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Your buzzmyid and Google Search

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The Value Of Your buzzmyid Username Can Be Found On A Google Search.


Because there are so many people with the same (or similar) name on this planet, unless you have a very unique name, it may be difficult for people to locate your internet entries (eg. blogs, website, social media etc) in searches.

If you make yourself a unique buzzmyid username, you can use this as a tool to help people identify your work.

Once you have signed up and created your username, go to your profile and add some content, eg. a blog, forum entry or article. It is necessary for you to create some content for the search engines to attach something of interest to your username (buzzmyid).

If you would like informatiion on how to create content, take a look at the help pages - found in the main menu, located at the ">" sign on the top left of the screen.

Once you have created some content, give the searh engines some time to find it.

Finally - Google your username.  You will find your content easily.

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