Help - Create Forum Profile

  1. To create a forum profile - from the side menu select 'Forums'  > Select 'My Profile'.
  2. On the right hand side you will see an 'edit' button - select this to create / edit your forum profile.
  3. NB. Information placed in these fields will not be passed through to you main profile, but are particular to your forum profile only.
  4. Select 'Profile Information' to add / edit profile information you wish to be visible on your forum profile.




Add Image to Forum Profile.

  1. Select 'forums' from the side menu > select 'My Profile'.
  2. Select the 'edit' button from the right hand side> select the 'Avatar Image' tab.
  3. Select an image to upload and then 'Upload File'.
  4. NB You will need to reduce the size of the image below 2000kb before you may upload the file. This can easily be accomplished by loading the file into Microsoft Paint, or other image editor, and resize the image the a smaller size.



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