to receive the most exciting video review from our lovely Kristyn.  Kristyn chose one wedding invitation style and customized it into save the date cards. Let us have a look at the video of how to customize unique wedding stationary online.

    Mentioned in this video: Vellum Save The Date Cards

    {Dear Customer’s Review}

    Hello friends, I have a very exciting unboxing video today.  It’s actually our save the dates, we got them through stylishwedd. And they are so pretty. So it’s unboxing and give you all a sneak peek of what they look like.

    They are on just the vellum paper, so they’re sheer once you take them out of here. And then I went with the gold and black wordings. They fit with our whole wedding vibe and color scheme so well.

    >>> Order Vellum Wedding Invitations

    • Process of Customization

    And I will say that from the whole process, start to finish, they got here so quick. We went back and forth a couple of times via email.

    • For the first proof: When they first sent proofs of my cards via emai, the layout was as the same as samples on website and it was all black.
    • Customized way: We preferred to customiz it to black and gold,  this layout as the following pics we sent which was what I wanted, so we just sent the following pic for their reference and they made it!
    • Fast delivery: Once customied save the date was done, they got to my house very very quickly. So I was super impressed, these look best for the vibe and everything that we’re going for our wedding day.

    Customized gold and black vellum save the date cards

    >> Order Vellum Save The Date Cards

    • DIY way: And then I went with the gold glitter liners because throughout the wedding reception and such, we’re going to be having pops of gold as our metallic color. So they are Perfect!

    Order Glitter Enevelope Liners

    Again we got them through stylishwedd and they have tons of different options that you can choose from, so I would highly highly suggest them.

    [Customized Wedding Invitation Ideas You May Also Interested In]

    Get Matching Invitations Ideas

    Glittery laser cut wedding invitation  Click to Order Classy laser cut wedding invitations
    Click to Order
    Elegant laser cut wedding invitation
    Click to Order


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  • What to Include on Your Wedding Website
    15 June 2021

    You might be asking yourself if you need an entire website dedicated to your wedding and the answer is a very loud “YES!!!!”.  A wedding website is the perfect place to host (no pun intended) all the details of your wedding day.  It’s a dedicated spot and resource for your guests to view your wedding […]

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  • Wedding Invitations How They Wanted Them: Gorgeous
    15 June 2021

    I don’t stray too much from my wedding invitation package. My standard package comes with an invitation, details card, RSVP and mailing envelope. The design of those…it what we come up with (usually gorgeous). But Alexandria and Brad had a vision in mind with the size of cards for their wedding invitations, which is something I’ve never come across.

    Unique Layered Wedding Invitations

    Alexandria and her future mom-in-law, Julie, met with me and had a “layered” look in their head. They wanted to layer each card on top of each other to come up with a cool stacking effect. And each card would need to be designed to do it’s part on the stack.

    This sounds kinda confusing at first, but once they showed me and we went over sizing options…things fell into place.

    Black & Gold Invitations

    Oh, and their style was on trend. Dark, moody, black, gold and greenery. Could we get any more 2020 style wise? I just loved what they wanted and we did come up with something unique and gorgeous to their wedding day. We designed a black invitation, white details card and RSVP, vellum belly band and gold envelopes.

    Let’s talk about wedding day too. This intimate ceremony was full of emotion and love. It sounds like I was there, which I wasn’t, but the gorgeous photos from Amanda Leise shows every ounce of emotion that was packed into their wedding day. I was also happy to see this 2020 pull wedding day off and have the wedding they were dreaming of.

    Congrats to this beautiful couple. Thank you for letting me have a little part in your wedding day.

    Alexandria & Brad

    Venue: A View on State
    Photographer: Amanda Leise Photography

    The post Wedding Invitations How They Wanted Them: Gorgeous appeared first on Dana Osborne Design.

  • How to Create Timeless and Romantic Wedding Stationery
    15 June 2021
    When it comes time to choose your wedding stationery, you may feel a little overwhelmed. First, the themes and styles
  • {Customer’s Review} Can’t Believe That I Get My Dream Wedding Invites
    12 June 2021


    Ashley Amber Romero is a Modest Fashion & LA Blogger. Ashley held her wedding during a global pandemic. She was totally under pressure of pandemic, such as guests wearing masks? No more than 10 people? Fear of her wedding venue being closed down?

    Ashley was a lucky enough bride as a day or two before her wedding, the county lifted its restrictions. She had the amzing wedding in her special day.


    We are excited and happy to help create the invitation of Ashley’s dreamy big day! And it was glad to receive the most exciting video review from our cute Ashley. Have a look together.

    Title:{Customer’s Review} Can’t Believe That I Get My Dream Wedding Invites

    Mentioned in this video: Acrylic Wedding invitations

    {Customer’s Review}

    I just got delivered a huge fedex box and it’s very heavier like I can’t even hold it up. It is do heavy.
    But, I’m so excited to show you guys what it is.
    They came in a stack of bubble wrap. And what’s really cool about it is that they have this protective to acrylic wedding invitations. So you can peel off when you’re ready to assemble them these. Are, whole gorgeous!

    >>> Shop Acrylic Wedding Invitations

    So this is what they look like. How to be gentle with them! They are gold foil acrylic. I’ve been pinning this invite on my pinches for years, so now that I actually have it in my hands. Guys this is my wedding invite I can’t believe it.

    This is so cool and I think has gold. It’s beautifully acrylic. I love them my wedding invites my dream wedding invites I can’t believe I’m even saying that.

    >>> Shop Wedding Invitations

    The post {Customer’s Review} Can’t Believe That I Get My Dream Wedding Invites appeared first on Blog.

  • 40th Birthday Photo Shoot
    09 June 2021

    My hubby and I turned 40 this year and the plan was always to go on a tropical vacation. Just think, sitting next to a pool at an amazing resort in Mexico or Jamaica, chillin’, not working…you know, celebrating!

    But we didn’t feel comfortable traveling during Covid times this past January. So we made the most of it. We celebrated with friends, family and I did something a little out of my comfort zone…a photo shoot.

    Getting out of my comfort zone

    I mean, I’ve worked with the amazing CB Yates Photo in the past for my branding sessions. Just having some great headshots has helped me promote my business on Instagram and for my website. But this photo shoot is a bit different. I wanted to capture my 40th birthday with some sass and class. I wanted to have photos to look back on when I’m 80 years old and be like, damn…40 looked good on me.

    Isn’t that what we all want?

    So I did it. With some convincing from Cara and my friend, Brooke…I did it. And boy, was it fun. I found (my friend Brooke found) this amazing skirt from Rent the Runway. I then found this shirt from Amazon (because you know, last minute) to go with it. Add in a pair of shoes from a wedding I had in the closet, some makeup professionally done and balloons…boom. The shoot happened.

    Cara had the entire setup ready to go when I got there and was blaring some Gwen Stefani music as requested. Talk about a host and a fun host who made me laugh, made me feel comfortable and created these amazing photos to cherish.

    I branded these as my “anti-Over the Hill” photos. I mean, I remember going to my parent’s 40th birthday parties. It was all Over the Hill old people stuff. Old people pills (candy), gravestone things, black everything. I think times have changed a bit and this captured that for me.

    What would they think?

    I did something for myself. I did something that had me questioning in my head “what will they think?”. And finally I had to tell that voice to shut it and they don’t care (whoever they are). Being 40 is all about being confident in who you are…who you have become. I think these sum that up for me.

    The post 40th Birthday Photo Shoot appeared first on Dana Osborne Design.

  • Unique Wedding Favors
    09 June 2021

    Part of the fun of a wedding are the favors given by the bride and groom to their guests… But let’s forget the boring matches and Jordan almonds. Allow us to present to you fun, and unique wedding favors ideas for your guests.

    Mini Champagne Bottle

    Long after the party is over, your guests can continue to celebrate in your honor with champagne. It’s simple, choose your favorite brand of bubbly, and add a personalized label on them. You can also apply this to other beverages of your choice, not just champagne. It’s a fun and tasty souvenir!

    Bottle Stopper

    Another fun idea is a bottle stopper, you guests can enjoy long after the party ends, and they’ll always think of you and your love. For example, these heart shaped bottle stoppers below, are a great memento of the love that was celebrated!

    Personalized Candle Tin

    So much better than the box of matches…. These personalized candles are great and much more fun. You can customized the labels and date of the event(s), like these tin candles below.

    Round CandlesPersonalized Coasters

    Personalized coasters are a fun twist to the traditional wedding favors, and it is something your guests will use long after the wedding is over. They’ll always have something to remind them of you and your wedding.

    CoastersHandmade Soaps

    Another unique twist to the party favors, consider giving handmade soaps to your guests, specially if it is a summer or outdoor wedding. It’s a refreshing take that your guests will enjoy!

    LeBoxBoutique Handmade Soap
    Photo by: Michelle Lea Photographie

    There you have it, an assortment of fun and unique ideas to consider for your wedding instead of the traditional – albeit boring – party favors. Enjoy!

    And don’t forget to check out some more of our wedding favors ideas your guests will love.

    The post Unique Wedding Favors appeared first on PAPER & LACE.

  • Wedding Cakes for Summer Weddings
    09 June 2021

    Summer is full of bold and vibrant colors, so why shouldn’t your wedding cake reflect that? Yes, we do mean forego the traditional white wedding cake, in favor for a more vivid one.

    When throwing a summer wedding, we tend to focus on the decor to reflect the season we are getting married in. But we often overlook the wedding cake, and go the traditional route, and choose an all white cake. But what if you strayed away from that, and got creative instead? Here are some fun summer wedding cakes ideas for your summer wedding!

    The Citrus/Orange Style

    The citrus/orange style is a fun and different look for your wedding cake. Nothing screams summer like having a bold color like oranges and yellows, and summer motifs as your cake decor.

    Photo by A Heart String; Cake by Nine Cakes –
    The Tropical Look

    Not all summer wedding cakes have to be bold and vivid in colors. Some can be subtle with just the “summer” decor on a white cake, or have a subtle hue like the ocean blue cake pictured below. Here are some fun ideas and inspiration if you still want the summer wedding look, without all the vibrant summer colors.

    Photo by A Heart String –
    Photo by Mallory Dawn Photography –

    Florals on a wedding cake is always a classic look. Colorful florals that make a statement are just fun. And you can take many liberties with this accessory on your cake.

    A fun twist – this cake features bright colored flowers, as well as watercolor versions of the flowers painted on the cake, it’s fun and just as vibrant, and gives this cake a unique look.

    Photo by Mademoiselle Fiona –

    The two cakes pictured below each feature a tier with a statement color, while the rest a of the cake is subtle, but still gives off those fun summer vibes.

    And if you feel like representing summer in full force, then yellow is the way to go. The cakes featured below, do a great job at representing this vibrant color in a beautiful and unique way. It combines the perfect florals, contrast, and colors to finish off these pretty looks.

    And there you have it, our summer wedding cakes ideas and inspirations for your summer weddings.

    Do not forget to check out our Summer Weddings Trends and Ideas!

    The post Wedding Cakes for Summer Weddings appeared first on PAPER & LACE.

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