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Cat blogs

Cat Blogs

26 May 2022

Cat Blogs Cat Blogs
  • Daily Dose Of Cute: Kittens Wiggle Ears With Joy While Drinking Milk [VIDEO]
    26 May 2022

    We can’t get enough of adorable kittens! And the kitties in the video above are especially cute. They’re getting a taste of milk or formula from a caring human, and their ears just can’t hide their joy!

    Those wiggly ears are enough to melt our hearts. If you listen to the video with the volume up, you can even hear some cute mews and meows from these sweet babies. They seem pretty happy to get their meal. Share this video with someone who could use warm, fuzzy feelings today!

    Kittens are so cute that you might want to just pick them up as soon as you see them, but this isn’t always a good idea if you come across kittens in the wild. Do you know what to do if you find baby cats outside? Here are a few tips!

    What To Do If You Find Kittens Outside

    (Picture Credit: richgreentea/Getty Images)

    “Kitten season,” as many people call it, lasts from about March to September in the United States, but that can vary depending on the region and climate. During this time, you may be more likely to come across kittens in the wild.

    Here are a few tips on what you should do if you find kittens:

    • Do not rush them to the shelter right away. Call a shelter or rescue. Even if they can’t take the kittens, they can provide you with more advice.
    • Unless the kittens are in immediate danger, do not touch them.
    • Observe from a distance, and wait for mom to come back. If the kittens are clean and not crying, chances are good that mom is close. If they are dirty and crying, then the mother may have abandoned them or be unable to return. Either way, a shelter or rescue group can provide you with advice.
    • Kittens should have their mother’s milk until they are at least four weeks old. After that, it may be time to capture them and mom to bring them to a vet or shelter, but call and ask for advice. The kittens and mom may need to be spayed or neutered.
    • If mom never returns, call a vet. They can give you advice. You’ll need to keep the kittens warm, and they’ll need bottle feeding every two to three hours if they aren’t eating solid food yet. Kittens also can’t go potty on their own when they’re very young. You’ll need to rub under their tails with a warm washcloth.
    • If you can’t take kittens in, call a shelter or rescue. Look up groups that can provide resources, like Alley Cat Allies, in your area. If nothing else, they can give you further tips.

    Do the cute kittens in the video warm your heart as much as they did to ours? Have you ever fed a kitten before? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Kitten Spotted Meowing in a Front Yard is Accepted by Other Kittens and a Nurturing Dog
    26 May 2022

    A kitten who was spotted meowing in a front yard, is accepted by other kittens and a nurturing dog.

    Jin's Bottle Babies Rescue

    A Good Samaritan from Arizona discovered a litter of kittens left behind in his front yard. Only one of them, a tiny tortie, pulled through, and her meowing led him to her whereabouts.

    The finder took the kitten into his home, and reached out to his local rescue, Jin's Bottle Babies Rescue, for help. "He fed her overnight and brought her to us the next day," Shelbi Uyehara, cofounder of Jin's Bottle Babies Rescue, told Love Meow.

    "He did an awesome job as keeping a newborn kitten alive overnight isn't an easy feat."

    Mrs. Norris was found in a yard meowing for helpJin's Bottle Babies Rescue

    The palm-sized kitten, named Mrs. Norris, showed an incredible will to live. "She was between 24 and 36 hours old, already eating and purring like a dream."

    It quickly became evident that the little tortie didn't receive any milk from the cat mother (also known as colostrum, an important immune builder for newborns). The kitten began to show signs of an infection and gut issues.

    She came to the rescue as a singleton and showed a strong will to liveJin's Bottle Babies Rescue

    Despite it all, Mrs. Norris forged on and ate to her heart's content. She used every ounce of her strength to try to get big and strong and never wasted a drop of kitten formula. With supportive care and plenty of TLC, the kitten continued to defy the odds against her.

    "She was on medication for her gut health, and she wasn't fazed at all. I can tell already she is going to grow into a true tortie with torttitude."

    Jin's Bottle Babies Rescue

    Around that time, the rescue took in a few orphaned kittens that needed bottle feedings. They were about the same age as Mrs. Norris. The rescue decided to place the little singleton with them, so she would always have friends.

    In no time, the tortie was fully accepted by her new feline siblings. "She was super happy when we introduced her to the kittens. They all lay together in the cutest cuddle-puddle."

    Jin's Bottle Babies Rescue

    A week later, Mrs. Norris started to open her eyes to see for the first time. She was curious about her surroundings and insisted on getting her bottle first at meal time.

    Watch Mrs. Norris the kitten and her journey in this cute video:

    Mrs. Norris the kitten

    Mrs. Norris and her patchwork family continued to thrive together, as they received round-the-clock care and extra attention from a canine friend.

    Ava, a cat-loving resident dog, gladly came to offer a helping paw.

    The kittens met their canine friend AvaJin's Bottle Babies Rescue

    When the kittens were big enough to be upgraded to a playpen in the foster room, they had a meet-and-greet with Ava. It was love at first sight for Mrs. Norris.

    "She is obsessed with my dog and is always pawing at the panels when Ava is around to be with her," Shelbi shared with Love Meow.

    Mrs. Norris is eager for Ava's attentionJin's Bottle Babies Rescue

    "Ava often 'works' after hours to make sure her foster kittens settle into their new space okay."

    The nurturing canine likes to hang out by the playpen and watches over the kittens as their second foster mom. If the kittens need her attention, she is more than happy to shower them with licks and nuzzle their faces with kisses.

    Jin's Bottle Babies Rescue

    Mrs. Norris is especially fond of her giant gentle friend, and demands her affection whenever she has a chance.

    After a rough start to life, Mrs. Norris has blossomed into a healthy, playful, adorable young tortie. She has an endearing, quirky personality that never fails to put a smile on people's faces.

    Jin's Bottle Babies Rescue

    She is so happy to have grown up with other kittens and never felt alone despite her sad beginning. Ava, the canine foster mom, loves all her foster kids and has a soft spot for baby Mrs. Norris.

    Jin's Bottle Babies Rescue

    Share this story with your friends. Follow Jin's Bottle Babies Rescue on Facebook and Instagram @jinsbottlebabies.

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  • Frankie Sad Eyes Needs A Home
    26 May 2022

    Even though I am the honored servant to the king, His Grace Buddy I, I am not immune to adoptable cats who tug at the heartstrings.

    Frankie Sad Eyes is one of those cats. Just look at those eyes!

    The little guy is 13 years old, and at an age when he should be enjoying a quiet, nap- and treat-filled life as the senior statesman among cats, he’s been surrendered by his people and has landed in a shelter.

    Thankfully that shelter is Tabby’s Place, a New Jersey no-kill, no-cage sanctuary in New Jersey that has a reputation for doing right by its cats. Still, any feline would be shocked by the experience of losing his or her family and ending up in a strange place with unfamiliar people and cats.

    Frankie looks sad, and undoubtedly he’s finding it difficult adjusting to life in a sanctuary, but staff at Tabby’s Place say he’s a “joyful” cat with a zest for life.

    Alas, I can’t adopt Frankie. Like the King himself, he’s not particularly keen on sharing his throne, so there can be no future where Buddy and Frankie are, well, buddies.

    But Frankie, who is described as “a zesty, exuberant sweetheart” who still has kitten-like energy, is looking for a home where he can establish his new and forever kingdom, with a human or humans who will dote on him and see to his every need.

    Visit Tabby’s Place to view their adoptable cats, make a donation or just brighten your day.

  • Enlarged Lymph Nodes (Lymphadenopathy) In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
    26 May 2022

    The aim of this article is to provide a simple, clear explanation about enlarged lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy) for cat owners. This is a common finding in sick cats, with many... Read more »

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  • Wordless? Memory-less!
    25 May 2022

    Oh, my cod, forgot to post! Hey, wordless or mindless…one or the other.…

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  • Sleepy Eyes #whiskerswednesday
    25 May 2022

    Hosted by Comedy Plus
  • Vectra For Cats: Overview, Dosage & Side Effects
    25 May 2022

    Vectra is a brand of topical, “spot-on” flea treatment and prevention product manufactured by Ceva Animal Health. In this article, you’ll learn what Vectra is, its active ingredients and how... Read more »

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  • Dementia in Pets
    25 May 2022

    The post Dementia in Pets appeared first on Katzenworld - Welcome to the world of cats!.

    How to recognise the signs this Dementia Action Week (20–26 May) and what you can do to help

    There are an estimated 850,000* people living with Dementia across the UK and, thanks to raised awareness and support services available, those diagnosed with the disease can live long and fulfilling lives. While many of us can recognise the signs in humans, most of us aren’t aware that our pets can also experience similar symptoms.

    PDSA Vet Nurse, Shauna Spooner, said: “Similar to Dementia, our pets can develop a condition called Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) as they reach older age, which can affect their memory and lead to confusion, anxiety and disorientation. It can be distressing to witness but, by taking time to understand how this affects our pets, we can help them to continue living happy, healthy lives.

    Spotting the signs of CDS  

    “The first symptoms of CDS in pets can be confusion or disorientation. They may start to get lost in familiar places, stop responding to learnt commands, or have difficulty learning new things. Observing a change in routine and activity is also not uncommon with CDS, as it can affect your pet’s sleeping pattern, toilet training and even their appetite. They can become less active, or start to pace around more, and appear as if they’re staring into space.

    “Many of us are very in tune with our precious pets, so you may begin to notice a shift in their personality. They can become more withdrawn and appear less like themselves, interacting with family members and other pets less frequently. You may find that your pet becomes increasingly anxious, especially if left alone. Coming to terms with these behavioural changes isn’t easy, but it’s important to visit your vet for a proper diagnosis in order to move forward.

    What should I do if I think my pet has Dementia?  

    “Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for CDS and the symptoms will sadly get worse over time, but progress has been made in research. Medication is now available to reduce symptoms and slow the progression of the illness, and there are helpful steps you can take at home. There are also some special diets and supplements which may help. Your vet will advise you on the best course of support.

    “Try to keep your pet’s environment as familiar as possible. If you’re planning on making changes to the layout of your house, even as small as moving your sofa, try to do this gradually and give your pet time to adjust. You can even leave clues to help them find their way around, such as keeping a radio on in a room they often go into.

    “Though it can be difficult adjusting to their condition, don’t get angry with your pet if they continue to become confused or have an accident. Gently retrain some of the things they may have forgotten, such as toilet training or basic commands, and keep interactions positive – rewarding them with treats when they correctly respond to a command.

    “Even in old age, it’s important that our pets remain fit and healthy. Encouraging fun activities and playing games with them can help to keep their brain active and enhance their quality of life.”

    PDSA is the UK’s largest vet charity providing a vital service for pets across the UK whose owners struggle to afford treatment costs for their sick and injured pets. For many vulnerable pets, PDSA is there to help when there is nowhere else for their owners to turn. Support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery helps us reach even more pet owners with vital advice and information.

    *Estimated number of people with dementia according to NHS England

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  • Do Cats Like When You Talk to Them? Do They Understand It?
    25 May 2022

    We all know those “cat people” who have conversations with their cats. While this is hard to understand for some, most pet owners agree that this is normal behavior. While we know that our cats don’t understand every single word we say, we know that they do have the ability to understand frequently used words […]

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  • Can English Bulldogs Breed Naturally? (Vet Answer)
    25 May 2022

    You’ve finally decided it’s time to get a dog. You scan the internet and keep coming across cute pictures of these wrinkly dogs called English Bulldogs. They are the 4th most common breed in the United States.1 You’re directed to breeder websites and are shocked by the price of purchasing one of these puppies. So […]

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Cat Food blogs

Cat Food Blogs

26 May 2022

Cat Food Blogs Cat Food Blogs
  • Vomiting: Is it a Cat Thing?
    20 May 2022

    Vomiting: typical cat! Or is it? For some reason, we believe that it is normal for cats to vomit. “It’s just what they do. It’s part of being a cat.” But it is no more “normal” for them than it is for us. It’s a sign of a problem.  

    Cats ARE prone to problems that result in vomiting. These include exposure to toxins (from poisons, bacteria, food or kidney disease), stress, motion sickness, and inflammation of the intestine (inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, constipation), stomach, liver or pancreas.

    How should a caring cat parent help their puking puss? If kitty is otherwise well, it isn’t an emergency, however your cat will need help from their doctor if they barf more than once. If your cat is acting ill, get her to the veterinarian quickly. In less urgent cases, your vet may send you home with a dewormer against intestinal parasites or a bland, readily digestible food for a week to sort things out. As part of a thorough examination, your vet will check under your cat’s tongue for string, such as thread or tinsel, that may have accidentally been ingested, causing a sore mouth. (Yes, cats WILL still eat even if their mouth hurts, which may cause them to “binge and barf.”)

    In persistent or urgent cases, further workup (blood tests and urinalysis) is needed because the cause for vomiting may be systemic rather than gut related. 

    The more information you give your vet, the better.

    • When did the vomiting first start?

    • How often does it happen?

    • Is the timing associated with eating? If so, does it occur right after eating or 4-8 hours afterwards? Or is there no relationship to the time of eating? Timing may help suggest the location of the problem.

    • What does it look like (colour, quantity, consistency, contents)? Is it clear, colourless liquid or froth? Is it yellow or green? Is there fresh red blood or black coffee ground-like contents? Is it slimy or watery when you wipe it up? Are there worms in it? Does it smell like feces? Appearance can provide clues to location and cause of the problem. Yellow-green, for example, is bile, indicating possible pancreatitis, liver disease or severe inflammatory bowel disease.

    • How much of it is there? (If a puddle, report in inches.) Liquid deposits on carpet make answering that question difficult, but if it is a pile, you can still report the size. 

    • Can you see semi-digested food in it? What about hair, feathers, grass? Among other things, semi-digested food may indicate poor gastric

    • What does the process look like? (Get out your mobile phone and video it if you can.) Is it preceded by yowling, drooling, lip-smacking and repeated swallowing? If so, that suggests stomach or below. If the process looks less upsetting and the vomit is tubular, it may well be from the esophagus (regurgitation).

    • Did the problem start after or around the time of any change in diet?

    • Let your vet know if your cat has been receiving any over-the-counter treatments, medications or homeopathic remedies.

    • Are any of your other cats sick? Infectious diseases that cause vomiting may also affect the other cats in the home.

    Remember to mention anything else that doesn’t seem normal with your cat. Is there any diarrhea, weight loss, coughing, or increase in the amount of urine or drinking? In older cats, changes can occur gradually so you may have to think back one or two years and mentally compare current health to previous energy, temperament, appetite, weight, mobility, etc. In a younger cat, changes
    in health tend to be more abrupt.  Hairballs (tubular wads of hair) are also not normal! They represent either an abnormal increase in hair ingestion (suggesting stress, itchy skin, or pain) or decreased normal passage of hair (could be caused by inflammation anywhere in the cranial abdomen resulting in decreased motility).

    Vomiting always has a cause. Your cat does not enjoy vomiting. Get it checked out.

    For more information go to

    This article originally appeared in the award-winning Modern Cat magazine. Subscribe today!


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  • How to Spot Arthritis in Your Cat—and What to do About It
    17 May 2022

    Arthritis is extremely prevalent in older cats. It is estimated that as many as 90 percent of cats over the age of 12 have some form of arthritis, but its signs aren’t as obvious to spot as you may think. 

    How to tell if your cat has arthritis

    Feline arthritis can be challenging to spot because cats are excellent at hiding pain and will modify their behaviour to hide illness. Instead of cats clearly demonstrating they have arthritis, they may simply stop doing things they used to do. You may notice them grooming less, sleeping more or sleeping in lower places because they are no longer able to access the higher spots. You may also notice that your older cat is more irritable, especially when picked up or handled. This may be a sign that they are in pain. Arthritic cats also hesitate when they are jumping up or down from higher places. Occasionally cats with arthritis will limp, but the vast majority of cats will not, so limping is a poor indicator of arthritis in cats. 

    If you have an older cat, it is really important to pay attention to any slight changes in behaviour that may indicate that your cat is arthritic. Many owners associate these signs as an indication that their cat is “slowing down,” when in fact their cat may have potentially painful yet treatable arthritis.

    Your vet will be able to help you to diagnose arthritis by palpating the joints and their overlying muscles, coupled with your observations at home. X-rays can also be performed if needed. Another way to confirm arthritis is to simply treat the cat as if they have arthritis using pain medication. If the cat suddenly becomes more mobile and starts playing and grooming more, it is a fair assumption that the cat was in pain due to arthritis.

    What you can do at home to help your arthritic cat

    There are plenty of things you can do at home to make your arthritic cat’s environment easier to navigate and their daily tasks easier to perform. Raising food and water bowls can help cats who have arthritis in their back or neck by allowing them to bend their head and neck less when they eat and drink. There are lots of good-looking raised pet food bowls available, but you could simply put
    a book or a brick under the bowl to raise it up a couple of inches.

    “Occasionally cats with arthritis will limp, but the vast majority of cats will not.”

    Help your cat get to high places by providing steps. You can make these at home or there are many styles of cat steps for sale online. Put these next to beds, sofas or windows your cat favours, so instead of having to jump, he can simply walk up the steps. If you have an outdoor cat, steps can also be placed outside so that your cat finds it easier to get over fences or access a perching spot in your garden that is high up. My top tip for buying steps is to please use a measuring tape. You want to make sure that you are buying steps that are high enough. Steps should also be non-slip. Try to buy steps with a wide tread so that when your cat is stepping down, the step is not too narrow. 

    If you have an older cat, I also recommend that you place a litter box on each level of your home so that your cat does not have to walk up and down stairs to go to the toilet. Litter boxes should also have a low lip so that your cat does not have to step over a high lip when getting into the box. Inaccessible litter boxes are a very common cause of older cats urinating in the house, simply because it is more convenient to urinate on the floor than navigate stairs.

    Please continue to play with your older cat. This will increase bonding, alleviate boredom, and contribute to your cat’s wellbeing. Due to their arthritis, your older cat may want to play for a shorter amount of time and then rest. You should encourage them to play for short amounts of time more frequently.

    If you feel that the changes you are making at home are not sufficient to manage your cat’s arthritis and you are worried that your cat may be in pain, please consult your vet. There are several treatments, such as anti-inflammatory painkillers and acupuncture, that can be used to help your cat feel more comfortable.

    How to Help Cats With Arthritis

    Easily deliver the many benefits of CBD, like pain relief, with the CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen. Simply pump the pen for an exacting dose then rub into the inside of your cat’s ear to supply organic, broad-spectrum hemp with naturally occurring CBD, plus MSM and lemon myrtle. ($40,

    Photo: Photography Lover/

    Formulated with a feline-specific blend of glucosamine, antioxidants, and vitamins, WellyTails Senior Cat Vitality Supplement supports joints, immunity, and urinary tract health. ($35,


    Provide continued, safe access to your cat’s favourite spaces. The pet steps from Bowsers Pet Products lets your cat avoid injury while climbing or jumping. (from $180,


    The post How to Spot Arthritis in Your Cat—and What to do About It appeared first on Modern Cat.

  • Get Your Whisper On! Feline Dining and Drinking Etiquette
    13 May 2022

    The Case for Free-Feeding

    In a multi-cat household, if you offer food to cats in one big communal cat food bowl or even several cat food bowls all within the same room, and feed them all at the same time, you will fail to address the cats’ territorial needs. The existence of only one location for food and a limited number of pathways to it could be enough to create the kind of tension at mealtime that leads to fighting and bullying. Some cats may end up unhappily hungry as others bully them out of the way. Food abundance and dispersion are easy but critical ways to keep space between your cats, allow them to time-share more efficiently, and keep them happy. 

    Free-feeding, which consists of keeping food available to the cats at all hours of night and day, preferably in several locations throughout the home, is another way. Why free-feed? Cats have small stomachs that empty out in a couple of hours. An empty stomach is no fun, especially if it’s empty for several hours. Cats in the wild and those allowed to set their own feeding schedules eat quite frequently—from nine to sixteen mouse-sized meals per day—and appear to have evolved to eat that way. Not surprisingly, cats who are fed only twice a day, during scheduled feedings, can become agitated, and they can get even more cranky if the food isn’t served on time. Their stomachs will be growling and their dinner conversations may be kind of grumpy (sometimes even hostile), causing them to take their unhappiness out on each other. Dominant cats will want to make sure everybody knows they’re in control and they are going to get the food first. Dominant cats who are concerned about the perceived scarcity of food resources may be so anxious about preserving their dominance that they intimidate lower-ranking cats not just at mealtimes but at other times of the day too.


    Many people are totally unaware their cats are stressed about food.

    Even a cat who doesn’t have to share food with other cats is happier when she can readily follow her body’s natural rhythms. Anytime a cat eats, she’s at her most content, with a more stable mood and emotional state. Many people are totally unaware their cats are stressed about food until they see the difference in their cats’ personalities after they begin either free-feeding the cats or providing them with more than two meals a day. 

    Cats fed on timed human schedules tend to be less cooperative and more aggressive than cats allowed to eat on their own schedules. In most cases, you don’t need to worry that free-fed cats will gain weight. In fact, I’ve seen obese cats lose weight once food was made readily available, because once they realized that there would always be enough food and there was no need to gobble it up all at once, they stopped overeating. Free-feeding may also reduce some cats’ tendency to bolt their food down and later regurgitate it. 

    If a cat is not able to regulate her food intake, however, I do not recommend free-feeding. You may create an obese cat. For these cats, a timed feeder that delivers food four or more times a day is ideal. You won’t be increasing the calorie allotment—just how often he is fed. However, for cats who can regulate their intake and for whom obesity is not an issue (75 to 90 percent of cats), I would go so far as to say that feeding them twice a day is inhumane. 

    Dispersal of food resources can have strikingly positive effects on the happiness and harmony of your feline household. Place food bowls in different locations throughout the home (not just in different areas of the kitchen or bathroom)—both for free-feeding and scheduled feedings. There should be as many food bowls as there are cats. Feeding cats together is a sure-fire way to start a behaviour problem. Experiment with placing bowls on different levels—some on the floor and some on tables or windowsills. A more timid cat may not feel comfortable eating on the floor.

    Food puzzles are a great way to help prolong you cat’s feeding so he doesn’t gobble down all his food at once. Instead, he’ll have to work to get the food out of the puzzle, which also gives him the mental stimulation he needs.

    Water, Water, Everywhere

    Water is as important to cats’ health as it is to ours. Water helps to soften hard stools, digest and absorb nutrients from food, regulate body temperature, and flush waste. Cats can live for days without food, but bodily functions simply shut down if they lack sufficient water.

    As with the food bowl, all it takes is one cat sitting next to the water bowl or on the pathway to it to intimidate another cat. So spread the water wealth.


    If you’re concerned about your cat overeating by free-feeding, try several small meals a day vs. only two meals. There are timed-feeders on the market that can help achieve this, whether your cat eats wet or dry food. 

    Ever wonder why your cat prefers to drink out of your glass? Or from anywhere other than the water bowl next to his food? Instinctively, cats prefer to drink water that’s located away from their dead prey which, in nature, may contaminate their water with bacteria. To honour this survival instinct, separate their “dead prey”—which in this case is their store-bought food—from their water. Both food and water should also be placed in an area separate from your cats’ litter boxes.

    To make water appealing, keep it fresh—I refill my cats’ water several times a day, and I recommend you do so, too, if your cat doesn’t drink enough. A bowl should either be wide or filled to the brim. Why? Because cat’s whiskers are very sensitive. They may use their paws to dip water out, and spill it on the floor, rather than push their whiskers against a narrow-brimmed or less-than-full bowl to drink from it.  

    Cats are drawn to running water so if your cat doesn’t seem to be drinking from his bowl, try a fountain. Cats are notorious for not drinking enough water, and these simple prescriptions can make it more likely that they will get what they need. n

    Excerpted from THE CAT WHISPERER by Mieshelle Nagelschneider. Copyright © 2013 by Mieshelle Nagelschneider. Excerpted by permission of Ballantine, a division of Random House, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

    The post Get Your Whisper On! Feline Dining and Drinking Etiquette appeared first on Modern Cat.

  • Felix Feeding Guide Table | How Many Felix Pouches Should You Feed?
    17 April 2022

    Have you ever fed your cat Felix cat food? Is it good for cats? You might be providing the meal of this brand, but do you know about its feeding guide? How much do you have to feed your cat? Or might you be feeding according to your knowledge, but that quantity of food provides him all nutrients according to her health condition? There are a lot of questions that will come to your mind if you are thinking about the feeding guide of this brand.

    First of all, we would like to tell you don’t worry, and this article is especially for you if you have this type of concern. For your information, Felix Cat Food is good for your cat, and it’s a European brand owned by Nestle Purina PetCare. It is trendy cat food in Uk, and most importantly, it is the diet of more than one-third of cats in the UK.

    It produces wet foods in both pouches and tins and dry cats’ biscuits and treats. Felix dry cat food offers your cat a wide variety of flavors and great-value quality. Now, you will get information about the Felix brand, but most importantly, you should know about the feeding guide for these products.

    Let’s talk about feeding an average cat first. So, if you have an average adult cat whose weight is 4kg, you should provide her 3 to 4 pouches per day in at least 2 separate meals. The adult maintenance averages are based on moderately active cats at normal environmental temperatures.

    However, individual needs vary, and feeding should be adjusted to maintain your pet at a lean, healthy body weight. Moreover, to this down below, you will be introduced to cats’ calorie intake and several Felix cans you should give in a day. Take a good look at the provided information to learn the best way to fulfill your cat nutrition demand.

    How Many Cans of Felix Per Day?

    If your cat is entirely well in health and an average adult cat with bodyweight 3-5 kg, you should feed her 1/2-1 can per day, preferably in two separate meals. This recommendation was especially for adult cats, and if we talk about more giant cats needing food, they need more food than smaller ones.

    So it takes a little extra effort to figure out how many cans of Felix your pet needs according to his age. It is comprehensively advised that you start with 1/2 of one can in the morning and 1/2 can in the evening and closely consider the bodyweight of your furry friend. 

    You will see your cat needs more, but 1/2-1 can are enough for an average-weight cat in many cases. In addition, it is recommended that if your cat is losing weight after feeding 1 can a day. You need to increase the quantity of his food, starting with a can of food. If your kitten is gaining weight after eating 1 can a day, you should reduce the food he feeds and feed him minor food daily. 

    If you have a nursing or pregnant feline, which requires more than her regular feeding, you can increase her meal 2 to 4 times of daily feeding. Now you understand how many cans per day.

    Felix Kitten Food Feeding Guide

    Felix offers many recipes for all life stages and many kitten foods. Felix kitten is a complete and balanced meal. This means it does not need mixing with any other food, and you pour it out of the pouch, and that’s it. All varieties of Felix brand contain all the necessary proteins and minerals for your kitten. 

    Its all recipes are specially formulated to fulfill the growing kitten need for nutritional care from the very beginning to meet their every demand. It is short information about kitten recipes of this brand, but generally, if you are feeding any products of this brand, you can follow these instructions. 

    • 1.5-3 months: 1-4 pouches per day in 2 or 3 meals
    • 3-6 months: 2-5 pouches per day in 2 meals 
    • 6-12 months: 5-3 pouches per day in 2 meals 
    • Each kitten is different; depending on the kitten’s activity level and body condition, the amount of food and the time allowed for feeding may need to be adjusted.
    • Serve at room temperature – Always provide clean, fresh drinking water for your kitten.
    • Serve your kitten’s food in the same place at each feeding so that he doesn’t get confused and disturbed while feeding.

    Here are the top three kitten food of this brand with a hassle-free feeding guide that will help you feed your kitten in the correct amount. So let’s see.

    Felix As Good As It Looks Kitten Cat Food Mixed In Jelly 12X100g  

    It’s a complete pet food for kittens with no colorants and great taste. It looks 100% complete and balanced. You are feeding this recipe to your kitty. If her age is 8-12 weeks, the quantity of meals is 2 1/2 to 3 separately divided into 2 to 3 meals in a day. 

    Also, if your kitty is 12-26 weeks, 3 to 3 ½ pouches in 2 meals. If her age is 26-52 weeks, 3 1/2 to 3 1/2 pouches are perfect per day, preferably in 2 meals. Now, your pet will get correct nutrition without being overweight.

    FELIX® Original Kitten Mixed Selection in Jelly 

    It’s a 100% complete meal for your kitten that supports muscles, bones, and teeth. And also helps in the development of the mind. This recipe is available in convenient pouches for a kitten meal ready in seconds! 

    If you are giving your kitty this meal, you should have used 1 – 5 pouches per day for your kitty. You can divide this quantity into 2-3 meals in a day.

    Felix Kitten cat Food Selection In Chicken & Cod 12X100g 

    This recipe is specially formulated for your fur baby that provides all nutrition care from the beginning. It includes all the protein, minerals, and vitamins that promote your kitten’s growth and support healthy teeth, muscles, and bones. 

    The amount you should feed your kitten is 1 to 4 pouches per day in 2 or 3 meals if her age is 1.5 to 3 months. And if she is 3 to 6 months old, you should give him 2 to 5 pouches per day in at least 2 meals. If she becomes 6 to 12 years old, you should feed her 5 to 3 pouches per day in 2 meals, so your kitty gets all the nutrition of this recipe properly without gaining weight.

    Felix Cat Food Feeding Table

    It is generally captured that most average cats should eat between two and four pouches per day of Felix recipes. This number can go up to five if your cat is underweight or is a giant breed. On the other hand, if your cat is overweight or obese, the amount of food it receives should be reduced.

    All cats are different, and the feeding guidelines should be adapted to take into account the individual animal’s breed, age, temperament, and activity level. For this consideration for your pet, we have shared a chart of Felix cat food; it will help you feed the meal in a measured quantity. 

    The chart below presents average serving sizes based on a cat’s weight, activity level, life stage, and other factors. Keep in mind that any cat’s needs can vary from average to 50 percent in any direction, so talk to your vet to determine the appropriate food portion for your cat.

    Select the ideal adult weight (kg) for your cats’ breed and gender
    2Kg  3Kg 4Kg 5Kg 6Kg 8Kg 10Kg
    Indoor weight control 22 29 35 40 46 51 64
    Indoor active 32 41 50  58 66 73 93
    Very active cat 42 55 67 78 88 98 124
    Use the corresponding daily feed in grams

    Use the corresponding daily feed in grams.


    Most cats can eat three Felix meals in a jelly pouch a day. You can feed pregnant and lactating cats as much as they need, but it is recommended to consult a veterinarian if you are unsure of the specific amount. Serve this food at room temperature for the best flavor and aroma.

    If you are trying to feed your cat, but she is not ready to eat, she is full already. The most important thing you should know this time is what type of food you are feeding your cat might be wet or dry. And what feeding instructions are you applying or might be you are not doing? 

    So, don’t worry, here we will tell you the instructions you should follow if you are feeding her a dry or wet meal. So, let’s take a look at it:

    Wet Foods

    Felix offers a wide variety of wet food for cats. Check that your cats eat it within a half-hour without spoiling the food when wet feeding food. If you want to split her meal, you can divide it into 2 meals. 

    You can feed your cat 3 pouches in a day of wea at varieties. And you should also follow the instructions to serve your cat food at room temperature. Along with this, you should also give her clean, fresh drinking water as per her need. It is unnecessary to give your furry a water bowl, but if she drinks, it will support her excellent digestion.

    Dry Foods

    Felix offers a small range of dry food, but these are very delicious with moderate fat and moderate carbohydrate. If you are feeding an average adult cat dehydrated meals, you should mix a 50g dry meal with 1 wet pouch. It provides all the nutrition according to your cat’s health needs. But it is instructed to feed this meal at room temperature. You should always have fresh drinking water and give her a dinner where she wants to stay more and feel comfortable eating.

    Felix Cat Food Calorie Per Can

    If you are using Felix cat food to feed your cat but do know about its calorie content per can? If you don’t then we are going to inform you about it. Wet cat food contains few calories than dry meals, and they have 70.4 kcal per can. Calorie content for dry recipes usually is between 350 and 500 kilocalories for single cups, and we talk about the calorie content of treats is 1.5 kcal per treat.

    Let’s look at the below chart of Felix cat food in different varieties with calorie content per can.  Product name  Calorie content 
    1. Felix Orginal Beef In Jelly Wet Cat Food 75 kcal per100g
    2. Felix Doubly Delicious Meaty Selection Wet Cat Food 75.55 kcal per 100g
    3. Felix As Good As It Looks Mixed Selection in Jelly 73.05 kcals per 100g
    4 Felix naturally Delicious Countryside Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food 75.65 kcals per 80g
    5. Felix Soup Fish Selection wet Cat Food 23.7 kcals per pouch
    6. Felix Play Tubes Chicken and Liver Cat Treats 3.5 kcals per treat
    7. Felix Goody Bag Original Mix Cat Treats  1 kcals per treat
    8. Felix Crispies Beef and Chicken Cat Treats 1 kcals per treat
    Felix Ingredients Information

    When evaluating cat food, the first five ingredients can tell you a lot about the quality of a product because they make up the bulk of the product. Ideally, it would help if you looked for quality protein sources free of cheap starches, fillers, and by-products.

    Counting down the ingredient list, look for ingredients that resemble real food with the least amount of chemicals—precisely the food you choose to make for yourself. Here are the top 5 common ingredients of Felix cat food, along with benefits and importance for cats.

    • Meat
    • Fish 
    • Animal derivatives
    • Vegetable Protein Extract
    • Sugar

    It is one of the most common ingredients in Felix cat food, and your cat must get every required nutrient from meat. As cats are obligate carnivores, they must get protein from meat, and it supports their strong heart, good vision, and healthy reproductive system.


    It is one of the most beneficial ingredients in the Felix recipes that is an excellent source of animal protein, especially for optimal health. Many cats love it. Fish contains high levels of protein, which helps lower cholesterol, maintain blood pressure, promote weight loss, good eyesight, and boost vision in cats.

    Animal Derivatives

    Felix uses Animal derivatives in its ingredients that are entirely safe for your cat after the veterinary inspection. It provides many essential nutrients that your cat needs to live and thrive, and these ingredients are beneficial in the recipe of Felix brand.

    Vegetable Protein Extract

    The vegetable protein extract helps Felix’s recipe produce high protein food, and it also helps make meat-like flavor to food products. Vegetable protein extracts support the protein supplement in your cat.


    It is used in moderation of this brand to serve essential functions in pet foods. It provides a source of energy, improves palatability, and helps ensure a product retains its texture and softness throughout its shelf life.

    Felix Nutritional Information

    As cats are carnivores, they need animal-based diets to fulfill their nutritional needs. Felix cat food is specially designed to provide the essential nutrients and key ingredients to help your cat maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Overall, there are five main reasons why Felix’s cat food is good.

    Protein: Felix cat food contains almost good protein (11.5%) to keep your cat healthy. It comes from meat, fish, and vegetable extracts, and it gives cats sustained energy and muscle mass and satisfies their hunger for a long time.

    Carb: However, wet cat food contains very low carbohydrates, but dry cat food contains moderate carbohydrates (30%). In addition, carbohydrates can lead to obesity if your cat is not using the energy provided by the car. Also, if she is operating, it is an excellent energy source.

    High Moisture: Almost all cats don’t want to drink the water. Felix wet cat food gives high moisture (82%), while its dry recipe contains only 10% moisture, so you need to provide a bowl of water and food.

    Fat:  It is the focused energy for cats that comes from the fatty acids of fish. The brand uses 2.5% fat in its recipes for a cat’s health and moisturized skin. Fat is also supported to lean muscles. 

    Fiber: It is a type of carbohydrate that is important for cat health because it provides bulk food. The brand uses significantly less fiber, which makes the ingredients easily digestible, and it increases the nutritional quality of the cat’s diet.


    In short, your feline can consume 3 pouches per day to maintain a healthy weight and ensure that it receives balanced nutrition that is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. It will also tell your pet to be hydrated by eating a meal in this quantity. The most important thing you should know is to consult with your vet on your cat’s proper dietary needs to ensure your cat is getting adequate nutrition if you have any queries regarding your cat’s nutritional needs.

    Hope this article will be comprehensive and helpful for you. Kidly share it with your family and friends.

  • Top 12 Best Healthy Cat Treats of 2022 – MyBestCatFood
    16 April 2022

    Providing your cat with tasty and best cat treats is a great way to make their day. We all love to give our cat treats, and it spices up their lives in terms of food, but it’s also a great form of affection. We also use treats to reward our pets for allowing us to groom them. Many pet owners use cat treats to introduce their kitties to new toys. 

    Whether you are looking for a simple way to reward your pet or just want to pamper them with extra love, cat treats are the way to go. There are several different cat treats, and some are better for your cat than others. However, choosing a healthy treat isn’t an easy task because cats can be selective in what they want to eat, and some may have dietary restrictions. 

    There is a wide selection of healthy cat treat options, so you can find the perfect one no matter what dietary restrictions your cat may have. By choosing a cat treat that your feline enjoys eating and that also has healthy ingredients, you can avoid giving empty calories and therefore contribute to your cat’s health instead of the problem.

    List Of Our Favorites in 2022
    Our Recommended Treats
    Best Overall:  PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Cat Treats
    Best Budget: Greenies Feline Oven Roasted Chicken Treats 
    Premium Choice:   Orijen Tundra Freeze-Dried Cat Treats
    Best Dental Treat Purina DentaLife Dental Cat Treats
    Best Wet Lickable INABA Churu Tuna with Salmon Puree Lickable cat Treat
    Best Low Calorie Zuke’s Cat Natural Purrz Tender Chicken 
    Best Safe Treats Purina Fancy Feast Purely Natural Tuna Treats
    Best Soft Treats Blue Wilderness Chicken & Turkey Soft Moist Treats
    Best Healthy Snack Vital Essentials Minnows Freeze-Dried Treats
    Best Low-fat Treats Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks
    Good Cat Snacks Temptations Classic Crunchy and Soft Cat Treat Tasty Chicken Flavor
    Best Grain-free Wellness Kittles Crunchy Natural Grain Free Cat Treat
    Top 12 Best Healthier Cat Treats of 2022 – Our Top Picks & Review

    To help you choose the best treats for your cat, we tested dozens of different brands from taste to ingredients and recipes to bring you our top picks. You can find out what we think are the best cat treats on the market.

    Best Overall:  PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

    The PureBites Chicken Breast Cat Treats provide a clean diet using minimal ingredients. This snack is the best overall on our list, formulated with 100% chicken. Each piece contains only two calories; your pet will do something naughty after eating this.

    These PureBites treats are also sourced in the United States, and the freeze-drying process preserves all the beneficial nutrients you want your pet to have.

    These healthy cat treats are an excellent choice for cats with sensitive stomachs. They are easy to break into smaller pieces because they tend to explode, just like cooked chicken. Since they contain only one ingredient, no grains or gluten could bother them.

    • Only one ingredient
    • Freeze-dried preserves flavor and nutrients
    • No grains or gluten
    • Minimal calories
    • Sourced in the USA
    • The bag is small in size
    Best Budget: Greenies Feline Oven Roasted Chicken Treats 

    If you’re looking for a deal and want to save a few bucks, check out Greenies Feline Oven Roasted Chicken Treats. It works wonders for your cat’s dental needs, and you can bet they’ll love the taste. It is one of the best cat treats for cats for the money.

    This remedy is formulated to freshen breath, exacerbating even the stinky mouth. The treat is dry and crunchy with flavor enhancers to attract any feline. 

    The first ingredient is the chicken meal which is looking for a good source of protein. There are 1.4 calories per treat. The guaranteed analysis of this product is 27% crude protein, 12% crude fat, 10% crude fiber, and 10% moisture.

    It is specially crafted for adult cats. So, if you have any kittens, you might benefit from another brand specially prepared for kittens.

    • Affordable price
    • Freshen breath 
    • Chicken meal 
    • Low calorie
    • Support dental needs
    • Delicious flavor
    • Only for adult cats
    • Low moisture
    Premium Choice: Orijen Tundra Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

     The Orijen Tundra Freeze-Dried Cat Treat is one of the premium choices on our list. The snack is made with fresh regional wild boar, goat, venison, and arctic char. The kibbles’ freeze-dried muscle meat and organs deliver your pet protein, fat, and deliciousness.

    Although crunchy extruded treats typically beat freeze-dried treats in taste tests, these treats do surprisingly well. Kittens love to eat this snack because their three different types of fresh liver feature prominently on the ingredient list.

    The freeze-drying process makes these safe treats to handle and store, but it does not destroy the delicate nutrient content of raw meat, making them as nutritious as raw meat pieces. Unlike other freeze-dried treats, Origen’s Tundra treats are fairly compact and don’t disintegrate in bags, meaning you don’t have to worry about buying a bag of meat powder.

    • Made with exotic proteins, meaning that these treats are likely appropriate for sensitive cats
    • It manufactured by a trusted leader in the pet food industry
    • It made without any artificial ingredients or added sugars
    • Not crumbly
    • Considerably more expensive than the average treat
    Best Dental Treat: Purina DentaLife Dental Cat Treats

    These dental cat treats feature a porous, crunchy texture that allows your cat’s teeth to penetrate the teeth, ensuring an all-around clean. Choose from chicken or salmon flavors. Purina has scientifically tested these remedies and shown them to help reduce tartar buildup.

    Although these crunchy Purina DentaLife Dental Cat Treats are especially Veterinary recommended cat treats for controlling tarter. Although these dishes are made with chicken and fish meal, some contain corn-based ingredients and non-specialized ingredients such as animal digest. The corn-based ingredients are used in the formula to reduce the tater problems. 

    If you’re looking for a very limited budget for cat treats and want something your cat enjoys that will benefit his oral health, these DentaLife treats may do the trick. 

    In addition to being good for preventing tartar buildup, these remedies contain supplemental calcium and taurine. Calcium is a mineral that supports strong bones and healthy teeth, while taurine is an essential amino acid needed for healthy vision, immunity, and heart health.

    • Unique porous texture helps reduce tartar buildup
    • Tasty salmon and chicken flavors cats love
    • Fortified with added calcium and taurine
    • Chicken flavor
    • Contains corn-based ingredients
    • Made with unspecified ingredients (animal digest)
    Best Wet Lickable: INABA Churu Tuna with Salmon Puree Lickable Cat Treat 

    Many pets love to eat lickable cat treats, and pet owners like to feed them healthier snacks. The creamy treat is made with real tuna, deep-sea tuna, and salmon to provide a good protein source, and it also delivers vitamin E to boost nutrition. 

    The healthy lickable snack is free from grains and artificial ingredients. It contains more moisture to keep your fur baby hydrated and helps support overall well-being and urinary health. Each tube includes only six calories. The delicious cat treat is specially formulated for adult cats, and if you want to feed this puree to your kittens, you should choose another brand.

    However, the crude fat and crude protein level in the puree is a minimum of 2% and 7%. Also, it contains high moisture to keep your kitty hydrated. Now, you can give a new tasty treat.

    • The best ingredients are tuna and salmon
    • Natural salmon flavor
    • Vitamin E supplement
    • Low-calorie
    • High moisture content
    • Grain-free
    • No added components
    • Low protein
    • Quite a Pricey Puree
    Best Low Calorie: Zuke’s Cat Natural Purrz Tender Chicken 

    Zuke’s Cat Natural Purrz is filled with high-quality ingredients that your cat will surely love. It contains 2.5 calories per 3oz pack, so these features make it a safe and healthy cat treat for your pet. Also, because of its low-calorie content, the snack is best for overweight cats who need to lose weight. 

    Zook meets high quality and safety standards using whole food ingredients in trail-tested recipes. Zuke’s Cat Natural Purrz – Tender Chicken Recipe is so delicious… it’ll make your favorite feline purr! This is a very soft treat for felines containing chicken and fish oil as the first ingredient in their recipe. In addition, it helps to support feline’s urinary health.

    This recipe is grain-free and a good source of vitamin C. It is prepared with natural chicken flavor and is also good pickiest eaters.

    • Low-calorie
    • High-quality ingredients
    • Good source of vitamin C
    • Chicken and fish oil
    • Supportive in urinary health
    • Grain-free
    • No grains
    • Added preservatives
    • Gelatin
    Best Safe Treats: Purina Fancy Feast Purely Natural Tuna Treats

    This Purina Fancy Feast Purely Natural Treat is completely safe for your kitty. The recipe is made with 100% natural tuna. These morsels are filet-like that your kitty will surely love to eat. It’s the best safe treat, snack, or delicious meal you can use on top of the feline’s food. The tasty topper will make her a delicious normal meal, so your cat will eat without any tantrums. 

    You can feed your cat this recipe because it is high in protein and low in fat. In addition, it is free from grains, fillers, and by-products, and these features make this treat healthier and safe for your pet. 

    However, it is a moist snack that your finicky kitty will also eat. The calorie content of the treat is 3.3 kcalorie per pouch. 

    • Safe treat
    • Made without by-product
    • Use as a topper, snack, or treat
    • 100% natural tuna
    • High protein
    • Low fat
    • Grain-free
    • Available in a small pouch
    Best Soft Treats: Blue Wilderness Chicken & Turkey Soft Moist Treats

    Blue Buffalo Company is known for its grain-free pet food options, and Blue Wilderness Treats does not disappoint your pet from taste to ingredients. These natural high-protein cat treats are soft, healthy, and come in four different flavors—chicken and turkey, chicken and duck, chicken and trout, and chicken and salmon. Kitties who love to eat different tastes daily will especially appreciate these canned cat treats. 

    These little squares of meaty goodness only have 1.5 calories per treat, and since they’re soft, they’re great choices for kittens, adults, and even senior cats who have difficulty eating crunchy treats.

    The first ingredient in this soft cat treat is deboned chicken which is a good source of protein, and the second is salmon. However, the recipe is crafted with potatoes to soften your pet’s snack. Moreover, it is made with natural flavors and does not contain artificial colors or preservatives. 

    • Soft/moist texture
    • High protein
    • No artificial preservatives
    • Deboned chicken
    • Low-calorie content
    • Great snack for adult kitties
    • The shape of the treatment may not appeal to some cats
    • The snack may crumble in the bottom of the bag
    • Added potato
    Best Healthy Snack: Vital Essentials Minnows Freeze-Dried Treats

    The Vital Essential Minnows treats are the best healthy snack with single ingredients. These are rich in protein and free from all nasty ingredients common among standard crunchy treats.

    This healthy snack is cooked in a low-heat proceeding, and these treats contain all the nutrients found in a natural minnow. Every part of the small fish is intact – the eyes, internal organs, and small bones.

    They are easy to feed, and if your cat loves fish, these treats are extremely tasty. So this makes this treat a healthy snack for your pet.

    • Single-ingredient treats
    • Wild-caught minnows from natural bodies of water
    • Free from high-carbohydrate additives
    • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
    • Highly appetizing for cats who like fish
    • If your cat does not like fish, they probably won’t enjoy this treat
    • Relatively expensive
    Best Low-fat Treats: Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks

    If your cat turns his nose to traditional, crunchy cat treats, you need to give Shiba Meaty Tender Sticks a try. These real meat treat sticks are low-fat treats that can be broken into bite-sized pieces, or whole sticks can be served as long-lasting chewy treats. Cats like to run with the whole stick as they carry the mouse they’ve caught, and it doubles as a stud because it’s different from a bite-sized piece of kibble.

    The sticks contain no artificial flavors or colors and are devoid of corn, wheat, and soy, so they are meaty sticks. Packaging ensures that each stick stays fresh until your cat is ready to eat it, but if you don’t want to give an entire stack as a treat, many pet owners will discard any remaining stick pieces. Will save it in a zip-top bag or something to keep it drying out.

    • Stick is individually wrapped for freshness
    • Easily adjust how much of the treat you give
    • Made with real meat
    • Soft and chewy
    • Low-fat content
    • After opening, it must be consumed within 4 hours
    • High in calories if the entire stick is fed
    Good Cat Snacks: Temptations Classic Crunchy and Soft Cat Treat Tasty Chicken Flavor

    While treats should ideally be healthy and tasty, training a cat or rewarding good behavior may require special offerings. Temptation cat treats are really good snacks that come in various flavors, with chicken flavor being the most popular. Each flavored treat has a soft exterior with a crunchy coating that most cats will do anything to get. Performing highly persuasive treats will make the training session easier for you and more desirable for your cat. The treats come in large containers and are bite-sized pieces perfect for positive reinforcement.

    Some cat owners note that their cats love these treats so much that they will even sneak into plastic containers and eat as many treats as possible. Therefore, you may want to keep them in a safe place.

    • Very palatable to cats
    • Small treat size
    • Less than two calories per treat
    • Chicken flavor
    • Not for cats on grain-free diets
    • Felines may be able to open the container
    Best Grain-free: Wellness Kittles Crunchy Natural Grain Free Cat Treat

    When you think of healthy foods for your cat, you probably think of natural ingredients, and wellness kitties are full of just that. Salmon is the main flavor and ingredient in these crunchy recipes but also includes peas, cranberries, blueberries, flaxseed, and other healthy ingredients. These ingredients can provide various vitamins, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and other beneficial components to your cat’s diet.

    Each treat contains only 1.1 calories so that they won’t contribute to unwanted weight gain. Additionally, cats who need to avoid grains need not worry about Wellness Kittles as they are also grain-free.

    • Natural ingredients
    • Low calories
    • High palatability
    • Salmon
    • No meat by-products
    • No artificial colors or preservatives
    • Grain-free
    • Some cats may need to avoid chicken
    What To look at Before When Buying a Cat Treat?

    Choosing a treat that tastes different from your cat’s regular food would be an extra special treat, assuming your cat likes variety. But if your cat prefers consistency, choose food that tastes similar to his favorite food.

    Additionally, if your cat has specific dietary restrictions or is on a particular food, ask your vet if the treats are compatible with the food you are feeding or if there are ingredients in the treats that you should avoid.


    Cat treats are used intermittently and sparingly, not consistently and regularly, but it can be difficult to say no to your cat when begging for a treat. Because of this, it’s easy to feed your cat too many calories in the form of treats, especially if you don’t adjust to how much regular food you are feeding it at mealtimes.

    Choosing a cat treat that is low in calories will help you manage your cat’s weight, but at a minimum, you should pay attention to how many calories are in each treat. If a treat is high in calories, keep in mind that you may need to reduce how much food you give your cat at other times of the day.


    The treats are not meant to replace your cat’s regular diet, but some are specifically designed for kittens, adults, or senior cats. They may have added ingredients to help support a specific standard of living or may have a certain texture, shape, or size that is easier for some cats to eat or enjoy.

    How Many Cats Treat should you feed your cat?

    Treats should generally be reversed for rewarding good behavior. Treats only makeup five to ten percent of your cat’s required daily calorie intake. The amount of exercise your cat needs will depend on its age, breed, health conditions, and fitness level. For example, highly active and healthy kittens can have more treats than less active older cats.

    Cat treats have serving recommendations. By visiting a vet, you can find out exactly how many calories your cat needs according to their weight, health conditions, and breed. 

    Do not feed these snacks without consulting your vet and looking at the packaging level for serving recommendations. And if you are giving too many treats in a day, it may cause skin reactions, foaming at the mouth, vomiting, gas diarrhea, or constipation. If these signs appear, then consult the veterinarian immediately.

    Is it bad to give your cat treats every day?

    There are no hard and fast rules for how often you can give your cat a treat other than saying that treats should not exceed 10% of your cat’s daily diet. If you’re training your cat or just want to shower her with extra love, stick to small, low-calorie treats so you can feed some extra.

    What ingredients should you look for in cat treats?

    Since treats are not the bulk of a cat’s diet, the ingredients need to be safe, but they are not as important as feeding your cat. It is ideal for the first ingredient to be meat, and while many owners try to avoid grains, some grains are not a problem for most cats. 4 Avoid Treats With Food Dyes, BHAs, BHTs, and Ingredients Your Specific Cat Are Sensitive or Allergic.

    Are Lickable Cat Treats Healthy?

    Some lickable cat treats contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives and are high in calories. Look for natural ingredients, water or broth, and added vitamins or minerals instead of artificial ingredients. You need to limit the amount your cat gets daily. Water can be a great way to increase consumption and entice an anorexic cat to eat, but healthy cats can also add unwanted calories to the..

  • All About Manx Cats – Price, Personality, Colors, Tailless, and Facts
    15 April 2022

    Cats mean love for you, right? But when it comes to Manx cats, they are recognized as tailless cats with huge, and adjusted eyes. Assuming that is something you are only familiar with this breed, you are not all alone. That solitary component essentially covers the degree of a great many people’s information on Manxes. Fortunately for you, we’ve gathered together data about this electrifying cat, and this text will help you understand this breed better. 

    What are Manx cats

    Thanks to his notable tailless form, charming personality, and strong hunting skills, the Manx is a national treasure on the Isle of Man and a longtime favorite in the cat fancy. This lonely island lies between Great Britain and Ireland in the Irish Sea. A genetic abnormality led one or more cats on the Isle of Man to be born without tail hundreds of years ago. 

    Since the feline population on the Isle of Man is small, generations of inbreeding have led the characteristic to become widespread on the island. Unsurprisingly, the Manx is well-liked and appears on banknotes, stamps, and company logos, and shops sell goods featuring it.

    The Manx is a medium-sized cat with a round head, round eyes, round whisker pads, and a round rump, and the Manx is a rounded cat. The ears assume a rocker shape from behind. The Manx’s back end is higher than her front, visible when she stands. 

    It is a medium-sized cat with a medium build and plenty of bones. Animal lovers may not know how heavy the Manx may be at maturity because she appears more significant than she is.

    What is the classification of Manx cats based on tails? 

    In an entirely tailless Manx, your hand will slip down the rump without pausing or feeling any protuberance. These cats are also called Rumpies, and the tailless Manx is called Stumpies as they have a small stump of a tail. 

    Some are also called Rumpy Risers since your hand can go around the rump, which causes the small tail to rise. The tail is covered by a fat pad that does not increase when you pat your cat with age. Some kittens are born with full tails and others with half tails.

    The Manx has short hair that is double-coated, and this thickens and densifies it. Several cat registries also recognize a long-haired Manx, and some term the long-haired Manx a different breed, while others refer to her as a long-haired Manx. In 1906, they were also one of the founding breeds of the Cat Fanciers’ Association. 

    They achieve full maturity around the age of 5 years and weigh 10–12 pounds for males and 8–10 pounds for females. It’s not only essential to keep your cat healthy on the exterior, but it’s also vital to maintain him well on the inside. At birth, an ethical breeder would categorize kittens based on the length of their tails. 

    In the Manx, the following are the most prevalent tail length classifications:

    • Rumpy – Kittens or cats that are entirely tailless are known as rumpy. These cats may be able to compete in cat shows based on their overall appearance. A Rumpy with a slight bump where the tail should be is known as a “Riser.” These cats may still be considered show cats in Manx.
    • Stumpy – These cats have a short, up to an inch-long stump of a tail. The tail vertebrae are generally fused.
    • Stubby – Also known as short-tailed Manx, these cats have a tailless half the length of a typical cat’s tail.
    • Longy – Even though they are purebred Manx cats, some Manx cats have full tails. The tail is slightly shorter than a non-Manx, but only slightly.
    What is the origin of the name Manx Cats?

    The old Gaelic name “Manx” – occasionally written Manks – referred to the Isle of Man. Stubbin, rather than Manx, was the original local term for these cats. When they were taken off the island to compete in cat shows, they were known as Manx cats.

    Colors of the Manx cat?

    Manx cats come in various colors, including red, white, black, cream, blue, and shaded silver. Gold, copper, green, brown, blue, or odd-eyed eyes are familiar in Manx cats. Manx cats come in bicolor, tabby, and tortoiseshell patterns. Some Manx-like cats, known as Cymrics, have long fur and are classified as a different breed by most cat fanciers’ organizations.


    The Manx is a calm and easygoing cat. At the same time, they have a strong independent spirit and are devoted to their families, frequently following their favorite humans about the house. She never seems to be bothered by anything, and she is a caring companion who enjoys being around people.

    Despite his calm demeanor, the Manx enjoys running and playing. She walks with a strange gait and bounces like a bowling ball.

    Because of the double coat, the fur must be groomed daily. A good brushing is necessary to keep the coat smooth, as the undercoat will accumulate over time if this brushing is neglected. During the shedding season, grooming should be prioritized.

    Manx must strictly monitor their nutrition to stay in good shape. They have a voracious appetite and can soon become overweight.

    A Manx man loves to talk and converse in a soft, trilling voice, so be prepared to verbalize your affection and chat with him on a variety of topics.

    What led to the formation of Manx Cats?

    A defective gene in Manx cats alters the development of their spinal vertebrae. Because this gene is dominant, a cat only requires one copy of the mutation to have its tail changed. The spine is too severely injured when two mutant gene copies are inherited, and the embryo does not survive.

    According to experts, the mutation is thought to have started on the Isle of Man and subsequently spread among the island cats. According to locals, tailless cats are good hunters and make excellent pets. According to mythology, when Noah summoned the animals to the ark, the Manx was late. As Noah was closing the door, the cat dashed into the ark. The cat got in, but the tail didn’t.

    Manx cat price

    Manx cats are one of the affordable breeds. They can range in price from $400 to $600, and those without tails usually cost a little more than those with. Long-haired cats may cost you a few extra bugs. However, this isn’t always the case.

    Kittens with unusual traits may be even more expensive, such as a white coat. Rare cats can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars, and show varieties are usually more costly.

    How long do Manx cats live

    These cats have an average lifespan of 10-14 years. Nonetheless, each cat is unique, and your Manx may live below or beyond the national average.

    Are Manx Cats hypoallergenic?

    If you’re allergic to cats, you might be thinking if a Manx is a good choice. Despite having several characteristics that imply they are safer for allergy sufferers, Manx cats are not considered hypoallergenic, and Manx, like any other cat, isn’t wholly hypoallergenic. 

    However, some people who are allergic to cats, in general, have stated that Manx cats had less of an effect on them. Your sensitivities will influence whether or not they are safe for you.

    The overall hypoallergenic score for Manx cats is 5 out of 10. Manx cats have seasonal blowouts and shed very little. Grooming your Manx properly can help you stay on top of shedding cycles and prevent allergens in your home. Being low shedders isn’t enough to make a cat hypoallergenic since allergy-causing proteins generated by cats, particularly Fel d1, are the most common cause of allergies. 

    These can be found in the saliva, urine, and dander of cats, among other things. Cats can cause various allergies, the most prevalent of which are respiratory and skin sensitivities. Hence people who suffer from respiratory allergies must be concerned about shedding and airborne allergens. People with skin sensitivities must examine their direct contact with Fel d1 protein.

    Are Manx cats aggressive?

    Manx cats are just like any other cat in terms of activity and agility. They’re good mousers, and they’ve been used to keep mice at bay on ships for centuries. These cats are affectionate and devoted. They are calm, kind cat and doesn’t seem to get worked up over anything. She is a beautiful companion that enjoys being around people. In addition, the Manx cat has a high level of intelligence. They enjoy learning new tricks. They love interactive toys and puzzle feeders, and you can teach them to play fetch.

    How many Manx cats are in this world?

    Manx cats aren’t always uncommon, and they are far less prevalent than other breeds like the American Shorthair or the Scottish Fold. An all-white Manx, on the other hand, is quite rare.

    Common Manx cat name
    • Angel
    • Missy
    • Cleo
    • Lucky
    • Chloe
    • Boots
    • Oliver
    • Sam
    • Midnight
    • Sassy
    • Jake
    • Toby
    • Gizmo
    • Sylvester
    • Fluffy
    • Pumpkin
    • Pepper
    • Baby
    • Dexter
    • Hurricane
    • Click
    • Spock
    • Teddy
    • Sunny
    • Stanley
    • Mittens
    • Muffin
    • Peanut
    • Hunter
    • Skittles
    • Sable
    • Elvis
    How do I know if my cat is a Manx?

    Analyze your cat’s physical features and behavior to see if it’s a Manx. A Manx cat’s tail is ordinarily stumpy. However, some are tailless. When viewed from the back, it features a cradle-shaped head. Manx cats have a characteristic trilling sound or meow and are lively and friendly.

    Finally, you may determine whether or not your cat is a Manx by ordering a DNA test and purchasing your cat from a reputable cat breeder.

    You can determine whether your cat is a Manx in several ways:

    Check your cat’s tail

    Your cat’s tail is the first thing to look for to see if it is a Manx. The Manx is said to be the only breed without a tail, and its taillessness, on the other hand, might vary. Rumpies are Manx cats without tails and merely a dip at the base of the spine. 

    Rumpy raisers have a short, kinked tail, while “stumpies” have a stubby tail with one to three bones. Longies are Manx cats with ordinary tails, much like other cats. Although longies’ tails are commonly chopped off, the lack of a seat does not affect the breed’s balance.

    Built of the cat

    Your cat’s physique and build will reveal if it is a Manx or not. The body of this cat breed is solid and thick but compact, and it has a spacious chest and is available in sizes ranging from medium to large. Males frequently exceed females in length, and they have round torsos, lengthy rear legs, and strong jumpers.

    Coat of Manx cat

    Both short-haired and long-haired coats are available in this breed. Short-haired Manx cats have a dense, fluffy undercoat and a long topcoat. Even though it appears fluffy, the overcoat is coarse. This breed sheds in the spring and fall, and when their fur feels thin, they are shedding. On the other hand, long-haired Manx cats have smooth, medium-length coats with tufts of fur between the toes and around the ears.

    Check for the cradle-shaped head.

    When viewed from behind, Manx cats have large faces and cradle-shaped heads. Their ears are round with a broad base and a rounded tip.

    Look for prominent eyes.

    Rumpy cats, often known as Manx cats, have huge, round eyes. Green, hazel, blue, copper, or gold eyes are standard in this breed. Some Manx cats are odd-eyed, meaning they have a different hue for each eye. Their eyes will curve inward toward the nose, with the outer corners pointing slightly toward the ears and the lower corners angling down and inward slightly toward the nose.

    Check color

    Blue, black, white, cream, red, silver, blue-cream, tortoiseshell, and brown are the most prevalent hues found in the Manx breed. Calico/tricolor, solid color, tortoiseshell, tabby, bicolor, smoky, and shade are among the patterns available. On the other hand, Manx cats do not come in chocolate or pointed variations, nor in any of these hues.

    Observe your cat’s personality

    The Manx breed is naturally friendly and has a strong bond with humans. They have a dog-like attitude, are highly intelligent, and are lively. It is possible to teach them to play, retrieve and carry toys. They are, above all, affectionate, especially toward children. 

    Manx cats also have the following humorous personality traits they prefer to engage in their human activities, such as vocalizing while on the phone and attempting to type on a computer keyboard. They also like the companionship of other dogs and cats. They are laid-back and even-tempered, and they enjoy learning new tricks and directions.

    Calculate the weight of your cat

    Be careful to weigh your cat to see if it falls within the breed’s average weight range. Female Manx cats weigh between 8 and 10 pounds, while males weigh between 10 and 12 pounds.

    Make sure it has a trilling meow

    The trilling meow or sound of Manx cats is unusual. According to Dr Sasha Gibbons of Just Cats Veterinary Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut, trilling is a high-pitched, chirp-like sound emitted by cats as a greeting to people or other cats. It is associated with a happy feeling. Although Manx cats are not as talkative, they have a distinct trilling sound that distinguishes them.

    Examine the cat’s health and its common health concerns

    Manx cats are typically healthy, but they are susceptible to illnesses such as Manx syndrome. The tailless gene shortens the spine too much, resulting in this health problem. Manx cats with the disease have spinal anomalies, impairing their nerve systems. Incontinence, partial paralysis of the hind legs, spinal deformities, and constipation are common symptoms. If you see these signs in your cat, contact your veterinarian.

    Take a DNA test

    You can get a DNA test after following the instructions above and still not sure if your cat is a Manx. A sample of your cat’s DNA will need to be obtained from your veterinarian or a competent medical technician. This can be accomplished by swabbing the inside of your cat’s cheek or getting some of its furs. The cat’s genome will be compared to that of a known Manx cat based on the samples to see if there are any similarities.

    Cats should only be bought from reputable breeders.

    Buying your cat from a reliable breeder is one guaranteed way to discover if your cat is a Manx. This way, you’ll be able to get an official confirmation that your cat is a Manx. To find reliable cat breeders in your area, consult your veterinarian or the International Cat Association. Backyard breeders should be avoided since these cats are more likely to have genetic abnormalities. Check if the cattery is registered with a primary cat registry, and read our guide to selecting a cat breeder.

    Can I adopt the Manx cat?

    The simplest way to adopt a Manx is to go to a rescue that specializes in them, or you can buy one from a reputable breeder.

    Common problems with Manx cats
    Reference LinkAppearance

    Manx cats have a distinctive look that is frequently described as rounded, and he has a rounded back and round eyes set in a round head. The Manx isn’t always thought of as a tailless cat. A rumpy or ripple rumpy is a cat with no tail; a riser or rumpy riser is a cat with numerous vertebrae or a stub of cartilage under his fur; a stumpy is a cat with a partial tail, and a tailed or longyis a Manx with the majority of his tail. This individual isn’t malformed, regardless of the state of his tail, but he does have a natural spine mutation.

    Spina Bifida – Manx Syndrome

    For cats with particularly severe spina bifida, the deformity is fatal.” Manx syndrome” is the broad term for the medical condition that affects Manx cats. The mutation that causes his taillessness can also cause complications because of its effects on the development of his spine and spinal cord. The most prevalent kind of Manx syndrome found in Manx cats is spina bifida, which occurs when the neural tube creating the spinal cord isn’t closed, and the vertebrae aren’t fully formed. 

    Spina bifida complications include a weird “hopping” walk, lack of bowel and bladder control, a stance that leaves more of the hind leg on the ground than usual, and absence of sensation in the hind legs, depending on how severely the spinal cord is distorted.

    Manx Syndrome – Other Issues

    Some Manx cats suffer from spine disorders that cause neurological problems, impairing their ability to pee and excrete. Other potential hurdles include rectal prolapse, which occurs when a portion of the rectum slips out of place, urinary tract problems, and megacolon, which is a widening of the large intestine. By the time a kitten is six months old, most issues have been detected, and if the problems are severe enough, the cat will have to be euthanized.

    The good news is that as breeders become more knowledgeable, they have improved their breeding practices, and Manx syndrome has decreased. Manx syndrome affects roughly 20% of Manx cats.

    Healthy And Without A Tail

    The tail of a healthy Manx is not missed. His powerful back end aids in his jumping and landing balance. He’s also quite brilliant, and he likes to carry his toys around like prey and play retrieve with them. If you have a healthy adult Manx cat, Manx syndrome is unlikely to be a concern because most problems appear during the first six months of life. Picking up your Manx cat should be done with caution, as the nerve endings around where its tail should be are exposed. Keep in mind that a “longie” cat’s tail may ossify and become arthritic if five years old.

    Common Health Issues

    Like any other cat breed, Manx cats are prone to several health issues. These include:

    • Diabetes
    • Constipation
    • Various urinary tract issues
    • Asthma
    • Fatty Liver Syndrome (Hepatic Lipidosis)
    Grooming and Care for your Manx cat

    When it comes to your feline’s nutrition, make sure it’s age-appropriate and healthful. Because Manx cats are prone to obesity, it’ll be necessary to keep a check on your pal’s weight. If you’re not sure if your Manx is at a healthy weight or eating the proper amount of best cat food, consult your veterinarian for advice on managing your cat’s diet and exercise effectively.

    It’s critical to create regular grooming practices for your cat to stay in top shape. Manx cats have a thick, double coat that must be brushed many times per week. Brushing their skin will maintain it healthy, but it will also eliminate dead hair. Your Manx will most likely shed even more than usual in the spring and autumn, and this implies your cat may require a few additional weekly brushings.

    Brushing your cat’s teeth once a week is necessary. Taking Care of your cat’s teeth and gums can help lower the risk of various health problems and keep their breath smelling fresh. Keep an eye on their ears and clean them as needed.

    As a cat parent, it will be your obligation to keep your cat’s nails trimmed. They’ll need to be trimmed every few weeks, but each cat’s needs are different. It’s recommended to give your Manx a scratching post or two to help them wear their nails down naturally.

    It’s just as vital to maintaining your cat healthy on the inside as it is to keep them healthy on the outside. Manx people need to exercise daily, which they may do by playing various games—games that demand mental stimulation are even better.

    Diet and Nutrition of Manx Cat

    Protein, vitamins and minerals, lipids, and water are required in a Manx diet. Fish oils and omega 3 fatty acids for their thick coat, taurine for their vision and heart health, and fiber for digestion and weight control should all be included in their cat food.

    A wet or dry professionally prepared cat food should suffice for a Manx cat; look for meals that list meat as the first ingredient. Food mayod will need to be warmed up before serving, as Manx cats dislike cold food. To add taste, combine moist and dry foods.

    Wet, semi-moist, and dry foods are the three primary varieties of food available. Your Manx will benefit from dry food in two ways. Because it contains no water, she will eat less, reducing overeating, and chewing it will maintain her teeth in good shape. Your Manx would most likely prefer you to serve..

  • Whiskas Cat Food Review (2022) | Is Whiskas Good For Cats?
    14 April 2022

    In 1936, the company that would become Whiskas was founded. It was one of the original pet food companies, back when it was known as Kal Kan. By the time it renamed the brand Whiskas in 1988, it was well on its way to becoming a pantry staple all over the world. Despite this, you can know about Is Whiskas cat food review in our article and know about it’s recall, ingredients, pros and cons.

    Mars Petcare, one of the world’s most profitable pet food companies, also owns Iams, Royal Canin, Nutro, and other well-known pet food brands. Is Whiskas good for cats? Whiskas is one of the most famous and renowned brands globally, with international distribution and a presence in practically every supermarket and pet food store.

    Sourcing and production

    It’s challenging to determine precisely where each of Whiskas’ meals is created because they’re sold in so many nations. Because it seems that at least a few of their products marketed in the United States are co-packaged in Virginia, it’s safe to conclude that the corporation collaborates with other manufacturers throughout the world.

    Is Whiskas Cat Food a Recalled Product?

    This is only true in Canada. Whiskas announced its first voluntary recall, including multiple dry cat food brands supplied in Canada, after 60 years in the business.

    While the manufacturer blamed the recall on an essential component that didn’t match their quality requirements, Costco Wholesale stated that the cause was the possibility of mycotoxin contamination.

    Certain species of mold produce mycotoxins, which are harmful substances. This mold grows on rice, maize, and other grains the most. There were no reports of illness due to this recall to our knowledge. 


    The recalled goods are all dry cat or kitten food with chicken, salmon, tuna, or beef flavors. The contaminated cat foods’ best by dates are mostly around June and August of this year. The impacted goods are listed below and their “Best By” dates. Consumers who purchased affected items with the “Best By” dates shown below should throw them away and stop feeding them to their children.

    A complete list of the cat food items implicated may be seen here.

    WHISKAS MEATY SELECTION Dry Cat Food With Real Chicken 6/13/2022 – 7/19/2022
    WHISKAS Dry Cat Food Beef Selections Natural Beef Flavour 6/25/2022-8/6/2022
    WHISKAS Dry Cat Food  8/13/2022
    WHISKAS Dry Cat Food – Indoor With Real Chicken, 7/19/2022
    WHISKAS Dry Kitten Food With Real Chicken, 7/18/2022
    Is Whiskas wet food Good for cats?

    Generally, Whiskas wet food isn’t thought to be very good for cats. Whiskas wet food is typically very inexpensive since it’s made with low-quality components that are bad for your cat.

    According to the ingredient label, Whiskas wet packaged foods contain wheat, maize, and soy. Corn, wheat, and soy are all unhealthy for cats since they are carnivores.

    Is Whiskas dry food good for cats?

    Whiskas dry cat food is not recommended for cats.

    Remember that cats are carnivorous and that meat is their natural diet, and their digestive tract is likewise designed to help them process and digest meat.

    Whiskas dry food has the following components: ground wheat, wholegrain cereals, maize gluten, soy, meat by-products, artificial flavors, and preservatives, according to the ingredients list. All of these components are not included in a cat’s regular diet. So, what’s the point of giving your cat all of this?

    It can cause your cat to become ill by disrupting its digestive system. Experts consider Whiskas cat food to be junk food and advise against giving it to your cat.

    Is Whiskas Good for kittens?

    Yes, you may give Whiskas the exact amount of food he needs. But don’t overeat this because it might be dangerous. We recommend that you maintain an appropriate mix of dry and wet food for your cat’s health.

    Whiskas is safe for diabetic cats

    If your cat has diabetes, you should carefully read the components of the Whiskas food you want to offer him. If it contains a lot of carbohydrates and sugars, you should avoid giving it to your diabetic cat since it will impair their health. Whiskas wet food, for example, has a high carbohydrate content in its gravy, and as a result, it may be hazardous.

    If the Whiskas food has no carbohydrates or sugar, it is safe for your diabetic cat to eat. As a reason, you must study and understand the contents label before giving your cat anything. 

    Whiskas “grounded with” food items are generally thought to be low in carbs and healthy for diabetic cats. Whiskas ground with rice and lamb, chicken, tuna, and chicken dinner is suitable for diabetic cats.

    Whiskas is popular among cats

    Yes, Whiskas is a well-known cat food brand worldwide, and cats enjoy it. Many experts, however, believe that Whiskas cat feed includes low-quality components that cats should avoid eating daily.

    Wholegrain grains, ground wheat, corn gluten, meat by-products, artificial flavors, preservatives, vegetable extracts, and derivatives are among the constituents in Whiskas cat chow. On the other hand, Cats devour meat as their primary and natural diet. So, would a cat consume all of this stuff when its fresh food is meat?

    Many cats are hypersensitive to all of the components listed above, and they may become ill if they eat them.

    Why Is Whiskas temptations so appealing to cats?

    Whiskas temptations are popular among cats because they contain extra components such as colorants, salts, and flavoring agents, making them more palatable, delectable, and addictive. However, ingesting these Whiskas temptations might lead to health concerns.

    It’s the same as eating fast food. When we visit McDonald’s or KFC, we grow enamored with the food and become hooked. However, if we consume it every day, it will be harmful to our health. Likewise, if your cat indulges in too many Whiskas temptations, it may develop health concerns.

    Furthermore, several chemicals in Whiskas temptations are not even found in your cat’s diet, such as vegetable extraction and derivatives, corn, wheat, and grains, to name a few. Cats are carnivores that do not require such foods in their diet.

    Is Whiskas Good for Persian cats?

    Yes, feeding your Persian cat the proper quantity of Whiskas may benefit its health. This is because Whiskas cat food contains glucosamine, which is highly important and helpful to Persian cats’ health.

    Hip dysplasia is a medical disease that Persian cats are susceptible to as they get older. Glucosamine can aid in the prevention of it in your Persian cat.


    Big cats in the wild acquire all of their sustenance from their prey. While your feline companion has the same natural urge as their cousins to eat whatsoever they catch, they depend on you to provide them with a nutritious, well-balanced diet. As a result, it’s a smart option to get to know what they require.

    Vitamins that promote growth

    Vitamins are required for a variety of biological activities of your cat. They aid their vision, bone growth, and metabolism. Nearly every component of your cat’s body requires vitamins at some point. And each nutrient has a distinct purpose. If your cat slashes their paw, for example, one vitamin will assist stop the bleeding while another one will help the skin heal. 

    You can find vitamins in cat meals comprising liver, kidneys, yeast, and grains. Whiskas® Adult food has all the vitamins your cat requires in just the appropriate quantities.

    Minerals that are good for bones

    Minerals ensure that your cat’s teeth and bones are strong and that their metabolism runs smoothly. However, be sure they don’t go overboard; too many minerals might be challenging to manage. Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium chloride, and magnesium are the essential minerals for your cat, and iron, copper, manganese, zinc, and selenium are all needed trace elements. 

    Minerals may be found in cat meals such as fish, meat, liver, and grains. You won’t need to give your cat any supplements if you feed them a balanced, premade adult food like Whiskas®, and they’ll get all the elements they need in precisely the appropriate proportions.

    The importance of essential fatty acids in one’s health

    Essential fatty acids are required for the health of your cat’s skin, coat, reproductive system, and metabolism. Fats and healthy fats are not only a vital source of energy, but they also enhance the flavour of their meals. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are also transported across the body. Fats and essential fatty acids are abundant in cat meals, including animal fats and vegetable oils.

    Digestive carbohydrates and fiber

    Your cat uses carbohydrates as either an energy source or a source of dietary fiber, and fiber aids digestion and maintains healthy stool consistency. Carbohydrates are abundant in cat daily meals grains, including rice, maize, and wheat.

    Strengthening protein

    Protein is required for your cat’s healthy development and muscular tone. Proteins are present in most living tissue, such as hair, skin, nails, and muscles, and they give your cat the vital amino acids they require to keep fit and healthy. Your cat’s body has hundreds of distinct proteins, each performing a particular function. Meat, eggs, fish, cereals, and yeast are excellent protein sources in cat food.

    Whiskas® is the unique approach to providing your cat with the proper nourishment. Whiskas® is a completely balanced diet that includes all of the nutrients your cat requires to stay happy and healthy.

    Our Top Recommended Whiskas cat food Products

    Whiskas solely sells cat food since it is a cat-specific brand. Whiskas offers a wide range of wet and dry food tastes and kibble and savory wet feeds. Variety packs of wet food tastes, including Chicken Dinner and Turkey & Giblets, are among their most popular items.

    Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken Entree Cat Food Review

    The predominant protein source in this wet cat food appears to be chicken.

    This popular Whiskas dish looks to be created with shredded chicken in broth at first appearance, but the ingredient list reveals a more complex narrative. According to the ingredient list, the cuisine appears to be made out of chicken, liver, corn starch, and wheat gluten shreds placed in a thickened sauce.

    The product contains numerous ingredients we aim to avoid, including various potentially hazardous preservatives and possibly carcinogenic caramel colors.

    • It appears to have a low carbohydrate content.
    • Cats adore the flavour of the meal.
    • One of the most cost-effective wet feeds available.
    • Made primarily from species-appropriate chicken
    • It contains artificial dyes and preservatives that may be dangerous.
    • Only available in plastic pouches and includes a beef composite rather than shredded meat
    • Some reviews claim that the food’s quality has later deteriorated.
    Whiskas Choice Cuts Chicken Dinner with Gravy Review

    The predominant source of protein in this wet cat food appears to be chicken. Like the stuff above, this dish isn’t merely made up of chicken cuts. The principal constituents in the meal items appear to be extruded chicken chunks, meat by-products, wheat gluten, and other chemicals. 

    According to Whiskas, the meat by-products used in this recipe come from cows, pigs, and sheep. By-products aren’t always destructive—they might include several of the most nutritional portions of the animal—but they’re also not always beneficial. Animal by-products might include low-nutrient animal parts such as noses, ribs, and skins, or they could concentrate on highly digestible organs and muscular meat.

    This cuisine isn’t a good choice since it contains a combination of labeled and unnamed meats, wheat gluten and corn starch, and artificial colors. However, its nutritional distribution is carnivore-friendly, distinguishing it from other diets high in starchy, plant-based nutrients. This might be a good option if you’re looking for a low-cost diet that provides species-appropriate, meat-based nutrients.

    • Carbohydrate content is low
    • Cats enjoy the flavour of the food.
    • Almost any budget can afford it.
    • It may not be a highly digested or high-quality diet since it contains meat by-products.
    • It’s packaged in little plastic packets.
    Tender Bites Favorite Selections at Whiskas Ocean Whitefish & Tuna in Sauce Review 

    The principal protein sources in this wet cat food appear to be chicken and animal by-products.

    Even though this product’s name includes ocean whitefish and tuna, the ingredient list is dominated by chicken and animal by-products. A reconstructed slurry of chicken, animal by-products, wheat gluten, sea whitefish, tuna, and other ingredients makes up the delicate bits.

    The meal is fortified with synthetic vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and “added colors.”

    Like many other budget brands, Whiskas has a high protein level and a healthy fat dosage while excluding many of the most frequent carbohydrate sources. The meal, however, isn’t ideal.

    Like many other budget brands, Whiskas has a high protein level and a healthy fat dosage while excluding many of the most frequent carbohydrate sources. The meal, however, isn’t ideal. Meat by-products indicate low protein digestion and make it hard to determine which foods your cat is eating. Heavy metals and other poisons may be present in ocean whitefish and tuna.

    Again, this meal may be a fine choice if cost is a high consideration, but it isn’t among our top picks.

    • The majority of the substances are derived from animals.
    • Carbohydrate content is low
    • The flavour of this meal appeals to cats.
    • There are meat by-products in this dish.
    • Only a few plastic packets are available.
    How Is Whiskas dry foods?

    When you have heard of Whiskas, you must’ve been living in a cave. It’s one of the best dry cat meals on the market. However, because popularity does not always imply quality, it’s OK to be wary of such businesses. If you’re trying to keep your cat healthy on a budget, you may incline toward less expensive options, which is where Whiskas comes in. While there’s nothing better than looking at cheaper options, you should ensure that it does not come at your cat’s health price.

    Whiskas cat food ingredients

    The initial components in some of the Whiskas formulae are high-quality proteins, whereas others do not. Many of the recipes have a lot of fillers in them. Whiskas cat food contains artificial preservatives, generally in the form of BHA and BHT. Chicken by-product meal appears to be the primary form of protein in Whiskas cat food. Most Whiskas cat food varieties also contain wheat flour.

    Dry Whiskas Recipes

    • Indoor
    • Meaty Selections For Kitten 


    • Dinner with Chicken and Liver in Meaty Juices
    • Filet Mignon Flavor in Meaty Juices Salmon Dinner in Sauce
    • Giblets & Turkey Roasted Meaty Juices for Dinner
    • Crab in Captain’s CatchTM Sauce
    • Dinner with Roasted Chicken in Meaty Juices
    • Tuna in Sauce with a Variety of Seafood
    • Whitefish and tuna from the sea Sauced Dinner
    Buying Guide
    Kitten Feeding Suggestions

    Big cats in the wild have a good idea of whatever they need to consume. You may help your kitten’s natural inclinations as a carnivore and lone hunter by providing her with the proper food at the right time.

    Kitten food with a twist

    Your kitten will obtain all she needs from her mother for the first 4–5 weeks of her life. She’ll usually be breastfed by seven weeks, but you may start getting her acclimated to eating a carefully formulated meal like Whiskas Kitten Pouch as early as week 4.

    Big appetite, little stomach

    Although your adorable kitty is tiny, she will develop 15 times quicker than a human newborn! She can’t consume much at once because her stomach starts off the size of a thumbnail. As a result, it’s critical to feed your tiny kitten meals at periodic intervals – up to 6 times a day at first. Spread the food out on a dish initially, and then she can lick it and taste it.

    Parts for kittens and cats

    Whiskas Kitten Pouches are ideal for a single delicious meal for kittens aged four months and up. You must nourish your kitten 3–4 times each day until they reach the age of 6 months. After that, you can feed them anywhere from 2-to 4 meals each day. When kittens are about 10 and 12 months old, they can start eating Whiskas® adult cat food twice a day.

    Cautious eaters

    Big cats in the wild are picky eaters, avoiding anything and everything that tastes “wrong.” Your kitty shares these impulses and prefers fresh food supplied at ambient temperature in a small bowl.

    Changing your diet

    Sudden developments may disturb your kitten’s fragile tummy, so every new food should be offered gently and gradually.

    It is not on the menu

    After weaning, kittens lose their capacity to digest milk. Hence no cow’s milk for them! Many human foods are toxic to cats; onions, for example, can induce anemia. So resist the urge to feed her human delicacies and table scraps. She’ll get all the nourishment she requires if you provide her with the right foods at the proper times.


    Your kitten’s nose and tongue are highly acute, and it will quickly pick up on unusual chemical odors. As a result, she may drink from potholes rather than her water bowl. Place your kitten’s water bowl away behind her litter box in a peaceful area to encourage her to drink more. But don’t panic if her weird drinking habits continue — it’s only temporary.

    Litter bin

    Big cats in the wild are meticulous about keeping themselves clean, and that’s why they don’t eat and go to the bathroom together. Your tiny kitty is no exception, so make sure her litter pan is kept away from her food and drink sources.

    Longevity and good health

    Shiny fur, bright eyes, and supple, muscular tone signal that your kitty is eating well. You’ll notice a difference in her appearance if you feed her a well-balanced diet appropriate for each period of her life.


    If you’re searching for a savory, economical meat-based meal, Whiskas is an excellent alternative, but their recipes aren’t the greatest.

    Make sure you choose one of their BHA and BHT-free formulas and avoid ones that include caramel color by reading the label carefully. If your cat’s stomach appears sensitive, consider switching to a brand that only contains specified meats. Because Whiskas uses animal by-products, it’s tough to detect and eliminate problematic substances.

    Is there taurine in Whiskas cat food?

    Yes, taurine is present in Whiskas cat food. If you’re concerned about the effects of taurine on cat health, be assured that taurine is perfectly safe and beneficial to cats.

    It is a necessary amino acid for cats to keep healthy and execute various bodily tasks. According to studies, taurine is essential for cats to keep a healthy pregnancy, have proper eyesight, smooth cardiac muscle action, have normal embryonic development, and have a robust immune system. Cardiomyopathy, uneven development and progress, and retinal degeneration can all be symptoms of taurine insufficiency in cats.

    Is there sugar in Whiskas cat food?

    Yes, sugar and carbs are present in many Whiskas cat food varieties. You must study the ingredients label to determine precisely what you will feed your cat. If the meal has a lot of sugar and carbs, feeding it to your cat in excess might make him fat. Obesity can then lead to diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac issues.
    As a result, you must maintain a sense of balance and control.

    Is there pork in Whiskas cat food?

    Yes, a pig is present in most Whiskas cat food products.

    Is there catnip in Whiskas?

    Yes, catnip is found in several Whiskas cat food items. Your cat will benefit from eating catnip in the proper amount. However, taking too much catnip has negative consequences and adverse effects on your cat’s health. It is suggested that you feed in a regulated manner.

    When should your cat’s food be changed?

    Due to specific health concerns, your veterinarian may recommend a change in your cat’s diet, and they should be able to recommend the best brand or variety. As cats mature, they require different types of food to meet their nutritional requirements, so keep this in mind as your kitten grows into an adult cat. Similarly, your cat’s eating habits will likely change as they grow older. Finally, cats sometimes have dietary intolerances, so you may need to alter their diet. Always get guidance from a veterinarian before making adjustments to determine which type of food would best satisfy your cat’s needs.

    How to adjust a cat’s diet safely?

    If you want to..

  • Royal Canin Cat Food Review (2022) – Recall, Pros & Cons
    11 April 2022

    Royal Canin Cat Food Review Summary – As a cat owner, you have probably heard of Royal Canin and this brand aims to create cat food that prioritizes pet needs rather than their owners thinking about the ingredient list. Their foods are formulated in collaboration with leading scientific, behavioral, and veterinary experts to provide nutrients to help pets achieve and maintain optimum health.

    All Royal Canin cat food products are made in their manufacturing plants worldwide. Strict procedures ensure consistent quality across all food items and sectors. Likewise, their research team spent years researching and testing every ingredient to make sure they provide the most effective nutrients to your pet. 

    You’ll find food for cats of all ages, sizes, and breeds in the Royal Canin lineup. They even have a great list of specialized formulas for specific breeds and lifestyles. If your cats suffer from health issues, we think Royal Canin is worth trying, although it is always best to consult with your vet first. The brand has received several comments about how cat owners were able to find the right products to help address their feline conditions.

    Is Royal Canin A Good Cat Food?

    If your cats suffer from health issues, we think Royal Canin is worth trying, although it is always best to consult with your vet first. The brand has received several comments about how cat owners were able to find the right products to help address their feline conditions.

    Royal Canin is good in proteins and nutrients, and it helps your feline improve physically and helps her be healthy and active. So, Royal Canin is healthy cat food. In addition, it is a premium brand that is nutritionally balanced. Also, it helps to provide adequate levels of dietary taurine and contains the correct balance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to keep your pet in optimal health.

    This can be pretty expensive if you have many feline friends in your care. Their products, however, may not be suitable for you if you are looking for grain-free products for your cat.

    Royal Canin Cat Food Ingredients

    One of the best ways to gain insight into the quality of any cat food is to look at the ingredients list. The most common ingredients of Royal Canin Cat food are high-quality poultry meal, corn, grains, and fish oil. These are easily digestible, and your cat absorbs their constituent nutrients.


    Some information suggests corn is used in the recipe as a cheap filler that per cannot digest. That can be true if corn is not processed correctly. When corn has been appropriately milled, it is an excellent source of easily digestible nutrients. It is rich in gluten, which provides a concentrated source of protein. In addition, this ingredient is full of carbohydrates to keep your cat very energetic.


    Although we know grains are not easily digestible for cats, only when they are not processed correctly. When the ingredient’s outer husks have been removed from grains, like wheat, rice, rye, oats, and millet, they are an excellent energy source and help provide complete, balanced nutrition for your pet.

    Wheat Gluten 

    It is one of the most digestible sources of protein for cats. It contains as much as 80% protein, and approximately 99% is when it is part of their diet.

    Dehydrated Meat Meal and By-products 

    Royal Canin only uses meat meals, and by-products are declared suitable for human consumption. It may be slightly unappetizing, but when these are correctly processed, they are a great source of protein that helps to provide a great taste to your cat. Dehydrated meat means they remove the excess fat and water so that it can provide essential vitamins and minerals to your pet. Royal Canin uses high-quality meat by-products such as hearts, livers, and lungs. 


    The antioxidant preservatives help ensure your pet’s health by stopping the breakdown and spoilage of the ingredients in their food. Royal Canin’s preservative complex helps prevent the growth of potentially dangerous molds, yeasts, and bacteria and stops fats and oils from rancid.

    You can say ‘yes’ if you choose the Royal Canin cat food to use corn, grains, wheat gluten, dehydrated meat, and the by-products to make the best cat food. They do it because of years of hard work from their research teams have found that these ingredients – when ingredients are properly precessed, are well suited to your pet and provide a significant nutrient.

    Royal Canin Recall

    Royal Canin has been recalled three times in the pet food industry, with the last one occurring in 2007.

    In April and May of 2007, several types of Royal Canin pet food were recalled for melamine. In April, the recall only affected dog foods, although the same type of cat food was soon recalled and several other dog foods in May.

    The brand had gone through another recall in February of 2006 before this one. This time, it was because several batches of food contained too much vitamin D. The 2006 recall affected food in cans and pouches, which was primarily cat food, although there. There were also some dog food recalls at the same time.

    Who makes Royal Canin cat Food?

    The Royal Canin pet food brand was initially started in 1968 by Jean Cathary after realizing that proper nutrition can profoundly affect a pet’s health. Jean was from a small French town called Puy-en-Valle and decided to keep the country closer to home in France, where it is still based today.

    Although they are headquartered in France, Royal Canin manufactures all its food products in factories worldwide. In North America, they have manufacturing plants in Missouri, South Dakota, and Canada.

    In 2001, Royal Canin was purchased by Mars Petcare, the world’s largest pet food brand, for approximately $700 million. Mars PetCare brings in more than $18 billion a year through brands like Pedigree, Whiskas, and Eukanuba at the helm of Royal Canin.

    Royal Canin Cat Food – Top Recipes Reviews

    Royal Canin cat food products are divided into two main lines: the vet range and the retail range. Both product ranges have subcategories according to age, health needs, or activity level.

    The retail range also has breed-specific products formulated to meet the unique needs of certain feline breeds. Below are reviews of the company’s top-rated wet and dry, kitten, indoor, Persian cat food products available on the Chewy sites. 

    Royal Canin Fit 32 Adult Dry Cat Food Review

    Royal Canin Fit 32 is suitable for adult cats between 1-7 years old. This recipe is specially designed to provide all the nutritional requirements for supporting and maintaining a healthy situation. The primary and first ingredient in this recipe is the chicken by-product, a good protein source. It is formulated with a balance of beneficial nutrients, such as various vitamins and minerals, to help maintain a healthy urinary system for adult cats.

    Fit 32 is a completely balanced diet containing 52 nutrients. A combination of different types of fibers encourages intestinal transit and helps to facilitate the elimination of the hair your cat swallows daily.

    If we look at the recipe’s ingredient list, it is crafted with Poultry chicken, brewers rice, chicken fat, corn, wheat gluten, and many other ingredients. These ingredients do not seem reasonable in the cat’s diet. And it may be harmful to sensitive pets. Although it was the product’s downside, if we look at the positive point of this recipe, it contains min 32% protein, made with natural flavors, and added fish oil. 

    So, overall it seems good for providing all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to your pet. It supports a healthy immune system and contains essential antioxidants to support natural defenses. From customers’ reviews, this product got 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    • Complete balanced diet
    • Support a healthy immune system
    • High protein content
    • Contains 52 nutrients
    • Made with natural flavors
    • Fish oil
    • Taurine 
    • No added colors or flavors
    • Made with chicken by-products
    • Plant-based ingredients
    • Wheat-gluten
    • Chicken fat
    • No more moisture content
    Feline Urinary Care Adult Dry Cat Food Review

    It belongs to the Royal Canin Care line, which sits somewhere between a prescription veterinary diet and a regular non-medical diet. It is formulated to support urinary tract health by supporting a healthy mineral balance in your cat’s urine and encouraging your cat to drink more water.

    It doesn’t contribute to the moisture your cat needs to maintain good urinary tract health.

    The first ingredient of the meal is corn, followed by wheat gluten, chicken meal, and a mixture of plant materials, including brewer’s rice, corn gluten, and wheat. The combination of chicken fat, vegetable oil, and fish oil serves as the primary fat source of the meal.

    With heavy doses of low-value plant ingredients, this is not the highest-value ingredients list nor the most species-appropriate for your carnivore. Overall, this product got 4.9 out of 5 ratings in the customer reviews.

    • Cats like the way the food tastes
    • It may be able to help some cats with urinary tract disease
    • It doesn’t contain artificial colors or flavors
    • Low moisture content
    • Very high in carbohydrates
    • Primarily made from plant ingredients
    Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Wet Cat Food Review

    Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition is prepared with the optimal balance. The slices are skinny of this wet food, and your feline can directly lick the meal from the tube, or you can lap it in a bowl. The recipe can be used as a topper for your cat’s meal, and it gives a great taste. 

    The formula is best for adult cats, meaning those older than one year, and is designed around a cat’s nutritional needs and instinctive preferences. 

    According to the reviewers, this food provides them a balanced meal in every pack, and their pets are pleased to eat this. Nobody has shared any complaint about it. So overall, the ratings for this product are 5 out of 5 stars.

    • Best for above 1-year cat
    • Maintain a healthy urinary system
    • Maintain a healthy weight
    • Delicious
    • Balanced meal
    • Used as a topper
    • Free from artificial colors or flavors
    • With grains
    Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Chunks in Gravy Canned Cat Food Review

    It is formulated for cats with sensitive digestion and sold in 3-ounce pouches. The formula is primarily chicken- and pork-based, although many main ingredients are by-products rather than complete protein sources.

    Royal Canin recommends that this food helps support the function of your cat’s digestive system and reduces stool odor through the use of highly digestible proteins. Although this recipe includes many animal proteins, there are some low-value plant-based ingredients such as wheat flour, powdered cellulose, and wheat gluten.

    Overall, this formula appears to be primarily meat-based, but it is certainly not the highest quality recipe of its kind on the market. Some questionable ingredients detract from the overall quality of the recipe, and perhaps because it is sold in pouches, it is pretty expensive. The ratings of the product are 4.3 out of 5 stars.

    • Primarily made from animal ingredients
    • It may help some cats with digestive health issues
    • Most cats seem to like the food
    • Free from artificial colors and flavors
    • Relatively high in carbohydrates
    • Contains animal by-products
    Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Dry Cat Food for Young Kittens Review

    Royal Canin Kitten Dry Food gives your kitten a healthy start with nutritional precision. This recipe is an innovative mix of highly digestible protein, vitamins, and other essential minerals that promote healthy digestion in maturing digestive systems and keep growing bodies strong. It’s an exclusive blend of antioxidants that supports the healthy development of the immune system.

    These kibbles are easy to chew because of their small size for your kitten. If we are talking about the ingredients list, chicken by-product meal is the first ingredient. Grains are included to prepare this recipe, such as brown rice, brewers rice, chicken fat, wheat gluten, and corn. These ingredients are not suitable for cats, and they may not help in easy digestion in our cat’s diet.

    But the positive point of this recipe is that it contains fish oil and is made with natural flavors. If you are looking for another taste for your kitten, you can give this tasty meal to her. It doesn’t need to harm her, but you have provided a water bowl to keep her moisturized. Overall, the product got 4.8 out of 5 stars in the user reviews.

    • Small size kibbles
    • Provides essential vitamins and minerals
    • Made with natural flavors
    • Fish oil
    • Great taste
    • Free from artificial colors or flavors
    • High protein content
    • Hard kibbles
    • Quite expensive
    • Low moisture
    Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Loaf in Sauce Canned Kitten Food Review

    The Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Food will hit the spot for a growing kitten’s appetite. Typically, by the 4-month mark, your kitten’s growth rate slows down while energy levels increase. It is designed with your kitten’s intense energy and developing immune system; Royal Canin has created a wet food that provides a healthy balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

    This recipe is full of moisture content (80%) that helps keep your cat hydrated. Pork by-product is the primary and first ingredient in the meal, and it also contains chicken, which is a good source of protein. It is crafted with grains and added carrageenan as a thickener that does not seem healthy for felines. Although, the crude protein and fat level is 11% and 3%. 

    The good thing about the recipe is that it is made with natural flavors, fish oil, and essential vitamins and minerals. However, high moisture content food is best for the growing kitten so that you can feed this to your kitten. So, the ratings are 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    • High moisture Content
    • Made with natural flavors
    • Fish oils included
    • Essential vitamins and minerals
    • It helps in developing the immune system
    • Chicken 
    • Taurine
    • Free from artificial colors or flavors
    • Low protein
    • Low fat
    • Few kittens refuse to eat
    • With grains 
    • Wheat gluten
    Royal Canin Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food Review

    This Royal Canin Cat Food Formula is a dry food mix for adult cats between one and seven years. It is specially made for indoor cats who lead a less active lifestyle. For such cats, this recipe will help maintain a healthy weight while helping to prevent obesity, a widespread problem for domestic cats today.

    But this mix does much more than just help keep your cat at a healthy weight. And it also reduces the smell of your cat’s feces. It’s easy to see how this can improve your cat’s life and yours too!

    This food helps keep things moving in the intestines in conjunction with fiber that helps eliminate hair, reducing the number of hairballs your cat may experience.

    While this recipe is cheaper than some other Royal Canin mixes, it is still pricier than other brands of foods. Despite the cost, there are still some carbs in this mix, which are not the most optimal choice for cats.

    • It helps reduce the odor of cat stools
    • Helps indoor cats maintain a healthy weight
    • Helps to manage hairballs
    • Very expensive compared to other dry recipes
    • It contains a lot of carbohydrates
    Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Indoor Adult Morsels In Gravy Wet Cat Food Review

    The Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Wet Cat Food is complete and balanced that has been formulated for your adult indoor kitty. It is designed to deliver a precise balance of vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal health and wellness. This cat food is formulated with delicious, highly digestible protein to support the specific needs of adult indoor cats ages one to seven. But when you look in the ingredients list, the first ingredient is the chicken by-product. Also, the other ingredients of this recipe are pork by-products which do not seem nutritious in cats’ diets. After being appropriately processed, some grains are added to the recipe to make it digestible for cats. But grains are pretty beneficial for pets. 

    The best part of this recipe is that it is made with natural flavors and contains fish oil. Also, guar gum and carrageenan are added as a thickener. 

    Some users complain that their pets don’t want to eat this recipe, and the smell is different. But some reviewers are very happy with this product because their felines eat this meal when they look at it for the first time.

    Overall, Royal Canin product is good for cats who need high-moisture wet food and don’t have any sensitivity to grains. So, the ratings of this meal are 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    • Highly digestible food
    • High moisture content
    • Great taste
    • Provide all nutritional need
    • It does not contain any artificial colors or flavors
    • Affordable product
    • Low Protein
    • Added grains
    • Wheat gluten
    • Different smell
    • Few cats don’t like to eat
    Royal Canin Persian Dry Cat food Review

    This recipe of royal Canin is formulated only for the Persian purebred. The special almond-shaped kibble is designed for the unique way a Persian cat uses the underside of its tongue to eat, allowing cats to pick up, chew and crunch tartar buildup can quickly. A unique combination of amino acids, vitamins, and essential nutrients like omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids promotes healthy skin and a healthy coat, keeping your Persian’s long, luxurious coat shiny and soft.

    A complex blend of fibers helps eliminate ingrown hairs and control hairballs. Prebiotics promote digestive health, while highly digestible proteins promote hair growth.

    Chicken by-product meal is the first ingredient in the recipe. Also, it contains some grains that may not be healthier for your pet. It was the downside of the product, but when we look at the positive point, it is made with natural flavors and fish oils and contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that your furry friend needs. 

    Overall, this is healthy dry food for Persian cats, and the ratings of the product are 4.7 out of 5 stars.

    • Easily chew kibbles
    • Balanced meal
    • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
    • Supports healthy skin and coat
    • High protein
    • Cats love to eat
    • Quite expensive
    • With grains
    • Wheat Gluten
    • Low moisture
    Royal Canin Persian Breed Loaf in Sauce Adult Wet Cat Food Review

    The Royal Canin Persian Loaf at Sous Wet Cat Food is nutritionally tailor-made for your Persian purebred. A combination of amino acids, vitamins, and essential nutrients, including omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, promotes healthy skin and a healthy coat, keeping your Persian’s long, luxurious coat shiny and soft. Healthy digestion is promoted by this complete and balanced, soft cat food. This wet food can be fed alone or supplemented with Royal Canin Persian dry cat food for a meal that will please even the pickiest of cats.

    The recipe’s first ingredient is pork by-product, and chicken by-product, carrageenan, and other grains are added to the recipe. These ingredients are not healthy for cats, but some beneficial ingredients are included. Chicken, salmon, and fish oil are crafted with natural flavors that are healthy for a cat’s diet.

    Some customers complain that this recipe does not contain any sauce, and their Persian cats don’t like to eat it. By the users’ reviews, this product received 3.6 out of 5 stars.

    • Specially for adult Persian Cats
    • Supports in the skin and coat
    • Promotes a healthy digestion
    • Chicken
    • Salmon
    • Natural Flavors
    • Free from artificial colors and flavors
    • High moisture content
    • Low protein
    • Less sauce in the food
    • By-products
    • Carrageen
    • Corn flour
    Conclusion: Is Royal Canin BadFor Cats?

    Overall, Royal Canin is not harmful to healthy cats who want something new in their taste, and they can eat this recipe. But it seems low moisture content is always bad for those felines who have urinary health issues. Also, it is more expensive than other alternatives, and it contains carrageenan to make the consistency of food. Royal Canin cat food seems grain-based, which isn’t a good idea for cats with allergies to certain grains. Most Royal Canin cat food formulas contain corn, wheat, and soy. Therefore, this brand may not be suitable for cats with allergies.

    Also Read

    Royal Canin PV Cat Food Discontinued

  • Cat Food Discontinued List of 2022 – Why This Happen?
    10 April 2022

    It is a problem in 2022 because plenty of cat food discontinued for certain reasons. The worldwide epidemic helped a lot of household cats. Their family has spent more time at home, and many homeless animals have been adopted. However, supply chain disruptions have left many cat owners wondering when their favorite canned food will be back on the shelves. Cat owners are experiencing trouble locating their pets’ preferred meals. Across the Bay Area, supermarkets are having problems keeping canned cat food on the shelves.

    Continue reading the article to know why cat food has been discontinued from the markets. 

    Discontinued wet and dry cat food

    Wet food is sterilized by cooking it at high temperatures, giving it a longer shelf life than dry diets before opening, although it is more perishable. Wet food comes in various textures, including mousse, bread, gravy chunks, and jelly. Extruded food is most commonly used. However, you can also cook it. On a per calorie basis, wet food is more costly than dry food.

    Cats originated in dry environments, and instead of drinking extra water, they concentrate on their pee, indicating a decrease in moisture meals.

    Fatigue in cats has been linked to several illnesses, including renal damage. However, it is unclear if eating dry food causes insufficient or worse hydration than feeding the harmful wet cat food discontinued ones. Try to avoid it as much as you can. 

    There are various reasons why pet parents pick specific feeds for their cats, and dry cat food has some appealing advantages. The first is the financial aspect. Dry pet food is less expensive than canned pet food, but that doesn’t imply it’s of worse quality. Indeed, a high-quality dry meal can give more excellent nutritional content than low-quality canned food and at a lower cost.

    Dry cat food is also easier to store than individual cans and takes up less room in your cupboard. It also enables cleanup much simpler after feeding time. Wet cat food necessitates cleaning the dishes and dining area after each meal and cleaning your kitty if he is a stray.

    One of the best dry cat foods discontinued is Whiskas. 

    Whiskas has withdrawn its dry cat food line since some cat owners may be aware. This food used to be manufactured in the United States and provided a healthy diet for cats aged one and above. And these aren’t the only WHISKAS items that are difficult to come by.

    Whiskas is a well-known cat food brand that offers meaty meal packets in jelly, gravy, or sauce. The Whiskas brand gives customers nutrient quality and certified product analysis with its unmistakable purple packaging. 

    Why is cat food out of stock?

    Several difficulties, according to distributors, are causing the scarcity. Many pet food is imported from other countries and held up at Customs. Even still, due to a countrywide aluminum scarcity that is also hurting the beer sector, many producers cannot obtain what they require to can the food. A scarcity of drivers also prevents the merchandise from being delivered to retailers around the country. 

    Royal Canin pr cat food
    Fancy Feast savory 
    Greenies cat treats
    Friskies cat food
    Iams cat food 
    Nutro cat food
    Purina beyond cat food 
    Purely Fancy Feast
    Fancy feast Delights with Cheddar Classic
    Purina Gentle cat food
    Simply Nourish cat food
    Authority cat food 

    Let’s see in detail what cat food has been discontinued or recalled before?

    Royal Canin pr cat food

    Royal Canin attempts to make cat food that prioritizes what cats need over what their people want to be seen on the ingredient list. Their feeds are developed with renowned scientific, behavioral, and veterinary specialists to ensure that pets get the vitamins and minerals they require to achieve and sustain excellent health.

    Several Royal Canin pet food varieties were discontinued in April and May 2007 due to Melamine contamination. Only dog foods were recalled in April, but a single cat food variety was recalled shortly after, along with several more dog meals in May.

    The brand has already been subjected to a recall in February of 2006. On this occasion, it was due to an overabundance of vitamin D in multiple batches of meals. Food in cans and tubes was recalled in 2006, mostly cat food. However, a few dog meals were also remarked on simultaneously.

    Read More About – Why Royal Canin Out Of Stock?

    Fancy Feast savory 

    Because several things are going on in the cat food sector, some people could believe it only affects their brand, which in this case is Fancy Feast.

    There is now a cat food shortage and several discontinued Fancy Feast products.

    • Food scarcity for cats
    • Fancy Feast appetizers are no longer available.
    • Treats are halted due to specific limitations of Fancy Feast savory.

    Cat food scarcity is becoming more common, just as human food scarcity is becoming more common.

    The COVID epidemic affected production in specific regions and across the board.

    This clarifies why some people’s outrage about cat food scarcity is so perplexing to others. 

    Because not everything occurs within that bubble, there is a distinct and rising percentage change outside of the epidemic. Millennials, for example, are significantly more likely than prior generations to acquire pets. Demand rises as a result, and prices rise as well.

    There is also a desire to pay more for high-end meals among the general populace. Demand for premium pet food has risen as pet owners become more aware of the advantages of high-quality food versus low-cost alternatives.

    Read Also About – Fancy Feast Cat Food Recall and Discontinued

    Greenies cat treats

    Greenies are a brand of cat treats. Chicken, beef, and salmon are examples of animal-based proteins that can assist your cat in maintaining a healthy muscular structure and keeping a healthy weight. The withdrawal is due to residues of an unauthorized genetically altered characteristic in wheat gluten, which is illegal under federal law and other countries. 

    When the weather grows warmer, cats’ coats shed, and more hair than average is ingested when grooming oneself or each other. They feature a distinctive form and crunchy texture that has been shown to help with tartar reduction. FELINE Greenies Dental Cat Treats offer a distinctive shape and crunchy consistency that helps clean teeth and refresh breath. 

    Read Also – Greenies Cat Treats Discontinued

    Friskies cat food

    Purina owns the Friskies trademark of cat food and numerous other pet food brands. Friskies covers a diverse range of cat food options, including dry, tinned, and treatment options.

    Purina Frisky’s 13-ounce cat food cans have been phased out. We had to make this painful decision to focus on developing our Friskies variations in 2020.

    Concerns regarding Salmonella bacterium poisoning in the Friskies Grillers Blend dry cat packaged food prompted a voluntary recall of the Friskies brand of cat food in June 2011. The FDA has recalled several Purina brands, but this is the first instance of a recall involving the Friskies brand.

    The cats enjoy the Fancy Feast Morning hours food and have no stomach problems when they consume it. The food has been withdrawn from the market by the maker. This is a one-time use item, not one that will last a long time.

    Read Also – Friskies Cat Food Discontinued

    Iams cat food 

    Although it was previously only available via veterinarians and specialist pet stores, IAMS pet food is now available in supermarkets and big-box retailers. On the other hand, IAMS is one of the oldest pet food firms globally. They are, in fact, the inventors of the first dry dog food containing animal-based protein.

    Is Iams’ cat food no longer available? IAMS recently decided to terminate the IAMS Purrfect Delights wet cat food line. It caters to various preferences and styles, featuring fleece and pet. According to polls, many cats are uninterested in Purrfect portions, and many humans have issues with the simple dish. As a result, Iams cat food was only available for a limited time.

    Read Also – Iams Cat Food Discontinued

    Nutro cat food

    The firm avoids artificial components and meat by-products, as they are by most decent pet food producers. It also adds extra essential nutrients to its meal.

    Ultimately, Nutro cat food is a high-quality product that we would suggest to cat owners, albeit they have a shady past of recalls, forcing us to reduce our rating.

    In the last 15 years, Nutro pet food has been recalled several times. Mold poisoning their chewy apple sweets caused a recall of their dog treats in 2015.

    However, despite all of the efforts made to restore the capacity to foresee, the brands have opted to phase out the Nutro brand’s canned products. When customers sought to contact closely associated band members after not acquiring the product, they learned that the Nutri goods had been discontinued, which made the headlines. 

    Read Also – Nutro Cat Food Discontinued

    Purina beyond cat food 

    Purina One line of items is reasonably priced and focuses on your feline’s nutrition, so you may select one that meets their requirements. Its dishes have a high protein content. Purina Beyond recipes are available almost everywhere pet food is sold, and they are reasonably priced.

    This cat food brand is perfect for parents who want to upgrade their cat’s diet from dry kibble to something more nutritious but don’t want to commit to a subscription or spend a lot of money. There have only been two Purina One cat food recalls. Purina One cat food will not be recalled in 2020 or 2021.

    Purely Fancy Feast

    While some of Fancy Feast’s features are being phased away, the Fancy Feast lineup is not. At this moment, there are distribution network difficulties that are known. On the other hand, Nestle has not declared a complete halt to the manufacturing and sale of Fancy Feast.

    The issue is that what impacts one-quarter of the nation may have no bearing on the other. Certain areas of the United States may be directly hurting cat food supply, although the southeastern may not have experienced such a scarcity yet.

    Another issue is that Fancy Feast suffers shortages in various varieties like many other cats and dog meals. It’s not just during Fancy Feast that chicken and turkey are scarce.

    There is no current recall on Fancy Feast cat food as of this writing. Also, throughout Fancy Feast’s existence. There has not been a withdrawal of any kind, on any accessible brand, in the past or present.

    Fancy Feast delights with cheddar classic

    FANCY FEAST Delights With Cheddar Grilled Collection is gourmet wet cat food for adult cats that is exceptionally tasty. This collection pack has a delectable blend of your cat’s favorite flavors in their preferred texture. Grilled chicken, turkey, and whitefish cuts combined with authentic aged cheddar cheese and slow-cooked to perfection in a luscious gravy. A magnificent feast for your feline companion!

    Adult cats will enjoy Fancy Feast Delights with Cheddar Chicken, a delicious wet cat food. This flavour features succulent chicken in a thick sauce with a distinctive cheddar cheese twist for a new Fancy Feast taste experience.

    Purina gentle cat food

    Purina is a terrific cat food company with various product lines designed to meet your cat’s nutritional needs at all phases of life. And, despite a long history of recalls, their cat food products are not among the worst offenders compared to those of other cat food companies.

    At the very least, some goods haven’t been recalled at all. It also strives to use high-quality ingredients in select Purina recipes. Still, it favors controversial ingredients in most formulations, so check the labels carefully before purchasing.

    Purina Cat Chow Gentle cat food has never been withdrawn by Nestlé Purina PetCare, even though Nestlé Purina PetCare has had several cat food recalls over the years.

    Purina Cat Chow Gentle Cat chow contains no artificial colors or ingredients and is made with superior protein and natural prebiotic fiber. This aids in your cat’s digestion while also keeping her fed and healthy. Try this brand if your kitty pal has a sensitive stomach. The recipe is suitable for people of all ages.

    Even though several of this brand’s products have been discontinued, there have never been any recalls for their gentle chow cat food. Purina Cat Chow mild cat chow is designed with quality protein and herbal prebiotic fiber, and it’s free of artificial colors and additives. This helps your cat’s digestive health while ensuring that she is well-fed and healthy. Try this product in your cat’s stomach is sensitive. Everyone can use the product.

    Read Also – Purina Gentle Cat Food Discontinued

    Nourish cat food

    Nourish is a PetSmart brand that is, at least officially, offered exclusively at PetSmart. They’re meant to be a healthier alternative to conventional pet meals that contain fillers and artificial components. They’re also advertised as a less-priced alternative to premium health meals.

    This firm makes a variety of cat meals suitable for felines of all ages. Nourish has a formula for every cat, from kittens to adults to elderly citizens. However, they don’t have as many specialty mixes as other brands. For diabetic cats, there are no urinary tract mixes or glucose-control formulations.

    A regular nutrition test revealed high vitamin D levels in specific Nourish frozen food products, prompting the recall. According to an examination, the problem resulted in the emergence of the vitamin mix maker, considerably reducing the amount.

    Simply Nourish’s cat food line is smaller than its dog food line, but the two are comparable.

    To begin with, Simply Nourish’s cat food line contains a combination of dry and wet/canned cat food, which is crucial given how important wet cat food can be.

    Furthermore, Simply Nourish produces several specialized recipes for their cat food line, but not as many as they do for their dog food line.

    Authority cat food 

    If you’ve ever gone into a PetSmart to get some food for your cat, there’s a decent chance you’ve come across Authority brand cat food. At first impression, the conservative graphical labels detract from the bag’s charming and natural appearance.

    PetSmart, a pet retail company, is the exclusive creator and distributor of Authority. This would be a generic brand, similar to Walmart’s Great Value or Costco’s Kirkland Signature. It’s also not the only store-brand pet food available at PetSmart. Great Choice and Simply Nourish are also available at PetSmart. On the other hand, these brands aim at people who like informal or holistic products.

    Yes, Authority Indoor Chicken & Rice Formula Adult Dry Cat Food is no longer on the market. It doesn’t imply the brand is closing down; the Authority brand continues to produce natural cat food formulas.

    The Authority brand is developing more recipes for cats and kittens. It is neither a discontinued product nor is the label out of operation; it is a PetSmart product, and you may select from a variety of recipes for your cat on the company’s website.

    Causes of cat food shortage in the market?

    Another cause the cat food is out of stock is that the materials used to make pet food have grown harder or more expensive. Pet food and the meat, minerals, and vitamins required to produce it are all imported from other countries.

    To make matters worse, transportation constraints mean that even when commodities arrive at ports, unloading them from ships and getting them to the pet food facilities takes a long time.

    Even when food is obtained in the United States, there remains a gap. Meat in pet food is frequently derived from human food off-cuts, and as meat supplies have dropped due to pandemic-related shortages, these by-products have become more prevalent.

    Is it true that renewable energy is causing pet food shortages?

    Oils and fats, which are vital for cat health, are also in short supply, and the reason for this may surprise you. The attractive tariffs granted to enterprises producing renewable fuels make many of these goods more challenging for pet food makers.

    Issues with containers

    It’s not only the ingredients; increasingly, they don’t have anything to put in even if they can prepare the meal! Because aluminum is in short supply and canneries are experiencing staffing shortages, conventional metal cans used to keep pet food fresh are now becoming increasingly difficult to come by.

    Shortages in Grocery Stores

    Many factors cause the supermarket shortages we’re witnessing this year. It’s a mix of circumstances, including supply chain challenges and driver shortages, packaging scarcity, and labor constraints at manufacturing and production plants since workers haven’t returned to facilities that have reopened following the COVID shutdown.


    As a pet parent, you should be knowledgeable of pet food shutdowns and what they mean—search for a list of food products that are harmful to your pet before purchasing any. Check the Food and Drug Administration’s instructions to ensure you don’t miss any new recalls. If you discover that your food has been recalled, stop eating it and get help from a veteran. Don’t get rid of the cat food on the spur of the moment. Act wisely and gradually transition your cat from one pet food to another. Remember that hasty judgments might be dangerous. 

    What exactly is the issue with Royal Canin?

    Yes. Over the years, there have been a few primary Royal Canin pet food recalls in the United States. Specific kinds of Royal Canin dry dog and cat meals were recalled due to probable melamine contamination in May and April 2007, as part of the massive Menu Foods/melamine recall that startled the country.

    Is Fancy Feast on its way out?

    While some of Fancy Feast’s features are being phased away, the Fancy Feast lineup is not. Currently, there are distribution network issues that are well-known. On the other hand, Nestle has not ordered a complete halt to the manufacturing and sale of Fancy Feast.

    What’s the big deal about Fancy Feast wet cat food?

    Meat by-products are included in several Fancy Feast brands. In general, these components give a low degree of nourishment. Furthermore, some consumers have discovered that Fancy Feast items are unappealing to their cats (s). As a result, they did not eat enough to maintain a healthy diet.

    Why is there a cat food scarcity in 2022?

    The current COVID epidemic has resulted in a pet food scarcity that might persist until 2022, as you’ve undoubtedly already observed. Pet food firms struggle to meet rising demand from 2020 due to shortages in essential ingredients, manufacturing supplies, and shipping issues across the United States.

    Why is Petco getting rid of Fancy Feast?

    Fancy Feast, for example, was removed from the market due to the use of artificial flavour and sodium nitrite (color retention). Another example is the recall of Pedigree’s goods due to sodium tripolyphosphate (an artificial stabilizer for water retention).

    Is it harmful to cats to eat dry cat food?

    Wet food, by definition, has a tremendous amount of water than dry food. Small prey also has more water than dry meals, so this more closely resembles what cats would consume in the wild. On the other hand, prolonged dehydration might irritate your cat’s digestive system and lead to renal damage.

    What have to be the poorest cat food brands?

    Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food by Royal Canin. Purina Cat Chow Indoor Dry Cat Food Purina Cat Chow Indoor Dry Cat Food Purina Cat Chow Indoor Dry Cat Kit & Kaboodle Original Dry Cat Food Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Dry Cat Food Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Dry Cat Food Gourmet Food Fancy Feast Dry Cat Food with Chicken and Turkey. Iams Healthy Adult Original with Chicken Dry Cat Food from ProActive Health. Indoor Delights Dry Cat Food from..

  • Is Boiled Chicken Good for Cats?
    09 April 2022

    We recognize that cats are carnivores. Snapshots have graced our monitors of wild cats consuming birds for sustenance for a while, and it could seem natural to feed our cats our extra desk scraps. However, domesticated cats systematically system “human foods” differently than we assume. Is Boiled Chicken Good for Cats?

    In short, cats can eat boiled chicken, but isn’t safe chicken to cats compared to cooked chicken. Cats eat boiled chicken as a treat or reward only.

    Many human meals are non-toxic or valuable to a cat’s weight loss plan, while other meals, even something as inconspicuous as chicken, can wreak havoc on their digestive system.

    Fruits and vegetables aren’t the most effective source of nutrients and minerals. Chicken is full of nutrients like selenium (excellent for your immune gadget), vitamin B6, and phosphorus.

    Besides keeping weight and building muscle, the bird is also linked to healthy bones and enamel.

    The phosphorus in chicken now not simplest helps with bones, but it also works tough in ensuring your liver, kidneys and central nervous gadget are in working order.

    Can Cat Eat Raw Chicken or Chicken bones?

    Cats can undoubtedly eat chook, but it desires to be adequately organized.

    “Cats are carnivores so animal protein is crucial to their properly health. Cat ingredients must be predominantly made from animal merchandise.”

    In line with PetMD, chicken in small quantities is quality. However, it shouldn’t be used as a consistent meal substitute.

    It additionally needs to be as viable, free from oils or seasonings, as those additions might upset your cat’s belly.

    Professionals endorse boiling simple chook until it is cooked thoroughly and not delivering cats extra fats trimmings as that could result in pancreatitis.

    Most importantly, no longer feed your cat hen if it’s been cooked with onions or garlic, as those are poisonous to cats.

    Feeding your raw cat chicken has arisen repeatedly at the net. However, raw meat is on the ASPCA listing of toxic ingredients for precise cause.

    Raw chicken may have Salmonella and E. coli that may be dangerous to your cat and you. It can also motivate a parasitic ailment called toxoplasmosis and other infectious diseases.

    Even though cats inside the wild might also consume birds, because of all of those doubtlessly harmful results, usually prepare dinner birds very well earlier than feeding for your cat.

    We may also envision cats chewing on their ancestors’ bones, but bones are also on the ASPCA toxic food list.

    That is because there may be a high chance of bones being a choking risk.

    Especially with chicken or fish, now and then, small bones can get lodged in a cat’s throat or puncture their digestive tract.

    Can Cats Eat boiled chicken?

    Many cats get pleasure from the scent and flavor of cooked chicken. Small amounts of boiled chicken make an exquisite cat deal or meal supplement.

    Bland meals, including boiled rice and boiled fowl, can soothe the kitty’s GI system.

    If your cats have diarrhea, offer her a small bowl of boiled hen with rice instead of her standard cat food. Keep this weight loss plan till diarrhea subsides.

    In the end, chickens are natural prey for cats, so the beef itself could be very much to their liking and suits their regular food regimen quite closely.

    However, cats need taurine in their diet to remain wholesome. Boiled chicken lacks the taurine required for a nutritionally whole eating regimen.

    Feed your cat buddy boiled chicken from time to time, but ensure their weight-reduction plan includes sufficient. Commercially available cat food takes cats’ want for taurine into consideration.

    Benefits of Boiled Chicken For Cats
    Less amount of taurine:

    Cats cannot produce their taurine like puppies, and people can, so direct consumption is the only way they can get it.

    A taurine deficiency can cause all sorts of trouble in cats.

    They’ll enjoy hair loss and enamel decay. Additionally, they may come upon extreme reproductive and cardiovascular structures issues.

    Boiled chook does now not incorporate the required degrees of taurine to be the principal element of a feline eating regimen.

    Alternatively, so long as the weight-reduction plan is supplemented by way of foods that incorporate sufficient taurine, it has to don’t have any effect on a cat’s health.

    Taurine deficiency is a situation that happens over time, so the occasional boiled fowl snack will do no damage.

    Boneless chicken:

    Even though they look adorable curled up in a ball on the sofa, their hairy faces hidden under their little paws, a cat remains essentially a shrunken wild animal.

    It is equipped to consume and digest the carcasses of fresh kills, including the inner organs and the bones. Raw meat and bones are consequently superior to cats.

    They could digest boiled fowl effortlessly, but the hassle arises with the cooked bones.

    As soon as the bones are cooked, they become brittle, and the danger that they splinter and injure your cat is multiplied.

    Consequently, ensure that there are no bones within the portion of boiled chicken that you feed your feline pal.

    Be careful with the Condiments:

    Boiled chicken prepared for a human dinner might be pro; however, remember that the spices could purpose trouble for your cat. If you feed the chook, make sure it’s far straightforward.

    Even if you rinse off the seasoning, it may pose a danger to your cat.

    Common condiments such as garlic, onion, and chives can lead to a dangerous form of anemia in cats because it destroys their crimson blood cells.

    Most cats are lactose intolerant, so fowl dishes containing milk, cheese, or cream can purpose indigestion.

    Other human meals are not frequently combined with chicken but could be unsafe to cats, including avocados, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, chocolate, espresso, and caffeine.

    Easily digestible:

    Boiled chicken is honestly straightforward for cats to digest and may be given to them if they have some form of gastrointestinal soreness. It can be used as a mild weight-reduction plan to present your furry friend’s irritated belly for a while to settle and get better.

    Even though missing in taurine, it could easily offer sufficient nourishment for a few days. A loss of taurine might also become an issue when a cat is fed boiled chicken for a long time.

    Boiled, Bland and Boneless are fine:

    Cats can eat boiled chicken with no trouble, and it is undoubtedly mild on their digestive system.

     It best becomes problematic when the chook consists of bones or condiments that may be risky to cats.

    As long as it’s miles bland and boneless, the occasional boiled fowl deal with is entirely desirable for your cat and its stomach.

    How much chicken is safe for cats?

    While chicken is something this is secure sufficient for cats to have, they shouldn’t be living on it by themselves as fowl receive offers all the vitamins they want.

    When feeding your cat chicken, you most effectively need to do a small amount, a part of a thigh or chicken breast, and most effective multiple instances per week.

    It’s now not supposed to be an actual meal alternative, but it does make for a fantastic meal complement.

    Plain-boiled chicken is a nice thing to present to cats, and it doesn’t have to have any pores and skin, and the boiling strips away the fats so that you are left with desirable, lean protein.

    Chicken is likewise a great way to entice a cat who’s been unwell to eat. Bland chicken and rice are as good for cats as for people after a bout of diarrhea or vomiting that has left a cat weak and disinterested in meals.

    Senior cats may also advantage from ingesting this now and again as it offers them a boost of energy and fiber.

    Once more, even though it’s not something you want to make cats stay on as they’ll develop bored of the taste, and that ton of fiber can cause other stomach problems.

    Conclusion – Is It Safe or Not Safe?

    If you seek out a special treat or maybe a chunk of a meal supplement, fowl is indeed near the top of the listing.

    Overall, boiled chicken is high in taurine and protein, low in calories, generally nicely obtained by cats, and clean to prepare. It’s excellent to trap vintage or ill cats to devour, and the bone broth is full of vitamins. All rounds, chicken tends to be a winner!


    • giving-cat-boiled-chicken-8802.html

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Cat Rescue blogs

Cat Rescue Blogs

26 May 2022

Cat Rescue Blogs Cat Rescue Blogs
  • An Amazing Donation
    25 May 2022

    WOW what a blessing!!

    Wild Blue has received the most AMAZING donation!  Many, many thanks go out to Mike, Carolyn and Rachel, who adopted Demi, now Meera, from Wild Blue in 2017.  This week they donated their awesome 2011 Coachman Concorde RV!!  It is in terrific condition with only 41K miles on it!  We plan to transform this RV into a mobile spay/neuter vehicle to continue our work to fix as many kitties as we can to help reach the goal set by Best Friends Animal Society to make the US a No Kill Nation by 2025.  Stay tuned to see us do many good things to help our community and well beyond with this tremendous gift!!


  • Cat Shows Up Outside Someone's Door with Her Kittens, Ends Up Finding a Place of Her Own
    24 May 2022

    A cat who showed up outside someone's door with her kittens, ended up finding a place of her own.

    Monica @mowonder5

    Earlier this year, a stray cat appeared on the porch of a family's home with two 5-6 month-old kittens, seeking food and shelter. Sparkle Cat Rescue (SCR) was contacted to bring the trio to safety, and that's when they noticed that the mom was pregnant.

    SCR reached out to their fellow rescue, Murphy's Law Animal Rescue, so the expectant mom can have a comfortable home to raise her new litter. Her older kittens were put up for adoption and have found a forever home together since.

    The cat, named Ally, was an instant love-bug. Monica, a foster volunteer, took her into her home with open arms.

    A cat was found outside someone's home with her kittensMurphy's Law Animal Rescue

    "Ally melted into her foster mom's lap and begged for any and all attention," Sarah Kelly, the founder of Murphy's Law Animal Rescue, shared with Love Meow.

    She was so content to be indoors and all she wanted to do was hang out with her people and snuggle away. "She would seek out a lap, arm or spot to cuddle up on."

    She was so happy to be indoors and just wanted to cuddleMonica @mowonder5

    Two weeks into foster care, Ally brought five healthy babies into the world. She was extremely attentive and nurturing to her kittens and catered to their every whim. For the first time, she was able to have a soft landing for her babies and a safe place for them to grow up in.

    The litter of five never lacked an ounce of love as they nursed on their mom, in the comfort of a warm nest.

    She gave birth to a litter of five healthy babiesMonica @mowonder5

    "When those teeny, tiny fur faces squeak or squeal, Mama Ally is by their side in a flash. These fur babies are receiving a great start in knowing love," Monica wrote.

    "They are so loved by Ally with the many hugs she gives freely, and she is quite attentive to their every peep to make sure all needs are met. I feel honored to foster them as I am on the receiving end watching their start in life."

    She was a very attentive and loving motherMonica @mowonder5

    When the kittens were big enough to work their legs, Ally watched them every step of the way, making sure they didn't wander off too far. By three weeks old, the kittens began to play with toys, use the litter box for the first time, and hone their wrestling skills with each other.

    There were so many firsts for the little feline crew and kisses to go around. "Mama Ally taught them well."

    Monica @mowonder5

    The kittens were weaned and became more independent as they embarked on a new exciting phase. Ally was finally ready to let them spread their wings and fly, and do what she loved—spending time with her people and being the center of attention.

    "This mama has gone through and overcome life on the streets and raised not only these five, but at least the two other babies she was found with. She is the sweetest mom and such a genuinely great cat," Sarah added.

    Monica @mowonder5

    Two of the kittens, Cindy-Lou and her brother Sir Snipps, have been pre-adopted together, whereas their three other siblings, Hattie, Mayzie, and Sam, are still looking for their happily-ever-after.

    When it was time to find Ally's forever home, the perfect family came her way. A previous adopter fell head over heels for the sweet mama. After weeks of waiting, they welcomed her into their loving home and introduced her to her new feline and canine siblings.

    Monica @mowonder5

    "She finished raising her babies and recovering from her spay—she's in her forever home with her amazing new family. Mama Ally has a new name for her fresh start - Aoife," Sarah shared.

    "We can't wait to watch her blossom as she gets to discover life without kittens and away from the streets, and have the happiest ever after with her new parents and fur siblings."

    Monica @mowonder5

    Share this story with your friends. Follow Sarah's rescues on Facebook and Instagram @kellyfosterkittens. Follow Monica's fosters on Instagram @mowonder5. Follow Murphy's Law Animal Rescue on Instagram @murphyslawanimalrescue.

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  • Vertigo in Cats
    24 May 2022
    by Nomi Berger
    Feline vertigo or feline vestibular disease refers to a sudden, non-progressive disturbance of balance. Capable of affecting cats of all ages, those afflicted with it will become disoriented and nauseous, develop a head tilt (they often lean or fall in the direction of their head tilt), have irregular, jerking eye movements called nystagmus, and even vomit.
    What, then, is the vestibular system? It’s the system responsible for maintaining a cat’s normal balance with central components located in the brain and peripheral components located in the inner and middle ear.
    The possible causes of feline vertigo include middle or inner ear infections, trauma or injury, drugs toxic to the ear, hypothyroidism and tumors, particularly in older cats. When no specific cause for a cat’s condition can be determined, it’s referred to as feline idiopathic vestibular disease. Why? Because the sudden onset of the above-mentioned signs show a subsequent and rapid improvement with little, if any, medical intervention.
    There are no specific tests for feline vestibular disease itself. Most cases are diagnosed based on your particular cat’s medical history, clinical signs and a thorough physical examination by your vet as well as on the results of some or all of the following: blood tests, urine tests (these check for urinary tract infections and kidney function), ear cultures and cytology (examination of any discharge or fluids found in the ear canal), spinal fluid analysis, testing for kidney, liver and pancreatic function, thyroid testing to determine hormone production, and electrolyte tests to check for dehydration or an electrolyte imbalance.
    In some cases, testing may also include blood pressure measurements and head x-rays to assess the appearance of the middle and inner ears while, occasionally, a CT scan or MRI will be performed to look for tumors or other abnormalities.
    Any subsequent course of action will ultimately depend on your cat’s symptoms and on whether a cause for her condition has been established. If a cause has indeed been determined, then the underlying condition will be treated rather than the vestibular disease itself.
    In the case of middle or inner ear infections, however, your vet may prescribe antibiotics or anti-fungal medications as well as a medication to reduce her motion sickness, nausea and vomiting. Since idiopathic vestibular disease is a short-term, self-resolving condition, its symptoms are typically worse in the first 24 to 48 hours and improve steadily over the next two to three weeks
    But, as a conscientious pet parent, you can help your kitty feel better while her symptoms are at their worst by following these suggestions:
    Manage your own stress because cats are extremely sensitive to our emotions.
    Keep her confined in a quiet, safe space far from any stairs.
    Support her by surrounding her with a thick, rolled up blanket.
    Ensure that her food and water bowls and litter box are at ground level and nearby.
    Make certain that she remains hydrated and fed if she can’t do so herself.
    If she’s unable to stand at all, assist her in changing positions periodically to prevent any sores from developing on her body.
    Avoid the temptation to carry her since she has to walk in order to re-train her “navigational” system.
    Whereas the majority of cats make a complete recovery, some severely affected ones may be left with a head tilt. The good news is that in most cases of feline idiopathic vestibular disease, the condition will never reappear.
  • Cat 'Thanks' Woman Who Opens the Door for Her Kittens After She's Lived Outside All Her Life
    23 May 2022

    A cat "thanked" the woman who opened the door for her kittens after she'd lived outside all her life.

    Iluna the cat momAnne @fosterkittens_be

    Anne, a foster volunteer of Kat Zoekt Thuis (Cat Looking for Home), an animal rescue in Belgium, was informed about a shy cat that appeared one day in a cat colony.

    The feeder (carer) of the cat colony noticed that the newcomer was not feral despite being very timid, and that she was hungry and clearly pregnant. The cat had been scrounging around for food and a safe haven for her babies.

    "After a week of gaining her trust, the feeder was able to pick her up, put her in a carrier and dropped her off at my place," Anne shared with Love Meow.

    Anne @fosterkittens_be

    The black and white cat, named Iluna, was very frightened when she first arrived at her foster home. She came under a lot of stress after all the changes. Anne gave her a quiet, comfortable space to decompress, and all the time she needed to relax.

    "She was used to people, but being indoors definitely was new to her. We assume she used to be a barn cat and was probably abandoned when they noticed she was pregnant," Anne shared. "She was in rough shape, very skinny, covered in dirt and had scratches all over her nose."

    Anne @fosterkittens_be

    Anne cleaned her eyes and nose, treated her for an infection and reassured her that she was safe. Once Iluna realized the indoor life wasn't so scary, she began to allow Anne to pet her and even switched on her purr motor for the first time.

    "She was uncomfortable and cautious until she discovered the big window, where she could look outside. I think that was the moment she realized she was safe. She spent the entire first week (hanging out) on the window sill," Anne shared with Love Meow.

    Anne @fosterkittens_be

    Anne placed the litter box on a platform to encourage Iluna to use it, as everything higher up seemed to be preferred. Slowly but surely, Iluna started to show affection toward her foster mom. She walked up to Anne one day and decided to greet her with a head bump to her face, as if to thank her for letting her stay.

    "She loved it when I rubbed her pregnant belly. At first, she would only eat if I was petting her. And after a few days she started eating on her own."

    Iluna gave her foster mom head bumpsAnne @fosterkittens_be

    When Iluna went into labor two weeks into foster care, she was grateful to have a comfy nest and a loving human to keep her company. "The delivery went very smoothly. She allowed me to sit next to her during labor."

    "Iluna is one of the best cat moms I have ever fostered. She is very attentive and caring. A lot of new moms are a bit clumsy and sometimes lay on top of their babies. This never happens with Iluna," Anne told Love Meow.

    Watch Iluna and her kittens in this cute video:

    Iluna the cat and kittens

    "She's so gentle with them and is always aware of where they are. If a kitten wanders off, she's after them in no time." With her painstaking care and unconditional love, the kittens are nursing well and growing by leaps and bounds.

    She gave birth to a litter of healthy kittensAnne @fosterkittens_be

    "She's also very protective of her babies! I can sit next to them and watch them, but I cannot touch them. That makes it a bit harder for me to check on the kittens, but luckily, Iluna does most of the work."

    Anne @fosterkittens_be

    In the weeks that follow, the kittens will start learning to find their feet and play. Once they are big enough and weaned, Iluna will be able to take a back seat and spend more time with her people, doing what she loves.

    Anne @fosterkittens_be

    Iluna will never have to fend for herself in the outdoors again. Once she is done with mommy duties, she will be spayed and find a wonderful family to spend the rest of her life with.

    Anne @fosterkittens_be

    Share this story with your friends. Follow updates on Iluna and Anne's fosters on Instagram @fosterkittens_be.

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  • Furry Friends Fur-Ever: Cow-Cow and the Johnstons
    22 May 2022

    “I’ve had cats as pets for close to forty years,” Claire says. “My new cat, Cow-Cow, is number four. My last cat, Mink, died in December of 2020, at the ripe old age of nineteen. I was heartbroken at her passing and wasn’t sure I would ever get another one. But ten months later, I started looking at shelter websites for a new kitty, although not whole-heartedly.

    “After looking at countless photos, I found and loved Cow-Cow’s picture on the Furry Friends website. I immediately wanted to meet her because hers was the first photo to truly intrigue me. Cow-Cow is her original name, given to her by her previous owner, and while it suits her coloring and she answers to it, she’s definitely NOT bovine in nature.

    “It didn’t take her long at all to acclimate herself to living here. She’s also the most affectionate kitty I’ve ever had. She loves to kiss you on your hand, leg or even the top of your head when you’re down on the yoga mat exercising. She’s smart and communicates very well despite not being able to talk like a human. Her manners are excellent, too, although she gets a little ornery once in a while. But then, she is a cat!

    “Cow-Cow loves chasing a small, bouncing rubber ball or the light of a laser pointer on the floor. And when she’s in the chair looking out the window she tells the crows off! She may not like being carried too much, but she does like petting and cuddling. And she has this quirky habit of taking over my dining room chair when I’m sitting in it. She’ll get up behind me and slowly push me forward, and I won’t be aware of it until I’m teetering on the edge of the seat!

    “At night, she sleeps mostly on the living room couch, although she does like the dining room chairs, and occasionally, one of the beds. I bought her a nice soft kitty bed, but she likes furniture better.

    “My husband and I are grateful to Furry Friends for giving us the opportunity to adopt Cow-Cow. She’s made our house a home again. What a gift she is!”


    Furry Friends Fur-Ever Stories are compiled and written by Nomi Berger who is the bestselling author of seven novels, one work of non-fiction, two volumes of poetry, and hundreds of articles. She is a volunteer writer for Furry Friends in Vancouver, WA and also volunteers her writing skills to animal rescue groups in Canada and the USA. She lives with her adopted Maltese named Mini.

    The post Furry Friends Fur-Ever: Cow-Cow and the Johnstons appeared first on Furry Friends.

  • Scabs Here, There, Everywhere
    22 May 2022
    Is YOUR kitty itchy and irritable? Learn more than you ever thought paws-ible by reading this week’s article by Nomi Berger. ❤️❤️
  • Kitten with Cleft Lip Found Outside an Office Building and Determined to Never Be Alone Again
    22 May 2022

    A kitten with a cleft lip was found outside an office building and determined to never be alone again.

    Frito the kitten and Bubblegum the catAlley Cat Rescue

    Earlier this month, Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles was contacted about a tiny kitten found outside an office building. He was all alone without a mother in sight, hiding underneath electrical wires.

    "We could see he had a cleft lip and knew he needed help. He was immediately brought to our vet and got a check-up," Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow.

    The kitten, named Frito, was an instant cuddle-bug and just wanted to be catered to. At about eight weeks old, he only weighed around 400 grams, just half the size he should be.

    Frito was found outside an officeAlley Cat Rescue

    After he was brought inside, he found himself tucked away snugly in a warm embrace under his human's shirt. Frito was immediately enamored of his new life surrounded with people, and refused to be left alone.

    With a cleft lip, Frito may need extra encouragement to help him keep up with his food intake. "He is able to eat, and loves his food, but is definitely underweight, so we are very slowly increasing feedings," the rescue shared with Love Meow.

    He was an instant cuddle-bug when he arrived at the rescueAlley Cat Rescue

    The little guy was all cleaned up and treated for fleas and parasites. After a few days of nursing and tender loving care, he was finally able to properly absorb nutrients from his food, and his appetite also improved.

    Frito quickly figured out how to use a litter box, and constantly demanded attention from everyone around him. He insisted on being babied and tried to soak up all the love.

    Frito was very tiny for his ageAlley Cat Rescue

    Frito discovered a warm lap and decided it was his favorite spot to hang out. He would roll on his back baiting for belly rubs while trying to grab his human's hand with all fours.

    When he was ready to socialize with other resident animals, Bubblegum, a former rescue, volunteered himself to be Frito's baby-sitter, in exchange for some kitten food.

    Alley Cat Rescue

    The sweet grey cat hopped into Frito's playpen one day and waited for the little guy to make his move. Frito fearlessly sauntered up to the big fella, and they greeted each other with nose sniffs.

    "It was total love at first sight for Bubblegum," Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

    Watch Frito the kitten and Bubblegum the cat in this cute video:

    Frito the kitten and Bubblegum the cat

    Frito who was completely towered over by Bubblegum, didn't think he was any different. After the meet-and-greet, the little ball of fluff decided it was time to roughhouse with the big kitty.

    The pint-sized kitten attempted to pounce on Bubblegum, ginning him up for a wrestling match. He wouldn't take no for an answer.

    Frito and BubblegumAlley Cat Rescue

    Bubblegum put up with all his antics and let the little guy exercise his prowess on him, while he walked around his playpen to sneak a snack.

    He patiently waited for the kitten to settle down, so he could wrap his arms around him for a nice cuddle session on the couch.

    They became fast friends

    Frito may be tiny, but he has a personality that is larger than life. Soon, he will be joining other foster kittens in the rescue, so he can play-fight with cats his age and run around with them with his unbridled energy.

    Alley Cat Rescue

    After a rough start to life, Frito is thriving with great care and plenty of cuddles to go around. Not only has he found a safe place to grow up in, but also friends to keep him company and make sure that he's loved.

    Alley Cat Rescue

    Share this story with your friends. Follow updates on Frito and Alley Cat Rescue on Facebook and Instagram @alleycatrescue.

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  • Cat Comes Up to Kind People that Found Her with Kittens, and Decides to Trust and Chirp Happily One Day
    21 May 2022

    A cat came up to the kind people that found her with her kittens, and decided to trust and chirp happily one day.

    Farah the cat and her kittensElaine Keating-Brown

    A Good Samaritan from The Bronx, New York, found a mother cat and her two kittens abandoned outside in a bag. They reached out to their local animal rescue, Little Wanderers NYC, for help.

    Rescuers of Little Wanderers sprang into action and rushed to get them. They saw the mom huddled with her two kittens in a corner as she tried to keep them out of harm's way. They offered a plate of food, and the scrawny momma walked up to it and started eating.

    Despite being a bit scared, she was so glad to have some grub in her belly at last.

    Farah and her kittens were found outside in a bagLittle Wanderers NYC

    "They were found in a trash bag. We don't know why but we do know that they've been rescued and are now with one of our rockstar fosters, Elaine, who will take good care of them while they grow up," Little Wanderers NYC shared with Love Meow.

    "She's a very pretty mom cat with a long-haired tail. We've named her Farah, and her baby girls Francesca and Florence."

    Little Wanderers NYC

    The feline family of three were transported to their foster home. While the kittens settled in and warmed up to their people quickly, mama Farah was understandably still wary and fearful after the long ordeal.

    "She came rather stressed unsurprisingly, and did lash out a lot," Elaine Keating-Brown, the foster mom, shared with Love Meow.

    Little Wanderers NYC

    Elaine kept the foster room door open to encourage Farah and her kittens to venture out and explore. Over the next few days, the kittens came out of their shells and experienced their first snuggles with their humans.

    They began to enjoy chasing and playing with toys between cuddle sessions. Their energy and confidence rose, and it rubbed off on their mom, who watched them interact with their humans attentively, and started to relax more.

    Little Wanderers NYC

    After about a week, momma Farah was feeling more comfortable and learning to trust people again.

    Watch Farah and her kittens in this video:

    Farah the cat and kittens

    "She was becoming more used to me. It took time and patience which I have plenty of," Elaine shared.

    "She must have been on the streets for a long time as under that stunning coat she is skin and bones. She has some trust issues—understandable—but she is allowing more pets every day."

    Elaine Keating-Brown

    Over time, the kittens grew to be more playful, inquisitive and adventurous while living the cushy indoor life. Farah worked up her courage and started coming up to her foster family for treats and head scritches.

    "She is way calmer now and lets us pet her and comes out of the room when she hears us get up in the morning," Elaine told Love Meow.

    Farah learned to trust again after a week in foster careElaine Keating-Brown

    Farah is finally filling out with a bountiful supply of food at her disposal. Now that she has trust and confidence, she has become more vocal and makes the cutest chirps when she calls to her kittens or asks for attention from her humans.

    "Mama is so sweet with her babies. She comes running as soon as they cry. She is rather forceful when she cleans them—she sort of headlocks them to clean their ears. She is still nursing them and is never far away from them."

    She is much calmer and makes the cutest happy chirpsElaine Keating-Brown

    The sweet family of three are thriving in foster care. Mama Farah is so content knowing she will never have to worry about food and shelter or fending for her kittens.

    She is reveling in her new life with loving humans and opening up more every day.

    Elaine Keating-Brown

    Share this story with your friends. Follow updates on the feline family and Little Wanderers NYC on Facebook and Instagram @littlewanderersnyc. Follow Elaine's fosters on Instagram @remarkablerescues.

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  • Chatty Cats: Polite, Sweet and More!
    20 May 2022

    Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice week? We sure hope so! After a busy week here, we’re looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend. Here’s what the cats were up to this week! Polite Cat… More

    The post Chatty Cats: Polite, Sweet and More! appeared first on Three Chatty Cats.

  • Kitten with Thumbs Found in Sedan at Fire House Asks for Affection When He Realizes He's Safe
    20 May 2022

    A kitten with thumbs who was found in a sedan at a fire house, asked for affection when he realized he was safe.

    Goose the kittenNikki @nikkifosterscats

    Last week, firemen at the Torrance Fire Station in Southern California found a kitten in quite a pickle. "We found him behind one of the headlights in a sedan tangled in wires. The lady had driven over with him in there," fireman Cole shared with Love Meow.

    "My partner managed to disconnect some wires and get him out. I used my box I use to store my bedding in, to house him at the station in our laundry room."

    The kitten is a polydactyl with thumb-like extra toes. He was covered in dirt, so they gave him a quick bath before placing him in the makeshift bed layered with towels.

    He was found in a sedan at a fire stationNikki @nikkifosterscats

    They picked up some food for the kitten after a medical call. "We used absorbent that we use on car accidents, in a rolled-up trash bag for a makeshift litter box."

    Cole went to check on the kitten whenever he got a chance and made sure the little guy was hydrated and comfortable. "He was so stressed he slept most of the day. By the end of the day, he would be more comfortable being pet and would cry when you left."

    Goose is a polydactylNikki @nikkifosterscats

    "I called him 'squeaker' because he's got some pipes on him," Cole told Love Meow.

    They reached out to their local animal rescue, Wrenn Rescues, so the kitten, named Goose, could get the care he needed to thrive. Nicky, Cole's wife, and her friend, Kelly, transported Goose to a foster volunteer, Nikki, that night.

    He was very dirty and underweight when he was foundNikki @nikkifosterscats

    "When Goose first got to me, they were right, he had some pipes on him. He let me know how he felt about his day," Nikki told Love Meow. "After a while he settled in, ate some food and went to sleep."

    The next day, Goose was feeling more energized after being well rested and having food in his belly. Despite the bath at the station, he still had remnants of grease and dirt on his coat.

    Nikki @nikkifosterscats

    After removing all the pesky fleas and getting thoroughly cleaned with a second bath, Goose felt brand new and started running around, getting zoomies with his newfound speed.

    Watch Goose the kitten in this cute video:

    Goose the kitten

    "I can only imagine how dirty he was at the station. After that he was a new man!"

    Goose was underweight when he arrived, and scarfed down all the food he could fit into his tummy. He was pleased with his VIP life and that he would never have to worry about the next meal.

    Nikki @nikkifosterscats

    "He is jumping all around and playing. He's such a love-bug, big purr machine and opens up so quickly," Nikki shared with Love Meow.

    "I'm sure that journey of his to the station was a very scary one for him, but now it's all up and up for this guy."

    Goose is all cleaned up and happy as can beNikki @nikkifosterscats

    Goose has blossomed into a happy, playful, care-free kitten in just six days, being in a home environment. Soon, he will be joining other foster kittens, so he can have friends his size to play and snuggle with.

    "He's up 275 grams in weight, his little face scabbies are coming off, and his energy is at 100%, 24/7."

    Nikki @nikkifosterscats

    "It's amazing to think only a week ago, he has gone from this underweight, wormy, and dirty kitty to this handsome feel-good boy," Nikki shared.

    Nikki @nikkifosterscats

    Share this story with your friends. Follow updates on Goose and Nikki's fosters on Instagram @nikkifosterscats.

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