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01 October 2022

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  • Glucose Monitors for Preventive Hea …
    01 October 2022

    Glucose monitoring is a system that uses a device to continuously monitor and track your blood glucose levels to aid you in understanding them better. Doctors and medical practitioners usually recommend glucose monitoring devices for people with diabetes. However, anyone can use these devices to help protect themselves from developing diabetes and other related or additional medical disorders due to too low, too high, or irregular glucose levels.

    According to the adage “Prevention is better than cure,” it is always better to avoid getting diabetes than to deal with the condition. Those with diabetes go through abrupt fluctuations in their blood glucose levels. Your daily routine, behavioural patterns, nutrition, and other factors can cause an increase or decrease in your blood sugar levels.

    People who consider themselves in perfect health will soon develop diabetes if their blood glucose levels fluctuate or remain chronically high. However, the problem will not arise if they use glucose monitors and take care of their glucose levels. The best way to ensure everyone has access to preventative healthcare is through the different glucose monitor types that are currently available.

    The use of the initiative HealthifyPro2.0, offered by one of the top digital health platforms in India, is now one of the best solutions available. It includes a wearable device called BIOS that analyses blood glucose levels. Additionally, they provide instructions on how to keep the glucose level stable after analysis. Moreover, users of HealthifyPro 2.0 get health and fitness coaches who frequently monitor their glucose levels, metabolism, etc., and offer prompt assistance and counsel as needed.

    Different Glucose Monitoring Methods

    Three glucose monitoring devices are available: continuous glucose monitors, blood glucose monitors, and A1C tests. Such devices can help track the levels at different times, making measuring blood glucose hassle-free and convenient. 

    Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)

    Continuous glucose monitors, commonly referred to as CGM, are one of the most convenient glucose monitoring systems that track your glucose levels at all times, updating every one to fifteen minutes. The fact that makes CGMs so convenient is their way of providing the measurements and results in an easily portable tracker/monitor or on your mobile phone. 

    Most CGMs come with a small sensor that may have an adhesive to easily stick to your skin and sometimes a monitor that helps you see your glucose level readings. You may wear the sensor for 14 days or more in a single stretch. These monitors also include a transmitter that may or may not be attached to the sensor responsible for transmitting the measurements to its respective monitors. These devices also have a reader or a receiver accountable for allowing your monitor, smartphones, or similar devices to receive the measures from the transmitter. 

    Studies prove the capability of CGMs to let their users understand the fluctuations that may be happening in their blood glucose levels, making it a very beneficial kind of glucose monitoring system. In addition, the measurements and data from these devices help you understand the trends of glucose levels in your blood. 

    Everybody experiences different changes in their metabolic rate and blood glucose levels. Utilising CGMs enables you to recognise your body’s trends and what suits you best, enabling you to create custom food regimens that are most effective at maintaining healthy glucose levels. Diabetes and other disorders related to excessive blood glucose levels are most frequently brought on by your lifestyle choices. CGMs assist you in changing to a healthier lifestyle, thereby preventing the development of such illnesses.

    Blood Glucose Monitors (BGM)

    Blood glucose monitors are another kind of glucose monitoring system, best known as a home blood sugar meter, a glucose meter, or simply a glucometer. These are blood tests you can do at your home, thus helping you to self-monitor your blood glucose levels. Before CGM became a popular and convenient choice for measuring glucose levels, BGMs were the devices that doctors and medical practitioners recommended if they suspected you to have constantly fluctuating blood sugar levels. 

    The device detects the amount of glucose present in a drop of blood at that particular time. A drop of blood gets taken from your finger as the blood sample to conduct the test. It is called a fingerstick. The monitor will read the level when you put the blood drop onto the test strip. As a result, BGM users must perform fingersticks frequently throughout the day, occasionally even at night, or as instructed by their physician. It is beneficial to repeat it several times to obtain correct blood glucose levels, see how they fluctuate, and identify potential fluctuation causes.

    Studies suggest continuous testing throughout the day can improve your blood sugar levels. The results you get from this fingerstick testing will help your doctor determine if your blood glucose levels are always at an optimal level or not. In addition, you can use the results you get to make necessary changes to your lifestyle, diet, etc., if required. Also, ask your doctor if you need any medications or insulin in case of high glucose levels. 

    How to Use BGMs? 

    Below are the steps that you need to follow to use the blood glucose meter properly:

    • After taking the meter out, make sure it is clean.
    • Once you remove the test strip, close it tightly with a container to avoid contamination. 
    • Now wash your hands with soap and water and thoroughly dry them.
    • Finally, massage your hands for proper blood circulation.
    • Prick your finger using a lancet, squeeze from the base of that finger and gently put blood drop onto the test strip. 
    • Within seconds, you will notice the results and record them. If you think the reading is not in the target range, note down the possible reasons. 
    • After use, dispose of the lancet and strip it in the trash. 
    • Store the rest of the test strips well in the container with the test kit. Avoid exposing them to moisture, heat, or cold temperatures. 
    A1C Test

    The A1C test is like a regular blood test done every three months to understand the blood sugar control in the past months. The A1C tests help you and your doctor to understand your blood sugar levels. In most cases, the doctor or a medical practitioner prescribes an A1C test to someone they suspect to have diabetes or inconsistent glucose levels. Then, they determine your A1C test goal, which may generally be less than 7-8%, depending on your age. However, there are also A1C test kits available in the market that you can use at home to test blood glucose levels. 

    After taking an A1C test, the labs may provide your result in two ways:

    • A1C as a percentage reading.
    • Estimated average glucose (eAG) readings in the same numbers as your daily blood sugar readings

    After you take the test, if the results are too high or low, you may have to adjust your diabetes medications and routine plan. 

    The fitnessrewop Note

    Continuous glucose monitors are undoubtedly the most efficient and practical of the three types of glucose monitors. These are useful for people with diabetes and anyone who wants balanced blood glucose levels and better metabolic health. Doctors exclusively suggest blood glucose monitors and A1C tests for those with diabetes and those with evident disease symptoms. Unlike BGMs and A1C tests, a CGM measures a person’s blood glucose levels every five to fifteen minutes throughout the day, making it more convenient and helpful than the former ones. 

    The Importance of Using Glucose Monitors

    Diabetes is among the most prevalent diseases worldwide, affecting a large population yearly. More than 422 million people suffer from the disease worldwide, and not less than 1 to 6 million deaths occur because of diabetes annually. The figures are concerning, yet there are scarcely enough preventative measures, which is why the rates are so high.

    Diabetes is a severe and long-lasting disease. Studies say that diabetes can affect many major organs, including the heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes, and kidneys, thus resulting in long-term medical complications. The bloodstream is responsible for transporting glucose to different body parts to supply other organs with the required energy to perform several life functions. When this glucose level in the blood goes beyond the suitable level, the pancreas secretes insulin to get it back to normal. However, for a diabetic patient, insulin production may be low, or the body becomes incapable of using it effectively.  

    Once you get diabetes, your doctor will prescribe you regular medications along with several restrictions on food, behavioural patterns, and lifestyle. Additionally, your situation could worsen if you skip doses of prescribed drugs.

    Importance of Glucose Monitors for Non-Diabetic People

    Devices like continuous glucose monitors warn you as soon as they find a spike in blood glucose levels or if it goes below the optimal level. It will help you, a person with no diabetes, to understand what food item you eat or what behavioural pattern you follow causes such fluctuations and fix them accordingly. In such cases, the restrictions are minimal, and no medications are involved. 

    A suitable item or behavioural pattern that affects blood glucose levels varies from person to person. So, following pre-set diet plans that many may follow may work well for keeping your glucose levels in balance, but the diet plan may also not do any good. Glucose monitoring devices, on the other hand, will let you understand what works best for you and allow you to devise a lifestyle that works uniquely for you. 

    The CGMs provided by digital health platforms like fitnessrewop offer users personal health and fitness coaches and an AI that regularly tracks their glucose levels. They warn you as soon as they see an undesirable fluctuation in the numbers and provide instructions to bring it back to the optimal level. Such convenient devices can reduce the rate of diabetic patients to a large number globally.

    Importance of Glucose Monitors for Diabetic Patients

    According to doctors, most diabetic patients should use a glucose monitor, as it is essential to understand their progress with treatment, drugs, and diet regimens. A glucose monitor, especially a CGM, tracks the glucose levels throughout the day, and those patients will have to share their results with their doctors. 

    The results provided by glucose monitors help your doctor understand the effect of diabetes medications to bring back blood glucose to an optimal level. Furthermore, they will be able to understand what foods or behavioural patterns often affect glucose levels which will help them treat you accordingly. They can ask you to make further changes to your diet plans, exercises, or behavioural patterns depending on your average blood glucose levels, which they can easily acquire by the patients’ use of glucose monitors. Studies noticed that devices like continuous glucose monitors are more effective in treating diabetes than other methods that may include medications. 

    The fitnessrewop Note

    The development of continuous glucose monitors is a boon to people with diabetes as they can easily monitor their glucose levels without using fingersticks. It is a revolutionary invention for people with diabetes, providing accurate blood sugar levels. In addition, it often comes with an alarm system that immediately warns the user if the levels go dangerously low or high. Therefore, these are undoubtedly a device every diabetes patient must have to manage the disease well. 


    Everyone must stop believing that diabetic individuals only use glucose monitors to manage their condition. While these devices are the most useful for them, everyone can use systems like continuous glucose monitors to unlock their glucose data, ensure they are not getting prediabetic, and adjust their lifestyle accordingly. Glucose monitors are the answer to preventive healthcare in the field of diabetes. In addition, these monitors will empower you to make healthy diet changes and help you achieve good exercise routines. It will help you prevent diabetes and improve overall physical and mental health. 

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  • Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with Colombian Cuisine
    01 October 2022

    If hopping on a plane to Colombia is not in the plan this month, guess what? You can visit a local restaurant in your area or make a traditional Colombian recipe at home to celebrate National Latinx Heritage Month with some delicious authentic Colombian food. There’s lots to explore and love about this diverse South American cuisine.

    Much like its culture and people, Colombian cuisine combines indigenous, Spanish, and West African influences and flavors. Colombia’s food is as diverse as its people and the land. As one of the most geographically and biologically diverse countries, you’ll encounter an array of different staple crops and dishes as you move throughout the country. 

    From hearty, potato-rich stews in the mountains to fresh fish and rice in the coastal regions, there’s abundant color, flavor, and history on the plate.

    Common Colombian foods

    Colombia has hot, temperate, and cold climates,and its staple foods and dishes reflect them accordingly. Common foods include a variety of tropical fruits, rice, corn, cassava (yuca), potatoes, plantain, avocado, coconut, beef, and cheese. Colombia is well-known for its coffee and is a top producer of cocoa, sugar cane, and bananas. 

    White rice is a staple throughout the country. And in the cooler mountainous regions, you’ll find warm soups and stews made with plenty of root vegetables such as potatoes, while fish and seafood dishes with plantain and coconut rice are common on the coast. 

    Popular Colombian dishes to try

    Each region of Colombia has its own traditional dishes, but here are a few popular ones throughout the country.

    Colombian arepas are cornmeal cakes that are typically grilled but can also be fried or oven baked. Arepas might be served alongside a meal or topped or stuffed with a sauce, cheese, meat, and other fillings for a complete mealf. There are more than 40 different types of Colombian arepas—from the arepa paisa to the arepa Santandereana, made with bits of cassava and pork. They are prepared in many ways, and you’ll find variations depending on its departmento (similar to states) of origin. Some, like the arepa boyacense from the Boyacá región, are made with a sweet corn batter and stuffed with cheese. Another example, like the arepa de huevo, a fried corn cake with an egg inside, is popular in the Caribbean region. 

    Tamales are also popular in Colombia. Lorena Drago, RDN, CDCES, and owner of Hispanic Foodways, shares that “Colombians eat tamales on weekends, Christmas, and special occasions.” She says each region prepares tamales differently. “The masa can be prepared with either corn or rice. The filling can have an assortment of vegetables, eggs, peanuts, and meats ranging from beef to pork.” For example, the Tamal Antioqueño, from the Colombian state of Antioquia, is prepared with corn flour and peas, carrots, sliced potatoes, olives, chicken, and pork.  

    But Colombia is not all about handheld eats. Often called the national dish of Colombia, Bandeja Paisa is a traditional dish from Antioquia (home to Medellin and Guatape). Drago explains that this dish, which translates to “Paisa Platter,” gets its name from the people born in Antioquia, who are called Paisas. 

    Though you’ll see some ingredient swaps from region to region, Drago explains that “Bandeja Paisa contains white rice, red beans seasoned with scallions, tomatoes, carrots, garlic, and pork, beef, corn arepa, fried egg, sweet plantain, and a slice of avocado.” This dish was born out of necessity. Drago describes how “in the mid-1900 century, Antioquian muleteers and men from the state of Caldas spent the entire day working in the field and brought the bandeja paisa to sustain them during the long hours of hard labor.”

    There are far too many dishes to name, but other popular Colombian dishes to taste include ajiaco (a chicken and potato stew soup), sancocho (a soup made with corn, potatoes, plantain, and/or yuca, and chicken, pork, beef, or fish), sudado de pollo (chicken stew), and pescado frito (a whole fried fish from coastal Colombia commonly served with rice).

    Sweet and nutritious Colombian fruit

    Thanks to the country’s biodiversity, Colombia boasts one of the best fruit bounties in the world. So if you’re not quite ready to try your hand at arepas or a Colombian stew, you can get a taste of delicious, nutrient-dense Colombian fruits.

    Drago suggests starting with soursop (guanábana), loquat (níspero), lulo (naranjilla), guava (guayaba), passion fruit (maracuya), tamarind (tamarindo), dragon fruit (pitahaya), or other typical fruits to sweeten the plate and refresh the palate. 

    Fresh fruits like fiber-rich dragon fruit (pitahaya) might be fairly easy to find in major supermarkets, but others may take a bit more searching. If you live near an international farmers market, a Latinx market, or a specialty store, check for fresh guava, passion fruit, or tamarillo (a red or orange, egg-shaped fruit resembling a tomato). Ask a store produce manager if fresh options are available (even if for a short time each year). Also, check the frozen foods aisle for frozen fruit pulp and the grocery aisles for canned or dried options. 

    Tropical fruits can be eaten fresh as a snack, with a meal, or whipped into fresh juice. Some fruits, like passion fruit, can often be found in juice form or made into ice cream or custard. The antioxidant-rich lulo is popular throughout Colombia, and its frozen pulp is widely available in many parts of the world. Use it to make lulada, a Colombian beverage made with muddled lulo fruit, lime juice, water, and sugar. 

    Another way many Colombians enjoy fruit (particularly in the Andean region) is in an aromática. Making this fresh fruit infusion at home is easy. Simply steep fresh-cut pineapple, guava, or other fruit in hot, not boiling water until its infused with the fruit’s flavor. You can add fresh mint and honey or sugar to taste. Once it’s ready, sip and savor it like tea. 

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  • Climb to Coe
    01 October 2022

    The climb up to Henry Coe State park east of Morgan Hill is one of our big local climbs. It’s about 12 miles from the base of the hill on E Dunne ave. to park headquarters, with 2700 ft elevation gain. I did it yesterday with a group starting in Morgan Hill. Our route was a little shorter because we took the steeper shortcut up Thomas Grade. It was about 30 miles total starting near downtown Morgan Hill.

    I ride with a branch of Almaden Cycle Touring club in San Jose. Our local Tuesday group is the one I usually refer to rides with. I discovered that there are other groups with ACTC that also start in Morgan Hill, that are faster and do more climbing. That was who I rode with yesterday. They were quite accepting of my e-bike and the ride was enjoyable.

    Park headquarters. This is the second largest state park in Ca, with many miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. The views up here are incredible, my pictures didn’t do them justice.
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  • Carrots for Weight Loss: Do They He …
    01 October 2022

    Everyone loves crunchy, sweet carrots. It is a spring-planted cool-season crop which makes meals more colourful due to its lovely orange colour. Their best advantage is that one can consume them both cooked and raw.

    One can use carrots in salads, stews, pies, and a lot of other foods. Since they contain a lot of beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A) they can improve eye health and vision. Additionally, they are rich in carotenoids, antioxidants, and other bioactive substances. Together these components aid in weight loss, lower adiposity and avoid issues associated with obesity. Carrots also have a high fluid content which helps to curb hunger for a long time.

    Carrots are superb as snacks. Eat some carrots instead of unhealthy or high-calorie snacks. Baked carrots with a hummus dip, a carrot salad, or a carrot soup are perfect weight loss snacks. 

    How Carrots Help Lose Weight?

    A calorie deficit is one of the best ways to lose weight. It implies that our body must lose more calories than it consumes. Many people find counting calories helpful, but it might not be necessary if you make appropriate dietary choices. You might lose weight automatically if your appetite decreases. It’s common knowledge that fibre can reduce hunger. 

    According to research, the high fibre content facilitates the slow movement of food through the digestive tract. As a result, it gives the feeling of satiety for a long time. It eventually helps prevent overeating. 

    Carrots are bright orange because of an antioxidant called beta-carotene, which the body readily converts to vitamin A. According to research, vitamin A can aid in weight loss. It assists in reducing belly fat, particularly visceral fat. Antioxidants like beta-carotene can promote fat loss and shield the body from obesity-related health problems, including hypertension. 

    Foods that include antioxidants are nutritious, low in calories, and contain many other vitamins. Therefore, you will undoubtedly be consuming foods that are excellent for losing weight if you incorporate a diet that has a sufficient amount of antioxidants in it. 

    Carrots help lose weight since they are naturally low in calories. One cup of raw carrot sticks contains 50 calories. However, mindful eating and portion control is the key to weight loss. Health professionals advise eating no more than one to two medium-sized carrots daily. Consuming too many carrots might cause skin discolouration.

    The fitnessrewop Note

    Carrots are a great, nutrient-rich vegetable. Not only do they have high quantities of various nutrients like vitamins A and C, but carrots are also extremely low in calories and high in fibre. As a result, they are an excellent weight loss food. In addition, the increased amount of beta carotene in carrots gets converted to vitamin A in the body, which helps reduce fat in the body, especially visceral fat.

    Ways to Consume Raw Carrots

    Carrot is a very versatile vegetable when it comes to being used in dishes. While carrots can get consumed in various ways, the best way to consume them with minimal effort is to eat them raw. 

    • The simplest and best way to consume carrots for the maximum benefits would be to peel the carrot and eat it raw.  
    • You can also cut it in dice and enjoy it with a healthy hummus dip. 
    • You can also cut the carrots into sticks, bake them and drizzle them with honey. 
    • Carrots can be shredded or chopped to get added to these dips, soups, or salads. 
    • If chopping carrots seems like a task, one can use baby carrots. They make for an effortless and quick snack. Baby carrots can be consumed raw or baked. You can also eat them with dips and other sauces.
    The fitnessrewop Note

    Carrots are a very versatile food item. You can eat them raw or in cooked forms. Eating them in moderation is the key to a healthy life. Health experts suggest not to eat more than 1-medium-size carrot per day. Also, ensure you are not consuming it in fried forms or with unhealthy dips. Try to eat carrots whole rather than juicing them, as the juice will lose fibre and other essential minerals.

    Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss
    1. Carrot Soup

    Serves: 4

    Preparation Time: 30 minutes

    • Extra-virgin olive oil: 1 tbsp
    • Onion: 1 cup, chopped
    • Celery: 1 cup, chopped
    • Garlic: 2 cloves, chopped
    • Coriander: 1tsp, chopped (or parsley)
    • Carrots: 5 cups, chopped
    • Water: 2 cups
    • Vegetable broth: 4 cups
    • Salt: ½ tsp
    • Ground pepper: To taste
    • Heat oil in a pan over medium heat. Add onion and celery and occasionally stir until softened.
    • Add garlic and coriander and stir for about 10 seconds. 
    • Stir in carrots. Add water and broth; bring to a simmer over high heat. Reduce heat to maintain a simmer and cook until it’s tender, about 25 minutes.
    • Puree the soup in batches in a blender until smooth. 
    • Add salt and pepper. Divide the mixture into four equal parts.
    1. Carrot Kheer

    Serves: 4

    Preparation Time: 25 minutes

    • Carrots: 3/4
    • Water: ½ cup 
    • Thin Coconut Milk: 1 cup
    • Rock Salt: 1 pinch
    • Stevia: 1 pinch 
    • Raisins: 4 to 5
    • Cashews: 4 to 5
    • Cardamom Powder: ½ tsp
    • Boil the carrots till they become soft.
    • Take a blender and add ¼ cup of water and blend the carrots when cooled.
    • Mix the carrot puree, coconut milk and jaggery. Keep on low flame.
    • Stir occasionally, and don’t bring the mixture to a boil.
    • Steam vapours would now float on top above the kheer. Remove from flame and stir in the coconut milk.
    • In it, add cashews, along with raisins and cardamom powder.
    • To make it richer and healthier, garnish them with 5-6 pumpkin seeds.

    Health experts say eating carrots to lose weight can be a good idea. However, you should still pay attention to your portions and eat slowly. Carrots ultimately contain calories. When you consume too many carrots, the calories add up. Instead of depending on quick fixes for weight loss, it’s crucial to slowly incorporate carrots as a regular part of the balanced diet. Even the healthiest fruits and vegetables, when consumed in excess, can derail you from your weight loss journey. 

    Carrot juice taken in large quantities can cause hypervitaminosis A, skin discolouration, and tooth decay. Symptoms of an excess of vitamin A include nose bleeding, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, tiredness, and nausea. Also, excessive carrots and low water intake can lead to constipation from a fibre overdose.


    Carrots do not work as a magic fat burner to lose weight. You won’t get a new body in a day by eating carrots. Instead, this veggie will benefit your body’s antioxidant profile and diet. In addition, carrots can act as a low-calorie substitute for high-calorie appetisers like chips that can be served in mid-morning evenings or as a late-night snack. 

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  • Tokyo Vanity Weight Loss: Diet & Workout Plan
    01 October 2022

    Tokyo Vanity weight loss journey is a great option for various people. If you’re a big lover of Tokyo, you might recognize her hit track “That’s My Best Friend.” Following the release of this track began to gain lots of attention following the release of that song.

    Her transformation was also a source of headlines. Tokyo has undergone an amazing weight loss transformation, and we want to know how she accomplished it. Tokyo is transparent about it and even shared her experience details on her Instagram.

    Tokyo Vanity Weight Loss Journey

    Tokyo began the weight-loss journey in 2020 as a New Year’s resolution. She was able to achieve her weight loss goal. This wasn’t something new to her, she’d been trying for years to manage her weight, but it was a challenge to her in the past.

    After waiting for quite a while, she finally got started in 2020. And you know what? It was successful!. The new year’s resolutions approach was successful in Tokyo. Be aware of the possibility that you’ll put off your resolution until the moment you make a new resolution. It’s going to be difficult to get the results you want to achieve.

    What Did Tokyo Vanity Lost Weight

    Tokyo started to control her diet and drinking habits. Then she began to exercise frequently. She was a very accommodating trainer who supported her greatly throughout her journey. Without her, she wouldn’t have been able for Tokyo to remain motivated throughout the process. However, Tokyo was in the gym regularly and refused to let excuses keep her unsteady.

    Tokyo Vanity Weight Loss: Diet Plan

    Tokyo was following a basic but healthy diet. Tokyo conducted her own research before embarking on a journey to lose weight. It made her journey smooth and easy. She consciously tried to eat smaller portions and drink plenty of water. The water she drank throughout the day, she kept her stomach healthy. Also, she added proteins to her diet along with some veggies. Tokyo has stopped drinking sweet drinks and sodas, though she has a few drinks, but not every time.

    Tokyo Vanity Weight Loss: Workout Routine

    Tokyo was extremely consistent in her routine of exercise. She did two exercises a day to lose weight quickly. This routine also helped Tokyo significantly. She was burning lots of calories. It was difficult to stay consistent with her, but she’s disciplined in her daily routine.

    What Is The Weight That Tokyo Vanity Lost?

    Before beginning the weight-loss journey, her weight was greater than 350 pounds in Tokyo. However, after all the exercises and adhering to the nutritious diet, she shed over 100 pounds today.

    Her aim was to shed 50 pounds in a matter of two months. She did reach this target. This was due to her commitment to working out in the fitness center. She also lauds her friends for their support throughout her journey.

    Tokyo Vanity Accident

    She was struck by a vehicle on September 9th, 2020. The vehicle was hit by a four-wheeler on September 9th, 2020 [ 1. She was taken to the hospital and shared photos on Instagram about her situation. She didn’t even describe the incident. However, Sy Ari Da Kid recorded the entire incident. Tokyo suffered a back injury and an injury to her back.

    Tokyo Vanity Weight Loss Surgery

    Many of her fans have commented that she had weight-loss surgery. However, Tokyo did not admit to this and hasn’t replied to any allegations concerning the weight loss procedure that people have made. Since she lost a lot of weight, it seems impossible to many.

    Many celebrities avail the benefits of having surgery to shed weight. Still, it’s not simple to undergo surgery and lead a life as you did the way they did before. There are numerous medical procedures, medicines, and follow-up care they need to undergo.

    Tokyo Vanity Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

    Tokyo has been through many challenging situations, but she continued to follow her healthy lifestyle. Today, she is living a healthier life after losing lots of weight. Tokyo has started to feel more energetic after losing the extra weight. Her appearance is more appealing than ever before.

  • The 10 Best Dumbbell Exercises to Hit Your Lats
    01 October 2022

    Even if you skipped Latin class or missed boarding school altogether, most lifters in the gym are familiar with their lats — the large, fan-shaped muscle that occupies most of your back. This makes sense because “latissimus dorsi” translates to “broadest muscle of the back side.”

    Well-developed lats enhance the breadth of your physique by filling the space between your rib cage and arms. The lats support your low back and transmit energy between your hips and shoulders during athletic endeavors.

    Finally, the lats are massive contributors to upper body pulling strength. Whether hoisting yourself over a wall at an obstacle course race or drawing in an opponent during a grappling sport, the lats are as useful as they are aesthetic.

    Credit: MDV Edwards / Shutterstock

    We all need a strong, substantial set of lats. You might already train them with pull-ups and pulldowns. Sure, those are great, but there’s an assortment of effective lat exercises that only require a few dumbbells. Here are the best dumbbell exercises to hit your lats.

    10 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Lats Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

    Sometimes the simplest exercise is the most effective. The bent-over dumbbell row delivers a heavy training stimulus to the lats and other muscles of the back while reinforcing hip hinge mechanics. In fact, the bent-over row shows comparable low back extensor muscle activity to the Romanian deadlift (RDL). (1)

    Unlike the barbell row, which is traditionally performed with an overhand grip on a straight bar, the dumbbell version allows an elbow-friendly neutral forearm rotation. To better target the lats, pull your elbows straight back out to the side. (2)

    How to Do the Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

    Stand upright while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Bend forward at the hips and keep a slight bend in your knees. Allow the dumbbells to hang from your straight arms, slight in front of your knees.

    Row both dumbbells toward the bottom of your ribcage by pulling the elbows and shoulders back. Keep your trunk at a constant angle to the floor. Don’t jerk your upper body up and down to move the weight.

    Benefits of the Bent-Over Dumbbell Row
    • Maintaining the hip hinge (bent forward) position trains your glutes and spinal erectors while you row. (1)(3)
    • Rowing from the bent-over position requires greater spinal stiffness, which may make the bent-over dumbbell row a great accessory exercise for those training to improve their deadlift. (3)
    • Depending on your flexibility, the bent-over dumbbell row may also provide the bonus effect of a mild hamstring stretch.
    Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

    Closely related to the bent-over dumbbell row, the single-arm dumbbell row allows you to adopt a large stance and brace your off-side arm on your leg.

    Tasked with managing only one dumbbell at a time, you can focus attention on the target muscles including the lats, teres major, rhomboids, middle trapezius, and posterior deltoids (upper back muscles). Focusing on the mind-muscle connection has been shown to be helpful for engaging the lats. (4)

    How to Do the Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

    Begin with one dumbbell on the floor. Take a staggered stance with your front foot next to the dumbbell. Your working arm will be opposite your front foot — left foot forward with your right arm working, and vice versa.

    Lean forward and brace your non-working forearm on your front thigh. Grab the dumbbell with your working arm and row the dumbbell toward your back hip. Maintain a neutral grip with your palm facing your front leg. Lower the weight to a full stretch, nearly reaching ankle-level.

    Benefits of the Single-Arm Dumbbell Row
    • Rowing one arm at a time with your off-side forearm supported on your thigh helps lock in good form by discouraging hip extension.
    • Unilateral (single-arm) rowing with off-side support is easier on the low back. It reduces lumbar erector muscle activity and likely decreases extension forces and shear forces experienced by the low back. (5)
    Dead-Stop Dumbbell Row

    Think of the dead-stop dumbbell row as a relative of the barbell-based Pendlay row. Like its more popular sibling, each repetition is performed from the floor, which builds raw strength at long muscle lengths.

    And like the Pendlay row and the bent-over dumbbell row, discussed above, the exercise requires deep hip flexion and adequate hamstring flexibility. But unlike the bent-over dumbbell row, which can tax the lumbar region, the dead-stop dumbbell row offloads the low back between each repetition while the weight is reset on the ground.

    How to Do the Dead-Stop Dumbbell Row

    Stand with two dumbbells slightly outside of your toes. Assume a deep hip hinge position, bent at the waist, with your back as straight as possible.

    Grab the dumbbells and row them alongside your thighs toward your ribs. Lower both weights to the ground and allow a “dead-stop” on the floor between repetitions. Pause momentarily to unload the weights, without loosening your grip, before initiating the next rep.

    Benefits of the Dead-Stop Dumbbell Row
    • Because the dead-stop dumbbell row begins and ends in a stationary position on the floor, it interrupts the stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) and eliminates the stretch reflex. This decreases momentum and increases muscle recruitment.
    • The dead-stop makes the movement more strict by dissuading the use of passive recoil from muscles and other connective tissues. This makes the exercise more challenging and will help you to build starting strength, or strength off the floor.
    • As a bonus, dead-stop exercises are often extremely joint- and tendon- friendly, likely due to more gradual loading rates and lower absolute loads required for a training effect.
    Cross-Bench Dumbbell Pullover

    A hallmark of the “Golden era” of bodybuilding, the pullover has seen cycles of popularity and disuse. Along with straight-arm cable pulldowns, the pullover is a rare “isolation exercise” targeting the latissimus dorsi.

    The lats are capable of moving the shoulder through a very long range of movement. (6) While rows train the lats through a significant part of the extension range of motion, the cross-bench dumbbell pullover trains shoulder extension from end-range (overhead position).

    Peak resistance in the pullover is encountered when your arms are fully overhead, parallel to the ground. That’s when the latissimus dorsi muscle fibers are at their longest length. Training the lats at long muscle lengths is beneficial for building muscle mass. (7)

    How to Do the Cross-Bench Dumbbell Pullover

    Support your shoulder blades on a flat bench and bridge your hips to keep a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Begin with one dumbbell in both hands supported above your face. Lower the weight “overhead” behind you until you feel a strong stretch across your lats and chest.

    Pull the weight back over your forehead. Stop before your arms are vertical to maintain tension, and repeat. Keep your elbows in a fixed, slightly bent position and turned slightly outward throughout the exercise.

    Benefits of the Cross-Bench Dumbbell Pullover
    • By keeping your elbows slightly bent and flared outwards throughout, you’ve locked yourself into a position where the dumbbell applies resistance to shoulder extension and internal rotation. Both are actions of latissimus dorsi, leading to increased muscle recruitment.
    • The cross-bench dumbbell pullover requires isometric contraction of the gluteus maximus. Not only will you get bonus “glute work,” but contraction of the glutes may actually enhance tension on the lats. Force transmission occurs between the glutes and lats via the thoracodorsal fascia, a sheet of connective tissue in the small of the back to which both muscles attach. (8)(9)
    Kroc Row

    Some exercises are good for going heavy and others are great for high repetition sets. The Kroc row is designed for both. Dust off the biggest dumbbell you can find and consider using a lifting strap. Aim for no less than 15 reps per set.

    Although the Kroc row encourages a small amount of body English to move the weight and get the reps, be disciplined here. Excessive trunk extension or rotation recruits more muscles that are not the target of the exercise. To keep the focus on the lats, the majority of work must be done by the shoulder.

    How to Do the Kroc Row

    Setup similar to a single-arm dumbbell row, in a split stance with a dumbbell near your front foot. Brace your off-hand on a sturdy bench or on the end of a dumbbell rack — don’t be the person blocking a row of dumbbells, set up to the side of the rack.

    Strap in to the dumbbell, brace hard with your off-hand, and accelerate the dumbbell up toward the outside of your lower lower ribs. A small amount of leg drive is acceptable. Lower under control and repeat for high reps.

    Benefits of the Kroc Row
    • Although the Kroc row is decidedly a lat-building exercise, it allows hearty contribution from the upper traps. The recruitment of this powerful muscle allows you to move more weight for higher reps.
    • The Kroc row provides a unique opportunity for heavy loading and “controlled aggression” during your training. It’s the kind of exercise that makes you want to crank up the volume on your favorite lifting music.
    Three-Point Dumbbell Row

    The lats act primarily on the shoulder with minor contributions to trunk extension and rotation. (10) Emphasis on the word “minor.” If you are struggling with keeping true form or experiencing low back fatigue during the bent-over dumbbell row or other standing variations, then it’s time for a different variation. The three-point dumbbell row may be ideal.

    It’s sometimes considered the “default” method of performing a dumbbell row. It’s more supportive than either the single-arm dumbbell row or Kroc row because it requires a large, stable base for moving serious weight with clean form.

    How to Do the Three-Point Dumbbell Row

    Begin with a dumbbell on the floor next to a flat bench. Place your off-side knee, shin, and palm on the flat bench. Set your other foot a comfortable distance from your hips and keep the foot flat on the floor.

    Maintain a neutral spine position as you grab the dumbbell. Keep a neutral grip (palm facing your body) as you row the dumbbell toward the outside of your hip. Lower to a full stretch without touching the floor, and repeat for reps.

    Benefits of the Three-Point Dumbbell Row
    • Compared to standing variations, the three-point dumbbell row takes significant tension off the low back and hamstrings.
    • You’ve unofficially claimed the bench as your designated recovery zone between hard sets. Push your sets hard enough and you’ll need it.
    Bird Dog Row

    The bird dog exercise is a common rehab and performance exercise that trains “rotary stability,” or the ability to recover from challenges that would tend to rotate your shoulder girdle, spine, or hips. (11) It’s performed on the ground in an “all fours” position with support from only one hand and the opposite leg.

    Take this challenging position, move it on top of a flat bench, and add a row. Now, you have a dynamite exercise that integrates the lats and core.

    How to Do the Bird Dog Row

    Start with a light dumbbell (roughly 20-30% of what you’d use for a single-arm row) placed on top of a flat bench.

    Setup with your working-side knee and off-side hand on the bench, and your off-side leg extended behind you. Brace your midsection and stabilize your entire body. Row the dumbbell with a neutral-grip to the outside of your lower ribs. Focus on preventing any rotation of your hips, pelvis, or spine as the weight moves.

    Benefits of the Bird Dog Row
    • Unilateral dumbbell rows have shown greater muscle activity in the obliques than bilateral rows, cable rows, and machine rows. (5) This variation will hit the obliques even harder than other single-arm rows due to the narrow base of support. (11)
    • The bird dog row requires the lowest weight dumbbell to be challenging and effective, making it an appealing exercise for “light” or recovery workouts or periods of injury rehabilitation.
    Bench-Supported Dumbbell Row

    Although standing dumbbell row variations may look simple, they are notoriously subject to sloppy form. The bench-supported dumbbell row, sometimes called the chest-supported row, restricts the work to only your shoulders to better target the lats. (2) (10)

    Because your lower body is essentially removed from the equation and the bench provides rock-solid stability, this is one of the most strict and muscle-focused row variations.

    How to Do the Bench-Supported Dumbbell Row

    Set an adjustable bench to 45-degrees. If you have long arms, you may need to elevate the bench to maintain the same angle. Using a higher incline will shift focus off the lats and onto the traps and upper back musculature.

    Hold two dumbbells and lie chest-down on the bench. The weights should not reach the floor when hanging down straight. Row both dumbbells by pulling your elbows up and alongside the bench. Keep a neutral forearm orientation throughout the exercise.

    Benefits of the Bench-Supported Dumbbell Row
    • The bench-supported dumbbell row eliminates the use of “body English” in the hips or trunk to cheat the weights up.
    • Bench-supported rowing has been shown to result in reduced low back muscle activity, which may be beneficial for those looking to spare the low back in training— say, to prepare for an imminent deadlift session — or to offload the low back in the case of injury. (2)
    Dumbbell Prone Bench Pull

    Although it often takes a backseat to the bench press, the bench pull is a hallmark of athletic training and testing. The reason? It’s a pure expression of horizontal pulling strength.

    The dumbbell version of the bench pull, sometimes called a seal row, alleviates some of the difficulties associated with the barbell version. Most notably, the potential for a shortened range of motion when the barbell hits the underside of the bench.

    If you do not have a dedicated bench pull/seal row station, you can easily assemble one with a flat bench and several plates or aerobic steps. However, make sure your setup is secure and at an appropriate height. To ensure a full range of motion, the bench must be high enough to avoid reaching the floor in the stretched position.

    How to Do the Dumbbell Prone Bench Pull

    Lie on your belly on top of the bench with a folded towel under your forehead to maintain proper neck alignment. Retrieve the dumbbells from beneath the bench by carefully leaning to each side and grabbing them.

    Row both weights toward your lower ribs with your palms facing each other. Keep your arms and the dumbbells close to the bench, not angled away.

    Benefits of the Dumbbell Prone Bench Pull
    • The prone position dissuades compensatory actions such as “shrugging” during the row, which could otherwise rob tension from the lats.
    • The setup provides support to the entire spine and head, significantly reducing strain on the spine. You might even find the stretched position comfortable for a moment.
    Dumbbell Pull-Up Drop Set

    The pull-up is not technically a dumbbell exercise, but I am including it here under the pretense that it can be loaded with a dumbbell. A cop-out? Probably, but the pull-up is too effective as a lat-builder to neglect.

    It’s likely the latissimus dorsi is best trained at long muscle lengths. (7) Aside from the dumbbell pullover, which has a very small effective range of motion, no exercise on this list compares to the pull-up for the purpose of training the lats at long muscle lengths.

    If you’re strong and can perform several bodyweight pull-ups with good technique, you can load the pull-up heavier by locking a dumbbell between your legs. If you’re up for a serious challenge, perform your dumbbell pull-ups with the drop set technique.

    How to Do the Dumbbell Pull-Up Drop Set

    Hold a relatively light dumbbell between your ankles, begin performing pull-ups with a neutral or, if available, rotating grip.

    When you approach muscular fatigue and cannot perform another full repetition with good form, release the dumbbell on the floor and immediately continue to perform pull-ups until you approach muscular failure again.

    Benefits of the Dumbbell Pull-Up Drop Set
    • Compared to hanging weights from a dip belt for your pull-ups, using a dumbbell is easier to quickly jettison during a drop set.
    • Pull-ups can be used to train shoulder extension by using a shoulder-width grip or adduction when using a wide grip. Both are actions of the latissimus dorsi, leading to increased muscle recruitment and growth stimulus.
    The Latissimus Dorsi Muscles

    All ten exercises on the list are effective for training the lats because they load or provide resistance to one or more of the..

  • Chef Rachael Ray Weight Loss: Diet Plan & Workout Routine
    01 October 2022

    Get all the details on Chef Rachael Ray’s 40-pound lost weight journey. Information about her diet and exercise routine. Look at the before and post adjustments.

    Born on August 25, 1968, in Glens Falls, New York, Rachael Ray is a vivacious TV host, businesswoman, celebrity, and chef who made her name through her Food Network and ABC series. She was awarded Daytime Emmys for her series Rachael Ray and 30 Minute Meals.

    Recently, Ray has been making rounds about her remarkable weight loss. What was her method of losing weight? What are her diet plan and workout routine? Let’s discuss.

    Rachael Ray’s 40-Pound Weight Loss: What Motivated Her To Go After It?

    Rachael Ray is a famous chef, writer, entrepreneur, and author who has experienced more than 40 pounds of weight loss. What exactly did Rachael Ray lose weight? Here’s an interesting fact. It’s plant-based, easy to adhere to, and loaded with healthy fats. It’s the Mediterranean Diet. You’ve got it right!

    Rachael Ray is well-known for being one of the important people in modern cooking. While she did not attend culinary school, she spent most of her time in and around her mother’s three restaurants. She has an amazing talent for communicating.

    Her concept for 30-minute meals was the catalyst that took her from an uninvolved culinary show on a local television station. She then made appearances on the biggest talk shows, book deals, and finally, her own show, Rachael Ray Show on the Food Network.

    Most curators and recipe writers seek to emulate Rachael’s quick and easy cooking style when they write their recipes.

    Her name has grown up and down because of her exemplary determination to succeed. The rigors of her work had resulted in weight gain and other health issues before she reached 40.

    Ray was undergoing an operation on her throat in 2008 due to a cyst she developed from talking for hours a day on her show and during interviews.

    The reality TV star’s life stopped when the doctor informed her that she wouldn’t be able to talk after the treatment in three weeks. Rachael used the course of those three weeks to stress her health and fitness, particularly her weight.

    She started eating the Mediterranean diet and working out. Her changes in the recovery process from surgery on her throat were exhilarating and inspiring.

    Rachael Ray Weight Loss Secrets

    Rachael Ray adhered to the Mediterranean Diet and embraced a much more active lifestyle until she lost 40 pounds. She consumed a lot of vegetables such as berries, fish, seasonings, and seasonings, as well as healthy grains and olives.

    She did not just drink lots of water regularly; she was a wine drinker and a coffee drinker. Importantly, she was hesitant to consume any food high in calories like convenience items (for example, the ones found in petrol stations) and cola or sweets.

    But she also indulged in some of the comforts of steak and pasta. For Rachael and a few others, The Mediterranean Diet’s lower calorie restriction is essential to losing weight and keeping it.

    Most diets for weight loss are focused on eliminating certain foods that you have been avoiding. It is the Mediterranean Diet, on the contrary, focuses on filling your plate with foods you love eating.

    This is why many are beginning to eat this way and then never return. If you’re looking to shed weight and maintain your body like Rachael, the diet is the best way to follow.

  • Here is How it Works- fitnessrewop
    01 October 2022

    One of the latest trends to hit the wellness industry, probiotics, are everywhere. Probiotics are tasty and also a boon for your gut’s health. In addition, a significant amount of study suggests that certain types of probiotics may be the go-to solution for weight loss. The logic behind taking probiotics (through fermented foods and supplements) is that consuming more good bacteria ensures a healthy microbiome. It, in turn, supports a handful of processes in your body, including weight loss. 

    Sounds interesting? Well, read on to find out why probiotics for weight loss are worth the hype.

    How Do Probiotics Help You Lose Weight?

    When it comes to weight loss, gut health plays a significant role. Countless microbes floating in the gut can affect an individual’s overall health. For example, moderate-weight people have healthier gut bacteria than obese or overweight people.

    So, how can you maintain the health of your gut microbiome? Probiotics help you to achieve that. Adding probiotic-rich foods will influence calorie intake, reduce your appetite and inflammation and ultimately result in healthy weight loss. Here’s how probiotics benefit your weight loss plan.

    Appetite Suppressant

    Probiotics’ primary role is to act as an appetite suppressor, making you feel satiated for a long time. And preventing overeating or snacking on theunhealthy foods. Further, probiotics that have Bifidobacterium, release a hormone known as GLP-1. The hormone stimulates the fat-burning process. 

    Improves Fat Regulation Proteins

    Another way probiotics aid in weight loss is by increasing fat regulation proteins. As per research, Angiopoietin-like protein is one of the proteins that reduce fat storage and protect one from obesity. 

    Promotes Digestive Health

    Probiotics can regenerate the digestive system with good microbes, neutralising harmful components. In addition, the beneficial microorganisms reduce digestive issues, which naturally has a positive impact on your digestive health and weight loss.

    Induces Quality Sleep

    Poor quality of sleep increases the risk of obesity. The gut microbiome has a significant role in your sleep cycle and mental health. Probiotics might help in improving the quality of sleep in adults, where improved sleep, in turn, will effectively aid in weight loss.

    But, before you go and purchase some probiotic-rich foods, you must know that the wrong strain of probiotics may do the opposite. Your gut is a warehouse of trillions of bacteria, where some of them are good and others are not. It’s a party inside, but things can go wrong when that bacterial balance gets thrown out of whack. Therefore, pick the right probiotic strain to help your weight loss goals.

    Potential winning ( and less eccentric) weight loss strains include:

    • Lactobacillus
    • Bifidobacterium
    • VSL#3
    The fitnessrewop Note

    Probiotics help in weight loss by contributing to positive digestive health and improving the diversity of gut bacteria. Adding fermented foods to the daily diet will aid in weight management, prevent the onset of obesity and promote better health. However, when consumed in excess, it will negatively affect metabolic activities. 

    Foods Rich in Probiotics

    Probiotics are food items or supplements containing live bacteria and yeast that assist the digestive process. Probiotic-rich foods will aid in better gut health and promote weight loss, along with several other health advantages. Here is the list of healthy foods high in probiotics that you should include in your daily dietary regime.


    Yoghurt contains many probiotics that are gut-friendly and improve overall health. It is crafted from milk and carefully fermented with probiotics, mainly bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria. Consuming yoghurt has several advantages besides weight loss, including better health of bones, blood pressure management, and relieving irritable bowel syndrome.


    Kimchi is the Korean counterpart to our Indian achaar. Gained popularity with K-dramas, kimchi is known for its spiciness and pungent aroma and is rich in probiotics. This side dish with a bowl of brown rice can be the perfect lunch choice for your weight loss diet plan. 

    Miso Soup

    Miso Soup is another natural food source with high probiotics. It is a Japanese soup containing a stock called dashi, which aids in improving gut health and weight loss. Miso is nothing but fermented soybean paste filled with rice, barley, and salt making it a  rich in protein source as well. 


    Tempeh is another probiotic-filled delicacy which comes from soybeans. It is considered a perfect alternative to meat by vegans due to its rich protein content that promotes weight loss. You can consume it by stirring it with fried veggies or pairing it with brown rice. In addition, the food has natural antibiotics that combat various illnesses.


    Every probiotic food list has sauerkraut, which is finely cut cabbage. Fermented by various probiotic bacteria, this food is a good source of antioxidants like vitamin C. Besides helping you shed extra kilos, sauerkraut keeps your digestive system healthy and active. You can also add it to other dishes to improve the flavour while strengthening your immune system.

    Certain Types of Cheese

    Regarding probiotic-rich food sources, certain kinds of fermented cheese are helpful. For example, cottage cheese is a popular food source high in probiotics which you can consume just with a pinch of salt. You can pair it with walnuts, olive oil, and cucumber slices to achieve a healthy weight loss snack. 


    Like yoghurt, kefir is a fermented form of dairy with a distinct mixture of fermented milk and kefir grains. It is even suitable for people with lactose intolerance and has more than 34 different probiotics. In addition, the food helps assist bone health and weight loss, improve digestive processes, and fight off infections.


    Kombucha is a slightly sweet and fizzy drink made from sweet black tea and fermented with a bacterial colony. It is good for digestion and can be consumed directly from the bottle. Furthermore, the vitamin content in the drink plays a vital role in promoting the function of the immune and nervous systems.

    Dark Chocolate

    Surprisingly, dark chocolate is another rich powerhouse of probiotics, which has four times the content compared to any other dairy product. The high concentration of antioxidants ensures the maintenance of a healthy gut and prevents oxidation damage to the cells. And the best part is when consumed in moderation, it can also aid in weight loss.

    The fitnessrewop Note

    You’ve probably had a healthy dose of probiotics in pickles, yoghurt, kefir, kombucha, or other fermented foods. When shopping for probiotic foods, check for labels that say live and active cultures. Common strains like lactobacillus and bifidobacteria are the best choices. 


    The key to healthy and long-term weight loss is consuming foods high in essential nutrients. Probiotics are one source that will help you eliminate stubborn fat. However, it alone cannot contribute to weight loss. Consume various colourful foods rich in probiotics and a diet rich in essential nutrients to keep yourself active and in shape.

    A good weight loss plan is not about restricting or cutting down on fatty foods but also about eating healthy foods and drinks that will help you treat the issue from the root. Simply put, the best thing you can do to benefit your weight and overall well-being is to keep your gut microbiome as diverse as possible.

    The post Here is How it Works- fitnessrewop appeared first on Rewop.

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