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20 June 2021

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Biltmore Estate
    19 June 2021

    Travel The Food For The Soul

    The Ultimate Guide To Biltmore Estate
    North Carolina
    Biltmore Estate, one of the largest family homes ever built in the US!

    Biltmore Estate, a colossal Chateauesque-style mansion in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, was once a family home of the Vanderbilts is now a historic house museum! 

    Encompassing 800 acres, the Biltmore Estate features the iconic Biltmore House, several gardens, and the charming Antler Hill Village. The Biltmore House, comprising approximately 250 rooms, including more than 30 bedrooms, indoor gardens, a large banquet hall, a huge library, several kitchens, an indoor swimming pool, and a gym, with the original decor and furniture used by the Vanderbilt family, is the main attraction in Biltmore Estate!

    However, to add to the experience, Biltmore Estate offers a lot of other attractions and activities, including several manicured outdoor gardens, a conservatory, nature trails, wineries, and the lovely Antler Hill Village, which features many shops and eateries. Biltmore Estate also offers excellent onsite lodging options in its two hotels and cottages, with easy access to Biltmore House and other attractions located on the estate.

    Biltmore Estate, what started as a man’s dream, today is one of the most famous destinations and an iconic landmark of North Carolina! 

    It all started in 1887 when George Vanderbilt visited Asheville and fell in love with the natural scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains and decided to build his country home in the lush valleys of the mountain. The construction of Biltmore Estate began in 1889, and after six years in 1895, the estate was officially opened for the Vanderbilt family and friends. After the death of George Vanderbilt in 1914, his legacy was passed on to the next generations, who continued using Biltmore Estate for several years, and later in 1930 opened it up to the public.

    Here is my ultimate guide to Biltmore Estate, featuring essential trip-planning information, things to do, and recommendations on hotels and restaurants near Biltmore Estate!
    Planning Your Trip To Biltmore Estate

    Fly into Asheville or Greenville Regional Airport and stay in one of the onsite properties of Biltmore Estate for an authentic Biltmore Estate experience! 

    Best Time To Visit Biltmore Estate: Biltmore Estate is open all year, and with mild temperatures in North Carolina, it’s a year-round destination! However, summer and fall are the peak seasons in Biltmore Estate, with weekends being extremely busy. Warm daytime temperatures in summer and fall are best suited for strolling the gardens and hiking the nature trails at Biltmore Estate. However, if you don’t mind slightly cooler weather, visiting in spring and winter is a great option to beat the crowd at Biltmore Estate.

    Time Required In Biltmore Estate: While 3 -4 hours are sufficient to explore the Biltmore House, I recommend spending at least an entire day exploring the House, gardens, and Antler Hill Village at Biltmore Estate. If you’ve more time, you could even spend a couple of days in the Biltmore Estate, staying overnight at one of the hotels within the Estate and leisurely exploring the wineries, nature trails and indulging yourself in fine dining, shopping, and spa services offered at Biltmore Estate.

    Getting To Biltmore Estate: The best way to get to Biltmore Estate is by flying into Asheville, North Carolina, or Greenville, South Carolina regional airports and then driving to the Park. Alternatively, you could also take a train or a bus to get to the closest major city and then drive to Biltmore Estate.

    • Flight: The Asheville Regional Airport (AVL), Asheville, North Carolina, just 11 miles from Biltmore Estate and Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP), Greenville, South Carolina, around 72 miles from the Estate, are the closest major regional airports to Biltmore Estate. However, the regional airports are serviced by a few select airlines, making the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), Charlotte, North Carolina, approximately 120 miles from Biltmore Estate, the next best option to get to Biltmore Estate.
    • Train: The Greenville and Spartanburg Amtrak Stations in South Carolina, located about 70 miles from Biltmore Estate, are the closest Amtrak station to Biltmore Estate.
    • Bus: The closest Greyhound bus stop to Biltmore Estate is located on Swannanoa River Road, Asheville, North Carolina, just 2 miles from the Estate.

    Parking & Shuttle Service In Biltmore Estate: There’re two large parking lots in the Estate, Lot A & B, which can be used to access the Biltmore House. You could either walk 10 minutes or take a shuttle from the parking lot to get to the Biltmore House. There’s a separate parking lot near Antler Hill Village which can be used when visiting the village or the winery. 

    Lodging In Biltmore Estate: While you will find several lodging options in Asheville, there’re three great lodging options within the Estate featuring great views, shuttle services to several attractions, and an authentic Biltmore Estate experience. Here’re my top picks for hotels in Biltmore Estate and a couple of options outside the Estate in the town of Asheville.

    Dining Options In Biltmore Estate: There’re several great onsite dining options in Biltmore Estate, ranging from fine dining to casual cafes. Here’re my favorite places to eat in Biltmore Estate – The Dining Room for fine dining at Inn on Biltmore Estate, Village Social for great seafood in Antler Hill Village and Winery, and The Biltmore Dairy Bar for delicious milkshakes & ice creams near Biltmore House and Gardens. There’re several other dining options that you can find on the Biltmore Estate Website.

    Things To Do In Biltmore Estate

    Unquestionably, Biltmore House is the main attraction in Biltmore Estate, but there are a ton of other things to do in the Estate, including many gardens, nature trails, wineries, and the charming Antler Hill Village! 

    Biltmore House: The colossal European-style mansion, the Biltmore House takes center stage in the Estate, offering an opportunity to explore a few rooms of the mansion’s approximately 250 rooms, including indoor gardens, a massive banquet hall, a large balcony overlooking the wilderness of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a gigantic library, several bedrooms, multiple kitchens, a bowling alley, a gym, and a swimming pool. The Biltmore House also features the original art collection, decor, ceramics, and furniture used by the Vanderbilt family.

    Biltmore Estate offers various tours of the Biltmore House, including Self-Guided Tours of Biltmore House, Biltmore House Backstairs Tours, Biltmore House Rooftop Tours, and Self-Guided Audio Tours, and all tickets can be booked online on the Biltmore Estate Website. Though it’s a self-guided and self-paced tour, while reserving the tickets, you have to select an available house tour slot and reach at least an hour before your house tour begins.

    Gardens & Conservatory: The sprawling Biltmore Estate is home to lush valleys and several manicured gardens that can be explored anytime during your visit. There’re five gardens, including Shrub Garden, Italian Garden, Walled Garden, Spring Garden, and Azalea Garden, a pond, a conservatory, and several nature trails around the gardens. Here’s the link to the Biltmore Estate Garden and Trails map

    Antler Hill Village: The charming Antler Hill Village offers a great way to connect with nature and learn about the Estate’s history through its several exhibits, historic structures, farmland, and craft demonstrations. The Antler Hill Village is also the shopping and dining district of Biltmore Estate, featuring many eateries and stores. Antler Hill Village is also home to the Estate’s winery that offers a few winery tours and wine tasting. 

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  • 15 Best Things To Do In Cedar Falls, Iowa
    19 June 2021

    What are some of the best things to do in Cedar Falls, Iowa?

    After all, when we think about the city of Cedar Falls in Iowa, what typically comes to mind?

    Well for starters, the city of Cedar Falls is situated inside of Black Hawk County in Iowa. It was founded back in 1845 by William Sturgis, and was originally named “Sturgis Falls”. It wasn’t until many years later when the city merged with Cedar City, creating a new city called “Cedar Falls”.

    The city of Cedar Falls, Iowa is actually a pretty decently-sized city, as the entire area of the city is estimated to be around 29.79 square miles. And because of its size, there are quite a few people who call this place their home. According to the 2019 Census, the population was estimated to be around 40,536.

    And it is a city that is particularly known for being home to the University of Northern Iowa, which is one of Iowa’s three state universities.

    Aside from that, the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa is also a dream come true for many travelers who are wanting to come here and visit.

    Known as being one of America’s “100 Best Small Art Towns”, Cedar Falls boasts many interesting things that people will love to see and explore. From a charming downtown district to the abundance of art in the area and also the nature that surrounds this place, there is simply so much to see.

    In fact, some of the highlights of this city includes places like the McLeod Center, Hartman Reserve Nature Center, Ice House Museum, Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, Hearst Center for the Arts, and so much more.

    Plus, with an abundance of delicious restaurants, cute cafes, charming galleries, historic sites and awesome attractions, visitors will have the time of their lives exploring everything that this city has to offer.

    Which is why, if you’re wondering exactly what there is to see or do here in the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa, then you are in luck.

    In this post, we’ll be detailing all the best things to do in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

    So if you’re ready, lets get started!

    Things To Do in Cedar Falls, Iowa

    In no particular order, here are the best things to do in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

    1. Big Woods Lake Campground

    One of the best places to visit here in the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa where visitors can go and have a ton of fun while being surrounded by nature is definitely at the “Big Woods Lake Campground”.

    The Big Woods Lake Campground is a place that is owned by the city of Cedar Falls and also managed by the Black Hawk County Conservation. It is a popular area to visit as it consists of so many things of which people can see or do.

    For instance, the primary attraction of this area is definitely the lake, which is around 86 acres wide and 32 feet deep at its deepest point. Because of how big this lake is, boating is one of the most popular things to do here as there are boat ramps for people to use.

    Not only that, but the lake itself is stocked with a ton of different fish, which means that fishing is also a popular activity that many people come here to do. In fact, some of the fishes you can catch here includes fishes like largemouth bass, panfish, walleye and northern pike. 

    Aside from the lake, the area surrounding it is also a perfect spot to do some other activities as well. For instance, there are many trails around which makes biking or hiking a popular thing to do. There’s also many wildlife living around here so many people often come here to scout them.

    As for the campgrounds, this place offers 55 full hookup campsites as well as a non-modern camping area. All of the campsites here includes the use of a fire ring and picnic table as well as wireless internet.

    Overall, the Big Woods Lake Campgrounds is filled with so many things for people to see or do. It’s no wonder it is often recommended by everyone as being one of the best places to visit here in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

    2. Cedar Falls Main Street

    If it’s going to be your first time visiting the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa, then one of the best places you have to visit is definitely the “Cedar Falls Main Street”.

    Cedar Falls Main Street is basically the life of the city. It is here where visitors can find all sorts of fun entertainment and dining options for them to enjoy. Plus, no matter what time of day you decide to visit, there will always be something open for you to see and explore.

    For instance, here in Main Street, there are over 30 plus unique shops and boutiques, as well as over 20 plus bars, cafes, and restaurants for you to visit.

    Just by roaming around this area, visitors will find things like antique shops, spas and salons, theaters, jewelry stores, breweries and more. Or if you want, this place also has some great dining options like a restaurant called “Montage”, which features delicious steak and pastas with an assortment of wines.

    Not only that, but roaming around Main Street is also one of the best ways to learn about the culture of the city. After all, there is nothing better than enjoying the sights of locals roaming around and interacting with one another. Who knows, you might even make a new friend here!

    So if you are ever wanting to brighten up your day and do something fun and exciting, why not pay a visit to Main Street? It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget! Definitely one of the best things to do in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

    3. Hartman Reserve Nature Center

    One of the best places to visit if you want to surround yourself with nature here in the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa is definitely at the “Hartman Reserve Nature Center”.

    The Hartman Reserve Nature Center is a huge 308.9 acre nature reserve that is located here in the city of Cedar Falls. This reserve is known to be the largest undisturbed wooded area in Black Hawk County and is also home to three distinct habitats, including wetland, forest and prairie.

    What makes this reserve special is that it is dedicated to teaching the youth about nature through hands on experiences and preservation. Because of this, all throughout the year this place will be host to a wide range of classes and events for people to participate in.

    Not only that, but this reserve is also one of the most popular places to visit for those wanting to do some exploring and hiking. There are quite a few trails here in this area which makes for a great place to explore and see all kinds of amazing plants and trees that live here in this area.

    Aside from that, because this area is so big, it is home to a variety of different animals. Some of which includes white-tailed deer, river otters, turkeys, red shouldered hawks, foxes, vultures and more. Which is why wildlife viewing is also a frequent activity that many people come here to do.

    The Hartman Reserve Nature Center is one of the best places to visit in Cedar Falls, Iowa. With so many things to see and explore, visitors will have the time of their lives exploring every inch of this reserve.

    4. Whiskey Road Tavern & Grill

    One of the best restaurants you can ever visit while here in the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa is definitely at a place called “Whiskey Road Tavern & Grill”.

    The Whiskey Road Tavern & Grill is a popular restaurant that is locally owned here in the downtown area of Cedar Falls. Many locals and tourists love to come here to eat and have fun because they are open seven days a week and doesn’t close until late at night.

    In fact, according to Yelp, they are also one of the highest rated restaurants as well as being one of the most reviewed restaurants in the entire area of Cedar Falls, Iowa.

    Visitors who come to this restaurant will find that they serve all kinds of delicious and interesting foods for people to choose from. Some of the highlights include foods such as Chips and Dip, Bacon Brussels, Fried Pickles, Honey Garlic Noodle Bowl, Chicken Fajita Pasta, and much more.

    Aside from the food, the Whiskey Road Tavern & Grill is also a place that is especially known for their whiskeys. Here visitors can find all kinds of whiskeys like Bourbon, Tennessee, Blended Scotch, American Rye, Canadian Rye, Irish, Midwest, and so much more.

    And best of all is that the environment around here is so warm and welcoming. It’s a fantastic place to visit especially if you are new to the city as you can chit chat with strangers and get to know more of the culture around here.

    So whether you are hungry or just want to get some drinks, the Whiskey Road Tavern & Grill is one of the best restaurants you can ever visit here in the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa. Who knows, while you are here, you might even make a few friends!

    5. UNI-Dome / McLeod Center

    If you’re interested in watching some sports being played out or even attending some events here in the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa, then one place you should absolutely visit is one known as the “UNI-Dome / McLeod Center”.

    The UNI-Dome / McLeod Center is a massive 7,018 seat multi-purpose arena that is located on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa.

    In fact, the University of Northern Iowa actually built the McLeod Center as a replacement for the UNI Dome, which was previously the home of the university’s wrestling, volleyball, and basketball programs.

    However, even with the McLeod Center being built, the UNI Dome is still home to its storied football program. Meanwhile, the McLeod Center which opened in 2006, is a place that allows for various types of events to happen.

    For instance, in addition to the sporting events, the McLeod Center is also able to bring in many entertainment events as well. There have been many concerts that were held here which included artists like Miranda Lambert, Meat Loaf, Bob Dylan, and more.

    Heck, even the Dalai Lama has been to this arena as well.

    With all of that being said, if you are wanting to enjoy some sports or maybe some entertaining events here in the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa, then the UNI-Dome / McLeod Center is definitely one of the best places you can ever visit.

    6. Ice House Museum

    One of the most interesting and unique attractions that you can ever visit while visiting the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa is definitely the Ice House Museum.

    The Ice house Museum is a unique museum where it is the only museum of its kind here in the United States which actually shares the ice harvesting story inside of an original ice house. Because of this, locals and tourists from all around love to come here and see all kinds of interesting things.

    Created back in 1921, this building served as an ice house from 1922 until Smith (owner of Cedar Falls Ice and Fuel Company) lost his business in 1934. Since then, it has been transformed into a livestock barn and eventually an ice skating ring.

    Today however, this ice house has been transformed once again into a living museum. Inside this museum contains many interactive displays that are designed to help tell the story of ice harvesting. Not only that, it also shows how the Cedar River has shaped daily life, culture, and business.

    Aside from that, there are also many tools that are on display which were formerly used to cut the ice from the nearby river. There are also many videos and hands-on activities which visitors can participate in and learn more about how ice harvesting works.

    Overall, it’s truly one of the most unique and interesting museums you can ever visit. So if you have the time to spare, then a trip to the Ice House Museum might just be something that you will be looking forwards to.

    7. Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center

    If you’re a fan of the performing arts, then one of the best places you can ever visit here in the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa is definitely the “Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center”.

    The Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center is a center that is situated inside of the University of Northern Iowa Campus here in the city of Cedar Falls. It is one of the most popular places to visit as they put on various types of performances all throughout the year.

    For instance, the center is made up of three different performance halls, and offers seating for as many as 1,680 guests inside of the Great Hall. Because of this, there will usually always be a huge turnout for the performances here at this center.

    In fact, each and every year, there will be more than three hundred performances which are held here in the performing arts center. These performances will include a variety of international and national touring shows and performers, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony, and also the NI School of Music student productions.

    Not only that, but depending on the time of year and also the event, this center will also bring in a wide range of internationally acclaimed programs and artists, with events ranging from comedy to classical or even Broadway too.

    So if you ever want to take your family out or just want to treat yourself to some really amazing performances, then this is one place you should absolutely visit.

    8. Sakura

    If you love Asian food, especially Japanese foods, then you won’t have to travel far while visiting the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa.

    After all, here in this city, visitors can find one of the best Japanese restaurants to visit. Known as “Sakura“, they are a popular Japanese restaurant that specializes in serving a variety of delicious Japanese foods for people to enjoy.

    In fact, according to Yelp, they are one of the highest rated restaurants as well as being one of the most reviewed restaurants in the entire area of Cedar Falls, Iowa.

    Visitors who come to this restaurant will find no shortages of delicious foods to choose from. For instance, if you want sushi, you can find things such as Tilapia Nigiri, Kani Roll, California Rolls, Philly Rolls, Tiger Eyes, Alaskan Hand Roll, and so much more.

    Or if you want regular Japanese food that isn’t sushi, you can also find things like Agedashi Tofu, Chicken Tempura, Baked Mussel, Hibachi Salmon, Gyoza, Egg Rolls, and so much more.

    Aside from the Japanese food, Sakura also specializes in serving a variety of different alcoholic drinks as well. Here visitors can find things like Beer, Japanese Wines and Champagne, and also specialty drinks too. All of which pairs perfectly well with any and all foods that you order.

    Overall, Sakura is one of the best restaurants you can ever visit here in the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa. So if you ever want to eat some delicious foods, especially Japanese foods, then you absolutely must come here to visit Sakura. You will definitely not be disappointed.

    9. Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo

    Want to try your luck at winning some money?

    If so, then one of the most exciting and entertaining places you can ever visit where you can do such a thing is definitely at a casino. And there is no better casino to visit then the “Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo”.

    As the name suggests, the casino is actually located in the area of Waterloo, which is only minutes away from Cedar Falls Iowa.

    The Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo is one of the most popular places to visit as many locals and tourists from all around love to come here and visit while trying to see if they can earn some major money.

    Here visitors will find that the casino is filled with some of the most amazing casino games they can ever play. For instance, there are over 25 table games, 878 slot machines, sports betting services, and a number of other things as well for people to enjoy.

    Aside from gaming, this casino is also filled with quite a few dining options as well. For instance, one of the most popular restaurants is known as the “Brew Brothers”, which is a great place to visit where you can get some amazing foods and also some delicious beer.

    And depending on when visitors come to visit this casino, there will quite often be some events and entertainment being hosted here on-site for people to enjoy.

    At the end of the day, if you are looking for a place to relax while having some fun, then you might want to consider visiting the Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo. Who knows, you might just be able to win some money!

    10. Lost Island Water Park

    If you’re trying to beat the heat while visiting the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa, then one of the best places you can ever visit is a place known as “Lost Island Water Park”.

    Lost Island Water Park is an amusement park that is situated in Waterloo, Iowa, which is only minutes away from Cedar Falls, Iowa. Because of this, many locals and tourists love to visit this spot..

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  • Best Luxury Hotels In Kensington
    19 June 2021

    It contains some of the priciest postcodes in the land and counts some of Britain’s most famous names among its residents past and present. Eric Clapton, Robbie Williams, Rowan Atkinson, Sir Richard Branson and a host of royals who call the area’s palace home, all live in this well-heeled neighbourhood. The world’s finest designer boutiques, national museums, top dining spots and rooftop gardens can be explored within its 12 km radius. Choose one of these hotels to make your stay in this beautiful borough, extra special.

    The Kensington

    Kids and pets are welcome at this 150 room townhouse hotel. Enter from the bustling Old Brompton Road, into a haven of calm. In-suite Aromatherapy Associates toiletries, Nespresso machines and a minibar help guests to unwind in their own private space. Or there’s the softly lit classic club-style K-Bar, where you can relax with a cocktail on one of its divinely cosy sofas (look out for the bar’s brass doors, which used to belong to Dublin’s General Post Office, the backdrop for the Easter Rising in 1916). Be sure to make a booking at its restaurant, Town House, too. The Kensington is super stylish, sporting statement lighting and plenty of sumptuously tactile textiles. 

    Check Availability & Prices

    The Ampersand

    Privately owned, this hotel themes its rooms on high-brow local attractions: the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Victoria & Albert and the Royal Albert Hall. So does its quirky and interactive Science Afternoon Tea, an award-winning experience – including jams served in petri dishes, chocolate spacemen and dinosaur biscuits – served in the Drawing Room. It’s understandably popular with children, but there’s also a grown-up version, featuring a cocktail flight. Venture beneath the building’s Victorian arches for a more substantial meal, in the Mediterranean eatery Apero. The 111 bedroom South Kensington hotel welcomes small pets in deluxe category rooms and above and won’t charge for their stay. Cots and extra beds can be added on request, for travelling families. 

    Check Availability & Prices

    The Gore

    Established by celebrity designer Anouska Hempel, Blakes was the capital’s first five-star boutique residence. Its exclusivity and privacy make it popular with celebrities evading the limelight (Princess Margaret, Sarah Ferguson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss are all said to have stayed here). The decor is inspired by exotic lands – each bedroom reflecting a different pocket of the globe. Its urban garden was created by Matthew Williamson, is open for daytime meals, early evening drinks and boasts a glass birdcage like dining pod. While by night, dining takes place in the venue’s organic Mediterranean eatery. Guests at Blakes Hotel have access to the South Kensington Club, with its traditional Russian bathhouse, or can request in-room spa treatments. 

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    Blakes Hotel

    Established by celebrity designer Anouska Hempel, Blakes was the capital’s first five-star boutique residence. Its exclusivity and privacy make it popular with celebrities evading the limelight (Princess Margaret, Sarah Ferguson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss are all said to have stayed here). The decor is inspired by exotic lands – each bedroom reflecting a different pocket of the globe. Its urban garden was created by Matthew Williamson, is open for daytime meals, early evening drinks and boasts a glass birdcage like dining pod. While by night, dining takes place in the venue’s organic Mediterranean eatery. Guests at Blakes Hotel have access to the South Kensington Club, with its traditional Russian bathhouse, or can request in-room spa treatments. 

    Check Availability & Prices

    The Pelham Hotel

    Like The Gore, this hotel is part of the Starhotels Collezione group, an identity reflected in the otherwise quintessentially British hotel’s Italian basement restaurant. The Pelham’s vintage interiors have been refreshed by designer Kit Kemp, yet retain the original features, stuccoed ceilings and oil painted artworks that nod to its past. Housed in a Victorian townhouse across from the tube station, it’s super convenient for exploring the city. Children love the brand’s VIK (Very Important Kid) programme, with games, activities, menus and amenities. Pets are allowed to stay with you here too. 

    Check Availability & Prices

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Australia Travel blogs

Australia Travel Blogs

20 June 2021

Australia Travel Blogs Australia Travel Blogs
  • 21 Romanian Landmarks
    19 June 2021

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    Romania’s rise to popularity in Europe is due to its stunning scenery and budget-friendly options, opening up weekends away for visitors. Romania is a beautiful country, with breathtaking sandy beaches on the shores of the Black Sea, a forest-covered stretch of the Carpathian Mountains, and the largest delta in Europe filled with a variety of […]

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  • Mountain Creek On E-Bike and E-Scooter
    19 June 2021 – This beautiful circuit around Mountain Creek, one of the most amazing places we have ever seen in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. There’s not a better way to start the week than riding e-bike, e-scooter, and enjoying nature. We…

    The post Mountain Creek On E-Bike and E-Scooter first appeared on The Travel Junkie.
  • The Ultimate List of Things to do in Palm Cove with Kids
    19 June 2021

    Find out here the absolute best things to do in Palm Cove with Kids. The guide includes the top attractions in Palm Cove and…

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  • 21 Illinois Landmarks
    18 June 2021

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    Bordered by Indiana and the Mississippi River, Illinois is known as the Prairie State for its farmland and rolling hills. The contrast between the Illinois countryside and its largest city, Chicago, means there are various landmarks in Illinois to see. From the third-tallest building in the USA to the stunning Garden of the Gods, Illinois […]

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  • 40 Camping Hacks Australia that are actually useful!
    18 June 2021
  • Raptor Paint Review – Six Months Later – What went wrong?
    17 June 2021

    It has been six months since our 4WD received its biggest overhaul yet - raptor paint on the whole car. During this time, the Amarok has been bush bashing and been through some decent river crossings in Victoria’s High Country.… Read More

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  • Things to do in Katherine
    17 June 2021

    The best things to do in Katherine Whatever your interests, you will find something to enjoy. The Katherine region in the Northern Territory is a remarkable place to visit.  Here’s our list of the best things to do in Katherine and why you should put this trip on your ‘must do’ list! Enjoy some of […]

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  • 16 Sip-worthy Caravanning Mugs, Tumblers & Drink Bottles
    17 June 2021
  • Winter School Holidays – Saturday 26 June to Sunday 11 July 2021 – Melbourne CBD/Docklands
    16 June 2021

    Hello, winter school holidays Melbourne!

    Here’s your mega list of school holiday events and activities in Melbourne CBD for the winter school holidays, including free, low-cost and virtual events and family attractions.

    This year the holidays run from Saturday 26 June to Sunday 11 July 2021.

    Note that due restrictions in Melbourne, events and businesses may be impacted. Please check before attending and follow advice from the Victorian Government.

    Melbourne School Holidays CBD/Docklands – Week 1
    • Flinders Quarter Augmented Art Walk (Fri 18 Jun – Fri 2 Jul) – Visit Melbourne’s Flinders Quarter and take a self-guided journey through the streets, laneways, heritage buildings and local businesses to unlock a collection of 12 artwork treasures that come to life through augmented reality (AR) and storytelling. Free. Flinders Quarter Augmented Art Walk review
    • Bluey’s Big Play (Fri 18 Jun – Sun 18 Jul) – When Dad feels like a little bit of Sunday arvo time out, Bluey and Bingo have other plans!
    • Larry Leadbeater: Fairy Possum, Friend and Muse (Fri 18 Jun to Thurs 8 Jul) – ​Join in for an exhibit of the illustrations from Larry Leadbeater. Free.
    • Winter Igloo Garden Wharf Hotel (Fri 18 Jun – Sep 2021) – get back outside and cosy up beneath a sky of twinkling fairy lights on the banks of the Yarra Feast on a grazing board in your own private winter wonderland. Wharf Hotel igloos review
    • Disney: The Magic of Animation (Fri 18 Jun – Sun 17 Oct) – Shown in Australia for the very first time, this exhibition contains original sketches and rare artworks from 1928 to the present day, including the latest release Raya and the Last Dragon, exclusive to Melbourne. Disney exhibition review.
    • Jurassic World by Brickman (Fri 18 Jun – Sun 11 Jul) – Australia’s largest LEGO exhibition bringing the film Jurassic World to life with LEGO dinosaurs and more! Jurassic World review
    • Imaginaria (Fri 18 Jun – Sun 11 Jul) – Fully interactive bespoke sounds, scents and lights activate in response to your movement as you walk, slide and glide through the dreamlike landscapes. Walk into a giant inflatable bubble, navigate a futuristic light maze or jump into a cosmic abyss. Imaginaria review
    • Code Camp (Fri 25 Jun – Sun 11 Jul) – During the camps, kids create and build their own game, learn about user design and the psychology of user experience.
    • The Winter Village (Fri 25 Jun – Sun 11 Jul) – ice rink, food & drink pop up bars and an igloo Village of 21 cosy igloos. Winter Village review
    • Sharklife at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium (Sat 26 Jun – Sun 11 Jul) – sink your teeth into the world of these magnificent but often misunderstood sea creatures.
    • The District Makers Market (Sun 27 June) –  arts and crafts from some of Melbourne’s best creative types. Free.
    • Taste of Portugal Festival (Sun 27 June) – The Festival unites all the Portuguese speaking communities, including Portugal, Brazil and East Timor, to celebrate historical ties. Free.
    • Dinosaur dig at City Library (Mon 28 Jun) – Learn about dinosaurs in this hands-on Paleontology workshop. Dig out and analyse specimens, make casts of ancient creatures and lots more. Free.
    • Shakespeare Workshops (Mon 28 Jun – Tue 6 Jul) – Join a school holiday workshop to explore the funny bits, turning the tragic on its head and creating a unique and original performance for friends and family.
    • Spirit Untamed High Tea (Mon 28 Jun – Fri 19 Jul) – Kindred spirits get ready to have an equine-themed afternoon tea, in celebration of the new DreamWorks Animated feature film, Spirit Untamed. 
    • Dinosaur treasure hunt at Library at The Dock (Mon 28 Jun – Fri 9 Jul) – Follow the clues, search the library to find the hidden dinosaurs and win cool prizes. Come and collect a sheet from staff and hunt at your own pace. Free.
    • The Melbourne Magic Festival (Mon 28 Jun – Sat 10 Jul) – The Melbourne Magic Festival includes more than 150 performances of 35 different shows including top international guest magicians from all over Australia. 
    • Stand up dinosaurs at City Library (Tue 29 Jun) – Get ready for some ROAR-some fun as you paint and create your own dinosaur to take home. Free.s
    • Aiden Schofield’s Untitled Magic Show (Tue 29 Jun – Sat 3 Jul) – Aiden will dazzle audiences with a mix of stunning magic and sleight of hand with playing cards, Rubik’s cubes and borrowed items right in front of your very eyes and minds.
    • Dinosaur dig at Library at The Dock (Wed 30 Jun) – Learn about dinosaurs in this hands-on palaeontology workshop. Dig out and analyse specimens, make casts of ancient creatures and lots more. Free.
    • Freehand Street Art Workshop (Thu 1 Jul, Fri 9 Jul) – an exclusive chance to learn a variety of spray-painting techniques from a renowned street artist at the famous Blender Studios.
    • The Rainbow Tree (Thu 1 Jul – Sun 4 Jul) – musical storytelling with moving image – co-created with children from Rainbow families who shared personal and imagined stories around the idea of family, identity and community. Free.
    • Oz Comic-Con (Sat 3 Jul – Sun 4 Jul) – celebration of movies, TV, comics, books, video games.
    • Donut Festival (Sun 4 July) – Come and join us for a day of doughy and sugary deliciousness as we host the Donut Festival at Queen Vic Market. Free.
    • Dinosaur skeleton at Library at The Dock (Mon 5 Jul) – Come along and make your very own dinosaur skeleton from plywood to paint and take home. Free.
    • Dinosaur Stompers at City Library (Mon 5 Jul) – Roar and stomp your way through a half hour of dinosaur rhymes and books. Free.
    • The Lighthouse (Mon 5 Jul – Sat 17 Jul) – The Lighthouse beckons young people and their adults to explore the endless wonders of light.
    • The Land Where One Never Dies (Tue 6 Jul – Thu 8 Jul) – The Land Where One Never Dies by Italo Calvino is an Italian folktale that tells the story of a young man’s determination to achieve victory over death. This performance embeds the tale within an autobiographical story, and uses authentic hand-crafted marionette puppets in a traditional setting, accompanied by live accordion music.
    • The Last Lighthouse Keeper (Tue 6 Jul – Thu 8 Jul) – Black Hole Theatre presents an uplifting, rollicking tale told through music and puppetry about a lighthouse, its keeper, and the two young people who bring him friendship.
    • Hammer and Thumb (Tue 6 Jul – Thu 8 Jul) – Julian Chapple combines his love for salvaged wood and rusty tools with object manipulation and quirky sounds to present a heart-warming solo puppet show filled with mischief and mayhem.
    • Do It Again (Tue 6 Jul – Sat10 Jul) – Meet Braydon, a 19-year-old street performer from Melbourne’s central business area, presenting his debut show ‘Do It Again!’.
    • Magic School with Tim Credible (Tue 6 Jul – Sat 10 Jul) – This super-interactive and family-fun workshop will amaze and inspire all who attend. Each child receives a free magic kit.
    • Tim Credible’s Family Magic Show (Tue 6 Jul – Sun 11 Jul) – Get ready for fun, laughter and amazement for the whole family with Tim Credible and Douzie the Dragon.
    • Nick Nickolas Magic Comedy Show (Tue 6 Jul – Sun 11 Jul) – Nick presents astounding magical effects, armed with a wealth of comedic material and quickfire one liners – laughter is always guaranteed.
    • I Once Was a Tree & Solastalgia (Wed 7 Jul – Sun 11 Jul) – Enjoy free street performances by Bonkel Theatre and Melissa Boag performed on the front veranda of La Mama Courthouse. Free.
    • Kids Takeover! State Library of Victoria (Thu 8 Jul) – Join us at the Library on one exciting day every school holidays as we transform our spaces into an interactive and colourful playground for kids and families. Free.
    • Robogals: LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robot Challenge (Thu 8 Jul) – Learn to invent, build and program real working robots. A hands-on workshop that has participants attempting multiple programming challenges using LEGO Robot EV3 kits. Free.
    • Sock Puppets workshop (Thu 8 Jul) – Join Lemony S Puppet Theatre and make your own sock puppet character, as well as learn to perform with Elmo-type puppets.
    • Little Puggle’s song (Thu 8 Jul – Sat 10 Jul) – Introduce your children to the magic of live music in an exciting new collaboration with Orchestra Victoria!
    • What’s a Puppet? (Fri 9 Jul) – In this two-hour workshop, the aim is to stimulate the child’s imagination and enrich their play wherever they are: at home, in the playground, indoors and outdoors. Children will be guided into making their own puppets from everyday materials.
    • Pearly Whites (Fri 9 Jul – Sun 11 Jul) – Explore Doctor Hal E. Tosis’ giant toothy cavern and learn everything there is to know about dental hygiene. 
    • Puppets and Masks of Italy (Fri 9 Jul – Sun 11 Jul) – Puppeteer Dennis Murphy has taken Commedia dell’Arte, the west’s oldest living theatre tradition, and adapted it for modern Australian audiences. See him perform three of his comedies.
    • Once Upon a Time Café (Fri 9 Jul – Sun 11 Jul) – Once Upon a Time Café presents The Frog Prince, a classic story with a modern twist.
    • Trash Puppets (Sat 10 Jul) – Get messy with the Trash Puppet leaders and learn how to make your very own Trash Puppet.
    • Truffle Melbourne Festival (Sat 10 Jul -Sun 11 July) – The much-anticipated Truffle Melbourne Festival will return to Queen Vic Market in July 2021. Truffle Melbourne review
    • Children’s Shadow Puppet Making Workshop (Sun 11 Jul) – Kyoko Imazu will lead children through a shadow puppet making process using their own imagination and stories to create their favourite characters. This workshop will culminate in a short performance by the children for their parents behind the screen.
    whats on melbourne SCHOOL HOLIDAYS CBD/DOCKLANDS – ongoing
    • Shrine Kids (ongoing) – free discovery trail for children at the Shrine of Remembrance. Full review. Free
    • The Story of the Moving Image (ongoing) – Journey through the past, present and future of the moving image through interactive experiences, digital innovation and captivating stories. Free. ACMI review
    • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (ongoing) – see the award-winning production of the sequel to the Harry Potter series playing exclusively in Melbourne. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child review
    • Escape the Gaol (ongoing ) – Participants will have the opportunity to become inmates and must explore the Gaol to discover all the necessary clues to create the perfect escape plan, without being discovered by the prison guards. Old Melbourne Gaol review
    • Cluedo Experience (ongoing) – The Old Melbourne Gaol Cluedo Experience is an immersive adventure puzzle game for all ages. Dodgy lawyer Lionel Grey was found dead at the Gaol in 1924, but authorities never cracked the case. Now it’s up to you!
    • Piccoli Artisans Italian Paper Marbling Workshop (ongoing) – Held in a Florentine paper shop, these sessions will guide your child through the techniques, colours and patterns with the use of various traditional tools whilst producing their own masterpiece to take home.
    • Melbourne Book Market (Every Saturday and Sunday) – a curated collection of more than 5,000 new and pre-loved titles selected and presented by some of Melbourne’s most experienced booksellers as well as authors, illustrators and book creators. Free.
    • Arts Centre Sunday Market (Sundays) – find unique, quirky and handmade items at the stalls. There’s always some yummy treats too! Free.
    Winter school holidays Melbourne 2021 – PIN this picture to save this post!

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  • Perth to Exmouth Road Trip
    16 June 2021

    The Perth to Exmouth road trip would have to be one of the most scenic in Australia. Beginning in Perth, a city with a rich vibrant lifestyle we take you to a place where vast rugged vistas meet the endless turquoise waters of the West Australian coastline. Exmouth is famous for the Cape Range National …

    Perth to Exmouth Road Trip Read More »

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Europe Travel blogs

Europe Travel Blogs

20 June 2021

Europe Travel Blogs Europe Travel Blogs
  • Best Day Trips From Genoa – Portofino, Cinque Terre & Corsica
    20 June 2021
    It would be rude not to make day trip plans to Corsica, Cinque Terre and Portofino while you’re in Genoa. There’s lots to do in Genoa. Marvel at the beautiful Genoa Cathedral, gaze upwards at the frescos in the art museum Palazzo Rosso and visiting Palazzi dei Rolli palace are just a few things to see… Read More »Best Day Trips From Genoa – Portofino, Cinque Terre & Corsica
  • Venice’s St. Mark’s — A Treasure Chest of Wonders
    19 June 2021

    It’s clear that as we, as a society, get vaccinated, we’ll soon be free to travel again in Europe — and it’s more exciting than ever to envision the great sights and slices of culture that await. For me, one of the great joys of travel is having in-person encounters with great art and architecture — which I’ve collected in a book called Europe’s Top 100 Masterpieces. Here’s one of my favorites:   

    Stand in the center of St. Mark’s Square — the center of Venice — and take in the scene: the historic buildings, the cafés with their dueling orchestras, the sheer expanse of the square, and all the people — Italians on holiday, Indians in colorful saris, and Nebraskans in shorts and baseball caps. Overseeing it all is a church that’s unlike any other in the world — the Basilica of St. Mark. 

    St. Mark’s is a treasure chest of wonders acquired during Venice’s glory days. The facade shows off the cosmopolitan nature of this sea-trading city that assimilated so many different cultures. There are Roman-style arches over the doors, Greek-style columns alongside, Byzantine mosaics, French Gothic pinnacles on the roofline, and — topping the church — the onion-shaped domes of the Islamic world. The gangly structure has been compared to “a warty bug taking a meditative walk” (Mark Twain) or “a love-cluster of tiara-topped ladybugs copulating” (unknown). 

    One of the facade mosaics depicts the scene when the body of St. Mark — the author of one of the four gospels in the Bible — was interred on this spot. In 1063, this church was built over Mark’s bones. As Venice expanded, the church was encrusted with precious objects — columns, statues, and mosaics — looted from their vast empire. Their prize booty was four bronze horses, placed in the center of the facade. It’s little wonder that the architectural style of St. Mark’s has been called “Early Ransack.” 

    When you step inside St. Mark’s Basilica, the entire atmosphere takes on a golden glow as your eyes slowly adjust to the dark. The church is decorated, top to bottom, with radiant mosaics. It’s as intricate as it is massive. (Imagine paving a football field with contact lenses.) They tell the entire story of Christ and the saints in pictures made from thousands of tiny cubes of glass (with gold baked inside) and colored stone. The reflecting gold mosaics help light this thick-walled, small-windowed, lantern-lit church, creating a luminosity that symbolizes the divine light of heaven. 

    As you explore deeper, you’ll discover the church is filled with precious and centuries-old objects: jewel-encrusted chalices, silver reliquaries, and monstrous monstrances (for displaying the Communion wafer). An urn holds the (supposed) holy DNA of St. Mark. The priceless 1,000-year-old Golden Altarpiece is a towering wall of handcrafted enamels set in a gold frame and studded with 15 hefty rubies, 300 emeralds, and 1,500 pearls. Exotic objects like these date from an era when Venice was almost as oriental as it was European. 

    The church’s symbolic message culminates at the very heart of the church. There, up in the central dome, Christ reigns in the starry heavens, riding on a rainbow. This isn’t the agonized, crucified Jesus featured in most churches, but a vibrant, radiant being gazing solemnly down, raising his hand in a blessing, as the Pantocrator, or Ruler of All. His grace radiates through a ring of saints to the altar below. As the central spot in the church, the Pantocrator dome is the symbolic center of the Venetian universe itself, with Christ blessing it all. God’s in his heaven, the faithful are on earth, Venice is central, and all’s right with the world. 

    Standing under the dome of St. Mark’s, it becomes clear: Among Europe’s churches, there are bigger, more historic, and even holier churches. But none are more majestic than St. Mark’s Basilica. 

  • Early summer hikes to do around Europe
    19 June 2021

    If you’re ready for your next active adventure, grab your hiking boots and your passport. You’re going to love these suggestions...

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  • Hiking Zugspitze, Germany’s Highest Peak
    19 June 2021

    Here's my experience of hiking Zugspitze, Germany's highest peak. It was tough, but I made it and enjoyed the whole experience.

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  • Top Things To Do in Kalamata
    19 June 2021

    In your head, your Kalamata holiday spells pure relaxation, even though there are a hundred-and-one top things to do in Kalamata. Kalamata is the capital and also the central port of Messinia and nestles below Taygetos mountain. Just 3 hours drive from Athens, the small city in the Peloponnese is well known for its olives […]

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  • Artisan Europe: Worth Seeking Out
    18 June 2021

    Even though I’m holding off on visiting Europe for now, I believe a regular dose of travel dreaming can be good for the soul. I hope you’ll enjoy this travel tale from my book Europe’s Top 100 Masterpieces a collection of 100 of my favorite stories from a lifetime of European travels. 


    When you’ve traveled in Europe as long as I have, you experience changes big and small. And more and more, I notice traditional, local businesses making way for cookie-cutter chains and synthetic conformity. In historic city centers, as rents go up, longtime residents, families, and craftspeople are pushed out. Small hotels, one-of-a-kind shops, and individual craftspeople simply don’t have the scale to compete with the big guys. And that, coupled with the impact of COVID sending mom-and-pop shops out of business, makes me want to celebrate my memories of these venerable craftspeople. 

    In Florence, the end of rent control made costs spike immediately, driving artisans and shops catering to locals out of business — to be replaced by upscale boutiques and trendy eateries. The same thing happened in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. As landlords evicted long-term renters to make more money off short-term Airbnb rentals, mom-and-pop shops lost their traditional clientele and went out of business. In Istanbul, the city wants to move the iconic gold-and-silver workshops from the Grand Bazaar to a place outside the city center, while “Made in Taiwan” gift shops are able to pay higher rents and take their place, changing the character of the market. 

    Craftsmen lament that the next generation, drawn to the energy of big cities and lured by the opportunities of big corporations, won’t be there to carry on the traditions. The artists who craft handmade guitars in Madrid, the family winemakers of Burgundy, the fishermen who sell shrimp on the Oslo harborfront…these have all been fixtures in my lifetime of European travel. What will become of these rich facets of local culture if the younger generation opts out? Of course, I can’t blame the children of artisans for jumping into the modern rat race; I’m not an old-school piano technician like my father. But it’s worth considering how the future will look when economic scale and efficiency trump artisan values.  

    It’s a real joy when I stumble upon true artisans who are committed to doing things the traditional way, by hand — and communities that understand the importance of keeping them in business. I urge travelers to seek out and support artisan experiences while traveling — before it’s too late. 

    In Rothenburg, Germany, I visited with Peter Leyrer, a printmaker who proudly showed me his etchings. He makes his prints using the copper-plate technique, just as Albrecht Dürer did 500 years ago. Peter prints the black-and-white etchings, paints them with watercolors, and sells them in his shop. Peter is getting older and will soon retire. He told me that with no one to take over for him, his 3,000 copper plates will likely end up in a museum. One of his etchings hangs in my office. 

    In the Tuscan hill town of Montepulciano, my friend Cesare is a proud coppersmith with a spirit as strong as the oak-tree root upon which his grandfather’s anvil sits. For Cesare, every day is show-and-tell, as steady streams of travelers drop by to see him at work, fashioning special ornaments for the town cathedral and pounding out fine cookware. 

    In nearby Orvieto, Federico Badia is a young cobbler who’s passionate about preserving the art of traditional shoemaking. After apprenticing at a leather shop in Rome, he set up his own studio, where he patiently crafts fine leather shoes for an appreciative clientele. Federico says that “Made in Italy” doesn’t apply to mass-produced factory shoes — it’s a label that rightly belongs only to the fine products hand-crafted by artisans like him. 

    Back in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, Dikran is a silversmith who uses hand tools to create finely designed, one-of-a-kind pieces. For a decade, he worked as an unpaid apprentice, studying under a master until he himself became one. In the past, a volunteer apprentice had to work hard to persuade a master to accept him. Today, it’s a struggle to get young people to enter a field in which training takes years and incomes are limited.  

    Guiding a tour group through eastern Turkey, I once dropped in on a craftsman who was famous for his wood carving. We gathered around his table to watch him work, appreciating the pride he took in his art. Suddenly, he stopped, held his chisel high into the sky, and declared, “A man and his chisel — the greatest factory on Earth!” 

    As we emerge from this COVID crisis, the big mystery for me is how many artisans, mom-and-pop shops and eateries, and creative little business ventures will still be standing. After all, these are what make our travels (and our hometowns) so easy to love. 

    I don’t have the answers on how to sustain Europe’s age-old traditions, but I’m inspired whenever I meet the artisans who lovingly carry treasured and endangered crafts into the future. And it always feels right to buy a piece of their work. 

  • Rewilding actions support nature-based tourism growth in the Danube Delta
    17 June 2021
    In the Ukrainian Danube Delta, the opening of a new photography hide and the ongoing restoration of forest landscape are enhancing the area's tourism appeal.


  • The Best Tourist Attractions in Barcelona
    16 June 2021

    Looking to plan your holiday to Barcelona? Read our top ten recommendations for the biggest tourist attractions in Barcelona!

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  • A Guide to Street Food & Street Art in Krakow, Poland
    15 June 2021

    There is a wealth of Street Food & Street Art in Krakow. The city is well-known for its architectural beauty and towering churches. But step away from the Old Town and you have a thriving alternative scene of rustic bars, street food trucks and imaginative […]

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  • Arrival of Dutch bison boosts natural grazing at Danish rewilding initiative
    14 June 2021
    This April a herd of seven European bison from the Netherlands arrived at the Lille Vildmose protected area in Denmark, which is a member of the European Rewilding Network. Their presence will help to boost biodiversity and support the health and further growth of the entire European bison population.


Dubai Travel blogs

Dubai Travel Blogs

20 June 2021

Dubai Travel Blogs Dubai Travel Blogs
  • Yacht Rental in Dubai- Book Mala Yachts for Your Next Trip
    19 June 2021

    Do you wish to enjoy Dubai in an exceedingly a lot of intense manner? If affirmative, then you’ll never miss the thrill of hiring boat services. If you’re on a visit to UAE, then build it a degree to rent a top-rated boat for adding price to your keep. Yacht rental service in Dubai could be the first service that you simply need to attempt after you. Although you’re a permanent resident, then, too, you wish to revel on an imposing boat, enjoying blue waters and social circles to the fullest extent, a bit like the elite. One of the best options is to choose Male Yacht services for yacht rental. It is fascinating to know that hiring a yacht for any occasion allows you to get numerous benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the significant perks of Yacht rental in Dubai.

    • Hassle-Free Rides

    One of the most advantages is you’re ready to get a ride through the coastal waters of the UAE with no forms of hassles. The boats or the yachts will certainly add a positive price to your exploration of Dubai. The luxurious yachts must be rented from a reliable service supplier such as Yacht Rental Dubai that has an appreciable name within the market. You’ll face no issues in going for an in-depth expedition together with your friends after you rent a yacht.

    • Helps You Relax and Reduces Stress

    A daily hectic routine sucks the colorful energy from your mind and body. However, hiring a ship will considerably rejuvenate the young spirits in your and cause you to feel a lot of energy. Without a doubt, it’s a good choice to scale back your mental stress. A prolific escape on a ship ride absolutely assists you to focus a lot of on work, later, and improve your mental state.

    • Good Outing for the Kids

    The youngsters would possibly wish to expertise newer things, totally different from the standard joyrides in fairgrounds or out of doors sports or animation films. Hiring a yacht is arguably the most effective thanks to interacting with them on a stunning weekend. There’s ample space in a yacht for youngsters. they’re going to frolic around on the deck and revel in the ocean. You’ll have a decent time along and make nice moments.

    • Excellent for Fishing

    Do you love fishing? Hiring a yacht such as Mala Yachts could be a wise thanks to nurturing your hobby to the fullest extent. You’ll simply choose a fishing tour that may enrich your leisure hours. You’ll totally enjoy the session on the rented boar and need to repeat the expertise.

    • Reasonable value

    Budget isn’t in any respect a worry after you are hiring the service Mala Yachts in Dubai.

    • Magnificent Views

    Renting a yacht in Dubai dockage allows you to take a pretty cruise across the Dubai marina and allows you to explore the attractive town in an exceedingly distinctive and haunting manner. You get to admire the attractive town and see it from the ocean view.

    • Unique Food choices

    The chefs on a yacht cruise are there to form your expertise an exquisite one and the way else will they are doing it than to bring delicious food into the image. Their menu is specific and full of appetizing dishes that might leave you drooling and wanting a lot of.

    • Outclass services

    You will be surprised to know that there are hosts of high-end services that charter yachts provide to their clients. The level of comfort you experience is world-class. You can mention specific requirements while booking your place. Throughout the journey, you and your fellows will feel a superior sense of calmness, and relax without any kind of hindrances. Receiving such a level of comfort is uncommon in forms of transport as well as any other recreational vehicles.

    • Self-Therapy

    Taking time for yourself and happening a cruise is an element of self-therapy. It may look like a little factor; however, it’s extremely required for your mental state, it helps ease stress and keeps you connected with the sweetness of the globe and nature, and helps you perceive that taking day without work once in an exceedingly whereas is required.

    • Relaxation

    Cruising across the Dubai sea is such an incredible and soothing expertise, hearing the sound the sea and also the movement of the water is often extremely quiet and stress relieving. It takes your mind off from the busy and agitated operating and busy lives we tend to live and simply brings you to the current peaceful atmosphere.

    • Make Memories

    Going on a yacht cruise together with your family, friends, or dear provides you guys a lot of memories that you always remember, you get to try to plenty of things along, and simply expertise the entire terrific expertise along and simply enjoy every other’s company. It additionally helps increase your bond together with your family, friends, or dear, creating your affiliation stronger than it already was.

    Enjoy your personal events on Mala Yachts in Dubai

    People have started treating numerous personal events with the respect they deserve that is why several of them rent yachts on that they’ll party all night long while not interrupting or perturbing anyone around them.

    Wedding proposals, bachelor parties, wedding parties, and after-parties area unit simply a couple of the events are organized on Mala Yachts. You can also personalize the event in any manner you would like. You simply need to send the main points to the yacht company and everything will be set according to your need.

    Based on the number of guests, Mala Yachts are able to assist you opt for a suitable form of the yacht. You can also organize alternative events too on our yachts for rent in Dubai such as anniversaries, graduations, cocktail parties, retirement parties, and even family gatherings with no special reason are often organized on a yacht. You don’t want an actual motive to relax and revel in some blast with family and friends.

    Rent yachts for a vacation in Dubai

    If you are on an uncommon vacation in Dubai and rent Yachts, you’ll have something you’d have in an exceedingly building and a lot of. You’ll wake up daily to the new views. You’ll travel from the place and see Dubai than you ever can by staying put in one place. it is fascinating to know that Mala Yachts have numerous forms of yachts you’ll rent, depending on your desires and level of comfort. We are able to accommodate you and your members of the family in yachts with 2 or more sleeping cabins.

    We can guarantee that you can never get bored on a yacht in Dubai, however, advise some activities you and your family can enjoy while spending time here. You can opt for swimming, whether or not in Dubai’s clear waters or on the pool on the yacht, sunbathing, fishing and numerous water sports, like scuba dive.

    There is a great need to know that the privacy on Mala yachts for rent is 1000 times more than in a hotel room. You can even organize Christmas and New Year parties with the assistance of our yacht charter specialists in Dubai.

    Camping at Mala Yachts

    Sometimes, there is a need a change of scenery. Boating offers that option in spades, even at the last minute, the weather turns nice as well as your calendar has some days open for cruising away up the coast. In such a situation, you can anchor out on a mooring ball or with your own ground tackle, instead of pulling into a marina. Simply waking up the next morning in a new setting, with the sun shining as well as the reflection bouncing off the water.

    Why use Mala yacht renting services in Dubai?

    It is fascinating to know that Mala Yachts offer some of the best marine-based day activities in Dubai. Our fleet of yachts is the impeccable choice for an individual, family or corporate journey. We are experts in yacht charters along with many years of experience, with an unrivaled proficiency in yacht charters in Dubai.

    All our luxury yachts are in excellent condition and equipped with the latest comfort and safety facilities onboard, being insured and suitable for all celebrations and corporate events. However, among the significant reasons why you should choose our yacht renting services in Dubai, we mention:

    • Personalized holidays

    We ensure you have a fantastic time on the yacht, one which truly mirrors your lifestyle. Our yachts for rent offer a wide variety of accommodations, gourmet foods to water sports and spa treatments.

    • Book a yacht for every occasion

    Keep in consideration, our clients are presented with the yacht type, that is available, always presenting a second and third choice in order for them order to choose the most appropriate one according to their own needs.

    • Our attention to details

    Our committed and experienced professionals know that a thorough organization is a key to offering an enjoyable experience. They, make sure that every single detail of your journey is taken care of so that you can have the best time of your life with us.

    • Qualified crew

    we take safety on the water very seriously. Our crews are certified in safety and all our captains, as well as crews, are fluent in English.

    Book Personalized yacht rental services in Dubai

    You probably hear this a lot, but services at Mala Yachts can be tailored to your every need and requirement. everyone is allowed to rent a yacht as well as bare board if you have the experience of man a yacht by yourself or you simply need peace and some quiet time.

    Moreover, you can also choose the yacht you want to rent based on its size as well as the number of guests you want to invite to your party, do not hesitate to reach out or ask for a personalized offer.

    Time to Hire a Perfect Yacht Rental Dubai

    If you are going to hire Mala Yachts, here are some essential things to consider while hiring a yacht:

    • Make sure that there is ample space in order to accommodate all the guests. It would be the best good to visit the yacht physically that helps you to select the right yacht.
    • There are numerous flexible yacht packages that come up with exclusive offers. Now, there is a need to find the ideal package to make your party memorable.
    • It is fascinating to know that Mala Yachts is suitable for various tour program activities and you can hire any yacht for any event.
    • The yachts are also available for sports activities as well as it helps you to enjoy the day with your family and friends.

    Overall, Mala Yachts allows you to find the perfect yacht and you can conduct all the activities on the blue water.  It would be best if there is a detailed conversation learning the amenities available inside the yacht. Moreover, ensure that you are completely safe inside the yacht and thus you get rid of all the worries.

    Now, it’s easy to hire a yacht from Mala Yachts and you can now choose the yacht as you want. In this way, you learn how our company in Dubai is playing an essential role in helping you to keep the fun going on.

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  • A Guide to deep sea fishing trip in Dubai
    19 June 2021

    For those that don’t apprehend, there are a variety of advantages that you simply will reap by choosing a deep ocean fishing charter. This is applicable for all cases, even for knowledgeable anglers, with the potential to require edges that may exit into offshore waters for a distinct kind of fishing encounter. If want or you would like to move out on a fishing journey or wish to require your friends for a fishing trip, here are a number of the numerous factors that you simply ought to comprehend on why they need become thus popular:

    You get to relax

    Having to hook and detach to the boat for deep sea fishing you have got all the resources you would like is long and is, in addition, a serious part of around any charter fishing journey out there. With the simplest yacht rental in Dubai, all the obligations drop to the charter captain and team. All you have got to try and do is come back ready for several fun within the water and to move out for fishing. Some chartered journeys carry with its elegant resorts in high-end fishing locations with foods ready by a chief cook.

    You will learn heaps on your fish trip

    The one issue that you simply got to bear in mind is, a majority of charter captains have years of expertise in terms of fishing within the place and might ask you their years of information of the areas. This makes it doable for them in order to inform you specifically what kind of components can stimulate that fish. It is a kind of a journey that makes your trip knowledgeable as well as remarkable.

    Fish to the extremes

    With time, you’ll sure enough come upon instances during which you head bent on the ocean. This feeling while fishing in Dubai can be one thing that happens to everybody. Rental yacht captains apprehend that they aren’t reaching to get repeat business if their charter fishing journeys don’t provide correct fishing. The one issue is that they’re going to assist you to discover and establish wherever the fish area unit masses, similarly as create use of innovative instrumentality or measuring device to get innumerable fish colleges.

    How to select a Charter for Deep Fishing?

    If you opt to travel down the trail of deep ocean fishing through a fishing boat rental, here are some necessary inquiries to raise before you book a visit.

    • What percentage of crew members are going to be onboard?
    • There must be a minimum of two crew members since one won’t be enough to work the boat and helping you with the rods/catch.
    • Can we have a tendency to do troll and bottom fishing or simply bottom fishing?
    • Trolling consumes additional hydrocarbon and so several charters economize on that, however, larger fish will be caught with troll.
    • However, removed from the shore can we have a tendency to go?
    • If the solution is a smaller amount than 15-20km you must in all probability keep one’s eyes off. Some charters save hydrocarbon prices by ‘deep see fishing’ seeable of the Palm Island however this defeats the aim.
    • What boat does one use?
    • You want one thing that’s a minimum of thirty feet and features a toilet aboard.
    What to Bring on Boat for Fishing?

    Here are some essential things for a cheerful Fishing Trip:

    • Sunglasses
    • Hat/Cap
    • Sleeve shirts/t-shirts
    • Food/Snacks
    • If you’re older, you must in all probability bring your own jigging rods.
    • Drinks
    • Additional garments – with the splashing you would possibly get quite wet
    • Naupathia tablets
    • Bathing costume (can be terribly refreshing)

    Happy Fishing!

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  • Why should you celebrate corporate events in Dubai on yacht?
    19 June 2021

    Nothing is more impressive and unforgettable than an event held on a private luxury yacht.  The event completed with the attentive crew as well as 5 Star catering would be one of the best for you. Meetings will go better, clients feel special, and staff feels rewarded on a yacht. However, if you have any corporate events in Dubai, it would be best if you celebrate your business party on a yacht.

    It is fascinating to know that Yachts Chartering has years of experience in managing every type of corporate event on a wide range of yachts in Dubai. Dubai has sourced a lot of boats as well as Yachts that have the features, layout, and crew needed to make an event successful.

    There is no shortage of available options to you. You can host your event or business party at a restaurant, a banquet hall, and in your own office space. However, if you are going to schedule a corporate event, do it right. Rather than going with the options mentioned above, you should consider a luxury yacht rental.

    Celebrate cooperate events on a yacht in Dubai

    There are a lot of benefits that you and your guests can enjoy while you are utilizing a yacht for a corporate event. Along with this, yachts come in a wide range of sizes that means you won’t have trouble finding one in order to accommodate those in attendance at the event. Here is why you should think to celebrate a corporate event onboard a yacht charter.

    • Allows guests at event to relax right away

    Keep in consideration, when people walk into a corporate event, it takes 30 minutes or an hour to relax and get into a groove. A lot of corporate events are stuffy affairs that make you feel uptight in the beginning. Moreover, that won’t be an issue when you hold any business party on a yacht or get some work done during your event. It will allow the event to go a lot smoother.

    • Sets the suitable tone for the event from the start

    One of the significant reasons why you feel uptight when attending corporate events is, they are not sure what they are they are walking into at the beginning. They are uneasy regarding what may be waiting for them in a restaurant as well as in a banquet hall.

    It is another thing that won’t be a problem while holding an even in a yacht. In this way, people will know what they walking into when you invite them on a Dubai yacht. You can build the buzz up for an event as well as allow the people to anticipate it rather than dreading the thought of it.

    • Gives a great impression of the company

    A lot of companies’ companies hold corporate events in order to show their employees and clients that everything is going great on the business side. The company owners use such kind of events as celebrations in order to illustrate how successful they have been in recent months.

    If it is your intention that what would be the better way to celebrate the company’s successes than on a yacht charter? People may talk about your corporate event for years because it will leave a lasting impression on the outside of your company for a long time.

    • Makes the presentations during the event more attractive

    If you planning on putting on presentations during any business event, it means that you are going to run through the annual sales figures that you have for the upcoming year. Whatever the case, you will be able to do it on a luxury yacht charter. Keep in consideration that these yachts come equipped along with the audio and video components needed to hold presentations at the event.

    However, these presentations will pop when given on a yacht that is out on the water. It will be unlike anything the employees and clients have seen before. Furthermore, your yacht will also provide all the privacy you could ever want. There is no need to worry about anyone seeing a presentation they are not supposed to see.

    • Provides you with amazing views

    Within about few minutes of arriving at a corporate event at a banquet hall and restaurant, people will have seen everything, there is to see and it will be getting old quickly. On the flip side, the same can’t be said in terms of a yacht charter. Keep in consideration that the yacht that you reserve for any corporate event or business party provides a never-ending stream of gorgeous views. All the guests will love to sit as well as look out over the water at all the amazing sights. Nothing will be more spectacular than holding your event on a yacht.

    • Fits well within an event budget

    Now, many of us might be thinking that holding an event on the yacht sounds great, but how to afford it?  No doubt, it’s one of the valid concerns, but there is a great need to consider that a luxury yacht rental doesn’t cost as much as you think, significantly when you book it in advance. Yachts come in several different sizes. It will allow you to choose the right according to the size of your event.

    Moreover, there are also yachts that can fit into almost any budget. As long as you hold a yacht with the right company, there is no need to stay in trouble under your predetermined budget

    Click Here to book yacht

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  • Top 24 Seafood Restaurants in Dubai
    19 June 2021
    Jump into the universe of fabulous Seafood world

    Seafood is something that when done right, can be the most stunning dinner. Also, in Dubai, there’s no lack of tasty eateries serving top quality fish. From comfortable shacks on the seashore to high-end eateries overlooking the Arabian Gulf, Dubai has countless seafood Restaurants. As a primary destination in the Arabian Gulf, you can anticipate that Dubai should be loaded up with great seafood throughout the year. In any case, how would you choose from the vast restaurant choices in this ever-growing city? Here are probably the best places in Dubai that offer the best seafood dishes – and do it well. Regardless of whether it’s for an extraordinary event, family feast, casual lunch or a romantic dinner, these spots are ensured to fulfill your seafood cravings.

    1- 101 Restaurants in Dubai

    You’ll battle to discover a café in a more lovely setting than 101. This dazzling café is likely one of the most sentimental spots in Dubai and presents a top notch food menu to coordinate. If you manage to take your eyes off the Dubai Marina seas, you’ll see a menu including fresh squid ink pasta with ocean urchins, entire Courteau and ruler crab josper.

    2- Alici Restaurants in Dubai

    Amalfi coast inspired eatery Alici is situated on the waterfront of Bluewaters island, and strolling inside feels like stepping into a comfortable family-run trattoria on the Italian coast. The menu is broad yet not oppressive, food is perfect, the administration is engaging without being disturbing, and keep in mind that dishes aren’t cheap – yet they’re not excessively costly either.

    3- Al Mahara Restaurants in Dubai

    Al Mahara is the top of the line seafood in Burj Al Arab. Perfect for a unique event or a significant dinner, Al Mahara has a scope of wallet-crushing dishes on the menu. The café as of late welcomed another head gourmet specialist, Chef Kasper, who is no uncertainty cooking some energizing high-end seafood dishes.

    4- Aprons and hammers Restaurants in Dubai

    Get ready to get messy at this What’s On award-winning beachfront eatery. Aprons, hammers and even gloves are given to guarantee you stall out into your feast as could be expected under the circumstances. Tubs of prawns and crab are delivered to the table, leaving you to battle about who gets the last piece.

    5- As You Fish Restaurants in Dubai

    Opposite the great stature of the seven-star Burj Al Arab inn, you’ll locate a whitewashed manor serving healthy fresh fish. As You Fish has energetic and vivid interiors, welcoming seafood lovers from varying backgrounds to sit down and appreciate crisp fish with companions.

    6- Beach Bar and Grill Restaurants in Dubai

    Set on the staggering sea shore of One and only Royal Mirage, The Beach Bar and Grill presents flame broiled fish, combined with Mediterranean dishes and newly shucked clams. Pick a private spot on the sand and tune in to the waves slamming toward the shore for a really sentimental encounter.

    7- Catch 22 Restaurants in Dubai

    Catch 22 is a retro seashore shack, found on The Beach at JBR. There’s American-style stylistic layout, with aluminium and neon signs all up the divider. The broad menu spreads soups, hors d’oeuvres, burgers, serving of mixed greens, sushi, mains and probably the craziest milkshakes around the local area.

    8- Crab Market Restaurants in Dubai

    Inside DIFC’s Emirates Financial Towers you’ll discover Crab Market. It’s very good quality interiors are a match to the menu as there’s only quality fish on offer. There’s a big focus (obviously) on crab, with delicate shell, mud crab, darker crab and live kamchatka all on offer.

    9- Fish Beach Taverna Restaurants in Dubai

    With its beachfront area, whitewashed fit-out and twinkly lights, it’s not hard to perceive any reason why Fish has turned out to be one of the city’s most sentimental spots. Just as tables in the nursery, there is seating directly on the sea shore, so you can appreciate the café’s Turkish, Greek and Mediterranean combination dishes with your toes in the sand. Open for both lunch and supper, it’s a sharing idea that welcomes visitors to test an assortment of hot and cold plates. The concentration for principle course is flame broils and dishes, and visitors can have crisp fish barbecued to arrange before them by Fish’s gourmet experts. All through the summer, it goes undercover so you can make the most of their delectable dishes all year.

    10- Geales Restaurants in Dubai

    In the mood for fish ‘n’ chips like the ones you’d find on Brighton Pier? This is the place you’ll see them. The fish is as fresh as it comes and gently battered with the ideal crunch. The food is presented with a side of cushy, thick chips and a bit of soft peas – yum.

    11- Hook and Cook Restaurants in Dubai

    Depicted as a ‘center point for fish darlings’, Hook and Cook is found on the principal floor of The Pointe and presents crisp fish in nautical-propelled interiors, ocean perspectives and shisha consistently. You’ll locate some innovative dishes on the menu, including salmon lasagna, fish biryani and scampi pasta.

    12- Moana Restaurants in Dubai

    Set beside the open air pool of Sofitel The Palm, bona fide seafood café, Moana, presents a gala of fresh seafood arranged utilizing pan Asian plans. Appreciate shrimp mixed drink, skillet singed scallops, barbecued lord prawns, delicate shell crab and substantially more.

    13- Ossiano Restaurants in Dubai

    Ever thought about what feasting at the base of the sea may resemble? All things considered, feast at Ossiano and you can encounter only that. Ossiano is a submerged bar and café with floor to roof glass boards, situated at Atlantis, the Palm that offers staggering perspectives on the Ambassador Lagoon which holds in excess of 65,000 fish. Fold into an assortment of fish at this award-winning café as stingrays float on by your table-side.

    14- Pierchic Restaurants in Dubai

    Pierchic is outstanding amongst other seafood restaurants in Dubai for such a large number of reasons. Sustainibilty is a major need for the restaurant which is one of the components that makes their menu so legitimate. Costs for a feast will in general be inside the ‘bucket list category’, yet the quality satisfies it. Portions are generous and the freshness of the fish is verifiable. We prescribe looking at the Friday or Saturday informal breakfasts to encounter an expansiveness of dishes.

    15- Rockfish Restaurants in Dubai

    Rockfish, the Mediterranean seafood restaurant in Jumeirah Al Naseem as of late delegated another official gourmet specialist, Marco Garfagnini. Inspired by conventional Italian solace dishes, diners can expect delectable dishes incorporating broiled langoustine with lentil puree or a fish tartare with firm saffron rice to begin, trailed by a 36-hour moderate cooked goat or a line-got seabass with artichoke and lemon emulsion.

    16- Seafood kitchen in Dubai

    The second serving of Seafood Kitchen has opened its entryways on The Pointe. Just as presenting a variety of new European fish dishes, it runs some splendid mid-week arrangements, for example, a mussels bargain on a Tuesday, clam night on a Wednesday, women’s night on a Thursday and a Friday informal breakfast.

    17- Sea Fu Restaurants in Dubai

    This Asian-influenced seafood restaurant is open for lunch, supper and bar bites for the duration of the day, just as offering 50 per cent off chosen drinks between 5pm to 7pm – an ideal time for enjoying the sunset. It has a casual vibe on account of its splendid beachfront area, however, it’s smaller than most of the other restaurants, giving it a sentimental, close vibe.

    18- Seagrill Bistro Restaurants in Dubai

    Seagrill Bistro is the chic seafood restaurant above Fairmont The Palm’s private beachfront and Dubai Marina in the distance. The restaurant is dynamic, with tall floor to roof windows, white stencilled dividers conflicted with fake bamboo columns, imaginative ceiling fixture and brilliant delicate goods. The fish platter is a champ, giving two degrees of new mussels, shellfish, salmon sashimi, an entire crab and a serving of smoking dry ice to tick the Instagram box directly as it happens.

    19- Seaview Restaurants in Dubai

    This humble seafood restaurant situated in Jumeirah’s fishing harbor ticks such an important number of sea shores. Right off the bat the view is dazzling; make certain to make it for sunset to watch the sun to drop behind the cute fishing boats. The food is likewise a champ, with (most likely) the freshest fish in Dubai and a broad menu of fishy pleasures. It’s likewise wallet-accommodating, deciding not to climb up its costs to Dubai standards yet rather offering healthy, home-cooked, reasonable suppers.

    20- The Fish House Restaurants in Dubai

    Chic restaurant The Fish House offers a progressively premium choice with regards to seafood. From breaded ocean bream burgers to roasted spiced swordfish sticks, the menu offers an imaginative twist on classic fishy dishes.

    21- The Maine Oyster Bar and Grill Restaurants in Dubai

    A go-to restaurant for such huge numbers of reasons, however, seafood is one of the main(e) ones. The clams are, obviously, a feature on the menu, as it’s one of the restaurants’ signatures however you shouldn’t stop there. The seabass is constantly a champ, with fresh skin and a rich surface within.

    22- Pepper Crab Restaurants in Dubai

    This restaurant is since quite a while been praised as one of Dubai’s most romantic cafés, this over-water venue setting at the edge of its own pier joins exceptional perspectives on the Burj Al Arab. Moderate sea breezes move through larger than usual windows and stylistic layout while fishing net-style crystal chandeliers bring home the marine theme.

    The contemporary gourmet menu exhibits the best fish, from Beluga caviar and Gillardeau shellfish, to Norwegian cod, Atlantic halibut and Cornish turbot. Try not to miss the flame broiled scallops with custard pearl, vanilla and bergamot spread, or the poached lobster with cooked cauliflower and Dijon mustard sauce. The pleasant setting and extravagant experience makes this perfect for celebrating unique events.

    23- The Surf Café Restaurants in Dubai

    This café on the Jumeirah strip is a relatively new and welcome addition to Dubai’s sea shore eating scene. Offering crisp, fabulous fish in a laidback domain, the eatery is frequented by beachgoers coming directly from a morning sun-and-surf session at the beach.

    Uncovered roofs, chalkboard menus and unfinished ground surface give the sun-doused, two-story space a loose yet stylish vibe to match its fuss-free menu. The ground floor is a sushi bar, while upstairs crisp fish is displayed on ice – simply pick what you need, and have it steamed, flame-broiled or cooked a la plancha (barbecued on a metal plate) with sauces and side dishes of your choice.

    24- Flooka Restaurants in Dubai

    With wonderful surroundings confronting the beachside, Flooka brings you into the colorful Mediterranean world with its fragrant flavors and dishes. The seafood at the spot has a conventional Arabic touch to it with the fishes marinated in the fragrant Arabic flavors. The atmosphere of the eatery is mitigating and unwinding with the interiors thinking back of a customary Mediterranean café. The stylistic theme of the restaurant is outfitted with the wooden ground surface giving it a contemporary touch in the midst of a legacy impact.

    The menu of Flooka is no less welcoming with a rich exhibit of dinners starting with the starters and coming full circle with the mouth-watering desserts. One of the must attempt starters are fish tawook marinated in the Arabian flavours and charcoal barbecue. With the tanner bread naturally heated in the mud stove, the fundamental course is pursued with ‘Samak-bil melee’, fish hurled and cooked in rock salt. There are various fishes and shellfishes shown in the ice and you can get it cooked fitting your preferences be it charcoal flame-broiled or cooked in clay stove. You could likewise go for a southern-style fish in the event that you wish to.

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  • Top 7 Luxury Things to do In Dubai
    19 June 2021

    It goes without stating that Dubai is a top-notch destination. The entire world inclines to pursue Dubai. It is the city capital of stunning architecture and best cooking styles, the focal point of trendy labels and high fashion, and above all else, a hot-bed for a luxurious way of life.


    Getting ready for a genuinely luxury visit to Dubai? Then we have the ideal course for you with a couple of absolutely unmistakable, expensive, offbeat experiences. These are not only worth the splurge and also offer you a bona fide taste of Luxury things to do in Dubai


    1- Indulge Yourself with a Relaxing Spa Treatment

    Likely the most ideal approach to block jetlag and kick start your Dubai get-away in the most lavish way is to enjoy a spirit calming extravagance treatment offered by one of the many impressive spa offices in Dubai, including

    Talise Spa at Madinat Jumeirah




    One and Only Private Spa

    , The Palm, and

    Park Hyatt’s Amara Spa

    . From spoiling back rubs and invigorating body exfoliating and wrap treatments to elite facial and hand and foot care.


    2- Experience Luxurious Dining

    Following a day of complete unwinding and revival, commend your appearance in Dubai by relishing award-winning foods in a lavish setting. Regardless of whether you eat in a famous Michelin-featured café or a vanguard feasting foundation or eat inside an environment flaunting palatial-style insides, Dubai has it all. Because of its plenty of exceptionally recognized and impressive options, for example,

    Ossiano in Atlantis The Palm


    Noble House inside Raffles Hotel


    Al Hadheera at Bab Al Shams

    ; and

    Atmosphere at Burj Khalifa



    3- Private sightseeing visit

    Get your fill of Dubai, as you visit famous milestones, discover hidden corners, explore high excellence, and drench in the heavenliness with premier ground transportation. Address your visit expert, who will customize your schedule and organize a hight end conveyance of your choice in a comfortable SUV, an extravagance stretch limousine, or exemplary super vehicle like


    . For a one of a kind encounter, go for a self-drive to appreciate the beautiful features and well-kept up streets of the emirate at its best.


    4- Go for a first-rate shopping session

    Among the many

    luxury things to do in Dubai

    this one is the most fun option.From classic designer and chic outlets to beguiling boutiques, Dubai has everything that a luxury-seeking shopaholic wants. Lined with stocks from pretty much every top design brand, the city’s has more than

    60 shopping centers

    . Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Wafi Mall, and Ibn Battuta Mall will, without a doubt, give you upscale shopping experience.


    5- Romantic hot air balloon ride

    Searching for an elective method to encounter the general excellence of Dubai’s attractions? At that point, you can never turn out badly with a supernatural tourist balloon ride over the fantastic ridges and staggering scene of the emirate. As you take off over the brilliant sands and float gently in the airborne platform, the joy, happiness, and sentiment that you experience will be beyond your imagination.


    6- Private Helicopter Flight

    Are you an adventure devotee, photography fan, or somebody hoping to have a fabulous time and thrill during the Dubai excursion? A private helicopter ride is one thing that you ought to unquestionably add on your bucket list. On this flying visit, you’ll get the opportunity to see Burj Al Arab, Palm Island, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, and numerous other great sights of Dubai.


    7- Extravagance Yachting

    Charter a luxurious yacht

    to appreciate exquisite moments from the bustling crowed while absorbing the surprising perspectives on Dubai’s horizon. Complete with all that you could envision and beyond, such as recreation, feasting, and leisure facilities. This extravagance cruising option is likewise a perfect choice to celebrate your birthday, wedding anniversary, or other special events.

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  • Kickoff your New Year with these Unique Yacht Party Themes
    19 June 2021

    Since New Year is just around the corner, you probably have had all your plans gathered for a party to start the year with all its glory. A new year’s party on a yacht is what should be on the top of your priority list because there is no other party like a yacht party. Sailing onboard making all your new year’s resolution and planning for a nice year ahead with a bunch of close friends and family is definitely what we totally recommend you to sign up for. This is the best way to start a new chapter of your life and close the previous ones.



    A yacht party that too a themed one is going to be the best luxurious party ever. Read along to find out some amazing yacht party theme ideas and plan on your party right after you finish.


    Hollywood Party

    This is going to absolutely a bomb. Plan out a Hollywood themed party. Start with looking for a good mega yacht to begin with. The bigger the yacht, the more guests you will be able to invite and entertain. Decorate the yacht as per the theme and dress up as your favorite star. End the day with a small awards ceremony giving awards to people according to their personality.



    90’s Party

    This is one of the most tried out theme yet never goes over-rated. A party with a theme based on 90’s is all about bringing together fun and entertainment. Ask all the guests you are intending to invite to dress up as a 90’s person. Decorate the yacht as per the theme and include games related to it as well. 90’s party on a sailing boat has its own rewards. Get all your friends onboard and kill the party!

    Arabian culture themed party

    One of the most unique and new ideas include Arabian culture theme. This calls for a full Arabic cuisine, Arabic costume and a traditional Arabic belly dance. You can also organize some good traditional games to brighten up your party even more. To double the fun, pick a location as per the theme. Go for a yacht charter Dubai


    A party is always the best way to bring people together and share a moment of bliss. However, a yacht party doubles the fun and excitement and upgrades your party to the next level. Yacht parties are amazing if they are done right. To enjoy the best yacht party ever, check out Mala Yachts which gives you the best yacht party Dubai deals.

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  • Tips for Throwing a Kickass Yacht Birthday Party
    19 June 2021

    Tired of the same old birthday party every year? Seems like you are bored of being born on this day? Well, worry not. You have multiple options now that can make your birthday ‘the best birthday ever’. Dinner in your favorite restaurant with some balloons and party poppers is old school now. In a city like Dubai where options are apparently endless, you can go all gaga with a ‘party in the sea’. Yes, a yacht birthday party in the middle of the deep blue sea. Cool yeah? It’s even cooler to organize such a kickass party on yacht Dubai.



    Here are a few very basic but fun-as-heck tips for throwing a super-cool yacht birthday party.

    Prepare a Well-Thought-Out Guest List



    Inviting the guests should always be the first thing to do while organizing a party. A thoughtful guest list needs to be made first. Most importantly, give your loved ones enough time to plan their schedule flexible so that they could be able to attend your birth. Start planning your yacht birthday one month before, ideally. If you don’t want to miss your loved ones on this yacht then be slow and plan things smoothly. You must give enough time to plan the list of people you want to be there on your big day and share your yacht-cake with you.


    Theme? What’s the Theme?


    Honestly speaking, luxury yacht rental Dubai is itself a ‘fancy theme’ for a birthday party, so you don’t specifically need any particular one. Still, if you want to be a little extra for your day you can pick any of your choices. Nautical themes are always a signature idea for any yacht event and there is no doubt in it. But if you are an ‘out of the box’ type of person then you can experiment with other themes also, such as Pirates and Buccaneers, Casino Royale, Masquerade and many more.

    Be Mean With Supplies

    Once you are on water, you have no possibility to return back home and bring some food and drinks. Therefore, you need to have almost everything in a plentiful amount. Plan your birthday party keeping everything in sight, set-up the menu and all the food and drinks you and your guests love because we don’t want you to kill the glamour of your party realizing your guests are going to get hungry and thirsty. Note: yacht rentals in Dubai also provide with food and drinks so if you hire a cruise you don’t have to worry about food supplies.


    Go for Some Games

    A birthday party in the sea is enough fun by itself but you can make it even more exciting by selecting some fun games to play on the board. You can have as many fun activities as you want, like sharing a memory about the person the birthday party is for, truth dare, drum charades, the options are endless.

    Music is a Must

    Considering the fact that your yacht is going to be huge and luxurious, you will be having a sound system to play your favorite music. Put some time in making up a playlist for the party. Pick songs suiting everyone’s taste and the theme of the party.


    The post Tips for Throwing a Kickass Yacht Birthday Party appeared first on Malayacht.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Throw a Perfect Yacht party in Dubai
    19 June 2021

    A party is always the best way to bring everyone together and enjoy your moments of bliss.  And if you are the host, it becomes the test of your taste and style. However, a yacht party is the ultimate reflection of class and style. It does not matter what is the cause of celebration, a yacht party is suitable for all your reasons of rejoice. Though they can be casual and fun, they can also be simply some of the most elegant and extravagant events. But throwing a yacht party requires a lot of planning and proper arrangements to be done including the food, the dress code and safety.



    The best destination to have a yacht party is undoubtedly Dubai. The gulf region is very popular for its cruise activities. Yacht rental services in Dubai are extremely efficient in terms of management, arrangement and reliance.


    So if you want to throw a perfect yacht party in Dubai for your loved ones, then here is your guide to plan one.

    Make Wise Choices


    To throw a yacht party you will have to hire company in Dubai which offer yacht rental services. A quick search on internet will reveal all the options you’ll have. You must plan your budget first and then select your services. The internet search will also help you Dubai yacht charter prices which includes various deals and amenities. You will surely find something that suits your budget. Once you hire the company, make sure you discuss all the details with them and choose the suitable time and day for your party.

    Menu and Music


    While deciding your Menu, decide the dishes you think your guest would like to eat. After all it is important to value your guest preferences. The quantity of the food is equally important as the quality. You should keep in mind how many hours you are going to spend in the middle of the ocean and the number of guest you have.

    After food comes the arrangement of entertainment in which music of course is a must. You can decide what kind of music you would like to have according to the theme and moos of your party. Although, most of the yacht companies in Dubai provide you all the arrangements regarding decoration and entertainment within the package you have selected.

    Themes and Dress Code


    For your yacht party to be more colorful and memorable you must choose a theme suitable to the cause of celebration. Though they can be casual and fun, they can also be simply some of the most elegant and extravagant events. If it’s on a corporate level make sure you choose a specific color as the theme probable black or white. For casual parties select a dress code which is suitable and comfortable for everyone. Be sure to communicate what the dress code of your party will be in your invitation in order to avoid discomforts.

    The post The Ultimate Guide to Throw a Perfect Yacht party in Dubai appeared first on Malayacht.

  • Reasons Why Getting Married on a Yacht is a Good Idea
    19 June 2021

    Yachts are always a good idea for everything be it a simple weekend hangout or a fancy party. Yachts have become especially popular in the recent years for their excellence at hosting parties and events be it small or grand. This is because yachts have so much more to offer than a regular hotel or any other conventional wedding venue. Additionally, other venues are just so common and boring now. This is why you should go for something different that is both new and unique. However, we have listed some of the reasons why we think you should go for yachts as your wedding venue. They will help you in deciding whether you like the idea of getting married on a yacht or not. There are many yacht rental Dubai  companies that offer amazing deals and packages on events like wedding.



    Good pictures

    What is the use of hiring a super expensive photographer when your wedding pictures all turn out looking the same as everyone else’s? What is the difference between your wedding and those of others? No matter how expensive your photographer is, a good venue along with a few other things can make a huge difference. The lighting on yachts is excellent for great pictures. And pictures are one of the most important part of a good wedding.

    Great view

    Yachts offer a beautiful view of the illuminated city and its developments under the dark sky. This view looks priceless from the sparkling waters of Dubai City. It adds a luxurious touch to your already unique wedding and an additional hint of romance. With great view comes a great vibe and relaxed atmosphere. Celebrate your day in a completely unique manner like no other!


    A spectacular view from the water is a bonus that is worth the money. With fireworks in the sky and sparkling water underneath, nothing could equal this awesome combo! Yachts will give you unforgettable wedding memories which will stay with you for a lifetime.

    Great activities (entertainers/dancers)

    Give some more to the people attending your wedding by arranging some fun activities and entertainment shows. These are included in the packages and are customization according to your own preferences and budget. These entertainment shows include live vocal shows and traditional tenure dances.

    5 star cuisine

    Instead of spending so much time and energy on searching for the right caterer that would not disappoint you on the big day, opt for yachts that have all of the arrangements on board including a fully customization menu with 4 star and 5 star cuisine. All of these awesome features are included in the package itself which means you get what you ask for without any hassle.


    Moreover, yachts are surprisingly affordable if chosen through the right yacht charter Dubai, and can offer you more than you would expect on such an affordable budget. Also, every yacht be it big or small offers a luxurious cabin as well 😉


    So here were some of the reasons why you should definitely consider yachting your wedding away for an unforgettable experience and a memorable day!

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  • Why you should Consider MalaYachts for your Yacht Event
    19 June 2021

    Everyone expects their yacht event to be one of a kind while looking through all the finest of yacht rental Dubai. And sometimes it’s not clear in your mind about how you actually want your yacht event to be organized so you simply go with any decent theme being offered. But does that feel worthy? Does your event only deserve being ordinary? Not necessarily.



    Though a yacht trip eventually turns out very fine regardless of how much efforts you’ve put in organizing it but then again, it’s mostly only average. If you’re offered a great amount of services with a variety of themes, then your event could turn out to be even more amazing.


    And that is what Malayachts is best at, creating and organizing your event with all their genuineness. You can find different sorts of luxury yachts Dubai has, available at this yacht rental. Their services are very elegantly worthy and very elaborated while being offered.

    Here’s some information about the services Mala yachts offer.

    Special Events like Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and more


    You’ll just have to arrive at your event and experience the blissful vibe of your special event. Malayachtshas almost 82 feet long yachts available and could even upgrade to bigger yachts. Events like these are always arranged with ultimate magic at Malayachts. Your satisfaction will be their priority and nothing feels better than having people who are arranging your special event with their all.

    Hangout with your Friends or Family

    Why do we hang out with friends? To relax, right? And Malayachts won’t be spoiling your mood by loading you with even minor issues. You’ll relax the entire time and make multiple beautiful and fun filled memories with your friends.


    Family time is necessary for strengthening the family’s bond. And when the time is spent on an amazing yacht, you’ll be glad to remember all the beautiful moments.

    Any event near the sea becomes perfect somehow and Malayachts helps to make the most of all those events.

    Musical Events with DJs

    Can you imagine something more exciting than enjoying the essence of wild or fun music while floating on the water at the same time? All yacht party Dubai deals are always top on the chart because the city is amazing with its vibe. And since it’s considered one of the most modernized cities so the idea of a musical event arranged on a yacht along the city’s amazing coastline is simply worth a try!

    Business Corporate Events

    Everything that a Business corporate event requires, be it elegance or peace, everything will be provided for your event. In fact, Malayachts is the only yacht charter company to be offering different corporate event themes and services to choose from.

    You wish for it and helps in making the most out of each of your events.

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Asia Travel blogs

Asia Travel Blogs

20 June 2021

Asia Travel Blogs Asia Travel Blogs
  • Travel Guide To Limerick Ireland
    20 June 2021

    Limerick is the third-largest city in Ireland founded by the Vikings in 812. One of the longest Bridge in Europe is located in Limerick, University of Limerick. This colourful town is an area of tragedy and regeneration, of lifestyle and “craic” (fun), of little secrets and techniques & well-known locals. And then there’s its music, artwork and literature, from The Cranberries to Pulitzer prizewinning writer Frank McCourt. Here your Travel Guide To Limerick Ireland

    Image credits: UnsplashTravel guide to Limerick, Ireland
    • Best time to go to Limerick
    • How to reach Limerick
    • How to Get Around
    • Places to visit in Limerick Street Art
    • Day trips in Limerick
    Best time to go to Limerick

    Any time between May and September are fantastic for the journey to Limerick. The summertime season months of June thru August have a tendency to be the warmest, so make sure to convey hotter garments in case you choose a fall trip. March, April, and September have a tendency to be the driest months, with the least humid month tending to be April and the maximum humid month usually touchdown in November.

    How to reach Limerick

    From Dublin airport, we can take a flight to Shannon airport Co. Clare. There are three exclusive buses run among Shannon Airport and the towns of Limerick and Ennis. You can also take a private taxi from Shannon airport to Limerick which will cost an average of €50. It is the quickest way to reach Limerick by taxi in Just 20-30 mins. Trains are also available however it is not direct trains to reach Limerick from Dublin.

    Image credits: UnsplashHow to Get Around

    If you want to move around the city without worries, you can borrow city bikes. As part of the redevelopment of the city, new cycle paths have been built to make cycling safer and more convenient for cyclists. Limerick is also relatively easy to get to and navigate by car so if you’re not a motorcyclist, you’re still in luck! Be sure to read driving laws and prepare for a shift change unless otherwise stated.

    Also read: Ireland Travel Guide – All You Need To Know Before Visiting This Country

    Places to visit in Limerick Street Art King John’s Castle

    King John’s Castle is a 13th-century fortress positioned on King’s Island in Limerick, Ireland, subsequent to the River Shannon. Although the web website online dates again to 922 while the Vikings lived at the Island, the fortress itself become constructed at the orders of King John in 1200. One of the quality preserved Norman castles in Europe, the walls, towers and fortifications continue to be nowadays and are traveller attractions.

    Open Daily: 10.00am – 17:00pm – (Last Admission 4pm)

    Location: Nicholas St, Limerick, Ireland.

    The Hunt Museum

    Hunt Museum is a museum inside the town of Limerick, Ireland. The Hunt Museum holds a non-public series donated through the Hunt family, it becomes at start located inside the University of Limerick, earlier than being moved to its gift place inside the Georgian Custom House in 1997. Custom House is located on Rutland Street at the banks of the River Shannon at its confluence with the Abbey River. Among the museum’s series work through splendid artists and architects inclusive of Pablo Picasso, Jack B. Yeats, and Sybil Connolly in addition to different historic gadgets inclusive of the O’Dea Mitre and Crozier.

    Open hours: Tuesday to Saturday ( 10 am-5 pm), Sunday ( 11 am-5 pm), Monday ( closed).

    Location: Rutland St, Limerick, Ireland.

    Limerick City Gallery of Art

    Boasting one in all Ireland’s finest non-public collections of artwork and antiques, The Hunt Museum is a wealthy cultural experience. The collections variety from the Neolithic duration to the 20 th century and encompass works via way of means of Renoir, Picasso, and Yeats. The Exhibition gallery indicates a spectrum of transient and everlasting exhibitions.

    Open hours: Monday to Friday ( 10 am – 5 pm), Thursday( 10 am – 7.30 pm ), Sunday 12- 5 pm.

    Location: Carnegie Building, Pery Square, Limerick, V94 E67F, Ireland.

    The Milk Market

    The Dairy Market is a food market on Mungret Street, Limerick, Ireland. Despite the name, the market has diversified from its original purpose over the years and now sells a wide variety of foods, many of which are locally produced. one of the oldest in Ireland. The most important market day is the food market on Saturday, but there are also markets on Fridays and Sundays

    Opening hours: Friday & Sunday ( 11 am to 15 pm) & Saturday ( 8 am to 15 pm).

    Location: Cornmarket Row, Limerick, V94 R602, Ireland.

    Street Art

    Renowned street performers from around the world come to Limerick to make their mark, and what they leave behind is vibrant, atmospheric, and connecting murals and messages.

    Also read: Top castles in Ireland that are not to be missed on your next trip

    Day trips in Limerick Adare

    Adare is a designated cultural city that means idyllic huts, boutiques and live entertainment. Stroll through the colorful village and learn about the region’s rich history while enjoying one of Ireland’s most beautiful cities.

    Clare Glens

    A forest park on the Limerick / Tipperary border. This is a beautiful place to spend a day away from the city. Venture through the red sandstone gorge of the River Clare and follow one of several nature trails through the picturesque park.

    Rock of Cashel

    Rock of Cashel is one of the most visited cultural heritage sites in Ireland and an icon of Tipperary. Also known as St. Patrick’s Rock and Cashel of the Kings, the site is believed to be where Aenghus, the King of Munster, was converted by St. Patrick in the 5th century AD.

    Cork City

    Visit the rebel city for a day! Tour the Jameson Distillery, shop at the English Market and immerse yourself in the city’s epic gastronomy. The city is full of lively pubs and hip clubs and shines as soon as the sun goes down.

    Image credits: Unsplash Dingle Peninsula

    Located on the Wild Atlantic Way, the Dingle Peninsula has earned a reputation for being one of the most scenic stretches of coast in the world. Take a journey through the rugged natural beauty of Ireland along the sparkling seas and through rugged mountains.

    Hope now you know some basic information and travel guide to Limerick Ireland. A good place to spend time along with music artwork and literature along with family or friends. Check out some amazing Ireland tour packages, even you can customize your itinerary at Pickyourtrail.

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  • Ayana Resort and Spa: The Height of Luxury in Bali, Indonesia
    19 June 2021

    Mention Bali to anyone and I’m sure it will bring images of a picturesque paradise to their minds! Without a doubt, it’s a tropical destination that offers a perfect getaway for all ages and tastes. But when it comes to the quintessential luxury experience, there is but one place that you should go to make the most of your Bali vacation, the Ayana Resort and Spa.

    The Resort: Ayana

    A Prime Estate at the Perfect Location. Spanning at a mammoth size of 90 hectares, AYANA lies on a cliff-top land that is perched above Jimbaran Bay (just 10 kilometers away from Bali Airport). With over 17 restaurants and bars, a private beach, 11 swimming pools, and several world-class wellness and spa places, AYANA is sure to offer anyone a majestic experience.

    With the addition of its sister property, RIMBA hotel, which is surrounded by a stunning lake and rice paddies, guests will have the choice of availing themselves of more affordable rooms but still with the same luxurious amenities. After all, guests from both locations will have full access to both of the properties’ amenities, as well as the complimentary resort shuttle service.

    An Award-Winning Accommodation. The resort has consistently won various awards for years from travel organizations such as Travel & Leisure, Agoda, Booking, and Asia Rooms among many others — and I’m surely not wondering why because of the size and lavishness of the property, I surely think that they deserve such accolades. Besides, these awards not only applaud AYANA for its resort, amenities, spas, villas, and rooms but also for its world-class service.

    That being said, this might just be the resort that will perfect it all, and you might probably never have the urge to leave the property at all!

    Villas & Rooms

    AYANA Resort currently offers 290 hotel rooms + suites, and 78 private pool villas. These are all spread out along a breathtaking 1.3-kilometer coastline, thereby offering every guest with magical views of the horizon in every single day of their stay.

    Back in April, I was given the wonderful opportunity by AYANA to stay in one their cliff pool villas and I kid you not: I was in such utter bliss… I felt like I was in cloud nine!

    I really didn’t think that I can elevate my notion of relaxation and luxury even higher than it already was until I got to stay in AYANA. Besides, right from the moment that I stepped into the resort, into their lobby, and up to my own private villa, I have felt like I was living the life of royalty. That sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s true! (It helps to note that I had my own butler all throughout my stay!)

    Now, the different types of villas that you can choose from in AYANA are…

    500sqm with a private garden and pool

    298sqm with a private garden and pool

    If you want to stay in AYANA’s hotel, they have 3 types of rooms namely…

    Club rooms are at 48sqm and club suites are at 98sqm

    98sqm with choice of either ocean or terrace/garden view

    These are at 48sqm with choice of ocean view, resort view, or Jimbaran bay view

    Alternatively, in RIMBA, you’ll have the following choices among their 282 rooms:

    Offers direct access from your patio to a secluded public pool: choice of 55sqm suite or 38sqm guest room

    Choice of suite (55sqm) or room (38sqm) with elevated views facing the ocean

    The best of RIMBA, choose from suite (55sqm) or room (38sqm)


    Pools. As I’ve already mentioned, AYANA has over 11 magnificent swimming pools and that’s more than enough to keep you occupied during your stay! My favorites among these 11 would have to be the Ocean Beach Pool and the River Pool.

    Golf Putting Course. There is an option for either an 18-hole course or a 64-course, and this whole space has been designed by Ronald Fream Design Group of California USA.

    Tennis Pavilion. AYAN has two full-sized flood-lit tennis courts located within the Spa grounds. You can play here with your partner or ask an instructor to play with you or even give you lessons (charges apply).

    Kubu Private BeachMake time to visit this private stretch of white sand beach to enjoy a swim in the surf, read a book, or simply laze the afternoon away. Take note that this is 197 steps down from the cliff-top location of AYANA. For an added treat, you can order snacks or even a picnic hamper lunch from Warung Kubu — a dining area located at the entrance to Kubu Beach.

    Retail Shop. Not only do they accommodate any of your personal needs but also your gift-giving desires. There are several artisan-crafted works or art, clothing, and home accessories for you to choose from here without having to leave the resort!

    Gym. Stay on track on your fitness regime even while you’re on a holiday as both AYANA and RIMBA are well-equipped with air-conditioned gyms.

    Spa Complex. Voted as Indonesia’s Best Hotel Spa by World Spa Awards in 2015, the spa services at AYANA are set to offer you the best of the best! One of the special services that AYANA offers is Thalassotherapy treatments which combine powerful anti-oxidants of seaweed and seawater. You can start with a 2-hour wellness journey in their special Aquatonic Pool — I experienced this myself and it was one of the most unique spa treatments that I have ever experienced. There are over 60 individual therapeutic jet streams here that helped improve circulation in my body!

    Otherwise, you can try their Marine Healing Ritual that comprises a Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage and sea mineral facial. Other spa services you can avail of are Underwater Massage, Balinese Massage, Hot Shell Massage, Seven Chakra Dhara, or Lava Stone Reflexology. If you want to upgrade your massage even further, you can avail of their Spa on the Rocks package wherein you will be lulled to relaxation by the sound of the ocean as you get to relax in your own private spa villa by the sea.


    Depending on your mood or fancy, AYANA has an extensive array of dining experiences for you to choose from! One thing that you should not miss out on? Surely that would be AYANA’s Rock Bar!

    For a complete list of some of their restaurants:

    • Dava = Steak and seafood
    • Rock Bar = Tapas, bar and mediteranean food
    • Unique = Mexican
    • Kisik Bar & Grill = Seafood
    • Sami Sami = Italian
    • Padi = Pan-Asian
    • Orchid = Afternoon Tea
    • AhYat Abalone & Seafood = Chinese Food
    • Kampoeng Bali = Traditional Balinese Food
    • Damar Terrace = Asian
    • Honzen = Japanese
    • The Martini Club = Bar
    • To’ge = International

    There are also several cafes that are speckled all over the property such as the one near the spa, near the private beach (Warung Kubu), and near some pools (in Ocean Beach, the Pool Deck, in RIMBA, and in H20 Poolside).

    If you’re going to stay in one of AYANA’s villas, you will have the exclusive chance to request in-villa romantic dining complete with the set-up of candlelights and flowers. Come the next day, you can even avail of the special Floataway Champagne Brunch in which brunch is served by your butler on a floating tray in your own private pool.

    Romantic Dinners. If you want to step up your game with your partner, you can also book romantic dinners of various types and set-ups. [See here]


    As a villa guest, AYANA gave me a very warm welcome upon checking in at their floating lobby — which mind you, was the beginning of the many lux ‘eye-candy’ sights in their estate. After that, I was introduced to my personal butler who promised to attend to my every need, 24/7. I just needed to call him via my villa’s phone or via the loaded cellphone that he had given me. Sure enough… it was a promise that was kept and over-delivered!

    You see, no matter the questions that I had, my butler was there for me. I also requested for a romantic dinner set-up in my villa and he was quick to do that. In the next day, I got lost somewhere in AYANA (it’s really huge there!) and he swiftly came to pick me up. My stay was also short so I really wanted to see and visit all the amenities and my butler was very enthusiastic in showing me around! To sum it up: he became my best friend during my stay! I was so pampered and spoiled that when it was time to bid farewell, I just didn’t want to!

    I was told afterwards that each and every butler at AYANA were trained and certified by the Guild of Professional Butlers in the UK. They are also able to speak several languages so go ahead; try and see if he knows your home language.

    Rest assured, this 5-star service also extends to each and every staff in the resort, and it is that kind of attitude that absolutely made my stay in AYANA an enjoyable and memorable one.

    Basic Info: Ayana Resort and Spa
    • Booking: See the best deals and prices at
    • Address: Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera Jimbaran, Bali 80364, Indonesia
    • Hotel Classification: 5-Star
    • Check-In: 3PM / Check-Out: 12PM
    • Disclaimer: Thanks to AYANA Resort and Spa for sponsoring my stay; but as always, all thoughts thaat are expressed in this article are fully my own.

    AYANA Resort and Spa kept surprising me during my stay — their magnificent amenities, villas, dining options, and service styles… there was just too much to love about this place.

    Truly, if you want to invest your money into a luxurious getaway that has it ALL, this is THE resort in Bali that you should book into. I guarantee you that you will NOT regret it at all, and you might just keep on coming back for more!

    » Compare All Bali Hotels & Rentals «

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  • How To Reach The Maldives From NYC ? – Get To Know The Routings!
    19 June 2021

    If there could be a heaven on earth, it should obviously be the Maldives, right? The Maldives gained a lot of attention post covid and people are still finding it hard to come out of the Maldives vacay vibes. Let it be the sparkling beaches, thrilling water sports, romantic weather, luxury resorts, jaw-dropping attractions, or the hospitality, this place has got it all packed together for the travelers. Being said that, I know most of you might be wondering how to reach the Maldives, right? In that case, this article clearly gives you an idea of how to reach the Maldives from NYC. Are you someone who has been curious to know about the travel routing to the Maldives from NYC? Well, we got you covered!

    Keep reading…

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    Image Credits: Unsplash
    Maldives Package Starting @ ₹33,107

    5* Resorts. Water Villas. Mesmerizing Itineraries
    How to reach the Maldives from NYC?

    To reach the Maldives from NYC, flights are the best possible options and you will find multiple flight options with different available routes. The best possible route to reach the Maldives from NYC is to take a flight via Doha, Istanbul, Moscow, Dubai, or Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for a non-stop flight, you can check on Dubai. In Dubai, one may find an option to take non-stop flights running from Dubai – Male.

    Image Credits: Unsplash The cheapest way to reach the Maldives from NYC
    • If you are someone who is on a budget trip, you may choose to travel via Moscow. You may opt for the Moscow route provided by Aeroflot which would take overall 28 hours to reach Male. In addition, January brings you the best possible price such as 944 USD for a return ticket in economy class which is one of the cheapest prices you may look into.
    • Another cheaper route to get to the Maldives is via Doha by taking Qatar Airways. This option could be a cheaper one, but kindly note that it might take long hours to reach.

      So, if you are someone who doesn’t care much about the hours of travel, but would want to fit into a budget, you can definitely pick any of the above options to reach the Maldives from NYC.
    The fastest way to reach the Maldives from NYC
    • Well, if you think that 28 hours of traveling in flight is not your type, you may check on the fastest possible option which is to fly by taking the Dubai route via Emirates. This route is one of the fastest routes to take you to the Maldives. It would approximately take 18-hours with a 1-hour stopover in between. Well, if you have been wondering about the cost, let me tell you that it would take around 1600 USD for the Dubai route.

    So, if you are someone who doesn’t fit into budget traveling and wanted to reach the Maldives sooner, you can pick up the Dubai routing option.

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    1. Is there a cheaper way to reach the Maldives from NYC via bus, train, ferry, or flight?

      The cheapest way to reach the Maldives from NYC is only by taking a flight.

    2. What is the distance between the Maldives and New York City?

      The distance between the Maldives and New York City is 13967 km.

    3. What is the time difference between New York City and the Maldives?

      The Maldives is 9 hours ahead of New York City.
    All Inclusive Maldives Honeymoon Package Starting @ ₹51,730

    5* Resorts. Water Villas. Mesmerizing Itineraries

    How to reach the Maldives from NYC? – Hope this question which you had in your mind has got an answer! Even though the number of hours seems to be high while traveling from NYC to the Maldives, trust me it is all worth it. Well, why wait when you have the routings right in front of you! Without any delays, check on the Pickyourtrail website and have a look at the amazing Maldives packages to plan your dream vacation!

    Let’s keep exploring!

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  • Iceland’s Top 5 Wellness Activities – Refresh And Restart!
    19 June 2021

    Iceland is a beautiful island country in the North Atlantic Ocean, also called the “Land of Fire and Ice”. What comes to your mind when you think about an Iceland vacay? Whether it would be the active volcanoes, green valleys, glaciers, or the black sand beaches, there is much more to know about this refreshing and unique island. We fall in short of words to describe this Paradise island. It is one of those nations where you could experience nature at its unadulterated best. The moment you land and get off the flight you will feel the freshness in the air, the calmness in the ambiance, and a sense of relaxation rejuvenating you. In this article, we will explore Iceland’s top 5 wellness activities for a memorable and rejuvenating vacay. Let’s plan a perfect Iceland vacay with lots of fun and have a refreshing holiday!

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    Meet the fjords, indulge in surreal stargazing, walk the glaciers and more in Iceland
    Iceland’s Top 5 Wellness Activities

    Iceland is home to some of the best spa facilities in the world. Along with rejuvenating yourself in the Icelandic spas, you’ll also get to enjoy the stunning views of glaciers, taste the mouth-smacking dishes, and explore volcanic beaches. Here is a list of Iceland’s top 5 wellness activities you would love to experience.

    1. Myvatn Nature Baths
    2. Silica Mud Mask at the Blue Lagoon
    3. Meet Icelandic Horses and Visit a Geothermal Greenhouse
    4. Laugarvatn Fontana Spa
    5. Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

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    Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash 1. Myvatn Nature Baths

    You can find the Myvatn Nature Baths opposite the Blue Lagoon in the northern part of Iceland. You can get an amazing experience with the best steam baths and in the hot tubs. There is also a children’s pool and awesome restaurant facilities. When you’re finished with the nature baths, you’ll be stunned by the breathtaking views of the beautiful lagoon situated in the center. The water averages around 100 °F and is filled with healthy minerals, most notably sulfur which has been known to help with skin, respiratory, and musculoskeletal afflictions. The healing effects of the water coupled with the rejuvenation of nature baths will leave your skin and your soul feeling astoundingly cleansed. Iceland’s beauty and its iconic culture are the main things you must never miss experiencing.

    Photo by Martin Jernberg on Unsplash
    2. Silica Mud Mask at the Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most famous destinations for both sightseeing and spas. The high content of silica in the beautiful blue water acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to keep your skin healthy and pretty. You can relax while you receive a silica mud mask that leaves your skin feeling fresher than ever. The lagoon’s water is around 102 °F and you could also relax here watching the beauty of the place. Never miss enjoying the best scenic views in this refreshing island. You could enjoy watching different shades of blue waters all over the blue lagoon with a perfect weather. The best pictures can be clicked here which would always be a memorable one to cherish.

    Photo by Luke Tanis on Unsplash

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    3. Meet Icelandic Horses and Visit a Geothermal Greenhouse

    You can meet some of the most unique horses in the world and learn about the rich history and culture of Iceland’s nature and beauty. Here you could find the most famous geothermal greenhouse with about 10,000 plants and a restaurant which is best known for its delicious Icelandic-grown tomatoes. You could witness the best atmosphere here and have a refreshing experience. After travelling and walking around the lagoons, you can spend some peaceful time with your animal companions and enjoy a best time in the greenhouse. If you still want a spa day, luckily Fridheimar is a short distance from attractions like the Laugarvatn Fontana Spa and Geysir Hot Springs. Never miss experiencing such a beautiful unadulterated atmosphere with perfect foods too. Pack your bags and travel to Iceland to experience the best days in your life.

    Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

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    4. Laugarvatn Fontana Spa

    The Laugarvatn Fontana Spa is a hidden gem, which is the most beloved attraction on the Golden Circle route. This is one of the never-miss places you must try a visit. This spa is filled with geothermal pools connected to outdoor mineral baths, steam rooms, and you can get access to the icy cold Lake Laugarvatn. When you switch between the heat of the spa and the cold of the lake, you’ll understand why Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice! This spa also features a unique geothermal rye bread bakery which is open all year and is a must taste place. This is one of Iceland’s top 5 wellness activities where you could feel refreshed and feel you adrenaline rushing. Iceland has got more things to see and do. Just escape to a perfect Iceland vacay and explore the island to the fullest.

    Photo by Frank Denney on Unsplash5. Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

    Jokulsarlon is Iceland’s deepest lake and has got breathtaking atmosphere. It can be found in the Southeast of Iceland, which is filled with fantastic views of icebergs and you could witness the pretty seals swimming by the shore, and could also hear wild birds flocking there. It’s a short walking distance from Diamond Beach which is a black sand beach where visitors can watch glittering icebergs fade into the Atlantic Ocean. Relaxing in this iconic lagoon would bring you an awesome feeling and you will long to spend more time here. Plan a perfect vacay to Iceland and experience these top 5 wellness activities for real.

    Meet the magical Northern Lights

    Your perfect Northern Lights itinerary
    Let’s Plan Your Vacay!

    Iceland is a beautiful destination that has to be visited once in our lifetime, but with a proper plan. We know, we’ve gotten you all excited about your trip to Iceland. This place has so much to see and do. Head over to the PickYourTrail website for the best packages or if you want you could also customize your own vacay. Its never too late to book your dream vacation. Happy vacationing! Unwrap Iceland with Pickyourtrail!

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  • 5 Best Cities To Visit If You Are A First-Time International Traveler
    19 June 2021

    Imagine packing your bags, and getting ready for your dream destinations. Being a first-time international traveler it would be an absolute dream come true vacay. It would be like, the day has come and there is no one stopping me from experiencing these adventures, which I dreamt of all my life. First-time travel is always a special feeling. You may have lots of doubts during your first-time travel. Like, will I know the languages? How to move around? What’s the exchange rate? and so on. So, here we have compiled a list of cities that are amazing and also convenient. From Asia to Europe, here are our top 5 best cities that rank a “1” in difficulty and a “10” in beauty. Let’s make your first-time international Travel the best one. Here we have the top 5 best cities for first-time international travelers.

    Photo by Francesca Tirico on Unsplash
    Europe Tour Package Starting @ ₹ 48,268

    Amazing Art Galleries. Marvellous Bridges. Delectable Cuisine. Affordable Itineraries.
    5 Best Cities For First-Time Travelers
    1. London
    2. Barcelona
    3. Paris
    4. Florence
    5. Edinburgh
    1. London

    We have been seeing London in most of the movies, read in novels and sang ‘London Bridge is falling down!‘ poems while we were kids and we had always dreamt of visiting this beautiful city. Aside from the awe-inspiring architecture of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the Tower Bridge, London oozes with culture and character. People generally speak English and you probably would get through it. The Tube, Uber, and classic black cabs make transportation within the city easy, and there is a direct shuttle train to Heathrow Airport from King’s Cross station! Speaking of trains, you can hop on a train at King’s Cross and be in Paris or Edinburgh in just a few hours! For many Americans, London is the gateway to international travel. It’s their favorite city. London is iconic, beautiful, and filled to the brim with things to see and do.

    Photo by Nebula Forest on Unsplash
    2. Barcelona

    Next comes the beautiful Barcelona, a lovely city every tourist would like to visit. You’ll discover a harmonious blend of old and new here. You can explore the ancient neighborhoods adorned with Gothic architecture and also discover the beauty of Antoni Gaudi’s modern creations such as the spectacular Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. When you get hungry during your sightseeing you can just turn to paella, tapas, and sangria for a traditional and memorable culinary experience. You can visit Mount Tibidabo for stunning views across Barcelona to the ocean beyond. Not only you can hear English in Barcelona, but you could also hear nearly every language in the world. Never miss visiting the finest architectures, mesmerizing museums, and unique shops, best beaches and also taking a bite at the mouth-watering cuisines.

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    3. Paris

    Awe, Paris! This brings back the scenes of ‘Emily in Paris’. The most gorgeous city of all. With its world’s best cuisines, beautiful architecture, finest art museums, and a stylish reputation, this posh city is the epicenter of western culture. With endless shopping and dining opportunities, Paris will never leave you underwhelmed. The city’s extensive metro system is clean, efficient, and easy to use. Plus, Uber is always an option when it comes to transportation. Paris has many distinct neighborhoods which are charming and exciting in their own ways. Easy transportation is key in experiencing them all! For first-time international travelers, this is one of the best cities you must give a try. And this could be the most unforgettable vacay as every part of Paris is beautiful and would bring a feel of paradise to you.

    Photo by Chris Karidis on Unsplash
    4. Florence

    Are you looking to immerse yourself in Italian culture, admire famous works of art, and eat way too much pasta? Then, Florence is waiting for you. The city is small and manageable. You can use the red roof of the stunning Duomo as your guiding north star, and use the mobile map app on your phone as a backup. The city itself is very walkable, so you won’t have to worry about navigating public transportation. Florence is a popular choice for American college students studying abroad and most of them speak English here. Florence has a modern train station located in the city center. Want to hop down to Rome or up to Milan? The ticketing machines are quite user-friendly and the trains are generally clean, safe, and direct. You could enjoy the best train rides here getting a quick short trip over the city.

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    5. Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is just a 7-hour flight from the northeast US. You can explore the Edinburgh Castle, hike through postcard-worthy greenery on Arthur’s Seat, and listen to live folk music as you sip some local whisky. Edinburgh is one of those storybook cities you’ll immediately fall in love with. Scotland is known as one of the safest countries in the world, and Edinburgh’s Waverly train station offers a convenient link to London, Glasgow, or the countryside. With the city split into an “Old Town” and “New Town,” you’ll have the choice of chain restaurants and designer stores or local pubs and tiny wool shops. The blend of old and new will provide you with modern comforts while feeling like you’re walking through the set of a Harry Potter movie. The beauty of Edinburgh is so great and you will long to spend a long time in this beautiful city.

    Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash
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    So, being a first-time traveler you would have got the best ideas on these amazing cities of the world to plan a perfect vacay. Never miss enjoying and exploring these best cities in the world. It’s time to plan a perfect vacay! For first-time international travelers, these would be one of the best cities you must give a try. So. why wait? You can book amazing International Tour Packages to the land of marvels with Pickyourtrail and explore these 5 best cities in your first international vacation for real. Enjoy the best tour with your loved ones and bring back beautiful memories. Start planning your dream vacation with Pickyourtrail and Unwrap the world with Pickyourtrail!

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  • How To Reach The Maldives From LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)?
    19 June 2021

    The Maldives is one of the most traveled countries in the world and it is a dream island to travel to most of the explorers. Right from pristine beaches and tropical vibe to the luxurious resorts, the country has it all. The beauty of the Maldives and its culture will surely tempt anyone to visit the country at least once in their lifetime. The Maldives is especially suitable for a honeymoon vacation or a family getaway with your loved ones. Located 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka, the Maldives is a very isolated country and it is very far away from Los Angeles. In this article, you will get to know how to reach the Maldives from LAX (Los Angeles Airport).

    Photo by izayah ramos on UnsplashHow to reach the Maldives from LAX

    The Maldives is far away from Los Angeles lying at a distance of more than 15500 km. Hence the journey between the two places is time-consuming and exhausting. The best and only way to effectively travel to the Maldives is by air. However, there are world tour cruises that have the Maldives as part of their journey. But, if you are specifically interested in the Maldives alone, then cruises are not an option.

    Reach the Maldives by air

    As the Maldives is far away from LA, reaching there by direct flight is not possible. The easiest and fastest way to reach the Maldives would be by selecting one-stop flights. The cost of these flights with economy classes will be anywhere between USD 1000 to USD 2000 approximately per person. The average time to reach the Velana International Airport of the Maldives from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will be around 22-26 hours. But you can choose longer flights with multiple stops if you are ready to compromise the time to bring down your budget. There are many airlines like Qatar Airways, Emirates, Swiss Airways, and Turkish Airlines that will help you reach your layovers at different cities like Doha, Dubai, Zurich, and Istanbul respectively from where you can have a flight to the Maldives.

    We would suggest you prefer the flights through the Middle East route over the ones which have layovers in Europe or Africa as these flights will be economical, best in services and less exhausting. If you want the cheapest of options, you can go for the Hong Kong route as the return flight cost via this route is as low as 1000 USD per person.

    Photo by Dion Tavenier on UnsplashThings to know before you reach the Maldives

    We know that you are too excited about your trip to the Maldives, who wouldn’t be? But before that, there are certain important things you need to know before you leave LAX to reach the Maldives.

    • There is no VISA. The Maldives provides free entry for US citizens who have a valid passport, onward/return ticket, and sufficient funds. It is valid for 30 days from the date of arrival in the country.
    • You are not allowed to take liquor into the country as they have strict laws against alcohol. However, You will be provided liquor inside the resort you are staying but you can’t bring them back or take it to local inhabited islands. 
    • If you had bought any wine or liquor on your way to the Maldives, they will be kept by the customs office in the airport during your stay and be returned to you on your way back.
    • The Maldives is an Islamic country and they follow their religion and cultures strictly. So, please respect their belief and culture in local inhabited islands. Pork and alcohol are strictly forbidden there and don’t take them while you are in local inhabited islands.
    • Don’t take the seashells from the beach. Yeah, you read it right. You can’t take seashells, tortoise shells, corals, or even sand from the Maldives beach. If you have any idea of taking them back as a souvenir, please drop it. The Government has a very strict policy regarding this as they suggest that these shells act as home to hermit crabs which actually play a pivotal role in controlling the sand fly population.
    Photo by yang wewe on Unsplash

    Excited to reach the Maldives already? Then, why wait when you know how to reach Maldives from LAX? Plan the best vacation to the most naturally gifted island in the world. Turn your Maldives vacation from dreams to reality by choosing one of our Maldives travel packages at Pickyourtrail. You can also customize your very own itinerary. Unwrap the Maldives with Pickyourtrail.

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  • Sri Lanka in January : Best Places to Visit and Stay at 2021
    19 June 2021
    Image source : unsplash
    Planning to visit Sri Lanka in January?

    The very first trip might be added after New Year to your Vacay list! You’ll plan your Sri Lanka tour despite of any weather condition since, you still have options to modify your outings to north – east or south – west within the country consistent with the weather. Being a Tropical region Sri lanka within the north of the Island and east coast of the country is pretty wet in January. So it’s better to plan for southern and western part and unwind within the magnificent beaches.

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    Crowds and costs

    The great beach weather in january attracts many tourists to Sri Lanka. Well vacations in northern region would be temporarily over in January, High chances of gathering more number of crowds within the southern part, So it’s better to book accommodation beforehand especially within the Island’s popular beach areas.

    Where to go in January?
    • Colombo – Capital of Sri Lanka
    • Adam’s peak | Sri Pada
    • Yala National Park
    • Galle
    • Dambulla
    1. Colombo
    image source : unsplash

    Being the commercial capital of the country, It’s Sri Lanka’s one among the foremost tourist destination.The coastal city might be a Elegant place to spend a couple of days just relaxing and experiencing the local culture, indulging in the local food, and leisure activities. It’s a reasonably good collection of attractions to serve just this purpose, Just like the Galle Face Green, the Beira Lake , and therefore the Viharamahadevi Park, which are popular places for picnics and also for you to spend some quality time together with your friends, families and loved ones. 

    2. Adam’s Peak | Sri Pada
    Image source ; Unsplash

    It is a 7359 feet Mountain located in central Sri Lanka, It is divinly known for Sri pada resembling (sacred footprint) 5 ft 11 m that is considered because of the footprint of Buddha for Buddhist, Shiva known for Hindus and Adam known for Muslims and Christians. It is one among the foremost visited pilgrimage site in Sri Lanka with a natural landmark within the outer part of Hatton. The pilgrimage season begins on Poya day as full moon day in December and runs through to April – the beginning of the south west monsoon.

    At a certain period of the year it is not possible to climb. It’s been said night walk is the finest way to expand some of your time on Adam’s Peak, arriving in time for sunrise the views are absolutely breathtaking, As the Hill start rising to the east, while to the west the land tenderly declines toward the Indian Ocean. Shortly after the beginning of morning twilight keep an eye fixed out for the vast shadow of the mountain cast against the sky, which gives once in a lifetime experience.

    3. Yala National Park
    Image source : unsplash

    If you’re an Animal lover and searching for a few of the best experience in Sri lanka in january don’t miss an opportunity to explore the wild life sanctuaries, The foremost famous among them is Yala National Park. You could take a wildlife safari to ascertain the Sri Lankan Elephants, Sri Lankan Leopards, Aquatic birds, Magul Maha Viharaya, and also Sithulpawwa are some of the ancient rock pilgrim sites.

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    4. Galle image source : unsplash

    Being the historic city of Sri lanka locating on the southern coastal area mainly famous for its Portuguese heritage and dutch colonial buildings. one among the foremost preferred tourists places in Galle comprises of, Churches, Mosques, Historical Buildings, and Museums, The admirable city of Galle was founded by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century, and you will find the city embracing its ancient heritage in every corner. You can even continue on boat trips in the Indian ocean you may be able to spot humpback whales, dolphins, blue whales, corals reefs and other marine species.

    5. Dambulla
    Image Source : Unsplash

    Dambulla cave temple also referred to as (The Golden Temple) in Sri Lanka is a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to the first century. Dambulla Consists of one of the greatest preserved cave temples in Sri Lanka. The remaining five main caves have exquisite paintings and delightful statues. If you’re a person who’s trying to find ancient sculptures and paintings, monuments then it’s a must visit place to explore the ancient era and vibe.

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    Where to Stay in Sri Lanka in January?

    There are multiple high rated 4-5 star properties where you can discover a luxurious and exotic hospitality services, some of the best scenic views that have never seen before.

    • Sigiriana Resort by Thilanka
    • Arangala forest lodge
    • Heritance Kandalama
    1. Sigiriana Resort by Thilanka image source :

    If you’re looking for a 4 star property then Sigiriana Resort is highly recommended for you. Consisting Luxurious Deluxe rooms with Orchard view best suited for couples. Resort rooms feature colourful murals and private balconies with views of the surrounding greenery. Each room has a safety deposit box and free coffee/tea. The bathroom is fitted with a spa bathtub. Visitors can enjoy relaxing massages at Ayurveda Spa, which also provides yoga and steam baths.

    2. Arangala forest lodge image source :

    Arangala Forest Lodge has a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, a bar and shared lounge in Naula. With a garden, the 4-star hotel has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi, each with a private bathroom. The accommodation offers evening entertainment and a 24-hour front desk. At the hotel, every room includes a balcony with a scenic mountain view.

    Location : arangala, naula, 21090 Naula, Sri Lanka 

    3. Heritance Kandalama image source :

    Start the day with breakfast on the lake or enjoy a memorable dining experience in the nearby cave. A tranquil retreat perched on hills.  Boasting a spectacular architecture, this unique design hotel provides 3 impressive pools and exotic activities.The spacious rooms are fitted with rattan furniture. Each comes with a private bathroom featuring oversized glass walls that allow much natural light in.

    Location ; Heritance Kandalama, 21100 Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

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  • Top 10 Beautiful Places In France
    19 June 2021

    France, in Western Europe, encompasses medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches. Paris, its capital, is noted for its fashion houses, classical art museums together with the Louvre and monuments just like the Alexandre Gustave Eiffel Tower. The country is additionally renowned for its wines and complex cuisine. Lascaux’s ancient cave drawings, Lyon’s Roman theatre and also the huge Palace of Versailles attest to its wealthy history. Let’s take 5-10 mins to see the top 10 beautiful places in France.

    Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on UnsplashTop 10 beautiful places in France
    1. Menton
    2. Loire valley
    3. Mont Saint-Michel
    4. Cassis
    5. Carcassonne
    6. Nantes
    7. Dinan
    8. Montpellier
    9. Saint-Emilion
    10. Biarritz
    1. Menton

    Menton is understood for its gardens, consisting of the Jardin Serre de los angeles Madone, the Jardin botanique exotique de Menton (‘LeVal Rahmeh’), the Fontana Rosa, the Maria Serena garden, and the modernist gardens of Les Colombieres. Fall in love with the French Riviera in Menton called the “Pearl of France” Situated at the French-Italian border, this metropolis will take you again to a time earlier than excessive rises, with its cute port and pastel-coloured buildings.

    2. Loire Valley

    If castles are for your must-see listing in France, get thee to the Loire Valley. Once a playground for kings, queens and dignitaries, the Loire Valley has sufficient castles to show its royal importance – attempt extra than one hundred of them. One of the prettiest is Chateau de Sully-sur-Loire with its big moat nonetheless surrounded through the water.

    Photo by Dorian Mongel on Unsplash

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    3. Mont Saint-Michel

    Around its base are medieval partitions and towers above which upward push the clustered homes of the village with the historic abbey crowning the mount. One of the greater famous traveller sights in France, Mont-Saint-Michel became specific a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

    Glamourous France escapade for the fashionistas

    Explore every nook and corner of France in this amazing 8-day trip
    4. Cassis

    It is a famous visitor destination, well-known for its cliffs (falaises) and the sheltered inlets referred to as Calanques. The wines of Cassis are white and rosé, and now no longer to be burdened with crème de cassis, a strong point of Burgundy which takes its call from blackcurrants (cassis), now no longer the commune.

    Photo by Dominic von Eichel-Streiber on Unsplash

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    5. Carcassonne

    Dating again to pre-Roman times, the fortified metropolis of Carcassonne in southern France is like taking walks via a fairy tale. The metropolis is surrounded with the aid of using almost miles of partitions and fifty two big towers, with indoors passageways and alleys ideal for leisurely strolling.

    6. Nantes

    Nantes is a town complete of exciting landmarks just like the fort and the cathedral, with masses of modern-day venues and technological myth to experience too. Besides its artifical attractions, Nantes is well-known for its vineyards that produce Muscadet white wine.

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    7. Dinan

    Dinan is surely one of the maximum appealing and high-quality preserved small cities in Brittany. With its 1.8 miles (3km)-lengthy ramparts, half-timbered houses, appealing port and cobbled streets packed with artwork galleries and craft shops, it is really well worth an afternoon of anyone’s time.

    8. Montpellier

    Louis XIV (dominated 1643–1715) made Montpellier the executive capital of the Languedoc region, well-known for its wines. The present day metropolis is a traveler centre and the seat of the International Vine and Wine Fair. Its industries consist of meals processing, metallurgy, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and fabric weaving.

    9. Saint-Emilion

    Saint-Emilion may be a stunning city whose historic monuments embrace an associate degree underground church, 2 cloisters, catacombs, ancient towers and gates. it’s additionally the world’ no 1 vinery and listed, in conjuncion with its monuments as a World Heritage website by UNESCO.

    10. Biarritz

    Nestled within the extreme southwest of France, Biarritz is a sublime town, acclaimed for its beaches, surf spots, golf courses, thalassotherapy centres and gastronomy. entree to the Basque Country, Biarritz is perhaps the foremost illustrious city in the region.

    Best time to Visit France

    Easter, too, is a horrific time for Paris: 1/2 of Europe’s schoolchildren appear to descend at the city. For identical reasons, ski buffs ought to maintain in thoughts the February college ski break. And do not be stuck on the roads over the last weekend of July or August, and least of all at the weekend of August 15. The quality time to go to France is consequently throughout the spring months, among April and June, or autumn, which runs from September to November.

    Photo by Clémence Bergougnoux on UnsplashClimate in France

    Generally speaking, weather needn’t be a first-rate attention in making plans while to go. Northern France, like close by Britain, is moist and unpredictable. Paris has a touch higher weather than New York, hardly ever accomplishing the extremes of warmth and bloodless of that city, however handiest south of the Loire does the climate turn out to be substantially warmer. West coast climate, even with inside the south, is tempered with the aid of using the proximity of the Atlantic, and is difficulty to violent storms and near thundery days even in summer time season. The centre and east, as you go away the coasts at the back of, have a extra continental weather, with less warm winters and warmer summers. The maximum dependable climate is alongside and at the back of the Mediterranean shoreline and on Corsica, in which iciness is brief and summer time season lengthy and hot.

    France always has bit of everything around the country to explore and enjoy. Hope you got a better plan you mind to craft your next vacation’s itinerary to France. Let’s have a look at France tour packages, France honeymoon packages, also you can customise your itinerary as per your comfortable at Pickyourtrail.

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  • Visiting Greece in January : Travel Ideas and Advice
    19 June 2021
    Why a winter holiday at Greece is a great idea?

    Have you ever wondered what visiting Greece in winters is like? Here are some travel tips and advice for visiting Greece in winter.

    Image Source : Unsplash

    Before moving further there are some few things to take under consideration while visiting Greece in January has its pros and cons. On the positive side, you’ll have bargain prices for hotels, there’ll be very few tourists, and you could try out a ski resort in the mountains. Some of the ancient sites are less busy .On the Negative side, there will be occasional rainy days, some Greek islands will be closed during winters, and you will probably be staying Idle on the beach.

    Is Greece worth visiting in January?

    Yes, it is definitely a good time to visit especially if you’re looking for a budgetary trip. January brings down the temperatures but the weather is still pleasant and sunny. There are several locales in Greece that has best experiences during winters.

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    • Weather and Temperature in January
    • Where to go in Greece?
    • What things to do in Greece
    • crowd and Costs
    • January events
    image source : UnsplashWeather and Temperature in January

    Winter in Greece is a bit rainy so try to carry a raincoat with you and some sturdy water resistant shoes – particularly if you are planning for hiking. The northern and Hilly, mountainous regions are a good deal colder than the southern bottomlands . If you’re keen on snowy peaks, January and February are the coldest months. And if you head to the mountains, you’re likely to find snow there.

    If milder temperatures are what you’re looking after, southern Greece is not only mild but frequently hot. Don’t forget to pack a pair of shorts to deal with the sunniest days. It’s not Idle on the beach weather, but great to explore the country’s many ancient sites without dripping with perspiration and being surrounded by other over enthusiastic travelers.

    Where to Go in Greece?
    • Athens
    • Kalambaka
    • Santorini
    • Mykonos
    Image source : Unsplash
    Athens, Greece

    When people think of Athens they usually envision a hot summer day spent basking near the warm, sparkling waters of the city’s prestine beaches. Surprisingly though, Athens is also quite charming during the winter. As the capital of Greece, Athens is filled with plenty of things to do and sites to see.

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    Go to Museum-Hopping in Athens

    There are some amazing things to do in Athens, but the famous ancient city’s top draws are the historic sites and the world-class museums. The best thing about visiting Greece in winter is that the small crowds make museum-hopping so much easier and more enjoyable.Two of the best museum in Athens are the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum. Both flaunt Extraordinary historical artifacts from up to eight thousand years earlier.

    Go to Skiing in Arachova

    Image source : Unsplash

    Greece may not be the best destination for skiing, but there are some more great options in the Grecian country. The mountain town of Arachova is quite near to Mount Parnassos, which has got some amazing ski-trails for all skill levels. While we don’t recommend choosing Greece over the more famous destinations for a ski holiday, it is a lovely thing to add to your Greece vacation. Not only can you ski here, but Arachova also offers you world-class resorts and spas, fantastic nightlife, and some genuinely once-in-a-lifetime views.

    Get a chance to see Meteora in SnowKalambaka

    image source : Unsplash

    It doesn’t matter when you’re visiting Meteora in summer or winter. It’s a brilliant destination to explore to get once in a lifetime experience.The monastery complex is built on six natural pillars and massive boulders, making for a unique destination. Meteora is a concatenation of rock formations that are settled in the heart of Kalambaka town. In winter, the surrounding landscape is lush and green, benefits from the seasonal rains and reduced crowds. However Meteora is along side to Mount Athos in terms of importance, The Meteora is also one of the most significant UNESCO World Heritage Sites which is listed under five list and is undoubtedly a must-visit place that you shouldn’t miss..

    Santorini In January

    image source: unsplash

    Located in southern most part of Cyclades Islands. Santorini is usually known for its deep traditional roots, breathtaking views around every corner, it offers many romantic settings and filled with natural landscapes to capture a mesmerizing view. Oia known for its best sunset views, Fira(The Capital), Akrotiri mainly Known for excavation of ancient objects, Archaeological buildings and Megalochori are the foremost popular villages to go on Santorini Island. There are many other villages on the island and every village has their own unique qualities.

    The Unique Flavors of Romance is Everywhere

    It is difficult to not find a romantic setting, especially in the evening within the enchanting evening down into the Aegean Sea. Oia is that the best place to get on the island during sunset. Its bright white buildings reflect the oranges and reds of the setting sun and combat the emergence of embers during a fire. There is nothing more romantic than you and your loved one being surrounded by warm light, enjoying a night surrounded with sights and sounds of slow-paced, relaxing life.

    must read : 7 best places to visit in Santorini

    Mykonos in January
    image source : unsplash

    Visiting Mykonos during the winter is absolutely a honest idea, if you are trying to find relaxing holidays, spending time with yourself. only few travelers are found, the beaches are empty and therefore the most places are closed. Well traveling in winters has its own advantages you’ll get amazing travel deals! surrounded by windy and wet weather, it’s difficult for tourists to travel outside, so it’s better to settle on your accommodation carefully, attempt to search for a warm, comfortable place with a decent sea view.

    Events in January in Greece
    • Feast of Saint Basil’s/New Year’s Day/
    • New Year’s Day and Feast of Saint Basil Celebration – These two Major festivals celebrated in Greece. Athens and many other places have midnight fireworks.
    • Cinedoc Festival  – An annual documentary festival that takes place in Athens, kalamata, Volos, Patras and Amaliada. It usually begins in mid autumn and lasts until mid spring. A minimum of two new movies are released per month, both in Greek also international. They also organize cultural and academic events to market the art of film.
    Greece Tour Package Starting @ ₹43,457

    Pristine Beaches. Gorgeous Sunsets. Delectable wine. Romantic itineraries

    The post Visiting Greece in January : Travel Ideas and Advice appeared first on Pickyourtrail Travel Blog.

  • London in December – The Magical Month of the Year
    19 June 2021

    London, as we all know is the glorious capital city of England and the United Kingdom. While most of them talk about how beautiful and happening this city is during the peak months of summer, let me tell you what it has to offer in winter. Visiting London in December would be the finest and most exhilarating vacation of your life. This would be because of the zing it has to add to your dream vacation. Imagine taking a stroll into the glory of festivities and the culture of London. The Christmas markets, New year celebrations, Winter adventures, Striking monuments and attractions will leave you with an arresting memory of all things you explore on this trip. Everything about London in December would leave you in awe. If you’re excited already, let’s dive right in to see what London looks like in December.

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    London Tour Package Starting @ ₹ 42,704

    Big Ben. Buckingham Palace. Hyde Park. Madame Tussauds & More.
    Weather in London in December Image Credits: Unsplash

    I’m sure most of you would admit that the first thing you tend to consider while planning a vacation, is the weather and season. Well, are you ready to get mesmerised by the weather of this wonderland? The breezy air and the cottony snowflakes create a lovely aura around the city. London transforms into a dreamland during December. The weather and the spirit of Christmas and New Years, entices tourists.

    The weather keeps getting better and chillier as every day passes by. The city also experiences a few sunny days with occasional snowfall in December. The temperatures usually range between -2°C to 7°C. Undoubtedly, December is a wonderful month for you to set out for London, and it wins everyone’s heart. In December, the entire city glistens with fairy lights, Christmas trees, carols, and cotton-ball and flakes of snow everywhere, creating a magical ambiance. The charming streets of the city centre are lively throughout the day and night. Be it shopping at the Christmas markets or rave parties, London is one of the most happening cities.

    Crowd and Expenses in London in December Image Credits: Unsplash

    It goes without saying that London is definitely one of the most crowded places at the time of the year. Not just tourists but people from the other cities drive down or fly into London to experience the festive vibe. Considering December falls within the peak season, it is best to make your reservations a few months ahead.

    Moving on to the other aspect, expenses in London in December is very expensive due to the demand. You would therefore end up shelling out a bit more than the off peak season. However, you can save a considerate amount of money by making your reservations at a much earlier date.

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    Things to do in London in December

    This bustling city is never calm or deserted. Hence, you could really explore any part of the city at this time of the year. However, here are some exciting picks that you shouldn’t miss on your vacation to London.

    London Tour Package Starting @ ₹ 42,704

    Big Ben. Buckingham Palace. Hyde Park. Madame Tussauds & More.
    1. Experience the Winter Wonderland in the Hyde Park Image Credits: Unsplash

    Hyde Park is one of the world’s most famous and picturesque royal parks, located in the heart of London. This park has been attracting thousands of people from all over the world because of its numerous species of trees, flowers and a lovely dazzling lake. You can also view several monuments, sculptures, fountains, and a bird sanctuary as well. Hence, this park is a haven for photographers and bird watchers. The Hyde Park also offers a plethora of activities for visitors, that includes canoeing, swimming, horseback riding, ice skating and a lot more.

    Just when the Christmas season is about to begin, the entire park is transformed into a mystical realm with illuminating decorations and shimmering lights. You can find a variety of captivating rides, games and eateries out there. The winter wonderland in Hyde Park houses a wide range of shops and also includes skiing and skating contests, and a variety of musical events. This magical fest opens during the last week of November and lasts till the first week of January. It is open for public from 10 AM to 10 PM.

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    2. Watch the Sparkling Fireworks on New Years Eve Image Credits: Unsplash

    You certainly must head to the River Thames on New Years Eve for a significant and momentous experience of The New Year Firecrackers. If you happen to miss this event in London in December, your trip would be incomplete. At the stroke of 12 AM on New Years, the firecrackers start glowing up the midnight sky with magnificent colours. Watching the firecrackers through the London Eye, and the reflecting lights of the firecrackers on the river, makes it a marvellous event. You will also find a few eateries along the sidewalk.

    In order to enter the zone, there are various ticket categories you can purchase from. The blue zone, is the best place with a direct view of the firecrackers. This would cost you approximately £100. The white, green, pink and red zones are on the sidewalks of the river. The approximate cost of tickets for these zone would be £80, £70, £70, £55 respectively. Make sure you get there early at least by 6 PM to grab the best spot and avoid long queues.

    3. Stroll Along the Streets of Leister Square Image Credits: Unsplash

    Leicester Square in London is one of the most bustling and eclectic areas in the city, with a history dating back to the 16th century. You will notice that the “New London” in this square beautifully gives recognition to the “Old London”. If you’re lucky, you can spot A-listers walking down the red carpet at movie premiers, as this square houses some of the best cinemas in the UK.

    The Leister square is home to two of the world’s largest M&M’s and Lego stores. That’s not it, there’s more! The square is home to some of the best and largest casinos in the UK, ensuring that the evenings are never dull.  Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Cambridge Circus and Piccadilly Circus surround it in the City of Westminster. These places are also some of the major attractions in the city that you shouldn’t miss.

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    4. Get Lost in the Camden Market Image Credits: Unsplash

    The Camden Market is another staggering place where you can indulge in the joy of festivities. It has an extensive and very impressive Christmas market. Every day in Camden is a new day as you have a lot to explore in this town. Right from the local traders to the traditional local cuisines, this place does wonders. For all the vegan and plant-based foodies, make sure you don’t miss out on the festive Vegan Deli in December. You could also head to the Camden Lock Market to explore the pubs and nightlife. Mulled wine is something that is found extensively, only in December in the UK. You can stroll around the market while sipping over the mulled wine as well.

    5. Take a Tour Around the Warner Bros Studio

    For all the Harry Potter fans out there, if you want an opportunity to step on Platform 9 3/4 and take the moment of pleasure to be seated on the Hogwarts Express Train, you wouldn’t want to miss this attraction. The Warner Bros Studio is a stirring attraction in the Watford Junction of London. The tour around the studio gives you a sneak peak into the stunning production sets, costumes, and properties used for all of the Harry Potter movies. You will also get to walk down Diagon Alley and step into the Great Hall. You get to witness being a wizard along with the wonders of the brand new Gringotts Wizarding Bank as well. The studio tour bus arrives every 20 minutes at the pick up point. Make sure you reach this attraction by 11 AM to avoid crowd and delay.

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    Image Credits: Unsplash
    London Tour Package Starting @ ₹ 42,704

    Big Ben. Buckingham Palace. Hyde Park. Madame Tussauds & More.

    I’m sure you won’t have the heart to wave goodbye to this delightful city once your vacation comes to an end. Now, you tell me what London in December feels like, once you get back from your mesmerizing vacation. If you’re looking for assistance with planning your trip to London, head to the Pickyourtrail website to come across exceptional expert assistance and stupendous London Tour Packages. Oh and not to mention, you can customise your dream vacation on our platform as well. On that note, Happy Exploring!

    The post London in December – The Magical Month of the Year appeared first on Pickyourtrail Travel Blog.

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