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26 May 2022

Beer Blogs Beer Blogs
  • Lakewood Brewing Expands Distribution with Favorite Brands
    26 May 2022


    From Lakewood:

    Texas’ Number One Craft Stout and a Bevy of Lakewood Brews Are Now Available in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, College Station and More

    Read more »

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  • Vietnamese beer Dai Viet
    25 May 2022

    Let’s go on about imports! Imports stay with the man, imports don’t say goodbye to you… Not Belgium or the Czech Republic, but imports! Vietnamese Dai Viet beer from Huong Sen Brewery, part of the Huong Sen group. The Huong Sen group produces carbonated drinks, rice milk and of course beer.

    I could not find any information on how big the Huong Sen brewery is, but judging by the photo it is not small. The level of the Russian regional. The assortment of beers is not very large and it seems that besides these four, there is also a red beer and some Dai Viet Super.

    Dai Viet Silver (Vietnam, Thai Binh) – 4.5/11.6 Surprisingly, quite pleasant lager. I expected something “southern”, absolutely empty, but no. The aroma has a bit of apple, but it doesn’t spoil it. The taste is full, dry. In the aftertaste a little hop is even felt. Not a big deal, but clean and drinkable. Rated “C +”.

    Dai Viet Lager (Vietnam, Thai Binh) – 4.7/12.1 Despite being a denser beer, the taste seemed more empty. Also a full malt body. Clean, but not much flavor or aftertaste. Rated “C”.

    Dai Viet Pilsner (Vietnam, Thai Binh) – 5/11.5 Viet Pilsner sounds mysterious! However, it is indeed a pilsner. Not a Holiday, of course, but very nice. A little floral in flavor. The taste is soft and full. In the aftertaste, bread, flowers and a pleasant not intrusive, but noticeable hop. Good refreshing. This beer is ideal to drink on the beach. Rated “B”.

    Dai Viet Black (Vietnam, Thai Binh) – 5.8/13.5 This is quite original. The aroma has a feeling that it contains rye malt, as the aroma has a leavened note and notes of bread. The taste is dry with a slight acidity. In the aftertaste burnt malt and bread crust. Rated “B-“.

    Запись Vietnamese beer Dai Viet впервые появилась Beer Bottle.

  • Necromancer Announces Expansion Plans Including Larger Brewhouse And New Taproom
    25 May 2022

    Necromancer Brewing, fresh off their 1-year anniversary party, is back with more big news! The North Hills-based brewery is announcing “Necromancer 2.0”. We spoke with co-owner Ben Butler to learn more about what this means, and what changes are to come. “The beer continues to move faster than we can keep up with, and we’re […]

    The post Necromancer Announces Expansion Plans Including Larger Brewhouse And New Taproom appeared first on Breweries in PA.

  • PA Pride Fruited Sour To Release Throughout Pennsylvania Friday, June 10th
    25 May 2022

    After five successful beer releases, the “PA Pride” series returns with a Fruited Sour style beer which will release all throughout Pennsylvania starting Friday, June 10th. For more than a year PA Pride has become synonymous with highlighting the love and pride for the Keystone state and the agriculture industry. The fruited sour version of […]

    The post PA Pride Fruited Sour To Release Throughout Pennsylvania Friday, June 10th appeared first on Breweries in PA.

  • Old Yale Brewing Releases Sparkling Hibiscus Rose Ale
    25 May 2022

    CHILLIWACK, BC – Old Yale Brewing has announced the latest release in its Trailblazer Series of small-batch limited edition beers.

    Sparkling Hibiscus Rose Ale (4% abv):

    Effervescent, bright and fruity, our Sparkling Hibiscus Rose Ale takes inspiration from bubbly Pink Champagne. Hibiscus petals offer a beautiful rose colour to compliment the delicate Cranberry, White Grape and Strawberry profile from the Nelson Sauvin and Barbe Rouge hops. A sparkling mouthfeel and very dry finish make this Trailblazer the perfect patio refreshment.

    Sparkling Hibiscus Rose Ale is available now at the Old Yale taproom and online shop, and at select private beer retailers in British Columbia.

    Source & Photo: Old Yale Brewing

  • Moeller Brew Barn Bought Rivertown.
    25 May 2022

    After rumor after rumor, idea after idea – we finally have the news – Moeller Brew Barn bought Rivertown. The brewery that launched in Maria Stein back in 2015 has been on a meteoric growth over the last couple of years which makes this on one hand not surprising at all, but on another… incredibly shocking. Let’s talk.


    When Rivertown closed, or more accurately, in the many months leading up to their eventual closing back in February of this year, there were a ton of rumors about what that meant for the space. To be open, it got to the point where I had no idea what was real, and what was complete made-up nonsense anymore.

    I heard it all. A massive west coast brewery was coming, a massive east coast brewery was coming – seltzer factories, Dayton brewery outposts… it all made sense somehow, and it made it really hard to follow the real story.

    I don’t know what it is about Rivertown that fuels a fire like this. The nostalgia of what the brewery meant to a lot of us might be it. It could also be that the space in Monroe is a 25,875 square foot brewing facility that is designed to crank out a TON of beer. Whoever was going to move into it needed to have big plans for the future – and I should have guessed when someone told me it was a “semi-local” spot that Moeller Brew Barn was a possibility.

    About Moeller Brew Barn And Their Growth

    Moeller Brew Barn opened up in Maria Stein back in 2015, as I mentioned earlier. Their original spot is fantastic. I’ve made a few stops there over the years and it’s 100% what you expect it to be. A big barn converted into a brewery in a small town in central Ohio.

    In 2019 the brewery opened its second location – this one in Troy. They converted an old church into a taproom that started to show us a different side of their personality. The space might not be a “brew barn” but it is Moeller through and through. Repurposing a space, finding a home in a small town that has a dedicated group of craft beer drinkers, more than happy to find a barstool that made them feel good.

    Then came, or will come, space three. This one is the one that really got me to start following these guys a lot closer. Dayton. Their currently under construction taproom in Dayton is going to be incredible. The taproom plans got slowed down by the pandemic, but it certainly didn’t stop these folks. They are working on a space that will be not just a great tourist spot (it’s right downtown by the baseball stadium… and don’t get me wrong, it’s designed to attract tourism) – but that once again finds a home in a small(ish) town and creates a taproom that local folks can rally behind and call their own.

    This one? This new taproom is built to make beer.

    About The New Spot

    When Rivertown was built, it was built to make a ton of beer – to spread it far and wide. It’s incredible to see Moeller Brew Barn moving into that and shines a big light on their plans for the future.

    The new location will be a taproom too, don’t kid yourself. There will be more than 24 beers on tap at any given point (their beers) including stuff that if you’re a current fan of the brewery, you’ll be familiar with, as well as new stuff that is going to be brewed on-site.

    They’re going to keep the kitchen up and running, featuring Neopolitan-style pizza, Smoked Wings, Pretzels, and a bunch of other great “drinking food” as I call it.

    It’s easy to look at this and think that Moeller Brew Barn is crazy to jump into this – but the space when you really start to think about it makes a ton of sense for them. A new southern extension of the brewery is going to be great as they keep growing into the future – and a ‘Cincinnati’ spot that is also in a small town fits them like a glove.

    I’m beyond thrilled to call them a Cincinnati Brewery, soon, and I hope that you are too… stay tuned. I’m gonna have more to say about them!

    The post Moeller Brew Barn Bought Rivertown. appeared first on The Gnarly Gnome.

  • Field House Brewing Releasing Tangerine Wheat Ale
    25 May 2022

    ABBOTSFORD, BC – Field House Brewing has announced details of its latest small batch beer release.

    Tangerine Wheat Ale (5% abv):

    The ultimate crusher and our head brewer’s favourite style, this North American style wheat ale is clean and crisp. Light bready wheat notes combine with cold-pressed tangerine in a refreshing beer perfect for Good Times on our beer lawn and everywhere in between.

    Tangerine Wheat Ale will be released tomorrow (May 19th) at the Field House retail stores and online shop.

    Source & Photo: Field House Brewing

  • Firestone Walker and pFriem Family Brewers Collaborate on California pFriemin’
    25 May 2022
    Two breweries, both well known for its quality and innovation, have come together on a new collaboration beer, California pFriemin’. This collaboration from Firestone Walker Brewing and pFriem Family Brewers is in very limited release, but one that is worth the effort to seek out! The two breweries have equal admiration for one another, enough […]
  • 2022 Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival Pour List Announced
    25 May 2022

    We are just a week and a half away from the grand return of the 2022 Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival taking place in Paso Robles, CA on Saturday, June 4. Having built a reputation as one of the most celebrated festivals within the craft beer industry the FWIBF returns after a COVID-induced hiatus with another all-star cast of breweries.

    Not only are some of the best of the best breweries represented from around the globe, but a festival of this caliber always brings out the rarest beers as well. In addition to the usual hyped barrel-aged styles typically found at destination festivals, it’s refreshing to see a wider representation of world-class lagers as well.

    Be sure to check back as we break down some of the can’t-miss beers to try at this year’s Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival, but for now, enjoy a look at the initial pour list. Tickets are SOLD OUT for this year’s festival as last year’s ticket holders were offered first right of refusal. Keep in mind, as with all beer festivals, pour lists are subject to change, but this serves as a nice preview of what’s anticipated from each brewery.

    • 3Floyds – Adultsizedbeverage, Dismembers Only, Foeder Fiend, Barbarian Haze
    • Alvarado Street – Motor Oil, Pils
    • Bagby Beer – Huahua’s Reserve, No Hype, Struggle Bus, Loch Mess
    • Bale Breaker – Homegrown Hazy IPA, Field 41 Pale Ale
    • Balter – Fell on Dank Days, Cuzzie Bro NZ Pils, Balter XPA, Big Bubba
    • Beachwood Brewing – Coolship Chaos, West Coast Welcome, CActus Coolship, Barrel-Aged Full Malted Jacket
    • Beavertown Brewing – The Veil is Thin, Mother of the Woods, Lazer Crush, Bones
    • Blackberry Farm – King of Falling Fruit, BFB Pilsner, Classic Saison
    • Boneyard Brewing – Barrel-Aged Suge, Notorious IPA^3, Crooked Pils, T2 IPA
    • Boulevard Brewing – Patience Rewarded, Saison Brett, Southwest BLVD
    • Brauerei-Schönram – Schönramer Original Dunkel, Schönramer Hell, Schönramer Pils
    • Browerij ‘Tij – Black Forest Cake Stout, Passionfruit Sour, IJwit
    • Burial – The Ostensible Realities of Fanatical Unforgiveness Imperial Stout, One of us Will have to Bury the Other, Fall of the Damned, Should You Ever Awaken From This Impossible Illusion DIPA
    • Casey Brewing – Funky Blender Preserves – Marionberry, Fut De Cognac Et Miel, Helles Lager
    • Cellarmaker – Works and Days, Syrah Shorty, Mt. Nelson, Hop Making Sense
    • Cervecerìa Antares – Titánica, Fragia, Caravana – Sessiona IPA, El Centinela
    • Cervejaria Bamberg – Cúpú de Quem?, ExQuadrilha de Fumaça
    • Chuckanut – Chuckanut Maibock, Chuckanut Asian Style Lager, Chuckanut Kolsch German Style Ale
    • Cigar City – Mad Daughter to Wise Mother, No Hitter in Progress
    • Cloudburst – Frozen Assets, Happy Little Clouds, Keller Whalez Pils, Mosaicin’ Me CRaZy!
    • Creature Comforts – 8th Anniversary Blend, Neon Cylinders: Rowdy Red, Multiply Your Magic, Ho Agenda: Simcoe
    • Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project – Maple Peach Short Stack, Sour Rose, New Zealand Pilsner
    • Faction Brewing Company – Maia, 1970’s Lager, 586 Pale, Zwickel Summer IPA
    • Firestone Walker – Hopnosis, Mind Haze, Pivo, UDBA, Paraboloid, Whistle Monkee, 2021 Double Parabola, 2014 Sucaba, 2018 Parabanilla, 2016 Imperial Walker’s Reserve, California pFreimin’, Primal Elements, Frieky Bones
    • Firestone Walker Propagator – Foggy on the Details, Sea Beast, Roulette Dares, Cosmic Crispy Boys
    • Firestone Walker Brewmaster’s Collective – Boilermaker, Dark Ray, Collective Choice, Wild Pirate, Apricot Krisp, Mo’ Bretta Rosé
    • Fonta Flora Brewery – 2020 ABAS Stout Blend #3, The Pearl, Lake James Lime, Carolina Gold
    • Fraugruber – Frost Giant, Swift Driften, Childhood Flavor, FrauGruber Pils
    • Garage Project – One Day in March, Syrup & Sour, Pineapple Raspberry Topper (bottom layer – Pineapple Milkshake Hazy), Yuzu Rising Sun (bottom layer – Yuzu), Pineapple Raspberry Topper/Yuzu Rising Sun – (top – raspberry sour), Surrender to the Void: Choconanacado, Choconanacado & Raspberry Sour
    • Gigantic Brewing – 2019 MASSIVE!, Scotch Barrel Barleywine, Fancy Pants Hazelnut Chocolate Stout, Kolschtastic, Fantastic Voyage
    • Great Notion – Timberbeast, Birra Sporgenza, Skeleton King
    • Green Bench – Stead Ale, Mira (Blend #1), Postcard Pills, Oversaturated: Strata
    • Green Cheek Beer Co. – Swimming in the Tropics, Crushing is Relative, Ain’t Getting Any Deader, Escapism For the Travel-Averse
    • Half Acre Beer Co. – Double Barrel Benthic, Riwaka Double Daisy Cutter, Fader
    • Highland Park Brewery – Luxury, Timbo Pils, Fill Pils, Hello, LA
    • Humble Sea – BA HSS, Penelope Pilsner, Kookumber Gose, Foggy TIPA
    • Kern River – Citra DIPA with Nectaron, Camp Nelson, Birra
    • La Source – Auroch, Steam, Pigeon, Silure
    • Liquid Gravity – Twist & Stout, I Dream of Strata
    • Monkish Brewing – TXXTH, Small Earth, Monkish Choice Happy, Space Cookie Variant
    • Odell Brewing – Freik, Tree Shaker, Imperial Tangerine IPA, Lagerado, Sippin’ Pretty
    • Brewery Ommegang – Oak Aged Tripel, Neon Rainbows
    • Omnipollo – Lunar Lycan Imperial Marzipan Coffee Cream Stout, Dagg Oak Aged Pilsner, Billionaires, Hot Chocolate Imperial Stout, Bianca Godfeather Lassi Gose
    • Other Half Brewing Co. –  Pivo Snaps, Double Citra Daydream, DDH Cheddar Broccoli
    • Pinthouse Brewing – Pineapple Grove Hazy DIPA, Lasso West Coast Pils, Electric Jellyfish Hazy IPA
    • Pizza Port – BBA Eukaryst
    • Revolution Brewing – Sanctuary #11 – Double Barrel Deth’s N’ Roses, Where Eagles Rare, Freedom Lemonade, Riot
    • Russian River Breiwng – Peach Beer, STS Pils, Pliny the Elder, RnD IPA
    • Sante Adairius Rustic Ales – West Ashley Cuvée, It’s Good to Know I’ll Know You Til the End, All Mammals Play, Silent Spaces
    • Side Project Brewing – Derivation Blend #15, For Gabe, Beer: Barrel : Time 2021, Tête du Cuvée Vintage 2019
    • Sierra Nevada Brewing – Who run Bartertown, Barrel-Aged Bigfoot (E.H. Taylor Limited), Summerfest
    • Surly – Barrel Aged Darkness, Axe Man, Surly Logic Bomb, Key Lime Supreme
    • The Bruery – Black Tuesday (4 Timed Stout Tappings!), Sherbet Hoover (Terreux), Bruesicle Mango Fire, Coast (Offshoot), Pilsener
    • The Lost Abbey – Vintage Duck Duck Gooze Blend 2022 (MOAD), Noble Tendencies Pilsner, Peach Afternoon
    • The Veil – Pallbearer Reserve Melange, Scowl, Typhoon Lagoon Tastee, Broz Night Out
    • There Does Not Exist – Temporal Illusion, 60 Days in Hell, Psychic Advisor, Transit of the Binary Star
    • Thornbridge Brewery – Necessary Evil Bourbon Barrel Aged, Pondera, Lukas
    • Topa Topa – Rarefaction, Ambient Vibes, Sespe
    • Trillium – Wild Sinsiter Kid: Double Blackberry & Cabernet, Really Big Bird, Twice the Daily Serving: Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry & Blackberry
    • Urban Roots – Stoutywine, 10, 11, EZPZ
    • Wayfinder – Jazz Witch Cold IPA, Party Time Pilsner, Lagerbier Hell, Original Cold IPA
    • WeldWerks Brewing – 2022 Medianoche Reserve, XO Brandy Medianoche, Juicy Bits, Lime & Sea Salt Long Bones


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    The post 2022 Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival Pour List Announced appeared first on

  • Maui Brewing puts in a bid to buy Modern Times Beer
    25 May 2022

    Story by Kendall Jones

    As we reported, Modern Times Beer and Coffee Company of San Diego, California announced in February that it was closing four of its eight taprooms, including the taproom in Portland, Oregon. That began a period of uncertainty and speculation that culminated in April when Modern Times announced that a court-ordered receivership sale of the company was imminent. Today we learned that Maui Brewing Company made an offer.

    “While this is just the first step in a long process, we believe in the Modern Times brand and feel it provides a tremendous opportunity for us,” Garrett Marrero, Maui Brewing co-founder and CEO, said in a press release. “They have an amazing, dedicated team and we hope to contribute to the next stage in their journey as a craft brewery.”

    Maui Brewing’s bid to buy the company is an initial offer in the bankruptcy process. This kind of offer is often referred to as a “stalking-horse” bid. It marks a starting place for the auction of a company’s assets. Maui Brewing may increase its offer as the bidding ensues.

    Brewbound reports that qualified overbids – those higher than Maui’s stalking horse bid – are due at 5:00 P. M. on June 3rd. Likely, an actual auction will take place on June 8th, with a hearing to confirm the winning bid later in the day in the Superior Court of Orange County.

    Maui Brewing Company produced over 62,000 barrels of beer in 2021, a 55 percent increase over the previous year. In 2021, it ranked 44th on the Brewers Association’s list of top 50 craft breweries in terms of production. Southern California is Maui Brewing’s second-largest market. Maui Brewing’s top market is its home state of Hawaii.

    For more background on the situation at Modern Times Beer, read the report from the San Diego Beer News.

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