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Watersport Blogs

17 June 2021

Watersport Blogs Watersport Blogs
  • Sound of Water Interview w/ Slingshot Rider Robby Stewart
    16 June 2021

    Slingshot Team Rider, Robby Stewart, doesn’t let his lack of hearing stand in the way of enjoying time on the water. The 24-year-old Baja local is known for his smooth, effortless style, multi-sports talents, and infectious attitude. Enjoy the inspirational story of a waterperson who sees limits only to break through them.

    *Please note that Robby is profoundly deaf, is learning sign language, and does not yet read, so the interview below includes some translated phrases to best express Robby’s intention in his answers.


    SS: Hey Robby! For the people who don’t know, where are you from?

    RS: Born in Canada, growing in San Bartolo Baja California Sur whole life, recently living more in La Ventana. 

    SS: How old were you when you first discovered and learned kiting?

    RS: 16 years old learn kite friends.


    SS: What was the process of learning to kite? The communication is so verbal when you are learning for the first time, how did you manage?

    RS: The challenge for me, nobody singing in town but my friends (Ernesto) teach me doing examples putting themselves maybe hurt. Later, I learn how control kite it more easy. My friends support me while I was learning how to do upwind and then I alone then time kiting. (Hard for me, nobody signing in town. My friend (Ernesto) teach me kite. I learned to control kite. It later soon more easy. My friends help me learn upwind. Then I was by myself all the time kiting.)

    SS: In the video, you said that your dad’s friend is deaf and kites, does he still ride? Was he somewhat of a mentor for you?

    RS: My friend is same age then me, friend of my dad teach me, no. My friends from Los Barrilles.


    SS: Your father’s orchard looks incredible. What part of growing up there was the most special?

    RS: Orchard of fruit in middle of mountains, oasis yes. I Robby grow there and love place growing up yes, near my house. Now old. People many no. Years ago friends basketball, Motorbike, horses. Now no. Old. (The farms of fruit in middle mountains, oasis (mountain water place yes).  I grow up there and love that place, yes, near my house. Now old. Not many people. A long time ago basketball, motorbike, horses.  Now no. Old.)




    SS: You are not just an incredible kiteboarder, but also a foiler, kite surfer, wing surfer, etc. Do you have a favorite sport or discipline of kiteboarding?

    RS: I love to kiteboarding, I love to be trying all disciplines. Love foil, surf. Love Foil and Wing Yes.  ( I love kiteboarding. I love trying all activities. Love foil, surf, wind, yes. )


    SS: Baja is your home, yet you frequent Hood River and other locations as well. Can you walk us through a typical year in the life of Robby? (Although there is nothing typical during the pandemic.)

    RS: I start my season in La Ventana in October, I like to kite and hang out with my friends in town, I visit all the places around, I work with Ando and I’m learning how to shape surfboards with him, and also like to get better in all my disciplines, later after winter time, in beginning of spring like March – April the season start to do more and I try to go Hood River. I spend the time with my buddies. I like to work with slingshot during the summer and push my level learning something new in foil, twin tip, surf. All the abilities from crew are important to me. 2021 April go Texas Kite. 1 Month Texas City with Chris Summers, Corpus Christi with Jeff Howard and Rocky Chatwell North American Champion yes! Friend!  After all, later in September, I go Baja again. La Ventana windy yes. 6 months windy time, yes. 

     (I start in October in La Ventana. I like to kite, hang out with friends in town. I visit all the places around. I work with Ando and I learning to shape surfboards with him. I like to improve in all my activities. In spring, I try go to Hood River. I spend time with my buddies. I like to work with Slingshot during the summer and push my level, learning something new in foil, twin tip, surf.  All the abilities from crew are important to me. 2021 April go Texas Kite. 1 month Corpus Christi, Texas with Chris Summers, Jeff Howard and Rocky Chatwell, North American Champion, Yes!)

    SS: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

    RS: I want to keep kiting my whole life and enjoy everything from the life. Respecting the ocean, environment and taking care of the good people I met during this beautiful trip.

    SS: What will you do with kiting in the future?

    RS: Robby kite future?

    Complete Foil Freestyle try yes slingshot yes. Travel, pictures, friends, yes. Learn make T-shirts and kite board shorts maybe soon yes. Robby work and help deaf try yes.  (Complete Foil Freestyle, try yes Slingshot yes. Travel, pictures, friends, yes. Learn make T-shirts and kite board shorts, maybe soon, yes. I work and help deaf, try, yes.)

    SS: What goals do you have now?

    RS: Robby Goals? Learn ASL yes. Learn read and write English yes. Try school and kite USA yes. Learn teach help kite school yes. Learn video editing try yes. 

    SS: Thanks Robby, Hope to see you in the Gorge this summer!


    The post Sound of Water Interview w/ Slingshot Rider Robby Stewart appeared first on Slingshot Sports.

  • Why Ride Engine harnesses are the best fitting
    11 June 2021

    Ride Engine is renowned for making the best fitting hard-shell harnesses in kiteboarding and windsurfing. They were the first company to make a hard-shell harness—a revolutionary design change that nearly every other company has since attempted to duplicate. Although the copycats are plentiful, they fail to achieve the famed Ride Engine fit. Why? Because the design of this hard-shell harnesses is derived from hundreds of lumbar back scans of women and men.

    They’ve been collecting data on riders’ backs since the very early days of Ride Engine, when founder, Coleman Buckley, started making custom-molded hard-shell harnesses out of his Santa Cruz garage. There wasn’t any need for separate Men’s and Women’s models—those original Ride Engine harnesses weren’t gender specific, they were individual specific, custom built to the exact measurements of each rider. Back then, Coleman would send a rider a casting kit and have them take a mold of the lumbar region of their back.

    Fast forward to today, and Ride Engine continues to use the scans and data points in order to provide the very best in fit, sizing and support.

    • Ride Engine is the only company that uses separate molds for each hard-shell size. This allows them to generate the absolute, correct average of contours by size.

    • The ergonomic shape of the Armor Shell and design of the proprietary Lumbar Lock is optimised with the data to create harnesses that will stay lower, not twist, provide support that is free of pressure points,and is superior in fit for women and men.

    • This locked-in fit derived from the data points also allows for a more compact harness profile, which increases mobility for everything from getting the board on your feet to bending over while reaching for the grab.

  • Which Wing Surfing Board is Right for Me: Foil Guide
    10 June 2021
    What Wing Surfing board is right?
    So you want to jump into the sport of WingSurfing, but have no idea what size board or foil to buy? You are not alone, and there is a pretty simple formula to aid in your gear decision.

    Many folks don’t know that 1-Litre of volume in a board will support 1KG of weight in the rider. So a 100L board will just barely float (water will flow over the deck) a 100KG (220Lb) rider.

    Your board choice comes down to your skill level and your weight.

     Your weight in KG + 45L
    This gives ample float and will allow you to stand on the board and balance with little to no speed. You will be sitting high in the water
    allowing you to attain speed without much wing efficiency.
    70KG Rider = Wing Craft 120L 
    90KG Rider = Shred Sled 143L
    Your Weight in KG + 15L
    Having a board that floats slightly more than your weight will allow you to use a smaller board that is more pumpable and much more nimble.
    It will still have enough volume to float you, but it will be fairly tippy and require a little forward momentum to be stable enough to stand on easily.
    70KG Rider = Wing Craft 90L 
    90KG Rider = Wing Craft 120L
     Your Weight in KG -15L
    This board will be incredibly nimble and allow the rider to do hard carved and big jumps. You will need to submerge the board to get onto it, and it will require more wing efficiency and higher winds. You will not be able to stand on it without a strong pull in the wing and good forward speed.
    70KG Rider = Wing Craft 60
    90KG Rider = Wing Craft 75
    Foil Size

    Larger front foil wings make everything easier and will get you flying in lighter wind. When starting out, err on the side of a bigger wing then when you are ready to start jumping you can downsize. 

    Beginner and/or Light Winds
    You will want the biggest front wing you can
    get, such as our Hover Glide FWING which features the massive Infinity 99 wing.
    The large wing will make it easy to get foiling at low speeds. The wide wingspan will give lots of rail to rail stability reducing tippyness. You will sacrifice turnyness.
    Intermediate / Medium Winds
    At this level, you are more efficient with your
    wing. You want more carving ability and can sacrifice some low-end efficiency from your foil. The Hover Glide FSUP featuring the Infinity 84 wing will still give plenty of low-end grunt, but it will be much more carvable and faster.
    Advanced / High winds 20kts+
    Now you are extremely efficient at getting
    onto foil and pumping both wing and board. The Hover Glide FSURF with the nimble Infinity 76 wing will be your choice. A smaller front wing will let you go much faster and lay hard carves.
    The smaller front foil wing will also be more controllable with smaller boards. You will be able to jump this smaller foil. Do note that even with a higher skill level, the Infinity 76 front wing will
    require nearly twice the wind speed to get up on foil, compared to the huge Infinity 99 wing.
    FWING Package w/ 99cm Wing
    Fsup package w/ 84cm Wing
    fsurf package w/ 76cm wing

    The post Which Wing Surfing Board is Right for Me: Foil Guide appeared first on Slingshot Sports.

  • Algarve Boat Festival: Lagos is ready to dance at sea again
    02 June 2021

    On June 19th, it’s time to celebrate the second edition of the Algarve Boat Festival in Lagos, Portugal. SeaBookings, a Portuguese Start-Up dedicated to maritime tourism, with the support of the Municipality of Lagos, is getting ready to host this innovative concept of partying for the second time. “The Festival consists of various separate parties, united in one single event! And out at sea, of course!” Last year, the festival was sold out within only a few days. Portuguese and foreigners from all different age groups came together at sea, surrounding one main boat – the stage-boat. Each group with their own unique dancefloor: a boat! Groups can join with their own boats, or rent one through the SeaBookings platform. One stage, multiple dance floors. At sea, social distancing and fresh air are guaranteed! This way people can enjoy a safe and innovative event, according to the guidelines of the DGS (Directorate-General of Health).  For this second edition of the Algarve Boat Festival, the famous DJ Diego Miranda is the headliner, a true national treasure when it comes to electronic music with international success. To warm up, we’ll have DJ Toby One pairing up with Carlos Glória Sax, both Lagos locals, to get the party boats ready for this incredible start of summer party! The artists will play at the main boat, which won’t have any guests beside the organization team on board. Festival guests can join with their boats, whether it’s their own or a rented one, sailing or motor boat. There will also be limited shared spots available on bigger boats, for those who don’t have their own boats and don’t want to rent one for themselves.  Just like last year, the Algarve Boat Festival is supported by the Municipality of Lagos and the Marina of Lagos. The Marina offers a night’s stay after the festival for boats from other Marinas. And the Port of Lagos, as well as the maritime police, will be present to enforce the Contingency Plan in order to comply with the “Safe Event” requirements by DGS. The start of the event will be at 15h30, in front of the most amazing landscape: the well-known Praia Dona Ana. The party will go on for 3 hours. Tickets can be bought online, on the website of the festival, via email or through official partners of the event. For those who can’t party at the site, the festival will be streamed live on the Facebook pages of SeaBookings and the Município de Lagos.  Dozens of vessels are expected to participate in this event, but please be aware that the capacity is very limited. Book a spot for your boat now or grab one of the exclusive seats on the shared party boats.

    O post Algarve Boat Festival: Lagos is ready to dance at sea again aparece primeiro no SeaBookings.

  • 5 Reasons You Should Rent a Jet Ski While on Vacation
    02 June 2021

    Add some much needed fun to your Fort Lauderdale vacation with a jet ski rental from American Watersports. Adventure seekers of all ages will enjoy the thrill of cresting the waves while soaking in the sun and sights. A one-hour jet ski rental will produce memories that last a lifetime. Need more convincing? Continue reading to learn five reasons you should rent a jet ski during your Florida vacation.

    1. Great Views

    Fort Lauderdale is beautiful. The city, beaches, and parks are some of the most gorgeous in the state. The best views of the area, however, are only available from the water. Jet skis provide one-of-a-kind access to areas like Millionaire Mile and the Boca Inlet. Truly, there is no better way to explore the coast than with a jet ski.

    2. Gets the Adrenaline Pumping

    Did you know the release of adrenaline improves long-term memory? That’s right: an afternoon outing on a jet ski can actually make your vacation more memorable! As such, a jet ski rental infuses your vacation with fun while simultaneously creating lasting memories for your family. 

    3. Single and Group Fun

    American Watersports provides jet ski rentals that can safely hold up to three riders. So whether you are traveling alone or in a group, we have a workable option just for you. Our jet skis offer a great opportunity for young children and timid riders to get out on the water in a safe and enjoyable manner. Likewise, singles can explore the area at their own pace. 

    4. Experience Not Required

    Learning to jet ski is simple and attainable for riders of all ages. A basic cruise around the coast requires very little skill or physical ability. With just a few tips from our staff, riders ages 14 and up can have the time of their lives out on the water. 

    5. Unique Experience of the Water

    Many folks find the ocean intimidating. While a healthy dose of respect is appropriate, don’t let fear keep you from enjoying Fort Lauderdale’s most beautiful asset. A jet ski allows visitors to experience the water in a safe and exciting way without actually having to get into the water. 

    Reserve Now

    A jet ski rental from American Watersports will transform a good vacation into a great one. We offer affordable rates and regular specials on jet ski rentals, so all families can enjoy some fun out on the water. For more information, call (954) 946-1811 or request a reservation now.

  • Paddle Boarding Virginia Beach
    31 May 2021

    Virginia Beach is an awesome destination for all kinds of tourists, all year round. And this is not just because of its gorgeous beaches. If you are a paddle boarder or are looking to become one, the coastal city has more to offer than you can imagine.

    Paddle boarding in Virginia Beach is a truly magical experience. You can paddle under the moonlight, explore remote secluded locations, or go looking for dolphins, river otters and so much more. 

    To help you have an amazing experience here is all the important information you need.

    Best Stand Up Paddleboarding Spots in Virginia Beach 1. Rudee Inlet

    Known for its waterfront restaurants, Rudee Inlet is a must-visit. 

    While there, get a paddleboard and explore the Atlantic Ocean. You can watch fishing boats as they come and go. 

    For an even better experience, book an Eco tour. Let experienced locals lead you through the best routes. You will see beautiful birds, and if you’re lucky, dolphins, seals, and other marine life. 

    After your stand up paddleboarding tour, get into one of the restaurants and enjoy some of the freshest seafood you will ever have. 

    If you are feeling adventurous, there are many more thrilling water sports you can try. You can even go on a night fishing trip in a boat. 

    2. First Landing State Park

    Paddleboarding at First Landing State Park is peaceful and easy. It is perfect for beginners or paddlers who are looking for a calm adventure. 

    Guided tours will help you navigate the park and see all the hidden gems. 

    This is a great spot for paddleboarders who love watching wildlife. The beautiful park is home to a number of animals including ospreys and herons. 

    The waterfowl at Broad Bay will even allow you to get close with your paddle board or kayak. 

    3. Chesapeake Bay

    Your Virginia Beach paddleboarding experience wouldn’t be complete without a Chesapeake Bay tour.

    If you are up for the challenge, paddle to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. It will be worth it, especially if you decide to wait and watch the sunset. You get to have a good time, burn calories and take epic photos, all in one tour. 

    Sounds like quite the adventure, doesn’t it? But that’s not all. If you get lucky, you might spot a dolphin or two. 

    4. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

    How would you like to explore a national wildlife refuge on your paddle board? And get this: motorized boats are not allowed.

    There’s nothing quite like stand up paddling or kayaking in a quiet location. You won’t have to worry about annoying vessels zooming past you every few minutes.

    The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach is one of the best spots for paddlers who enjoy bird watching. You can expect to see the bald eagle, geese, ducks, swans, osprey, gulls, among others.

    Virginia Beach SUP Tours and Rentals

    You don’t need to be an experienced paddler to enjoy the above locations. You don’t even have to bring your own paddleboard

    1. Tula Paddle Sports

    Whether you are looking for SUP lessons, guided tours or to rent a SUP, Tula Paddle Sports will sort you out. 

    In their one-hour lesson, you will learn the basics, touring, surfing, and all the necessary skills. 

    Their tours are suitable for paddleboarders of all skill levels. You will launch into Long Creek and enjoy spectacular views along the way.

    Tula Paddle Sports have different kinds of paddle boards including race and surf-specific paddleboards.

    2. Rudee Inlet Stand Up Paddle 

    At Rudee Inlet Stand Up Paddle, there is something for everybody. 

    They offer SUP yoga fitness tours, waterfowl and wildlife sightseeing tours, group tours, and Eco tours where you search for dolphins and other marine life. 

    The paddleboards are in good condition and they will provide you with all the safety accessories. 

    Rudee Inlet Stand Up Paddle also has surf SUP lessons and tours. 

    3. Ebbing Tides

    If you consider yourself an adventurous paddler, you have to check out Ebbing Tides. They provide SUP lessons, rentals, tours, and much more.

    Their tours are amazing and you are sure to have a fantastic time. They include sunset SUP yoga, sunset paddle tour, PHP eco tour, dolphin watching tour, moonlight paddle, and twilight glow paddle. 

    4. VB Surf Sessions

    VB Surf Sessions will help you if you are looking to explore Virginia Beach waterways on a paddle board. 

    They have interesting SUP guided tours and you might see dolphins, deer, bald eagles, river otters, and many other wild animals. 

    In addition to SUP rentals, VB Surf Sessions also offer Surf camps and SUP lessons for beginners. 


    Virginia Beach, Va is an amazing destination for paddlers. The paddleboarding spots are so many, you can’t exhaust them all. There is something for everyone, from total newbies to pros looking for a challenge. 

    Which of the above places would you like to explore on a SUP?

  • Top Tips on how to Progress from a SUP to Foil Board | Wing Surfing 201
    28 May 2021

    Life is one big evolutionary process. Obviously, you will be your best judge on that evolution but if you were curious here is how you know you are ready to transition from wing surfing on your SUP and daggerboard to winging on a foil.

    Ideally, you want to be able to wing comfortably back and forth on your SUP and stay upwind.  The more wing control you have under your belt the better!  Being able to run and jump with the wing on the beach, riding with the wing on a skateboard, skis, or ice skates will help build your wing control skills.  Make sure you have proficient wing skills before attempting the foil.

    Tips & Tricks for Progression
    1. The foil is its own animal, learning to control a foil on any other craft will greatly speed up your learning process. Learning to foil on a big foil board behind a jet ski or boat is a great way to get acquainted with a foil’s hyper-sensitivity to weight shifts.  Getting a large stable wing board 120L to 170L and towing it slowly behind any motorized watercraft will allow you to get your first taste of foiling.  You will only need to get pulled 6-10 miles an hour to get up and foiling. 
    2. The bigger your foil board, and the bigger the front foil wing you use, increases overall stability and makes it easier to learn both behind a boat and with a wing. Don’t try to go too small in either board size or front foil wing size right away.  Choosing larger equipment will also allow you to get foiling in less wind.
    3. Flat water really helps! Whether behind a boat or with a wing, having flat water will make everything easier.  Choose a location without choppy water or waves.
    4. With a wing, you will want to start well upwind of your take-out point. Giving yourself plenty of space to drift downwind allows you to concentrate on building speed to get the board up onto the foil instead of concentrating on staying upwind.
    5. At first, your efficiency will be very low, as a beginner you will want to use a 1.0M larger wings than more proficient riders.
    6. Once on the board, adopt an incredibly wide stance with your feet on the centerline of the board (surfer stance) over the footstrap insert holes. This will keep the board in the water longer and stop the board from doing “a wheelie”. A wide stance also gives you better flight height control.  A narrow stance is one of the biggest mistakes of beginners.  Once up and foiling comfortably, you can shift your feet around and narrow your stance.  A wide stance is incredibly important for getting up onto foil in control and avoiding the “wheelie”
    7. For more power and to build the board speed required to get the board to lift off of the water, extend your front arm towards the nose of the board so the wing is pulling your forward towards the nose of the board. Pump the wing by pulling it from nose to tail, driving the board forward with your feet.  It is a bit like rowing a boat as you pull the wing from its extended position towards the nose and then back towards the tail in a semi-circular motion.
    8. As the board starts to lift, try and keep the board as flat as possible. Foils are very sensitive to weight shifts, both front foot to back foot and heel to toe.  Keep the board flat!
    9. Once you are comfortably up and riding, begin to transition weight to your heels to get the board to turn upwind. This will slow things down and allow you to gain upwind ground.

    The post Top Tips on how to Progress from a SUP to Foil Board | Wing Surfing 201 appeared first on Slingshot Sports.

  • How to Install Surf Footstraps on your Hydrofoil or Kitesurf Board
    28 May 2021
    Footstraps can be very helpful on your hydrofoil or kitesurf board. 

    Having footstraps on your board helps train your muscle memory safely for tricks and airs by keeping your board on your feet. Slingshot Surf footstraps can easily be placed on your board and just as easily removed, exactly like training wheels.

    Watch this quick how-to video for installing surf footstraps onto your hydrofoil or kitesurf board. Be sure to follow the steps carefully.

    It is super important to run your mounting screws through the anti-twist plates AND the beefy strap webbing – not just the leather tab. The hole in the webbing can be found under the neoprene cover at the end of each surf strap. The screw must run through the anti-twist plate, the webbing, and finally through the little leather tab on the underside of the surf strap. Make sure you don’t skip the webbing! If you only run it through the bottom leather flap, your surf straps will fail.  Make sure to check your screws frequently. 

    The post How to Install Surf Footstraps on your Hydrofoil or Kitesurf Board appeared first on Slingshot Sports.

  • How to Maintain and Service the Sentry Control Kite Bar
    26 May 2021

    The Sentry Kite Control Bar is a technical piece of safety equipment that needs to be maintained in order to keep it working seamlessly.  Here is the outline of all the Slingshot Sentry Bar parts and several videos on how to service your bar if necessary. 

    Servicing your Sentry Control Bar
    Follow Us

    The post How to Maintain and Service the Sentry Control Kite Bar appeared first on Slingshot Sports.

  • Best Kayak Anchor In 2021
    24 May 2021
    If you plan to fish on your next kayak trip, you have to keep your kayak from drifting away due to the wind or water currents. The best way to […]
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