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26 May 2022

Sci-fi Podcasts Sci-fi Podcasts
  • E247 Moon Knight Episode Finale Review ft. Ilsa & Kyra from the Relatable Podcast!
    25 May 2022

    Our Moon Knight Finale episode is finally here! There was a little bit of a delay because we wanted to make sure we could record this podcast with one of our favorite podcast/youtube channels! Today we drop our second collaboration with Ilsa & Kyra from The Relatable Podcast! These two know their stuff and we always have so much fun when we chat with them!

    In this episode, we cover episode 6 in it's entirety! We discuss Layla getting her new suit and powers, the fate of Arthur and Ammit, the introduction to someone we've been waiting a long time for, and we also speculate on Moon Knight's place in the future of the MCU!

    This episode was originally going to be a Moon Knight and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness super episode, but of course (like always) we got carried away with our chat and we talked too long to get to MoM. But don't worry, Ilsa & Kyra will be coming back on the pod ASAP to discuss MoM with us!

    Tune in to hear our thoughts!

    BingetownTV is a podcast covering your favorite “Binge-worthy” Sci-Fi / Fantasy television shows! We drop Recaps/Reviews as well as interview some of the Stars of the best shows on Television! Currently available- The Wheel of Time, The Witcher, The Last Kingdom, Midnight Mass, Dexter: New Blood, Marvel's What if...?, The OA, Outlander, Wynonna Earp, Loki, Shadow & Bone, Rick & Morty, FatWS, WandaVision, The Boys, The Mandalorian, The Magicians, The 100, Carnival Row, The Haunting Anthology Series, The Starz Spartacus Series, & Netflix Original Cursed! Plus so much more!

    Check us out at and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @bingetowntv ! If you'd like to support the podcast/channel, we now have a Patreon page! Our Patreon offers exclusive podcast episodes, video interviews with the stars of your favorite shows, plus more! !

  • Where There's a Whill... - May 25, 1977
    25 May 2022

    With a certain crazy old hermit preparing to re-emerge from the desert of Tatooine, today seemed like a perfectly appropriate day for Sci-Fi 5 to look back to the day a certain sci-fi saga began with the premiere of its first installment.

    Follow Sci-Fi 5 for your daily dose of science-fiction history.

    Written by Ryan Myers

    Hosted by Jessica Lynn Verdi

    Music by Devin Curry

  • Thora Birch Overleaper
    25 May 2022
    She stars in Realm's new audio sf drama about meeting you double in an alternate universe with consequences.
  • Episode 210: It’s all Max’s fault
    24 May 2022

    Replacement Max No. 5 explores the candy factory with Ira.


    Jack Strobe: J.R. Willett
    Max: Tim Ellis

    Heads up! This episode is a continuation of Episode 209: From WBEZ Chicago…

    Dispatches from the Multiverse is a totally independent operation! Help us continue to create this podcast and get fun insider-only perks like behind-the-scenes raw recordings and extended editions of select episodes by supporting us on Patreon!

    Producer: Tim Ellis
    Sound Editing: Jeni Ellis
    Theme Music: a1ph4g33k
    Logo: Abe Schmidt

  • Overwatch - May 24, 2016
    24 May 2022

    It's a tale of AI gone mad, with humanity forced to save itself from extinction at the hands of its own creations. It's also the tale of a video game project that underwent radical changes over the course of its evolution. It's the tale of Overwatch, on today's Sci-Fi 5.

    Follow Sci-Fi 5 for your daily dose of science-fiction history.

    Written and hosted by Norman C. Lao

    Music by Devin Curry

  • 353: 353 Paranormal Entities - Can They Enter Your Body? with Mitch Wells
    24 May 2022
    Soul Parasites. Ghosts (both the Patrick Swayze type and the Emily Rose kind) , Demons, Jinni, Djin, Reptilians, Oh My.

    Can Entities Inhabit your body?

    We stream Live every Sunday at 715 pacific only at
    (and that video replays twice on Monday)

    Join our patreon to hear us do 2 extra bonus episodes every week. 
    this week's show has a teaser with Mitch Wells from the band Thou.
  • 01: A Change in Vocation
    24 May 2022

    For anybody who could use a break... 

    It's been centuries since the robots of Panga gained self-awareness and wandered into the wilderness, never to be seen again. Tired of the city, Dex decides to make a big change in their life. Starting new, however, is just the beginning, and the journey is not an easy one.

    A Psalm for the Wild-Built

    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • Byte Ewan McGregor On Obi-Wan
    24 May 2022
    Actor talks about his return from a London red carpet event. Special thanks to Disney Plus and EPK.TV for the audio.
  • Planet of the Apes (w/ Andrew Shearer)
    24 May 2022

    They finally made a monkeys out of us.

    Today's guest is a regular, Andrew Shearer.  You can see what he's up to with his filmmaking over at Gonzoriffic:

    Please do rate, review, and subscribe us on Apple Podcasts, YouTube or whatever you use to nab those podcasts.

    Luke also talks to you about monsters big and small at Luke Loves Pokemon, and the Monster Hunter loving Monster Mash.  Get into those here:

    Meanwhile, Matt spends his non-podcast time trying to create mind-bending music:
    And talking about the Twilight Zone, which is pertinent to this week's movie:

    Coming soon to the Sanctuary:
    May 31 - Transformers: Dark of the Moon
    June 7 - Stargate
    June 14- Multiplicity

  • James Blish - May 23, 1921
    23 May 2022

    He was one of the original chroniclers of the voyages of the starship Enterprise, but today's Sci-Fi 5 reveals that there was much more to James Blish's career - both Star Trek-related and otherwise.

    Follow Sci-Fi 5 for your daily dose of science-fiction history.

    Written by Brian Clayton

    Hosted by Ryan Myers

    Music by Devin Curry

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Sci-Fi TV Shows And Movie Podcasts

26 May 2022

Sci-Fi TV Shows And Movie Podcasts Sci-Fi TV Shows And Movie Podcasts

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