Help- I Can't Login Using The Login Form With The Social Login Buttons

  1. If you have registered with us without using your social network link, you may find issues logging in using the login form with the social network icons (black button under "".
  2. If you are unable to login using the login form with the black button, you may login using the alternate login form in the users menu.
  3. On the top left hand side of the screen click on the ">" and then select "User's Menu" to find the login form.
  4. If you set up authenticator, you will need to login with your U, password, and the passcode generated by the app, at the time of login.
  5. Be aware that the "Authenticator" app rolls over the passcodes every few seconds, so it is best to wait for a new passcode to appear, then enter it into the secret key field (ie. if it has been active for a few seconds prior to you entering it, it may elapse before the login process is complete).
  6. If you choose to use "Authenticator", you will need to enter a code each time you log in.
  7. You may switch off 3rd party authentication at any time, in the profile-edit form (ie. choose Users Menu > Profile Edit.
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