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  • Great Country Music Guitars
    Written by
    Great Country Music Guitars

    Best Guitar for Country Music
    What better way to express your passion and actively be a part of a popular genre like Country Music than to simply learn how to play the guitar.

    Whether you are a Country music beginner or accomplished guitarist, it's important to express your own personal musical style with the best guitar you can afford.


    Written on Monday, 28 September 2020 16:42 in Music
    Tags: music guitars
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Pop Music Blogs

05 December 2020

Pop Music Blogs

Rock Music Blogs

05 December 2020

Rock Music Blogs
  • JAY WEINBERG On New SLIPKNOT Music: 'We're All Very Excited To Have Time To Focus On Our Creativity'
    In a new interview with DJ Chewie of WSOU, SLIPKNOT drummer Jay Weinberg was asked if the band has used the downtime during the coronavirus pandemic to work on material for the follow-up to last year's "We Are Not Your Kind" album. He responded (hear audio below): "The short answer is that, yeah, I can't talk about it. But it's been said before, and I have no problem reiterating it, is that we're all creative people, and when you have creative people like SLIPKNOT has, downtime is not a thought; it doesn't exist. So when we need time to recharge, we recharge. And there's a saying in SLIPKNOT that 'off is off.' So we kind of respect that — when off is off, off is off, and that means I'm not gonna answer your phone calls, I'm not gonna answer your text messages. Off is off. But there comes a certain point where that creative beast, I think, within all of us, it wakes up after a certain point. I'm, like, 'Okay, I've been off tour a certain amount of time. I'm really feeling the itch to get creative.' And we all have that instinct. So it's been noted. Things have occurred. But nothing that I'll divulge other than I think we're all very excited to have time to focus on our creativity. So we'll see what comes of it. But I think we're all really excited with taking advantage of what we can our downtime year." Weinberg's comments come less than two weeks after SLIPKNOT singer Corey Taylor told "Good Company" the band is "thinking about putting another album out maybe next year. But I don't know. I don't know what the plan is yet. But I know that we were talking about doing it, 'cause we only have one album left on our contract [with our record label]." In October, SLIPKNOT percussionist M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan confirmed that the band has been using some of the downtime during the coronavirus crisis to work on new material. "Since everybody's taken a lot of time off, we thought we'd utilize it by getting together and do what we probably do best, which is write music," Crahan explained during a bottle-signing session for SLIPKNOT's No. 9 Iowa Whiskey. "So it's been good, because there's no pressure. It's not like we have to. We're doing it 'cause we want to. And it's just been a blessing, because boredom can set in. And I know all of us in the world are going crazy, so we're really lucky to be able to be together and do what we love most." Asked if he thinks the coronavirus crisis will influence the lyrical themes covered on the next SLIPKNOT album, Crahan said: "We don't usually speak for Corey, or whatever, but I can imagine that anything that affects him and affects us and affects you will be included. To the extent, I don't know how blatant it will be, I don't know, but we are all living this, and everybody's involved. I wouldn't really know what what road [Corey] is gonna be going down or information that he wants to spread. I'm not sure. We're not quite there yet." "We Are Not Your Kind" came out in August 2019. The disc sold 118,000 equivalent album units in the U.S. in its first week of release to land at position No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Furthermore, the album made an impact worldwide with No. 1 debuts in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal and Finland, as well as Top 5 debuts in Germany, France, Norway, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and New Zealand. "We Are Not Your Kind"'s sales in the U.S. were boosted by a concert ticket/album sale redemption offer with SLIPKNOT's summer 2019 tour. Earlier this year, Crahan said that a set of 11 previously unreleased songs recorded by four members of SLIPKNOT during the sessions for its 2008 LP "All Hope Is Gone" will arrive at some point during the "We Are Not Your Kind" touring cycle. Crahan revealed the existence of the music in 2018, saying that he, Taylor, guitarist Jim Root and DJ Sid Wilson wrote and laid down the more psychedelic-flavored tunes at a separate studio during an impasse in the recording of "All Hope Is Gone".
  • We released a thing

    Hey guys,

    we released our EP today and we are trying to get the word out, so it would be great if you could give it a listen and tell me what you think!

    submitted by /u/ProfessorOwls
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  • Yndian Mynah - RAOK
  • Congratulations to Sophie Dorsten for winning entry to 'The Finds' with her song 'Sea Salt'
  • New Seattle band Elvis Batchild, make sure to check em out
  • Best post-rock albums?

    I know quite a few, but wonder what your favorite post-rock album is. Just explain why so I have context because I will probably give it a listen. Thanks

    submitted by /u/Monsur_Ausuhnom
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  • [FRESH] Pat Parker - High
  • Dirty Projectors - Police Story
  • What are your thoughts on this song from Letters To Cleo? I personally love
  • Final Bandcamp Friday of 2020

    I just wanted to point out that it's a great day to support post-rock artists, the creators of this absolutely wonderful genre, by buying from them on Bandcamp today. Furthermore, I'm wondering what people think are must buys for the occasion??? I've gotten so much music this year but am definitely open to suggestions!!!

    Here are a few 2020 high points to consider (please share any year though!!!):


    Final Quiet - Flies are Spies from Hell

    Stella Mori - I Hear Sirens

    Death - Coastlands

    Oscillate - pg.lost

    Live from Cracow Music Scene - Transmission Zero


    Letargo - Jardin de la Croix

    Chroma - Martlet

    III - Fractal

    Morula - Pictures from Nadira

    Vorokhtah - Sleeping Bear

    submitted by /u/zeuslyone
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Classical Music Blogs

05 December 2020

Classical Music Blogs

Country Music Blogs

05 December 2020

Country Music Blogs
  • Best country artists got a beginner

    I have found a passionate love for country music and was wondering what your guys favorite country artists are for a beginner, I love hank Williams and The Handsome Family, and suggestions?

    submitted by /u/_o_h_n_o_
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  • Vince Gill - Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away
  • does this qualify as country music? industry tx
  • Mulehead - Gonna Let My Dear Savior In
  • Low-Down Slim - Country Sessions - Volume 3: Hidin’ Out (full vinyl DJ set, 70 minutes) - Tracklist & more info in comments
  • No Voting = No Results
    Voting returns Tuesday, December 8th. Please check back Sunday, December 6th to see the Vacation-Created 12/6 Edition of The Fan Voted Chart.
  • CMA Presents Executive Producer Robert Deaton with CMA Chairman’s Award
  • Reba McEntire & Cody Johnson Team Up for New “Dear Rodeo” Video [Watch]

    In rodeo parlance, Cody Johnson and Reba McEntire are team roping. Cody and Reba have joined forces to create a new video for their duet, “Dear Rodeo.”

    Penned by Cody and Dan Couch, the original version of “Dear Rodeo” is featured on Cody’s 2019 major-label debut album, Ain’t Nothing To It. The tune is a personal one for Cody, who spent many years riding rodeo bulls. The native of Sebastopol, Texas, gave up his quest to be a world champion, but he’s never gotten over his love of the sport.

    The song struck a chord with Reba, who grew up on her family ranch in Oklahoma competing in barrel racing.

    Directed by Shaun Silva, the video was filmed at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tenn. (35 miles southeast of Nashville), and features actual footage from Cody’s bull-riding career.

    “It was a thrill to get to sing ‘Dear Rodeo’ with Cody because we’re both from the rodeo world,” says Reba. “I grew up in a rodeo family, I’m a third-generation rodeo brat. So the song means a lot to me because I did leave rodeo to be in the country music business. I sure miss it.”

    “The story behind ‘Dear Rodeo’ is more a story about life and less about rodeo,” says Cody. “I feel like everybody has their own ‘Dear Rodeo’ story and when I found out that Reba was impacted by this song enough to want to do a duet, it was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my career. Reba adds a certain level of authenticity to this song that makes it so special. I love it when people sing songs about rodeo and cowboys, but there’s a little bit of a different feel when you know that somebody can walk the walk they’re talking. Neither one of us has a problem saying ‘Hey, this is where I come from, you can check the credentials, we’ve got the scars to prove it.’ I think that the honesty is really going to speak to people, and hopefully we can help people with this song.”

    Watch Cody and Reba’s new video for “Dear Rodeo” below.

    photos: Cody Johnson by Tammie Arroyo,; Reba McEntire by Curtis Hilbun,

  • Carly Pearce Honors Late Friend/Producer Busbee With Touching New Tune, “Show Me Around” [Listen]

    Carly Pearce is paying tribute to her longtime friend, songwriting partner and producer, busbee, with the release of a new song, “Show Me Around.” Michael James Ryan—known professionally as busbee—died in 2019 at the age of 43 from an aggressive form of brain cancer.

    “As my mentor and friend, busbee helped me share the parts of my own life that I could only explain through music,” says Carly. “He holds such a sweet place in my heart, and I truly hope ‘Show Me Around’ brings comfort to his wife Jess and their three little girls. At his funeral, a songwriter that all of us in Nashville love named Barry Dean gave a speech that painted the most beautiful picture of heaven. There is no way to ease the pain of losing someone you love, this felt like a really hopeful way to look at our loved ones meeting us again one day and showing us around.”

    Carly, who co-penned the song with Emily Shackelton and Ben West, honors busbee by singing: “I bet you’re up there right now / Making plans and writing out / All your favorite places / That you just can’t wait to take us / And we’ll get to spend forever talking ’bout whatever / When I get there, promise you’ll track me down / And show me around.”

    Not only did busbee produce Carly’s debut and sophomore albums, but he also co-penned many of her songs, including “Every Little Thing,” “Catch Fire,” “Call Me” and more. In addition, busbee’s songwriting credits include Maren Morris’ “My Church,” Florida Georgia Line’s “H.O.L.Y.,” Keith Urban’s “Fighter,” Garth Brooks’ “People Loving People,” Lady Antebellum’s “You Look Good” and more.

    Listen to “Show Me Around” below.

    photo by Tammie Arroyo,

  • Watch Sturgill Simpson Cover Waylon Jennings’ ‘Waymore’s Blues’ Back In 2014

    After his Grammy success in 2017, Sturgill Simpson became a little more well known to the general music-loving public, but to the hardcore country music fans, it’s a name that’s been in the mix for about a decade now.

    Remember the first time you heard his voice on a song? I do, I remember saying holy shit, this guy sounds like a modern Waylon Jennings. And I wasn’t the only one who felt that way, but Sturgill did not take too kindly to those comparisons.

    Sturgill was compared to the man so much that he ended up covering Waylon Jennings’ “Waymore’s Blues” and my God is it amazing. Here’s a young Sturgill covering it at a dive bar in Texas in 2014:

    “I get so fucking tired of hearing how much I sound like this guy, I just decided to start playing one of his songs.”

    I know Sturgill doesn’t like the comparison, but man can he sing the hell out of some Waylon. Seeing where he is now, and seeing the venues he was playing just six years ago is pretty wild too… he’s come a long way.

    From small venue in Georgia, to making history as the first artist to be nominated for best country album and best rock album by the Grammys some years later…

    Go off, King.

    The post Watch Sturgill Simpson Cover Waylon Jennings’ ‘Waymore’s Blues’ Back In 2014 first appeared on Whiskey Riff.

Indie Music Blogs

05 December 2020

Indie Music Blogs
  • Lee Sylvestre’s Beautiful Yet Sobering “Golden”
    05 December 2020

    Lee Sylvestre is a New England singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in New Haven, CT. Although he made his debut as a solo artist just two years ago, Lee has been a working musician for the better part of the last two decades. In that time he has recorded with countless other artists as a session musician for hire.

    “Golden” is Lee Sylvestre’s latest single, released November 26, 2020. The song is a mellow, downtempo track that very quietly mixes a number of musical styles together into a wonderfully chill tune. The beautiful room sound of a Jazz drum kit introduces the track. As the kick drum booms, Lee’s finger-picked acoustic guitar and laid back lead vocals enter the mix.

    Through the first verse the Folk/Jazz vibe sounds a bit like some long lost Jackson Browne and Leo Kottke collaboration. As the song progresses the mix expands to include ethereal electric guitar chords, ambient keys and lush backing vocals. It’s a smooth Adult Contemporary Pop sound. Although the “stay golden” chorus sounds like a simple and uplifting sentiment, Lee explains that there is a bit of side-eyed wisdom at play.

    2020’s been a tough year, and I’ve been inspired by the way some folks have handled it. The way some leaders have handled it has left me filled with dismay…there’s a little sarcasm in telling them to stay ‘Golden’.

    Lee Sylvestre

    You can hear “Golden” featured on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Lee Sylvestre. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of this talented artist’s current and future projects.




    Lee Sylvestre on the Deep Indie Chill playlist

    The post Lee Sylvestre’s Beautiful Yet Sobering “Golden” appeared first on The Static Dive.

  • 12 Best Songs of the Last Two Weeks: Thom Yorke, Arlo Parks, Lost Horizons, Goat Girl, and More
    05 December 2020
    Welcome to the 44th Songs of the Week of 2020. We didn’t do a Songs of the Week last week because of the Thanksgiving holiday, so this week’s list covers the last two weeks and thus it’s a Top 12 rather than a Top 10.
  • Midnight Sister Share Video for New Song “Foxes”
    05 December 2020
    Midnight Sister, the Los Angeles-based duo of Juliana Giraffeand Ari Balouzian, are releasing a new album, Painting the Roses, on January 15, 2021 via Jagjaguwar. Now they have shared another song from it, the glam-sounding “Foxes,” via a video for the single.
  • Local Natives and Classixx Team Up for New Song “Francesca”
    05 December 2020
    Los Angeles indie rockers Local Natives and LA electronic duo Classixx have teamed up for a new song, “Francesca.”
  • Watch Phoebe Bridgers Perform “Savior Complex” with a Self-Playing Piano on “Fallon”
    05 December 2020
    Phoebe Bridgers was the musical guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night and for her remote performance she did “Savior Complex” with the accompaniment of a self-playing piano, almost as if a ghost was performing with her, from Los Angeles’ famed Magic Castle.
  • Mallrats
    05 December 2020
    Whether you’re aMallrats fan or apologist, Arrow Video’s deluxe Blu-ray offers plenty for Kevin Smith fans to enjoy in its many, many supplements.
  • Claud Announces Debut Album, Shares New Song “Soft Spot”
    05 December 2020
    Claud (aka 21-year-old singer/songwriter Claud Mintz) has announced their debut album, Super Monster, and shared a new song from it, “Soft Spot.” Super Monster is due out February 12, 2021 via Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records, making it the first album on Bridgers’ new imprint for Dead Oceans.
  • Munk Duane Funks It Up On The New “Fanblade”
    05 December 2020

    Munk Duane is back to funk us up again. Regular readers of The Static Dive will recognize the name as that of the Boston based recording artist who brought us the sexy Prince-style confectionary jam “Sweet Tooth.” Munk is a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist with a style deeply rooted in late 60s and early 70s Soul and Pop. He mixes up the past with a healthy dose of future sounds to create a unique and infectious vibe.

    It’s not just me who thinks so. Duane has been winning awards like it’s his job. Take the Video of the Year trophy he earned for his single “Another Day Another Bullet” at the 2019 New England Music Awards, for example. Earlier this year he struck a chord with thousands of new fans with his song “Dangerous” about his own battle with COVID-19.

    “Fanblade” is Munk Duane’s latest single, released November 20, 2020 with a video premier on December 4. On the track he lays down a groove that lands stylistically somewhere between The Mothership and Paisley Park, and that is one funky neighborhood. It’s a vintage sound, complete with the crackle and pop of a record player. However, Munk captures that old school aesthetic with pristine modern production. Lyrically (without naming names) he calls out those who continue to self destructively follow corrupt leaders and negative energies.

    He is joined on the recording by Steve Davis on bass and Matt Heisler on drums. Making her recording debut on “Fanblade” is Munk’s own daughter Zoe Jaye. A chip off the old block, Zoe is a talented vocalist currently in training with American Idol Top 10 finalist Erika Van Pelt. And in case you’re wondering how much cooler than you this 8 year-old actually is, here is a picture of her making beats on a vintage Roland in her father’s ‘Bad Stella Studios’ in Whitman, MA.

    Zoe Jaye

    Check out the video for “Fanblade,” above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the dynamic and sizable talent of Munk Duane.






    Munk Duane on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

    The post Munk Duane Funks It Up On The New “Fanblade” appeared first on The Static Dive.

  • MP3: Joyce Wrice - So So Sick
    05 December 2020

    MP3: Joyce Wrice - So So Sick

    Joyce Wrice "So So Sick" Official MP3 Audio So So Sick - Out Now!!! Stream/Download Discover Joyce Wrice online via Website | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud Photo and Design by Yavez Anthonio Animation by Helen Rabbitte

    The post MP3: Joyce Wrice - So So Sick appeared first on VannDigital.

  • Bernice Announce New Album, Share New Song “Groove Elation”
    05 December 2020
    Toronto five-piece Bernice have announced a new album, Eau De Bonjourno, and shared its jazzy first single, “Groove Elation.” Eau De Bonjourno is due out March 5, 2021 via Telephone Explosion.
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