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This site was founded on the premise that people and the online works of people, are often difficult to locate on the internet. You may look someone up on a site, but not be entirely sure that you have the correct person. You may have their name, and an idea of what they look like (perhaps you went to school with them as a child).  To help with this, the idea is that you set up an id 'a buzzmyid id', which can be anything, eg. a number, a name etc, and on the profile under that id, you publish your social media links, your blog and forum links, and also links and actual articles of work.
The whole idea is to publish what you want the world to see about you.
You can add social media links, add links to your past and present works on other internet sites, publish pictures, video or other media, and generally give an overview of your internet presence. Your profile may be helpful for friends, family, clients (if you are in business), prospective employers, or purchasers (if you are selling items).
If you are selling items, feel free to list them here in our Sales Articles Category.
We hope you enjoy the site, but above all, find it useful.
Regarding  EU Countries (Dated 7th October 2018)
As a result of the stringent policies implemented by the GDPR this year (2018), this site has made the decision to exclude the EU countries at this point.
As this site is now being launched (October 2018), which is after the implementation of the GDPR, there are no existing EU members which may make us bound to that law. All new members are non-EU or EU public who have agreed to acceot the terms and conditiions.





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