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20 June 2021

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Auto Blogs

20 June 2021

Auto Blogs Auto Blogs
  • 5 Best SUVs for Dads this Father’s Day -
    20 June 2021
    Originating in the USA, every third Sunday of June is marked as Father's...
  • Y the obsession? The most prolific BMW Mini collectors
    20 June 2021
    It’s the VIN’s last seven characters that count. Ones start at TB00076 and Coopers at TC00155, for example
    The first 700 or so BMW Minis were produced right at the end of the Y-reg period and are now hunted by a dedicated group of enthusiasts

    It’s like a holding area for Minis: there are three neat rows of 20, most looking ready for action. And had you not driven up the driveway of a private house to get to them, you would have assumed that they were gathered at the Mini factory in Oxford – in a dealer storage area or perhaps lined up for a press launch. Except that most are 20 years old, they indeed live on the premises of a house and they all belong to one man.

    Tim Williams is a car enthusiast, and he explains that when he sold his storage business a few years back, he was looking for a strand of the old car hobby to get into. Then, about four years ago, he came across an embryonic enthusiasm for Y-reg Minis. Eh? The Mini Y-Register is possibly the only car club whose focus revolves around one character of the UK numberplate of a very specific model range.

    We’re talking about the very first of the BMW-era Minis. By definition, these are relatively few, the club identifying these (for reasons that we will come to) as the first 700 or so made. By a quirk of timing, these cars will have a registration number beginning with the letter Y. But relatively few R50 Minis, as BMW codenamed them, were registered with such a plate. So, er, why?

    Because when the new Mini went on sale on 7 July 2001, there were only 11 weeks to go before the next numberplate age identifier came into play. And it wasn’t Z but 51, as the UK switched to a twice-yearly identifier in an effort to deal with the absurd numbers of new cars being registered on 1 August.

    Plenty of new Mini buyers thus delayed delivery of their cars until 1 September, enabling their shiny new Mini to have the shiniest new plate. It meant that many Y-reg Minis were registered by Mini itself, mainly as press cars, and many more were registered by the dealer network as demonstrators. As this was the kind of car bought by individuals rather than fleets, most excited customers were able to wait; businesses with a new product to launch couldn’t.

    If you think this is arcane, well, there’s more. Just as the early 1959- 1960 BMC Minis had detail features that were swiftly redesigned, so do the earliest R50 Minis. It’s a rather pleasing symmetry for enthusiasts and collectors, although probably not something BMW was aiming for.

    Among the rethinks on the BMC Mini were the addition of drainage holes to the roof gutters(!), oval rather than rectangular cut-outs in the hubcaps, an extra locating peg for the chrome sliding window latches and a reversal in the way the toeboard overlapped the floor, which finally staunched the initially baffling water leaks into the cabin. Perversely, these and more add to a 1959-1960 Mini’s market value.

    Among the very early BMW Minis, a handful have an indented rib running the length of the front seats’ backrests and cushions, a few more have clutch and brake pedal rubbers embossed with ‘Mini’ and larger numbers have heater air intake grilles whose grid pattern features larger octagons. The washer jets were redesigned, too. And a few tens of cars did without sound-deadening for the roof (which can’t be seen, obviously), although many more had a seat-recline handle and mechanism that was changed for a new version under warranty if it failed – which plenty did. So there’s more to hunt down than a Y-registration and the low VIN that comes with it.

    There’s no shortage of hunters, either. Williams points out that of the estimated 700- odd Y-reg cars sold, 400 or so survive, yet the club’s Facebook page has more than 1000 members. More than there are cars to go around, demand therefore exceeding supply. Which is why the prices of these cars are rising (relatively) and why there’s now an almost frenzied clamour to buy the most sought-after varieties should they appear for sale. Especially if they’re cheap, the seller perhaps unaware of the car’s significance.

    The rush to buy is now so strong that “it was January 2020 that I last bought one, after a bit of a fight”, says Williams. It was a trade-in, he explains, but having agreed a price over the phone, the dealer told him the following day that he had been offered more, so demanded extra, despite their verbal deal. Williams paid to secure it, but the incident left a bad taste. He has talked to another dealer selling a Y-reg Mini in which there “was more interest than I’ve seen in 30 years of trading”.

    When Williams began collecting these cars, there was little or no premium. “Most were end-of-life trade-ins, so I took a trailer,” he says. They were bought for a few hundred pounds, and most came from dealers. “My entire collection has cost me about the price of the cheapest new car on sale,” he adds, surveying his Mini-shaped cache with mild amusement. This is the amusement of an enthusiast well aware of the absurdity of an overpopulated fleet whose acquisition has nevertheless produced considerable enjoyment. Williams’ wife seems happy with his indulgence too, her daily driver a 103,000- mile Y-reg Mini One. None of his cars are in perfect nick, but he’s working on that. “You find very little rust on them,” he says, “which is testament to BMW’s build quality. So is the fact that so many of the 700 survive.”

    Part of the enjoyment stems from digging ever deeper into the history of these cars, as there are various subsets of Y-reg cars. A key moment came on 25 April 2001: the last day of official pre-production, when 49 cars of a 211 total were completed.

    The following day was the first of regular production, when 12 cars emerged, BMW’s computer records yielding plenty of information for the keen spotter. As ever during the start of new-model manufacturing, some cars took much longer to make than others, which is why “the VINs are all over the place”, says Williams. “Some cars were two or three weeks in build, others were quick.” That’s why some cars with lower VINs than those produced on 25 April appeared on 26 April. On the impressively encyclopaedic, there’s a chart detailing the build date of every early Cooper and One.

    Another category, and the best known, is Minis whose registration numbers end with OBL. These are especially prized, because they were registered by BMW’s press office as launch cars, many appearing on TV, online and in print. Of these, there were 135, and you can see how many have resurfaced so far on the Y-reg club’s website. The earliest known survivor is VIN 69, a blue Mini One. Red Coopers with white roofs are the most sought after. If it’s the low VIN number rather than a Y-registration that appeals to you, it’s well worth fishing among the 51-plate cars, as plenty of very early cars were held over for that new plate.

    So what does Williams plan to do with his 20 Minis? “I had no idea I would end up buying this many with early chassis numbers. I’ve got to try to end up with the best,” he says, with less than convincing resolve. His garage can hold nine and a friend will store more. “I’ve sold some with high chassis numbers,” he notes.

    But most important for Williams is the interest this “very entertaining” crevice of car obsession has provided. So what next? He isn’t sure, although he does mention the rarity of the very earliest L322 Range Rovers from 2001 with Rosewood interior trim. “It’s very hard to find one of those in decent condition,” he says…

    Y-reg buying tips

    Williams says that at one time, he would have recommended doing all the usual used car checks, “but you can’t be fussy now”. He does, however, recommend avoiding cars already owned by enthusiasts, who might have replaced lots of parts. “It’s better to buy an end-of-life car and retain as much of its originality as possible,” he says.

    Don’t expect pristine examples, either. “You’ve got to be realistic,” he says. “These are 20-year-old cars, and their next trip is usually to the scrapyard.” Of those being sold as running cars, “it’s amazing what condition people will sell a car in”. He reckons that, unusually for their age, the cars are reliable if well maintained and that “BMW are very good for most parts”.

    The Y-reg Minis most in demand are those with very low chassis numbers, either in the double digits or low one-hundreds; those with OBL plates; Coopers in red with a white roof; and sub-100,000- milers. These are the ones that people battle for, but if you simply want one of the 700-odd Minis with a Y-registration, they do crop up. Three are on sale as this is written.

    Standout cars

    Mini One: This base model, VIN TB00133, has done 103,000 miles, is in regular use and barely seems any slower than a Cooper, pulling with pleasing vigour. Its dampers feel tired but nothing else does.

    Mini Cooper S: Not a Y-reg, but it’s one of the first Cooper S cars and remarkable for having covered only 32,000 miles. There’s a following for the earliest S and the Cabrio. This one drives very well, as you would expect.

    Mini Cooper: Rescued from a scrapyard, this sorry-looking Cooper is set to be rehabilitated by Williams. Its chassis number is TC00094, making it the earliest Cooper that he owns, and features the super-rare grooved seats.

    Mini Cooper: Bremner brought his own Y-reg Mini in case there weren’t enough for the shoot. It’s number 155, produced on 2 May 2001 – the seventh day of full production.


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  • Beyond hypermiling: How two Renault Zoes busted range anxiety
    20 June 2021
    Earlier this month, a top-range Zoe E-Tech R135 EV 50kWh travelled almost 425 miles on a single charge

    Earlier this month, a Renault Zoe E-Tech R135 EV 50kWh GT Line without any modifications to its factory specification set a new record by travelling almost 425 miles on a single charge – 180 miles further than its official WLTP range. That should silence EV range worriers, except that it did so at an average speed of just 19mph around a race circuit and with none of its comfort features switched on. Even when day turned to night, the Zoe’s headlights remained off, the team of six drivers relying on night vision goggles, the car’s daytime running lights and fluorescent track markers to guide them.

    So, gentle laps of a closed circuit in a Zoe whose driver is near blind, freezing at night and boiling during the day. What was the point? Well, setting that new record for a start. It trumped the one set in 2018 by French journalist Pierre Desjardins driving a Zoe R110 with a smaller 40kWh battery. He coaxed his car to 351 miles, 165 miles further than its official WLTP range. Remarkably, he did so on Paris’s Périphérique, although he was able to slipstream traffic and the ambient temperature was a battery-friendly 35deg C.

    Still, congratulations to Desjardins but also to the six British drivers and their support crew who, despite the privations, guided their Zoe E-Tech R135 EV 50kWh GT Line around Thruxton for over 24 hours and into the record books. In fact, they drove two Zoes, the second an identical model but shod with a new design of low rolling resistance tyre made by Enso. Thanks to its special boots, this Zoe travelled no less than 475.4 miles, returning 10.5 miles per kilowatt hour compared with 9.1 miles from the standard Michelin Primacy-wearing car, and 7.9 miles from Desjardins’ Zoe.

    Endurance tests like these hinge on the quality of the people doing them and at Thruxton there was no shortage of fine folk. The record attempt was organised by Mission Motorsport, the armed services motorsport charity. All but one of the six drivers were forces veterans while the sixth, Kevin Booker, is an EV fleet manager with a passion for hypermiling, the term for wringing every last drop of range from a car.

    They’d first set off, each driver doing a 20-mile stint, at sunrise 0452. To keep their batteries warm, the cars had overnighted in the Thruxton Centre restaurant but it was foggy and only 7deg C so, with the fast-chilling batteries underperforming, the attempt was called off after 52 miles and the batteries recharged for a 0940 restart.

    “No plan survives first contact,” James Cameron, founder and CEO of Mission Motorsport, declared in true military fashion. It’s why the team had been practising for two whole weeks ahead of the record attempt, refining their hypermiling techniques (they drove in bare feet, using their toes to feather the accelerator) under the watchful gaze of Booker. “I know it so well now that I could drive around the 2.4-mile circuit in the dark, in my sleep and blindfolded,” he told me.

    By 0633 on the second day they’d broken Desjardins’ record in the standard Zoe. Tristan Dover, formerly of the Queen’s Royal Lancashire Regiment, was its driver. “You can’t switch your brain off. All the time you’re learning to read the track and finding gentler gradients. I got a lump in my throat breaking the record.”

    By 0830, the standard Zoe had 5% battery range remaining and its Enso-shod compatriot, 13%, but still they kept going. In fact, they carried on into the late morning before, one after the other, gliding to a stop. “The only time I felt range anxiety was when I thought we wouldn’t crack 450 miles,” said Booker. Remember that the next time you’re worrying about driving your EV to the shops.


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  • FATHERS DAY 2021: What Was The BEST Car Advice And Best Car Memory Of You And Your Dad?
    20 June 2021
  • SUPERCARS AND SUPERSTARS: History-Making Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction Finishes with a Flourish
    20 June 2021

    The top-selling vehicle on Saturday – and of the entire 2021 Las Vegas Auction – was this 2015 McLaren P1 that once belonged to DJ/record producer Deadmau5. The sleek supercar sold for $1,567,500.


    Super Saturday in Las Vegas was certainly one for the record books! The final day of the 2021 Las Vegas Auction was filled with those incredible moments that only Barrett-Jackson can provide – and they just kept coming all day.

    SOLD for $1,045,000: This impeccable 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster.

    It was a pair of stunning supercars that rocked the block on Saturday, with a 2015 McLaren P1 formerly owned by DJ/record product Deadmau5 selling for $1,567,500, and a Liquid Red 2019 Ford GT that brought in $1,028,500. An extraordinary 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL was also front and center, selling for $1,045,000. Other top sellers of the day included a custom 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Split-Window Coupe ($396,000), a 2011 Porsche Speedster ($385,000) and Henry Ford II’s 1966 Ford Mustang K-Code Convertible ($330,000).

    More than two dozen more record auction sales were set on Super Saturday, including a fan favorite – a re-creation of the famous “Ecto-1” from the movie “Ghostbusters” – which went on to its next adventure for $220,000. Other notable records included a 1966 Ghia 450/SS Convertible ($220,000), a 1960 Cadillac Coupe de Ville Custom Hardtop ($275,000) and a 1960 Chevrolet Biscayne Custom Sedan ($198,000).

    Two exciting charity vehicles had their turn onstage Saturday. The first was the first-ever 2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door Badlands Raiders Edition, wrapped in Las Vegas Raiders regalia with riveted steel plates and full of a wealth of extras provided by Gaudin Motor Company. Accompanied by the Raiderettes and Raiders President Marc Badain, the Bronco brought the hammer down on a price of $275,000, all of which will go to the Las Vegas-based Grant a Gift Autism Foundation and the Raiders Foundation.

    The second “car for a cause” was a very special 2020 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Hertz/Hendrick Motorsports Edition, production #001 of just 24 commissioned to commemorate the #24 Hendrick Motorsports ZL1 Camaro race car driven by NASCAR Cup Series driver William Byron and sponsored by Hertz. The most powerful ZL1 ever offered roared onto the block and sold for $250,000, with the entire hammer price benefiting the Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation, which treats children facing the imminent loss of their mom or dad to cancer to “WOW! Experiences” – a timeout to create positive, cherished memories at beautiful destinations.

    Craig Jackson and Steve Davis share a laugh onstage with “Mr. Las Vegas,” Wayne Newton.

    Saturday was also full of celebrities – and celebrity cars! One of the most-talked-about “star cars” – a 1994 Toyota Supra used in two films in the “Fast & Furious” franchise and driven by late actor Paul Walker – electrified the arena when it sold for a record price of $550,000. Las Vegas legend Wayne Newton was onstage (and even tried his hand as auctioneer) for the sale of three vehicles from his collection, two of which achieved record sales: a beautiful 1979 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II for $93,500 and a custom 1981 Mercedes-Benz 380SL for $84,700. A stunning 1994 Rolls-Royce Corniche and a shimmering silver 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing Coupe from the estate of late Las Vegas icons Siegfried & Roy sold for $117,700 and $198,000 respectively.

    The morning’s automobilia auction also had some memorable moments, including the sale of an animated 1940s Greyhound Bus neon sign that brought in $46,000 and a stunning Packard Automobiles neon sign from the 1930s, which sold for $36,800. Saturday’s remarkable sales contributed to this year’s Las Vegas Automobilia Auction being the most successful in the company’s history in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

    Steve and Janie Davis (center) at the special presentation to mark his 25th anniversary at Barrett-Jackson.

    Super Saturday finished in spectacular fashion to mark Barrett-Jackson President Steve Davis’ 25th anniversary with the company. The surprise celebration centered around an honor guard and gathering of first responders on the auction block, who know too well Steve’s commitment to helping those who serve. He and his wife Janie donated the entire $1 million sale price from his 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake to Las Vegas first responders after the tragic shooting in 2017.

    The 2021 Las Vegas Auction at the fabulous new West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center was indeed one to remember – check out the recap video of the entire event and gallery of Saturday’s highlights below and we’re sure you’ll agree!



    Lot #749 – 2019 FORD GT – $1,023,000



    Lot #741 – 2011 PORSCHE 911 SPEEDSTER – $385,000

    Lot #770 – 1970 CHEVROLET CAMARO CUSTOM COUPE “THE GRINCH” – $385,000

    Lot #740 – FRANK SINATRA’S 1970 MASERATI GHIBLI – $330,000


    Lot #753 – 1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 327/360 SPLIT-WINDOW FUELIE – $324,500


    Lot #737 – 1987 BUICK GNX – $275,000 – NEW RECORD SALE AT AUCTION

    Lot #726 – 1966 GHIA 450/SS CONVERTIBLE – $220,000 – NEW RECORD SALE AT AUCTION




    Lot #762 – 1995 MERCEDES-BENZ G350D CUSTOM 6X6 SUV – $181,500 – NEW RECORD SALE AT AUCTION



    Lot #684 – 2016 NISSAN GT-R NISMO – $156,200 – NEW RECORD SALE AT AUCTION






    Lot #772 – SIEGFRIED & ROY’S 1994 ROLLS-ROYCE CORNICHE – $117,700

    LOT #8298 – 1940S GREYHOUND NEON PORCELAIN SIGN – $46,000




    LOT #8296 – EARLY 1920S “GARAGE” PORCELAIN SIGN – $23,000

    CENTER: LOT #8273.1 – 1931 GULF OIL BUTLER 30 VISIBLE GAS PUMP – $13,800


    LOT #8266 – 1950S RUDY THE REINDEER KIDDIE RIDE – $11,500






  • Anand Mahindra & the SUVs he’s owned over the years
    20 June 2021

    Anand Mahindra, the bossman of Mahindra & Mahindra does not need any introduction. He is one of the most successful industrialists from India and keeps himself highly active on social media platforms. Being a successful businessman, Anand Mahindra does not use any high-end vehicles to move around. Instead, he prefers vehicles manufactured by his own brand. Here are a few cars that Anand Mahindra owns and uses regularly.

    Mahindra Bolero Invader

    The Mahindra Bolero Invader is derived from the Mahindra Bolero platform but it has a shorter wheelbase. The Invader was aimed at the lifestyle car owners and with three doors, it was a sportier version of the Bolero itself. Anand Mahindra got one for himself during his younger days.

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    The car also came with a partial soft roof and the side-facing rear seats that were trending in those days. The Bolero Invader came powered by a 2.5-litre diesel engine with a maximum power of around 63 Bhp. Bolero Invader has become a rare car to spot nowadays.

    Mahindra TUV300

    Anand Mahindra got himself a customised TUV300 in 2015. It was for his personal use and the vehicle was customised with the official Armour Kit. With the addition of the Armour Kit, the already tough-looking TUV300 received additional accessories like wider wheel arches, hull on the bonnet, roof-mounted auxiliary lamps, new plastic cladding all around and side steps in black colour. Mahindra got the vehicle in a brilliant battle green shade that sure makes it look like a tank.

    Mahindra TUV300 Plus Mahindra taking delivery

    Anand Mahindra also got the brand-new TUV300 Plus when the car got launched in the Indian market. After taking suggestions from his Twitter followers, Anand Mahindra named the car “Grey Ghost”. Again this was a customised unit made for Anand Mahindra and it received a special steel-grey shade. Because of the customisations, Anand Mahindra even complained that the folks at Mahindra are keeping him waiting.

    Mahindra Scorpio

    The good old Scorpio has been around for years and enthusiasts and the off-roading community simply loves this product. Anand Mahindra owns a Scorpio for the longest time. He has the 4X4 version of the vehicle finished in the black shade. Anand Mahindra has been spotted driving the Scorpio too but in recent times, no vehicle has not been spotted. Mahindra is now working on a replacement model of the Scorpio, which is likely to be launched by the end of this year or at the starting of next year.

    Mahindra Alturas G4

    Anand Mahindra bought the flagship Alturas G4 some time ago. He asked for suggestions to name the new car in his garage. After thousands of replies, Anand Mahindra chose the name – Baaz for his Alturas G4. He also gifted a diecast model of the Alturas G4 to the person who suggested the name.

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    The post Anand Mahindra & the SUVs he’s owned over the years first appeared on Cartoq.
  • GM, Ford locked in EV spending race
    20 June 2021

    Detroit's two largest automakers have been making one big-ticket reveal after another. They've also been trying to one-up each other's plans to invest billions of dollars.

  • Escape artists swapped their fates with Ghosn's
    20 June 2021

    The American father-son that helped him flee Japan pleads guilty in a Tokyo court, just one of several legal battles still raging around the former Nissan CEO and chairman.

  • Lordstown Motors in a fight for survival
    20 June 2021

    The startup's prospects of launching an electric work truck suffered several setbacks in a turbulent week.

  • Fury 175 to Fantabulous scooter: Forgotten Royal Enfields of India
    20 June 2021

    Royal Enfield name has been around for over a century. It is the first motorcycle brand to be born in this world and the name is older than Harley Davidson. Royal Enfield came to the Indian shore in 1955 and since then the brand has been offering its products in the Indian market. During its long journey, the brand launched numerous motorcycles and a few of them are now forgotten.

    Royal Enfield Fury

    Royal Enfield launched the Fury in 1959 as a rebadged version of the Zundapp KS175 from Germany. While Zundapp shut its shop in 1984, the Fury 175 became quite popular in India, especially among the youngsters. The bike offered a five-speed transmission and front disc brake sourced from Brembo. One of the many highlights of the bike was the sleeveless hard chromed cylinder barrel of the engine.

    Royal Enfield Explorer 50

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    The Explorer 50 was another rebadged product from the German Zundapp. It was launched in the 1980s and was discontinued after a few years. The small size of the Explorer made it a fun machine to ride. It came powered by a puny 50cc engine and it had a three-speed transmission. The bike was categorised for the 16-year old Mokick license holders in Europe.

    Royal Enfield Lightning

    The Lightning is termed as the predecessor of the popular Royal Enfield Thunderbird. Royal Enfield launched it in 1997 and it was available till 2003. The Lightning was aimed at long-distance travellers and it came powered by the 535cc single-cylinder engine paired to a four-speed transmission.

    Royal Enfield Silver Plus

    Royal Enfield launched the Silver Plus step-through in the 1980s and it was the first step-through in the Indian market. The Silver Plus came with a hand-operated gear shifted linked through a cable. It came with a 65cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with a two-speed transmission. Later, a three-step transmission was launched too. Even the Silver Plus was a partnered product with the Zundapp.

    Royal Enfield Fantabulous

    Royal Enfield tried to capture the growing scooter market in those days by launching its first and only scooter – the Fantabulous. The scooter came powered by a 175cc, two-stroke engine sourced from Villiers. The scooter came with a self-starter too.

    Royal Enfield Taurus Picture: Databikes

    Royal Enfield even launched a diesel-powered Taurus in the Indian market, another first from the manufacturer. It came powered by a 325cc, single-cylinder engine from Greaves with a direct-injection system from Lombardini. The engine was not powerful and generates around 6.5 Bhp and 15 Nm but it returned a mega fuel efficiency.

    Royal Enfield Mofa

    The Royal Enfield Mofa was a lightweight bike without any suspension system. Powered by a 25cc, single-cylinder engine, it sure was an underrated product. The two-wheeler was designed in Morbidelli and was one of the smallest capacity production bike ever launched by Royal Enfield in India.

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    The post Fury 175 to Fantabulous scooter: Forgotten Royal Enfields of India first appeared on Cartoq.

Motorsport Blogs

20 June 2021

Motorsport Blogs Motorsport Blogs
  • Todt not convinced by Formula 1’s ‘Sprint’ race plan | 2021 French Grand Prix
    20 June 2021
    FIA president Jean Todt doesn't believe Formula 1 needs the new Sprint race format which will be trialled for the first time next month.
  • Sugo Super Formula: Fukuzumi charges to maiden series win
    20 June 2021
    Starting fifth on the grid, ex-Formula 2 driver Fukuzumi cleared TOM’S rival Ritomo Miyata and the sister Dandelion car of Tadasuke Makino on the run to the first corner to immediately move himself into the podium positions.
    Two laps later, Fukuzumi tried to pass Sena Sakaguchi for second at the same corner, only to run wide. However, with the Inging driver losing his rear end at the same...Keep reading
  • MotoGP German Grand Prix - Start time, how to watch & more
    20 June 2021
    Zarco ended Fabio Quartararo's pole streak in the eight round of the 2021 MotoGP season, beating the Yamaha rider by just 0.011s in a tightly-contested qualifying.
    Aleix Espargaro secured Aprilia's first front row start of the modern era, while Honda rider Marc Marquez - unbeaten at the German venue in all classes since 2010 - qualified a disappointed fifth behind the lead factory Ducati of...Keep reading
  • Formula 1 French Grand Prix – How to watch, start time & more
    20 June 2021
    Max Verstappen will line up on pole position ahead of Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas after topping qualifying on Saturday.
    Baku winner Sergio Perez will start fourth in the second Red Bull, with Carlos Sainz the top Ferrari driver in fifth.
    When is the Formula 1 French Grand Prix
    The 2021 Formula 1 French Grand Prix will be held at the Paul Ricard circuit from 15:00 local...Keep reading
  • Shae Davies nabs SST Darwin Race 3 win from Nash Morris
    20 June 2021

    The third and final race of the Boost Mobile Super Trucks weekend supporting the Darwin Triple Crown was the Nash Morris Show, but Shae Davies crashed the party. Although Morris dominated the race, Davies chased him down and passed him in the final chicane to steal the victory.

    Morris started on the pole ahead of Dave Casey, while the former’s father Paul was at the back after winning the first two races. Casey, who retired from Race #2 with a broken fuel pump, quickly pulled to the side when the issue struck again, forcing him to exit the event again. Rob Whyte also retired after running in third for the first two laps.

    The younger Morris led the way early on with Trav Milburn in tow. Paul Weel moved up to third after Whyte’s exit, but a shunt from Davies on lap four sent him into the grass and out of podium range. At the competition caution a lap later, Morris led Milburn and Davies, the latter losing his hood along the way.

    When the race resumed, Milburn tried to pass Morris for the lead in turn one but locked his brakes and slid wide. As Milburn fell back, Paul Morris joined his son in the top two. The pair—the fourth father/son duo in SST history—battled for the lead until the final competition yellow flag. Greg Gartner spun prior to the caution.

    Chaos broke loose on the restart beginning with Ingall being hit by Paul Morris while trying to pass him, which sent him into the concrete wall opposite the paddock. Shaun Richardson slipped by on the outside but was turned by Morris in turn one, cutting his left-rear tyre. Nash Morris retook the lead when the dust settled.

    Although Morris had led every lap and was poised to complete the sweep by scoring the win in his maiden weekend, Davies had other plans and chased him down for much of the final lap. Davies closed the gap in the last sector and ran side-by-side with Morris in turn fourteen. Riding the inside line, Davies squeezed by Morris as they exited the pit lane chicane to edge him out by .270.

    The win is Davies’ third of his career and second of the season. Interestingly, all three of his victories came in the final race of the weekends at Adelaide 2020, Tasmania in April, and Darwin. Tasmania also saw Paul Morris win the first two races before Davies prevented a Morris sweep.

    As Nash Morris has to settle for second, he secures his first career podium. Weel finished third for his third podium.

    The older Morris finished sixth, which dropped him to second for the overall weekend points despite his two wins. Davies, with some assistance from his Fastest Qualifier bonus point, finished on each step of the podium during the weekend to finish with 34 points to Morris’ 31.

    Race results
    Finish Number Driver Laps Completed Status
    1 88 Shae Davies 10 Running
    2 94 Nash Morris 10 Running
    3 50 Paul Weel 10 Running
    4 70 Trav Milburn 10 Running
    5 39 Russell Ingall 10 Running
    6 67 Paul Morris 10 Running
    7 410 Greg Gartner 10 Running
    8 12 Shaun Richardson 10 DNF
    9 11 Rob Whyte 8 DNF
    10 121 Dave Casey 1 DNF
    Weekend standings
    Rank Number Driver Race #1 Points Race #2 Race #3 Total Points
    1 88 Shae Davies 10 11 12 34*
    2 67 Paul Morris 12 12 7 31
    3 410 Greg Gartner 11 9 6 26
    4 70 Trav Milburn 9 7 9 25
    5 94 Nash Morris 8 5 11 24
    6 50 Paul Weel 4 8 10 22
    7 12 Shaun Richardson 6 10 5 21
    8 11 Rob Whyte 7 6 4 17
    9 39 Russell Ingall 3 4 8 15
    10 121 Dave Casey 5 3 3 11
    * – 1 bonus point for Fastest Qualifier
  • Kyle Busch wins 100th Xfinity race with Tennessee Lottery 250 victory
    20 June 2021

    Kyle Busch has joined Richard Petty and David Pearson in sharing a historic milestone: triple-digit wins in a NASCAR national series. Busch dominated Saturday’s Xfinity Series race at Nashville Superspeedway from the pole, leading 122 of 188 laps en route to his 100th victory in NASCAR’s second tier.

    While Busch qualified on the pole, six drivers were sent home: Chad Finchum, Timmy Hill, Jeffrey Earnhardt, Colby Howard, Dillon Bassett, and Gray Gaulding.

    Despite Busch’s pole and his eventual win, Austin Cindric would dominate the first stage as he led every lap. Busch finished second followed by Daniel Hemric, Harrison Burton, Justin Allgaier, Brandon Jones, A.J. Allmendinger, Jeb Burton, Josh Berry, and Myatt Snider. However, Snider’s race took a turn when his car lost power and necessitated a trip to the garage for a battery change; by the time he returned, he was 22 laps down.

    Echoing a pattern from the previous day’s Camping World Truck Series race, the first two stages saw nearly every lap led by one driver in each. After Cindric did so for Stage #1, Busch did so for the second as he led all but one lap; Joe Gibbs Racing team-mate Hemric led the lone non-Busch lap under caution on lap 75 following Stefan Parsons’ wreck. By the end of the segment, Busch kept Allgaier at bay to win; Hemric, Burton, Michael Annett, Berry, Jones, Cindric, Justin Haley, and Noah Gragson closed out the top ten.

    The final stage ramped up in incidents as Busch continued to lead, with the first caution of the segment coming for debris that ended his run on top. Joe Graf Jr. and Jade Buford wrecked on lap 156 to produce another caution, followed by a larger incident involving much of the leaders like Cindric that eliminated him from the race. At the front, Busch traded the lead with Allgaier.

    Landon Cassill‘s wreck on lap 183 set up overtime, and Busch held off Allgaier in the two-lap dash to score the win in the Xfinity Series’ first race at Nashville since 2011. Busch won at the track in 2009 en route to the series title.

    “I think one day you just hope that you can make it, and then when you make it, you are like, ‘Okay, let’s go win some more races and let’s go win a championship,'” Busch said. “Being around for as long as I’ve been around, it’s a great opportunity in this position and to get this many wins is really, really cool.

    “There’s a lot of great people over the years that have gotten me to this point, whether it be Hendrick Motorsports or Joe Gibbs Racing, most of it has obviously come with JGR for as long as I’ve been there, that just makes it all worth while and I wouldn’t say it has all came full circle. It would be nice to keep going, but everybody’s tired of me being here, so we hit the century mark and we will see if we can get 102. I don’t know what the plan is for next year yet.”

    In 2017, when he was still at win #89, Busch commented about the possibility of retiring from Xfinity competition once he reaches the 100 barrier. He still has two more races in 2021 that could bolster that total to 102, while his 2022 plans in the series have not been confirmed.

  • Darwin Supercars: Van Gisbergen dominates Race 2
    20 June 2021
    The series leader set up victory at the start when he out-dragged polesitter Will Davison on the long run to the first corner.
    Once in front it was a straightforward affair for van Gisbergen, who took his mandatory service on Lap 14 before cruising to a 1.5s win over Davison.
    "It was awesome," said the Kiwi. 
    "I got another good start, which was great. Red Bull Ampol Racing, our car...Keep reading
  • Livestream: Watch Super Formula Round 4 at Sugo
    20 June 2021
  • Russell denies Mercedes deal is done, as Bottas ignores rumours
    20 June 2021
    Valtteri Bottas has dismissed suggestions he has been told he will be replaced at Mercedes for 2022
  • Velocitta Stock Car Pro Series: Casagrande and Barrichello win
    20 June 2021
    Casagrande won the first race, after beating former Formula 1 driver Ricardo Zonta, who started from pole position. The podium was completed by Thiago Camilo, while Barrichello and Cesar Ramos completed the top five.
    “It was a really cool race,” said Casagrande. “In the first corner I took the first position. Afterwards, I had a better pace than him [Zonta] and I was able to overtake...Keep reading

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