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07 October 2022

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  • 2022 Spooky Flix Fest Bonus – Wacko (1982)
    07 October 2022

    In this bonus episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew is joined/replaced by their friends over at Horror Movie Weekly, and they’re geeking out over Wacko (1982)!



    “It’s October the 31st… 31 backwards is 13… it’s Friday… it’s Halloween… it’s the 13th anniversary of the lawnmower killings… there’s a crazy loose… it’s prom night… I’m out of coffee.”


    Be sure to pick up your very own copy of Nathan Tolle’s amazing book Pumpkin Cinema: The Best Movies For Halloween! You can get it right HERE! …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    Special thanks to Midnight Syndicate (find more Midnight Syndicate scares here) for letting us use the tunes Welcome to the Carnival and Mesonoxian Visitors from the album Carnival Arcane, for Spooky Flix Fest 2022!




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  • Top 5 Tropey Gay Characters
    07 October 2022
  • The Revenant & The Adventures of Paddington
    07 October 2022

    The sandwich is one of humanities greatest discoveries, along with the wheel and RollBot, the robotic toilet paper valet, so we sat down to chat about them. Perhaps it's the sheer variety of fillings that you can put in between two pieces of bread which inspired us but there's a real assortment of unusual choices this week; once we get on a roll, it becomes difficult to wrap things up.
    Ever since my youngest discovered Paddington I've been quietly chuckling about pairing Alejandro González Iñárritu's THE REVENANT with it for one of our reviews, due to the bear content which binds them both together, however I've yet to find anybody who thinks this is as funny as I do. Happily though the 2015 revenge drama and multiple Academy Award winner stands on its own right without my futile attempts at humour. When frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) sustains horrific injuries in a brutal bear attack and is left for dead by his hunting team in the Alaskan wilderness of the 1820's, the grief stricken trapper must use his survival skills to find his way home, fuelled by a single thought: vengeance.
    A superb arthouse thriller with a refreshing lack of tedious discussions about the morality of revenge until the very end, it features a strong and often revolting lead performance from DiCaprio which finally snagged him a Best Actor Oscar opposite a terrific mumbly-mouthed Tom Hardy as the ruthless Fitzgerald, and fellow brits Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter particularly strong amongst the supporting cast. Iñárritu's collaborations with Emmanuel Lubezki often dazzle in a technical sense and this is no exception, but this really has one of the qualities of great cinema: that sense of transporting you to another time and place, and though plot wise it's all fairly simple stuff, the film has the confidence to plunge you into its world without holding your hand.
    THE ADVENTURES OF PADDINGTON is a 2020 CGI continuation of the Paddington Cinematic Universe (PCU), set between the events of the first and second Paddington movies but closely mimicking the visual style and thoughtful morality of the original 1976 stop motion animation. You'll never f*cking guess what Paddington finds in Season 1, Episode 1's “Paddington Finds a Pigeon”. Sidey relives terrible memories and Paddington is almost universally panned, with Reegs a sole voice of reason against the braying moaning of the rest of the dads. Gary Barlow wrote the theme tune though so if you were on the fence before that might just sway your vote.

    We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website
    Until next time, we remain...
    Bad Dads

  • Midweek Mention... The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
    07 October 2022

    The last few weeks Top 5 discussions have included Dinner Scenes and Hitchhikers and understandably that's seen us talk about THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1974), one of the most influential horror movies of all time. Director Tobe Hooper together with co-writer Kim Henkel establish fundamental and often repeated conventions of the slasher sub-genre such as the Final Girl trope, the connection of sex with death and physically imposing masked men chasing people wielding blunt instruments in this misunderstood and intense film classic.

    Much more subtle than that lurid title might suggest, with a restraint in the depiction of violence matched only by the excess of the deranged ideas at the centre of the film, Art Director Bob Burns's macabre production design is a grim highlight. Avoid TTCM if you don't want to listen to 35 minutes of women screaming, which at least one of the Dads didn't want to do.

  • Episode 209: The Worst Thing To Put In Your Mouth
    07 October 2022

    The boys do a sleepy episode, but thankfully stay completely on topic and level headed. Yup! Only movie news this week. No meandering. No aggression. PLUS Keith reviews a 20+ year old movie. Dan has a TON of news, and there's TWO GIVEAWAYS!

    Hosted by: Keith Ruckus

    Co-host: Dan Richardson

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  • Last Looks: An American Werewolf in Paris
    07 October 2022

    The truth about wet spots, teachers unite, and Paul is vindicated. All this and much more on Last Looks! This week Paul answers your questions on the Help Line, digs into your Corrections and Omissions for An American Werewolf in Paris, gives us his Picks of the Week, and announces next week's movie.

    Paul's Picks of the Week

    The Good Fight on Paramount+

    Light the Fuse: A Mission Impossible Podcast

    All The Women in My Brain: And Other Concerns by Betty Gilpin

    Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern


    Baahubali: The Beginning

    Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

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  • Spoiler Discussion: She-Hulk Episodes 7 & 8
    07 October 2022

    On the October 6, 2022 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editorial director Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film editor Brad Oman for a spoiler-filled discussion about She-Hulk Episodes 7 & 8.

    Opening Banter: 


    In The Spoiler Room: She-Hulk Episodes 7 & 8

    • Feedback
    • Brief reactions
    • Breakdown
    • Speculation 

    All the other stuff you need to know:

    • You can find more about all the stories we mentioned on today’s show at, and linked inside the show notes.
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  • Retro Halloween Month- Starship Troopers franchise’s imperfect legacy with Tabby Gray (Happy Hour Podcast), Josh Hansen (Action Movie Book Club) & Joe Ferry (Films at First Sight)!
    07 October 2022

    Another all-star cast (some old, some new) join up to discuss the most bizarre of the cult film franchises detailed yet!


    Why is the book it's based on technically trashier (and that's before you realized the author was a Nazi lover himself!)? Are the sequels good satires just poorly executed or rather decent but held back by their lower-budgets? Would this had appealed to more audiences had Joe Dante, Sam Raimi or Tarantino tackled the subject material?

    Why is the cartoon such a neat PG-rated creation? What are some weird changes in some cable TV versions? Why is it so hard to make some people understand this premise when it's as simple as can be? Why did Halo knock this off? Is it still cheesy in some areas or just heavy-handed to the wrong mind? And more dissection of a different kind!






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  • RiaW 5.34 - But I'm a Cheerleader (1999)
    07 October 2022

    Alex comes roaring back onto the leaderboard with his fourth target movie, the 1999 classic of queer cinema, But I'm A Cheerleader. It's funny and heart warming and maybe we don't talk about it as much as it deserves because we just kinda loved it and didn't have many jokes about it. But we loved it.

    Next up: Anthony wins the draw YET AGAIN and takes a bonus point for moving us to the spoopy movie Casper (1995), available to stream on Peacock.

  • A Universe Of Horrors
    07 October 2022

    A temporary chance to listen once again to this comprehensive history of horror's most beloved series - available for a short time only!

    Remember, if you'd like permanent access to this, as well as eleven more complete series' of The Secret History Of Hollywood, then go on over to and sign up now! (You can also click HERE for quick access)

    Delving deep into the darkest corners of horror movies this series explores the highs and lows of the blood and gore genre following, in particular, the changing fortunes of Universal Horror. From Dracula and Frankenstein to The Black Cat, a movie that even Universal executives deemed "too vile for public consumption", and beyond to the influences of science fiction and the new breed of horror films.

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Action Movie blogs

Action Movies Blogs

07 October 2022

Action Movies Blogs Action Movies Blogs
  • Official Terminator 2: Judgment Day NFT Collection
    07 October 2022

    The NFT market may have recently collapsed 97% from the record trading high of January 2022, but rising from the ashes of the non-fungible token’s Judgment Day is an officially licensed Terminator 2: Judgment Day NFT collection courtesy of Studiocanal in collaboration with Nifty Gateway; the digital art online auction platform. The NFT collection titled [...]

    The post Official Terminator 2: Judgment Day NFT Collection first appeared on
  • Retro Review – Fleischer Superman – “The Mechanical Monsters!”
    07 October 2022

    Superman Homepage reviewer Micah Pickering reviews the Fleischer Superman animated shorts for those nostalgic for the 1940s.

    Check out his review of the cartoon titled “The Mechanical Monsters!”.

    There’s nothing quite like watching the world’s greatest superhero punch a giant robot. In this review we’ll be taking a look back at the second of the Fleischer Superman cartoons: “The Mechanical Monsters!”

    Now onto the review…

    Rating – 4 (out of 5): I gave this the same rating as “The Mad Scientist” because it has a lot of similar qualities in a good way. Both feature Superman rescuing Lois from an unnamed Mad Scientist. However, “The Mechanical Monsters” delivers a bit more action than its predecessor.

    The classic intro is largely unchanged, with the exception of one minor change. Before the part where the narration would tell us about Superman’s identity as Clark Kent, Superman’s X-Ray vision is mentioned. It comes into play later in the story.

    The story begins with Metropolis being terrorized by the aforementioned “Mechanical Monsters”, which are an army of giant robots committing high profile robberies. The robot’s blocky design will remind viewers of classic science fiction, however this cartoon was released in 1941 so it was quite contemporary with the time in which it was released.

    The robots also had an unexpected feature. When they finished their act of mayhem, they could transform into a plane to make a hasty getaway. I wonder if the folks at Hasbro watched this cartoon when they were coming up with the idea for Transformers forty years later?

    Naturally, the robots are going to target a rare collection of jewels worth millions. Clark and Lois are on the scene covering the jewel show when one of the robots attacks. As many would expect, the robot takes Lois back to the unnamed villain’s lair.

    Two very interesting things happen next that set this cartoon apart from “The Mad Scientist.” When Clark discovers Lois has been captured, he runs into a phone booth and changes into Superman. This would be the first time in this series that Clark would use the phone booth to change, and it now stands as a classic Superman trope. In “The Mad Scientist” Clark ran into a broom closet at the Daily Planet office.

    Second, this also marked the first time in this series that Superman used his X-Ray vision. It was teased in the opening narration that it was one of his abilities. When Superman leaps into the air to pursue the fleeing robot. He uses his X-Ray vision to see Lois trapped inside the robot’s chest compartment.

    I also wanted to note that even though Superman was still technically jumping and not “flying”, the animators made it look awfully close to the flying Superman we would all eventually come to know.

    It’s a known fact among fans that Superman went from jumping to flying in the comics thanks to the animators from this series. Flying was easier to animate than constant jumping, and now it’s hard to picture the Man of Steel without the image of him soaring through the sky. It’s funny how an iconic part of Superman lore owes its existence to the animators’ need for convenience.

    Superman dials up the action when he storms the villains hideout and discovers the robot army. The robots are armed with flamethrowers, but Superman is undeterred. Superman punches and tears through the robots in a phenomenal display of strength before going deeper into the villain’s lair to rescue Lois.

    I really liked how devilish they made the villain’s lair. It starts out looking like a secret laboratory, then we discover that the innermost chamber looks like the heart of a volcano. Lois is perilously suspended over a cauldron of boiling lava when the villain drops her in. Superman rescues Lois and the cartoon’s best scene follows shortly thereafter.

    It comes when the villain tries to dump the cauldron full of lava onto Superman and Lois. As Lois lays there defenseless, Superman shields her from the lava by standing with his back turned and extending his cape with his hands. It’s a memorable scene that demonstrates Superman’s invulnerability and heroic nature.

    This story ends as most of these do: Superman catches the villain, Lois writes a story about the adventure, and Clark smiles at the camera. It’s a simple formula, but there’s a charm and beauty to it that keeps me coming back for more.

  • Is Henry Cavill Confirmed as Playing Superman in “Black Adam”?
    07 October 2022

    We tend to stear clear of unsubstantiated rumors here, but the rumor mill is going into overdrive over speculation (or supposed confirmed reports) that Henry Cavill is back as Superman in a post-credit scene in the movie “Black Adam”.

    Dwayne Johnson has been very vocal for years now about wanting to see his Black Adam go up against Henry Cavill’s Superman… and it appears he may have gotten his wish… kind of.

    If the rumors are to be believed, early screenings of “Black Adam” (which premieres on October 20 in the USA) have taken place, and a post-credit scene sees Henry Cavill’s Superman appear on screen saying the words, “We need to talk Black Adam.”

    With “Black Adam” said to have the highest death count of any DC movie to date, it makes sense for Superman to show up to confront the anti-hero about his methods, if indeed this movie is set in a combined DC Universe continuity.

    Reports are that Superman’s appearance will see him announced by the classic John Williams Superman theme rather than the Hans Zimmer “Man of Steel” theme. While that might seem a strange choice for fans of the 2013 movie, there’s no doubting the Williams theme has more recognition amongst moviegoers.

    Additionally, Superman is said to be wearing the red and blue version of his “Man of Steel” costume, but with brighter colors.

    With the release of “Black Adam” only a few weeks away, we won’t have to wait long to find out if these rumors are true or not.

  • Auction for Henry Cavill “Man of Steel” Suit Concept Designs and Photos
    07 October 2022

    A collection of never-before-seen suit concept designs and photos of Henry Cavill from the production of the movie “Man of Steel” are set to be auctioned off as part of Propstore’s four-day Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

    Marked as Lot #1148, the collection includes 30 pages of printed Superman suit concept designs and photos from Zack Snyder’s superhero film “Man of Steel”.

    This lot consists of 30 black construction paper pages featuring printed costume concept design, printed inspiration images from comics, maquette photographs, hair and makeup photographs of Cavill, and test photographs of suits on mannequins and Cavill. These designs were created and printed by specialty costuming firm Frontline Design during pre-production and feature their watermark. Some prints additionally feature notations, dates, and attributions to artists such as costume illustrator Warren Manser. They exhibit minor creasing and edge wear. Dimensions (each): 63.5 cm x 94 cm (25″ x 37″).

    The collection of designs and photos is expected to sell for between US$2,200 and US$3,300 (£2,000 – £3,000).

  • Video – “DC League of Super-Pets” – What Are Your Stats?
    07 October 2022

    Krypto (Dwayne Johnson) and the super-pets get ready to take on Lulu (Kate McKinnon) and the guinea pig army. Ace (Kevin Hart), PB (Vanessa Bayer), Merton (Natasha Lyonne), and Chip (Diego Luna) are still learning to control their powers.

    Download the “DC League of Super-Pets” animated movie from Amazon or Apple TV.

    Purchase “DC League of Super-Pets” on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray and DVD from

  • Andor Actor Genevieve O’Reilly on the Legacy of Mon Mothma
    07 October 2022

    Genevieve O’Reilly has played Mon Mothma, the galactic senator from Chandrila, on and off for nearly 20 years. But in that latest resurgence,  on the new Star Wars Original series Andor now streaming on Disney+, it’s clear her story is only just beginning.

    When O’Reilly first stepped into the role in 2005 for an ultimately deleted scene in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, she rewatched the character’s debut in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Originated by Caroline Blakiston, the first appearance of Mon was just before the Battle of Endor, delivering somber news on the Bothans who had sacrificed everything to deliver top-secret Imperial intel to the Rebel Alliance. “I remember studying the scene, really trying to work on capturing her voice, her syntax, so that fans could see a connectedness between me playing her and Caroline playing her,” O’Reilly tells

    “I always go back to that scene. I think that was as ambitious then — perhaps even more ambitious — than it is now,” O’Reilly adds, referencing creator George Lucas’ bold decision to show a woman as the leader of the Rebel Alliance in 1983. “And she’s a character that I love.”

    O’Reilly first made a triumphant return to Mothma in 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and a TV mini-series promoting the standalone film. The following year, she reprised the role again in animation with appearances on Star Wars Rebels. In each version, O’Reilly found Mothma surrounded by like-minded freedom fighters, the proud and assertive leader of the cause. “The iterations that we found her in, both in Rebels and in Rogue One, were similar: a leader of a rebellion with a tough decision. It requires a dignity and a strength, which is at the heart, I think, of Mon Mothma.”

    In Andor, neither the audience nor the storytellers have found Mon where we left her. “What is different this time is that we meet Mon Mothma in a very different stage of her life, like we meet me at a different stage in my life,” O’Reilly says. “Usually, we see her surrounded by a band of rebels. She has company. In Andor, it’s quite lonely. I think that’s new. There is a cost to her voice, and it’s interesting to see her having to make choices, to step outside of that loneliness to get to Yavin.”

    Beyond her family and their staff, Mon has precious few allies in the series so far, but chief among them is the mysterious Luthen Rael, played by Stellan Skarsgård. Sharing scenes with the accomplished actor has been a joy for O’Reilly, as the two found themselves in the wonderland of Luthen’s gallery, surrounded by artifacts and props plucked from Star Wars history. “It’s a great honor for me to be able to inhabit a space with such a fine, fine actor,” O’Reilly says. “But, also, he’s just so much fun! He’s really playful and we had the best time together in those scenes. The pair of us were like kids in a playground. ‘Look at this! Have you touched this? Have you seen this? Oh my gosh, shall we put it on? Should we wear it?’ We had such a great time together. And he’s such an accomplished actor that we had a great interplay. It’s like sword play: it’s deft and it’s dangerous, but there is a sophistication to it.”

    As the season progresses, O’Reilly hints that we’ll learn more about the toll forming the Rebel Alliance will take on her character. “We can all be different versions of ourselves and I was grateful to Disney and to [Andor creator] Tony Gilroy to invest narrative space in this woman, to get to explore her, to get to see what it costs to be her, to get to see how dangerous it is to have her voice. I hope fans are as interested in that as I am, because I want to know what it is to be that woman.”

    We all know where Mon Mothma ends up, tasking dedicated rebels with sacrificing their lives for the greater good. “So I want to know, how did she get there?” O’Reilly adds. “What pain does she carry that drives her to be that woman? To ask that of someone? I always found when I went back to Caroline’s scene Return of the Jedi that at its heart, you can see that she carries a pain, and I always wondered what that was. And I hope, during Andor, we get to see what it costs to be this woman.”

    Hear more from Genevieve O’Reilly in a special interview in the latest episode of This Week! In Star Wars below.

    Associate Editor Kristin Baver is the author of the book Skywalker: A Family At War, host of This Week! In Star Wars, and an all-around sci-fi nerd who always has just one more question in an inexhaustible list of curiosities. Sometimes she blurts out “It’s a trap!” even when it’s not. Follow her on Twitter @KristinBaver.

    Site tags: #StarWarsBlog, #DisneyPlus, #Andor, #ThisWeek

  • Syril’s Cereal Bars: A Recipe for the Ex-Deputy Inspector on the Go
    07 October 2022

    Some mornings you’re just not feeling your breakfast with a side of your mother’s lecture. Blue cereal may be on the menu every day, but Syril Karn is on a mission and even a harsh morning reprimand won’t deter him from his goals of finding Cassian Andor.

    Inspired by Andor, now streaming on Disney+, these cereal bars are the next best thing to a bowl full of blue breakfast. Cerulean-hued puffs bound together by sweet, sticky, marshmallows come together to make a delicious snack worthy of the Empire’s finest. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and luckily you can take it with you while you’re on the move, trying to stop a rebellion.

    Syril’s Cereal Bars


    • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter
    • 1 package (10 ounces) marshmallows
    • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
    • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
    • 6 cups blue cereal puffs

    A snack to share with Mom. Take Syril's breakfast of choice on the go and watch #Andor now streaming on @DisneyPlus.

    — Star Wars | Andor Now Streaming On Disney+ (@starwars) October 6, 2022

    Step 1: Prep an 8 x 8-inch pan with parchment sprayed with nonstick spray. Set aside.

    Step 2: In microwave-safe bowl, heat butter and marshmallows on high for 2 minutes. Stir, until smooth. Stir in the vanilla and salt.

    Step 3: In a large bowl, add the cereal and pour over the melted marshmallow mixture. Stir until completely coated.

    Step 4: Press into the prepped pan and let cool. Cut into bars to serve.

    Enjoy this breakfast treat anywhere in the galaxy. And say hi to Uncle Harlo!

    Epic Stories. Tons of TV. Live Sports.

    Jenn Fujikawa is a lifestyle and food writer. Follow her on Twitter at @justjenn and check her Instagram @justjennrecipes and blog for even more Star Wars food photos.

    Site tags: #StarWarsBlog, #Andor

  • Michaela Coel Explains What Drew Her To Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
    07 October 2022
    Michaela Coel Explains What Drew Her To Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    Over the last few years, the MCU has gradually became a more inclusive space for LGBTQ representation, with several queer characters joining its films and TV shows. Next month, another one will make her live-action debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. While speaking with Vogue, Michaela Coel confirmed that her new character in the sequel is queer, much like her comic book counterpart.

    Coel’s Emmy-winning performance on HBO’s I May Destroy You makes her one of Wakanda Forever’s most prominent new additions. However, her role in the film is significant for a number of other reasons as well. Coel portrays Aneka, a revered captain and combat instructor for the Dora Milaje. As fans have seen in the trailers, she stands out by wearing the blue armor of the Midnight Angels. Aneka also falls in love with Florence Kasumba’s Ayo, a member of the Dora Milaje who has been popping up in the MCU since Captain America: Civil War hit theaters in 2016. But as Coel explains, her character’s sexuality was the key to securing her involvement.

    “That sold me on the role, the fact that my character’s queer,” revealed Coel. “I thought: I like that, I want to show that to Ghana.”

    RELATED: Ryan Coogler Almost Retired After Chadwick Boseman’s Death

    Being of Ghanaian descent, Coel is well-aware that the country’s government has a poor track record when it comes to LGBTQ rights. In fact, its parliament is currently debating a new bill that would pass some of the most oppressive anti-gay laws in African history. Some of these would make identifying as gay a second-degree felony that is punishable by five years in prison. That’s why Coel felt embracing Aneka’s sexuality onscreen was an important message to send to her people.

    “People say, ‘Oh, it’s fine, it’s just politics,’” said Coel. “But I don’t think it is just politics when it affects how people get to live their daily lives. That’s why it felt important for me to step in and do that [Black Panther 2] role because I know just by my being Ghanaian, Ghanaians will come.”

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will hit theaters on November 11.

    Are you happy to hear that Coel’s portrayal stays true to the comics? Let us know in the comment section below!

    Recommended Reading: Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet Book 1

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    The post Michaela Coel Explains What Drew Her To Black Panther: Wakanda Forever appeared first on SuperHeroHype.

  • DC announces Lazarus Planet event for January
    06 October 2022

    Thursday during the “Explore the DC Multiverse” panel at New York Comic Con, DC announced the first event of 2023: Lazarus Planet. Spinning out...

    The post DC announces Lazarus Planet event for January appeared first on Batman News.

  • Kevin Durand Cast in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes
    06 October 2022
    Kevin Durand Cast in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

    Today has already graced us with one new addition to the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes cast. But now, another key role in the sequel has been filled. Deadline is reporting that Kevin Durand is joining the next chapter in the Planet of the Apes saga, the first to be released by 20th Century Studios since its acquisition by Disney.

    Durand’s character remains unconfirmed. But according to Deadline’s sources, he’s playing an ape who will serve as the film’s primary villain. Fortunately, Durand already has some experience with playing the bad guy. His resume is brimming with villainous turns in films like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I Am Number Four, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and DC Universe’s short-lived Swamp Thing series. Durand recently starred on Netflix’s Locke & Key and also appeared as a series regular on FX’s The Strain.

    So far, the Kingdom cast includes Owen Teague as the lead ape, with Freya Allan also onboard as a new human character. Coming aboard the franchise in mystery roles are Peter Macon and Eka Darville, the latter of whom also joined the call sheet today.

    RELATED: Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Adds Jessica Jones’ Eka Darville

    Wes Ball is directing the new film from a screenplay by Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, who are also collaborating with Josh Friedman and Patrick Aison. The movie picks up several years following the events of 2017’s War for the Planet of the Apes and the death of Caesar (Andy Serkis). Production on the sequel will reportedly begin sometime this month.

    Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes will hit theaters in 2024.

    How do you feel about Durand playing the film’s villain? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

    Recommended Reading: Planet of the Apes Omnibus

    We are also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This affiliate advertising program also provides a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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Action Movie Podcasts

Action Movies Podcasts

07 October 2022

Action Movies Podcasts Action Movies Podcasts

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    This feature enables long lost friends and family to contact you, even if they have misplaced your contact will always be found.

  • Create An Article

    Create and article to sell a household item, or to inform the public of some important news or information

Don't Lose Your Online Works

You May Have Published Blogs And Informative Forum Entries All Over The Web. Over Time, Web Search Engines Can Make It Difficult To Find Your Work. Link Your Work To Your Profile, And Keep It All Easily Accessible, And Easy For Viewers To Identify Articles And Blogs etc As Yours.

Don't Be Confused With Someone Else

It Can Be Frustrating When One Is Easily Confused With Someone Else Online. Prospect Employers Have Been Known To Search For Information On Prospective Employees. If Your Name Is A Common One, Or Even If Not, It Is Still Easy For You T Be Mistaken For Another, Especially If the Person Searching For Your Online Presence Has No Visual. Create A Profile Here, Link Your Social Media Profiles, Give Out Your Username(Id)--Then Be Found.

  • Create A Blog

    Registered users may create blog entries which feature in relevant Category Pages.

    To create a blog, go to your profile page, and select the button "New Blog".

    Once your blog is created, you will be able to manage any comments made on your blog.

    The RSS ability of your blog, enables your readers to subscribe to your blog post, and follow any further additions as you make them.

  • Own QR Code

    At the bottom of your profle, and each page created by you (eg. blogs, articles etc), a unique QR code is available for your use.

    You may save a copy of the image, and paste it on to hard or soft copy items, in order to direct people to your profile, blog or article.

  • Image Gallery

    Add some images, and make photo galleries to show the public, friends and family.

    Suitable for family photos, photographer galleries, artist images or images of your business.

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