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  1. On the right hand side at the search selector, choose which type of search to carry out.
  2. Fill out the Search criteria box eg. with the username of the person you wish to search for.
  3. Press the "Find Users" button. 
  4. If the search wias successful in finding people with the username you searched for, the results will appear under the "Search Results".
  5. If one or more members are found, you may then view their profile by clicking on either the 1) Image or 2) Name / username.
  6. Other searches are carried out in the same way.
  7. When carrying our searches, part names do not result in successful results. You need to enter the full username to get success in the search, ie. a search for the username "testname" requires the full name "testname" in the search criteria for success. If you type "test" or "name" this is not sufficient for successful retrieval of the username "testname".





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