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Benefits Of Feeding A Prey Model Raw Diet For Pet

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A Prey Model Raw Diet also referred to as PMR Diet can be a crucial part of your dog's daily balanced diet. The prey model raw diet for dogs is created so that your dog manages to shift to food habits which are similar to that of a wild canine. You may think this means your dog will go hunting, No! This is not what it means. While considering a prey model raw diet for your dog, all you have to do is to look for a diet which is similar to a wild predator.  

The idea behind following the prey model raw diet is easy to understand, it requires one to add 80 per cent of muscle meat, 10 per cent of raw edible bones, 5 per cent of the liver and 5 per cent of other organs. These ingredients bring in a lot of variety in the diet and make it easy for your dog to maintain a well-balanced and healthy diet. 

We will go through some of the benefits which a prey model raw diet provides. 

  • A diet which is full of pure energy 

We all know for a fact that processed food will disregard and reduce the energy level that your dog receives. But when the prey model diet for dogs comes into the picture, your dog will get the energy which is much better as compared to the energy received via processed food. So you know which is a better option for your most loved dog. 

  • Your dog will chew through the skin

Natural qualities and instincts are something your dog should not lose. Prey model raw diet makes sure that your dog chews through the skin. This also keeps in check the dental health of your dog.

  • Removing the destructive habits of your dog

Your dog might be having some destructive habits or tendencies, the prey model raw diet for dogs helps you naturally eradicate those destructive tendencies. You must be knowing that not all dogs are the same and it takes more time for some pets to adapt and less time for others.  

  • It can be a boon for unwell pet dogs

The prey model diet is created in such a way that it is designed to include all the minerals, vitamins that your dog will require daily. Lack of these natural proteins may bring an illness which you won't want for your dog. Your task here is to convince your dog to convert to this type of diet, well it is not that tough, you should begin from the start. 

  • You can prepare the food in advance for your dog

One can prepare the prey model diet for dogs one day before your dog wants to consume it. You can prepare a diet chart for your dog in which the schedule is mentioned clearly. When it comes to a prey model raw diet, you won't need to worry about the food schedule for your dog. There won't be any delay and your dog's food will always be ready. There are a lot of options available when it comes to prey model diet food for dogs. 

To conclude, the prey model raw diet is comprehensive in nature and it comes with various unique elements. As mentioned earlier, it can take some time for your dog to adjust to it but it is worth a try as it makes sure that your dog stays fit and healthy with such a diet. 

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