Help - How Can I Use The QR Code On The Bottom Of My Profile Page

  1.  If you wish to use the QR Code supplied for you on the bottom of your profile page (bottom right corner), you will need to FIRST LOG OUT OF YOUR PROFILE, AND VISIT YOUR PROFILE PAGE AS A VISITOR.
  2.  In order to find your profile quickly, go to any page on the website, and type your profile name in the search box either 1) in the 

    Extended Search  box on the left side of the page (quickest), or 2) by selecting "Search" from the menu  via ">" and then selecting "Search People or Business (buzzmyid search)".

  3. Once you have navigated to your profile page, scroll down to locate the QR Code on the bottom right hand side of your profile page. Once located, right click and "save image as", then save the image to your chosen location on your computer or phone. You will then be able to copy this image and paste it on to your chosen location. It may be a website, your resume, or even on to a business card.
  4. To read the QR code, use a QR code reader on your phone to scan the image. Free QR code readers are downloadable from 'The Platstore'.  The QR codes can also be read directly from  a phone, by touching the image, and then choosing "Search With Google Lens".


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