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Why is it important for a yoga teacher to continue their yoga practice?

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Many yoga teachers find it difficult to continue their yoga practice. Are you a yoga teacher who finds it difficult to carry out yoga practice as you are too busy with your personal matters?  

If so, is it time to think how you became a yoga teacher? Probably, you started teaching yoga because of your passion for yoga. It can be because of your experience in balancing in different yoga poses which are not that easy.



After completing the yoga training your yoga practice might have changed considerably. Some of the classes which seemed to be interesting to you earlier might have become uninteresting now. Students may be curious to know whether their teacher is continuing his practices. Some important questions which ask yourself about your yoga practice are given below.



Why is it very important for a yoga teacher to continue yoga practice?



There are some people who think that yoga teachers are practicing yoga all day by practicing actively in all the yoga classes they are teaching. This is not right. When you are teaching it will not be possible to practice with awareness of your breath and body.  As a teacher of yoga you only guide the students and not practice yourself.

You will be demonstrating when it is needed. But it does not mean you're doing it all the time.  You are only observing the students and giving instruction when the student goes wrong.  This will not allow a yoga teacher to get the holistic accomplishments of yoga.  Yoga teaching can never be used to replace one’s yoga practice.

One has to practice yoga on a daily basis to keep him connected. It will make his teaching more authentic. Your own yoga practice will inspire you to teach yoga in a more professional and efficient manner.  Your ongoing self-development process can be shared with the students for maximizing their benefits.

How did your yoga practice change after getting certified as a yoga teacher?

The daily practice that a yoga teacher trainee does during his 200-hour yoga teacher training at an arhanta yoga training center will be the starting point of more regular practice. This can be accomplished by making practice a mandatory thing in your life after you get certification in yoga teacher training from an arhanta yoga center. It will become very easy if you can fix a starting time for your regular yoga practice schedule. It is easier to maintain your yoga practice if it becomes a habit.

In addition to this, as you have completed the yoga teacher training, you have become better skilled in sequencing, which enables you to do your home practice in a comprehensive and safe manner. Based on the new information you gained through the course about different asanas you can make custom practice suitable to your needs. You can intensify your practice and progress in your own manner.

If you have not done any home practice before becoming a yoga teacher, you can now start practicing with others. It will be better if you can make pairs with your fellow teachers and spend some time together every week to do yoga. This will be more powerful and inspiring than practicing yoga by yourself.  In addition, you can also go to classes taken by other yoga teachers. It does not mean that you cannot ask for guidance as you have already become a yoga teacher. On the other hand, it will help you to keep learning and supporting each other will be an effective way to improve in asanas. 

How to deepen the personal practice of a yoga teacher? 

Deepening the personal practice of a yoga teacher can be done in different ways. The first thing is to set goals for mastering more challenging asanas. Think about the steps that you will have to take to move forward in this direction. Asanas and exercises that can help you to achieve your goals can be included in your self-practice. This will motivate you to return to the mat.

But if you are thinking about the bigger picture of yoga, it is not restricted to mastering challenging poses alone. What is your true aim in yoga? Is your practice suitable to your intention?  This is the time to break the model of achievement and to include more practices that are inward focused. Simple exercises can deepen your yoga experience. Regularity is also a very important factor that can deepen your practice. Your practice can be structured based on the time you practice and the asanas included in your sequence. Regular practice will help you to grow physically and mentally too. When a number of variations are used your attention gets focused to the outward elements than the inward one. If you are a yoga teacher who likes variations in your routine, do not forget to use the Hatha yoga sequencing as your steady foundation.

Which sequence is good for a yoga teacher without much time?



When a yoga teacher tries to make a short sequence for himself, make sure that they are well balanced in terms of the stimulation of chakras and on muscular level. Make sure to include sun salutations, poses needed to open one’s chest, some inversions, forward bending postures intended to stretch hamstrings and back muscles, a few back bends and standing poses as the finishing ones.


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