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01 October 2022

School Psychologist Blogs School Psychologist Blogs
  • SPP 150: Welcome School Year 2022-23!
    30 September 2022

    SPP 150: Welcome School Year 2022-23!

    Join #psychedpodcast as we touch base to discuss how this school year is looking! Teacher shortages. Support staff pulled to cover classes. No bus drivers. COVID. How are you managing? Come chat with us live!

    15 August 2022
    We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

    I wasn’t a huge reader growing up. Average, I’d say. I remember connecting to some books, and I’ve always loved a good beach read. My own experience aside, I have a vivid memory of connecting to books as a School Psychologist.

    I was working with a great fourth-grade teacher who had a group that year. One that leaves you mentally exhausted on the daily. One day, I went into her room at the end of the day, presumably to drop off an envelope for a backpack last minute. The students were sitting on the rug, and the lights were dimmed. She was sitting sideways in a rocking chair and reading aloud a chapter book. There was not a sound in the room. No one turned when I walked in. The kids were enthralled. The peace and calm of the room struck me, and is something I still remember to this day, probably 8 years later.

    I love the way that books can capture kids’ attention, and help assign words to thoughts and emotions we might not otherwise be able to access. Now, when my students need a quiet activity, I whip out a book, dim the lights, and read.

    Check out some of my favorites here!

    The post WHY I TALK ABOUT BOOKS ALL THE TIME appeared first on The Calming Corner.

  • My experience as a unified sports coach
    08 August 2022

    Last school year, I did something I never thought I’d do…

    I got my coaching certification!

    I’m not an athlete, besides my anxiety-induced running addiction, so I felt totally out of my element, but I had an awesome co-coach who is also our life skills teacher, so we made it happen.

    First, I’ve volunteered before with Unified Sports, but took on a leadership role this year. To get the ball rolling, I contacted other Unified coaches in my district, gotten my Principal on board, and reached out to our state’s Unified Liason. Everyone was supportive in getting the program going.

    Initially, we were able to get a grant to start the program. With this, we were able to buy our banner, shirts, and some materials. Once we had the funding secured, we decided to start the program small, in order to give our students the best experience possible.

    We started out with inviting peers, “partners” to our adapted PE class once a month. Each of our life skills students, “athletes” had one or two peers who came and helped facilitate a game we played each week. Prior to starting, I met with the partners on their role, and got parent permission.

    After a few months, we were ready to roll out our after school program. For 6 weeks, we had about 24 students total. We followed the elementary model, which is non-competative and non-team based. Each we week set up stations for one sport: basketball, soccer, track & field, volleyball, baseball & bowling. We started and ended each week with a greeting or share, and had some of our athletes lead warm ups.

    At the end, we hosted a Unified Sports Day with two other schools in town, and invited parents so show off our sportsmanship, complete with an opening ceremony, torch lighting, and medal ceremony. It ended up downpouring, but the kids had a blast.

    In the end, starting and coaching this program is a highlight of my career as a School Psychologist. Watching my students become leaders, make friends, and enjoy themselves is something I will not take for granted.

    Here’s a great resource to get started, and if you are in CT, let me know!

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  • dear new school psychologist (Part two)
    06 August 2022

    Now that we’re pumped up and you know you are going to rock this, here are some of my favorite posts for new School Psychs:

    In the beginning: tips for a new School Psychologist: oh-em-gee I wrote this 7 years ago, but I still love reading this advice from then!

    10 things to do in your first month as a School Psych: you know I love a good to-do list.

    What you need in your first year: Another oldie, but goodie.

    Writing Psychoeducational Reports Tips: Everything I learned in grad school no longer applied.

    Dear first-year Psych: A pep talk for later in the year

    Organization Summer Camp: A few years ago I shared all of my organization tools. Check them out!

    You’ve got this!

    The post dear new school psychologist (Part two) appeared first on The Calming Corner.

  • BOOK REVIEW: BUT IT’S JUST A GAME by julia cook
    03 August 2022
    We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

    In 2015 when my daughter was born, I thought “she will never use technology until she’s a teenager”. Three kids and a pandemic later, I realize how naive I was.

    Now, my Kindergartener can scan the QR code to log into her online classroom quicker than I can. As parents and educators, we know the research, but implementing it in the real world is a different story. Today I wanted to share a book to help navigate this topic.

    About the book:

    But It’s Just a Game by Julia Cook is an adorable story about Jasper, a boy who finds it harder and harder to not think and play his videogame all day, every day. Hi mom helps him trade his video game controller for a “life controller” and set some rules and boundaries for technology.

    why i like it:

    Thanks to 2020, even our youngest kids are exposed to technology at an early age, which is great in some aspects but makes this topic a necessary skill for all kids.

    Who it’s for:

    This is a great beginning-of-the-year book, but also a GREAT one to lend out or recommend to parents. I’m a huge advocate for using books to approach tough topics of those we don’t have the right words for, and this is a great one. I’ve read it with students/children ages 6-10.

    beyond the book:

    This book is a perfect way to introduce a healthy relationship with technology. The story and parent tips at the end offer great suggestions for limiting screen time and more.

    Check it out!

    The post BOOK REVIEW: BUT IT’S JUST A GAME by julia cook appeared first on The Calming Corner.

  • Dear new school psychologist (part one)
    02 August 2022

    Hey there. how are you doing? Equal parts excited and terrified to start your new career? Sounds about right.

    You’ve spent the last several years reading up on neuropsychology, education, and special education law. you’ve administered an IQ test to every member of your family, and given yourself at least 3 unofficial diagnoses on the way.

    You’ve slowly worked your way up, from testing your sister to a real-life child, and you’ve even shared progress with a parent. And now, here you are, probably in a small, outdated office, filled with years of outdated testing materials, and not a new pen or empty file folder in sight.

    You might be excited to fill that office with adorable posters, baskets of fidgets, and the toy section at Target. Go for it. That “freshman” first-year energy is second to none.

    On the other hand, you might have a handful of used games you’ve been given from family members and some printable posters from online. That’s perfect too. Take the time, you’ve got it. Plus, kids will ruin anything new and shiny too quickly anyways.

    Remind yourself on day 1, day 2, and day 100 that you are new and do not need to know all the answers. None of us know all the answers. Ask questions, and you are allowed to. Make friends with the office staff and the custodians. When you feel overwhelmed or don’t know what to do, go out to recess or visit a life skills classroom.

    Perfectly planned counseling sessions will flop sometimes, but they will make you a better counselor. Parents will fight hard for their children, and you might feel the brunt of it, but you will learn, over time, that that is less about your scores and more about parents fighting for a child with a suspected disability.

    You will have some tough moments this year, no doubt. You will probably help something through something terrible. But you will likely also be the bright spot in someone’s life.

    So, get excited. You’ve got this.

    The post Dear new school psychologist (part one) appeared first on The Calming Corner.

  • INTERNATIONAL PROJECT SCHOOL WELL-BEING: “Feeling CARED in School: A Journey around the World”
    21 July 2022

    The “Feeling CARED in School: A Journey around the World” project is organized by the Laboratory of School Psychology (LSP), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) in collaboration with the ISPA School Psychology Trainers Task Force and the ISPA Student Organizing Committee.

  • International Synergy and Dialogos ISPA Networking Series Initiative ISPA Consultation webinar
    21 July 2022

    We invite you to our second webinar of this year on Friday, March 18th! Click here to read more and here to read the flyer.

  • ISPA is looking for a new Executive Secretary
    21 July 2022

    Are you interested in applying for the post?

    The ISPA Executive Secretary Davy Blekman has informed the Executive Committee of his intention to resign from the post on June 30th 2022.  As Director of ZonderZorg, Davy managed the Central Office (CO) at the office of ZonderZorg, Leidseplein, Amsterdam, for almost 10 years.  He was supported by ZonderZorg employees, who worked part-time for ISPA as Assistant to the Executive Secretary.

    The Executive Committee has appointed a CO Transition Committee to identify candidates (individual or as representatives of organizations) who are interested in taking up the position of Executive Secretary.  The members of the committee are, Véronique Le Mezec, ISPA President-Elect, Odeth Bloemberg, ISPA Secretary, Michael Sheehan, ISPA Treasurer, Bill Pfohl, Past President, and Jürg Forster, Past President.

    Most consider that a professional organization running the Central Office has proved beneficial for ISPA and it may be a useful model for the future.  If a professional organization is chosen, they will be required to nominate the person who will act as Executive Secretary. The post of the Executive Secretary is a paid position. Applicants are requested to state their expected level of remuneration.

    The process for choosing the new Executive Secretary will be as follows:

    • Written applications are to be submitted by Saturday May 14, 2022.
    • The CO Transition Committee will review applications and, where appropriate, seek clarification from applicants.
    • It is expected that a formal interview with a shortlist of applicants will take place in May 2022.
    • The Committee will make its recommendations to the EC. A final decision will be made early in June.
    • There will be a transition period from June 15th -July 15th

    The new CO will be formally established in July 2022.


    The Executive Secretary reports to the Executive Committee and is responsible for all aspects of management of the Association including:

    • Maintaining contact with members through publications, travel, correspondence, and other forms of communication including the ISPA website;
    • Management of the Association’s daily business operations and the administration of the budget through its bank accounts;
    • Maintenance of the membership data base;
    • Solicitation of membership dues for individuals and affiliates;
    • Supporting the Local Organizing Committee in the management of the annual conference;
    • Supporting chairpersons of the Standing Committees, Task forces, and Interest Groups.

    Additional details on CO management and responsibilities are available upon request.

    The Executive Committee can appoint an Assistant Executive Secretary, whose task will be to help the Executive Secretary in the execution of his/her duties.


    • Commitment to ISPA’s mission;
    • Provision of a physical location for the CO of ISPA;
    • Fluency in English both oral and written;
    • High level of competence in using information technology, website management, and digital membership processing;
    • Proficiency in budgeting and accounting;
    • The workload will involve an estimated 10 hours per week on average.

    Applications should be forwarded to Odeth Bloemberg, ISPA Secretary, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




  • ISPA statement on conflict in Eastern Europe
    21 July 2022

    The International School Psychology Association is very concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe following the military actions and the escalating situation in Ukraine. ISPA in solidarity with the international community offers our strong support to all adults and children affected by this enormous crisis. High levels of armed violence and insecurity have a destructive impact on human rights affecting especially children and youth. As school psychologists we are aware that the impact of armed conflicts on children is disproportionate and that armed conflicts can dramatically change a child’s life. Exposure to violence, separation from family, loss, injury, loss/destruction of property, displacement, lack of food, shelter or medical care constitute the devastating reality of children in armed conflicts and can have significant impact on their overall functioning and well-being. Research also highlights the intergenerational impact of war on child health and mental health. We unite with our colleagues in the internationally community in standing for principles of peace, freedom, justice and respect for human rights and appeal for the cessation of armed conflicts. We will join forces with colleagues and agencies internationally to support our colleagues and school personnel in the areas affected to alleviate the suffering of children and families and improve their adjustment and well-being.

    On behalf of the ISPA Executive Committee

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