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Watersport Blogs

04 July 2022

Watersport Blogs Watersport Blogs
    01 July 2022

    South Carolina is covered with miles of seashore and has the best destination adventure for sea lovers out there. If you’re a thrill-seeker and an adventure finder, you might find an amazing opportunity in several water sports activities like a dolphin tour specifically in North Myrtle Beach. There are several beach vacation rentals in North Myrtle […]

  • Best Sun Showers for River Trips
    01 July 2022

    Some river runners don’t put much stock in personal hygiene on a multi-day river trip. (Pre-teen boys come to mind.) Admittedly, a sun shower on a river trip seems like an unnecessary and distracting luxury when you’re trying to have a wilderness experience.  But there will come a time—maybe Day 16 of a Grand Canyon […]

    The post Best Sun Showers for River Trips appeared first on RiverBent.

  • Best Water Sports to Try on Your Summer Vacation
    30 June 2022

    There’s nothing quite like spending time on the water when it comes to summer vacations. Whether you’re swimming, boating, or just relaxing on the beach, …

    O post Best Water Sports to Try on Your Summer Vacation aparece primeiro no SeaBookings.

  • Take Out A Jet Ski
    29 June 2022

    For the next few weeks, there are two words that you must remember: Summer vacation. These words will play an important role in your children’s lives, and probably in yours. Your kids shouldn’t spend the summer at home watching TV or playing video games. Get them out in the sun and let them have a […]

    The post Take Out A Jet Ski first appeared on Action Water Sportz.
  • 10 Reasons Why Paddle Boarding Is a Great Workout
    28 June 2022

    From a distance, paddle boarding might not seem like the most active sport to get into. However, once you’re on the board, and you’re out on the water, you’ll get a newfound appreciation for what is easily one of the best sports for those who want a really good full body workout and are looking to burn more calories. Today we’re going to take a look at all the different ways paddle boarding is one...


  • All You Need To Know About Destin Harbor Boardwalk
    27 June 2022

    Destin, Florida, is located in Crestview–Fort Walton Beach. It is a metropolitan area. Destin began as a fishing village and now attracts 4.5 million tourists …

    O post All You Need To Know About Destin Harbor Boardwalk aparece primeiro no SeaBookings.

  • Vivida Changing Robe Review (2022)
    26 June 2022

    The introduction of waterproof changing robes to anyone who does outdoor sports has been an absolute game-changer, especially if you don’t have a van to get changed into. The early adopters were surfers, paddleboarders and swimmers, but these robes have also found a place on rugby and hockey pitches, keeping the substitutes warm, dry and ready for action.

    More recently these robes have been picked up by people who just want a super warm, comfortable and waterproof coat. They’ve been seen in Waitrose and on dog walks and in the local gastro pub. I’ll be honest, I’ve also used mine for mid-winter, windy, rainy walks and it was perfect.

    Basically, waterproof changing robes are for anyone who wants to enjoy the outside when the weather is less than ideal.

    Vivida Lifestyle has built a changing robe that is extremely comfortable and eco-conscious, with some features made from 100% recycled materials. They offer a classy choice of colours and has all the features to make sure you can get changed easily and stay warm at the same time. 

    The stylish features and smooth outer shell differentiates this robe from competitors because it feels and looks like an oversized coat. The Vivida changing robe isn’t just a thing you wear for 5 minutes whilst getting changed. You’ll want to wear it to the beach, walking on the beach and practically in any situation where you want to stay warm and dry.

    It’s the smaller features that make the Vivida a premium robe, such as the discreet branding, pack-away bag, silicon-gripped ribbon zip-pull (great for when you can’t feel your freezing fingers) and peaked hood.

    The outer shell is very different to other changing robes on the market. For example, the Dryrobe and Gorilla feel rugged and tough, whereas the Vivida outer layer is smooth, soft and elegant. 

    We reviewed the Vivida Sherpa Robe, but you should also check out their Puffer Robe. This robe has all the same features plus synthetic down puffer stitching on the upper body, and a very nice and upgraded hood.

    Who are Vivida Lifestyle?

    A brand born out of true love of water sports, Vivida are passionate about creating high-quality, premium gear that won’t let you down. I met the owner David by chance when we were both in Brazil a few years ago, and the brand he’s built is as authentic and purpose-driven as he is. 

    They have created a range of watersports gear, from changing robes to ponchos, surf bikinis and wetsuits. All have the same look and feel with sustainability in mind.

    Vivida tests its gear to the limits and have a great community of watersport professionals on hand to provide instant feedback. This ethic of continual feedback and improvement means the products you buy are fit for the professional athlete, as well as the weekend warrior like you and me!

    Vivida waterproof changing robe review

    Coming in eco compostable packaging, Vivida makes you feel good instantly by reminding you you’ve bought a sustainable product. 

    The ‘fossil grey’ colour has a soft matt finish and along with the understated branding, the robe looks very cool. I’m not a huge fan of feeling like a walking billboard and clothing that has the logo or website plastered around in huge letters always looks quite cheap to me. 

    From inside to outside, the robe feels soft and warm. Once you start looking at the details and features, you’ll know you’ve spent your money wisely.

    Thoughtful features

    With pockets, drawstrings and velcro all in the right places, the Vivida changing robe is as functional as it is fashionable. The straps and pull strings around the hood and arms mean you can tighten up any gap to stop almost 100% of the cold wind coming in.

    The hood is different is any other waterproof changing robe I think I’ve seen. Instead of a bit of material that’s just added to the neck, it’s properly shaped, stitched and looks more like a hood on a coat. The little peak, draft collar, drawstrings, and fleece lining makes the hood super cosy and keep your head toasty warm.

    There are pockets throughout the changing robe all with a different purpose and design. The exterior pockets at hip level are where you’ll warm up your hands after a cold winter session. These pockets are deep and lined with a microfibre towel-like material, which makes a lot of sense. 

    The fleece-lined inside breast pocket is zipped and perfect to hide a phone or keys. There is also a key clip which is perfect for me because I’m forever losing them when getting ready for a session on the water.

    At the base of the robe, there is a large mesh-lined pocket, that has a reversible pack-away bag (one side water repellant, the other soft fabric lined). This is a very cool idea, so after your sea swim, you can get changed the robe and then shove your swimsuit into this large stash pocket. No more wet swimsuits dripping in the car on the way home!

    Weatherproof and warm

    The outer shell is something that is quite different to other robes on the market. The soft water repellant and windproof shell is made from a 4-way stretch material, which really helps with movement and getting changed. It’s not a simple outer shell by any means, which is why you are paying a premium for the robe, as Vivida explain the layers are built from:

    • Layer 1 : Bionic Finish® Eco PFC-free durable water-repellent coating allows water to bead-up and roll away
    • Layer 2: Soft-touch peached 100% post-consumer recycled polyester
    • Layer 3: 5000mm waterproof laminate

    The synthetic sherpa inner lining is soft, warm and present throughout most of the robe. The arms, hood and 90% of the body is covered in it. The lining only stops around knee height and is replaced with a water-repellant fabric, which makes total sense. The sherpa lining is pretty good at soaking up moisture and the base of the robe always gets pretty grubby and wet.

    Sustainability credentials

    Vivida Lifestyle has done very well at sourcing materials that are sustainable and ethically made. They can stand by what they say and prove their sustainability credentials with certifications, as seen on their website.

    From the compostable packaging to recycled plastic and non-harmful prints, you can feel good that the product you’re wearing is doing its bit and making a minimal impact on the earth’s resources.


    Back to the primary reason these robes exist, they are for getting changed in. The Vivida changing robe has wide armholes and a body big enough to manoeuvre in and out of a wetsuit and swimsuit. 

    I’m 6’2ish and the large is a good fit.

    Vivida suggests going down a size if you’re planning to use it as an oversized coat.

    Vivida changing robe details
    • Minimal sealed seam construction
    • 4-way stretch waterproof, windproof & breathable shell
    • Low-profile & adjustable hood for a close-fit
    • Sherpa fleece (synthetic lambswool) made from 75% Repreve® Recycled Plastic Bottles, 25% Polyester
    • Premium wadding insulation (100% recycled polyester), with a lightweight lining (100% recycled polyamide)
    • Deep external hand-warmer pockets
    • Large internal stash pocket with bungee clip for pack-away bag
    • Internal zipped pocket for phone & valuables (with key clip)
    • Adjustable velcro cuff fastening
    • Premium matte-black, durable water-resistant zip 

    Vivida has priced their robes at £165 for the Sherpa Changing Robe and £240 for the Puffer Changing Robe. This is at the higher end of the market, but as always you get what you pay for and it’s quite clear this is a premium, high-quality changing robe. 

    You’ll easily get your moneys when you start wearing it as your day-to-day coat!

    Buy these robes directly from Vivida’s website >

  • Kayak Trolling Motor Mount: How To Install a Kayak Motor
    24 June 2022

    Anyone can do a trolling motor mount for a kayak, and it’s a game-changer. Kayak anglers frequently install or mount a trolling motor on their kayak. It’s also an excellent approach for someone who wants to cover a lot of ground quickly without lifting their kayak paddle. In this blog, I will discuss trolling motor mount ideas.

    What Is a Kayak Trolling Motor Mount?  Kayak trolling motor mount

    A trolling motor is a miniature motor that lets you move your boat over the water without paddling and disturbing the fish or other wildlife. Trolling motor mounts for kayaks are used for fishing, and some kayakers prefer to have one on hand in case they become weary of paddling.

    Although many trolling motors are battery-powered, some run on gasoline or diesel. Most of them feature a simple hand or foot control, and a few include a remote control.

    There are a few things to note with the kayak trolling motor mount.

    • Kind of mount (if any) that the kayak has
    • The size of trolling motor you require and prefer for your kayak
    • Trolling motor and mounting apparatus weight
    • The amount of power you want for your kayak’s trolling motor

    If you’re looking to update your adventures with a brand new kayak, here are some of the different types of kayak to try out.

    1) With a Kayak Trolling Motor Mount Size Matters

    The power of a Kayak Trolling Motor Mount is measured. The greater the trolling motor, the more thrust it will have.

    A kayak’s rear area is not designed to handle a sizeable kayak trolling motor mount. Because a kayak isn’t extremely heavy, it doesn’t require a powerful motor.

    Every 2 pounds of thrust can drive 100 pounds. This means that a 200-pound person carrying 100 pounds of gear with a 50-pound kayak only needs 7 pounds of power. A small trolling motor with a 30-pound push will be enough for your kayak.

    2) Mounting Systems to Know About

    Some include a kayak trolling motor mount, while others do not. You’ll want to look at it before figuring out how you’ll mount your kayak.

    Ultimately, you may discover that some motors operate better with your specific mount.

    3) The Weight of The Motor Kayak with a motor mount

    You’ll want to acquire the lightest kayak trolling motor mount feasible if you want to carry your kayak and motor to the water. This is especially true if your kayak isn’t designed to carry much weight.

    4) The Power System

    You’ll need a battery to power a trolling motor since it runs on electricity. When picking a kayak trolling motor mount, remember to factor in the weight of the battery.

    • Power Systems for Trolling Motors

    A 12-volt battery powers the majority of trolling motors. Typically, this battery is a marine battery, which can be pretty heavy.

    However, because you’ll be mounting your battery on a kayak, you’ll want to pick the lightest battery feasible.

    Types of Kayak Trolling Motor Mount Different kayak trolling motor mount types

    The kind and power of the kayak trolling motor mount you intend to use and the type of boat you have will determine the kayak trolling motor mount you’ll require. You can purchase a motor mount kit or build your own. Different types of mounting for inflatable kayaks are commonly available. Because you can’t drill into an inflatable hull, you’ll probably be limited in where you can put a motor.

    Many kayak trolling motor mount types are transom mounts, which means the motor is attached to the back of the kayak. Bow mounts are also available, allowing you to attach your trolling motor in front of your yak. The location of your mount is frequently determined by the type of your boat, mounting space availability, and personal choice.

    Want to save $$$ on your next kayak purchase? Click here for the BIGGEST Kayak Discounts and Sales!


    Purchasing a kayak trolling motor mount for some motors can be a safer alternative because they are designed for that purpose and are usually rated to handle a motor with specific power or thrust rating. So make sure the kayak trolling motor mount you choose is appropriate for the power of your motor.

    Not all mounts are suitable for all boats. Because of how it’s attached to the vessel and the difference in the form or size of the hull, a mount for an inflatable yak may not be compatible with a standard kayak.

    Kayak Trolling Motor Mount Features

    The security of your vessel is an essential element of a trolling motor mount. If it isn’t, you risk losing your motor. Stability will undoubtedly be required to maintain complete control of your motor without the mount shifting.

    Is It Possible to Mount a Trolling Motor on Any Kayak? Sea kayaking

    A kayak trolling motor mount may already be available on some kayaks. Others aren’t. You can mount a motor on either kayak, but it will be more difficult without one.

    Furthermore, trolling motors are not recommended for racing kayaks or kayaks explicitly intended for whitewater use. Any consumer or recreational kayak, on the other hand, should be able to accommodate a trolling motor.

    What Trolling Motor Size Do I Require for My Kayak?

    Trolling motors have a thrust rating that indicates how powerful they are. Because kayaks are small and light, they do not require huge trolling motors.

    A trolling motor with 2 pounds of thrust can move 100 pounds. An engine with 8 pounds of thrust would suffice for a 250-pound person with 100 pounds of gear and a 50-pound kayak. With roughly 30 pounds of thrust, even the smallest trolling motors will be too powerful for your kayak.

    THIS is the best way to transport your kayak without an effort!

    How To Mount A Trolling Motor On A Kayak? Kayak Motor Mount: Choose Mounting Location

    Before you go out and buy a trolling motor and all of the accessories that go with it, you’ll need to figure out where you want to mount it on your kayak. Kayak trolling motors can be mounted on your kayak’s stern, bow, or gunwales.

    The advantage of mounting your kayak’s motor on the gunwale is that you’ll have easier access to it while still sitting comfortably on your seat.

    Assume that the motor is mounted on the bow or stern of the top fishing kayaks. You’ll almost certainly need a motor with remote control or the ability to connect to your kayak’s foot braces to correct course while on the water.

    However, in some circumstances, having a motor mounted on the side of your kayak can cause navigational challenges.

    Because your kayak’s motor provides greater thrust on one side than the other, changing your motor to make it move straight or in the direction you desire may take some practice.

    Choose A Compatible Motor Mount

    The reality is that you’ll need a compatible motor mount to install a trolling motor on a kayak. The trolling motor is held in place by the motor mount, which attaches to your kayak.

    There are several different mounts on the market. Some are meant to attach your kayak’s bow or stern, while others allow you to attach your trolling motor to the side.

    However, compatibility with your trolling motor and kayak is crucial when choosing a motor mount. If you want to install your motor on the side of your kayak, for example, you’ll need a mount that suits the width of your kayak.

    If you choose a motor mount designed to attach to the bow or stern of your kayak, make sure the mounting clamps or bolts are suitable for your kayak’s bow or stern design.

    Attach the Propeller To The Motor Whitewater kayaking

    Unfortunately, most trolling motors do not come with a propeller. This is mainly for safety and to protect the propeller from damage during shipment to your area.

    Installation of a kayak trolling motor mount should be pretty simple if your purchase trolling motor comes with a compatible propeller. The best way to ensure proper installation is to refer to the motor’s manufacturer’s instructions.

    However, a propeller is not included with every motor. Some need you to find and install a compatible aftermarket propeller on your own.

    Mount Motor To Kayak

    Now that you have your motor and compatible mount it’s time to mount everything to your kayak. If your chosen kayak trolling motor mount comes with clamps, you’ll need to secure them to the gunwales of your kayak to keep it in place.

    You might be able to use clamps to secure it to a molded-in handle if you choose a mount that attaches to the bow or stern of your kayak. However, it’s more likely that you’ll need to drill holes in your kayak to secure the mount.

    You’ll then secure your mount to the bow or stern of your kayak with bolt-and-nut combinations.

    Build Steering Linkages Kayaking in lakes

    If you choose to mount your kayak trolling motor on the bow or stern, proceed to the following step. You’ll be able to steer your motor with your hands if you choose a gunwale mounting location. There will be no need to attach steering linkages.

    Mounting your motor on the stern or bow of your kayak is the ideal way to go if you want hands-free operation for kayak fishing or other uses. However, you will need to construct the necessary steering linkages.

    Wire Motor to Marine Battery

    Now it’s time to wire your motor to your deep-cycle marine battery so you can test it out before putting it out on the water. Fortunately, these motors’ wiring isn’t overly complicated.

    • Remove the cap (or ‘head’) on the top of the motor to reveal the wiring and other electrical components.
    • The internal wires will be colored differently depending on the motor you choose.
    • To locate the two wires you’ll attach to your marine battery, you’ll need to consult the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • One wire will be used as a ground, while the other will be used as a hot lead. While black is a typical ground color and red is often associated with a hot lead, it’s important to note that both colors might vary according to the manufacturer. So, when working with electricity, don’t neglect any needed reading!

    If the verbiage in the instruction manual that came with your motor leaves you confused, look for YouTube videos explaining your particular motor’s wiring process. This is a great way to obtain a visual aid for the wire installation.

    After you’ve connected all of the appropriate wires and checked the motor’s functionality, make sure everything is watertight.

    Take your trolling motor out and test it after you’ve mounted it to your kayak. Before declaring your project complete, double-check that everything is working as it should. You can go further and take more gear with a trolling motor on your kayak than ever before. Fortunately, adding the motor is a simple and quick task.

    Advantages of Using a Kayak Trolling Motor Mount kayak trolling motor mount and accessories1. Great For Covering More Areas

    If you’re fishing or kayaking on a vast lake, a troller motor can carry you and your kayak faster than paddling from point A to point B.

    When fishing from a kayak, you can explore different areas of a larger body of water, such as a lake, and save time going to and from your destination.

    2. Easily Get Upstream

    Paddling upstream can be exhausting at times, as anyone who has spent time kayaking knows.

    Fighting an active current is a great workout, but if your primary motivation for reaching upstream isn’t fitness, it can be a long journey chevalier.

    Adding a kayak trolling motor mount eliminates the hassle of moving your kayak upstream quickly. Many individuals enjoy paddling upstream with their trolling motor, then drifting downstream to fish, paddle, or simply relax.

    3. Spend Less Energy Kayaking on flat waters

    Kayaking is a terrific way to get some exercise. However, if you’ve been paddling all day in the scorching sun, you might need to take a rest.

    Using a trolling motor to supplement paddling sessions can save you energy during a long kayak trip.

    4. Haul More Gear Kayak in a lake

    Packing a kayak with many camping or fishing supplies is a challenge. In the water, the more gear you have in your kayak, the more cumbersome and slow it will be.

    This means that paddling to your destination may require significantly more time and effort. If you have a lot of extra gear to lug, a kayak trolling motor will be a huge help.

    Before you go, check out the best kayak accessories that will make your kayaking adventures a blast!


    If you want to fish or have more control over the water, a trolling motor might be a valuable addition to your kayak. Even so, you’ll almost always need a motor mount before you can attach the motor.

    Remember to consider the type of mount you’ll require for your engine’s power and whether or not the mount is suitable for your kayak. Regardless of how you mount your trolling motor, it will vastly improve your fishing experience. Instead of paddling all day, use an electric kayak to reduce fatigue and spend more time on the water.

    If you want to find out more about boats or what it’s like on the water, or if you have any questions any other SUP boards, feel free to leave a comment and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We’re always happy to help! 

  • Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Lose Air?
    23 June 2022

    If you’re new to SUP, and you’re worried about if your board will lose air, you can rest easy. Today’s quality built inflatable paddle boards do a great job holding onto their air, and gradual or repetitive air loss is not something you should really have to deal with. Normally, any air loss in a SUP board should not be substantial enough that you’d be able to notice it. So, in the event that your...


  • Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Pop?
    23 June 2022

    Inflatable paddle boards require pressurized air and, because they’re inflatable, it’s natural to wonder if they pop easily. The reality is, inflatable stand up paddle boards are pretty hard to pop and are surprisingly durable. Especially the types of quality inflatable boards available today. But, just because an inflatable SUP board may be built really well – and will not ‘pop’ during regular...


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    Приветствую Вас друзья! Предлагаем Вашему вниманию замечательный сайт Первое, что приходит в голову – это обратиться в банк. Но здесь есть нюансы. Чтобы оформить деньги в кредит в банке, понадобиться время, которого иногда нет. Или к примеру, если человек имеет плохую кредитную историю, банк однозначно не одобрит ему запрашиваемые…
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