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17 June 2021

Baseball Podcasts Baseball Podcasts
  • Leading Off Thursday June 17th (Ep. 382)
    17 June 2021
    Joe Pisapia and Dan Harris debate Jacob deGrom's latest injury and MVP chances, more sticky situations, Ohtani domination and an 8 game MLB DFS slate!
  • Lone Star Series Recap
    17 June 2021

    This episode, Rob wakes up early to bring you a recap of the Lone Star Series highlighted by some huge home runs for the Astros. He also takes a look at the standings and the pitching match-ups for the White Sox series. Brought to you by Ram Shirts. Intro by Bob Ford.

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  • DeGrom Hurt... Again, Mid-June Standouts & Rankings Updates (6/17 Fantasy Baseball Podcast)
    17 June 2021

    WHAT DO WE DO WITH JACOB DEGROM (2:20)? At least Gerrit Cole is healthy and great.... Tyler Mahle put together a ridiculous performance plus should you add Ross Stripling and/or Bailey Ober (9:43)?... News and notes (19:25)! Yordan Alvarez now has outfield eligibility, Alex Bregman and Josh Donaldson left with injury.... Who are the biggest standouts in June to this point (26:30)? Is Jose Altuve the #1 second baseman moving forward? Is Tommy Pham a top-40 outfielder?... We have more rankings updates (46:20)! Matt Olson keeps climbing while Blake Snell is falling.... What's going on with Trevor Story this season (51:20)?... Who are some deeper league adds (54:00)?... We wrap up with leftovers, bullpen updates, and streamers (56:20).... Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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  • A Conversation With Drew Silva
    17 June 2021

    Chris (@Crawford_MILB) invites NBC Sports Edge's own Drew Silva (@DrewSilv) on to the pod for a wide-ranging, and incredibly in-depth, conversation about the ingredients, history, and taste of St. Louis pizza, the state of the Cardinals, and other general MLB talk.

  • Joe Sheehan & Jeff Erickson Talking Baseball
    17 June 2021

    Joe Sheehan joins the RotoWire podcast and discusses Jacob deGrom's injury, MLB's crackdown on pitchers using grip-enhancing substances, and many of the other top news items of the day.

  • Astros Win Behind Multi-Homer Game by Altuve and McCormick Plus One By Myles Straw!
    17 June 2021

    Eric and Brett discuss the latest Astros victory over the interstate rival Rangers as they sweep them out of town. Kyle Tucker was already placed on the IL earlier in the day, but after Jose Altuve hit his leadoff homer in this game, Alex Bregman left with a quad injury. After the game, Dusty Baker said that he could be out for a while. The Astros still went on to win behind the offense of Jose Altuve, Chas McCormick, and Myles Straw, and a season-high five homers for the Astros. Bring on the White Sox and their trash-talking starting pitchers, it should be an epic matchup of some of the elite teams in the AL.

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  • A Conversation With Andrew Maraniss
    17 June 2021

    In this episode, Rip is joined by New York's best-selling author, Andrew Maraniss. Andrew is the author of Singled Out, The True Story of Glenn Burke. Glenn came out as the first openly gay baseball player with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the mid-1970s.

    Be sure to follow the show on Twitter, @ripgriffinshow, and follow Andrew on Twitter @trublu24.

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  • 2021 Luckiest Man
    17 June 2021

    Ed Kasputis interviews Jonathan Eig about his best selling book – Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig.

  • Alex Cora’s Comments & MLB’s New Penalties for Foreign Substances // Last Night’s Red Sox Win & the Play of Alex Verdugo - 6/16
    16 June 2021
    • (00:20) Tony Massarotti kicked off the show discussing Alex Cora’s comments to his pitching staff about MLB’s new penalties for doctoring the baseball.
    • (12:48) Mazz also talked about last night’s Boston Red Sox win over the Atlanta Braves.

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  • CYB: 037 Coaching Your Own Kid
    16 June 2021

    Thankfully we have a lot of Moms and Dads coaching our youth baseball teams. We could not provide youth baseball without the help of parents in the coaching trenches. At the same time we want the parent/kid relationship to stay strong and healthy. It can get real blurry coaching your own kids. Dave goes over some of the issues and some solutions for you try in your baseball coaching toolbox. CoachandPlay

Baseball blogs

Baseball Blogs

17 June 2021

Baseball Blogs Baseball Blogs
  • This Mets series if going
    17 June 2021

    In reply to Cubs @ Mets: Series Thread (Games 66-69)

    This Mets series if going poorly, so... off-topic question. Which of these outcomes do you currently think is more likely in 2021: (a) Javy hits at least 40 homeruns in the regular season, (b) Patrick Wisdom hits at least 20 homeruns in the regular season.

  • Sat there so long my legs fell asleep though. Own this BCV...
    17 June 2021

    Sat there so long my legs fell asleep though.
    Own this BCV Original.

  • In defense of Brewers hitting coach Andy Haines
    17 June 2021
    Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

    It may be convenient to blame the hitting coach, but any negative impact of Haines himself on the offense is minimal at the worst.

    The Brewers were just swept at home in a discouraging three-game set against the division rival Cincinnati Reds. After the Crew scored a grand total of four runs in the series, criticism of hitting coach Andy Haines returned after subsiding during the team’s recent hot stretch.

    The calls for Haines to lose his job are nothing new. Fans were frustrated with both the offense and the hitting coach after a horrific showing in 2020. However, the pandemic-shortened season was arguably the strangest on record. Players had their initial spring training halted and did not play organized baseball for months. During this period, the league gave no indications of when they could expect to return to the diamond. When Major League Baseball implemented the new schedule, players participated in a watered-down training camp against their teammates. Due to the strange conditions and unusual ramp-up procedures, many hitters struggled to perform at their usual rate. J.D. Martinez and Kris Bryant, both of whom immediately returned to their usual selves in 2021, are a couple of high-profile examples whose performances suggest that offensive performances from 2020 are perhaps best left ignored. The Brewers saw this play out on their roster; Avisail Garcia is back to producing at his usual rate, and Omar Narvaez is having a career year.

    The 2020 season cannot be used as a legitimate knock on Haines. Nonetheless, many Wisconsinites are quick to bring up other arguments to vouch for his dismissal. Are these criticisms valid? Let’s investigate.

    Claim #1: Haines has made the Brewers offense worse

    Many insist that the Brewers have seen their offensive output worsen since Haines took over as the team’s hitting coach. To put that theory to the test, here is a comparison between how the Brewers have performed under Darnell Coles, their previous hitting coach from 2015 through 2018, and under Haines. The MLB average for each statistic during each period is listed in parenthesis.

    The Brewers are hitting for a lower batting average under Haines, but they are also walking more frequently. As such, their on-base percentage has not budged from one coach to the other. Their power output has also improved because their slugging percentage has remained the same despite the batting average decline. The Brewers have seen their strikeout rate tick up under Haines, but that has coincided with a similar rise in K’s across the sport. It is difficult to attribute the increased whiffs to him. They have, however, demonstrated more patience by drawing more walks.

    Overall, the Brewers have not gotten worse offensively under Haines. While there have been some tweaks around the edges, their overall output has been nearly identical to the previous hitting coach.

    If we break it down from a year-to-year perspective, we notice that the Brewers performed notably better in Haines’ first year with the club (98 wRC+) than they have in 2021 (89 wRC+). Much of that can be explained by context. The 2019 Brewers had Yasmani Grandal, Mike Moustakas, Eric Thames, Ryan Braun, and God Mode Christian Yelich. Save for Yelich, who is not currently hitting like Barry Bonds, the 2021 Brewers do not have any of those players. They do have Travis Shaw, Daniel Robertson, Jace Peterson, Pablo Reyes, and Jackie Bradley, Jr. The quality of the hitters on the roster carries far more influence on a team’s offensive performance than any hitting coach ever will.

    The Verdict: No, Andy Haines has not made the Brewers offense worse overall. The team’s production since 2019 has been virtually the same as it was under the previous hitting coach. Haines is also coaching a roster that includes nearly as many utility players as it does legitimate bats.

    Claim #2: Haines is responsible for poor situational hitting

    This is a frequent complaint. In particular, fans lament a perceived lack of production with runners in scoring position. It sure does seem like the Brewers regularly fail to drive in runners.

    To find out if Haines is a contributing factor, we’ll apply the same approach as we did to evaluate the previous claim. This time, the focus is specifically on production with runners in scoring position.

    The Brewers have the worst batting average in the league with runners in scoring position since Haines was hired as their hitting coach, which is certainly a problem. That said, the Brewers get on base at a league-average clip in these situations. Their wOBA with runners in scoring position is the same as their overall wOBA. The inability to drive in runners did not start with Haines, but rather dates back to his predecessor.

    The Verdict: The Brewers do a poor job of driving in runners, but there is not enough evidence to indicate that this is explicitly a Haines-related problem. They also struggled in this area under Darnell Coles. Perhaps the organizational strategy is more to blame.

    Claim #3: Andy Haines Ruins Hitters

    Of the arguments that Haines should be relieved of his duties, this is the most convincing. People point to examples of hitters who began to struggle once they had Haines as their hitting coach. This begs the question, how many hitters have been “ruined” by Andy Haines?

    The table below includes hitters who have taken at least 100 plate appearances as a Brewer in the Haines era after having previous big-league experience. That’s a pretty low bar to clear, but it does weed out the more random players who only spent a week or two with the team. For each hitter, their performance before and during the presence of Andy Haines in the dugout is listed side-by-side.

    There are 24 hitters on this list, and 11 of them saw their wRC+ decline by 10 points or more from their previous career marks. That might seem like a lot, but it becomes far less convincing when accounting for context. Most notably, Ryan Braun was on the tail end of his career, and his 113 wRC+ across 2019 and 2020 was a touch higher than his 108 wRC+ over the previous two seasons combined. Haines did not affect him.

    As for the rest of the list, Lorenzo Cain has dealt with injuries and opted out of last season. Cory Spangenberg had an 83 wRC+ the year before he joined the Brewers. Eric Sogard and Hernan Perez were always bad, so it isn’t exactly a shock that they got worse as they passed their “prime” seasons. That’s nearly half of the 11.

    Haines’ greatest failures as the Crew’s main hitting instructor occurred when he failed to get Jesus Aguilar and Travis Shaw back on track from serious slumps. Aguilar immediately rebounded the following season with the Marlins and is having a similarly productive 2021, but Shaw has failed to recapture his former self. Jackie Bradley, Jr. has also transformed into the worst hitter in the sport, and Haines has been unable to correct it. Of course, while JBJ had a couple of productive seasons at the plate in Boston, he was never as especially good hitter to begin with.

    Justin Smoak and former fourth outfielders Billy McKinney and Ben Gamel round out the list. Perhaps if you squint hard enough, you can blame Haines for them being worse than normal, but that is a bit of a stretch. Smoak’s demise occurred in 2020, and the lefty-swinging outfielders had been mixed bags in their brief careers.

    On the flip side, Moustakas nearly matched his career high for home runs, Daniel Vogelbach and Kolten Wong have been solid, Narvaez is currently having his best season, and Luis Urias has developed enough power to be a league-average bat this year. If poor performances earn Haines criticism, shouldn’t the positive ones earn him praise? The individual success stories help to balance out the failures.

    The Verdict: Haines may have a legitimate weakness when it comes to helping slumping hitters. When a Brewer hitter gets into a funk, things seem to spiral out of control rather than improve. That said, some hitters have improved under Haines, and most reliable hitters have remained solid. There is no “Haines touch” that turns gold into straw.

    The Final Verdict

    Andy Haines is like most hitting coaches. He has little impact on the team’s run production. Some hitters have performed worse under him, and some have improved. In other words, it is difficult to give him either a positive or negative review from an outside perspective.

    It is important to remember the true role of these coaches. Every hitter has his own stance, routine, and approach that he feels comfortable with. It is not Haines’ job to disrupt these individual preferences and mold each player into what he believes is the ideal hitter. Rather, he is there as an advisor whenever a hitter asks for his help or input. He may also approach them if he notices that they have developed a bad habit or gotten away from what has historically made them successful. It does not hold their hand every step of the way, and he is not responsible for every single offensive outcome.

    There is some evidence from his track record that he may not be the best at correcting a struggling hitter, but beyond that, there is not much to find fault with. The team’s consistent inability to hit with runners in scoring position and put the ball in play traces back to the kind of players that the front office chooses to add and the offensive strategy that they put into practice. If anyone should be held responsible and catch some heat, it is the decision-makers who are higher up on the totem pole. The pressure is on them to bring in offensive upgrades at this summer’s trade deadline.

    If Andy Haines is a part of the problem at all, he is a very small part of it. He does not deserve the constant criticism that he receives. He’s doing everything he can. Those who are calling for his firing should ease up a little bit.

    Statistics courtesy of FanGraphs

  • Milwaukee Brewers Daily Prospect Report: Wednesday, June 16
    17 June 2021
    Adam Brett Walker II. | Photo by Alejandro Avila/Jam Media/Getty Images

    Scores and notes from Milwaukee’s minor league affiliates.

    Nashville Sounds 3 @ Gwinnett Stripers 9

    Keston Hiura: 2-5, 2B
    Hernan Perez: 2-5, 2 RBI
    Luke Maile: 1-2, 2B, 2 BB, RBI

    Thomas Jankins: 5 IP, 4 H, 4 ER, BB, 3 K

    Nashville Sounds record: 24-13
    Next Game: June 17th @ Gwinnett

    Biloxi Shuckers 0 @ Rocket City Trash Pandas 3

    Brice Turang (#2): 0-4
    Tristen Lutz (#12): 2-4, 2B
    Payton Henry (#19): 2-4, 2B

    Nick Bennett: 5 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 3 BB, 4 K

    Biloxi Shuckers record: 13-25
    Next Game: June 17th @ Rocket City

    Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 3 @ Quad Cities River Bandits 5

    Hayden Cantrelle (#16): 0-3
    Nick Kahle (#20): 0-3
    Thomas Dillard (#22): 1-3, BB, R
    Jesus Lujano: 1-3, RBI, R
    LG Castillo: 1-4, RBI
    Chad McClanahan: 1-4, RBI

    Justin Bullock: 6 IP, 7 H, 5 ER, BB, 5 K

    Wisconsin Timber Rattlers record: 18-20
    Next Game: June 17th @ Quad Cities

    Carolina Mudcats 6 vs. Fayetteville Woodpeckers 14

    Zavier Warren (#11): 2-3, HR, 2 BB, 2 RBI, R
    Gabe Holt: 1-5, BB, RBI, SB
    Joey Weimer: 2-3, HR, 2 BB, RBI, R

    Joey Maltulovich: 3.2 IP, 2 H, ER, 2 BB, 6 K

    Carolina Mudcats record: 22-15
    Next Game: June 17th vs. Fayetteville

    Milwaukee Milkmen 12 @ Sioux Falls Canaries 10

    Logan Trowbridge: 1-4, BB, RBI, R
    Adam Walker: 2-5, 2 HR, 3 RBI, 2 R
    David Washington: 2-3, HR, 2 BB, RBI, R
    Christ Conley: 1-2, HR, 2 BB, 3 RBI, 3 R
    Anibal Sierra: 2-5, HR, 3 RBI, 2 R

    David Holmberg: 6 IP, 8 H, 4 R (3 ER), 0 BB, 9 K

    Milwaukee Milkmen record: 16-10
    Next Game: June 17th @ Sioux Falls

    Prospect rankings courtesy of MLB Pipeline

  • Milwaukee Brewers claim Ryan Weber off waivers from Boston, outright Chad Sobotka
    17 June 2021
    Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

    The new guy is a ground ball specialist who pounds the zone with strikes.

    The Milwaukee Brewers continue to add to their stable off bullpen arms via the waiver wire. The team recently acquired Hunter Strickland after he had been designated for assignment by the Angels, and yesterday the club announced that they had been awarded the waiver claim on right-hander Ryan Weber. The 30 year old had been DFA’d by the Red Sox just a couple days before.

    RHP Ryan Weber claimed off waivers from Boston and assigned to Triple-A Nashville. RHP Chad Sobotka outrighted to Triple-A Nashville.

    — Milwaukee Brewers (@Brewers) June 16, 2021

    A 22nd round pick by the Braves back in 2009, Weber has spent parts of seven seasons at the big league level with Atlanta, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and Boston. He’s functioned as a swingman in The Show, starting 16 games among 60 appearances while logging 163.0 innings pitched. Overall, he owns a 5.30 ERA with marks of 5.9 K/9 and 2.0 BB/9, along with a 4.91 FIP.

    Weber made just one appearance with Boston this year, giving up 11 runs in 5.2 innings of long relief against the Blue Jays on June 13th. Weber hasn’t fared much better in Triple-A, posting a 4.63 ERA with 33 strikeouts and 10 walks across 35.0 innings (seven appearances, six starts). Weber does have a very strong track record in Triple-A, however, working to a 3.01 ERA in 395.1 frames at the highest level of the affiliated minor leagues. He’ll start his tenure with the organization at that level in Nashville, and this is his final option year.

    Weber’s primary pitch is a sinker that he’s thrown more than 50% of the time in his career, and which has averaged between 88-89 MPH the last two seasons. He also throws a changeup, slider, cutter, and curveball. Weber doesn’t miss many bats and relies on throwing strikes and inducing ground balls, which he’s done at a 52.6% clip during his time in the big leagues.

    To make room on the roster for the addition of Weber, Chad Sobotka was passed through waivers and outrighted to Triple-A Nashville. The 27 year old was part of the return for Orlando Arcia back in April, but hasn’t pitched in the big leagues yet this season and only recently was activated at Triple-A due to a lengthy battle with a sinus infection. In five games for the Sounds, Sobotka has yielded two earned runs in 3.2 innings.

    Statistics courtesy of Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference

  • MLB's foreign substance rule enforcement causing 'rift' on teams?
    17 June 2021
    The disparate opinions reflect larger debates about player health, the state of the on-field product, and the generally antagonistic relationship between MLB and the MLBPA and others on the players’ side.
  • Dodgers: Why the LA Offense Has Been Hot and Cold
    17 June 2021
    On paper, the Dodgers arguably have the best lineup in baseball. Unfortunately, injuries have prevented that lineup from consistently playing together. The revolving door of injuries has, at times, produced […]
  • Indians Select Ryan Lavarnway
    17 June 2021

    The Indians announced they’ve placed catcher Austin Hedges on the seven-day concussion injured list. Veteran backstop Ryan Lavarnway has been selected to the roster to pair with René Rivera in Hedges’ absence. To create 40-man roster space for Lavarnway, Cleveland transferred outfielder Jordan Luplow from the 10-day to the 60-day injured list.

    Lavarnway, who’ll get the start behind the plate this afternoon against the Orioles, will be making his first MLB appearance of 2021. It’ll mark his fifth consecutive year getting big league time (and his tenth overall), each of the last five with a different club. Lavarnway has suited up for the A’s, Pirates, Reds and Marlins over the last four years, totaling fewer than twenty plate appearances at each stop. A quintessential third catcher, the 33-year-old has appeared for seven teams in total (the Indians will be his eighth) and hit .215/.272/.344 across 456 MLB plate appearances. He’s hit .258/.313/.551 in 97 trips to the dish this year with Triple-A Columbus.

    Hedges missed yesterday’s game with an illness that now appears to be related to a concussion. This is the second time in his MLB career he’s gone on the concussion IL. The defensive specialist has hit just .144/.205/.240 so far this season.

    Luplow has been on the injured list since May 27. His transfer rules him out for sixty days from the date of that original placement, so he’ll now be ineligible to return to the majors until late July. Before the injury, the 27-year-old had posted an odd, but fairly productive, .173/.331/.439 line (113 wRC+) with seven homers across 121 plate appearances. Luplow’s on-base and slugging percentages exceed the respective major league averages of .317 and .405 despite the low batting average.

    President of baseball operations Chris Antonetti provided reporters (including Mandy Bell of and Zack Meisel of the Athletic) updates on a few other injured players this morning. Designated hitter Franmil Reyes and catcher Roberto Pérez could begin minor league rehab assignments within the next week. Starter Zach Plesac, meanwhile, is slated to throw a bullpen session tomorrow and could embark on a rehab assignment of his own in the next couple weeks.

  • Blue Jays’ Ross Stripling ‘mortified’ by his on-field outburst at Joe Panik
    17 June 2021
    Ross Stripling let his frustration get the best of him.
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. quiere enfrentar a Ronald Acuña Jr. en la final del Derby de Jonrones (Video)
    17 June 2021

    El dominicano Vladimir Guerrero Jr. tiene bien claro cómo sería su Derby de Jonrones perfecto y eso involucra al venezolano Ronald Acuña Jr., con quien tiene una gran amistad y una sana rivalidad. Durante una práctica de bateo en Fenway Park, previo a un encuentro entre los Azulejos de Toronto y los Medias Rojas de [...]

    La entrada Vladimir Guerrero Jr. quiere enfrentar a Ronald Acuña Jr. en la final del Derby de Jonrones (Video) se publicó primero en Con Las Bases Llenas.

Major League baseball podcasts

MLB (Major League Baseball) Podcasts

17 June 2021

MLB (Major League Baseball) Podcasts MLB (Major League Baseball) Podcasts
  • A Conversation With Drew Silva
    17 June 2021

    Chris (@Crawford_MILB) invites NBC Sports Edge's own Drew Silva (@DrewSilv) on to the pod for a wide-ranging, and incredibly in-depth, conversation about the ingredients, history, and taste of St. Louis pizza, the state of the Cardinals, and other general MLB talk.

  • 6/17/2021-The Baseball Betting Podcast With Greg Peterson
    17 June 2021

    Greg recaps Wednesday's MLB results, previews Thursday's MLB games with Jason Radowitz of SBR (Sports Book Review) asks if the recent MLB crackdown on pitchers using foreign substances is effecting his handicapping before Greg picks & analyzes EVERY Thursday MLB game!

    Podcast Highlights

    3:05-Recap of Wednesday's MLB Results

    24:45-Interview with Jason Radowitz

    42:19-Start of picks & analysis with Diamondbacks vs Giants

    46:57-Picks & analysis for Cubs vs Mets

    50:01-NY Post Pick Cardinals vs Braves

    53:46-Picks & analysis for Brewers vs Rockies

    56:59-Picks & analysis for Reds vs Padres

    1:00:47-Picks & analysis for Orioles vs Indians

    1:04:00-Picks & analysis for Yankees vs Blue Jays

    1:07:43-Picks & analysis for White Sox vs Astros

    1:11:02-Picks & analysis for Tigers vs Angels

    1:14:54-Picks & analysis for Rays vs Mariners

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  • Morning Flow
    16 June 2021

    Buster gives his thoughts on Tyler Glasnow’s press conference about abruptly stopping using foreign substances for a grip on the baseball and blaming his injury on the cold stop. Then, David Schoenfield and Buster discuss the lack of productive dialogue between MLB and the MLBPA directly resulting in the mid-season policy change on foreign substance enforcement, why Trevor Bauer is putting too much blame on MLB, if we should call foreign substance-using pitchers “cheaters,” the impact of Glasnow’s injury on the AL East, and White Sox losing Nick Madrigal for the season.

  • 350 | Sticky Stuff Punishments are Here + Age Draft
    16 June 2021

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    Join us for the All-Star Game! VIP tickets available at 

    1:15 - Sticky Stuff Punishments 14:30 - Age Draft Begins

    Presented by DraftKings

  • Indifferent to Foreign Substances
    16 June 2021

    The scandal revolving around foreign substances being used by pitchers is the talk of baseball... and yet host Sully does not seem to care about it.

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  • Glasnow Injured (And Upset); First Half "All-Surprise" Team
    16 June 2021

    Colin (@ColDontLie) and Chris (@Crawford_MILB) break down the devastating injury to Tyler Glasnow and his comments blaming MLB's new crackdown on foreign substances as a cause. They go on to discuss some other injuries before drafting their first half "All-Surprise" teams consisting of players drafted outside the Top-150 who have vastly outperformed their draft spot.

  • 6/16/2021-The Baseball Betting Podcast With Greg Peterson
    16 June 2021

    Greg explains why the MLB's foreign substance crackdown on pitchers may not lead to many more overs, recaps Tuesday's MLB results, talks to Alex Crowe of 620 WTMJ in Milwaukee about the National League Central & Chicago Cubs before Greg picks & analyzes EVERY Tuesday MLB game!

    Podcast Highlights

    2:26-Why the foreign substance crackdown on pitchers may not lead to more overs

    3:30-Recap of Tuesday's MLB Results

    25:19-Interview with Alex Crowe

    43:21-Start of picks & analysis with NY Post Pick Marlins vs Cardinals

    46:23-Picks & analysis for Reds vs Brewers

    49:35-Picks & analysis for Padres vs Rockies

    51:49-Picks & analysis for Pirates vs Nationals

    54:45-Picks & analysis for Cubs vs Mets

    57:57-Picks & analysis for Diamondbacks vs Giants

    1:00:46-Picks & analysis for Phillies vs Dodgers

    1:03:23-Picks & analysis for Rays vs White Sox

    1:06:50-Picks & analysis for Tigers vs Royals

    1:09:55-Picks & analysis for Angels vs Athletics

    1:12:49-Picks & analysis for Yankees vs Blue Jays

    1:16:10-Picks & analysis for Orioles vs Indians

    1:19:03-Picks & analysis for Rangers vs Astros

    1:22:20-Picks & analysis for Twins vs Mariners

    1:25:45-Picks & analysis for Red Sox vs Braves

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  • Goofing Off
    16 June 2021

    Sarah Langs joins Buster to go deep on Vladimir Guerrero Jr. going deep more than anyone in the league, big pitching injuries to Shane Bieber, Tyler Glasnow and Max Scherzer, and which pitcher will be the first checked for foreign substances when enforcement begins. Then, Jessica Mendoza stops by to talk about the huge success of the Women's College World Series, why foreign substance enforcement seems like a parent threatening a child and Trevor Bauer’s drop in spin rate.

  • MLB Power Rankings: Week 11
    15 June 2021

    Drew Silva (@drewsilv) and Janice Scurio (@scuriiosa) do a deep-dive on the top five teams in Drew's weekly MLB Power Rankings column at NBC Sports EDGE and also examine the biggest risers and fallers. Look for it every Tuesday morning as part of the expanded Circling the Bases podcast schedule.

  • 6/15/2021-The Baseball Betting Podcast With Greg Peterson
    15 June 2021

    Greg recaps Monday's MLB results, chats with Scott Seidenberg about how he uses home and road splits and what he's looking at on Tuesday's betting board before Greg picks & analyzes EVERY Tuesday MLB game!

    Podcast Highlights

    2:35-Recap of Monday's MLB Results

    21:34-Interview with Scott Seidenberg

    38:02-Start of picks & analysis with NY Post Pick Pirates vs Nationals

    40:06-Picks & analysis for Cubs vs Mets

    42:56-Picks & analysis for Reds vs Brewers

    45:44-Picks & analysis for Marlins vs Cardinals

    48:32-Picks & analysis for Padres vs Rockies

    52:06-Picks & analysis for Diamondbacks vs Giants

    54:42-Picks & analysis for Phillies vs Dodgers

    57:36-Picks & analysis for Yankees vs Blue Jays

    1:01:19-Picks & analysis for Orioles vs Indians

    1:04:44-Picks & analysis for Tigers vs Royals

    1:07:55-Picks & analysis for Rangers vs Astros

    1:11:27-Picks & analysis for Rays vs White Sox

    1:14:54-Picks & analysis for Angels vs Athletics

    1:18:38-Picks & analysis for Twins vs Mariners

    1:21:55-Picks & analysis for Red Sox vs Braves

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Athletics blogs

Athletics Blogs

17 June 2021

Athletics Blogs Athletics Blogs
  • Kenya: 'Brothers' Omanyala, Otieno Qualify for Tokyo Olympics in 100m
    17 June 2021
    [Nation] Kenya's sprints stars Ferdinand Omanyala and Mark Otieno saved the best for the last to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics Games in a thrilling 100 metres final at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani on Thursday.
  • Kenya: Kasait, Obiri Book Tokyo Olympics Slots in 5000m
    17 June 2021
    [Nation] Lilian Kasait stunned World 5,000m champion Hellen Obiri to win women's 5,000m race during the Kenyan trials for Tokyo Olympic Games at the Moi International Sports Centre on Thursday.
  • Chase is on! Young Scots head for England Athletics U20/U23 Champs to compete for medals and GB vests
    17 June 2021

    Sprinters Alyson Bell and Brodie Young are expected to compete this weekend at the England Athletics U20/U23 Champs (photos by Bobby Gavin)

    Entries list via England Athletics website

    Young Scottish athletes will head south this weekend to the England Athletics U20/U23 Champs – with GB and NI selections on their mind as well as podium places.

    The European U20s and the European U23s are coming up next month and performances this weekend will help finalise selection decisions by British Athletics.

    As things stand, more than half a dozen Scots have achieved the qualifying standards and are very much in the mix for places. Not all are competing this weekend in Bedford, however, with a different selection route for the 3000m and 5000m.

    England Athletics medals are up for grabs, too, and Scottish athletes have made a strong impact on this event in recent years.

    Covid-19 led to a cancellation in 2020 and there were fears over travel restrictions around Bedford for this weekend.

    Thankfully, scottishathletics were involved in a number of key level discussions and, with the support of the Scottish Government and Scottish institute of sport, all issues have been resolved – although there will be several protocols.

    We are expecting around 40 Scottish athletes to compete judging by entry lists and the likes of sprinters Brodie Young of Airdrie and Alyson Bell of Giffnock North, both of whom won GB U20 vests at Loughborough, will be looking to clinch places for the Europeans in Estonia.

    That event is on July 15-18 in Tallinn with the Estonian city also having stepped in at the last minute to host the European U23s a week earlier on July 8-11 (after Bergen in Norway was ruled out because of Covid-19).

    Here’s the pre-event advice from England Athletics:

    *All registered attendees will be notified in advance of the strict Covid-19 procedures and protocols which will be in place at the event.

    *Everyone attending the Championships will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 lateral flow test on arrival at the stadium.

    *Entry will not be permitted unless the individual has proof of their negative test.

    *We will allow one support individual per athlete into the stadium and that person must have pre-registered through the link that will be sent to all entered athletes.

    *For athletes aged under-18, two support individuals are permitted per athlete and must also follow the above procedures regards pre-registration and Covid-19 protocols.

    Tremendous Scottish horizontal jumps talent heading to Bedford for Euro Junior trials this weekend. All the best to all Scottish athletes, but especially jumpers @hjtclarkson @Alschenini @bera_aj and youngsters Kate (TJ) and Molly (LJ)! (Bobby Gavin pics)

    — Linda Nicholson (@NicholsonLinda) June 17, 2021

    The post Chase is on! Young Scots head for England Athletics U20/U23 Champs to compete for medals and GB vests appeared first on Scottish Athletics.

  • Tunisia: 22nd Arab Athletics Championship - Tunisia On Top With 3 Gold and 1 Silver
    17 June 2021
    [Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -- Tunisia tops the medals table with 3 gold medals and 1 silver, at the end of the first day of the 22nd Arab Athletics Championship, contested on Wednesday in Rades.
  • Tunisia: Athletics-22nd Arab Championships - Nesrine Lachheb Wins Gold Medal in Javelin Throw
    17 June 2021
    [Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -- Tunisian Nesrine Lachheb bagged the gold medal at the first day of the 22nd Arab Athletics Championship held in Tunis, after winning the javelin throw event for women.
  • Nigeria: Egbe Congratulates New AFN Boss, Okowa
    17 June 2021
    [This Day] The Chief Executive Officer of Monimichelle Sports Facility Group, Ebi Egbe, has hailed the emergence of Tonobok Okowa as the new president of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN).
  • Nigeria: Okagbare Faces Toughest Hurdle As Tokyo 2020 Olympic Trials Begin
    17 June 2021
    [This Day] Nigeria's Queen of the tracks, Blessing Okagbare, will today face the toughest hurdle at the National Trials and Invitational Relays in Lagos as she looks forward to winning her eighth national sprint title.
  • Kenya: Kenya Trials a World Championships By Any Other Name
    17 June 2021
    [Nation] As the Swahili say, "Hayawi, hayawi mwishowe huwa," or "Leo ni leo, asemaye kesho ni muongo."
  • Ready to make history, Gabriyesos looks to send global message of hope
    17 June 2021
    Tachlowini Gabriyesos, newly – very newly – selected for the Refugee Olympic Team at the Tokyo 2020 Games, is a restless presence on screen as our Zoom call starts.
  • Namibia: Namibians' European Adventure Continues
    17 June 2021
    [Namibian] NAMIBIAN athletics stars Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi will be in action at two different meetings in Europe this weekend.

Gymnastics blogs

Gymnastics Blogs

17 June 2021

Gymnastics Blogs Gymnastics Blogs
  • How To Do a Handstand Forward Roll
    17 June 2021

    Phil who specialises in gymnastics based strength, stability and skill development at Peak Gymnastics shows us how to do a Handstand Forward Roll. This gymnastics move is where you do a handstand, slowly leaning forward as if you are falling flat and curl into a ball.

    Before attempting this skill, you need to make sure that you have a relatively solid handstand where you can hold yourself in an unassisted position. Can’t do a handstand? Here’s a handy how-to guide to learn and improve your handstands.


    First and foremost, you need to try and create a nice round back as shown in the video so you don’t smash it as you come out of a handstand. Create a nice round positioning so it’s nice and soft as you roll.

    Step two, create the correct order of events. You need to make sure that your chin goes in first, hands bend and then back rounds. Incline gymnastics mat, also known as a gymnastics wedge mat and gymnastics incline wedge work as a great tumbling aid, crash pad, or landing mat when performing forward rolls, walkovers, and handsprings. We understand not everyone has access to this, but it is a good way of building up some self-confidence and it kind of reinforces you to roll. You can view Gymnastics Direct’s range of wedge and training aids here.

    Once you build your confidence with that roll, it’s about applying it to a flat surface, remembering to be as silent as you can rolling out of the handstand.

    And there you have it. How did you go? Let us know in the comments below!

    You can also earn more about Peak Gymnastics and what they do here!

    The post How To Do a Handstand Forward Roll first appeared on The Gym Spot.

    The post How To Do a Handstand Forward Roll appeared first on The Gym Spot.

  • Endo Jaeger
    17 June 2021

    Laurie caught the release that many have tried over the decades.

    Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

    gonna post a reel later on (possibly), but since everyone’s asking, here’s the new skill i was working

    — Laurie Hernandez (@LaurieHernandez) June 12, 2021

    Click PLAY or watch it in slow mo on Twitter.

    The Hernandez is slow motion! So cool. What D do you think this will get if she does it at a WC or Worlds?

    — GymCastic (@GymCastic) June 12, 2021
  • Sam Mikulak on mental health
    17 June 2021

    Sam recommends getting professional help if you ever struggle with mental issues.

    Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

    Time off in 2020 let @TeamUSA's @SamuelMikulak reflect on his career and prioritise his mental health.

    Now, ahead of a likely #Tokyo2020 finale, he's looking inward.

    "Let's find happiness within yourself," he says.@gymnastics @USAGym

    — Olympics (@Olympics) June 15, 2021
  • Degrees of Difficulty by Georgia Cervin
    17 June 2021
    How Women’s Gymnastics Rose to Prominence and Fell from Grace

    How the Cold War era changed the trajectory of women’s gymnastics

    Georgia Cervin is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia and a former international gymnast.

    Electrifying athletes like Olga Korbut and Nadia Comaneci helped make women’s artistic gymnastics one of the most popular events in the Olympic Games.

    But the transition of gymnastics from a women’s sport to a girl’s sport in the 1970s also laid the foundation for a system of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of gymnasts around the world.

    Georgia Cervin offers a unique history of women’s gymnastics, examining how the high-stakes diplomatic rivalry of the Cold War created a breeding ground for exploitation. …

    Cervin also charts the changes in style, equipment, training, and participants that transformed the sport, as explosive athleticism replaced balletic grace and gymnastics dominance shifted from East to West. …

    Buy it here.

  • 2021 Osijek Challenge Cup Men’s Results
    17 June 2021

    The 2021 Osijek Challenge Cup was held from June 10 through June 13 in Osijek, Croatia.

    Rank Athlete Nation D E ND Total
    1 Milad Karimi Kazakhstan 6.4 8.466 14.866
    2 Aurel Benovic Croatia 6.5 8.033 -0.4 14.133
    3 Hayden Skinner Great Britain 6.3 8.066 -0.3 14.066
    4 Krisztofer Meszaros Hungary 5.7 8.333 14.033
    5 Ondrej Kalny Czech Republic 5.8 8.200 -0.1 13.900
    6 Adem Asil Turkey 6.1 7.800 -0.1 13.800
    7 Artem Dolgopyat Israel 6.1 7.466 13.566
    8 Luke Whitehouse Great Britain 5.7 6.100 11.800

    Pommels Final Results

    Rank Athlete Nation D E ND Total
    1 Matvei Petrov Albania 6.5 8.666 15.166
    2 Nariman Kurbanov Kazakhstan 6.2 8.833 15.033
    3 Krisztofer Meszaros Hungary 6.0 8.066 14.066
    4 Ferhat Arican Turkey 6.0 7.900 13.900
    5 Maxime Gentges Belgium 5.4 8.133 13.533
    6 Filip Ude Croatia 4.8 8.433 13.233
    7 Yumin Abbadini Italy 4.8 8.100 12.900
    8 Yevgen Yudenkov Ukraine 5.2 6.766 11.966

    Rings Final Results

    Rank Athlete Nation D E ND Total
    1 Salvatore Maresca Italy 6.2 8.700 14.900
    2 Vinzenz Höck Austria 6.2 8.700 14.900
    3 Adem Asil Turkey 6.2 8.666 14.866
    4 Ibrahim Colak Turkey 6.2 8.466 14.666
    5 Igor Radivilov Ukraine 6.0 8.600 14.600
    6 Nikita Simonov Azerbaijan 6.1 8.333 14.433
    7 Ivan TIkhonov Azerbaijan 5.9 8.266 14.166
    8 Yevgen Yudenkov Ukraine 5.7 8.233 13.933

    Vault Final Results

    Rank Athlete Nation D E ND Total Average
    1 Igor Radivilov Ukraine 6.0 8.866 -0.1 14.766 14.716
    5.6 9.066 14.666
    2 Adem Asil Turkey 6.0 8.733 14.733 14.466
    5.6 8.600 14.200
    3 Milad Karimi Kazakhstan 5.6 9.000 14.600 14.433
    5.2 9.066 14.266
    4 Ivan Tikhonov Azerbaijan 5.6 9.033 14.633 14.416
    5.2 9.000 14.200
    5 Marian Dragulescu Romania 5.0 9.466 14.466 14.399
    5.2 9.133 14.333
    6 Paul Degouy France 5.2 9.133 14.333 14.249
    4.8 9.366 14.166
    7 Dimitar Dimitrov Bulgaria 5.2 9.033 -0.1 14.133 14.116
    4.8 9.300 14.100
    8 Andrey Medvedev Israel 5.6 8.100 -0.1 13.600 13.633
    5.6 8.166 -0.1 13.666

    P-Bars Final Results

    Rank Athlete Nation D E ND Total
    1 Ferhat Arican Turkey 7.0 7.833 14.833
    2 Milad Karimi Kazakhstan 6.0 8.666 14.666
    3 David Huddleston Bulgaria 5.7 8.566 14.266
    4 Joseph Cemlyn-Jones Great Britain 5.6 8.233 13.833
    5 Farukh Nabiyev Kazakhstan 5.4 7.833 13.233
    6 Petro Pakhniuk Ukraine 6.1 6.733 12.833
    7 Ivan Tikhonov Azerbaijan 5.0 7.700 12.700
    8 Yevgen Yudenkov Ukraine 6.0 6.200 12.200

    High Bar Final Results

    Rank Athlete Nation D E ND Total
    1 Tin Srbic Croatia 6.5 8.400 14.900
    2 Krisztian Balazs Hungary 6.0 8.433 14.433
    3 Adem Asil Turkey 6.2 7.933 14.133
    4 Milad Karimi Kazakhstan 6.4 7.633 14.033
    5 Yordan Aleksandrov Bulgaria 5.4 8.133 13.533
    6 Lorenzo Galli Italy 5.6 7.733 13.333
    7 Alexander Myakinin Israel 5.5 7.100 12.600
    8 Noah Kuavita Belgium 5.4 6.633 12.033

    Floor Qualification Results

    Rank Athlete Nation D E ND Total
    1 Artem Dolgopyat Israel 6.6 8.800 15.400
    2 Aurel Benovic Croatia 6.3 8.550 -0.1 14.750
    3 Milad Karimi Kazakhstan 6.4 8.300 14.700
    4 Adem Asil Turkey 6.2 8.150 14.350
    5 Ondrej Kalny Czech Republic 5.8 8.500 14.300
    6 Luke Whitehouse Great Britain 6.2 8.050 14.250
    7 Krisztofer Meszaros Hungary 5.9 8.300 14.200
    8 Hayden Skinner Great Britain 6.3 7.650 13.950
    9 Petro Pakhniuk Ukraine 5.5 8.400 13.900
    10 Ivan Tikhonov Azerbaijan 5.5 8.350 13.850
    11 Theodor Gadderud Norway 5.7 8.100 13.800
    12 Ilyas Azizov Kazakhstan 5.7 8.050 13.750
    13 Tom Schultze Germany 5.2 8.450 13.650
    14 Rayderley Zapata Spain 6.4 7.550 -0.3 13.650
    15 Tarmo Kanerva Finland 5.3 8.300 13.600
    16 David Rumbutis Sweden 5.5 8.100 13.600
    17 Yumin Abbadini Italy 5.3 8.250 13.550
    18 Dimitar Dimitrov Bulgaria 5.7 7.900 -0.1 13.500
    Alexander Shatilov Israel 5.7 7.900 -0.1 13.500
    20 Luka van den Keybus Belgium 5.6 7.850 13.450
    21 Tomas Kuzmickas Lithuania 5.1 8.300 13.400
    22 Yevgen Yudenkov Ukraine 5.6 7.800 13.400
    Ares Federici Italy 5.6 7.800 13.400
    24 Paul Degouy France 5.1 8.250 13.350
    25 Filip Lidbeck Sweden 5.6 7.950 -0.2 13.350
    26 Glen Cuyle Belgium 5.5 7.950 -0.1 13.350
    27 Severin Kranzlmüller Austria 4.7 8.600 13.300
    28 Filip Borosa Croatia 5.3 8.100 -0.1 13.300
    29 Filip Sasnal Poland 5.2 8.250 -0.3 13.150
    30 Dusan Dordevic Serbia 5.2 7.900 -0.1 13.000
    31 Thierno Diallo Spain 5.7 7.250 12.950
    32 Nore Stene Norway 4.9 7.900 12.800
    33 Petar Vefic Serbia 5.2 7.500 12.700
    34 Robert Tvorogal Lithuania 5.4 7.050 12.450
    35 Willi Binder Germany 4.9 7.350 12.250
    36 Martijn de Veer Netherlands 5.4 6.700 12.100
    37 Bram Verhofstad Netherlands 5.1 6.700 11.800
    38 Asad Aziz Jooma Pakistan 3.2 7.750 10.950
    39 Patrick Palmroth Finland 4.4 6.350 10.750

    Pommels Qualification Results

    Rank Athlete Nation D E ND Total
    1 Matvei Petrov Albania 6.5 8.750 15.250
    2 Nariman Kurbanov Kazakhstan 6.2 8.550 14.750
    3 Maxime Gentges Belgium 6.3 8.250 14.550
    4 Filip Ude Croatia 5.6 8.900 14.500
    5 Yumin Abbadini Italy 5.6 8.700 14.300
    6 Ferhat Arican Turkey 5.9 8.400 14.300
    7 Krisztofer Meszaros Hungary 5.7 8.500 14.200
    8 Yevgen Yudenkov Ukraine 5.6 8.550 14.150
    9 Petro Pakhniuk Ukraine 5.9 8.200 14.100
    10 Xheni Dyrmishi Austria 5.5 8.500 14.000
    11 Daniel Kopeinik Austria 5.4 8.450 13.850
    12 Ivan Tikhonov Azerbaijan 5.8 8.050 13.850
    13 Lorenzo Galli Italy 5.6 8.200 13.800
    14 Adem Asil Turkey 6.0 7.800 13.800
    15 Loran de Munck Netherlands 6.2 7.550 13.750
    16 Luka Kisek Slovenia 4.8 8.750 13.550
    17 Alexander Myakinin Israel 5.5 7.950 13.450
    18 Benedek Tomcsanyi Hungary 5.2 8.150 13.350
    19 Saso Bertoncelj Slovenia 5.4 7.950 13.350
    20 Pavel Titov Finland 5.3 8.000 13.300
    21 Artem Dolgopyat Israel 5.8 7.450 13.250
    22 David Huddleston Bulgaria 5.3 7.900 13.200
    23 Sofus Heggemsnes Norway 5.2 7.950 13.150
    24 Jakov Vlahek Croatia 5.4 7.600 13.000
    25 Nore Stene Norway 4.8 8.100 12.900
    26 Benjamin Osberger France 5.3 7.500 12.800
    27 Petar Velickovic Serbia 4.8 7.600 12.400
    28 Luka Milojevic Serbia 4.9 7.450 12.350
    29 Korben Fellows Great Britain 5.1 7.250 12.350
    30 Thierno Diallo Spain 5.2 6.850 12.050
    31 Florian Landuyt Belgium 5.4 6.600 12.000
    32 Adria Vera Spain 5.1 6.850 11.950
    33 Willi Binder Germany 5.0 6.700 11.700
    34 Robert Tvorogal Lithuania 5.1 6.600 11.700
    35 Milad Karimi Kazakhstan 5.4 6.300 11.700
    36 David Rumbutis Sweden 5.0 6.650 11.650
    37 Teodor Trifonov Bulgaria 4.8 6.800 11.600
    Filip Sasnal Poland 4.8 6.800 11.600
    39 David Jessen Czech Republic 5.2 6.400 11.600
    40 Miro Niemi Finland 4.4 6.950 11.350
    41 Tomas Kuzmickas Lithuania 4.9 6.400 11.300
    42 William Sundell Sweden 4.3 6.300 10.600
    43 Jordi Hagenaar Netherlands 5.5 5.100 10.600
    44 Radomir Sliz Czech Republic 4.6 5.350 9.950
    45 Tom Schultze Germany 3.4 6.400 9.800

    Rings Qualification Results

    Rank Athlete Nation D E ND Total
    1 Ibrahim Colak Turkey 6.2 8.700 14.900
    2 Salvatore Maresca Italy 6.2 8.650 14.850
    3 Vinzenz Höck Austria 6.1 86.00 14.700
    4 Igor Radivilov Ukraine 6.0 8.550 14.550
    5 Adem Asil Turkey 6.2 8.300 14.500
    6 Nikita Simonov Azerbaijan 6.1 8.150 14.250
    7 Ivan Tikhonov Azerbaijan 5.7 8.300 14.000
    8 Yevgen Yudenkov Ukraine 5.7 8.150 13.850
    9 Andrea Russo Italy 5.7 8.100 13.800
    10 Rayderley Zapata Spain 5.6 8.050 13.650
    11 Tom Schultze Germany 5.1 8.300 13.400
    12 Luka Bojanc Slovenia 5.0 8.050 13.050
    13 Benedek Tomcsanyi Hungary 5.2 7.800 13.000
    14 Joonas Kukkonen Finland 5.6 7.400 13.000
    15 Vlada Rakovic Serbia 4.5 8.300 12.800
    16 Glen Cuyle Belgium 5.4 7.550 12.750
    17 David Huddleston Bulgaria 3.9 8.800 12.700
    18 Theodor Gadderud Norway 4.7 8.000 12.700
    19 Milad Karimi Kazakhstan 5.0 7.650 12.650
    20 Daniel Corral Mexico 5.1 7.550 12.650
    21 Manuel Arnold Austria 4.8 7.800 12.600
    22 Joseph Cemlyn-Jones Great Britain 5.3 7.300 12.600
    23 Tarmo Kanerva Finland 4.4 8.050 12.450
    24 Filip Sasnal Poland 4.6 7.800 12.400
    25 Krisztian Balazs Hungary 4.6 7.650 12.250
    26 Pavel Gulidov Israel 5.0 7.200 12.200
    27 Nore Stene Norway 4.1 8.000 12.100
    28 Jordi Hagenaar Netherlands 4.5 7.500 12.000
    29 Teodor Trifonov Bulgaria 4.8 7.100 11.900
    30 Christopher Soos Sweden 4.0 7.700 11.700
    31 Willi Binder Germany 4.1 7.550 11.650
    32 Adria Vera Spain 5.0 6.550 11.550

    Vault Qualification Results

    Rank Athlete Nation D E ND Total Average
    1 Igor Radivilov Ukraine 5.6 9.350 14.950 14.800
    5.6 9.050 14.650
    2 Andrey Medvedev Israel 5.6 9.200 -0.1 14.700 14.725
    5.6 9.250 -0.1 14.750
    3 Adem Asil Turkey 5.6 9.550 15.150 14.450
    5.6 8.150 13.750
    4 Milad Karimi Kazakhstan 5.6 8.800 -0.3 14.100 14.400
    5.2 9.500 14.700
    5 Paul Degouy
  • Three Reasons Why Simone Biles Should Compete in 2024
    17 June 2021

    Back in January I wrote an article arguing against speculation on a possible Simone Biles comeback for Paris-2024. The premise was simple. Simone herself has given zero indication that she wants to return for Paris-2024. If she starts giving such indications, then we should have that conversation. And that’s exactly what happened.

    Back in late 2020 and early 2021, Simone Biles’ rhetoric reflected someone who was giving hints that she wasn’t interested in a return for 2024. But in the past month her tone has changed, and I’m going to speculate on why I think that is. But also, why this 2024 move makes a lot of sense.

    The next Olympics are in France

    Simone Biles has a special connection to France thanks to her coaches Cecile Landi and Laurent Landi. The husband and wife coaching duo are former French gymnasts, with Cecile having competed at the 1996 Olympics. Cecile and Laurent Landi are relatively new coaches for Simone Biles, having only joined forces with her in the current Olympic cycle.

    The relationship has been a resounding success, particularly between Simone and Cecile. At one point, Simone Biles wore a leotard during podium training which was a homage to a design once worn by Cecile in the 1990s. Because she has French coaches, there are members of Simone’s inner circle encouraging her to try for Paris-2024.

    And Simone appears to be listening with numerous interviews citing this connection as why she is now interested in 2024. Going as far as to cite Cecile herself as instigating the idea. It does a lot for the mentality of an athlete when you have positive reinforcement from your coach promoting this. It also provides a reassuring tone as having a French national by her side means Simone will never have to worry about the logistical challenge of competing in a foreign country one knows little about.

    Cecile Landi also acts as a liaison between Simone and the rest of the French gymnastics program. The French team has been known to visit Simone’s home club thanks in large part to Cecile and Laurent Landi. Giving Simone a unique connection with the same group of gymnasts that will certainly be in Paris-2024.

    At a certain point, Simone probably has the curiosity to make an extended commitment to France given her connections to those of French descent. Experiencing the cultural heritage of the coaches who mean so much to her and the friends she has made along the way.

    Or you can read Aline Friess’ shirt and the message couldn’t be any more blunt.

    The Rise of World Champions Centre

    Another unusual element of Simone Biles’ career is that she trains at a gym which she personally built herself. This has been a hallmark of Simone’s career for some time now as the club predates her 2016 Olympic appearance. But in recent years her club World Champions Centre (WCC) has experienced something of a boon in attracting and developing high-ranking gymnasts.

    World Champions Centre had six members who competed at the 2021 U.S. National Championships senior division, while also having a 7th gymnast who is a national team member and would have been in attendance if not for an injury. This sort of success is absurd for a single club in a gymnastics super power such as the American women’s program. It would be fair to assume WCC is on the verge of a historic run of success.

    This is a relatively new dynamic to Simone’s career. Prior to Covid-19, Simone had competed as a loner, without a high level training partner by her side. After six years of going it alone, this new dimension of having a team around her has probably rejuvenated Simone. Rather than competing by herself, Simone has fellow gymnasts by her side to experience the moment.

    Winning time and time again probably gets boring after doing it for as long as Simone has. Now Biles is attending competitions while being able to enjoy watching one of her clubmates have success for the first time, and getting to share that moment with them. This isn’t so much something we can speculate on, but something we have seen first hand while watching Simone on the sideline. She cheers her clubmates on while they compete, while also helping them on the sideline when they need guidance from a veteran role model.

    Just imagine what this must do for Simone’s mentality during the day-to-day grunt work that is the daily practice sessions. It is a lot easier to get through that in the coming years when training alongside a group of friends who provide both a fun atmosphere, while giving Simone a relatively new training environment. Keeping Simone Biles going for the future.

    It is only three years away

    One of the few benefits of Covid-19 for the athletes is that the next Olympic “quad” will only be three years. Allowing athletes to endure one less year of high-level training before they make their Olympic return. That is only three more years Simone has to commit herself to an athlete lifestyle where she has to be careful what she eats, dealing with WADA drug testing policies, and avoiding high risk activities which may lead to a non-gymnastics injury.

    This is rather self explanatory, but there is another component to this story which makes it even more appealing that is often overlooked.

    Simone would most likely skip 2022, and return for 2023 and 2024 if she tries for Paris. This would give her a 1-year hiatus to come back from. One of the most overlooked accomplishments of Simone’s career is her mastery of the “hiatus.” For every gymnast who goes on hiatus and has a successful comeback, there are many more who take a hiatus and struggle upon their return.

    Simone has taken an off year in both 2017 and perhaps you can count 2020 as well. On both occasions Biles came back the following year without missing a beat. The reason so many gymnasts struggle with the hiatus is because they don’t know exactly when to make their return. Come back too early and you risk premature burnout. Come back to late and you may find yourself unprepared by the time Olympic Trials come around.

    Simone knows her body, she knows her training template, and with two successful examples in the past, it could be argued there is no gymnast in the world who is better prepared/experienced for the precise timeline the 2022-2024 quad requires.

    Another benefit is that the overwhelming majority of gymnasts who take a planned absence do so while missing elite level competition in two consecutive years or more. Under a 2-year hiatus that is a lengthy amount of time for the human body to regress and a far riskier proposition than the 1-year hiatus.

    Yet most gymnasts avoid the 1-year hiatus as a tactic because to be frank, only Simone Biles has demonstrated the talent to regain old form as quickly as she had done in 2017 while winning an All-Around title. Most gymnasts need more time in the gym upon their return to gain back their old skills. But many are also burned out mentally when they took a break and need a longer length of time away from the sport to recover mentally as well.

    Why is the 1-year hiatus so unheard of despite being a safer option in terms of avoiding regression? For a combination of both mental and physical reasons, gymnasts have less incentive to do it. The tactic doesn’t fit well in a 4-year cycle. But in a 3-year cycle, the tactic makes a lot of sense. And Simone has excelled in this tactic better than anyone else.

  • The Big Three…and Me?
    16 June 2021
    As the Olympic Trials approach with the speed of molasses (more than a week?!?!?!), the only thing becoming clearer is that nobody knows what the hell we’re supposed to do about this 4th team spot. To illustrate that, today’s Score Corner takes a look at the average score across two days of the national championship …
  • Kenzo has retired age-24
    16 June 2021

    One of the most decorated MAG gymnasts all-time, he’ll be long remembered with so many named skills in the Code.

    Japanese artistic gymnast and Rio 2016 gold medallist, Shirai Kenzo said he has "no regrets" as he announced his retirement after missing out on the team for #Tokyo2020. The fan favourite will now turn his hand to coaching the next generation of gymnasts.

    — #Tokyo2020 (@Tokyo2020) June 16, 2021
  • Dianne Durham to Hall of Fame
    16 June 2021

    Dianne Durham, the first Black gymnast to win U.S. Nationals, will be inducted four months after her death at age-52.

    • The 2004 U.S. Men’s Olympic Team
    • Jim Aamodt – Longtime trampoline & tumbling coach and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient
    • Rebecca Bross – Six-time women’s artistic World medalist
    • Dianne Durham – 1983 U.S. women’s artistic all-around national champion and pioneer
    • Chris Estrada – 2008 Olympian in trampoline
    • Gene Watson – Longtime men’s program coach and volunteer

    The 2021 class will be inducted on Saturday, June 26 at the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, which will also include the induction of the 2020 Hall of Fame Class, whose ceremony was forced to be postponed last summer.

    The event will also coincide with the 2021 National Congress & Trade Show, the U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Gymnastics, and the USA Gymnastics Championships, which serve as the national championships for the acrobatic, rhythmic, and trampoline and tumbling disciplines.


    Learn more about this year’s inductees!

    — USA Gymnastics (@USAGym) June 11, 2021
  • Nina’s Nabieva to cross grip
    16 June 2021

    In reality, catching in cross grip should be the same skill.

    Still — this is a cool combination and a very smart routine. Fewer skills to deduct.

    Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

    Nina Derwael kwam zonet in actie tijdens de World Cup in Osijek met haar nieuwe oefening aan de Damesbrug Startwaarde 6,7 en totaalscore van 15,150 punten! Binnenkort meer info van de andere gymnasten van Team BELGYM #wearegym #teambelgym #sportersbelevenmeer

    — Gymfed (@gymfed) June 10, 2021

    At a domestic meet, Sanne competed the same skill — but from Free Hip, much more difficult.

    Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.


    — BalanceBeamSituation (@TheBBSituation) June 13, 2021

Gymnastics Podcasts

Gymnastics Podcasts

17 June 2021

Gymnastics Podcasts Gymnastics Podcasts
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