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Autumn Winter Pet Products

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Autumn Winter Pet Products have been on my mind for a couple of months. I’m not a big fan of the summer and to be fair I’ve been itching for August since last August! It’s also fair to say that I am a big advocate for dog safety and being seen in the low light as the days start to get shorter is something I want to help you plan.

Top 12 ideas to help you plan for Autumn Winter Pet Products Take your dog to the groomers and get their coats in tip-top condition. Now the autumn is on its’ way, so are wetter times! For dogs with medium and long coats, it’s time to make sure they are bathed and thoroughly combed through – trimmed if necessary to ensure they are cot and matt free. Check your dogs’ lead and collar. Make sure they are also in good condition because I’m sure threadbare dog attire will not be top of your list once you are rushing to get dog walks completed in between those heavy rainfalls and snow flurries. Consider reflective dog leads and collars. The types vary, you have some with grey reflective stitching that catches the light, some that are made from fluorescent material and some with battery-powered LED’s in them that light up the webbing. Collars, leads and also harnesses can be bought with all these variations. You can even get headcollars made from reflective webbing. Our Top Pick is the Meg Heath Dream Walker Head Collar Lead combo. It is made from bright webbing but the type used has a reflective thread which catches the light. Is your dog one for wearing a dog coat? There are so many out there on the market, we like the ones that cover the dogs’ tummy with either reflective edges or made from reflective material. Don’t forget yourself. Do you have a decent pair of wellies or boots plus plenty of spare winter socks? Remember to take care of your winter shoes especially the leather ones. Use Dubbin to keep leather nice and waterproof. My favourite winter coat is one that comes below my knees and when worn with long boots, the only wet bit is my knees! Being able to clean up after your doggo is also important. Why not try our flashlights that come with built-in poop bag dispensers. Be prepared with a dog walking bag to carry all your kit. Keys, cards, phone, poop bags & flashlight. Our top recommendation has room for all of these products. Exercise is just as if not more important in the winter as the times when your dog can run freely in and out of the house can decrease to zero when the weather is really bad. So plan ahead and make exercise a routine. Protect your car with covers such as boot liners or car seat covers. Our top boot liner is made by Tilli Textiles. Remember to keep your dog safely secured in your car with either a Meg Heath Car Boot Lead or an Ancol Isofix car seat belt lead. Be prepared for ice underfoot! Does your dog pull on the lead but you’ve never seen it as a real problem? Imagine how that will be when the paths are slippery? We recommend a Meg Heath Simple Leader to help make walking a lot easier and more pleasurable for both you and your dog. Consider exercise alternatives and plans for potty time when walks may not be possible. Research dog walking parks local to you. These are fields used specifically for hire. You may attend a group session or hire the field for yourself only. The idea behind this suggestion is that if they are nice grassy areas there will be less or no mud meaning cleaner doggies, cleaner cars and cleaner homes, not to mention the convenience of a nice play park for your dog. Washing your dogs after exercise and taking care of their hygiene is really important. Take time to look after their coats by keeping them trimmed where possible, combed or brushed regularly and given the opportunity to dry off and stay warm. Dog drying coats and microfibre towels are a relatively new addition to the pet products market and buying 2 or 3 of each means you are well prepared. Lights & Poop Bags Finding those poops and all your bits and bobs in the dark is now easier with this handy flashlight and poop bag dispenser. We’ve got plenty in stock, why not have a look? We have two types, the Kong Handi-pod and the Ancol flashlight and poop bag dispenser. poop bag dispenser flashlight Torch and poop bags in one Fluorescent Dog Collars These dog collars are great for every day use or just when you go for a walk. To ensure great visibility for the months to come, be seen in our autumn winter range. reflective padded dog collar Reflective padded dog collar Reflective Harnesses Our Company of Animals dog harness made using reflective tape is just the job for a comfortable fit and ideal for visibility in low light. The harness will catch the light and keep your dog safe this wintertime. Halti Comfy Harness Comfy Harness by the Company of Animals Autumn Winter Florescent dog walking equipment There is plenty we will be stocking as far as autumn winter pet products are concerned that will be just the job for those colder nights! Keep your eye out for dog coats, dog beds, towels and reflective dog leads.

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