Uploading Portrait or Canvas Image to Profile

  1.  The easiest way to upload an image to your profile is to login with either Google or Linkedin etc, as when you do so, your image from the other site will automatically come accros to buzzmyid. The benefit of this is that is is quik and easy, however if you wish to have a different image here, than on other sites, you would need to do the manual upload.
  2.  If you wish to upload an image you will need to ensure that the file is not too large.
  3. Log in to your profile and from the side menu select "User's Menu" > "Edit my User Profile".
  4. Choose either the "Canvas" or "Profile" tab.
  5. Choose Upload new image > Select the image you wish to upload > Upload Image.
  6. If you find that the image is cropped in a way which alters the overall appearance of the image, crop the image yourself, and then re-upload it to your profile.


Cropping Image using Windows 10

  1. If you are using Windows 10, the easiest way to crop an image is to double click the image you wish to upload.
  2. click in the white section to the right of the image, then select "Edit & Create".
  3. Select "edit".
  4. Select "Crop & Rotate".
  5. Crop a section from the bottom of the image, and then save with a different name.
  6. Try uploading the image to check it's appearance.
  7. If the image is still not right, repeat the procedure (by cropping as required - top, sides or bottom).
  8. Re-save with different filename, then re-upload.
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