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20 June 2021

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  • Large Plaguefall Mythic+ Buff in Patch 9.1 - Plagueborer Bombs Significantly Limited
    20 June 2021
    On the 9.1 PTR, the Plaguefall dungeon has undergone another change which will greatly impact Mythic+ strategies. The number of Plagueborer bombs that you can use in the dungeon is now limited, making this dungeon much more difficult to time next patch, especially for high push key groups.

    Plaguefall Plagueborer Bombs

    Plagueborer Bombs have been the popular strategy in Mythic+ Plaguefall as the damage that they deal with Plague Bomb scales with key level.

  • New Kyrian Uther Model in Chains of Domination
    20 June 2021
    It has been discovered that Uther has a new model in Chains of Domination - Uther can be seen wearing Kyrian armor, contrasting with his Forsworn clothes and color scheme.

    This model can be seen on Uther after the Kyrian ceremony that creates the new Paragon of Devotion. Uther can be seen at the Seat of the Archon with this model, but is nowhere to be seen as of the latest build after you leave the Seat scenario.

  • Gear Check From Anywhere with "GearCheck" Weak Aura in Burning Crusade Classic
    19 June 2021
    In Burning Crusade Classic, many players are joining "pug" groups formed through Trade Chat and LookingForGroup Channels, for raids, heroics, or normal dungeons. If all players in the group have the "GearCheck" Weak Aura, they can share their equipped gear in party chat, as a clickable link, allowing the rest of the group to inspect that player's gear from anywhere.
  • Deplete Your M+ Keystone Level in Patch 9.1 By Talking to Ta'hsup
    19 June 2021
    In Patch 9,1, players can deplete their M+ Keystones by speaking to Ta'hsup in Oribos. This can repeatedly be done to deplete the keystone multiple times.

    This is an elegant solution that removes the need for players to lower keystones by starting the dungeon and resetting it.

    Also new to Patch 9.1, Ta'hsup offers the ability to exchange keystones, allowing you to reroll your new keystone once. Both of these additions have been greatly desired by the community for a long time.

  • Hard Mode Tazavesh Discovered - All 8 Bosses Have Hard Mode
    19 June 2021
    The Tazavesh Megadungeon Hard Mode has been found on the 9.1 PTR! Unlike Operation: Mechagon, you need to do a little bit of setup, and then can activate Hard Mode at the start of the dungeon, causing all bosses to activate Hard Mode mechanics!

    Thanks to Sanghelios, Bobsal, Viectrix and Derpingtoast for helping me test this on the PTR.

    Hard Mode Tazavesh Guide

    Hard Mode Tazavesh Setup

    In order to activate the Hard Mode instance of Tazavesh, you need to do a little bit of setup.

  • Best and Worst Mythic+ Dungeons for Necrotic, Inspiring, Tyrannical, Prideful Weeks
    19 June 2021
    Welcome to perhaps the worst week on the calendar for Mythic+!

    With the affixes of Necrotic, Inspiring, Tyrannical, and Prideful, you will be questioning things such as "why am I here", "who designed this affix set", and "why does my tank already have 30 stacks of Necrotic?"

    This week requires immense coordination to the point where doing keys without voice is incredibly difficult depending on the group.

  • Hard Mode Tazavesh Rewards Item Level 233 Gear in Patch 9.1
    19 June 2021
    The Tazavesh Megadungeon has a Hard Mode for all 8 bosses in the dungeon, causing all drops on the loot tables to drop at 233 Item Level, an increase of +7 item levels!

    Hard Mode Tazavesh

    The Hard Mode of Tazavesh was added to the 9.1 PTR and has been found. This causes the entire instance to be on Hard Mode and all 8 bosses in the mega dungeon will have additional mechanics to make it more difficult to defeat.

  • Undocumented Disciplinary Command Legendary Change for Mages
    19 June 2021

  • Prayer of Mending Behavior - Burning Crusade Classic Hotfixes for June 18th
    19 June 2021
    In the latest round of Burning Crusade hotfixes, the behavior for Prayer of Mending was adjusted, the quests Deathblow to the Legion and Turning Point were fixed, and you should acquire Halaa Battle Tokens normally now.

    Area 52 Bruisers are no longer shirking their job duties and will now intervene to break up nearby fights.

    Fixed an issue where repeatedly clicking a Soulwell would unintentionally consume additional charges under certain conditions.

  • Blizzard on Recent Necrotic Tuning - Previous Nerf Too Much, Lieutenants Have Slow Necrotic Rate
    19 June 2021
    Blizzard has commented on the recent Necrotic tuning on the PTR, noting that Necrotic is more oppressive on live servers than they want it to be, but the previous nerf was too much. Lieutenants on the PTR will have a slower Necrotic application rate.
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