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26 May 2022

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  • White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse
    25 May 2022

    We still can’t get over how delicious our Mocha Mousse recipe was from a few weeks ago so we knew we had to make it again. But this time we tried a new flavour combo…white chocolate raspberry and it is INCREDIBLE!! This flavour is for all of you out there who have a serious sweet tooth. If you didn't see our Mocha Mousse recipe, you may be surprised to find out that this mousse gets its incredibly creamy and rich texture from TOFU. Thats right, TOFU! So if you have been looking for a high protein dessert recipe then look no further.


    • 1 block soft/silken tofu
    • ½ cup frozen or fresh raspberries
    • 1-2 tbsp maple syrup or honey
    • ½ cup white chocolate chips


    1. Add your chocolate chips to a microwave-safe bowl and microwave in 30 seconds intervals, stirring in between, until melted. Let the melted chocolate cool.
    2. To a food processor or blender, add the tofu, raspberries and maple syrup and blend until smooth.
    3. Add the melted chocolate and blend again until fully combined.
    4. If you have the patience, place in the fridge for an hour to chill or just devour on the spot like we did.
    5. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.


  • 6 Healthy Hacks for Summer Travel
    25 May 2022

    Summer is fast approaching and that means you might be planning some summer travel. Traveling is usually a blast, but it can also become stressful if you aren’t prepared. You want to feel your best when traveling, which is why in today's post I’m sharing 6 summer travel tips to help you stay healthy - no matter where you are going!

    How to Stay Healthy While Traveling 

    Stay Hydrated. Dehydration is a main reason so many people can feel “off” and sluggish while traveling. If you are on an airplane the cabins often have very low humidity levels which can increase the risk for dehydration. The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) recommends drinking about 8 oz of water per hour while on a plane. You can bring your own reusable water bottle and fill it up at a coffee shop to save money too. Once you get to your destination, hydration is still key! Start every morning with a glass of water and be sure to drink water in between alcoholic beverages if you’re indulging in those.

    Make Movement Fun. If possible, try to prioritize daily movement. This doesn’t mean a 60 minute long gym session either! Plan fun activities like hiking, walks on the beach or even kayaking. Ideally, 30 minutes of movement a day is recommended. 

    Shift Your Sleep Schedule. Aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep while traveling is ideal. Think about this when planning activities on your first day of vacation. You may want to take it easy the first day to give your body the rest it needs. Another thing to consider if you’re switching time zones is to shift your bedtime a few days leading up to the trip to match the waking time of your destination. 

    Research Restaurants. You won’t have total control over all the food on vacation, and that's okay! You should enjoy yourself and explore new cuisine. However, to help you feel your best, take a look at the menu beforehand and see if there are any balanced choices you can make. For example, balanced meals with lean protein, high fiber starch and some fresh produce are excellent go-to options.

    Add in High Quality Supplements. It can be difficult to meet nutrient needs while traveling and this is where supplements can come into play. I recommend a high quality multivitamin, vitamin C for immunity and probiotics for digestion/gut health. Be sure to speak with your doctor and choose a high quality and thoroughly tested product like those from Pure Synergy

    Snack Smart. Snacking is key to keeping your energy up and reducing “hanger”. When traveling, there may be long gaps in between meals and this is where smart snacking can help. If possible, bring your own healthy snacks with you to save money and provide a boost of nutrients. Some of my top portable snacks are turkey jerky, dried fruit, trail mix and my favorite of all - Zing Bars. These bars are filled with 10+ grams of plant protein, healthy fats and taste delicious. You can easily throw them in your bag for a busy travel or adventure day. 
    If you want to try these bars head to their website here and use NOMADISTA20 for a discount!

    There are lots of ways to prioritize your health while traveling and the more intentional you are about it, the better you’ll feel. Comment below where you’re traveling to this summer and which of these tips you’ll use!

  • Ep. #911: Brad Stulberg on Beating Burnout and Finding Balance with Groundedness
    25 May 2022

    Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Spotify | Listen on Youtube

    Have you ever tried to make a big change in your life, and instead of easing into it and slowly building up the necessary behaviors and habits, you dove headfirst towards the goal and went all-out? This is common and it often leads to disaster.

    Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having big goals, wanting to do things “right,” or giving something your best effort. However, trying to outperform and constantly chasing end goals is a recipe for burnout and never really feeling fulfilled.

    So, how do we find balance?

    Well, in this interview, I’m chatting with Brad Stulberg about a different approach—one he calls “groundedness” and which he has written about in his newest book, The Practice of Groundedness. Brad explains this concept in-depth in the interview, but “groundedness” is a way to harness your motivation and energy and help you become more process-oriented instead of end-goal driven, which can lead to improved well-being and outcomes.

    In case you’re not familiar with Brad, he’s a researcher, writer, and coach on well-being and what it takes to succeed. As an author, he’s been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, Outside Magazine, Forbes, and more. He helps executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes work on their mental game, improve their overall well-being, and achieve excellence. 

    He’s also the coauthor of Peak Performance, a book I did a Book Club episode on in 2017.  

    In our chat, Brad and I talk about . . .

    • How to create an “internal dashboard” so you can stop chasing end results and outcomes
    • How to discover and define your core values so you can enjoy the process more
    • The role your environment plays in helping or hurting your groundedness practice
    • Role-modeling behavior to loved ones rather than trying to convince others to change a behavior with you
    • The power of acceptance and why it matters for lasting change
    • Why patience actually gets you to your goals faster
    • How to foster community and why it’s important for success
    • And more . . .

    So if you want to build confidence, find more balance in your life, be happier, avoid burnout, and learn how to realize excellence and more sustainable success, you’re going to love this podcast!


    0:00 – New Pulse flavor Strawberry Margarita is out now! Try Pulse risk-free today! Go to and use coupon code MUSCLE to save 20% or get double reward points!

    5:22 – What is your most recent book?

    5:39 – What is “groundedness”?

    6:31 – Is the idea to tie it into some sense of purpose?

    12:21 – What are your thoughts on finding core values? How did you figure out those things for yourself? 

    15:10 – What are some of the common barriers to groundedness?

    19:41  – Do you have any advice on dealing with relationships that don’t support your core values?

    23:38 – Why do you believe in no cell phones in the bedroom? 

    28:16 – How can people be more accepting of their own faults and problems?

    44:17 – What does a positive community look like and how have you created that in your life?

    55:07 – Where can people find you and your work?

    Mentioned on the Show:

    New Pulse flavor Strawberry Margarita is out now! Try Pulse risk-free today! Go to and use coupon code MUSCLE to save 20% or get double reward points!

    The Practice of Groundedness

    Brad’s website

    Brad’s Twitter

    What did you think of this episode? Have anything else to share? Let me know in the comments below!

    The post Ep. #911: Brad Stulberg on Beating Burnout and Finding Balance with Groundedness appeared first on Legion Athletics.

  • How to improve your gut health—without expensive supplements
    25 May 2022

    Reviewed by Gabrielle Fundaro, PhD, CISSN, CHC

    “I can’t go out tonight, I’m… busy.”

    If you struggle with gut health problems, you know this line is often code for one—or all—of the following:

    “I have to stay close to the bathroom.”

    “I can’t wear real pants right now.”

    “My farts might kill you.”

    Digestive symptoms like gas, bloating, indigestion, and toilet troubles are common—and can be extremely disruptive (and not just to your social life).

    But if you’re frequently plagued by these issues, all you really want to know is:

    What will actually help my belly feel better??!

    A lot, actually.

    In the following story, you’ll discover:

    • How stress, exercise, and many other factors affect your gut health and microbiome
    • How to restore gut health after taking antibiotics
    • Whether you’re the kind of person who could benefit from extra fiber
    • If fermented foods live up to their hype
    • Which supplements might help symptoms like constipation, heartburn, and more, according to research

    Most important, you’ll find five evidence-based, cost-effective ways to improve gut and microbiome health overall.

    First, what the heck is the microbiome?

    This community of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and and their genetic material) lives on your skin, in your mouth, in your lungs, and throughout your digestive tract.

    Researchers estimate that between 10–100 trillion microorganisms live in your GI tract alone.

    Which means: Your body is basically a human-shaped pile of bacteria.

    Your microbiome is as unique as your fingerprint.

    The amount and proportions (aka. diversity) of bacteria and fungi will also change throughout your life, depending on a variety of influences, as the image below shows.

    Many of these critters are like barnacles on a whale. They hitch along for the ride at no cost to you.

    Many others are beneficial, helping to keep your skin, gums, and GI tract healthy. These friendly gut bacteria help:

    • Produce small amounts of nutrients, like vitamins B and K
    • Ferment fiber and resistant starch which create short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that help regulate your immune system, appetite, and stress response1 2
    • Keep the system moving (a.k.a. pooping regularly) by bulking up stool and increasing gut motility
    • Regulate inflammation and the immune system

    Though there’s still a lot researchers don’t know about the microbiome, they do know this:

    Your gut bacteria play a major role in your health and wellbeing.

    With that in mind, here are five practical, science-based strategies to support these beneficial, hard-working little friends—and in turn, promote good digestive function, and overall health.

    How to support gut health

    These strategies can help you improve bacterial diversity and digestive function, as well as reduce the risk of disease.

    1. Chew your food.

    When you slowly and thoroughly chew food, you break your meal down into smaller, more digestible bits. The smaller pieces also increase the amount of surface area for digestive enzymes to work on and aid chemical digestion.

    On the other hand, when you eat quickly, you tend to gulp down big chunks of food—and likely lots of air—which can lead to indigestion and bloating. Plus, those enzymes have a harder time digesting larger pieces of food.

    If possible, give yourself a little extra time at meals.

    Pay attention to your food (at least intermittently), pause to breathe every once in a while, and put your teeth to work, aiming for the texture of applesauce before each gulp.

    2. Include many different types of minimally-processed plant-based foods.

    Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, starchy tubers, beans, and other minimally-processed plant foods do two handy things for your gut:

    1. They feed gut bacteria. When bacteria chows down on fiber, it multiplies and contributes to short-chain fatty acid production as well as bacterial diversity.
    2. They provide bacteria with helpful phytochemicals (like polyphenols) that can be transformed into antioxidant and antiinflammatory compounds.3 4

    (Want help choosing minimally-processed foods? Check out: ‘What should I eat?!’ Our 3-step guide for choosing the best foods for your body)

    Meanwhile, if you eat mostly highly-processed foods (and not a lot of minimally-processed foods) the diversity and activity of your microbiome reduces.5

    In rat studies, this has been shown to skew the overall environment toward bacteria that may increase inflammation and disease risk, hunger and appetite, and vulnerability to the effects of stress, like mood or hormonal imbalances.6

    (To be clear, we’re not suggesting you cut processed foods out altogether. In the context of a healthy diet, indulging might actually be good for you. See: How to eat junk food: A guide for conflicted humans.)

    Are fermented foods good for the gut?

    Kombucha. Natto. Sauerkraut. Kimchi. Yogurt.

    About a decade ago, food and beverage products with “live bacterial cultures”—and claims to improve digestion—exploded onto the market.

    (Of course, many of these foods have existed for centuries as food staples in certain cultures. As many Eastern Europeans will tell you: “Kvass is old news!”)

    But do they work?

    We’ll cut to the chase:

    Only fermented dairy (specifically, kefir) is supported by high-quality evidence. Even then, its benefits seem to apply more to cardiometabolic health than to digestive health.7

    A recent study that’s gotten a lot of buzz implies that a range of other fermented foods may increase microbiome diversity, but more research is needed to determine whether this is due to the ferments themselves or simply the inclusion of new minimally-processed foods.

    So, while lacto-fermented veggies and sourdough are delicious and can contribute to a varied, nutrient-dense diet, there’s no guarantee (and no indisputable evidence, to date) they’ll improve your digestion or elimination.

    3. Add a fiber supplement. (Maybe.)

    This might come as a shock:

    Not everyone benefits from more fiber.

    [Flings cardboard-like high-fiber cereal into the fire]

    If you consume a diet rich in minimally-processed foods, your diet is already naturally rich in fiber. And adding even more of the stuff may not move the digestive needle much, if at all.

    On top of that, some people are sensitive to compounds called FODMAPs—which stands for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols—found in specific fiber-rich foods. When they eat these foods, they’ll experience gas, bloating, and loose stools.

    The above caveats aside, there are a few scenarios where a fiber supplement can be a good idea:

    You struggle to eat minimally-processed foods.

    This might be because you can’t readily access them, or because you can’t tolerate the taste.

    Consider supplementing with a mix of soluble and insoluble fiber. Also, experiment with adding whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes for more fiber and an overall nutrition boost.

    You eat mostly minimally-processed foods, but you avoid carbs.

    In other words, you mostly eat non-starchy vegetables, animal proteins, and healthy fats.

    If your gut functions well, you likely don’t need to make any changes.

    However, if your poops are infrequent, hard to pass, or very small, consider adding more soluble fiber, either through foods like beans, lentils, oats, or sweet potatoes (if you’re willing to alter your macro split), or through a supplement like psyllium powder.

    (For TMI on exactly what an ideal poop should look like, check out: Are your eating and lifestyle habits REALLY working? Just ask your poo)

    Despite eating a full range of minimally-processed foods, you still struggle with constipation.

    Although psyllium (a soluble fiber) might help with constipation, it can actually worsen other problems like diarrhea, gas, and bloating. Before adding it, talk to your doctor or healthcare practitioner to rule out food allergies, intolerances, or other causes of digestive distress.

    (An elimination diet can be a great way to assess if you’re reacting negatively to certain foods. Here’s a primer to get you started: Elimination diets: How and why to do them.)

    Crash course: Soluble vs. Insoluble Fiber

    If you’re interested in changing your fiber intake (maybe because you’ve heard it might help a digestive issue) it can help to know the difference between the two types of fiber.

    Soluble fiber absorbs water. This creates a gel that softens stool. Soluble fiber also feeds beneficial gut bacteria.8

    Foods like whole grains, beans, legumes, and psyllium are rich in soluble fiber.

    Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water. It adds bulk or weight to stool, making it easier and often faster to pass. Because it helps improve bathroom regularity, insoluble fiber reduces the risk of GI symptoms9 and bowel diseases.10

    Many non-starchy vegetables and wheat bran are good sources of insoluble fiber.

    Note: If you’re currently eating a very low fiber diet and start incorporating more fiber—either through whole foods or supplements—sometimes there’s an adjustment period.

    For a couple of weeks, you might notice extra gurgling, gas, and maybe changes in bowel activity. If it becomes too uncomfortable, scale back for a period of time. Reintroduce more moderately when you’re ready.

    Eventually, most people adjust and find their appetite, digestion, and overall health greatly benefit from adequate fiber.

    4. If you have to take antibiotics, add some good bacteria back in.

    Antibiotics can be life-saving. And at some point, almost all of us will have to take them.

    (Note: Only a doctor can decide when antibiotics are—or aren’t—appropriate.)

    However, antibiotics are associated with less microbial diversity in the gut, as well as an increase of “bad” bacteria (think: C. difficile, Salmonella, and antibiotic-resistant Enterococcus).11

    In healthy people, gut bacteria levels recover pretty well—but not perfectly—after taking antibiotics.

    In one study, people recovered to close to their pre-antibiotic baseline within six weeks, but were still missing several strains of bacteria that had been present before the antibiotics six months later.12

    In some cases, probiotics—supplemental beneficial bacteria—can help.

    Especially in the case of antibiotic-associated diarrhea, supplements containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and Saccharomyces boulardii seem to work well to prevent symptoms.13

    Just bear in mind not everyone responds to specific probiotics in the same way.

    Individual response depends on the bacteria you already have in your gut, plus whether the supplemental bacteria takes up residence in your GI tract or just passes through.

    (To find out when probiotics are most useful, read: Do probiotics really work?)

    5. Move.

    Physical activity and cardiovascular fitness are associated with more microbial diversity and more short-chain fatty acids.14 15 16

    (Recall: SCFAs do lots of good things for the body, from better immunity, to better tolerance to stress.)

    Additionally, when you engage in mild-moderate exercise, you stimulate the parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) nervous system.

    Not only does this have an overall relaxing effect on the body and mind, but it also encourages movement (peristalsis) in the digestive tract, aiding both digestion and elimination.

    (In case you’re curious, pooping well-formed, easy-to-pass stools anywhere from three times a day to every other day is a sign of good elimination.)

    Extra credit: Supplements that can help with indigestion, gas, and pooping.

    Unfortunately, uncomfortable digestive symptoms sometimes still happen to people who do everything suggested in this article.

    If you have mild indigestion, gas, or pooping problems—and can’t find any obvious culprits (or solutions)—supplements might be the extra nudge to get digestion and elimination back on track.

    Here’s a list of common symptoms, and the supplements that can help:

    Symptom Evidence-based supplement
    Excessive gas / bloating Specific digestive enzymes17 18
    Select enzymes can help if you get symptoms after eating certain foods, such as alpha-galactosidase for beans and legumes, or lactase for dairy.
    Enteric-coated peppermint oil19
    While peppermint oil can reduce pain, gas, and bloating, it can actually make acid reflux worse, if that’s a symptom you already experience.
    Heartburn Ginger, tea or capsules20 21 22
    Ginger also helps with nausea.
    Constipation Magnesium citrate23 24
    Magnesium is safe for long-term use, unlike most laxatives, which are habit-forming and aren’t good solutions for chronic constipation.
    Diarrhea Electrolytes & fluids25
    Usually a sign of an acute infection, diarrhea is the body’s way of clearing out unwanted pathogens. For that reason, it’s often best to let it run its course. To reduce dehydration associated with diarrhea, hydrate with water, sports drinks, or over-the-counter rehydration solutions.

    If any of the above symptoms are severe or persist for more than a few days, contact your doctor.

    For most people, the basics can really help.

    You might be tempted to skip the above advice with a harrumphing:

    “Blah blah blah, I KNOW this already! Isn’t there some more innovative, cutting edge protocol I can try??”

    (Well, maybe. You could look into fecal transplantation. We’ll wait here while you decide that actually, you’ll try the basic diet and lifestyle changes after all.)

    As many of our coaches and clients have experienced:

    The challenge isn’t knowing what to do. It’s actually doing it, consistently.

    Our advice?

    Lean into consistency rather than novelty.

    As in, “How can I slow down a little more at meals, or be a little more intentional about my veggie consumption” instead of “What’s the next trendy substance or protocol that promises to supercharge my microbiome?”

    And if you need some motivation:

    Changes in microbiome profiles can happen even within 24 hours of switching up your diet.26

    So, wherever you’re starting from, when you add some basic practices, your gut bacteria may benefit within a short period of time.

    (Nearly) instant gratification!


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  • 15 Healthy Road Trip Snacks
    25 May 2022
    Heading out of town and preparing your family for a few hours on the road together? Be sure to pack one or more of these healthy road trip snacks!  It’s that time of year again… well, pretty much SNACKS in the Serbinski house require no time or destination requirement… but really, Memorial Day through Labor […]
  • 5 Popular Mushrooms in Asian Cooking (And Their Uses)
    25 May 2022
    Are you confused when it comes to cooking various types of mushrooms?

    Mushrooms are plentiful, they are everywhere and have been crowned with new titles of “superfoods” and “functional foods” lately. They are perceived to deliver all sorts of health benefits, including the boosting of immunity.

    As a dietitian, I am most interested in everything mushroom. The benefits are amazing and I personally consume mushrooms for both their taste and health benefits. As a matter of fact, I was interviewed for an article written by Renée S. Suen and titled “Why Are There Suddenly Mushrooms In Everything?” for Chatelaine magazine last year. You can read the article at the following link: Why Are There Suddenly Mushrooms In Everything

    Instead of consuming mushrooms as an expensive oral supplement, I love cooking with mushrooms and include them in everyday preparations of soups, stews, and stir fry dishes and for hotpot.

    To learn about different types of mushrooms, their nutritional values and how to cook mushrooms, please read on. We have also featured a delicious and nutritious Asian-inspired Braised Chicken with Shiitake Mushrooms and Mountain Yam Recipe, developed by “Cooking with 3C!”

    Types of mushrooms

    ‍‍Shiitake mushrooms usually come dried and appear cracked. Deeper fissures and whole mushrooms with larger caps tend to have more flavour so look for those when you’re shopping. Try using them in curries, soups, or sauté them along with other vegetables!

    ‍‍Wood ear fungus also known as cloud ear mushrooms are black, thin, wrinkled mushrooms with a soft and smooth texture. They are a high source of fibre and contain many antioxidants, iron, protein, and vitamins B1 and B2.

    ‍‍Enoki mushrooms are long, skinny, white, and bunched together. They typically have a soft, chewy texture and are a highly versatile ingredient for cooking.

    ‍‍Oyster mushrooms are large, fan-shaped mushrooms with white flesh and a grey, brown exterior. They have a meaty texture when compared to other mushrooms but can also be soft textured. Try searching for canned oyster mushrooms when the fresh variety is unavailable.

    ‍‍White button mushrooms are probably what you think of when someone mentions mushrooms, they are stout, round, and white hence the name white button mushroom. Although you can eat them raw, cooking them brings out their full fragrance. Try white button mushrooms sautéed, in salads, or soups!

    Nutritional value of mushrooms and ideas for use!

    Shiitake Mushrooms

    • High in Vitamin B5, manganese, and Niacin
    • Mainly soups, but also curries or vegetable sautés.

    Wood ear fungus Mushrooms

    • May help lower cholesterol and promote gut/immune health
    • Stir fry, salad, or soups

    Enoki Mushrooms

    • High in vitamin B and fiber
    • Soups, but also stir-fried with sauce

    Oyster Mushrooms

    • High in fibre, low in carbs
    • Particularly high in niacin

    Button Mushrooms

    • High in potassium and phosphorus
    • Toast, soup, pasta, and stir fry
    How to cook mushrooms

    Shiitake Mushrooms

    • Deeper fissures and whole mushrooms with larger caps tend to have more flavour
    • Water used to soak shiitake mushrooms has a lot of flavour and can be used as broth for more taste

    Wood Ear Mushrooms

    • Soak dried wood ear mushrooms for 2 hours in cold water then 15-20 minutes in warm water for best preparation
    • When storing dried wood ear, an airtight container placed in a cool dry place is best. Rehydrated wood ear can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

    Enoki Mushrooms

    • Look for enoki mushrooms which are firm and white

    Oyster Mushrooms

    • Slice the bottom stem to separate the mushrooms and begin cooking
    • There are a variety of different oyster mushrooms that can be good for different recipes; for example, king oysters are the largest and have a meaty texture

    White Button Mushrooms

    • Fresh mushrooms only last 3-4 days, try freezing, canning, or drying to extend shelf life without affecting the nutritional value
    • The freshest mushrooms are firm and supple. Avoid slimy, damp, wrinkled, or spongy mushrooms.


    Braised Chicken with Shiitake Mushrooms and Mountain Yam Recipe

    (Recipe developed by Cook with 3C (Dr. Jennifer Gao, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, Chef Jason He, a Chinese Cuisine and Herbal Chef, Amy Yiu, Registered Dietitian)

    Servings: 4

    Preparation time: 45 mins

    Cooking time: 30 mins


    • Chicken (whole, chicken breast or thighs) Half (200g)
    • Dried Shiitake mushrooms 50g
    • Mountain yam (fresh)* 100 g


    • Garlic 3-4 cloves
    • Ginger 1 peeled and sliced (1 inch wide and ¼ inch thick)
    • Shallots 3 pieces
    • Parsley 2 stalks
    • Water ¼ cup
    • Oyster sauce 2 tbsp
    • Low-sodium light soy sauce 1 tbsp


    • Dark soy sauce 1 tsp
    • Cooking wine (Shaoxing wine**)1 tsp
    • Cornstarch 1 tsp
    • Sesame oil ¼ tsp
    • Salt ¼ tsp
    • Sugar ¼ tsp
    1. Pre-soak shiitake mushrooms in room-temperature water (for 45 mins or in the fridge overnight).
    2. Drain and cut shiitake mushrooms in half. Set aside.
    3. Cut garlic and ginger into small pieces. Chop shallots.
    4. Wash and cut chicken (or chicken breast/thighs) into pieces.
    5. Marinate the chicken with light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, and salt.
    6. Blanch fresh mountain yam in boiling water for 1-2 mins.
    7. Heat oil in a pot or frying pan. Add garlic, ginger, shallots, and shiitake mushroom. Stir-fry well until fragrant.
    8. Add chicken and 1 tsp cooking wine (Shaoxing wine). Add ¼ cup of water or chicken broth and cover the pot/pan. Simmer for 10-15 minutes.
    9. Season with oyster sauce, sugar, light soy sauce and dark soy sauce.
    10. Use Cornstarch water*** to thicken the sauce. Season with sesame oil.
    11. Decorate with 2 parsley stalks. Serve and enjoy!

    *Fresh mountain yam can be found in the produce section of Asian supermarkets

    ** Cooking wine (Shaoxing wine) can be found in the dry goods aisles in Asian supermarkets

    *** Mix 1 tsp of cornstarch with 1 to 2 tbsp of water to make cornstarch water

    Part of the content researched and drafted by Matthew Wan of Libra Nutrition. For more Asian inspired or East Meets West recipes and cooking videos, please visit Libra Nutrition Recipes


    There you have it! A simple guide on different types of mushrooms in asian cooking, their uses, nutritional values, how to cook mushrooms and to finish it off, the delicious and nutritious Braised Chicken with Shiitake Mushrooms and Mountain Yam recipe. If you tried the recipe or found this guide useful, please leave a comment below!


    Why Are There Suddenly Mushrooms In Everything

    Libra Nutrition Recipes

    Healthy Chinese Breakfast Ideas

    Black Rice Recipe

    Eating Well With Diabetes: East Asian Diets

    Looking for more information on Asian cuisine or dietitian nutrition counselling?

    Our Calgary dietitian and online nutritionist services do everything we can to help you move towards your personal best weight and a sustainable lifestyle. You won’t find any weird fad diets, unnecessary food restrictions and anyone trying to sell you shakes, supplements or so-called miracle cures here.

    As trained Registered Dietitians, you can count on us for credible advice and practical meal planning so you don’t have to stress about food anymore. You can achieve a healthy and joyous relationship with food and your body. Let’s talk about what this can look like for you.

    Learn more about Healthy Eating Tips, Food Recipes and more:

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  • Pippin Hill Cooking Class
    25 May 2022

    There's a new post on Kath Eats!

    My mother in law and I went to a Pippin Hill cooking class on Cali-style burritos and took a garden tour of the vineyard grounds. Here’s the recap! Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard is one of the best gems in Charlottesville Popular for beautiful weddings, wine lunches, and special events, we love any chance to...

    READ: Pippin Hill Cooking Class

  • Stay Motivated and Inspired
    25 May 2022
    Our custom curated seasonal e-cookbooks are here to help!

    We all need a little kitchen inspiration here and there. Board-certified holistic nutritionist and Healthy Nest founder Robin Hutchinson removes the guesswork and helps you eat with the seasons.

    We are excited to announce a new tool — a seasonal e-cookbook filled with menus, recipes and more to ensure you meet your health and nutrition goals. Healthy Nest Nutrition’s Recipe e-Books are easy, digital downloadable guides.

    Each e-Book Contains:

    • 5 weeks of easy-to-execute menus, associated recipes, grocery lists + relevant info
    • Ideas for: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Sweets
    • A whole food simple grocery list to use for your planning sessions
    • A menu template to assist your planning sessions if you’d like to create your own menus or tweak ours
    • Plant-forward easy-to-make recipes
    • Recipes are all naturally anti-inflammatory containing no gluten or dairy
    • For the omnivore diet but can easily be tweaked for pescatarian or vegetarian
    • Seasonal: A variety of interesting and delicious spring + summer focused food combinations
    • Step-by-step simple recipe and meal instructions. Meal combinations are more throw together in nature vs. time consuming and complex

    These Recipes are the Perfect Answer For:

    • Continuing Healthy Nest programs with a new set of inspired menus + recipes
    • Jumpstarting a lull with fresh ideas for what to eat
    • Adding more recipes to your current arsenal of clean recipe ideas and dialing in personalized nutrition
    • Clear instructions on a whole food, anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle leaning away from the standard American diet
    • A diet that fills your days with lots of color, texture and vitamins and no reliance on processed foods. Just veggies, fruit, proteins (plant + animal) and healthy fats.

    “I KNOW in my heart that food choices are the backbone for staying healthy, strong and sharp. Food decisions are the most important decisions we make all day, everyday. These e-books will inspire your food decisions and make food planning and prep a whole lot easier.” — Robin Hutchinson, Healthy Nest Nutrition Owner

    Get your Healthy Nest Spring/Summer Stay Inspired e-Cookbook! Let’s connect. Schedule a free 20-minute consult with a Healthy Nest holistic nutritionist. It’s a personal puzzle and we’re here to help.

    The post Stay Motivated and Inspired appeared first on Healthy Nest Nutrition.

  • 5 Strategies for Mastering Food Consistency
    25 May 2022
    Create smarter food habits to stay the course.

    Food consistency is SO important. Feeling strong in your own skin and feeling well fueled so that you’re energized, full and satisfied is all about consistently choosing a variety of whole healthful (for you) foods.

    Your specific food goals may change depending on exercise, stress, sleep, etc. Your taste buds may crave different foods. So, the details of consistently choosing healthy food for you may shift, and the need for emphasis may shift (breakfast may need attention, breakfast may be skipped). But, the prioritization of your food life, will not change.

    If you can keep the focus on your food choices, you’ll be eating toward your goals. You’ll be creating food habits and food consistency.


    Here are five strategies that help clients stay the course:

    1. Put meal prep first. Knowing what you’ll eat for the next day or two and having the food on hand is important. Prepping food and having it ready to go is hugely helpful and a time saver going into a busy week. This might mean having breakfast already made. Having lunch planned and in a container ready to grab. Having already bought and planned dinner, so you don’t veer off track and stop for something. Investing in a fridge filled with delicious foods prepped, or at least half prepped, helps you eat what you’ve already bought. If you’ve grocery shopped, you’re at least partly invested in your purchased food, making it the path of least resistance and an easier decision to just eat what you’ve purchased instead of calling Door Dash.
    2. Keep it interesting. Buy seasonally. If you eat the same thing for lunch every day, eventually you’ll get tired and want to pick up something else (which normally is not as nutritious). Mixing up what you’re buying at the store and what you’re making for your meals and snacks, and shifting as the seasons come and go, is a way to ensure you’ll stay interested in the textures, flavors, colors, etc. of your food. Buy what’s placed at the front of the produce section—it’s normally in season and many times on sale—a money, time and boredom saver.
    3. Drink your water. MANY times we mix up hunger with thirst signals. Drink water first and then decide if you’re hungry. If you are, having a combo meal of carbs/fats/proteins ready to go is best.
    4. Keep your blood sugar balanced. That means eat by the clock and eat BEFORE you get hangry. Our bodies are supposed to be fueled throughout the day and waiting too many hours in between is very stressful for you internally, causing carb binging when your body really needs a healthful combination of fats and proteins.
    5. Identify emotional eating. If you’ve just eaten an hour ago, and you’re eating nutrient dense foods, you don’t need to eat again for a few hours. Sometimes timing doesn’t matter…and you just want something sweet or salty. Emotions can cause cravings. ID’ing them may help you to NOT give into the cravings. When this happens, you might turn your attention to doing another activity altogether. I like walking the dog. It gets me out of the house and enjoying the outdoors, which is very grounding. Try getting your mind out of the fridge and enjoying some outdoor stimulus.

    For more info on mastering food consistency inside your personalized nutrition plan, schedule a free 20-minute consult with a Healthy Nest holistic nutritionist. It’s a personal puzzle and we’re here to help.

    The post 5 Strategies for Mastering Food Consistency appeared first on Healthy Nest Nutrition.

  • Spicy Hummus Veggie Tacos
    25 May 2022

    Looking for a quick and easy healthy meal the whole family will love? Then, try out these vegan, gluten-free Spicy Hummus Veggie Tacos! If you’re like me, hummus is a staple in a plant-powered kitchen—you will always find it in my refrigerator. And you can use it for so much more than a simple dip or spread. Hummus can be an ingredient in dishes, such as these delicious tacos. Simply roast seasoned spring veggies—asparagus, peppers, onions—in the oven; spread hummus on crispy tortillas, and then load them up with those roasted veggies and fresh cilantro. 

    This is an easy meal you can get on the table (serve it with a side of my refried beans and cumin rice) in 35 minutes with 10 simple ingredients, or serve it as a fabulous snack or party appetizer. Switch up the veggies along with the seasons—try zucchini in the summer and butternut squash in the fall or winter. While you can use your favorite brand and variety of store bought hummus in this recipe, you can also make up your own easy batch with a can of chickpeas.

    Spicy Hummus Veggie Tacos

    (4 votes, average: 4.75 out of 5)

    4.8 from 4 reviews

    • Author: The Plant-Powered Dietitian
    • Total Time: 35 minutes
    • Yield: 8 servings
    • Diet: Vegan

    Get these easy, healthy, delicious Spicy Hummus Veggie Tacos on the table in 35 minutes for a vegan, gluten-free meal the whole family will love.

    • 1 bunch fresh asparagus, trimmed and sliced into 2 inch pieces
    • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
    • ½ red onion, diced
    • 1 ½ tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
    • 1 lemon, juiced
    • 2 cloves garlic, minced
    • 1 teaspoon cumin
    • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
    • Sea salt (as desired)
    • 8 (6-inch) corn tortillas
    • 1 (10-ounce) tub prepared spicy hummus (or make homemade hummus here)
    • ¼ cup fresh cilantro, chopped
    1. Preheat oven to 400 F.
    2. Place asparagus, bell pepper, and onion on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice. Sprinkle with garlic, cumin, smoked paprika, and sea salt (as desired). Mix ingredients together with a spoon to distribute well.
    3. Place vegetables on the top rack of the oven and roast for about 25 minutes, until crisp-tender and starting to brown. Remove from the oven.
    4. Five minutes before the vegetables are done, place corn tortillas on a baking sheet in the oven on the middle rack. Heat just for a few minutes, until soft and beginning to brown along the edges. Remove from oven.
    5. Assemble tacos by spreading each tortilla with 2 ½ tablespoons of the hummus, and 1/8th of the vegetable mixture. Garnish with cilantro.
    • Prep Time: 10 minutes
    • Cook Time: 25 minutes
    • Category: Entree
    • Cuisine: American
    • Serving Size: 1 taco each
    • Calories: 233
    • Sugar: 2 g
    • Sodium: 256 mg
    • Fat: 10 g
    • Saturated Fat: 3 g
    • Carbohydrates: 27 g
    • Fiber: 3 g
    • Protein: 6 g

    Keywords: hummus, tacos, gluten-free tacos, vegan tacos

    Did you make this recipe?

    Tag @sharonpalmerrd on Instagram

    For more plant-powered tacos, check out some of my favorites:

    Tofu Mushroom Tacos
    Easy Vegan Tacos with Refried Beans and Corn Salsa
    Spicy Lentil Tacos
    Easy Cauliflower Chickpea Tacos

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Blogs Just Released - Health


Health Blogs

26 May 2022

Health Blogs Health Blogs
  • Be Inquisitive: Learn How To Ask The Right Questions
    26 May 2022

    No one can know everything. In fact, too many people pretend to know information when they don’t even have a clue. 

    Then, there are those who are inquisitive. While some may believe these people are prying, they are often simply asking questions because they don’t know the answers.

    When you learn how to ask the right questions, you will no longer be in the dark. 

    This helps you not only learn, but it helps when connecting with people as well. When you are interested in others by asking them questions about themselves, they will appreciate the fact at you have taken an interest in them.

    Show Them You Are Genuine

    Some people ask questions to pry. These people only listen for the answers they want to hear. They use these answers to manipulate the situation to their benefit. This is not a way to show people you are genuine.

    Conversely, when you are genuine, people will be more than willing to answer your questions. You can use their answers to help them in some way. This will further their appreciation. Of course, you don’t want to ask questions just for the sake of asking. Find reasons to ask and keep it genuine.

    Know What You Want to Learn Before the Conversation

    If you are trying to learn about someone, see if you can determine what information you would like to obtain from them. Perhaps you learned they are from a country you have always been interested in visiting. This can be a great way to start a conversation with them. Ask them what their home country is like and ask about tips when visiting. They may even hook you up with better places to see through their own connections.

    Another example is if you are looking to learn how to do something the other person knows how to do. 

    Don’t just ask them to teach you everything they know about the subject or skill. Try to get some preliminary information and use that as your basis to create questions to ask. The more you are familiar with the subject, the more they will be willing to impart their knowledge. This is not to say they won’t help an absolute beginner. It’s just much easier when you already have some foundation.

    Ask the Right Kinds of Questions

    Formulate questions that make sense for the situation. Don’t just think up random questions that you’ll ask to kill some time. 

    Respect the time of the other person. You risk making them annoyed with you if you blurt out a bunch of general questions. It’s okay to start with a few of these, but make sure the questioning becomes more specific as you further the conversation.

    We have the advantage of using the internet to gain some knowledge about what you want to learn. You may even be able to find questions to ask from sites like and While you should be able to come up with a good number of questions on your own, sometimes referring to these websites can give ideas about what others want to know about a particular subject.

    To get high-level information about a topic, query It’s not meant to be an extensive coverage, and there is often more information within these articles than is needed. But, they can help you gather ideas on what to ask. They can even be used as a way to break the ice when asking the questions. You could start with, “I read in Wikipedia that…”, etc.

    Take on a Stance of Learning About Others

    If you get in the habit of truly wanting to learn about others, it will become natural as you do it. If you just casually take an interest in a person once-in-a-while, you won’t get much from anybody. When people get used to the idea that you have an interest, they will volunteer more information, all things being equal.

    Try to Fit What You Learn to the Situation at Hand

    If you learn about someone and their background, see if there is something that you can do to make their lives easier. This will set up a comfortable environment for both of you. The more helpful you can be, the more likely people will want to talk to you.

    When they discover they have you as an ally, they will come to you more often for advice and tips. Be on the lookout for information or people who can help them. By helping, you develop a solid foundation where they will eventually want to help you. When you have this with many people, you will find getting others to accept what you are doing is much easier. They will go out of their way to help you.

    Listen Well

    If you get nothing else out of this report, at least get the fact that you should listen. When you listen to others and hear what they say, they will notice that you are showing that you care. Many people hear but don’t listen. They are too busy thinking about what they are going to say after the other person stops talking. The best way to learn about other people is to listen to what they are saying. 

    You need to let them answer the questions you ask. To process what they are saying, use their answers as the basis for further questions. Sometimes, repeating back what they said will allow you to process the information better. In doing so, they will sometimes give further insight as well. This insight is often hidden from others who don’t listen well.

    Be Available

    People always tend to flock to inquisitive people. This is because they know more than others over time and it is done in a subtle manner. Asking good questions and listening to all answers is the foundation of a knowledgeable person. 

    But, if you don’t make yourself available, this will hurt the good reputation you developed by asking questions. There will be situations where you are too busy to attend to others’ needs. Try to keep these situations to a minimum. Make yourself available for people as often as you can. If you cannot meet with people in person, then do it via the phone or via email. 

    Don’t Be Like the Child That Keeps Asking Why

    It’s great to be inquisitive, but you don’t want to be like the three-year-old child who asks why just to get attention. Children do like to learn, and they ask questions. But, when young children find it’s a great way to get people to attend to them, it becomes obnoxious. You’ll often hear parents say “just because” after repeated asking of why.

    Adults can get into this habit as well. If you are constantly asking questions by just rattling off whatever comes to mind, you will start getting the same pushback as the three-year-old. Be strategic about the questions you ask but not manipulative. Keeping an interest in learning about others is a great way to avoid this situation.

    Try Not to Get Too Personal

    Unless you are inquisitive with close family or friends, it’s best not to let the questions get too personal. In many companies, you could even get in trouble for asking certain personal questions if the other person takes it the wrong way. This is why preparing what you want to learn about people ahead of time is a good approach to gauge topics that may not be appropriate.

    If you are unsure about what topics are suitable to ask questions about, try them out on a friend or family member. Get a feel for how they react when you ask the questions. Ask them for their honest opinion and try to gauge their body language. If they seem uncomfortable, you can imagine how someone who is less known will react.

    Not Everyone Will Open Up

    You may find that being inquisitive doesn’t sit well with some people. These people tend to be shy and takes a lot for them to open up. Asking questions puts up a wall for these people. If this does happen, don’t get angry with the person. It’s just the way they are, and you need to accept that. You may need them to answer questions as it relates to their job if you are their boss. And that is a trickier situation to deal with. Still, after they get to know you better, they may open up over time.

    Keep a Log So You Don’t Forget

    People will feel connected to you when you are inquisitive and take an interest in their lives. However, this all goes out the window if you ask the same questions that you previously asked. It gives them the opposite impression that you aren’t paying attention. You will lose them quickly when this occurs. Try to write down what you learned about people but do so after they are no longer within your sight. People will feel subconscious if you start writing down what they are saying as you ask them questions. They will feel like they are being interviewed.


    The post Be Inquisitive: Learn How To Ask The Right Questions appeared first on My Life With No Drugs.

  • EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Meghan dad’s stroke wrecks Lady Colin Campbell’s Jubilee plans
    26 May 2022

     As if travelling 5,500 miles to London for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee wasn’t a daunting enough prospect for Thomas Markle, I hear the Duchess of Sussex’s father was due to stay with Lady Colin Campbell.

    Lady Colin, 72, who was criticised for her overbearing behaviour and caustic put-downs when she competed on I’m A Celebrity, had generously offered to put up Mr Markle, 77, at her West Sussex stately home, Castle Goring, which she bought for £700,000 in 2013.

    Lady Colin Campbell offered to house the Duchess of Sussex’s father, Thomas Markle for the Queen’s platinum Jubilee 

    Castle Goring, Lady Campbell’s West Sussex stately home which she bought for £700,000 in 2013 could have hosted Thomas Markle

    He won’t now be coming after he was rushed to hospital in California earlier this week, suffering a suspected stroke.

    ‘She had made plans for Mr Markle,’ one of the royal biographer’s friends tells me. ‘She’d hired him a dinner jacket and was taking him to Royal Ascot. And she’d organised a black-tie dinner, so he could meet lots of interesting people.’

    The former Georgie Ziadie — who has her title thanks to a year-long marriage to the Duke of Argyll’s younger son, Lord Colin Campbell in 1973 — established the connection to Mr Markle via his grandson, Tyler. Her two adopted sons, Michael and Dimitri, appeared with Tyler in an MTV reality show called The Royal World in 2018.

    Thomas Markle was was rushed to hospital in California earlier this week, suffering a suspected stroke Pictured: Meghan Markle in her younger days with her father Thomas Markle

    Tyler created a new strain of cannabis called Markle Sparkle ahead of Meghan’s 2018 wedding to Prince Harry. Speaking about Tyler, Lady Colin said: ‘We hit it off straight away. He’s a very nice boy.’ Lady Colin wrote a 2020 biography of Mr Markle’s daughter, Meghan and Harry: The Real Story. Hiring, rather than buying, clothes for Mr Markle was a wise precaution on Lady Colin’s part. The Palace commissioned a £7,000 Savile Row suit for him to wear to Harry and Meghan’s 2018 wedding, only for him to fall ill and stay at home in Rosarito, Mexico.

    Roly-poly racing PR man Johnno Spence was later spotted parading around Royal Ascot in the suit.

    After also snapping up Thomas’s extra garments, including a summer suit and three shirts, Spence told me: ‘They were half price and there’s a bit of room for expansion.’

     On yer bike! Harry rides out with old pal

    Radiating contentment with his new life in a California mansion, Prince Harry recently remarked that home ‘for me now is, you know, for the time being, in the States’.

    Though happy to cut ties with family and old friends back in Britain, Harry this week welcomed an old chum to Montecito — Charlie van Straubenzee, a pal since both were at Ludgrove prep school.

    Prince Harry welcomed old chum Charlie van Straubenzee, a pal since they were at Ludgrove prep school and now an investment banker to Montecito

    Now an investment banker, van Straubenzee was an usher at Harry and Meghan’s spectacular 2018 wedding at Windsor, while Harry was best man a few months later, when van Straubenzee married the enchanting Daisy Jenks.

    The enduring bond between them is, though, perhaps best expressed by the fact — never publicly confirmed but accepted in Court circles — that Harry appointed van Straubenzee as one of his son Archie’s godfathers.

    Prince Harry said that home ‘for me now is, you know, for the time being, in the States’

    Prince Charles loves acquiring new houses, so he may not be able to resist snapping up this one. I hear his next-door neighbour at Highgrove, Gloucestershire, has put Grade I-listed Doughton Manor on the market for £3.75 million. The manor boasts five acres of walled gardens that will appeal to the green-fingered Prince. 

     The Voice of Golf, Peter Alliss, left a £1 million fortune to his widow, Jacqueline. Newly published probate documents reveal that Alliss, who died aged 89 in 2020, left a gross estate of £1.1 million, reduced to £1 million after his debts were paid. He was still playing competitively when he started commentating for the BBC at the 1961 Open Championship. He never looked back and even helped Sir Sean Connery with golf lessons for his role in Goldfinger, leading to the James Bond star’s love of the game. Alliss’s bon mots include: ‘He used to be fairly indecisive, but now he’s not so certain.’

    Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett admits she once ended a date with a man after his restaurant order appalled her. ‘I was taken to a pizza place on a date and they put pineapple on — I never went out with him again after that,’ says Hartnett, 53, who’s known for her tasting menus at £115 a head. ‘You’ve got to have your standards. Pineapple on pizza . . . I better get my coat.’ She’s now married to The French House head chef Neil Borthwick. 

    Monaco’s little princess makes her official debut

    She’s only seven, but Prince Albert of Monaco’s daughter, Gabriella, is already being introduced to the beau monde. Her mother, former Olympic swimmer Princess Charlene, took her to the Monte Carlo Fashion Awards while Albert took her twin, Jacques, to a charity football match.

    Princess Charlene of Monaco and H.S.H. Princess Gabriella attend the Fashion Awards gala of the Monte-carlo fashion week, at the Opera of Monte-Carlo

    ‘I loved every moment preparing my princess for her first official event,’ said Charlene, 44, who broke her silence about her gruelling recent health battle.

    ‘My state of health is still fragile and I don’t want to go too fast. The path has been long, difficult and very painful.’

    Prince Albert of Monaco’s son and Gabriellas twin, Jacques attended the Charity match Star Team for the Children match between Stars Team and Pilots Formula 1 at Stade Louis II

     Madge is a big noise at the fashion show

    Here’s a blast from the past: Madonna turned up at a graduate fashion show in London carrying what appeared to be a 1980s-style ghetto blaster.

    Madonna turned up at a graduate fashion show carrying what appeared to be a 1980s-style ghetto blaster Pictured: Madonna attends the Central Saint Martins BA Fashion Graduate Show

    But on closer inspection, it turned out to be a £1,500 holdall designed by Shane Gonzales for Midnight Studios. Madonna, 63, was a surprise guest at the show held at Central St Martins college of art and design.

    She once said: ‘It’s quite foolish for me or anyone else to start thinking I am going to start making conventional choices.’ She was, however, discussing her penchant for younger men.

    Source: |

  • Queenslanders to be given $175 cost of living payment: Here’s how you can get your hands on it 
    26 May 2022

    Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced a $175 rebate on electricity bills in recognition of cost of living increases for the state’s residents.

    The measure is expected to cost $385million on the state’s bottom line.

    Ms Palaszczuk announced the rebate to the Queensland Parliament on Thursday morning. 

    Deputy Premier Steven Miles claimed the rebate had been made possible because the state had not sold off its electricity assets. 

    More to come 

    Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the $175 rebate to the Queensland Parliament on Thursday morning

  • Coin worn by Julius Caesar’s killer to be auctioned for £1m
    26 May 2022

    Minted to celebrate the assassination of Julius Caesar, this Roman coin may even have been worn around the neck of one of his murderers.

    Now the rare gold Eid Mar (Ides of March) coin is being sold and could fetch £1.5million at auction.

    It is one of only three known to exist and unique in having a hole in it so it could be worn as a pendant.

    Julius Caesar was killed by Roman senators led by Brutus and Cassius on March 15, 44BC

    The rare gold Eid Mar (Ides of March) coin is being sold and could fetch £1.5million at auction

    The coin, celebrating Caesar’s assassination were struck two years after the event, documented here in Carry On form

    It has been on display at the British Museum for the last decade, on long-term loan from a private collector who has now decided to sell it.

    Caesar was killed by Roman senators led by Brutus and Cassius on the Ides of March – March 15 – in 44BC.

    The coin, due to be sold in Zurich, Switzerland, on Monday, shows a portrait of Brutus on the head. The reverse has two daggers representing Brutus and co-conspirator Cassius, plus a pileus – a felt cap worn by freed slaves, alluding to Rome’s freedom from the ‘tyranny of Caesar’.

    The Eid Mar coins were struck in 42BC by a military mint travelling with Brutus and Cassius’s forces. This rare gold version – more were made in silver – was likely to have been worn by a high-ranking supporter and, it has been speculated, one of Caesar’s murderers.

    Arturo Russo, of specialist ancient coin firm Numismatica Ars Classica, which is selling this one, said it commemorated ‘one of the most important moments in Western history’.

    This rare gold version – more were made in silver – was likely to have been worn by a high-ranking supporter and, it has been speculated, one of Caesar’s murderers

    Arturo Russo, of specialist ancient coin firm Numismatica Ars Classica, which is selling this one, said it commemorated ‘one of the most important moments in Western history’

    The coin, due to be sold in Zurich, Switzerland, on Monday, shows a portrait of Brutus on the head. The reverse has two daggers representing Brutus and co-conspirator Cassius, plus a pileus – a felt cap worn by freed slaves, alluding to Rome’s freedom from the ‘tyranny of Caesar’

  • Aussie supermodel Jordan Barrett flaunts his ripped physique as he goes for a dip in Cannes
    26 May 2022

    Jordan Barrett is fitter than ever. 

    The catwalk king showcased his ripped physique as he took a refreshing dip at the ritzy Hotel Eden Roc on the French Riviera. 

    The 25-year-old Aussie supermodel looked to be in the best shape of his life as he donned a pair of black shorts before getting in the water with a pal.

    Fit: Model Jordan Barrett, 25, (pictured) flaunted his ripped physique as he went for a refreshing dip at the Hotel Eden Roc on Wednesday alongside a pal 

    The fashion star kept his his bling on for the swim, sporting gold jewellery including a necklace, bracelet and chunky rings.

    Jordan sat chatting with his pal while lapping up the sunshine at the popular celeb hotspot. 

    The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 17 to May 28. 

    Shape: Jordan looked to be in the best shape of his life as he donned a pair of black shorts before getting in the water with a pal

    Shredded: Jordan flaunted his muscular arms and torso during the swim at the celebrity hot spot. Jordan is in Cannes for the film festival 

    The male model has been flying around the world all year and was recently spotted in New York and London.  

    In an interview with GQ Australia in April last year, Jordan spoke about his whirlwind modelling career, which saw him skyrocket to fame after being discovered as a teen.

    ‘From being 17, and being extremely successful overseas in what I was doing, but not even really knowing what it was I was doing…’ he reflected.

    Relaxation: Jordan sat chatting with an unnamed mystery pal while lapping-up the sunshine at the idyllic celeb-filled location

    Professional life: Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald in May 2020, Jordan said his modelling career had brought him endless ‘opportunities’

    ‘When I was scouted, I didn’t even understand what it meant to be a model. I didn’t know what was going on in my mind. I didn’t even know what a panic attack was until now.’  

    Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald in May 2020, Jordan said his modelling career had brought him endless ‘opportunities’.

    ‘[Modelling] has opened so many doors and opportunities in life. It’s not like: let’s go to a shoot and let’s go home,’ he said.

    ‘It just opens so many doors to everything that I’m doing. It lets you do whatever you want, and be wherever you want… And I have access to do whatever I want.’ 

    Opportunity: ‘It just opens so many doors to everything that I’m doing. It lets you do whatever you want, and be wherever you want… And I have access to do whatever I want’

    Source: |

  • Jodi Gordon is fired from Celebrity Apprentice following one very bizarre decision
    26 May 2022

    Jodi Gordon became the third star to be fired from Celebrity Apprentice on Tuesday night.

    Sir Alan Sugar dismissed the 37-year-old former actress following her decision to lead a class in equine therapy that involved getting up close and personal with horses.

    Unfortunately Jodi is afraid of the animals and looked visibly uncomfortable during the task.

    Gone girl: Jodi Gordon (pictured) became the third star to be fired from Celebrity Apprentice on Tuesday night

    ‘Why would you, who is scared of horses, be the person who runs an equine therapy session?’ Lord Sugar’s Advisor Janine Allis asked in the Boardroom.

    ‘I wasn’t playing to my strengths in that task,’ the former Home and Away star admitted in her exit interview.

    ‘I should have spoken up, I should have done more and usually I do. Usually I throw myself into it and be a really big role of some sort.’

    ‘This particular task, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough and I certainly wasn’t playing to my strengths. That seems to have got the better of me.’

    Whoops! Sir Alan Sugar (pictured) dismissed the 37-year-old former actress following her decision to lead a class in equine therapy that involved getting up close and personal with horses

    Miscalculation: Unfortunately Jodi is afraid of the animals and looked visibly uncomfortable during the task. Seen far right

    ‘Brutal’: Addressing the manner in which she was fired, Jodi said, ‘I’m actually shocked by how brutal that was’

    Addressing the manner in which she was fired, Jodi said, ‘I’m actually shocked by how brutal that was.’

    “I don’t think Lord Sugar has seen what I’ve got to offer. I don’t think that he made the right decision in firing me.’

    Earlier this month, Jodi revealed to TV Week magazine that the show’s British billionaire star was ‘frightening’ in the boardroom.

    ‘He was absolutely frightening,’ Jodi said of Sugar. ‘He was as tough as he needed to be, but gave everyone a fair go.’

    Earlier this month, Jodi revealed to TV Week magazine that the show’s British billionaire star was ‘frightening’ in the boardroom 

    Jodi, who is supporting Starlight Children’s Foundation on the series, explained she leaned on fellow celebrities Samantha Jade and Bronte Campbell on the show.

    ‘It was daunting at times, but I managed to raise a lot of money, so I’m proud of myself and thankful to those who supported me,’ she added.

    ‘I loved working alongside my girls Samantha and Bronte. We had a ball and made the absolute most of it. And the boys were always good for a laugh!’

    White on the mark! On the show, the former Home and Away star stunned in a series of glamorous dresses. The above glamorous frock designed by Toni Maticevsk retails for $1650

    Source: |

  • Tim Roth replaces Ian McShane in Ibrahim mini-series
    26 May 2022

    Deadwood star Ian McShane has left the cast of Australian mini-series The Last King of the Cross due to health reasons.

    McShane, 79, was to play fictional crime boss Ezra Shipman on the show, which is based on the memoirs of Sydney nightclub identity John Ibrahim.

    Tim Roth, the English actor best known for starring in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, will replace McShane, reports The Daily Telegraph.

    Stepping in: Tim Roth (pictured in September 2021) has replaced Ian McShane in the Ibrahim mini-series after the Deadwood star was forced to withdraw because of ill health 

    Aussie heart-throb Lincoln Younes stars as Ibrahim in the 10-part series produced by Paramount+, which has already started filming in Sydney.

    McShane was unable to travel to Australia because of poor health.  

    ‘It’s unfortunate that Ian is unable to join us, and we wish him a speedy recovery,’ Mark Fennessy, the show’s producer, said.

    Fennessy welcomed Roth, 61, to the production, calling him ‘super brilliant’.

    First choice: Ian McShane (pictured in September 2019) was originally cast as fictional crime boss Ezra Shipman in the mini-series, based on the memoirs of nightclub owner John Ibrahim

    Roth is best known for starring in several films by Quentin Tarantino, including Reservoir Dogs (1992), Pulp Fiction (1994) and The Hateful Eight (2015).

    In 1995, he scored an Oscar nomination for playing a villain opposite Liam Neeson in the period drama Rob Roy.

    Producers of The Last King of the Cross have revealed the young Ibrahim will be played by 10-year-old actor Mason Mansour.

    Cult star: Roth is best known for starring in several films by Quentin Tarantino, including Reservoir Dogs (1992), Pulp Fiction (1994) and The Hateful Eight (2015)

    British actor and singer Malek Alkoni will play the teenage Ibrahim.

    Ibrahim was born in Tripoli, Lebanon, and emigrated to Australia in the early ’70s before rising to the top of Sydney’s nightclub scene. 

    The cast also includes Callan Mulvey (Outlaw King), Damian Walshe-Howling (Under­belly), Tess Haubrich (Alien: Covenant) and Matt Nable (Arrow).

    Award-winning writer-director Kieran Darcy-Smith will helm the crime-drama. 

    Memoir: John Ibrahim is pictured here in Sydney on May 5, 2010


  • Cara Delevingne puts on a busty display and flashes her toned abs in white crop top and maxi skirt
    26 May 2022

    Cara Delevingne showed off her style credentials and incredible figure at an intimate dinner at the Villa Bagatelle in Cannes on Wednesday night.

    The model, 29, looked picture perfect in a white co-ord made up of a white maxi skirt with a back slit that showed a peek of her lithe legs.

    She paired the skirt with the coordinating strapless crop top that put her toned abs on full display, and showed off her ample cleavage.

    Stunning: Cara Delevingne showed off her style credentials and incredible figure at an intimate dinner at the Villa Bagatelle in Cannes on Wednesday night

    She added a touch of sparkle by layering two silver and diamond necklaces around her neck and elevated her height in a pair of cream heels.

    Her blonde locks were styled in damp waves while she sported a dramatic green eyeshadow look around her eyes to give her a piercing gaze.

    She posed at the event with Eli Mizrahi who looked stylish in a bright fuchsia suit and white trainers.

    Incredible: The model, 29, looked picture perfect in a white co-ord made up of a white maxi skirt with a back slit that showed a peek of her lithe legs

    Smouldering: Her blonde locks were styled in damp waves while she sported a dramatic green eyeshadow look around her eyes to give her a piercing gaze

    Dazzling: She added a touch of sparkle by layering two silver and diamond necklaces around her neck and elevated her height in a pair of cream heels

    Trendy: She posed at the event with Eli Mizrahi who looked stylish in a bright fuchsia suit and white trainers

    Cara also stopped for a photo with Jimmy Tatro, Zoey Deutch, Nina Dobrev and Shaun White.

    Jimmy looked dashing in a camel coloured suit, while Shaun wore a charcoal gray blazer and trousers with orange tinted glasses.

    His actress girlfriend Nina dazzled in a black skintight dress that clung to her lithe figure and boasted a sheer panel across her flat stomach.

    Pals: Cara also stopped for a photo with (L-R) Jimmy Tatro, Zoey Deutch, Nina Dobrev and Shaun White

    Twinning: Zoey complemented Cara, by also donning a white crop top and maxi skirt, with her caramel locks styled in loose waves

    Zoey complemented Cara, by also donning a white crop top and maxi skirt, with her caramel locks styled in loose waves. 

    They were joined at the event by Kat Graham who turned up the heat in a black blazer-inspired bodysuit.

    It boasted a plunging neckline that put her ample cleavage on full display, and she paired it with black polka dot tights and heels.

    Looking good: They were joined at the event by Kat Graham who turned up the heat in a black blazer-inspired bodysuit

    Strike a pose: It boasted a plunging neckline that put her ample cleavage on full display, and she paired it with black polka dot tights and heels

    Beauty: Her raven locks were slicked back and tucked behind her ears and she finished off her look with a slick of lipgloss

    Her raven locks were slicked back and tucked behind her ears and she finished off her look with a slick of lipgloss.

    She posed with an equally leggy Cindy Bruna, who showed off her toned pins in a black strapless leather dress.

    Her dress flared out at the waist to create a unique silhouette that cinched her in at her svelte waist. 

    Fashion forward: She posed with an equally leggy Cindy Bruna, who showed off her toned pins in a black strapless leather dress

    Legs for days: She added a pair of black heels to accentuate her long legs, with knee high black socks

    Work it! Her dress flared out at the waist to create a unique silhouette that cinched her in at her svelte waist

    She added a pair of black heels to accentuate her long legs, with knee high black socks. 

    She posed beside Winnie Harlow, who cut a glamorous figure in a strapless red gown. 

    The model wore her raven locks in waves that tumbled down her back and accessories with a dainty necklace, earrings and matching bangle. 

    Red hot: She posed beside Winnie Harlow, who cut a glamorous figure in a strapless red gown

    Flawless: The model wore her raven locks in waves that tumbled down her back and accessories with a dainty necklace, earrings and matching bangle

    Svelte: She was joined by Indya Moore, who wore an edgy white asymmetrical white crop top that showed off her sculpted stomach

    She was joined by Indya Moore, who wore an edgy white asymmetrical white crop top that showed off her sculpted stomach.

    She added a white maxi skirt and artfully tousled her short raven locks, while opting for minimal makeup to let her natural beauty shine through.  

    Also in attendance was Sabrina Carpenter who showed off her chiselled midriff in a black maxi skirt with a daringly high slit to flash her tanned legs.

    The singer teamed it with a coordinating black crop top and added a touch of elegance with a pair of sheer gloves.

    Leggy display: Also in attendance was Sabrina Carpenter who showed off her chiselled midriff in a black maxi skirt with a daringly high slit to flash her tanned legs

    Source: |

  • Anthony Albanese hits out on Sunrise over Tanya Plibersek, Peter Dutton ‘Voldemort’ shaming
    26 May 2022

    Anthony Albanese has defended Tanya Plibersek on Sunrise after she likened the incoming Opposition Leader to the bald-headed Harry Potter villain ‘Voldemort’, arguing that Scott Morrison teased him about his appearance in the past.

    The senior Labor MP came under fire for the brutal Peter Dutton insult with some media commentators calling her comments ‘nasty’.

    The woman expected to become the nation’s new Education Minister following Labor historic election win said a lot of children who have watched the films will be very ‘frightened’ of the former Defence Minister.

    ‘I am saying he looks a bit like Voldemort and we will see whether he can do what he promised he would do when he was last running for leader, which is smile more,’ Ms Plibersek told 4BC radio.

    Peter Dutton (pictured), who is expected to be the next leader of the Liberal Party, has been compared to Harry Potter’s archenemy Voldemort, by senior Labor MP Tanya Plibersek


    Scott Morrison savaged the Labor leader at various times in the lead up to the election by slamming Mr Albanese’s new appearance after he lost 18kg. 

    Mr Morrison’s original comments came at a Sky News ‘town hall’ meeting with voters on the NSW Central Coast in March, where told host Paul Murray: ‘I’m not pretending to be anyone else. I’m still wearing the same glasses.

    ‘Sadly, the same suits (too). I weigh about the same size and I don’t mind a bit of Italian cake either. I’m happy in my own skin, I’m not pretending to be anyone else.

    ‘And when you’re Prime Minister, you can’t pretend to be anyone else. You’ve got to know who you are, because if you don’t know who you are, then how are other people going to know?’


    Channel Seven morning show host Natalie Barr on Thursday grilled the new Prime Minister about whether he plans to ‘pull her into line?’ adding that if the comments on appearance were made against a woman there would be ‘hell to pay’.

    ‘She has already apologised for those comments,’ he said.

    ‘There are a few comments made by the former prime minister about my appearance, you might recall as part of the election campaign. We should not refer to people’s appearance, let’s discuss policy differences.’

    ‘I want to change the way that politics operates in this country.’

    Mr Ablanese said he’s ‘dead serious’ about changing the way politics operates in this country but also understands that ‘people make mistakes’.

    ‘When they make a mistake they should apologise and we move on,’ he said.

    ‘That’s one of the ways that we can change the way that politics operates and Tanya has done the appropriate thing here.’

    Tanya Plibersek (right) is pictured with her husband Michael Coutts-Trotter (left). Ms Plibersek is under fire for a comment she made about Peter Dutton’s looks

    Mr Albanese has hit the ground running since storming to victory in Saturday’s election.

    On Monday he was sworn in as Prime Minister before jetting off to the Quad leaders’ summit in Tokyo.

    The regional security partnership includes Australia, the US, Japan and India and is aimed at countering Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific.

    US President Joe Biden praised Mr Albanese’s stamina on his first day in the job.

    ‘You got sworn in, got on a plane and if you fall asleep while you’re here, it’s OK because I don’t know how you’re doing it,’ he said.

    ‘It’s really quite extraordinary just getting off the campaign trail as well.

    ‘Congratulations on your election. When you won and I called you, we greatly appreciate your commitment on being here so soon after taking office.’

    Upon his return to Australia the Prime Minister called the whirlwind trip a great success but admitted he’s still getting used to his title.

    ‘It really hit home when people start to call you Prime Minister and you realise that you are not looking around for someone else, it’s actually you,’ he told Sunrise.

  • Peter Dutton plans to soften his hardman image as he bids for Liberal Party leadership
    26 May 2022

    Peter Dutton has revealed he will show a softer, more caring side to his personality if he becomes the next Liberal leader. 

    The former defence minister is favoured to succeed Scott Morrison after other possible candidates either lost their seats in the election, or pulled out of the race.

    He formally launched his bid for the Liberal Party leadership on Wednesday, promising to bring together moderate and conservative wings.

    He said that while the public had grown accustomed to seeing him in ‘tough portfolios’ like defence and home affairs, he hoped to show them a different side.

    ‘I hope now, in moving from such tough port­folios, the Australian public can see the rest of my character, the side my family, friends and colleagues see,’ he said. 

    ‘The side my community sees where they have elected me eight times. I come from the suburbs and I have never changed my values or forgotten where I have come from.’

    The outgoing Defence Minister has sought to soften his hardman image as he formally confirmed he will stand for the leadership

    The former defence minister (pictured with his wife and three kids) is favoured to succeed Scott Morrison after other possible candidates either lost their seats in the election, or pulled out of the race

    His wife Kirilly, a successful businesswoman, gave her insight into the man vying to step into the leadership role, revealing that he has a ‘great sense of humour’.

    She said he was incredibly compassionate, especially when it came to the protection of women and children.

    ‘He hides a lot of his emotion from the public but he gets most upset at reports of children or women being sexually abused or harmed. It obviously stems from his time as a policeman working in that area, but it’s also from being the eldest of five kids growing up in the suburbs,’ she said.

    Mrs Dutton is standing side by side with her husband on the journey that is expected to see him announced as the next Liberal leader as soon as next week.

    The couple has two sons, Harry, 17, and Tom, 16, and Mr Dutton also has a daughter Rebecca, 20, from his first marriage. 

    Mrs Dutton said he is an ‘amazing ­father and the kids adore him’.

    His leadership bid comes after Mr Morrison was defeated at Saturdays election with the party losing up to 19 seats. 

    Peter Dutton (centre right) is pictured with his wife Kirilly (centre left) to celebrate winning the Dickson electorate against Ali France in the 2019 federal election

    Peter Dutton (pictured right) is pictured with his wife Kirilly (left) and their son Tom (centre) at his reception in the seat of Dickson, Brisbane on Saturday, May 21, 2022

    And while debate has been raging about whether the party now needs to move to the right or the left, the no-nonsense Queenslander suggested he would lead from the centre.

    ‘We aren’t the Moderate Party. We aren’t the Conservative Party. We are Liberals. We are the Liberal Party. We believe in families – whatever their composition. Small and micro businesses. For aspirational, hard-working ‘forgotten people’ across cities, suburbs, regions and in the bush.’

    Despite the loss of six moderate Liberal-held seats in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Mr Dutton said he will unify the party’s remaining MPs and senators and hold the Labor government to account. 

    Mr Dutton has been heavily favoured to replace Mr Morrison since the defeat of his main rival, outgoing Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

    As he has shot to the top of the rankings he has seen number of attacks from the left.

    Peter Dutton (right) is pictured with his wife Kirilly. Mrs Dutton said ‘He has a great sense of humour – very dry and witty’

    Peter Dutton (right) is pictured with Scott Morrison (centre), the man he is set to succeed as leader of the Liberal Party. Pictured left is Josh Frydenberg, who lost his seat to an independent in the federal election

    On Wednesday, Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek made fun of Mr Dutton’s physical appearance, comparing him to Harry Potter archenemy Voldemort.

    ‘There’ll be a lot of children who have watched a lot of Harry Potter films who’ll be very frightened of what they see on TV at night,’ she told Brisbane’s 4BC radio. 

    It is understood that Ms Plibersek later apologised to Mr Dutton for commenting on his appearance.

    On Monday, Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan blasted Mr Dutton as not being fit to be prime minister.

    ‘He’s an extremist, and I don’t think he fits with modern Australia at all,’ said Mr McGowan. 

    Dutton, a former policeman, is likely to be elected unopposed as Liberal leader when the party meets in Canberra in coming weeks. 

Health Science blogs

Science Blogs

26 May 2022

Science Blogs Science Blogs
  • Nuclear Fusion Can Unleash Even More Power Than We Realized, Scientists Say
    26 May 2022

    The future looks twice as bright.

  • Cultural Sensitivity Getting in Way of Stopping Monkeypox
    26 May 2022
    Buzz Hollander, BuzMed

    Monkeypox. My patients are asking about it, so I decided to educate myself about it, and share what I learned. What I found is that it's probably not as mysterious as the media presents it. However, it's no mystery why what's likely going on is being soft-pedaled. It's insensitive.

  • New Zealand must get over its obsession with big cars and go smaller or electric to cut emissions
    26 May 2022

    Jen Purdie, University of Otago

    If your next car is not electric, then it must be much smaller than your last one.

    Scientists have warned that the world needs to halve emissions every decade to keep global warming less than 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

    The government of Aotearoa New Zealand aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

    Last year, the Climate Change Commission (CCC) laid out the path to net zero in its advice to the government. In recent weeks, the government has released its plan to achieve these climate targets.

    The goal is not insignificant, especially considering New Zealanders have been buying bigger vehicles for nearly two decades.

    To achieve net zero by 2050, New Zealand must reduce total CO2 emissions by a third before 2030, and another third by 2040.

    How to target a third of emissions

    How can we reduce New Zealand’s emissions by a third every decade?

    Around 20% of New Zealand’s emissions come from the transport sector.

    Both the government and commission see removing carbon from transport as the low-hanging fruit in the emissions reduction journey (in part because the government and farmers are still working on a plan to reduce the 50% of emissions that come from agriculture).

    As part of its plan, the government intends to help low-income households reduce their transport emissions and make 30% of the light vehicle fleet electric by 2035.

    But the government’s road map to achieve this seems light on details.

    The popularity of electric bicycles has increased, but cities need to be designed to allow people to better use non-car transport. Getty Images

    To reduce transport emissions, the commission proposed New Zealanders should walk, cycle, use electric bikes and scooters more, and drive less.

    The good news is electric bike and scooter sales are booming in New Zealand and are predicted to overtake new car sales in the next couple of years.

    Town planners are also starting to take these modes of transport into account when planning new ways for us to get around our cities.

    The commission recommends that public transport and motive transport (using our own energy to get around by walking and biking), which currently make up just 6% of all travel, should increase to 14% by 2035 to achieve the emission reduction goals.

    The government has promised to invest in public transport, and will introduce a zero-emissions public bus mandate by 2025. But it has resisted calls to permanently extend the three month half-fare initiative currently in place.

    New cars need to be smaller

    To reduce emissions by a third every decade, New Zealand needs fewer cars on the road. But we also need to decarbonise the cars and trucks we do have, and we need to do it fast.

    Barriers to achieve this include New Zealand’s ageing vehicle fleet, which is one of the oldest in the developed world. The average car is 14 years old, and the average age of cars when scrapped is 20 years old.

    Approximately 150,000 cars are scrapped each year, out of a vehicle fleet of 4.4 million. This means it will take 30 years to turn over the entire fleet. That’s too slow if we want to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

    People replace their vehicles on average every six to 11 years. In real terms, this means every time you replace your car it needs to produce 30% less emission than the one being replaced to meet reductions targets.

    The problem is, the average engine size of our cars grew steadily between 2000 and 2010, and stayed steady between 2010 and 2020. This decade has to be the one where engines get smaller.

    But our obsession with large cars continues to grow. The Ford Ranger has been the most popular new car in New Zealand for the past couple of years.

    Globally, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) grew from 16% of new car sales in 2010 to 45% of new car sales in 2021.

    SUVs were the second largest contributor to the increase in global carbon emissions from 2010 to 2018 – bigger than either heavy industry or aviation. If SUVs were a country, they would be the seventh biggest emitter in the world.

    There is no need for massive SUVs in an urban setting and they are too often used as a status symbol rather than a workhorse.

    Lucky for SUV owners, vehicle manufacturers will soon be mass producing large electric utes. Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is well on it’s way to being universal, and the energy industry is gearing up to supply the resulting large increase in electricity demand.

    Battery technology is coming on apace, finding ways around using rare earth metals such as cobalt, which have a high environmental and social cost.

    Initial cost is still a barrier

    EVs cost more upfront but have lower running costs, so the lifetime purchase and running costs of a new EV is already lower than an internal combustion engine (ICE). The up-front purchase price of a new EV is projected to be cheaper than ICEs by 2031.

    But for many who usually drive cheap used cars, the up-front cost will remain prohibitive for some time unless the government comes up with more incentives than the the existing discount scheme. Supply chains to source the number of second hand EVs we need are not guaranteed either.

    To achieve net zero, your next car will need to be electric or, at least, be two-thirds the size of your current car. Our obsession with driving cars, and with big vehicles in particular, must change.

    We need to walk and bike more, or commute to work on electric bikes or scooters, and our cities need to be designed around bike lanes and better subsidised public transport. We need to stop using our vehicles as status symbols and buy smaller cars.

    What will we get in return? Our children will get a planet they can actually live on.


    Jen Purdie, Senior Research Fellow, University of Otago

    This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

  • Solar Orbiter’s Pictures of the Sun are Every Bit as Dramatic as You Were Hoping
    26 May 2022

    On March 26th, the ESA’s Solar Orbiter made its closest approach to the Sun so far. It ventured inside Mercury’s orbit and was about one-third the distance from Earth to the Sun. It was hot but worth it.

    The Solar Orbiter’s primary mission is to understand the connection between the Sun and its heliosphere, and new images from the close approach are helping build that understanding.

    According to the ESA, the Solar Orbiter is the most complex scientific laboratory ever sent to the Sun. It carries a robust suite of instruments, including a Magnetometer, an Extreme Ultraviolet Imager, a Solar Wind Plasma Analyzer, and others. Its broad range of instruments allows it to observe solar events in multiple ways.

    The spacecraft benefits from getting as close to the Sun as it can. But close approaches make the Solar Orbiter hot. The spacecraft’s first line of defence is its heat shield. It’s a multi-layered titanium device mounted on a honeycomb aluminum support, with carbon fibre skins designed to shed heat. Between all that and the spacecraft’s body, there are another 28 layers of insulation. During this approach, its heat shield reached 500 Celsius (932 F.)

    Protected from the heat, the Solar Orbiter gathered a lot of data in its approach. Scientists need more time to work with it and understand it, but the images and videos are immediately engaging. One of the Sun’s features that caught everyone’s attention is the “space hedgehog.”

    The intriguing feature in the bottom third of the image, below the centre, has been nicknamed the solar hedgehog. No one knows exactly what it is or how it formed in the Sun’s atmosphere. The image was captured on 30 March 2022 by the Solar Orbiter’s Extreme Ultraviolet Imager. Image Credit: ESA.

    Thanks to a bit of luck, the Sun put on a show during the Solar Orbiter’s approach. There were solar flares, and even a coronal mass ejection (CME) directed toward Earth. The Solar Orbiter has several remote sensing instruments, and scientists used them to forecast when the CME would reach Earth. They released their forecast on social media, and 18 hours later, Earthly observers were prepped to witness the resulting aurora. ESA released a graphic to explain how that played out.

    This graphic shows the Solar Orbiter’s role in detecting a CME and forecasting aurora when the CME struck Earth. On 10 March, a solar flare produced a coronal mass ejection (CME) directed at Earth. The cameras on the ESA/NASA mission SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observer) recorded the event at around 22:06 UT. Solar Orbiter also observed it from its viewpoint about 67 million km from the Sun. <Click to enlarge.> Image Credit: Central Sun image: ESA & NASA/Solar Orbiter/EUI team; corona imagery: SOHO (ESA & NASA); Solar Orbiter data: ESA & NASA/Solar Orbiter/MAG & SWA Teams; Wind data: NASA/GSFC/Wind Aurora: J Bant Sexson IV

    The following video features images of the flares and the CME from three of the Solar Orbiter’s instruments: the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager, the Metis coronagraph, and SoloHI, the Solar Orbiter Heliospheric Imager.

    The awesome energy of the Sun can be readily appreciated in this sequence of images combining data from three instruments on the ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft. It shows the way a solar flare on 25 March 2022, one day before the Solar Orbiter’s closest approach to the Sun, created a massive disturbance in the Sun’s outer atmosphere, the solar corona, leading to an enormous quantity of the gas being hurled into space in a coronal mass ejection.

    The ESA created an infographic that helps explain what the video shows.

    This graphic helps explain how the Solar Orbiter imaged the event with different instruments. <Click to enlarge.> Image Credit: ESA & NASA/Solar Orbiter/EPD, EUI, RPW & STIX Teams

    The Orbiter also gave us our highest-resolution image of the Sun’s south pole.

    Scientists are interested in the Sun’s poles because of how the Sun’s magnetic fields work. The magnetic fields create the powerful but temporary active regions on the Sun’s surface, and the fields get swept up and down to the poles before being swallowed by the Sun again. Scientists think that they somehow act as seeds for the next solar activity. The detailed images from the Sun’s south pole should help researchers understand how this all works.

    The ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft saw the Sun’s south pole on 30 March 2022, just four days after the spacecraft passed its closest point yet to the Sun. These images were recorded by the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) at a wavelength of 17 nanometers. Credit: ESA & NASA/Solar Orbiter/EUI, Metis and SoloHI Teams

    In the video of the Sun’s south pole, the lighter regions are mostly magnetic loops rising from the Sun’s interior. They’re called closed magnetic field lines because particles have difficulty crossing them. Instead, the particles become trapped and emit extreme ultraviolet radiation, which the Solar Orbiter’s Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) is poised to capture.

    The darker regions in the video are where the Sun’s magnetic field lines are open. Instead of being closed to particles and trapping them, gasses can escape into space from these darker regions. That creates solar wind.

    The Orbiter also captured images and data of a March 2nd solar flare. The spacecraft’s Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) and the X-ray Spectrometer/Telescope (STIX) instruments captured the flare as solar atmospheric gases reached temperatures of about one million degrees C (1,8000,000 F) and emitted extreme ultraviolet energy and x-rays.

    In the gif below, lower-energy X-rays are displayed in red, and higher-energy X-rays are in blue.

    Image Credit: ESA & NASA/Solar Orbiter/EUI & STIX Teams

    There’s a lot more to come from the Solar Orbiter. Over the next four years, the spacecraft will encounter Venus for a fourth and fifth time. Each time it does so, it’ll increase its inclination, giving it more direct views of the Sun’s poles. By December 2026, it’ll be orbitally inclined at 24 degrees, marking the start of the spacecraft’s “high-latitude” mission.

    Solar Orbiter’s journey around the Sun. Credit: ESA/ATG medialab.

    Those high-latitude observations will give scientists line-of-sight views of the poles. The ESA says those views are crucial to disentangling the Sun’s complex magnetic polar environment. That could help unravel the mystery of the Sun’s 11-year cycles.

    “We are so thrilled with the quality of the data from our first perihelion,” said Daniel Müller, ESA Project Scientist for Solar Orbiter. “It’s almost hard to believe that this is just the start of the mission. We are going to be very busy indeed.”


    The post Solar Orbiter’s Pictures of the Sun are Every Bit as Dramatic as You Were Hoping appeared first on Universe Today.

  • How to keep yourself safe from COVID-19
    26 May 2022

    As COVID-19 cases continue to fluctuate around the country, it has become clear that the coronavirus that causes the disease is unlikely to disappear. But navigating the risks can be difficult when conditions differ dramatically between cities, counties and states—from the rate of infection in each area, to local recommendations on masking and other policies. […]

    The post How to keep yourself safe from COVID-19 appeared first on Knowridge Science Report.

  • Family’s heart disease history inspired her fitness – and got her to the base of Mount Everest
    26 May 2022

    Lisa Abbott scrolled through the online auction offerings of the American Alpine Club’s fundraiser. As a rock climber, ice climber, scuba diver and marathon runner, she enjoyed daydreaming about the various trips up for grabs. One offering stood out: a guided two-week trek through the Khumbu Valley in Nepal to the base camp of Mount […]

    The post Family’s heart disease history inspired her fitness – and got her to the base of Mount Everest appeared first on Knowridge Science Report.

  • Why Mastercard’s new face recognition payment system raises concerns
    26 May 2022

    Mastercard’s “smile to pay” system, announced last week, is supposed to save time for customers at checkouts. It is being trialed in Brazil, with future pilots planned for the Middle East and Asia. The company argues touch-less technology will help speed up transaction times, shorten lines in shops, heighten security and improve hygiene in businesses. […]

    The post Why Mastercard’s new face recognition payment system raises concerns appeared first on Knowridge Science Report.

  • Tai chi and your health: a modern take on an ancient practice
    26 May 2022

    You may have seen the flowing postures and gentle movements of tai chi and wondered what it’s all about. Tai chi is an ancient mind and body practice. While more research is needed, studies suggest that it may have many health benefits. Tai chi is sometimes referred to as “moving meditation.” There are many types […]

    The post Tai chi and your health: a modern take on an ancient practice appeared first on Knowridge Science Report.

  • Medication cannot help kids with ADHD learn
    26 May 2022

    For decades, most physicians, parents, and teachers have believed that stimulant medications help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) learn. But scientists from Florida International University found medication has no effect on how much children with ADHD learn in the classroom. The research is published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology and was […]

    The post Medication cannot help kids with ADHD learn appeared first on Knowridge Science Report.

  • Watching TV less than 1 hour a day may reduce heart disease risk by 11%
    26 May 2022

    Scientists from the University of Cambridge found that watching too much TV is linked to an increased risk of coronary heart disease regardless of a person’s genetic makeup. They found that 11% of cases of coronary heart disease could be prevented if people watched less than an hour of TV each day. The research is […]

    The post Watching TV less than 1 hour a day may reduce heart disease risk by 11% appeared first on Knowridge Science Report.

Health Science blogs

Health Science Blogs

26 May 2022

Health Science Blogs Health Science Blogs
  • Determining the appropriate mixing ratio in a multi-substrate anaerobic digestion of organic solid wastes employing Taguchi method
    25 May 2022
    Authors (first, second and last of 4)
  • Re-energising Medical Education: New Era, New Ways of Teaching and Learning
    25 May 2022
    On behalf of the Academy of Medical Educators, we are pleased to share with you the below event that may be of interest:


    Wednesday 15th June 2022

    09:15 – 17:45


    The Albert Hall

    Conference Centre

    North Circus Street




    Register here. 


    Themed Re-Energising Medical Education: New Era, New Ways of Teaching and Learning, we are inviting participants to share creative and adaptive approaches in medical education developed during and since the COVID-19 pandemic. At our September 2021 conference Learning together for Patient Care; Fall Back; Spring Forward, we hosted a panel discussion that considered the question Backlog of Education: whose responsibility? in the context of clinicians and managers working for a pressurised service who are also trying to cope as trainers and developers of new educators. During this it became clear that many of us have developed new ideas and innovations to healthcare education – new ways of learning and new ways of teaching. The Summer conference presents an opportunity to share lessons learnt and best practice. Together we can put the pandemic behind us and move into a new era of medical education, adapting to a new normal and breathing new life into Medical Education.


    The Academy of Medical Educators’ Summer conference is one of the best opportunities for educators across the health professions to come together to share good practice and the latest innovations in healthcare education, as well as for networking, academic collaboration, and professional development. In addition this year we are introducing a pre-conference dinner on the evening of 14 June as an additional networking session, we’d be delighted for you to join us. Programme and conference information will be regularly updated here:


    And for those involved in the leadership of PG Certificate / Diploma & Masters programmes in Medical or Healthcare Education, why not join us a day early (14 June) for the half day symposium Recognition of Excellence through Accredited Courses in Medical Education.

    The post Re-energising Medical Education: New Era, New Ways of Teaching and Learning appeared first on The Academy For Healthcare Science.

  • Clinical Trials Day – Employee Testimonials
    25 May 2022
    ICON's Ben Prabhu, Amber Hallenborg, Shannon Jonietz, Rebekah Nolan, Kim Pope, Agustina Mazza, Linsey Barone, Catherine Bliss, Robyn Vancil, and Louisa Roberts share their personal experience with clinical trials.
  • My Clinical Research story – Ellen Dalbo
    25 May 2022
    ICON's Ellen Dalbo shares their personal experience with clinical trials.
  • My Clinical Research story – Jill Doherty
    25 May 2022
    ICON's Jill Doherty shares their personal experience with clinical trials.
  • My Clinical Research story – Lisa Linn
    25 May 2022
    ICON's Lisa Linn shares their personal experience with clinical trials.
  • My Clinical Research story – Jeslyne Margrette Isaac
    25 May 2022
    ICON's Jeslyne Margrette Isaac shares their personal experience with clinical trials.
  • Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD): A patient’s perspective
    25 May 2022
    Finding appreciation in the experience and treatment of IBD as a life-changing condition.
  • Nursing student joins Florence Nightingale Students Day
    23 May 2022

    Nursing (Adult) BSc student Karin Vertue was invited to take part in the Florence Nightingale Foundation Students Day. She tells us a about her experience and how she got involved:

    I was recently involved in a discussion with the University of Brighton’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Debra Humphris, who said “when the opportunity comes, the answer is always yes” – I took this to heart and applied for every opportunity that has come my way.

    One opportunity I took up was joining the ‘We Student Nurses’ team on Twitter. My contributions on this platform led to an invitation from the organiser of the Florence Nightingale Students Day to attend both the event and the evening celebration.

    Around one hundred students who are part of the Florence Nightingale Foundation Students Leadership Program attended. The Foundation supports each student develop their leadership and nursing skills whilst working on a health improvement program in their clinical area.

    The daytime event took place at Kings College, London with an afternoon visit to The Florence Nightingale Museum and the evening celebration took place at Westminster Abbey in the evening.  

    The purpose of the day was developing the leadership skills within each student. It focused on developing interpersonal and networking skills provided opportunities to discuss each nurse’s ideas and offered practical advice and connections from experts in the fields of nursing.

    The panel of contributors included:

    • Professor Mary Malone
    • Major Mike Collins
    • Dr Roxanne Crosby-Nwaobi
    • Jess Read
    • Jacky Vincent
    • Dr Emma Wadey
    • Lucy Brown
    • Ben Davies
    • Geoffrey Walker
    • Professor Gemma Stacey
    • Professor Greta Westwood
    • Jess Sainsbury

    Each gave a brief description of their career path, making it relatable and showing that anyone coming into nursing can develop and achieve their goals.

    There were lectures, opportunities for small group discussions and networking opportunities with peers and leaders in the field. A wealth of information was available.

    A series of  workshops were offered for students to choose one of particular interest and I attended the group with Dr Emma Wadey who discussed nurse-led research, an area I am particularly interested in. Dr Wadey’s advice was very specific to each student’s questions and practical in nature.

    I visited the Florence Nightingale Museum where I developed an understanding of her work and how some of it is still utilised today with particular interest was the significance of infection control measures developed in the Crimea which were useful during the recent Pandemic.

    In the Evening we attended a service of Celebration held on behalf of Florence Nightingale Foundation at Westminster Abbey. It was attended by Princess Alexander who has been a patron of the foundation for 65 years. The roll of honours ceremony was very impactful a book which lists all the names of nurses and midwifes who lost their life In the last war and poignantly an addition this year of all the nurses and midwives who lost their lives during the pandemic.

    For myself taking part in both the day and evening event has been very impactful. I have felt my passion for Nursing increase and my belief that I can make a difference to people’s lives in whatever area I practice in has been deeply secured. Meeting other likeminded students was incredible. The very practical advice has helped me develop my ideas around research and the areas I want to work in but also gave me the contacts and the tools to achieve it.

    My advice to any student starting a degree is that the degree is the starting point. You can leave with a degree or you can leave with an education and a career. You are the curator of the quality of the education you acquire whilst at university. Your time in university will open up so many opportunities and again in the words of Debra Humphris “When opportunity comes, the answer is always yes”.

    If your organisation is not part of the Florence Nightingale Foundation you are able to join the program as an individual.

    You can find out more about becoming a student nurse on the University of Brighton website.

  • Equivalence drop-in sessions
    19 May 2022
    We are delighted to launch drop-in sessions for our Equivalence process!

    This is your opportunity to find out more about the application process, portfolios, interview support, or any other queries you may have.

    You are welcome to join when you can, the meeting will be open for one hour. This is not a formal meeting, rather an opportunity for you to ask a quick question and have your answer straight away.

    Thursday 9th June – 3pm: Click here to join the meeting

    Monday 11th July – 11am: Click here to join the meeting

    Thursday 18th August – 12pm: Click here to join the meeting

    Tuesday 13th September – 1pm: Click here to join the meeting

    Wednesday 19th October – 4pm: Click here to join the meeting

    Friday 18th November – 10am: Click here to join the meeting

    Lynne Smith, Equivalence Advisor & STP Programme Lead and Marcia Owen, Equivalence Administrator look forward to meeting you.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Find out more about Equivalence here.

    The post Equivalence drop-in sessions appeared first on The Academy For Healthcare Science.

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