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20 June 2021

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  • Rocking Again
    20 June 2021

    Sarah has a new sweater. Surprise, surprise. She knit Tanis’ Rock It Tee again. Sarah loves this sweater. Everyone that she has made fits her perfectly.

    Thank you John for the great pictures.

    From Tanis

    I used to think that summer knits weren’t for me, boy was I wrong! There is nothing more comfortable than an easy breezy knit top. Over the past few years I’ve been working steadily towards building up my summer knits wardrobe. I’ve got a few summer knits in my closet now but what I realize was missing is a staple, go-to, v-neck tee. I’ve chosen to create tone on tone stripes by alternating between fingering and mohair yarn in my favourite shade of blue, but this basic shape lends itself to infinite possibilities when it comes to stripes and colour blocking.

    Knit top down, flat until the neck shaping is complete and in the round after that.

    You can purchase the pattern on Tanis’ website

    Sarah used a fingering weight yarn from her stash. She knit the 4th size for a ‘nice flowy fit’ and omitted the eyelet detail on the side.

    Mine is sitting beside my knitting chair. I’m past the neck and working around and around for the body. I need to pull it out and finish it. I say that about a lot of projects 😘

    You can knit the sweater in a yarn that is slightly thicker than fingering. Lynn made hers in Pollock which is closer to a sport weight.

    She used 3 balls of Juniper Moon Pollock (colour 112 Lavender Mist) on 3.75mm needles. 

    This is how I have been working for the past few days - a pop up in the corner of my iPad screen with the golf on.

    You might not know that we have pretty stitch markers available on the website. They are like jewelry for your knitting needles. These stitch markers are made in BC. 
    Why did I think about these today? Because I spilled the basket of them twice while I was in the store. And then Beth spilled them.
  • 4 Pretty Summer Tops
    20 June 2021

    Pretty summer tops that are easy to wear and engaging to knit are a must when the weather heats up! Take 40% off these four popular patterns through Friday, June 25, 2021. Hop over to my Ravelry shop and enter the coupon code SUMMERTOPS4 at checkout.

    Harper Point Photography

    The elegant Cumberland Pullover is the perfect companion for beachside outings and events. The body and sleeves of this 100-percent merino summer top are worked in the round from the bottom up. Then the pieces are joined for working the raglan yoke. Believe it or not, this pretty summer top was inspired by good ol’ southern grits!

    Harper Point Photography

    Standing at the cornerstone of all Southern food are humble grits. More subtle and delicate than the name implies, this simple corn staple comes from hominy. Related yet distinct from the common yellow corn used to make corn bread or polenta, hominy is soaked in alkali to remove the yellow husk and germ. This process imparts a delicate flavor and a silkiness when cooked. At its best, hominy is scented with herbs like rosemary, lavender or  herbes de provence and simmered slowly in cream rather than the commonly used water.


    This pretty summer top is named for a hitch hiker I had one summer in Upstate New York!

    A youthful, modern shape and a bright spring yarn characterize the Marion Tee. With a lilting, slightly swingy silhouette and delicate inset lace panels that are graduated in length, Marion makes a great go-to summer top for everything from jeans to shorts to casual skirts.

    This sleeveless summer top has sweet picot edging and features a wide bateau neck. Upper and lower edges end in a crisp picot hem that provides a little structure for the A-line shape.

    Soft and silky Bamboo Pop defines every lacy stitch while the overall effect remains cool and breezy. Marion is worked from the bottom up and makes for a quick and easy knit with enough interest to delight the knitter.


    Linen is my all-time favorite fiber for summer tops. Breathable, elegant and washable, linen hits all the bases for the warm weather knitting.

    Maizie is a sweet, simple lightweight sweater designed to be knit in easy wearing linen. Maizie is worked seamlessly from the lacy yoke down and features a rolled edge with twisted ribbing. A wide picture neckline and 3/4 length sleeves complete this pretty summer top.

    Linen yarn is crisp and cool in the hand and creates garments that are dry and comfortable to wear while providing excellent drape. The boho paisley-inspired lace motif is a pleasure to knit in linen. It’s stiffness imparts a very rustic and natural quality to the openwork stitches yet creates superb drape through the fields of flat stockinette. And it gets softer each time it is laundered, taking on a brushed, suede-like quality with age.


    The Caroline cardigan was originally worked in MillaMia, a new-to-me yarn at the time.

    With the Caroline cardigan, I’ve aimed for a feminine feel with modern versatility. A simple raglan with a slightly slouchy shape and low V-neck speaks to a vintage sensibilIty that could readily be styled with well-laundered retro dresses and square, collarless blouses.

    Hemmed picot neck, sleeve and button band edges dress up jeans and T-shirts while a simple open stitch pattern creates an airy layering piece that’s perfect between seasons.

    I hope you’ll enjoy some warm weather knitting with these pretty summer tops!



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  • “You Have to Believe in Me….”
    19 June 2021
    I struggled today. I really did. I struggled with trying to believe in my faith. Now, that isn’t to say that I was suddenly doubting whether or not I believe in God….but, it actually was like that.  I do not doubt His existence. Never would I ever let the words, “I don’t believe in God,” […]
  • Designer Spotlight: The Best Knit & Crochet Patterns Inspired By CATS!
    19 June 2021
    Every week I highlight one of my favorite knit, crochet and fiber art designers on Etsy! This week I’m featuring knit and crochet cat patterns! Through the years, I’ve shared a lot of patterns with cats so I wanted to make sure that all of the patterns here are new to KnitHacker – that is, […]
  • Free Knitting Pattern – Tubular Wavy Scarf
    19 June 2021

    This thick cable scarf is bulked up by creating a tube, hence the name of this free knitting pattern, Tubular scarf. You can grab the free knitting pattern directly from the Lionbrand website here. 

    Specific to knitters, you can join our Knitting Patterns Only group to get, well, knitting patterns, ask questions and gain inspiration for what to knit next.

    Looking for more Cable-styled knitting patterns? Check out these Cable Knit Patterns on Etsy

  • Knit to This: Daphne Rubin-Vega
    19 June 2021

    Knit to This: Daphne Rubin-Vega

    DG Strong

    A great performer in two venues to relish her work.

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  • Yarn Pairings for Amirisu Issue 22
    19 June 2021
    A dreamy new issue of Amirisu is out and this one has the theme Strata. Beautifully photographed knitwear awaits you in a series of muted ethereal scenes, set amongst the lush greenness of the Osaka Prefecture Flower Garden. Twelve designs for Spring and Summer layers, as well as warmer garments to prepare you for colder weather are brought together from...
  • Mystery Cushion Club, June: addendum alert for Square 7, Slumber
    19 June 2021

    Unfortunately some errors have been found in the written instructions for Rows 15 and 16 (and their subsequent repeats) on page 11 of the June mail out:

    Row 15 should read as: using Tiny yarn P2, K10, P2, using Naptime yarn P2, K10, P2, using Tiny yarn P2, K10, P2.

    Row 16 should read as: using Tiny yarn K2, c5f, c5b, K2, using Naptime yarn K2, c5f, c5b, K2, using Tiny yarn K2, c5f, c5b, K2.

    These errors will also be added to the Addendum page on the website. 

    Please note that the chart is correct.

    I apologise for these errors in the pattern and hope that it does not spoil your enjoyment of knitting Slumber.

  • go-to socks
    19 June 2021
    knitting toe-up to fit your feet
  • Criss-Cross Crochet Baby Blanket
    19 June 2021

    I am Lindsay Mayo, also known as The Crafty Flamingo.

    Summer is upon us! If you are like me, you will still want to make baby gifts for your friends and family who might be expecting. Blankets aren’t always the first thing that you want to work on during the summer, but this blanket is a perfect go-to project to make during the summer months!

    Since it is so warm during the summer, blankets aren’t always the coolest thing to work on during the summer months. However, my criss-cross baby blanket pattern is made with lighter baby yarn so it’s not so heavy.

    My favorite kind of baby blanket pattern is one that is easy to memorize. After the first 4 rows, it’s just a repeat of the pattern so you that makes it easy to work on during your favorite show or while watching a movie!

    Criss-Cross Baby Blanket
    Baby Blanket pattern by The Crafty Flamingo

    Bernat Softee Baby Yarn (or whatever your favorite kind of baby yarn is)
    5.0mm (H) crochet hook (I tend to crochet tight so you might want to use a different hook)
    Plastic yarn needle for weaving in ends

    Finished Size
    36” long

    CH – chain
    DC – double crochet

    Crochet Pattern

    CH 140 (If you want a smaller or larger blanket, just make sure you chain in even numbers)

    Row 1: DC in 4th CH from hook. DC in each stitch to the last stitch. CH 3 (Counts as first DC in next row.) Turn.

    Row 2: Skip first stitch and DC in next stitch. DC in stitch just skipped. Repeat until 2 stitches remain. DC in last stitch. CH 3 (Counts as first DC in next row.) Turn.

    Row 3: Repeat row 2.

    Row 4: DC in next stitch and each stitch across.

    Repeat rows 2-4 until desired length. Mine measured about 36”.

    And that’s it! If you have any questions let me know. You can also check out other patterns in my Ravelry store.

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