fWhat is the Secret Key (or One Time Password)  Field on the Login Form?

  1.  The secret key field is not a requirement for login, unless you have completed your registration, and have decided to take up the 3rd party authentication with Google Authenticator.
  2. You can create an account and elect not to take up 3rd party authentication if you wish, and in this case you can completely disregard this field, and simply log in with your username and password.
  3. The purpose of 3rd party authentication, is to provide additional security to your account by the use of an app called "Auhenticator", which may be downloaded on to your android or iphone device eg. via the Google Play store.
  4. If you set up authenticator, you will need to login with your U, password, and the passcode generated by the app, at the time of login.
  5. Be aware that the "Authenticator" app rolls over the passcodes every few seconds, so it is best to wait for a new passcode to appear, then enter it into the secret key field (ie. if it has been active for a few seconds prior to you entering it, it may elapse before the login process is complete).
  6. If you choose to use "Authenticator", you will need to enter a code each time you log in.
  7. You may switch off 3rd party authentication at any time, in the profile-edit form (ie. choose Users Menu > Profile Edit.
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