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20 June 2021

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  • 7 Benefits you’ll Unlock if you Start to Drink More Water
    20 June 2021

    Today's blog, 7 Benefits you’ll Unlock if you Start to Drink More Water by Preetam Chatterjee.

    Humans can’t survive without water, which is true for nearly all living organisms on our planet. But have you ever paused to reflect on what other roles water has in our body? In this article, we’ll discuss 7 Benefits that’ll unlock if you Drink More Water. Our human body is composed of about 60% of […]

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  • Epidemiology Guide 2021
    19 June 2021

    Epidemiology is not a term you hear very often. For many persons, the coronavirus pandemic (popularly called “COVID 19”) was the first time they got to hear about epidemiology and uncontrolled disease. This era came with the introduction of words and phrases such as “transmission,” “incubation period,” “contact tracing,” and “herd immunity” into the public… Read More »Epidemiology Guide 2021

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  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Protein for Muscle Building - Part 2
    19 June 2021


    If you have not read Part 1 check it out first!

    Amino Acids 101

    All proteins are made up of amino acids. Your body can produce some amino acids, but others – called essential amino acids – must be consumed.     If your body lacks any of the essential amino acids you cannot create muscle proteins.     

    Studies have been done to determine the optimal mix of amino acids to generate the highest level of protein utilization.     

    Several companies offer essential amino acid powders using the optimal mix of amino acids including Perfect Amino, Optimal Amino, Fortagen, Kion Amino Acids, and Master Amino Pattern and all of them use identical formulations based on an expired patent.      

    Optimal Amino, Fortagen, and Kion Aminos are all manufactured in compliance with pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices and are high quality products that are easy to find on the internet.   Optimal Amino offers the best value and lowest price per serving of all these options.

    Can you gain muscle while losing fat?

    Yes!   However, it takes discipline and a real focus on diet to do this!    One of the keys is obtaining optimal amounts of protein while not taking in too many calories.  

    This is where supplemental use of Essential Amino Acids can help because you can get the equivalent of 100 grams of meat, fish, or chicken in just 20 grams of essential aminos at a fraction of the calories!   They are also quick and easy to digest.

    How Often Do You Need to Consume Protein to Optimize Muscle Mass?

    Practically speaking if you consume all your protein as whole food it is challenging for most to consume optimal amounts of protein each day without spreading it over several meals – even if you eat the highest quality protein sources such as Eggs, Meat, Chicken and Fish!

    Is it true that you can only absorb and use a fixed maximum amount of protein in one meal?

    The short answer is no!    Even though many fitness and medical professionals believe this to be true.  The research comparing people who consume all their protein in a short meal window each day versus those who spread it out is pretty consistent - it does not matter if you eat fewer meals with more protein per meal.

    The take home message is to consume enough high-quality protein each day.   For most people eating anywhere from 3 – 6 meals a day is easiest to maintain when consuming optimal amounts of protein for muscle building.

    As surprising as this may sound consider that humans have been on the earth for hundreds of thousands of years, and everyone alive today is a product of evolution of our forebears.    For almost all the time humans have existed we did NOT ration our protein intake throughout the day – our ancestors ate as much as they could when they had it!   The ability to absorb and use proteins in large meals is therefore built into us.

    What is true is that your body adjusts to any specific dietary pattern over time by changing the levels of enzymes that breakdown, transport and use specific macronutrients including fat, protein, and carbohydrate.  In addition your body adjusts to meal timing as well.  Whenever you change your dietary pattern significantly it takes time for the body to adjust so keep this in mind and shift slowly to minimize discomfort!

    Isn’t High Protein Bad for You?

    There are persistent myths surrounding protein intake and kidney damage and bone loss which never seem to die despite mounds of research proving they are myths!

    Unless you have kidney disease these fears are completely misplaced!    In addition, many studies have shown that increased protein intake in aging adults helps INCREASE bone density!

    For more information on the science of amino acids checkout:

  • Quit Blaming Your Genetics
    19 June 2021

    Just stop with blaming your genetics for your obesity. Of course genetics can, and do play a role in your metabolism and weight, but your problem is more so one of environment. You might honestly believe that since you come from a fat family that you cannot help your obesity, but this is simply not the case. Just because you have a family history of obesity and health problems, it does not mean your genes have doomed you.

    Virtually every chronic disease is polygenic. That means that there are multiple genes which are in play when it comes to your health risks. Your genetics account for about 50% or less when it comes to your risk of obesity and poor health. When it comes to the genetic roll of the dice, you might just be a winner within a family of losers. You simply cannot just throw up your hands in defeat and blame your genetics for your obesity.

    When it comes to obesity, there are thirty-nine genes that determine risk. However, only two have any real clinical import, and these are only found in about 16 percent of the population of obese people.  If you had every other obesity risk gene, these will only have about a 22 pound impact on your weight. When we look at people that surround us, we can clearly see that we have a larger problem than just 22 pounds. Our society has a problem of obesity that has become a problem of up to 100 pounds and more. We need to quit blaming genetics for this and begin looking at the real problem causing our weight problems. The problem is largely the result of the environments we grow up in.

    The Environmental Problem

    Genetics actually play only about a 15 percent role in our risk for obesity and chronic disease. The other 85 percent of our risks come from our personal environments. What this means is, there is plenty we can do to take control of our lives in order to prevent obesity and diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia, and virtually every other chronic disease. Your mother, and her mother may have been type 2 diabetics, but this does not mean you are doomed to the same fate. It is an 85 percent chance their diabetes came from their home environment instead. This is because they ate the same poor food choices that they introduced you too as well. This is not genes at play!

    And when did you become introduced to poor nutritional choices?

    You were introduced to these nutritional choices while you were still in your mothers womb. The foods your mother was eating while your fetus was gestating had an effect on your future much more than your genetics. Your mothers nutritional habits had an effect on your DNA called epigenetics. If she was eating poorly and was obese during her pregnancy, this placed you at the same risks as her. Conversely, if she had practiced good nutrition  and was at a healthy weight, then you would also be more prone to the same. Your genetics might play a small role, but it is more so your mother’s behaviors that you were exposed to that determined your risks. You cannot alter your propensity for obesity and chronic disease. But once you know the problem, you can alter the outcomes for yourself and your children. Quit blaming your genetics.

    Knowledge is The Key!

    There are many weight loss businesses that will take your money while claiming to help you lose weight. The problem is not only that they are unaffordable for some, they also do not teach you much about nutrition. If you lack nutritional knowledge, you are not likely to ever be successful at losing weight and then keeping it off. When you apply good knowledge to your nutritional habits, you will be successful, no matter your genetics. It is also not enough to just become knowledgeable, you need to teach your children about good nutritional practices too.

    David’s Way to Health and Fitness is a Free Resource!

    It has been my pledge from day one to always be a free resource to our readers and followers. We believe that everyone has the right to be healthy regardless of their financial status. Everything here on the website is free. You should never have to pay for the simple truth about how to lose weight. It’s not rocket science. While many entities make a lot of money dispensing information concerning weight loss, the way to lose weight is so simple that we believe that it’s an unalienable right to have free access to these basic truths. The truth should not be available only to those who can afford it. We’re here to help you manage your weight and live a healthy and full life through good nutritional practices and physical fitness. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR BEFORE BEGINNING ANY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. We do not offer any medical advice or treatment of any kind. We DO NOT offer any advice concerning medical diets.

    For more of David’s Way to Health and Fitness, check us out on Facebook. Simply click on this link where you will find Fit and Healthy Living with David’s Way.

    Check out this great article by Brenda Sue!  Genetics and Habits in Obesity


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  • Is Giloy Natural Immunity Booster During COVID-19
    19 June 2021

    Today's blog, Is Giloy Natural Immunity Booster During COVID-19 by Subhranil.

    Giloy ‘The Heavenly Elixir’, it is among the most ancient ayurvedic herb found in the tropical areas of India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. It is found throughout the tropical regions in India. It has been in use for centuries in traditional medicine to treat various disorders. It is considered very highly effective because of its […]

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  • Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Shares One Of The Secrets To Her Success
    19 June 2021
    Community is key.
  • This Week Will Bring Glamorous New Beginnings, According To Astrologers
    19 June 2021
    Here's your horoscope, from the AstroTwins.
  • What It Really Means To Have An “Inferiority Complex" + Signs To Look For
    19 June 2021
    Sometimes insecurities run deeper.
    19 June 2021

    The mechanisation of work The inevitable consequence of having machinery take over much of manual work was the reduction of the general level of physical activity in the population. While there was a fairly rapid change over the transition period between the late 18th and the mid nineteenth centuries, the process of less activity at […]

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  • Crispy Sesame Chicken
    19 June 2021

    This homemade Crispy Sesame Chicken is just like what you get from your favourite take-out place! This crispy chicken is covered in a sticky sesame sauce that makes for a delicious and easy weeknight dinner. I love chicken from Asian take out places. H’s parents always gets a chuckle out of it and will order...

    Read More

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