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31 May 2020

Business Blogs
  • Cybersecurity, DIY and gaming to come up trumps in FTSE reshuffle
    30 May 2020
    Predictably, travel and aviation stocks are set to drop out of the top 100 firms in this week’s stock market review

    In the words of 1978 song The Gambler, recorded so memorably by country crooner Kenny Rogers, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” There has of late been more folding than holding from FTSE 100 investors, leading to one of the biggest reshuffles of the index in recent memory.

    The term “blue chip” has its origins on the poker table, where blue was the colour of the highest-value tokens. Rarely have the gambling idioms so beloved of investing commentary felt so appropriate as when the pandemic saw many companies land on zero revenues during lockdowns.

  • Corporate Credit Card Is A Tempting Advantage
    30 May 2020

    When a businessman has a corporate credit card, it allows him to own a small business which can separate his personal expenses from his business expenses. Thus, corporate credit card is egged on employees so that the need for them to use their own personal credit card is eliminated. When an employee uses his business […]

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  • Correcting A Negative Cash Flow
    30 May 2020

    Your business might be heading towards bankruptcy if it has a negative balance on its ‘Net Change’ section of its cash flow statement. Immediate attention is required as failing to correct this negative trend will inevitably cause your business to run out of money. A Cash Flow Statement has five sections: 1. Beginning Cash Balance […]

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  • Consumer Society And The Bad Credit Secured Loan
    30 May 2020

    It is a fact that we live in a consumer society in the UK today. Nobody can argue with that because the facts speak for themselves. We spend more on the high street, shop on the Internet, and buy things that we cannot afford because the majority of individuals are materialistic. More people than ever […]

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  • Consolidation Of College Loan Debt
    30 May 2020

    Most youngsters,the students in the United States desire to become independent early in life.To help them in their endeavor, several financing institutions have come forward with attractive schemes to avail them of a loan for their college education. These institutions also provide flexible repayment options.Unfortunately,it is not guaranteed that students always get a good career […]

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  • SpaceX successfully launches Nasa astronauts into orbit
    30 May 2020
    • Donald Trump and Mike Pence witness launch in Florida
    • First attempt was cancelled minutes from blast-off

    A rocketship named Dragon breathed new fire into America’s human spaceflight programme on Saturday, carrying two astronauts on a much-anticipated adventure.

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  • Kylie Jenner in row with Forbes over billionaire status
    30 May 2020

    Kardashian family member reacts angrily to magazine’s claim she spun ‘a web of lies’

    A row has broken out between one of the world’s leading business magazines and the youngest member of reality TV’s most famous family over the value of her cosmetics company.

    Forbes magazine has accused Kylie Jenner, the youngest half-sister of Kim Kardashian West, of spinning a “web of lies” toinflate the size and success of her business. It claimed her family went to unusual lengths to present its youngest adult member as being richer than she was.

  • Lockdown lifts on car boot sales – but many feel safer trading online
    30 May 2020

    Some organisers question how social distancing, and limitations on touching goods, will work in practice

    “People are desperate to shop again and we’regoing to be busy,” says Chris, who runs the Thatcham car boot sale and is preparing to reopen next Sunday. â€œEveryone has had time on their hands to clear things out and there are always people looking for secondhand bargains. We’re going to increase the width of the aisles, operate a one-way system and advise people to wear gloves and a mask.”

    Outdoor markets and car showrooms will be allowed to reopen in England from Monday and car boot organisers across the country have found themselves rushing to get ready in time. But many in the sector are questioning how it will work and have already been finding success online during lockdown. 

  • Glad you’re not here: stag party capitals vow to ‘do tourism differently’
    30 May 2020

    From Prague to Kraków, locals take advantage of travel restrictions to reclaim tourist hotspots

    For the first time in years, the few remaining local residents of Budapest’s party district can fall asleep without a nocturnal chorus of drunken stag groups outside their windows. The sweeping expanse of Kraków’s central square is no longer teeming with tour groups, and it is possible to traverse Prague’s Charles Bridge without elbowing through hordes of selfie-takers.

    Coronavirus travel restrictions are proving tough to bear for the hundreds of thousands who work in the region’s hospitality industry, but are also giving the many beautiful cities of central Europe time and space to think about how to deal with their overtourism problems.

  • 5 Mindfulness and Meditation Habits to Boost Your Success Mindset
    30 May 2020

    If you’d like to learn how to develop mindfulness and meditation practices so you can improve your success mindset, sign up for the free 90-Day Master Class hosted by the founder of, Joel Brown.

    Our capacity to succeed at what we do is largely dependent upon our mindset. Whether we are fully aware of it or not, the beliefs and thoughts we hold, shape the actions we take and the results we achieve. Increasing our awareness of our thoughts and shaping them in mindful ways is therefore a key component in adopting a success mindset.

    Mindfulness practice and meditation have long been understood in ancient traditions to be fundamental tools for addressing the way we think and the actions we take. In more recent times, modern day science has backed up much of what these traditions have long known.

    Research has found that mindfulness and meditation can benefit us in numerous ways, such as by increasing our attention, regulating difficult emotions, decreasing stress and anxiety, and improving sleep quality. When it comes to developing a success mindset, mindfulness and meditation practices are highly effective.

    Here are some of the habits you might explore to focus, expand, and make peace with your mind: 1. Mindful breathing to refocus the mind

    The breath is a focal point of many mindfulness and meditation practices – and for good reason. As the breath is always with us, it acts as a reliable anchor for grounding our attention when the mind wanders. Part of what inhibits our ability to succeed is a tendency for the mind to be scattered and unfocused. 

    Through mindful breath awareness, we release the clutter of the mind and come back to a clear slate. Within this clarity, we find a heightened capacity to focus on the task or goal at hand.

    Mindful breathing can be developed as a daily habit by consciously taking two-minute time-outs at scheduled moments in the day – or whenever it becomes difficult to focus. To practice, set a timer for two minutes, close your eyes, and ground your attention in the flow of the breath. If the mind wanders, acknowledge its movement away from the breath and then return your attention to this natural force of life.

    When the timer rings, return your attention to a single task that requires your attention. As you complete the task, be observant of when the mind wanders and feel free to take a few deep, mindful breaths to refocus.

    “Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” – Thich Nhat Hahn

    2. Witnessing and releasing self-limiting beliefs

    Mindfulness practice also helps to increase our awareness of the subconscious thoughts and beliefs we hold. For many of us, some of our most ingrained beliefs are self-limiting ideas rooted in criticism. These thoughts inhibit us from feeling confident and worthy of achieving our dreams, and so by drawing our attention to them from a place of non-attachment, we begin to see through the illusion of them.

    We can practice witnessing and releasing self-limiting beliefs by mindfully reflecting upon questions such as:

    • What is the story I am telling myself about who I am?
    • Is this story representative of the absolute truth?
    • What positive beliefs might I welcome into my mind?

    Witnessing the self-limiting thoughts we hold requires patience and compassion because unravelling them can take time and stir up resistance or difficult emotions. By tending to our inner narratives with care and compassion, we stop fighting them – but we also find space to let them go. 

    As you practice this, remember that it is crucial to approach these self-limiting beliefs from a place of non-attachment. Become an outside observer of them, taking the viewpoint of a loving friend, pet, spiritual teacher, or wise elder. How does this being see you?

    3. Practicing affirmation meditation

    Once we have witnessed the self-limiting beliefs we hold, we can instill positive beliefs in their place to help boost our embodiment of the success mindset. Affirmation meditation is one way of doing this. It invites us to focus our attention on words of positivity that counteract whatever negative thoughts we have habitually held onto. 

    To practice affirmation meditation, take your time to consider what it is your highest self wants you to know or embody. Formulate this wish into a clear, powerful sentence of affirmation and then set a timer for five minutes. Close your eyes and silently repeat the affirmation to yourself until the timer rings.

    Examples of affirmations that can help to cultivate a mindset of success include:

    • I see challenges as opportunities in disguise.
    • I have all that I need to succeed.
    • I am courageous and confident.
    • I am the creator of my reality.
    4. Cultivating a sense of gratitude

    Another way that mindfulness and meditation can help to boost the success mindset is through gratitude practice. When we are appreciative of what we have, we reaffirm a mindset of positivity. This positive outlook on life helps us to believe in our ability to succeed and enables us to see even challenges as opportunity.

    To enhance our future success, we can practice gratitude daily. Whether in a journal or during meditation, gratitude invites us to make note of all that we have to be thankful for. We might consider all the resources we have to succeed – resources both internal and external. Mindful awareness of our blessings invites more of the same to enter our lives.

    “You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    5. Body scanning for stress release

    In addition to practices centered around our thoughts and beliefs, mindfulness meditation helps us tap into the physical body in a caring way. When we are stressed, we often hold unconscious tension in the body, such as in tight shoulders, a stiff jaw, or a contracted belly. Through a body scan practice, we become more aware of this tension and can start to gently soften it. As we do this, our stress response lessens and we find an increased capacity to carry on peacefully and courageously in the direction of our dreams.

    To practice, we can take three-minute time-outs throughout our busy days to mindfully tune into the body. By closing our eyes and scanning the body from head to toe, we enhance our awareness of where we hold unnecessary tension. Once we know it is there, it becomes easier to let go of it. In the process, the stress we hold in the mind begins to dissipate, too.

    As we establish new habits of turning mindfully towards both mind and body, we become more aware of all the unconscious barriers we hold against success. Meditation and mindfulness practices empower us to gently and compassionately break through these barriers. And, as we set our sights on success, these practices continue to uplift us and propel us forward in inspired ways.

    How do you practice mindfulness on a daily basis? Share your ideas and stories with us below!
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