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Dog Parks in the UK

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Dog parks are something that has recently risen in popularity in the UK. It’s something that has been popular in the USA for some time. A dog park in the UK is a place where dog owners take their dogs to exercise them. You can hire a fenced in field for a relatively small fee and either use it on your own or in groups.

Dog parks are great for unsociable canines (and people), but great for socialising both you & your dog! Dog parks are really popular for those of us that have dogs who are not sociable with other dogs. They may be reactive to other dogs in an aggressive way, they might be nervous or shy and prefer to be alone or you might want to do some recall training with your dog without the distraction of other dogs but in the safety of an enclosed area. You might just simply be looking for somewhere nice or different to walk your dog and a dog park is just the job. It’s also a great place to socialise your dog. Most have rules about canine friendliness and manners, so drop in to your local dog park and help socialise your dog this way. Top products for Dog Parks You can’t go far wrong with a good sturdy dog training lead like our Halti Lead. This is a multi-length dog lead coming in red or black, for small or medium/large dogs. Or why not try one of Meg Heath’s custom range of dog training leads coming in a wider range of colours, widths and fittings. Something a bit longer for training the recall is handy so you can control your dogs’ wandering while you are trying to keep their attention. A Meg Heath Dog Training Line is designed specifically for this, coming in lengths of 5 to 50 metres. A sturdy buckle collar is a must when in groups of dogs, it gives you something to grab if need be and somewhere to quickly clip your lead to. Check out our Tactical Dog Collars. Tactical Dog Collar Tactical Dog Collar Travelling to and from the dog park is also something you must consider. Staying safe in the car is something we are keen to promote. We have an Isofix car Seat Belt Lead or the Meg Heath Car Boot lead and the perfect car harness to attach this to. Car Isofix Lead For Dogs Isofix Car Seat Belt for Dogs And finally something to put your keys, cards, ball, treat etc in are our Dog Walking bag or dog treat bag. treat pouch Treat Pouch Top 10 list of dog parks in the UK If you would like to be mentioned or linked to on this page please share us with a tag to any of our social media and we will gladly link to your page. Facebook | Instagram The Dog Adventure Park, Thorpe on the Hill, Lincoln Littlethorpe Lane, Thorpe on the Hill, Lincoln LN6 9BL Bark & Bounce Bourneheath, Bromsgrove Lilac Cottage, Dordale Road, Bournheath, Bromsgrove Barkers Unleashed Brixham, Devon. TQ5 0AJ Crossroads Dog Walking Freedom Field Lincolnshire, LN8 3JE Fidos Fun Church Lane, Farley Hill, Berkshire RG7 1UL Go Play Go Sniff Ayrshire Dog Care, Muirburn KA6 5AG Laurel House Dog Walking Field 102, Ralph’s Wife’s Lane, Merseyside PR9 8ER Click here to find a full list of Dog Exercise Areas throughout the UK Want to be added to our suggested Dog Parks? If you would like to be mentioned or linked to on this page please share us with a tag to any of our social media and we will gladly link to your page.

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