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01 October 2022

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  • Musk’s Starlink Aiding Florida With Internet Access After Hurricane Ian, DeSantis Says
    01 October 2022
    The company is fully covering "the costs associated with all the coverage," according to DeSantis, with the bulk of the coverage going to devastated Lee County.
  • NFL Players’ Union Ousts Doctor Who Cleared Tagovailoa To Play
    01 October 2022
    Tagovoila appeared to suffer a head injury Sunday but was cleared to re-enter that game and play Thursday, when he suffered another gruesome injury.
  • Yet Another Attack On The Hazara In Afghanistan
    01 October 2022
    On September 30, 2022, a suicide attack inside the Kaaj Educational Center in the Dasht-e-Barchi district of West Kabul, Afghanistan, has claimed the lives of over 35 girls and young women belonging to the Hazara community.
  • Surviving IRS Short-Term Rental Audits
    01 October 2022

    Concerned about IRS short-term rental audits? Hey, you’re not crazy to worry if you own a vacation rental.

    Short-term rentals often shelter lots of income from taxes. And regularly they save lots of tax.

    But those big savings push the IRS to look closely at tax returns that include this gambit.

    Then a couple of other things to know: Not only is it easy to fumble the short-term rental tax shelter. But the IRS finds these returns easy to audit. They can sometimes blow up your tax return with relatively little effort.

    So, let me explain the loophole first.

    Then I’ll point out the three common blunders that can cause the short-term rental strategy to fail. And suggest ways to protect your tax return.

    Short-term Rental Loophole in a Nutshell

    First, the good news: Unlike most other real estate tax shelters, the short-term rental loophole works easily. And simply.

    All taxpayers really need to qualify? First, taxpayers need to show average rental intervals of seven days or less. And, second, they must materially participate (which usually means more than a hundred hours in a year).

    Example: You own and operate a short-term rental. The rental shows large losses due to depreciation. The average rental period equals one week. As long as you and your spouse materially participate by spending more than 100 hours a year managing and maintaining the property? Bingo. You can probably use the large losses due to depreciation as deductions on your tax return. Even if the property appreciates.

    Just to make this point clear, what gets attractive about the short-term rental option? You can use the losses–assuming you qualify–to shelter other income. So your W-2. Or investment income.

    Example: You and your spouse together earn $100,000 in W-2 wages. If your return shows a deductible short-term rental loss of $75,000, your adjusted gross income equals $25,000. And probably, once you take the standard deduction, your taxable income equals zero and you owe no income taxes.

    But as noted, it’s not all good news. The bad news is, the IRS often uses three simple tricks to blow up the tax savings that stem from short-term rentals.

    The rest of this blog post quickly explains those tricks. And it identifies how you can sidestep problems with the IRS.

    IRS Short-term Rental Audits Trick #1: Disqualification Using Section 280A

    A first trick the IRS uses to disqualify a taxpayer from using the short-term rental tax shelter?

    Looking for and then finding that the personal use of a vacation property exceeds the “greater of 14 days or 10 percent of the number of days during the year the unit rents at its fair market value.”

    That personal use pushes taxpayers into treating their property as a Section 280A mixed-use dwelling unit. And Section 280A severely limits the deductions a short-term rental owner can deduct.

    In fact? For purposes of our discussion here, assume Section 280A basically limits tax deductions on a vacation propery to the rental income. Which means you don’t save any taxes with your short-term rental.

    Note: When you do the short-term rental gambit correctly, you use a chunk of tax law contained in Section 469 of the Internal Revenue Code. However, when you personally use a property, you easily lose access to Section 469 and find yourself following the rules of 280A.

    As noted, the problem is personal use of a property. And the Section 280A tax law labels three types of use as personal use:

    For purposes of this section, the taxpayer shall be deemed to have used a dwelling unit for personal purposes for a day if, for any part of such day, the unit is used—

    (A)for personal purposes by the taxpayer or any other person who has an interest in such unit, or by any member of the family (as defined in section 267(c)(4)) of the taxpayer or such other person;

    (B)by any individual who uses the unit under an arrangement which enables the taxpayer to use some other dwelling unit (whether or not a rental is charged for the use of such other unit); or

    (C)by any individual (other than an employee with respect to whose use section 119 applies), unless for such day the dwelling unit is rented for a rental which, under the facts and circumstances, is fair rental.

    The actionable insight here? In a year when you want to easily move large rental property deductions onto your tax return? Don’t personally use the property. (See “A” above.) Don’t trade the use of your property for the use of some friend’s property. (See “B” above.) Finally, don’t let some friend or family member use the property for free or for some discounted rate. (See “C” above.)

    IRS Short-term Rental Audits Trick #2: Failing Material Participation

    The next thing to pay attention to: As noted earlier, taxpayers also need to materially participate.

    Taxpayers achieve material participation in a handful of ways. The gold standard? Work more than 500 hours on the short-term rental activity. But that’s hard in most vacation rental cases.

    Fortunately, easier participation thresholds exist. If taxpayers work more than 100 hours and no person works more hours? That level of work counts as material participation.

    Note: Married taxpayers combine their participation. For example, if two spouses each work 55 hours, their material participation equals 110 hours. If no other person works more than 110 hours, they qualify.

    Another even easier threshold? If taxpayers do substantially all of the work on a short-term rental—meaning basically no one does any work—that counts as material participation.

    The predictable trick the IRS audit guide tells agents to use? Take the position that the taxpayers can’t prove someone else didn’t work more. Or at least, the taxpayers can’t convincingly prove someone else—a property manager, a leasing agent, or the cleaning service—didn’t work more.

    The actionable insight here, then? Taxpayers who want to use the “more than 100 hours” route to material participation should not only keep a great record of the time they spend. They should also keep a record of the time that their vendors spend.

    And double ditto for anyone who wants to use the “substantially all” route to material participation.

    IRS Short-term Rental Audits Trick #3: Throwing Out Hours

    A final trick to mention? And one you see recommended again and again in the IRS audit technique guide that talks about how IRS agents audit short-term rental tax returns?

    The IRS will attempt to throw out hours of material participation. Because the law says they do get to do that.

    Specifically, for example, the IRS can throw out investor-activity-type hours (studying financial statements, analyzing the property) if a taxpayer isn’t involved directly in day-to-day management. And agents can throw out any property management work you do if you hire a property manager or leasing agent. Or if you have a friend or family member help out for free and that person spends more time that you do on management stuff.

    Note: The audit technique guide even suggests agents can discard the time you spend organizing your financial records (so I guess doing your books?), doing your tax return and paying your bills. As if, apparently, taxpayers aren’t required by tax laws to do these things. And as if these things wouldn’t by themselves indicate that you’re involved in day to day management. (I know. Weird, right?)

    Another type of work you need to watch out for. Agents can throw out work they think you should have assigned to an employee or contractor. So blatantly disregarding the reality that most small investors—even high-income ones—will spend tons of time doing stuff themselves.

    Finally, agents take the position—even when courts don’t—that you can’t count travel time. (The usual rule is you can’t count commuting time. So, this one sort of makes sense. But not all travel time would be equivalent to commuting.)

    The actionable insight here then?  In a year when short-term rental property investors want to really load up a tax return with deductions? Yeah, that’d be a good year to run up the hours in some legitimate way: painting, catching up on deferred maintenance, or updating the website used for your marketing. Also absolutely do participate in day-to-day management and operations in a year where you want to make big deductions bullet-proof.

    One other thing: You may also want to dial down the work that individual vendors do. Perhaps by spreading the work around to more than one person. Having two different cleaners who each spend 75 hours a year works better than one cleaner who spends 150 hours a year.

    Final Thought

    You absolutely can get the short-term rental tax planning gambit to work well. But you want to think, from the very beginning, about how you survive and then win an IRS audit.

    Some Other Resources You Might Find Useful

    The IRS Passive Activity Loss Audit Technique Guide, available here, gives you the low-down on how the IRS will audit a tax return if it includes a short-term return. A good document to read if you’re trying to learn more.

    We have a couple of other blog resources you might be interested in that talk more about this gambit:  Vacation Rental Tax Shelters and Vacation Rental Tax Strategy.

    Finally, if you’re really serious about using the short-term rental trick for saving taxes? Our CPA firm can provide consulting services in this area: Becoming a client.


    The post Surviving IRS Short-Term Rental Audits appeared first on Evergreen Small Business.

  • Here's How to Skip Meetings That Waste Your Time
    01 October 2022
    How can you skip meetings that waste your time? You receive the summons, and you know what it is — you’ve been there millions of times before. The team update...
  • Learn From This Social Media Strategies Summit Virtual Conference
    01 October 2022

    If your small business manages the social media of government or public agencies, this Social Media Strategies Summit Virtual Conference is for you. The conference is going to bring together communications professionals from public and private organizations so you can expand your relationships with the communities these government or public agencies serve.

    Social media leaders from many communities across the U.S. as well as experts from Meta, Twitter, and others will be there to share their knowledge and teach attendees to better manage their social media outreach.

    Click on the red button and register now to attend Social Media Strategies Summit Virtual Conference on December 7–8, 2022.

    Register Now

    Featured Events, Contests and Awards

    Reuters MOMENTUM
    October 11, 2022, Austin, United States

    Technology is re-shaping society, business, environments, and well-being at an unprecedented rate. As we look to technology to solve our greatest issues, the need to harness innovation responsibly, sustainably and equitably has never been more acute. Reuters MOMENTUM unites inspirational technologists with the world’s most innovative businesses to envision how to improve lives through technology.

    B2SMB Institute Best2SMB Global Conference
    October 11, 2022, Online + Chicago, IL

    Join us for this 3-day event! Our 1000+ live and virtual global conference attendees range from CEOs to CPOs to founders, from marketers to developers to investors, from policy-makers to influencers. The 2022 Best2SMB Awards recognizes and showcases the resilience of the best-in-class brands, products and innovations. The 2022 Best2SMB Global Conference goes to school on those success stories – from keynotes to panels, to workshops and labs.

    Reuters Events Strategic Marketing NYC 2022
    October 20, 2022, Brooklyn, New York

    Strategic Marketing 2022 brings together the world’s most influential CMOs and marketing leaders to combat new challenges, share creative insights and discover innovative solutions. This is the global platform to inspire and empower marketing leaders – contemporize your brand, maximize new channel opportunities, and engage in human-first data strategies.. Register now to join the most influential CMOs and innovators!

    Houston Small Business Expo 2022
    November 15, 2022, Houston, United States

    Small Business Expo is the most anticipated Event of the year to take strategic action to immediately improve and grow your Small Business. If you are serious about starting or growing your business, Small Business Expo is a must-attend event for you.

    Social Media Strategies Summit Public Agencies and Government
    December 07, 2022, Online

    If you’re a professional that manages your government or public agency’s social media channels, this event is for you! Learn from a mix of industry leaders who will share the proven social media strategies they use to grow their brands. Join this virtual conference for two days and 15 sessions that will enable you to gain a fresh perspective on social media.

    More Events More Contests

    This weekly listing of small business events, contests and awards is provided as a community service by Small Business Trends.

    You can see a full list of events, contest and award listings or post your own events by visiting the Small Business Events Calendar.

    Image: socialmediastrategiessummit

    This article, "Learn From This Social Media Strategies Summit Virtual Conference" was first published on Small Business Trends

  • Hurricane Ian Death Toll At 56 In Florida—Will Likely Climb Higher
    01 October 2022
    Desperate searches remain ongoing in storm-ravaged coastal regions, especially Lee County in southwestern Florida.
  • Ad Tech Companies Are Partnering To Better Measure Cross-Platform Video Audiences
    01 October 2022
    Last month iSpot and 605 announced partnerships with Conviva to enhance cross-platform measurement & deduplication. Nielsen has been signing clients for their own cross platform measurement initiative.
  • Welcome to spooky season in startups
    01 October 2022

    Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here.

    A multibillion dollar acquisition, IPO projections and some good ol’ VC and billionaire drama?

    It would be unfair to say that this week in tech and startups felt like 2021’s boom cycle; especially when you look at layoffs coming from Truepill, its fourth this year, and Meta announcing that it will freeze hiring. At the same time, it does feel like there’s a new feeling in the air. Heck, NFT marketplaces are still raising money. 

    The market is not dull, but it’s not loud; and the mood among my sources is certainly closer to spooky than it is to savage. Besides the fact that, yes, I did grow up writing poetry about fall foliage before deciding that I wanted to be a journalist, I’m saying all this to validate the nuance of this moment.

    The ideas that I’m looking toward throughout the end of the year are as follows:

    • What happened to the black swan memos? In the early innings of the economic downturn, investors turned to portfolio companies to warn of an increasingly volatile environment. That conversation hasn’t disappeared, but it has certainly gotten quieter, with many investors now telling me that there’s a super surge of financing on the way. So, what’s the new guidance that is being sent to portfolio companies?
    • What’s the human side of the layoff story? My colleagues Mary Ann and Christine gave us all an important lesson this week, which is that stories about workforce reductions should not revolve around the employer. The duo wrote about the human cost of’s layoff spree — full story here — and I’m not-so-subtly going to steal this idea. I want to talk to people impacted by tech’s 2022 layoff wave and hear what next steps look like. I hear it’s a lot more complicated than “you should’ve known your company was overhyped to begin with.”
    • Finally, what are startups preparing to actually do differently? I’m guilty of this, but we often speak about startups and tech with generalizations, slightly hedged by explaining that it’s useful for directional purposes. I want to know what startups learned this year and are tactically doing differently. Spending with more discipline or focusing on the product doesn’t count; give me specifics, and better yet, tell me what you are disagreeing with your investors on.

    Do let me know what yours are by tweeting at me or responding to this post. If you missed last week’s newsletter, read it here: “Tiger Global, fickle checks and the difficulty of acceleration.” We also recorded a companion podcast, here: “Building startups in public has an end date.”

    In today’s newsletter, we’ll talk about the beauty of pivots, a creative way to prove that your startup hires entrepreneurial people and the latest from 500 global.

    If you like this newsletter, do me a quick favor? Forward it to a friend, share it on Twitter and tag me so I can thank you for reading myself!

    A reminder that pivots work

    TC’s Rebecca Szkutak wrote about how a pivot helped HopSkipDrive win a difficult pitch to parents: Trust your kids with our ride-sharing services.

    Here’s why it’s important: As we discussed in our latest Equity podcast, sometimes we’re all just a Hop, Skip and a Drive away from success. The “Uber for X” model has been MIA for a few years now, so the story behind HopSkipDrive and its trusty partner stands out to me. Who said schools weren’t experimental!

    Image Credits: Ivan Bajic (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

    A different version of CVC, I guess

    News broke this week that Cloudflare gathered $1.25 billion in financing for startups that use its own platform. Well, kind of.

    Here’s why it’s important: The security, performance and reliability company didn’t raise a corporate venture fund, typical of other companies looking to breed entrepreneur attention. Instead, Cloudflare just got dozens of venture firms to offer to invest up to $1.25 billion to companies in their existing funds. It’s a little softer than a traditional investment vehicle, given that we don’t know how formal those offers of support are, and the fact that Cloudflare is not providing any funding or making any funding decisions.

    To me, the commitment just tells us that Cloudflare wants to show startups that it doesn’t just make sense to use their software, it makes cents.

    Image Credits: Getty Images

    The follow-up

    I’m experimenting with a new section in Startups Weekly, where each week we follow up with an old story or trend to see what’s changed since our first look. This week, we’re following up on our conversation about accelerator and demo days with a look at how 500 Global, formerly 500 Startups, thinks about it.

    Here’s what’s new: It’s been a little over a year since accelerator 500 Startups rebranded to 500 Global in an attempt to reposition itself as a venture firm. In my latest for TechCrunch+, I spoke to Clayton Bryan, partner and head of 500 Global’s accelerator program, about how they keep up with competition. Excerpt down below!

    The investor highlighted the effectiveness of rolling admissions, which its two main accelerator competitors, Y Combinator and Techstars, don’t do. Three years ago, 500 Global said it would decide on investments all year instead of just twice yearly. Demo days will still happen biannually, but startups can choose which demo day they want to be a part of.

    “That change has really resonated with founders,” Bryan said. He compared the previous version of 500 Global to a school with an annual schedule: There are times when you’re doing homework, times when you sit back and recruit, and summer vacation. Now, it’s year-round, and he admits it’s more challenging to manage, “but at the same time, much more appreciated by the founders.”

    “I do think it makes us more competitive,” he said. “We can more frequently talk to founders and they can start our program at different points in time. They don’t have to wait for that application to open or that deadline. Whereas [with] some other programs, they might say, ‘Hey, wait for a couple more months so we’re accepting applications again.’ I think that openness and flexibility gives us a bit of an advantage.”

    Image Credits: bestdesigns / Getty Images

    A few notes

    We’re less than one month away from TechCrunch Disrupt, and I’m already emotional. It’s going to be a blast, a pep talk, a realization and a week not to miss. Here’s the full agenda, and here’s where you can get your tickets.

    • First up, use code “STARTUPS” for a special reader discount for Disrupt tickets. We’re less than one month away!
    • We also have a special for those impacted by layoffs. If you were laid off, go here to get a free ticket to TechCrunch Disrupt’s Expo.

    While I have you, let’s talk some more. As you know, I co-host Equity, which goes out thrice a week and is TC’s longest-running podcast. We have some besties to listen to, too, including our crypto-focused show that goes by Chain Reaction and founder-focused show that goes by Found. The TechCrunch Podcast is also a can’t miss, so pay attention to all the good shows that they’re putting out. 

    Seen on TechCrunch

    Here are some of the cringiest revelations in the Elon Musk text dump

    Why build a fintech any more when you can just raise €20M and white-label it to banks?

    Instagram permanently disabled Pornhub’s account

    EV charging deals keep coming, Ford squeezed by shortages and Kitty Hawk shuts down

    Crypto platform Nexo sued by New York, California and six other US regulators 

    Seen on TechCrunch+

    Treepz founder Onyeka Akumah on how to succeed in transportation tech

    What can the 2000 dot-com crash teach us about the 2022 tech downturn? 

    Europe’s inaugural Women in VC Summit is the first step in a long climb toward equity

    Venture investors hit the brakes on productivity software

    Same time, same web page, next week?


    Image Credits: Bryce Durbin / TechCrunch

    Welcome to spooky season in startups by Natasha Mascarenhas originally published on TechCrunch

  • This Week in Apps: Google goes visual, Twitter copies TikTok, OG app drama
    01 October 2022

    Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy.

    Global app spending reached $65 billion in the first half of 2022, up only slightly from the $64.4 billion during the same period in 2021, as hypergrowth fueled by the pandemic has diminished. But overall, the app economy is continuing to grow, having produced a record number of downloads and consumer spending across both the iOS and Google Play stores combined in 2021, according to the latest year-end reports. Global spending across iOS and Google Play last year was $133 billion, and consumers downloaded 143.6 billion apps.

    This Week in Apps offers a way to keep up with this fast-moving industry in one place with the latest from the world of apps, including news, updates, startup fundings, mergers and acquisitions, and much more.

    Do you want This Week in Apps in your inbox every Saturday? Sign up here:

    Want to attend TechCrunch Disrupt? Click here for 15% off passes.

    Top Stories So we’re just TikTok-ing all the things now

    The TikTok-ification of today’s web is nearly overwhelming. Already we’ve seen top social apps like Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube clone the vertical feed format in their own apps. And it seems not a day goes by when some other app announces its own TikTok-like feed has arrived. This week, it was the NBA app that added a vertical video feed of sports content, for some reason, while Twitter announced the introduction of a TikTok-inspired feed for watching videos on its app.

    It’s all starting to get a little ridiculous, isn’t it?

    Image Credits: Twitter

    Still, there’s something more going on here, it seems.

    This isn’t just about adopting a new format — as apps did when Stories became popular, for example. What’s really happening is that there’s a broader shift in how younger people are using the web, and apps are rushing to adapt. Younger users are looking for more immersive content, visual experiences and easy access to information through intuitive user interfaces that allow for fast scrolling or simple navigation.

    Throwing a TikTok feed into an app is a quick way to address these users’ unique interests, but they’re certainly not the only way.

    Google Goes Visual

    Image Credits: Google

    Google, to its credit, has identified this shift as a threat to its core business. It understands that the days when people taught themselves how to use Boolean operators to narrow search results, then clicked back and forth through dozens of blue links, are now behind us.

    At an event this week, Google introduced how it’s revamping its products as a result of these behavioral changes, starting with Google Search and Maps.

    One of the most notable updates is how Google now plans to redesign Google Search for the TikTok generation.

    Instead of starting with a list of links, some Google searches will return highly visual results, where pieces of information are presented in colorful cards alongside other imagery and videos — including both YouTube content and TikToks. For instance, if you search for a place, you might see maps and directions, weather, photos and snippets from Wikipedia all placed in boxes at the top of the search results. And all this could be interspersed with creator-based content that shows off famous landmarks, sights, tourist attractions, places to dine and other ideas.

    The changes follow Google’s recent acknowledgment that it had been losing younger users to apps like Instagram and TikTok for some types of searches. This is its attempt to bring those users back to its search engine instead.

    The idea now is that you wouldn’t just come to Google to be informed, but to also discover and be inspired — much like you do on social video apps.

    The company will cater to users’ interest in visual content in other ways as well, including with shopping searches, where it will integrate more 3D imagery, allow users to browse through “shoppable looks” where they can buy outfits, not locate individual pieces, and have their experiences customized to their own interests in terms of product categories and favorite brands.

    Meanwhile, in Google Maps the company is allowing users to explore cities in an “Immersive View” that leverages a combination of computer vision and AI technology to fuse Street View and aerial imagery together. This gives users a way to more visually explore an area, like a bird in flight, then glide down to the street level. Here, users can even go inside places, like restaurants, to get a sense of what they look like inside, layered with “busy-ness” data — so you know if the restaurant would be likely to have a table for you at that time.

    Google Maps is also updating its new Live View feature — the AR experience that overlays information atop the real world in Maps just by holding up your phone’s camera. With Live View, you can find places like shops, restaurants or ATMs highlighted over the view of the street your camera displays. And now, you can search within Live View, too.

    Another interesting feature is Neighborhood Vibe — a way for Google Maps users to get a sense of the most popular and trendy places in a given neighborhood by adding reviews, photos and videos directly atop Google Maps. (Why turn to TikTok, after all, if you can open a real maps app and watch videos there, attached to exact locations?)

    Then there’s the feature that seemingly sets the stage for an AR future — multisearch near me.

    This allows you to view items in the real world and find out where to find them nearby. For instance, you could point your phone’s camera (and maybe one day, your AR glasses) toward a dress, then find out which shops in your town carry it. This is a step beyond video-based e-commerce experiences, as seen on TikTok or YouTube, because you’re instead shopping from the real world — not a recorded version of it.

    Now, whether Google’s investments will pay off in the long term remain to be seen, of course. These are broader bets on the future of search and discovery. But at least we can say this for it — it’s not ignoring the market shifts or thinking that simply cramming a TikTok-like feed into its apps will keep it relevant.

    OG Drama

    Image Credits: Un1feed

    Hoping to cater to user demand for a more classic version of Instagram without the clutter from ads and suggested posts, a pair of developers built a customized app for viewing Instagram content, called OG App. While users may have briefly appreciated the experience of what felt like the old Instagram experience, the app’s existence was short-lived and filled with drama.

    Apparently, the company didn’t exactly have permission to use Instagram’s API the way it was doing. Because soon after the app launched, Meta took enforcement actions against the app, confirming it was in violation of its policies. Apple also then removed the app from its App Store as a result of its behavior, noting that its rules state that apps displaying content from third-party services must do so in accordance with the service’s own terms of use.

    OG App had already racked up nearly 10,000 downloads by the time of its removal, after just a couple of days of availability.

    While this particular app is no more, it does serve as a test case for consumer interest in an algorithm-free photo-sharing experience that looks and feels more like Instagram once did.

    Of course, a number of apps have entered the market hoping to capture users’ interest on that front, but have failed to gain significant traction. Among those were apps like Poparazzi, Later Cam and the ill-fated Dispo, which offer some sort of spin on analog photo-sharing — like replicating the disposable camera experience or only allowing friends to post pics of you. Then there were the apps that try to elevate photo-sharing, like Glass.

    But many users either churned out of these experiences or never joined to begin with. Instead, users found a variation on casual, social photo-sharing with the app BeReal. But its notification-based “time to post” trick still needs to prove it can be a successful draw in the long term — and that’s not a given.

    That’s why, as we said last week, now is a great time for developers to test the waters by building other privacy-focused social networking experiences — including those centered around photos.

    Weekly News Platforms: Apple
    • Apple’s latest iOS 16 developer beta allows Stage Manager to work with older iPad Pro models, but that support doesn’t allow extending the display to an external monitor. The feature was previously only compatible with the M1-powered iPad Air and the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models released last year.
    • Apple pulled from its App Store apps owned by the Russian tech giant VK, including the music service VK Music. Apple said the apps have been removed due to new U.K. sanctions on Russian-owned companies. Apple also terminated the developer accounts associated with these apps.
    • References to Apple Music Classical, a new Apple Music service, were spotted in the latest iOS beta.
    • Apple rolled out iOS 16.1 beta 3, iPadOS 16.1 beta 4, watchOS 9.1 beta 3, tvOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura beta 9. It appears that iOS 16.1 could bring Adaptive Transparency to the original AirPods Pro, reports said.
    • Apple launched a new App Store Foundations Program in the U.K., with a focus on supporting women developers. The program will feature both one-on-one and group sessions with App Store leaders across the U.K. and Europe.
    • Apple News partner Fast Company’s account was hacked, leading the Apple News app to send offensive news notifications to users.
    Platforms: Google

    Image Credits: Google

    • Google officially announced the Play Store reorg that has been rolling out for some days. The changes make it easier to filter for and remotely install non-phone apps, including those for watches, tablets, cars and smart TVs.
    • Google upgraded its Speech Services by Google speech engine to provide “more natural voices.” The company says all 421 voices in 67 languages have been updated with a new voice model and synthesizer.
    E-commerce and Food Delivery

    Image Credits: Walmart

    • Walmart updated its AR feature, View in Your Home, to all users to view TV models to see if the set they liked looks good in their space.
    • Instagram began a new test in its app that ditches the Shopping tab. In one version, Messages takes the place of Shopping on the app’s home screen, while others saw the Notifications tab in its place.
    • iFood in Brazil controls more than 80% of the delivery market. A new report by Rest of World analyzes the impact of the government’s own delivery app Valeu on the market.
    • Shopify announced new mobile hardware, POS Go, that allows merchants to take payments anywhere via their phone, including through tapping, swiping or an integrated reader for chip cards.
    • Robinhood debuted a new non-custodial crypto wallet with Polygon, Robinhood Wallet. The crypto wallet, the company’s first international app, was initially rolled out to 10,000 beta testers on its waitlist. It expects to reach over a million users at the beta test’s end before the end of 2022.
    • added support for alternative asset investing, which..

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Don't Lose Contact Over The Years. Add Your Social Network Info. And Contact Details Here, And Stay Contactable.

Great For Gamers

You Have Switched From One Game to Another? Leave Your Forwarding Details Here To Help Your Fellow Gamers Find You. 

You Are An Artist Or A Photographer

You Might Have Artwork Scattered Throughout The Web. You Might Be A Photographer, And Have Provided Work For Many Websites. Link All Of Your Work To Your Profile, And Showcase Your Abilities In One Location.. 

  • Create A Profile

    Sign Up to create your profile. 

    Once you have filled out the sign up form, you will be directed to the profile page. To add entries to your profile (eg. your social network links, your online work etc,), you will need to 'edit' your profile by selecting the 'Edit' button.

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  • Public Messaging

    Once your profile is created, you may be contacted by email direct from your profile by public (whilst your email address remains hidden).

    This feature enables long lost friends and family to contact you, even if they have misplaced your contact will always be found.

  • Create An Article

    Create and article to sell a household item, or to inform the public of some important news or information

Don't Lose Your Online Works

You May Have Published Blogs And Informative Forum Entries All Over The Web. Over Time, Web Search Engines Can Make It Difficult To Find Your Work. Link Your Work To Your Profile, And Keep It All Easily Accessible, And Easy For Viewers To Identify Articles And Blogs etc As Yours.

Don't Be Confused With Someone Else

It Can Be Frustrating When One Is Easily Confused With Someone Else Online. Prospect Employers Have Been Known To Search For Information On Prospective Employees. If Your Name Is A Common One, Or Even If Not, It Is Still Easy For You T Be Mistaken For Another, Especially If the Person Searching For Your Online Presence Has No Visual. Create A Profile Here, Link Your Social Media Profiles, Give Out Your Username(Id)--Then Be Found.

  • Create A Blog

    Registered users may create blog entries which feature in relevant Category Pages.

    To create a blog, go to your profile page, and select the button "New Blog".

    Once your blog is created, you will be able to manage any comments made on your blog.

    The RSS ability of your blog, enables your readers to subscribe to your blog post, and follow any further additions as you make them.

  • Own QR Code

    At the bottom of your profle, and each page created by you (eg. blogs, articles etc), a unique QR code is available for your use.

    You may save a copy of the image, and paste it on to hard or soft copy items, in order to direct people to your profile, blog or article.

  • Image Gallery

    Add some images, and make photo galleries to show the public, friends and family.

    Suitable for family photos, photographer galleries, artist images or images of your business.

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