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Watersport Blogs

21 January 2022

Watersport Blogs Watersport Blogs
  • The Best of Croatia’s Natural Beauty
    19 January 2022

    Most people come to visit Croatia to enjoy natural beauties. Natural wonders in Croatia are known all over the world. The country’s national parks may be the country’s best-known natural wonders, but even in the nation’s capital, Zagreb, tourists are offered the stunning rare beauty of small forests, city parks, and mountains. Croatia offers numerous activities that may be as thrilling as spinning the book of ra all night long. Want to know more about the best tours and activities in Croatia? Then scroll down! Skradinski Buk  at the Krka National Park – Skradin The Krka National Park is known as the most stunning of Croatia’s main destinations and real natural wonders. The Skradinski Buk has is a big, transparent, natural water pond with cascades at one side and impressive waterfalls at the other. It is the most inferior of the several clusters of waterfalls created on the Krka river. Due to the beauty and multiplicity of natural forms, foliage, greenery, and the numerous outcomes made by the play of sunbeams on the whirlpools. Plitvice Lakes The well-known Plitvice Lakes in the same name National Park has turned into a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Now it is known to be one of the oldest National Parks in Southeast Europe and one of the best national parks of Croatia. It is an amenity to lakes formed in cascades and now, sixteen lakes can be noticed from the surface. The Plitvice lakes are famous for their unusual colors, varying from azure to grey, green, or blue. The colors transform all the time depending on the angle of sunlight and the minerals or microorganisms in the water. Kamenjak National park It’s impossible to have the best holidays in Croatia without visiting the Kamenjak National park. You can enjoy some rest from the hazardous city energy in a stunning natural location at the Kamenjak peninsula. Explore lots of rare and local species of Istrian animals and plants. Follow the path of archaic dinosaur footsteps and make a visit to the farm to discover everything about Istrian family agriculture and agro-tourism. Travel around the Adriatic coast on a bike, kayak, swim, or scuba dive in one of the many hidden caves. Athletes can also find running routes, hiking tracks, a sports camp, and a windsurf post in the national park. Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik One of the best things to do in Croatia, is to visit Dubrovnik. It offers the sights of the medieval city and the beach amenities in one spot. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling, admire exotic plants, and rest with peacocks at Lokrum Island near Dubrovnik. Visit the famous spot where, if you believe in the legends, King Richard the Lionheart was thrown safely ashore after a shipwreck when he was returning from the crusades. The location was also once a beloved summer resort of Austrian archduke Maximilian and a gay accommodation of Dubrovnik.  To reach the island, take a ferry from the city. Tourists can enjoy a descent into the tiny salt lake, which is 10 m (33ft) deep and often called the Dead Sea. Make a visit to the botanical garden to observe Mediterranean plants, including olives, agaves, laurels, oaks, cacti, magnolia, pines, cypresses, and palms. If you are a history lover, make a journey back in time and explore the abandoned 11th-century Benedictine abbey. Mljet National Park It is one of the best one-day tours and activities in Croatia from Dubrovnik. Its main attractions are two close located salt lakes—large and small ones—encircled by forests. On the larger lake travelers can find a small island, where a Benedictine abbey and church still exist. Mljet is a low-key island with pleasant lakes that are supposed to offer healing effects. The island also is rich in fauna and flora, and it is a great place for hiking. There is a legend that Ulysses was prisoned on Mljet by the nymph Calypso for seven years. Not so mythical is the island’s past with snakes. Mljet was overrun with them until the year 1910 when people brought the mongooses to get rid of the snakes. That worked, but the mongooses had no predators to fight with and invaded the island. As the reason, some bird species are still in danger. Summary Croatia is a great location to spend all types of holidays – birthdays, honeymoons, or just a family vacation. Nature lovers will find lots of natural parks all across the country, culture lovers can concentrate on multiple white-stone cities and try local food.  So, have you ever been to Croatia? Or would you like to add it to the vacation plan this year? Author bio Thomas Glare is a travel blogger with a huge experience. He’s sure that there’s nothing better than a good vacation and it doesn’t matter you’re going alone or with your friends. He thinks that traveling opens broad horizons for a person.

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  • How to Handle a Medical Emergency at Sea
    19 January 2022

    When you go on an amazing boating trip through the gorgeous islands of Greece, Spain, or any other amazing destination, the last thing you want to think about is getting sick or injured. There is so much beauty to behold and so many great experiences to enjoy that you just want to think about the good times, but not preparing for the unexpected and failing to become educated on how to handle a potential medical emergency could be a major issue. The sea offers many experiences that you cannot find on land, but they are not all positive. Sickness and nausea can happen quickly, and on top of that, it is not as easy to get to the hospital when you are surrounded by water. To help you out, we have some tips and guidance for how you can be prepared before your next excursion at sea. Preparation Is Key The best way that you can react quickly and help someone who becomes injured is to be prepared before you even step foot on the boat. For starters, you need to pack the necessities for safe travel, which includes emergency water bottles, life jackets, rope, and a comprehensive first aid kit. This kit should have all the basics, including gauze, ointments, gloves, bandages, and compress dressings, along with medications required by any of the passengers. While it is important to have the necessary medical gear on board, tourists should also make sure that they are maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the days before their trip, so they can reduce the chances of becoming sick or injured. That means practicing healthy eating by consuming foods that calm your stomach or give you natural energy, such as fruit, vegetables, and whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal. You must prepare for the possibility that a medical emergency could happen at sea because if a situation does occur, you want to be in the right mental mind frame, so you are not caught completely off guard when you need to be clear-headed. While it is okay to be scared in difficult situations, you don’t want to panic. If you believe you are prone to panic, then you should work on your mental health by limiting substance abuse, surrounding yourself with positive people, and practicing relaxing activities like yoga or meditation to put you at ease. Decide the Type of Care You Need Once you are on the boat, you cannot predict what type of emergency will occur, but you can take the right measures to put the injured person at ease. In many cases, a medical emergency can be handled temporarily while you are on the boat so you don’t have to return immediately to shore. For instance, if someone sustains a bruise or sprain, you can apply ice and then use a bandage to immobilize the limb. Or if someone gets something in their eye, you can cover it with a patch until you return to safety. If you are miles away from shore when the emergency occurs, you can contact a doctor while you are on your way back by utilizing a telehealth program. Telehealth has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and now you can contact a doctor with your cell phone or tablet. If you need help treating a wound while heading back to shore, consider calling a doctor for advice. You may even want to download a telehealth program from your app store before you leave for your trip so you are prepared. For the most extreme medical issues, including heart issues, wounds with impaled objects, and severe burns, issues not even urgent care can treat, you will want to get to land as soon as possible, and you may even want to contact the Coast Guard while you do. For some injuries, you simply cannot delay. As a basic rule, think about if the injury happened on land. Would you be able to wait around for a doctor visit or an urgent care facility or would you need to rush to a hospital for immediate assistance? It’s the same idea on a boat. If there isn’t a doctor on board, get to one as quickly as possible. Norovirus While physical injuries can happen, it is more likely that a medical emergency at sea will include some sort of sickness. While COVID-19 has become less of a threat, other conditions like norovirus and seasickness will always be around, so you need to prepare if you become seriously ill. While seasickness typically often involves some nausea and a headache, norovirus is a more serious condition often caused by eating contaminated food or touching unsanitary surfaces. Symptoms of norovirus include excessive vomiting or diarrhea, and if left untreated, it has resulted in death. If you believe you have norovirus, then you need to drink constant fluids so you don’t get dehydrated, which can lead to more serious complications. It is also advised that you avoid medications designed to stop diarrhea because they could actually make the norovirus worse. If you are drinking water, but you still feel dehydrated, then you need to get to the hospital.  If you don’t have norovirus, but you are experiencing mild seasickness then you need to lay down and stay hydrated. You can avoid the chances of contracting norovirus by always washing your hands after you touch any surface on the boat, especially after using the toilet or preparing food. Drinking plenty of water before you get sick is important not only to avoid norovirus but also for your general health. Even if you don’t actively exercise, basic health tactics like drinking water, eating less, and getting enough sleep will keep you in good shape.  In the end, none of us want to get sick during our sea adventure, but the possibility does exist. Be prepared for the unexpected, so you will enjoy your time on the open water without worry.

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    18 January 2022

    Before getting a jet ski rental, there are several important things that you need to consider. After all, no one wants to be caught by surprise by factors or rules that they didn’t know existed Here are some Jet Ski Rental Factors to consider 1.Seat size If you are going alone, you don’t need a […]

    The post ESSENTIAL GUIDE BEFORE GETTING A JET SKI RENTAL first appeared on Action Water Sportz | Jet Ski Rentals Myrtle Beach.
  • What To Wear Under A Wetsuit
    15 January 2022

    I’ve worked in both surf shops and surf/windsurf centres and there are normally 2 different types of people who ask what do I wear under my wetsuit? Beginners who are renting or have just bought their first wetsuit, or someone looking to layer up to get warmer.

    The quick answer to the question of what to wear under a wetsuit is – it can be either nothing at all, a thin garment like a rash vest, compression shorts or bikini for comfort or for extra warmth a thermal hooded rash vest. Whatever you choose to wear under your wetsuit, make sure it’s tight-fitting because anything baggy tends to bunch up and you normally end up with a self-inflicted wedgie.

    What you decide to wear can also depend on the sport you intend to do. Sailors and paddleboarders might not get wet or fall in during the session, so they might have a fleece-like base layer under their long john style wetsuit. Whereas surfers and windsurfers may want to want to be toasty in the UK winters will have a thermal rash vest under their wetsuit.

    What to wear when renting a wetsuit 

    The only time I would always recommend wearing at least something under a wetsuit is when you’re renting.

    If you are renting a wetsuit for the day then you should definitely wear something around the nether regions. Although rented suits are cleaned thoroughly, bacteria can still live in the neoprene (which is why wetsuits tend to smell so bad). Whilst I’m not a germaphobe, I just wouldn’t want my privates exposed like that, especially when the person who wore the suit before may have worn nothing at all.

    Generally, rental suits are not that comfortable and tend to be quite scratchy around the neck area. So along with general hygiene, wearing something under the suit will make your session on the water more enjoyable.

    So if you’re renting a wetsuit, use whatever you have available for you on the day, whether that’s swimming shorts, bikini, rash vest or even normal underwear. Anything is better than wearing nothing under a rental suit.

    What to wear under a wetsuit you own

    What you decide to wear under your own wetsuit will become clearer over time as you try new methods of either staying warm or for comfort.  And what works best for someone else might not be perfect for you. 

    For me, I wear nothing under my wetsuit until it’s the UK winter, then I’ll wear a thermal hooded rash vest to keep my body and head warm if I’m windsurfing or surfing. When I’m paddle boarding on flat water I’ll (hopefully) not fall in, so in the winter I might wear a normal rash vest and compression shorts under my wetsuit to stop any chafing. On some days when it’s windy and snowing, I have doubled up and worn a summer wetsuit under my winter wetsuit to try to keep me as warm as possible. It kind of worked and I didn’t get cold, but it was almost impossible to move and everything felt very tight!

    Nothing at all

    If your wetsuit is decent and comfortable, you don’t have to wear anything under it. 

    Wetsuits are designed to trap a thin layer of water between you and your suit, your body then heats that water to help keep you warm. So in theory not wearing anything that can interfere with that layer will make your wetsuit work more efficiently. Also wearing anything under an already tight-fitting wetsuit will reduce flexibility, so if you want the maximum range of movement in your wetsuit, it’s probably best to wear nothing under it.

    Compression shorts

    Compression shorts are meant to be worn during exercise to help reduce the risk of delayed muscle onset soreness, but they also double up as a really comfortable option to wear under your wetsuit. Because they are very tight-fitting, they don’t bunch up when putting on your wetsuit.

    For any chap who owns, or wants to own a pair, speedos are another good option to wear under your wetsuit.

    View compression shorts on Amazon >

    Thermal shorts 

    I’ve never worn thermal shorts under my wetsuit, but there have been times surfing in January when I’m sitting on my board and the water lapping around my crotch feels incredibly fresh.

    So if you struggle with the cold and want your giblets warm, then I’d look at getting a decent pair of thermal shorts.

    View O’Neills thermal shorts on Amazon >

    Bikini or Swimsuit

    For the ladies, a simple bikini or swimsuit is the perfect option to wear under your wetsuit. Any beading or knots in ‘fashion’ type swimwear will be annoying, so look for simpler, sporty type swimsuits.  

    The swimsuit is mostly helpful for when you are getting changed in a public area, where its almost impossible to get your wetsuit off or on without exposing the top half of your body

    View surf bikinis on Vivida Lifestyle >

    Rash vest 

    A rash vest under a wetsuit is the go-to garment for many people, and it seems to be mostly people new to watersports who religiously wear one, even though it may decrease the efficiency of how your wetsuit heats the body.

    I think that’s because they think a rash vest was designed to stop rashing under a wetsuit, but it actually meant to stop the rashing of wax on your skin when surfing.

    So firstly if your someone who has always worn a rash vest under a wetsuit, maybe next time go without one, you might find the wetsuit is more comfortable and heats you up faster.

    That being said, if your wetsuit is old, uncomfortable and chafes your neck, then a rash vest will help with that. 

    View our blog on best rash vests > 

    Thermal rash vest

    What do you wear under a wetsuit in cold water? A normal rash vest won’t help at all with dealing with the cold, but a thermal rash vest is perfect to help keep you warm. 

    From short sleeves, long sleeves to hooded options, there are quite a few different styles of thermal rash vests, so that’s up to you to how much warmer you need to be. 

    Remember there is always a comprise and more layers or thicknesses will always result in less flexibility and movement in your wetsuit. But it’s worth the comprise if you can stay that little bit warm, which means you can be out on the water for longer and have more fun!

    14 January 2022

    Passion for the sports we offer is centre to our ethos, experience in our field sets us aside and an appreciation of the flexibility required to work within the UK watersports is vital to how we operate .

    Working alongside business owners within a full time and part time team our entire crew are strong individuals who are able to adapt to customers and scenarios quickly, keeping within our company procedures and always able to prioritise professionalism and customer service to ensure everything we do is kept to a very high standard. You must be confident operating independently and equally capable of communicating well within the team.

    Poseidon is a business that is growing and expanding and we’re looking for the right people to join us and help us to develop what is already everyone’s favourite spot at the beach. We work hard, then play harder, making the most of the perks this lifestyle living gives us. That means everyone mucking in when needed and enjoying a cold one together once we’re all off the water. With so much in the pipeline for 2022, we’re looking to welcome a couple more positive people into the crew. Instructors, beach managers and beach helpers, keen to get involved? Send us your CV and a covering letter telling us a little more about you.

    Based in the idyllic Sandbanks lagoon, lessons are run in the calm waist deep waters of the harbour, with various advanced riding locations no more than 20 minutes away. The local areas of Ashley Cross and Westbourne have a solid vibe and a decent night life too.



    Joining our team of coaches, you’ll be welcomed in to a tight knit passionate crew of riders, spreading the stoke for our sports. Teaching day in and day out, we can give you as much or as little coaching work as suits you. Living the lifestyle and spending as much time on or in the ocean as possible we don’t just talk a good talk, before or after a hard days work…no worries, you’ll find us pumping up or paddling out, always ready for a session. You’ll need to be ready to be hands on, getting stuck in to work as a team, helping out the local kite community if and when needed…all in all representing our centre and our sports in the best light.

    Flexible contract, 1-50 hours per week

    Strong hourly rate

    Experience and qualifications required

    Must be a sociable team player, ready to graft

    Attention to detail and understanding of high quality customer service essential

    Passion for riding and getting people into the sports

    Help with local accommodation can be arranged


    A better way to spend your summer than stacking shelves, you’ll be responsible for keeping the beach looking great and in working order. You’ll be handing out wetsuits and equipment to customers, setting up paddleboards and keeping an eye out for anyone that might have a question or need anything at the beach. You’ll need to be proactive, a good team payer, preferably passionate about watersports and be ready to graft like the rest of the crew.

    Energetic watersports enthusiasts preferred

    Weekend, evenings and school holidays

    No experience required

    On the job training

    Day rate

    Job perks


    Customer service, helping to manage marketing platforms, planning, admin and ecommerce are our big five.

    You’ll be responsible for the day-to-day running of the centre, managing coaches, serving customers, dealing with enquiries and the general jobs that come hand in hand with a watersports centre. So if it’s windy you’ll be meeting and greeting customers for lessons, handing over to coaches, managing payments, liasing with customers about any changes in the weather, ensuring the day is run smoothly and that all customers leave having had a top notch experience both on and off the water. On the windless days you’ll be serving paddleboard customers, maintaining the beach and centre, repairing equipment and dealing with enquiries both live at the beach and via phone and email too.

    Full-time contract

    Management experience preferred

    Customer service, retail or watersports industry experience essential

    Must be a sociable team player, ready to graft

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  • 5 Reasons why a trip to Mallorca is the best Cure for your Winter Blues
    13 January 2022

    Winter blues hits full speed these days: Christmas days and New Year’s celebrations are over and what stays left behind in their wake are some few kilos extra and a dragging mood. Yikes! But who says you have to just sit through it and wait for better weather – literally?  Here are 5 reasons why a trip to the Balearic gem Mallorca is the ideal cure for your winter blues! 1. Here comes the Sun! It might seem hard to believe, but there actually are places around Europe where the sun is still shining its warm and healing light – even past 3 in the afternoon! Mallorca is one of those blessed spots and offers some amazing 10 hours of actual daylight in January, while most northern Europeans have to spend their time after work in stultifying darkness.  You might not exactly be able to enjoy a full on bikini beach holiday in Mallorca in winter, but you will most definitely be able to spend some lovely hours adventuring outside while the sun guides your way.  There is nothing more uplifting than the sweet embrace of a Mallorcean winter sun! 2. The Temperature With the sun comes the warmth – and that’s exactly what by now we all crave! Hard!! Average temperatures around 15°C in January and February will allow you to spend your days in Mallorca outside without (also an average) 17 layers of clothes – not counting the gloves.  Strolling through the narrow alleys of Palma de Mallorca without having to pull your coat against the cold will give you a whole new feeling of freedom, which will turn your bluesy days into a distant memory!  3. The vastness of the Ocean Spending most of your time inside in winter can make your world seem quite small and oppressive. With the darkness and cold we can get a little lethargic and struggle  to imagine the treats this world still holds up its sleeve for us. But don’t worry! Mallorca will sort you right out! While your walls come caving in on you at home, Mallorca offers an absolutely stunning coastline that will do its therapeutic magic on your winter blues! There is just no better reminder of the vastness of life’s possibilities than looking at the vastness of the ocean!  4. OMG Food! You’re right. I did mention those few grams we’ve probably gained over the holidays and let’s be real here for a sec: We don’t exactly love them! But Mallorcean cuisine offers some incredible treats, some real comfort food that will nourish your body and soul equally and will leave you feeling really damn good about life! And that’s what we’re all about here, aren’t we? So what could be better to warm up your soul after a day at the coast than enjoying a hot soup with loads of fresh vegetables? Sopas Mallorquinas are a real Mallorcean original. The hearty soups are usually prepared with cabbage, tomatoes and beans and can be found in many different variants. Another real winter hit is Tumbet (or Tombet), a Mallorcean version of ratatouille loaded with fried aubergines, potatoes, red peppers, olive oil and garlic.  5. Special things to do in Mallorca in Winter The island is mostly known for its party scene and the absolute madness that, at least until Covid hit, used to happen here every summer. Crowds of drunken party people carrying buckets of sangria are not what you’re aiming for? Good! Then Mallorca during those winter months is your go-to, since winter season gives you a unique chance to experience the Balearic island in its purest, most unspoiled and authentic form. Visit a Mallorca that very few ever really experience and let the beauty of an island, its culture and people blow your mind! Not only does Mallorca offer some incredible beaches and coastline that, even during this colder period, are still absolutely stunning! The island is also blessed with gorgeous hiking trails through the mountains and along the coastline that allow some incredible views over the Mediterranean Sea from quiet mountain ranges. In summer it’s just a little too warm to actually hike a day away, but winter in Mallorca offers the perfect climate for your mediterranean outdoor adventure!  Following the wine route you can taste your way through some excellent local wines. Here you can discover the history and tradition behind the wineries and their hometowns and villages. And if you feel like taking a break from all those new impressions, make it a day and pamper yourself in a spa until you’ve forgotten that your body can feel anything but warm and fuzzy. Winter blues – winter what?

    O post 5 Reasons why a trip to Mallorca is the best Cure for your Winter Blues aparece primeiro no SeaBookings.

  • Join the Copycats Club | Slingshot Sports
    11 January 2022
    Meet the Copycats Club - A women's wakeboarding movement like never before...
    An interview with the Copycats Club founder and graphic artist of Slingshot Wake’s 2022 women’s product line: Ms. Sina Fuchs.

    The CCC first came onto our radar just a few years ago after Sina’s first visit to the Valdosta Wake Compound. She brought new energy and excitement to the park from a female’s perspective, with fresh ideas and energy to inspire more girls to grab a handle and hit the water. As her riding, art, and overall commitment have evolved we’ve expanded our working relationship and could not be more thrilled to release the Copycat signature series in 2022…Here’s more from Sina herself:

    When was the Copycats Club established?  

    The idea started in the Winter of 2018. 


    Why did you create it?  

    If you were going on all big accounts for wakeboarding brands/magazines at that time all you really saw was men’s wakeboarding, but if you visited the girls accounts you could see they also created amazing content. After doing it for three years, it’s easy to understand.  Let me explain, if you get a pop-up ad and click on it and a mens video or a girls wakeboarding video pops up, what would you first click on? Let me know if I’m wrong but I think a woman clicks on the women’s video and the men on the men’s video. All the big accounts are managed by men so you can’t even be angry that girls don’t get the attention they deserve. It’s the personal interest of people and we just need more girls behind the scenes. But definitely, something is happening because it’s starting to change a little bit.


    Is there a limit to the number of members or can anyone join?

    Copycats Club is for women’s wakeboarding, if you are making laps around a cable you are in the club doesn’t matter what level. It’s all about having fun together, supporting each other on every level, and living the passion.


    The CCC Magazine is AWESOME.  How often do you plan to release issues, and how much time goes into each issue? 

    The magazine this year is a test to see if it works out.  I’m planning twice a year. It’s a process over the whole year. Planning, themes, advertising, promoting, and designing are all on me. My mom helps me by sending it out when I’m in America. I’m really thankful for that. I really have fun with it and really would love to continue but right now we need to find additional support to continue.

    with a setup as fresh as that how could you resist joining the club?

    Who are the top 3 female riders to keep eyes on in 2022? 

    I feel like Top 3 of female riders is the wrong term. I feel we are looking for a new decade. Who are the top female riders in boat, park and streets to keep eyes on in 2022 – Claudia Pagnini definitely brings park to another level. Jamie Lopina killed it in boat and park and is my overall choice this year! New and killing it is young gun, Rivers Hedrick. Anna Nikstad, Julia Rick, Meagan Ethell and Lisa Baloo continue every year on a high level of contest and content which is so impressive! Elena Bodi, Joelina Gerards, and Mary Morgan Howell have tricks in their pockets and I’m excited to see what they are going to do with it in the coming years. Hot in having fun and showing how fun it is to ride as a girl gang – Dudettes in Lithuania, the girls in Poland, and the young guns in Australia are my favorite girl gangs. Don’t sleep on the streets because riding there is another level than in circles in the Wakepark. Coti Scaglia, Hannah Mennega, Anne Freyer and I would put my name on that list. I would love to see in 2023 a little bit more creative tricks and qualitative content and fewer solo hits for Instagram.


    Tell us about the design of the CCC board – why do you feel it’s the best design for girls to ride in the park? 

    I would say it’s the perfect board for any girl who loves to have fun on the water and wants to progress her riding. And maybe also if she loves pastel colors. Haha.


    Where are your top 3 favorite places to ride it?

    Valdosta Wake Compound, Wakepark Triolago, Aschheim Wake and Thai Wake Park. Sorry can’t get it down to three but I also have a lot more on my list that I want to visit. 


    Did you attend art school or just natural talent? The board art and boot design is on all the women’s products this year, and the colors/layouts of each mag are super unique!

    Thank you so much! I grew up with drawing everyday and at age 7 I chose art as a main subject – like math and language until I finished school. I’m always attracted to colors – sometimes so much that I scare myself, haha.  


    When and how did you (personally) find your way into Wakeboarding?

    At age 13 I started snowboarding and I didn’t think there was anything better out there until I got into wakeboarding when I was 18. I felt like I could ride powder and park at the same time! Still feeling like that! 


    What’s your current “home spot”?

    I would say Valdosta Wake Compound


    What inspires you the most? For wakeboarding and all the creative stuff?

    Snowboarding definitely for riding. Creative stuff is anything that crosses me in my daily life. 


    What draws you to winching?  Do you think it is worth all the effort that goes into it?

    Hell yeah it’s worth it! First you have a mission with your friends together which is already so worth it! Because there is always a good story to tell after a trip. And landing a trick in the streets feels like you really did it and you will be hyped forever for it. 

    Luca Glinski Feeling things out for 2022
    Yes you CAN!

    When is the Sewercats 2 dropping?

    Our original film cutter got sick. Trying to figure out what I am doing but I’m cutting it now by myself and it’s gonna drop when I’m happy with it.


    We heard your fiance is a rapper and wrote a hit song about YOU called Love Letter to Bill? What’s it like to be in a relationship with a rap artist?

    Man, I hope the world gonna see his talent soon because I’m so proud of him! 

    Katinka Buiting getting a feel for the 148 Copycat Pro
    The face says it all...Shout out to Sina for the inspiration. 2022 is going to be
    Coti Scaglia giving the natives a sneak peak...
    Yes, it's THAT good!

    For more on all things Copycats Club and women’s wakeboarding, check out the links below:

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    10 January 2022

    Are you searching for a cool location for a little celebration with friends or family? If you want a place that will make your party special from all other celebrations, why not get pontoon boat rentals in Myrtle Beach. These are ideal for parties of four to ten people. In truth, some individuals even describe these vessels as party boats. […]

    The post EXCITING SUMMER VACATION WITH PONTOON BOAT RENTALS first appeared on Action Water Sportz | Jet Ski Rentals Myrtle Beach.
  • Jet Ski Your Way To A Fabulous Myrtle Beach Vacation
    05 January 2022

    A day of jet skiing in Myrtle Beach is a great way to spend quality time on the beach or lake. Enjoy the beach waves and the water spray on your face. It’s an amazing experience, especially when you are in the beautiful waters of Myrtle Beach SC. If you plan to spend a weekend […]

    The post Jet Ski Your Way To A Fabulous Myrtle Beach Vacation first appeared on Action Water Sportz | Jet Ski Rentals Myrtle Beach.
  • Meet the redesigned MasterCraft XT22  
    03 January 2022
    Meet the redesigned MasterCraft XT22 
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You Might Have Artwork Scattered Throughout The Web. You Might Be A Photographer, And Have Provided Work For Many Websites. Link All Of Your Work To Your Profile, And Showcase Your Abilities In One Location.. 

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    Once you have filled out the sign up form, you will be directed to the profile page. To add entries to your profile (eg. your social network links, your online work etc,), you will need to 'edit' your profile by selecting the 'Edit' button.

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  • Public Messaging

    Once your profile is created, you may be contacted by email direct from your profile by public (whilst your email address remains hidden).

    This feature enables long lost friends and family to contact you, even if they have misplaced your contact will always be found.

  • Create An Article

    Create and article to sell a household item, or to inform the public of some important news or information

Don't Lose Your Online Works

You May Have Published Blogs And Informative Forum Entries All Over The Web. Over Time, Web Search Engines Can Make It Difficult To Find Your Work. Link Your Work To Your Profile, And Keep It All Easily Accessible, And Easy For Viewers To Identify Articles And Blogs etc As Yours.

Don't Be Confused With Someone Else

It Can Be Frustrating When One Is Easily Confused With Someone Else Online. Prospect Employers Have Been Known To Search For Information On Prospective Employees. If Your Name Is A Common One, Or Even If Not, It Is Still Easy For You T Be Mistaken For Another, Especially If the Person Searching For Your Online Presence Has No Visual. Create A Profile Here, Link Your Social Media Profiles, Give Out Your Username(Id)--Then Be Found.

  • Create A Blog

    Registered users may create blog entries which feature in relevant Category Pages.

    To create a blog, go to your profile page, and select the button "New Blog".

    Once your blog is created, you will be able to manage any comments made on your blog.

    The RSS ability of your blog, enables your readers to subscribe to your blog post, and follow any further additions as you make them.

  • Own QR Code

    At the bottom of your profle, and each page created by you (eg. blogs, articles etc), a unique QR code is available for your use.

    You may save a copy of the image, and paste it on to hard or soft copy items, in order to direct people to your profile, blog or article.

  • Image Gallery

    Add some images, and make photo galleries to show the public, friends and family.

    Suitable for family photos, photographer galleries, artist images or images of your business.

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