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26 May 2022

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  • My Limited-Edition Accessories Collection with Jennifer Behr
    26 May 2022

    I’ve always personally believed in the power of jewelry—that it’s the backbone of my wardrobe. The art of wearing your pieces lives in how you layer, from simple to statement-making; it elevates and transforms a look. My favorite outfits always end up being the well-accessorized ones that transport me to another place and time; it’s this sentiment that inspired the designs of my very first, limited-edition jewelry and hair accessories design collaboration with leading luxury accessories designer, Jennifer Behr. 

    I’ve admired Jennifer’s whimsical creations for close to six years. I was originally drawn to her collection when shopping for hair accessories for my wedding. When we finally met last Fall at the Dior Exhibit in Brooklyn Museum, we bonded over a shared love of all things romantic, whimsical, ornate and elegant. There are some people you’re drawn to from an inspiration standpoint and Jennifer’s thoughtful craftsmanship and ethereal appeal have always captured my creative eye. 

    The two of us met for lunch at Frenchette this past January and found ourselves sharing stories about our favorite travels through the years. From Provence to Portofino and Capri, we were reminiscing about our passion for travel and the excitement we shared for dressing up for the adventures summer would hold. 

    It was this conversation and our mutual love of jewelry that brought the collection to life. I was absolutely beside myself when Jennifer proposed we design something together. I’ve always dreamed of one day designing jewelry – in fact, it’s part of the reason we moved to New York four years ago but I’ll save that story for another time. My exact response to Jennifer was “well you don’t have to twist my arm!” 

    We began the design process a few months ago in Jennifer’s Brooklyn office. I brought a handful of sketches to inspire each design and we used filigree and floral elements as a nod to the French and Italian Springtime gardens and museums I love to explore. 

    The collection was built on the notion that the right pair of earrings, bow or barrette can completely transform an outfit. We created something small yet beautiful that can be worn endlessly for any number of occasions—from day-to-day to date night and summer celebrations. And of course, summer is the perfect time to launch because jewelry is the perfect accessory for traveling! 

    Jennifer also opened up her archives as there’s one piece in particular that connected the two of us many years ago – The Shanna – we thought it would be fun to create a new design inspired by this iconic piece! 

    My favorite part was building each piece, playing with the design elements, especially adding in the pearl details that are inspired by the beaches of summer.

    One very sentimental element to the collection is a rosebud. It’s designed after my grandmother’s antique ring she gave me many years ago. It’s so special to incorporate this into the design and to be able to share it with each of you.  

    Jennifer and I can’t wait to share more with you all! Simply romantic and reminiscent of our favorite travel destinations, this 8-piece collection is the perfect complement to any summer wardrobe—no matter where you’re headed.

    The Jennifer Behr x Jenny Cipoletti collection will launch for a limited time on Thursday, June 9 on, with pieces starting at $198. If you want to be the first to gain access to the collection, be sure to sign up here for all of the updates as we roll them out over the next few weeks!

  • 12 Vintage Chanel Bags That Are the Ultimate Investment Pieces
    26 May 2022

    We love vintage shopping because it's our chance to find highly coveted items from seasons or decades past. Maybe you couldn't afford it at the time, maybe you're committed to shopping sustainably by purchasing secondhand, or maybe you just love the thrill of the chase, but whatever your reason, shopping designer pieces vintage is a great way to score the coolest items possible. One of our favorite items to shop secondhand is bags, and is there any wonder Chanel is our top choice?

    Ahead, shop 12 of our favorite vintage Chanel bags. Just because they're secondhand, doesn't make them cheap by any means; these are still four figure bags. But, if you feel like treating yourself, it's a great investment; so long as you keep your bags in relatively good condition, they'll only appreciate in value. Some are classic bags, and some are more unique, but they're all covetable. Keep on reading to shop our top picks!

    14 Mini Bags We're Coveting This Season
  • Winnie Harlow Turns Up the Shine Factor for tmrw magazine
    26 May 2022
    For the cover of tmrw magazine’s 10th-anniversary issue, model Winnie Harlow shines under the spotlight. Lensed by Lindsay Adler, the Canadian beauty can be seen wearing a glittering headpiece and a choker necklace. Espresso Productions‘ Daniele Carettoni works on the production of the story, shot on location at Dust Studios LA. Winnie Harlow flaunts some... [Read More]
  • These $20 Old Navy Sweat Shorts Are a TikTok Sensation For Good Reason
    25 May 2022

    Like most people, I'm TikTok obsessed. I wouldn't say I'm easily influenced to buy what I see on the app, per se, but when I come across not one but several people raving about a particular item, that's when I start to pay closer attention. That's precisely the case for Old Navy's Extra High-Waisted Vintage Sweat Shorts, 5-Inch Inseam ($8, originally $20). I'm not sure that I would have given them a second glance on the retailer's website, but countless content creators raved about them, so I decided to see what the fuss was about and added my usual size medium in white to my virtual shopping cart.

    What I Like About These Shorts

    I admit that I've been sitting here for minutes on end trying to put into words what I like about these trendy shorts, because there's just so damn much. For starters, I'm obsessed with the french-terry fabric, which is perfect for spring and summer dressing (unlike fleece, which is way too warm when temperatures soar). They're not too thick and not too thin, the latter of which is imperative to keep these babies from being see-through (I promise, they're not). And finally, these shorts feature pockets - deep ones! What's not to love?

    What Occasion Are These Shorts Good For?

    While I'm tempted to say these sweat shorts are good for hanging out or running errands, a stylish TikTok user convinced me they're even more versatile. They look super cute teamed with a crop top, a button-down, a cropped sweater - the list goes on. I'm looking forward to challenging myself to find new ways to wear them, but in this very moment, I deem them a loungewear essential.

    What's Worth Noting About These Shorts

    Despite the fact that these sweat shorts have predominantly five-star ratings, there are a few lower ones scattered among the mix. The reason for that seems to be that shoppers didn't realize they are slightly oversize with a wide leg opening, and in their defense, that's not made super clear on the brand's website. I'm personally a fan of the style, but I understand that's not everyone's vibe.

    Would I Recommend These Shorts?

    Absolutely! As someone who hasn't worn shorts like these since my Soffe phase in high school, I can attest that these are a more elevated take on the classic style - and they're probably the most comfortable pair I've worn in literal years. All things considered, I give 'em a *perfect* five-star rating.


  • I Tried the Under-$100 Skincare Line the Kardashians and Megan Fox Vouch For
    25 May 2022

    A fun fact about me: while I very much enjoy the star-studded sightings that occur regularly here in L.A. (I've spotted everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Jonah Hill at my nearest grocery store), I'm significantly giddier when I get to meet one-on-one with the experts who enhance our fave celeb's god-given beauty—whether its an A-list makeup artist, facialist, or most recently, the cosmetic dermatologist amongst Hollywood's elite, Simon Ourian M.D. (And yes, if the name sounds familiar, you've likely already met him via episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.)

    Although Ourian caters to some of the most notoriously beautiful faces in the industry (the Kardashians and Jenners, Megan Fox, Sophia Vergara, Jasmine Tookes, Olivia Culpo… the list goes on) and his span of cosmetic services are justifiably pricey, I was intrigued to find out that his just-launched line of skincare, MDO Skin, is surprisingly affordable, with every individual product, excluding the kits, sliding in at the doably sleek under-$100 mark. What's more, his elite clientele use and swear by the line. Obviously, I needed to learn more, right?

    In a definite pinch-me moment, I had the opportunity to meet with Ourian himself at his stunning clinic Epione Beverly Hills where he A) introduced me to his innovative in-clinic treatments (he very uniquely approaches each client with the eye of an artist and the mindset of a scientist) and B) walked me through his line while providing context as to why he created his own collection in the first place. In a nutshell, he wanted to be able to provide his clients with high-quality products they (and he!) could trust to maintain and enhance their skin from the comfort of their own home. Ourian explained to me that he believes everyone is born with beautiful skin, and his goal with MDO is to enhance the natural beauty that's already there. 

    "MDO is committed to providing solutions for specific skincare concerns," the brand details on its website. "We enable anyone to achieve professional results safely and easily in the comfort of their own homes, with the ultimate goal of enhancing natural beauty. Results and client satisfaction lies at the core of MDO and Simon Ourian M.D.'s philosophy."

    My one and only question: could products so affordably priced within a sea of ultra-expensive alternatives actually grant the noticeable and immediate results they're touted to? After weeks and weeks of testing, I can say yes with a capital Y, and my 100% unfiltered before and after photos below serve as undeniable proof.

    As you can see from the photos above, using the MDO products drastically improved practically every aspect of my skin—instantly and long-term (the ultimate jackpot when it comes to worthwhile skincare investments if you ask me!) Not only did a few stubborn zits and acne scars improve, but my dark circles lessened, my dark spots and pigmentation practically disappeared, and my skin looked and felt brighter, healthier, plus more hydrated and even. Honestly, I wasn't expecting the difference to be this major, and I'm still kind of in shock! Whenever I discover anything this good as a product-jaded editor I just have to share the magic, so keep scrolling to find out which products I used, loved the most, and have become irreplaceable mainstays within my routine. Keep scrolling!

    Prick up your ears: As a beauty editor who has been in the industry for about five years now, and who has tried practically every moisturizer under the sun (with price points ranging from $5 to $900), this is one of my favorites of all time. I knew it was special when I first sampled it on the back of my hand in Ourian's office, and based on how velvety soft and even it instantly made my skin look, I knew it was going to be a complete game-changer for my finicky complexion. I'm naturally acne-prone and sensitive, and more often than not I commit the cardinal sin of forgoing sunscreen on my face (I know, I know) and have the spots and pigmentation to show for it. I kid you not, this potent moisturizer not only resurrected my dry, dull skin from the dead, but it staved off new breakouts (which *usually* occur when I switch to a rich moisturizer) and toned down all of my spots and blotches. Since it is on the heavier side, I've just been using it a few times a week to top up my skin's dew point, and I reach for something a little lighter on the days in between, but nothing can beat Ourian's brilliant melding of hyaluronic acid filling spheres, duo hyaluronic acid, hexapeptide-8, vitamin E, and a slew of natural oils at this price or beyond. Plus, a little goes a super long way which makes the investment all the more worth it. 

    Testing and swapping new products in and out of my routine is an integral part of my job's DNA. So, when I tell you I've used this multi-tasking skin tint every freaking day since I got my hands on it more than a month ago, that's a huge freaking deal. You know that scene in Legally Blonde when Elle is watching a sappy romance movie in bed and shouts "LIAR" at the top of her lungs whilst showering the TV in half-eaten chocolates? Yeah, that’s kind of the internal reaction I have when any product claims to have filter-esque blurring capabilities. Except, plot twist, this one from MDO actually succeeds (which, let’s be honest, shouldn’t be all that surprising considering he caters to the faces of the Kardashian-and-Jenner clan, Megan Fox, and pretty much every other notable star in Hollywood). Not only does this skin tint do an amazing job of blurring the skin to make it look healthier and more even, but also Ourian strategically infused it with great ingredients like vitamin A, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and jojoba oil so it will help your complexion look better in the long-term too. Another perk? This is the one makeup product he says you don’t have to hate yourself for falling asleep in. It's light, easy, and the perfect product for your summer beauty MO.

    As much as I try not to freak out about aging, I do, at times, freak out about aging. (Hey, I'm only human!) I work hard to embrace the changes I've already started to see in my (still young, I know) 29-year-old complexion, but I try to be as proactive as possible to preserve my skin's youthfulness. And, incorporating EGF—aka epidermal growth factors—into my skin routine has made a huge difference and is something basically any industry expert will advise. I love the convenience of these potent ampoules which are specially designed to be extra concentrated and efficacious in order to noticeably counteract signs of aging while helping to lift, contour, and in my case brighten, the eff out of your face. I love any product that delivers a tightened, radiant glass skin effect, and these high-dose ampoules 110% deliver. Plus, any type of product that grants instant and long-term results is a winner in my book! Each ampoule contains an elixir of Tetrapeptides-9 and -11, which activate the skin’s essential epidermal growth factors and regenerative mechanisms, thus boosting collagen and elastin production. (Resulting in plumped-up fine lines and wrinkles!) Lipo-Di-Peptide tag-teams to fend off sagging and loss of firmness, and last but not least, an all-star peptide complex that boasts two matrikines (Oligopeptide and tetrapeptide-7) helps to regulate the skin's cell activity by interacting with specific receptors to renew skin's extracellular matrix and cell proliferation, both of which start to lag as we age. 

    I have gadgets and gizmos aplenty (just call me Ariel, lol), and if done correctly, I think high-quality facial tools can have a dramatic impact on the way our skin looks and feels. In fact, some of my favorites have truly changed the shape of my face, they're just that effective at tightening everything up and firming. Are there other beauty tools that look almost identical to this chic little wand? Yeah. Are they as effective and affordable? Not usually! This facial sculpting hack has become a mainstay on my vanity and within my self-care routine. It uses innovative nanometer technology to spike blood circulation and therefore gives the complexion a healthy, fresh-looking flush. You know that "I just worked out for an hour" glow you get after the gym? This tool does that from the comfort of your couch. It produces 6000 vibrations per minute, and all you have to do is cleanse, apply your ampoule or serum of choice (or a tad of moisturizer!) then, starting at your jawline, lightly push the wand upwards along your cheekbones and temples. Keep repeating that upward motion (never go downwards, which nixes the lifting magic), all over your complexion until the product you applied is completely absorbed. I guarantee you'll be astonished by the results. 

    Whether I had one too many skinny margs the night before or haven't been sleeping as well as I want to, sometimes my skin is just begging for a 15-minute miracle. And, this complexion rescuing sheet mask (which has been likened by beauty lovers as just-as-good or better than alternatives two to three times the price) is just that. MDO actually makes two great sheet masks, but if I had to choose my fave, it would be this one. (But fear not, I'll get to the other one in a second!) Unlike a lot of sheet masks out there, I love that this one is free of fragrances and is safe for all skin types. It's drenched in a skin-enriching serum featuring a unique concoction of herbal extracts and active ingredients specifically added to protect skin from UVA damage while also hydrating the inner layer of the epidermis for an uncanny brightening effect. It's like a $11 facial you can do yourself anytime, anywhere. 

    As someone who has gotten quite a few pricks of filler in my life (and isn't too shy to talk about it), I take issue with a lot of products that claim filler-centric results. That said, I trust professionals, like Ourian, who administer filler daily to make good on lofty claims and deliver at-home products that do, indeed, grant in-office caliber results. And these skin-quenching, line-filling ampoules succeed! Again, I love the ampoule design because it helps ensure potency and efficacy, and this particular formula features an impressive combination of four different types of hyaluronic acid that visibly plump your facial contours for an instantly younger-looking finish. But, it doesn't stop there! Then, a hyaluronic acid boosting tripeptide swoops in to enhance your results by triggering the skin’s natural hyaluronic synthesis so you get long-term skin perks, too.

    I'm always leary about trying new vitamin C products (and strong serums, in particular) simply because there has only been one, yes one, I've tried in my entire life that hasn't sent my skin into an eruption of redness and pimples. This was something I expressed to Ourian when I was talking to him at his clinic, so I was intrigued, albeit nervous, to take his formula for a spin. Now, in complete and utter honesty, I'm still going to remain monogamous with my all-time fave C serum, SkinCeuticals Silymarin CF ($169), but I will say if SC ever discontinues it, this is the product I'd defer to. To my huge relief, I used all seven ampoules for a week straight and had zero issues with inflammation or acne flares. (That said, I did follow Ourian's instructions to those with sensitive skin and used them solo followed by a little bit of MDO's moisturizer—I didn't want to play with fire by layering in other actives or products while I was testing.) . So, why didn't this particular C formula cause me issues? I'm guessing it has to do with its category-leading 20% stable form of C which, according to the brand, works on three levels of the skin to deliver next-level radiance and improved tone to the skin. Do you see how much less blotchy and more even my skin looks in my before and after? I think this product played a huge part in that. 

    If anything and everything anti-aging is your prerogative, I recommend opting for these collagen-boosting sheet masks above all others. They hit a doable sweet spot in terms of pricing and the expert blend of herbal extracts and active ingredients wield a ton of great skin benefits like improved skin elasticity, fewer fine lines, and an uptick in your skin's own ability to produce collagen which annoyingly goes into slow-mo as we get older. In fact, if we want to get technical here, the brand reports that regular use can increase skin elasticity by over 20% while also lessening skin redness and reducing wrinkles over a period of four weeks. Again, you're essentially spending $11 per treatment, which is an insanely good deal. 

    Let me just say that while technically this cool little tool is coming in last within my ranking of favorite MDO Skin products, I still really love it! And, without pointing fingers, it's a way less expensive alternative to similar products on the market. I mean, at $45 it feels like a no-brainer! I found myself using the facial sculpting wand more often, just because I easily get addicted to anything I feel is tightening and lifting my face, but I love the idea of this palm-sized misting device which uses a super-advanced technology to transform water into a special hydro mist that delivers superior hydration to thirsty skin. I've never been a huge face mist person, so the fact that I actually felt compelled to test and continue to use this one speaks volumes. I didn't notice any super dramatic differences as far as my skin looked, per se, but my skin definitely felt more hydrated and less tight and cranky. Follow the directions, fill the twist-off tank with water, and let your skin bask in an oasis of refreshing moisture. It's definitely a pool or beach-side necessity, just be sure to charge it up before you leave.

    This gentle yet effective waterless cleanser doesn't contain any irritation-causing fragrance or sulphates and effortlessly detoxifies the skin while soothing and removing every last impurity. It's the ultimate way to wake up and wind down. 

    Believe it or not, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on an all-star serum. You can use MDO's in the morning and at night for firmer, smoother, glowier-looking skin. Key ingredients include hyaluronic acid, niacinamide (aka vitamin B3), wakame extract, and calming aloe vera.

    If you're someone who wants instant gratification in the brightening and smoothing departments, opt for this $55 exfoliant in lieu of a pricey in-office peel. It utilizes 10% AHA to lift away dulling dead skin cells while simultaneously evening out skin tone and reducing stubborn dark spots and/or pigmentation. 

    Craving all three of the above? This aptly named Skin Transforming Kit is the way to go and is a better deal than buying The Cleanser, The Serum, and the Exfoliant individually. 

    Worth $310, this savvy bundle includes Ourian's Intense Hydrating Moisturizer, and all three sets of skin-boosting ampoules: Intense Hyaluronic Filler, Powerful EGF (Lifting), and Vitamin C Glow. 

    Pick up both of Ourian's powerful sheet masks, and save.

    If you're not quite ready to take the plunge into a handful of full-size products, Ourian's Boost Discovery Kit is a strategic alternative that still lets you experience the magic before diving in head-first. I mean, I guarantee you don't have a better way to spend $29 when it comes to your beauty budget. 

    Your skincare routine doesn't have to be long and complicated in order to be effective. In fact, it shouldn't be! This is one of the things Ourian impressed upon me when he was telling me about the line (and why he created it!) in person. This smart set covers all of your bases via the brand's top-notch cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. Consider anything else you layer in extra credit.

    Up next, Even My Thriftiest Friends Splurge on These 38 Beauty Items

    25 May 2022

    Thank you to Saks Fifth Avenue and ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring this post

    Skirt: Zimmermann // Swim worn as top: Norma Kamali (see more of their cool swim here) // Shoes: STAUD // Bag: Bembien (also see how I styled this bag here)

    Swim season! I live for a great swim look – all the prints, all the accessories! Today I am highlighting some of my favorite swim find from Saks Fifth Avenue and how to style them. There are so may fun silhouettes and stand out cover ups to make anything-but-boring beach looks. Saks Fifth Avenue carries some of my favorite warm weather brands such as La Double J, Johanna Ortiz, Norma Kamali, and more! Scroll below to see some of my favorites looks…

    Swim Top // Swim Bottom // Linen Dress // Sandals

    Geo Print Pareo // Studded Slide // Swim Top // Swim Bottom

    Swim Top // Swim Bottom // Raffia Sandals // Wrap Maxi Skirt

    Linen Shirt Cover-Up // Ruffle Bikini Set // Ruched Slides

    Rope Raffia Sandals // Geo Print Ruffle Skirt // Swim Top // Swim Bottom

    Polka Dot Bodysuit // Leather Greek Sandals // Eyelet Lace Pareo

    Linen Shorts // Swim Top // Swim Bottom // Leather Mules

    The post PREPPING FOR SWIM SEASON appeared first on Atlantic-Pacific.

  • The Duchess in New Accessories and a Repeated Dress for Palace Garden Party
    25 May 2022
    The Duchess of Cambridge paired a previously worn dress with new accessories for today’s garden party at Buckingham Palace. Prince William was officially the host …

    [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Fireboy DML Gives us a Snippet of a Song From His Forthcoming Album in ‘Playboy’ Music Video
    25 May 2022
    YBNL singer Fireboy DML earlier announced that his third album is titled ‘Playboy’ and this follows the title of his latest single, ‘Playboy.’ His latest release Playboy has also been a hit as it has been used by numerous content creators on Instagram, TikTok and other social media apps. Earlier today, the Peru singer released […]
  • The 20 Best Pairs of Pants for an Effortlessly Stylish Return to the Office
    25 May 2022

    How to instantly look put-together.

  • Bedazzled Clothing Is This Summer’s Most Party-Ready Trend
    25 May 2022
    NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 02: Emily Ratajkowski attends the 2022 Costume Institute Benefit celebrating In America: An Anthology of Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 02, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

    In time for warm weather, fashion has signaled that it’s time to bare it all, with the most popular trends of the summer ranging from party dresses to micro mini skirts and jewelry-like clothing. Part body jewelry, part chainmail, the bedazzled clothing trend includes apparel and accessories made from chains, beads, and discs, rather than fabric, and is anything but subtle. 

    For examples of the trend, see PatBo’s fall 2022 collection, which included cutout bodysuits in silver hues so sparkly they looked like malleable chandeliers. Dauphinette, a New York-based brand known for its chainmail pieces, also showed a slew of adorned pieces that resembled clusters of gold spray-painted leaves (see photo below). Meanwhile, designer Kelsey Randall presented a slate of chainmail clothing that included a dress made from mirror discs that could be mistaken for a Studio 54 disco ball. The overall aesthetic is inviting us all to hit the dance floor and be the diamond of the season (a la Bridgerton) — and dress the part. 

    The resurgence of ‘60s-inspired trends over the past year has propelled the popularity of beaded and jeweled garments that are reminiscent of the work of designers like Paco Rabanne and Gianni Versace. Rabanne’s knack for metallic garments inspired a whole universe of futuristic clothes that fit well with the nightlife scene, as well as the Space Age thinking of the time. Decades later, the brand’s chainlink bags continue to top every It girl’s list. Meanwhile, Versace’s love of metal mesh, chainmail, and beaded pieces in the 1980s and 1990s earned the house a reputation for party-ready clothing that is still being referenced today. For proof, see Versace’s spring 2022 show, which featured metal mesh tops, mini skirts, and dresses by the likes of Dua Lipa and Lourdes Leon.

    But while we’ve come a long way from the days of shoulder pads, in 2022, dopamine and party dressing are still being used to cope with the world around us, as billionaires race to space with their self-funded missions and the pandemic continues to disrupt our lives. 

    While styling these barely-there pieces may seem like a difficult task, there are plenty of designs that won’t come with a public disturbance ticket. Take Dauphinette’s two-piece chainmail sets or Kelsey Randall’s gold-fringed keys dress that cover just enough to be wearable in the daytime — and, bonus, require zero additional accessories. You can also tone the look down via layers like a white tank top, one of the season’s top trends, or with more casual counterparts like low-rise jeans or cargo pants. For shoes, opt for a simple platform heel or boots that can help you channel the mod look of the ‘60s. 

    As temperatures continue to rise, it’s only natural to want to wear closer to nothing and live your best Hot Girl Summer. To get you started, check out some options below. 

    At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

    Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?

    18 Platforms To Shop This Summer

    How Is It Really? The Micro Mini Skirt

    The Latest Fringe Trend Is A Sign Of Our Times

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