For Issues with Logging in - if you are sure that your username and  password are correct

  1.  It may be that you are already logged in, but you might havve closed the browser and caused the session to 'seize'.
  2. To check your session status, go to the home-page (you can easily do this by clicking the '' banner in the top black part of the page), then  from the search types, choose "buzzmyid search' then enter your username.
  3. The search result should show your username and avatar.
  4. If the avatar result shows that your are 'online', the session is locked and you will need to leave the session inactive for 30 mins and then try again after closing your browser and re-opening it.
  5. If the avatar result shows that your are 'offline', this would suggest that either your username or password are incorrect, and need to be reset.
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