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  • TLC Book Tour Feature – Timelock by Howard Berk & Peter Berk

    Happy Saturday and first day of October!

    Thanks to TLC Book Tours and the publisher for the gifted copy

    TIMELOCK – Howard Berk & Peter Berk (Released September 22nd, 2022)

    Book Description:

    An innocent man. A radical punishment. The clock is ticking . . .With crime rampant in the near future, the President authorizes a hugely controversial program: TimeLock, a cellular acceleration process whereby select prisoners are instantly aged the total number of years of their sentence. In other words-three strikes and you’re old . . . very old.Despite ongoing public outcries, two years later the program is up and running and crime is already on the decline. But what happens if you’re innocent?

    Falsely convicted of murder, 23-year-old Morgan Eberly is sentenced to be aged 40 years in a TimeLock capsule. Then fate intervenes-halfway through his processing, protesters opposed to the program infiltrate the prison and Morgan, suddenly 20 years old, manages to escape.

    Terrified and on the run, Morgan enlists the help of Janine Price, the FBI agent who arrested him. With dark and powerful forces on their trail, the unlikely pair investigate murders of ex-prisoners who were transformed by the TimeLock and soon discover the unthinkable reason they were all eliminated-and why Morgan is certain to be next.

    Fighting for their lives and falling in love, Morgan and Janine set out to bring TimeLock down in one final desperate gambit. Can they unlock the truth about TimeLock before it’s too late?

  • Fall Out Boy Guitarist Joe Trohman Discusses His New Memoir ‘None of This Rocks’

    Joe Trohman is known to many as the guitarist for the popular band Fall Out Boy and his new memoir sheds some light on the darker side of fame. 

    His Memoir’ None of This Rocks’ discusses issues such as mental health issues, what it means to be a rockstar, and why he doesn’t like to label himself as one.  

    None of This Rocks

    “Rockstar is an energy drink, I hate the term,” said Trohman to People. “I don’t even think there are rockstars anymore. I feel like that’s an outdated character. So I’ve never been comfortable with all of it. Even though I love all the rock gods, I love classic rock, I grew up in the ’90s with grunge and cool noise-rock bands… But I feel so corny attributing that to me.”

    None of this Rocks by Joe Trohman

    Trohman may not like to use the work rockstar to describe himself but millions of fans would disagree. His bandmates Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, and Andy Hurley dominated the 2000’s and became one of the biggest bands. They were known for having really long song names and could be found on the radio almost all the time. 

    The memoir was released on September 13 and was written during the pandemic. Trohman discusses past mental health uses, his relationship with his late mother, and how Fall Out Boy came to be. But don’t mistake the author for a rockstar because he doesn’t feel like the label applies to him. 

    ” I don’t feel like a guy that should be in a rock band”

    “I just don’t have a great ego,” Trohman says. “I feel like you have to have a great ego to write these books, so I just had to approach it from the angle of ‘I don’t have an ego,’ and that I don’t feel like I deserve any of the success that I’ve had. Definitely, no matter how many tattoos I’ve put on my body, I don’t feel like a guy that should be in a rock band. I really don’t. I feel like such a f—ing dork. All the time… Therefore, when I went in to write this book, it was from a pretty self-deprecating angle. I’ve always been that way.”

    The process of writing this novel was more of a journal exercise for Trohman. They felt like journal entries than actually sitting down and writing a book for the guitarist. 

    You can find anecdotes about the success of the band as well as he complicated relationship with his terminally ill mother while growing up. And also jokes about his labelmate Patrick Slump’s sideburns. 

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    The post Fall Out Boy Guitarist Joe Trohman Discusses His New Memoir ‘None of This Rocks’ appeared first on Books of Brilliance.

  • Judgement Is Inevitable
    Steve O’Dell Author Interview

    The Nephilim Project follows a demon who exposes a demonic plan to impregnate the daughters of men to spawn the Nephilim. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

    Jesus Christ said he would return when the days on earth will be like those Noah experienced. The giant Nephilim ruled the earth when Noah was building the ark. Could demons once again produce the Nephilim, and would it be a precursor for Jesus’ second coming? If I answered my own question, I would say probable not, but we need to take notice of another marker of the days of Noah. God said he destroyed mankind with a flood because the hearts of men were continually evil. Today we see the rise of evil in our lands and we should be watching for Jesus’ imminent return.

    Utoneious is an intriguing character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

    Utoneious is a fallen angel, a demon if you will and he tells of his exploits in Heaven and on earth. He is perplexed and troubled over this gnawing question: Why does God give men multiple chances to change their evil ways and angels suffered God’s wrath for just one evil choice? Should Utonious be pitied, should the unrepentant human be pitied? Upon realizing both men and demons share the same fate, Utoneious begins to regret the choices he made and wants to make amends not knowing salvation is based on faith rather than works.

    What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

    My first book was criticized for being too “preachy”. In this book I set out thinking; If I presented the Gospel through the voice of a demonic, no one could say it was too preachy and for years I thought that showing the Gospel in this way was the purpose of my book. Just recently, I realized the major theme of the book is not the Gospel, but rather, God’s judgement is inevitable, and it will be tragic for those who refuse to repent and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

    What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

    At this time, I don’t have any plans. I wrote my first book after being shunned from a Christian Church and that took a year. Writing “The Nephilim Project” took me two years. If a third book followed suit, such an endeavor would take three years to accomplish. I guess I should get started on the Nephilims’ sequel before I get any older.

    P.S. I have an idea on how Utonious could escape the demon prison Tartarus.

    Author Links: Amazon | Facebook

    This award-winning book recently earned acclaim from the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards and tells
    of shadows encompassing the earth. In this darkness evil seeks obscurity. With effort it can be perceived by the human mind and those groping in the dark can be enlightened by a demon’s tale. Deep in the bowels of earth, wasting away in a prison called Tatarus, a demon named Utoneious remembers the days of Heaven and gives testimony of what it’s like to be Satan’s slave. He exposes a demonic plan to, once again, impregnate the daughters of men and from this union the Nephilim, as in the days of Noah, will be spawned. The devil plans to use these giants in a most insidious way, and as the overseer of the Nephilim Project, Utoneious is well aware of what lust for flesh can bring.
    This fallen angel’s evil knew no bounds. Legends of old were targeted and Utoneious played his role to perfection. He brought the ruin of Nimrod at the tower of Babble and Pharaohs of Egypt knew his curses before they were buried in their pyramid tombs. All of mankind suffered Utoneious’ lies until one day something tempered his ways. Perhaps he tired of his deeds when he watched the Church put men, from the order of the Knights Templar, to the torch or he may have changed because of his love for a woman. Did this fallen angel try to redeem himself or was his rebellion against Satan a ruse. Whatever the case may be, his story begins before death was ever known and leads down a doomed path where his destiny is intricately interwoven with a relic of Satan’s design.
    Life and death, Heaven or Hell—what is the truth? If an answer could be found in a story, there would be no beginning to such a tale as there could be no end. Nevertheless, many have tried to tell it. Know this and be forewarned: chronicles from the damned are a tragedy, telling lies meant to deceive the race of men to join an unholy alliance, sharing with Satan an antipathy toward God.

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01 October 2022

Photography Blogs Photography Blogs
  • Rembrandt Lighting: A Portrait Photography Guide
    01 October 2022

    The post Rembrandt Lighting: A Portrait Photography Guide appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Kevin Landwer-Johan.

    Rembrandt lighting uses a single light source to create dark, moody portraits. Photographers love the Rembrandt style because it evokes more emotion than flatter lighting patterns. It’s also relatively simple to implement, especially when you have some control over your light source.

    But capturing perfect Rembrandt lighting does take some inside knowledge, so in this article, I’ll give you a step-by-step breakdown of my approach. I’ll also cover:

    • When Rembrandt lighting is a good option for portrait photography
    • How to get started with Rembrandt lighting
    • Rembrandt lighting versus other lighting patterns and styles
    • Advanced tips and techniques for Rembrandt lighting

    Let’s dive right in.

    What is Rembrandt lighting?

    Rembrandt lighting uses a single light source to illuminate a portrait subject; its most important characteristic is the shadowy face and the triangle of light that appears on one cheek.

    Note that Rembrandt lighting is all about light position. If the light is positioned incorrectly, the triangle of light won’t appear, and you won’t have Rembrandt lighting. Ideally, the small patch of light will be about the same width as the subject’s eye and spread partway down the cheek. (The other side of the subject’s face should be fully illuminated.)

    You can use this lighting pattern with both ambient light and added light. But it’s essential that you control the position of your subject in relation to the light. Therefore, shooting with movable lighting, whether strobe or continuous, is easier than using ambient light. 

    When should you use Rembrandt lighting?

    Rembrandt lighting is a great way to add some drama to a portrait photograph. With a single light source – positioned off to the side of the subject – you can create dark, moody shadows. The pattern can evoke plenty of different emotions when used skillfully.

    Shadows create tension in relation to highlights. When a person’s face is partially obscured in shadow, the viewer experiences a sense of mystery and a moody atmosphere. The balance between light and dark also helps draw the viewer’s eye around the image. They’re more likely to linger (compared to a more evenly lit portrait).

    This classic technique was named after the famous 17th-century Dutch artist, Rembrandt, who used the lighting approach in many of his portrait paintings. And it remains popular because it is so timeless. Other lighting styles rise and fall, but Rembrandt lighting never seems to go out of fashion. 

    It’s also very simple and practically anyone can do it, so it’s a great choice for beginners looking to get into studio portrait photography. While you can shoot Rembrandt portraits with multiple light sources, you only need one to start. Therefore, you can set your exposure based on a single light source, then you can forget about it while you’re taking your photos. 

    Because almost half of the subject’s face is hidden in shadow when you use Rembrandt lighting, it can have a slimming effect; this can be good for certain types of fashion portraits, as well. The darker side of the face may even blend into the background (depending on the contrast levels and how you set your exposure).

    Getting started with Rembrandt lighting: step by step

    The easiest way to create Rembrandt lighting is with artificial lighting such as an LED panel or a studio strobe. Let me explain how to set this up:

    Step 1: Choose a suitable location

    Set up in a location with limited ambient light. You want to be able to see, of course, but the lower the light levels, the less you’ll be stuck with extra light messing up your Rembrandt effect.

    Step 2: Carefully position your subject

    Make sure your subject is standing or sitting a decent distance from the background. The closer the subject gets, the more challenging it becomes to keep the background completely black (because light will spill from the main source).

    A black background isn’t a Rembrandt-light requirement, but it generally looks good, especially if you’re after an ultra-moody effect.

    Step 3: Carefully position your light

    Place your light so it’s off to one side and slightly above your subject. If you’re using a continuous light, turn it on, check the light and shadow on your subject’s face, then move the light around until you see a triangle of light on the cheek that’s facing away from the source. Note that you can make the triangle larger or smaller by moving the light to the left or the right; feel free to experiment until you get a result you like.

    If you’re using a fixed light source such as a window, you can always ask your subject to move, but this is less ideal and can be more frustrating.

    Really, I recommend you do this with a continuous light, as it’s much easier to evaluate the shadows in real-time. But if you’re using strobes, check to see if they include modeling lights; these “preview” lights let you check the shadow effect as you go along.

    Finally, if you’re working with a speedlight, you’ll need to position the light, take a test photo, review the image for the triangle of light, reposition the speedlight accordingly, and so on. This can be done, but it’ll take longer and require a lot more messing around (during which time your subject may become uncomfortable or bored).

    Rembrandt lighting vs other lighting styles

    Rembrandt lighting is a good way to produce a moody look, and because it only needs one light, it’s quick to set up. It’s therefore a great style to try when you’re working with someone who is more uncomfortable in front of the camera.

    But if you need a less contrasty or less emotional portrait, you should position your lights differently. If you’re only working with one light, you can bring it out a bit more in front of your subject, which will lessen the shadows and soften the mood. (This is often called loop lighting.) And if you bring the light out so it’s directly in front of your camera – but still above the subject’s head – you can create a pattern known as butterfly lighting.

    You might also consider bringing in a second light. Fill light on the shadowy side of your subject will lessen the drama (while potentially preserving the Rembrandt effect). But you can also use the second light to illuminate the background or to add fill light under your subject’s chin (when combined with the butterfly lighting pattern I mentioned above, this will create a clamshell lighting effect).

    Advanced tips and techniques for Rembrandt lighting in photography

    It’s essential that you remain in control of your lighting, but you shouldn’t become so obsessed with managing light and shadow that you neglect your subject. Problems can arise when you’re fussing over the strobe position as your subject waits for you. In fact, this can completely ruin a portrait, no matter how incredible your lighting turns out.

    Be prepared. Carefully set up your light and do an exposure reading. Set your camera’s exposure using Manual mode so you know exactly what’s going to happen at all times. I prefer to do this part even before my subject arrives and is seated for the portrait. That way, once they do arrive, I can give them my full attention.

    If you’re working with ambient light, you’ll need to communicate more carefully with your subject. Explain the look you’re after. It’ll help them better understand why you then give such detailed instructions on how to move and sit. 

    Remember, for the most effective Rembrandt lighting, it’s best to keep your subject away from the background. The closer your subject is to the background or to other elements in your portrait composition, the more difficult it is to manage the light. When light spills onto backdrops or other objects, you’ll start to lose control over the scene.

    Post-processing plays an important role in Rembrandt lighting, too. Modern digital cameras can capture a broad range of tones, so you must edit your portraits if you want a moody effect. This often involves darkening the shadow areas and boosting the contrast levels, though I encourage you to test out different edits and see what you come up with.

    Rembrandt lighting: final words

    Rembrandt lighting is a great technique that’ll help you create wonderful portraits. That little triangle on the cheek plus dark shadow areas certainly make for compelling photos!

    As with any photographic technique, Rembrandt lighting can be mastered with practice. So take your time. If you can, use a continuous light to preview the effect as you work.

    Most importantly, don’t fixate on getting the Rembrandt lighting technique perfect if it means other aspects of your portraits suffer. For instance, you don’t need to catch that clear triangle of light if your subject laughs and turns their head slightly. Aim to capture the moment and the mood, instead.

    Will you use Rembrandt lighting in your portraits? When do you plan to try it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

    The post Rembrandt Lighting: A Portrait Photography Guide appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Kevin Landwer-Johan.

  • The Mushroom Rock
    01 October 2022

    The post The Mushroom Rock appeared first on Momentary Awe.

  • Thinking of Pakistan
    01 October 2022

    The post Thinking of Pakistan appeared first on Momentary Awe.

  • Viru Bog #1
    01 October 2022

    The post Viru Bog #1 appeared first on Momentary Awe.

  • In the forest
    01 October 2022

    The post In the forest appeared first on Momentary Awe.

  • Fifteen (15!) years of blogging
    01 October 2022

    The post Fifteen (15!) years of blogging appeared first on Momentary Awe.

  • Dragon’s Blood Tree
    01 October 2022

    The post Dragon’s Blood Tree appeared first on Momentary Awe.

  • PBY-5A Catalina
    01 October 2022

    The post PBY-5A Catalina appeared first on Momentary Awe.

  • Pool with a view
    01 October 2022

    The post Pool with a view appeared first on Momentary Awe.

  • Documenting a Nation in Mourning
    01 October 2022

    Queen Elizabeth’s passing has received quite a bit of coverage here in the United States. Millions of people turned out not only in London but all over the UK and the globe for various services held in her honor. The coverage has shown the sincere outpouring of respect and affection that the people of her country have for her, but there is a noticeable emphasis on the scale and spectacle of the event.

    [ Read More ]
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